I was a College Weresinewa 7

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Joel and I became almost inseparable after that night. Dr. Zimbalst nearly had a fit though the next morning, when he came to knock me up and let me know breakfast would be ready in the hour. Seeing both Joel and I, nude in bed, he started to give us a huge lecture on, "What if I could still contaminate another while in a dormant state? What if I could still absorb another's power while in a dormant state, what if...." We eventually did calm him down and stated that obviously I couldn't absorb by all means while in a dormant state as Joel had...well... left a deposit in me last night and I was still the same size. And we had both agreed during our tryst last night, that just in case I could still rob people of their size while in a dormant state, instead of me being in him, Joel just jacked me off, and in case of dormant contamination, allowed me to blow into a washcloth. We both did admit it was taking a chance, but now that it was done and nothing worse seems to have occurred we could just move on from there.

"Well...alright. You didn't have to break my ceiling fan during your passion, though, did you?"

Joel explained what happened there, which was met with a rousing "Good Gracious!" from Dr. Zimbalst who ordered us to get up, get cleaned up, to meet him downstairs, and breakfast would now be in an hour and half. It was two and half hours from then, after Joel and mine's shower...together...which took longer than we expected, and the professor stitching up my head.

During the course of the next week, the professor organized my friends into a well oiled machine. They were having a hard time trying to track down the succubust, but had learned about the where-abouts of Mr. Moore before his noticeable changes. He was handling some work in a few towns over, which we also found out, happened to be the same area in which a Ms. Malinda Malificant worked, who, as it also happened, was the only person that attended Mr. Moore's funeral. On top of that, we discovered there was recently a rash of missing person's reports as well cases of mentally ill, diminutive men, with mysterious cases of amnesia or adopted identity, and yet security files showed they all had the same finger prints as the missing men. All this information was being researched, gathered, compiled, and still the Professor made sure they made time for their studies, so as not cause falling grades or arouse suspicion from the school administration and staff.

One Friday evening, we heard an exclamation from Dr. Zimbalst's study so we all ran to investigate. Well, I walked, having to duck through the arch and doorways of the house. We asked what the fuss was about and the professor explained.

"It was for one thing, but now is for a combination of things. It seems everything we've been studying has culminated at once. And timing must be crucial. First, watch this, which just came over the news."

"This is Jane Heathrow reporting live for BBC news. The world of fashion and female impersonation was shocked tonight as those two worlds apparently collided. The stage and runway was set for R.O.C. - Runways of Caring, where top fashion designers and models of past and present came to put on a charity show with each designer or model raising funds for various charitable organizations. The lights went down and the spotlights came out, but the first model on stage turned out to be a woman of hulking glamazon proportions. She was clearly not one of the presenters listed for this evening and although security tried to detain her, all they managed to catch a hold of was her very skimpy dress that tore off easily, leaving the woman nude, running away in the night screaming a kind of mantra, 'I must have him in me!'
"Unknown to those in attendance, it appears this woman had attacked several of the models behind stage, and had an accomplice that kidnapped them and drove them away, for after deciding to continue the show and rechecking the lineup, several of the listed models to perform were nowhere to be found. There were however several women of diminutive stature that were dressed in the model's clothing. They are presumed to be part of the attack, probably protestors crying out against the unfair and untrue image they feel the fashion industry represents of women everywhere.
"The police however, have decided to turn to the gay community in looking for answers to this attack. Given the size of the woman and her chant, 'I must have him in me', it is believed that the attacker had to be one of the contestants on this year's 'RuPaul's Drag Race: European Tour', currently filming in London. When reached for comment, RuPaul stated that he knew for a fact it wasn't one of his 'goils' as they were all accounted for during their taping and their own fashion show rehearsal, which was going on at the same time. He was also quoted as saying, 'Besides, you know it wasn't one of us, as you can't be a female and be a drag queen; you have to be a man. If you ripped the dresses and panties off of one of my queens you would surely see her royal scepter sticking out. That woman didn't have one and no about of taping or tucking can hide one that well.' Jane Heathrow, BBC news, London."

The professor switched off the television. "We have work to do this weekend, gentleman, and we must be handle it like the Romans: divide and conquer. Who's good at scavenger hunts and plants?"

James spoke up, "My mom is a florist and herbalist."

"Great, you take Eric with you to local herb shops and the countryside and see if you can find this flower. Once you have done so, you come back here and join Joel and Stephen in adding it to the potion concocting in the kitchen."

I spoke up, "We're concocting a potion in the kitchen?"

"Not concocting, Stephen, stirring. It has already been concocted, but it needs its final ingredient and I just finally figured out what that was. Now, when they come back with it, you must take that large wooden spoon hanging in the front parlor, add the flower to the mixture, and then with that spoon stir it fourteen times, clockwise, in a heart shaped direction."


"Do you understand me? Add the flower, use the Welsh loving spoon and stir fourteen times, clockwise, in a heart shaped direction. Got it? Good. Now when it turns all rosy pink, then let it cool, pour it into many, many bottles, with caps on, and Pick, Joel, and Thomas you go drive out and visit the models in London and give them a swig, while Eric and James will visit the local young ladies at the local psychiatric hospital, who have recently been made wall flowers, and do the same. Ricky, Alistair, and I are going to hunt down an office, while Stephen, keeps abreast of any news and gives one of us a call if needed."

"What does this potion do, Professor?"

"It is an extremely powerful enhancement and fertility potion. Said to transform wall flowers into beautiful voluptuous women who can attract any male. If it does have an effect, it's probably the best we're going to be able to do at being able to transform these women back into their actual selves. Although, if they're not careful, we could probably hear about a rash of pregnancies in the local area and in the world of modeling with a few months."

I sat in Dr. Zimbalst's home while the guys set out in their teams.

.................................................. .....

The van pulled up into an alley way behind a set of small office spaces. Dr. Zimbalst put the van into park a ways away and began to peer at a door using a set of binoculars.

"What are we doing here, Professor?"

"Ah, well, Ricky, Alistair, the third door in is the backdoor of a small office of Ms. Malinda Malificant. You recall she was the only one who came to Mr. Moore's funeral?"


"Well it seems she also was connected to quite a few men who have disappeared over the last few months. Some who came back with better lives or bodies, and some who have never returned. But there also has been a rash of funerals this month of men who were much larger than they once were and she has been a visitor to all of them. Not only that, but she made sizeable donations to the families of the deceased. I would say that, that's an action of hidden guilt, but I don't believe this woman has any. Still they always say a criminal returns to the scene of a crime or to things connected to their crime, and she seems to keep doing that. Oh... keep still now...there's movement at the door."

And as they watched, the back door to the office opened and a man of considerable height and musculature bent down, ducked under, and turned sideways to squeeze through. Followed by a very stately, stoic, and femme fatal looking woman, and another man with very grey and black hair in a very shaggy haircut that stood about six and half feet tall.

"Bloody Hell! Professor, look at the size of that one man. He must be like ten to twelve feet tall!"

"SHHHHHH... you'll give us away." said the professor in a hushed whisper. "Although yes, you are quite right. That's probably the original weresinewa she still has working for her."

"What if he comes after us."

"Well he won't be able to take our masculinity, although he certainly might be able to beat us into a bloody pulp."

The trio sat and watched as Malinda scratched the grey-headed man behind the ears and then got into her car and drove off. The giant of a man took off running down the road behind her. The grey and black headed man stayed behind and stood in front of the door.

"What's he doing then? I saw her enter a code into the door. She's got a huge alarm system, plus coded locks. Not like she needs to have someone watch the door."

"She does, young master, if she needs to be wary of preternatural creatures."


"Bloody hell, what was that?"


"Take a good look out the window, Master Ricky. She's spotted the van and sent the weresinewa back to attack us."


"What do we do?"

"Nothing... it'll take care of itself. My van is protected with charms and enchantments..."


"not to mention a good supportive rolling cage..."

"He's going to keep slamming until we come out."

"No... a spell sends an image to the attacker. The attacker and anyone on its team will see us getting beaten into a small little ball."


"It may break something on the van...."


"Like one of the tires blowing, but we will be relative okay...."


"Until he thinks we're a pulverized ball of metal."

The giant finally stood back and laughed. His belly contractions showing off all the cuts and crevices of his deeply carved abs. His arms and chest were now fully swollen and his veins pumped full of blood and plumped up. Sweat was dripping off of him. He turned away, his slick, sweat wet pants sticking firmly to his buttocks, showing off their massive bubble shape, but then suddenly he raised his hands in huge fists and turned once more to strike as he laughed.

"Oh... bad call, old boy."


The young men sat in astonishment, the professor and the grey-black haired man gave a chuckle, the last one's head moving starring up into the sky following the trajectory of the giant soaring overhead.

"Professor, what just happened?"

"Bit of a protection. If an attacker comes back after seeing he's crushed the van into a ball, that spell will bounce him all the way back home. It doesn't land him softly or in a specific area. He'll probably come crashing through Ms. Malificant's roof and ceiling and be punished for it."

The three enjoyed a very good, albeit stifled laugh. They then watched as the grey-black headed man morphed and turned into a wolf, sitting in front of the door.

"What do we do now, professor?"

"Well, boys. We must wait and think and plan. We need to somehow get inside that office. See if there's anything in there we can use to learn about Ms. Malificant, but we have to figure out how to get past her wolf man and her security systems. Don't worry about the wolfman, he imagines us as a round pile of broken metal and glass. He won't come and check us out."

"How is it he's able to turn into a wolf? I thought werewolves weren't able to control their transformation and only happened during a full moon."

"He's not a werewolf, Ricky. Remember, we're not in a full moon stage. I imagine he's been given the opportunity to do this change by her. He's more of a slave that can transform, shape shift into an animal, but only due to a spell she's placed upon him."

"As a wolf, I wonder to whom he'd be more obedient."


"I think I can take care of one of our problem's, professor. Wolves are meant to obey me.
Come out when it appears safe to do so."

Alistar lurched forward, "Ricky! What are you doing?"

"Let him go, Master Alistair."

Ricky opened up the van door, causing the wolf sitting in front of the office door to look quizzically over at what it perceived to be a man coming out of a large ball of crumpled metal. Ricky stood up as straight and tall as his 6' 1" frame could be carried and strode slowly, but commandingly over towards the wolf. The wolf soon began to growl at Ricky, and then stood up and took an unmoving, confrontational stance, bearing his teeth towards the approaching young man. Ricky kept striding forward. The wolf began to bark and then snap his teeth. Just when Ricky was right next to the wolf and the wolf was ready to lunge and jump on Ricky, Ricky pointed a finger downward and a loud but whispering ethereal voice carried on the wind....

"I said sit, and you will obey your master! SIT! SIT! Sit! sit! sit! it! it! t! t! t..t...t..."

The wolf suddenly had a look of terror in its eyes, it pissed all over the spot it stood, then suddenly dropped to the ground and turned belly upward. Ricky bent down and scratched it upon the belly. Dr. Zimbalst and Alistair came out of the van and approached the still cowering wolf and Ricky who stood up, but still with his back to them.

"Ricky, what the hell was that? What did you do?"

"I'd say, Master Alistair, that he did a pretty damn good job for a fledgling vampire, wouldn't you agree, Master Ricky?"

Ricky turned around, his face somewhat stony and cold, fangs receding into this gums.

"How long have you known?"

"For quite some time. The suspicions have been there a while. You dropped out of the theology classes and seminary just before graduation. Just before being baptized for your ordination. You began to enjoy the night life more and during your visits at my house you've made sure to stay away from any reflective surface. You forgot this evening however and your reflection hasn't shown in any one of my van mirrors."

"Your talismans work against vampire mind control, too. I've been forcing you and Alistair to see my reflections, at least so I thought. You know I may have to bite and turn you two now to help keep my secret."

"Well you could do that, but you would lose your fangs."

"How is that?"

"I've been drinking holy water and eating garlic, ever since I suspected. Bite into my veins and it'll file your fangs down."

"And I'm afraid it wouldn't work on me either, Ricky?"

"You been drinking holy water, too?"

"No.... it's for another reason, but that reason will at least get us information to help our friend and others."

Ricky looked over to the professor who looked back to Ricky and the pair looked at Alistair who suddenly became a very pale white, then semi-transparent. When the semi-transparent stage hit he floated effortlessly through the wall and into the office. The professor and young vampire cringed as he did so, both shutting their eyes, but opened them in surprise when no alarms went off. They waited for around twenty-five minutes until Alistair came floating back through the wall and became solid.

"Interesting trick. So has an X-man mutant joined the team?" said Ricky.

"No," said Alistair laughingly.

"You are a quazispiritus." said Dr. Zimbalst.

"A what?" asked Ricky.

"I'm a quazispiritus. Half-ghost. A person who is half ghost, half human, born of a ghost and human pairing."

"But that pairing can only take place..."

"If between two souls of extreme love and connection. Correct, professor. It was my mother and my father. My mother actually died on the honeymoon night of my parent's wedding. A poisonous snake seeking winter shelter in a hot tub outside of their honeymoon suite. They were too far away from a hospital to get treatment for her in time. She came back a year later on the eve of their anniversary. My father was dying of grief. She managed to make herself corporeal for just that night and urge him to keep going. They made love on the spot. Twelve months later I was born, literally delivered into my father's hands on that anniversary date."

"Well.... our little group is turning into quite a menagerie: a weresinewa, a weregemynd, a vampire, a quazispiritus, a minister, a strong man, a crackpot professor who studies magic and occult lore ..... and an Adam."

"an Adam?" Stated both Ricky and Alistair.

Ricky spoke first. "Stephen is the weresinewa, Pick is the weregemynd, I'm the vampire, Alistair is the quazispiritus, Joel is the bodybuilder, Thomas is going to be a minister once he finishes his studies, you're the professor...so that means Eric or James is an Adam, but what's an Adam?"

"A Frankenstein creature."

"WHAT?!" said both the young men in tandem.

"A Frankenstein creature. The creature wasn't called Frankenstein; he actually didn't have a name, but many of us occultists refer to him as an Adam. However, in this case, it's James. I don't know if young James is aware of it. Whomever his creator is, presumably his father, he's done a fantastic job."

"Wait, how do you know? Ho...how can you tell?"

"I'm a medical doctor, too, remember. There are some very fine line scars along James' hairline, within, not along, but within his wrists and ankles as well. You've noticed he always stands with his hip popped out, one shoulder leaning down, kind of 'casual like?'"


"Because his left leg is longer than the other by a good deal. Probably not his original leg either. But, that's his only non original body part. I believe the rest to be his. His skin tone has a slight greenish tint to it, due to it not really being alive, but reanimated, although it's only so slight one doesn't notice it unless James is standing next to a very fair skinned man. He also gets very tired in the evenings, yet if you stick him around something that gives off energy waves, he seems to perk back up a bit."

"He's taking studies in new experimental energy sources...."

"Probably at the bidding of his father. No, he's a man-made man...sort of. Much more advanced techniques than Dr. Frankenstein used and quite remarkably done, but still, man made."

Ricky and Alistair looked at one another.

"I wonder if Eric is something."

"Probably..." said Dr. Zimbalst.

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't know. Can't put my finger on it, but that boy has got some chemistry about him. At any rate, let's get back in the van and head home. Alistair can tell us all about what he saw on the ride back."

The trio got into their van to leave, but not before placing on the spare tire, and Ricky turning to and commanding the wolf to leave this place, never return, never to see Malinda again, go back to his family, and never assume a wolf form again. The wolf turned and ran from the spot, suddenly with sparkles and flashes appearing all around him, and then there was the grey-black haired man in shredded pants, bare chested and footed, running down the alleyway. Stopping just a moment to look back at Ricky, he whispered the words, "thank you" then look up and down the street to get this bearings before running off.

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