I was a College Weresinewa 6

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"Professor, I think you got that wrong. You mean a succubus." said Thomas.

"No, Thomas, I don't. This is why I have the degree in occult knowledge, thank you. I mean a succubust. A succubus is similar to a vampire, except instead of sucking anyone's blood, they suck out soul's and usually only the soul of a man, while an Incubus does the same but is men preying on women. A succubust is what is created when a weresinewa goes too far in taking his victims. A weresinewa gets his power, his growth from sucking all the masculinity out of a man. Well, almost. He wants to decimate, humiliate, the man, make him a weaker being, but make him a weaker being of his own kind, a subdominant male. However in rare cases, if taken too far, a weresinewa will drain a male completely of all his masculinity and thus turn him into a female.
"But this isn't a normal female. It has a male soul, a male mind that has been devastated, completely voided of pride, masculinity, and now filled with confusion and totally fractured, for it's walking around in a female body it didn't request. So this broken mind tries to seek out answers, solutions to what it's feeling, mixed with the desires and curse of the weresinewa. It therefore comes to believe it really was a she, that has been cast off for being too small, not pretty enough, not satisfying enough for the male that attacked, 'her.'"

"And what does that supposed female, that...succubust do then?"

"It goes and attacks real women, draining them of their femininity, of their estrogen, in order to become taller, stronger, more voluptuous, so that they can feel the dominant male inside them again."

"And you think Steve created one?"

"If we turn on the news, see on-line, or in newspapers that they're looking for a missing man, who was the man on the motorcycle, along with reports of an unknown woman in the hospital who was attacked by a very large assailant, yes. I believe he did."

"And if a succubust goes on a rampage like Steve did?"

"She will leave behind in her wake, a bunch of women who are short, extremely skinny, completely flat-chested, with mousy, drab hair and eye color, and no spirit to them what-so-ever."

"And how do we cure him...her...of it?"

"When we lift the curse off of the weresinewa that made her, then her/his mind will awaken, and s/he will no longer be able to take the estrogen from women, but unfortunately, will never be a male again and may go insane trying to figure out how they got that way. There is no way of turning them back."

I sat silently on the bed, nursing the cut I had received from the ceiling fan earlier, and staring at the blades moving round and round, attempting to understand all this mystical crap. I had just wanted to come over to England as an exchange student, learn about life over here, make some good friends, add to my education, and now here I was... I'd gone from being a short intelligent male, to a giant of man, although still intelligent, with the problem of growing possibly bigger so that I can't fit into cars, trains, planes, houses.... if I bit anyone I would make them into the same monstrous kind of freak I am. As long as I attacked men in my power crazed stupor I made every man I "touched" a short, rail thin, male with genitalia so small, he might almost be female, and now I had created a woman that was sucking the estrogen and power out of women leaving them wall flowers all because this new "she" wants me to fuck her once again.

It didn't help me in the slightest when later that evening, downstairs in the living room, Thomas pointed out the news, showing a missing person's report of the man on the motorcycle, and a police bulletin looking for a woman who was listed as crazed and dangerous, an apparent victim of a double rape, that attacked two visiting friends in the hospital that snuck in to see her after hours. They were also looking for two nurses who disappeared from their shift that night.

Late that evening, the boys all left to go back to their dorm rooms. The professor retired to his room and I walked upstairs to mine as well. Mindlessly I walked in and sat on the bed, staring to the outside world through the windows and the old Victorian lace curtains that covered them. I felt more like a prisoner than ever, even though I was out of a full moon cycle and able to roam the entirety of the house. I began to softly cry.

"Hey..." a voice whispered.

I turned in astonishment, discovering there was a person in my room, stood up to protect myself, forgetting how tall I was. WHAM! I smashed my head almost dead center into the ceiling fan and light. The glass, light globe shattered and cut into my head, and I bent a blade making the fan now wobble cater-wonky in its revolutions. I began to see spots and my knees began to buckle.


Joel was there by my side. Catching me, he spun and guided me towards the bed. He huffed and strained a little, but still managed to perform the task, without breaking too many beads of sweat upon his brow. My mind realized how much taller and heavier I was, how much taller I was than him, and yet he was still strong enough to change my course of fall and guide me to the bed. I felt my cock twitch a little.

"You're bleeding... hold on..."

He left to go get a washcloth and a new pillow case. I was lying there in a daze. My thoughts still somewhat on all my victims, still on all my problems, wandering off focus of all the changes my life was now having to take. I was now thinking of how strong Joel was. How he was instantly caring for me right now. I felt my face flush hot, my prick twitch again. .... NO! I mustn't. I can't get an erection right now. I can't think about caring for another, when I've done so much damage to others.

My head soon felt a cooling touch of a washcloth, along with Joel's hand. It still felt so large to me...and yet now kind of small. I didn't know what to do, what to think. I began to softly cry again once more.

"Hey.... heeeeey. Easy... It's ok, Steve. I'm sorry that I scared you. I know it was rude of me to hide in your room, and probably very inappropriate, but I was sure you probably needed someone to talk with."

"I....I don't think I can talk to anybody. I don't know what to say.... what to think..." I said between sniffled sobs.

"Here, sit up." Joel guided me to sit up. He lifted off the wash cloth and began to pick through my hair for bits and pieces of glass he put into one wash basin. He soaked and rinsed the washcloth in another full of water. He pulled out a towel and told me to lightly shake my head over it so he could catch remaining pieces of glass. He then placed the washcloth on my head again until the bleeding stopped, and then changed the pillow case and set the blood stained one to soaking in the adjoining bathroom sink. Afterwards he had me lie down on the bed and he pulled up a chair next to it.

I looked up at him and half-heartedly smiled. "Thank you." I said. "I don't know what else to say, or where to begin. I don't know if you'd really want to listen."

"Hey... Steve-o... that's why I'm here."

"Thanks...." I rolled over to face the other wall. "I just don't know...what to...my mind is so jumbled, so confused. I've hurt all those men, changed their bodies and their lives forever. And mine is ruined...."

"It's not ruined." Joel placed a hand upon my shoulder.

"Yes it is!.... I'm going to be a fugitive now. Forget schooling and job prospects. I'm a gay man...already hard enough to try and go find the right man to have a relationship with, but now.... who's going to want me? I'm a giant freak, men will clamor to me only because they want to be with a big, big man, or they'll back away in fear of me because they think I'll split them open, and that's only if they give me a chance. Who's going to want to have a relationship with a rapist! That's what I am... A RAPIST!"

"You're life isn't ruined, Steve. You aren't a rapist. I understand...."

"HOW CAN YOU UNDERSTAND!?!? You don't know what this is like."

Joel sat there for a moment and stared pleadingly at me.

"I do...somewhat. I'm a six-foot four inch tall body-builder. I'm not a giant height wise, but compared to most men I am pretty huge. I've faced what you're talking about. Guys thinking I'll crush them if I'm with them. Men automatically assuming I've got to be an aggressive top. Had men who automatically left me when it came to the intimate moment because...well...."

I wondered if he was large. Under the full moon's powers I could have just smelled him and known all his stats, but at the beginning of this last three day cycle, I had sensed him, but didn't calculate his cock. Why? I didn't ask now either. I could tell, even at just 6' 4" his size had actually faced a lot of rejection. I just barely managed to mutter...

"Other men?... you're?"

"Yeah.... " Joel nodded, "And you're not a rapist. It's not the real you that's doing this. It's the curse, controlling you, suppressing your human mind and turning you into an animal. Yes, we must see if there is a way to help the men you attacked, but you mustn't feel guilty over what you can't control.
"And as far as a guy not liking you because of how big you are or liking you only because of how big you are, well....how about thinking on me....."

"You?...." and I turned my head to look up to Joel. Tears had started to form slightly in the corners of his eyes.

"Can you not think about all the times we've hung out, the guys and you... , over the last few months?"

And I did...I began to think over my meeting them, hanging out with them, heading to events and lectures together, our times at the pub. It was Joel....Joel was the first one who approached me. Joel who introduced me to everyone. Joel who always made sure I was alright on the walks home. It was always Joel.

"You...you've always....have you been..."

"Yes..." and Joel slightly giggled. "I was never sure if you were or not. So I tried to make subtle plays to ask you out. No, you weren't my usual kind of bloke, burly and sporty.... but you were so adorable, so cute, and there was such sincerity in all your actions, kindness in your words, such intelligence. I knew if someone could just see past my physical stature and like me for myself, all my parts, it would be you. And hopefully when it came time, IF!.... if it came time, .... you wouldn't be afraid of my body."

I spoke through sniffs and gasps, "And what about now? Now that I'm a foot taller than you?"

"It's a change of perspective, that's for sure...but I still want you more than ever. Too see if we could be life-long mates. Maybe physically I couldn't do it, but I'd still try and hold and protect you as much as I could. Now, maybe you could make me feel like an average sized man."

We sat there for what seemed like forever. I swear, it was so long at any given moment the sunrise would send a spike of light through the windows. But the night stood still for us.... it had to have. It was a twelve hour night. I turned my head towards the opposite wall again, laying on my side, and softly whispered, "Joel.....hold me like you would've if you could protect me."

I heard the plop of his two decent sizes shoes hit the floor and the bed go down a little further with the addition of his muscular weight. He aligned himself with me, his head resting in the crook of my neck and shoulders, his arms trying to wrap around my torso, and his socked feet tickling my ankles. We lay there for a while, our breathing becoming matched in rhythm, feeling each other's warmth and heart beat. It felt so good, so comforting. I engulfed his hands in mine.



"When this mess is over and I can have something of a normal life, even if I'm not returned to my normal size... would you...would you care to go out with me?"

Joel let out a slight burst of breath with a little giggle and then kissed my neck. "Yes... Steve. I most certainly would like to go out wi...wi-ith...."

There was a sudden sound of surprise and fear in his Joel's voice. Suddenly I felt something moving between us. It was a good sized object...it was rising...it was thickening...it was lengthening...


"I'm so sorry..." Joel tried to roll over and get off the bed, but I held his hands firmly preventing his escape, keeping him lying behind me, pressed into my back.

"Don't go... it's ok... I understand. It's just a natural reaction, because you like me. I'm not bothered by it's happening."

"oh......ok..." And Joel tried to settle back down, comfortably.

"I...uhm.... can kind of understand why some men were a bit taken back. Even at my present size it still feels pretty formidable. Mind if I ask?...."

"Eleven and a half inches."

"Eleven and a half...."


"Steve?.... .... ..... Stephen?"

rip....riiiip.... riiiipp ripppp pop.....

"Stephen, are you growing again?"

"Uhm...... kind of...."


"Because... I uhm.... like big men. ..... I like you. ... And I like that you're a big man."

I felt his cock throb even harder in his pants, waistband, and shirt, against my back. "Aaaahhhhh"


"Ye....yes... Stephen?"

"What's it feel like to be with a man?.....you know...willingly?"

Joel exhaled a sigh into my neck, moved one of his arms down my arms, across my abs, through my pubic hair, and onto my cock. Then he whispered into my ear. "I...I can't really tell you, but I am willing to show you."

I know that night lasted twenty-four hours long.

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