I was a College Weresinewa 8

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That last week-end was a flurry of activity. Eric and James returned having found the flowers, which Joel and I added to the potion, following the professor's instructions. It did turn a most brilliant pink - we started jokingly referring to it as "Barbie Brew." Pick, Joel, and Thomas left for London and spent the week-end trying to track down where all the diminished models were being held in custody and sneaking the potion in for them to drink. Most of them got their looks back, although there was varying degree as to their stature or cup size being off a few inches or sizes, but most of them seemed relieved and were able to be recognized as who they once were again. The same thing was happening locally with all the women in the psychiatric ward with Eric and James visiting them and administering the potion.

On Sunday when everyone regrouped at the professor's house, he made sure we had caught up with all assignments, projects, and homework before we sat down to a hearty meal and discussed our findings. First we learned about each other, for if we were working together as a team to help me become normal again, everyone needed to be honest with each other.
So, we all knew I had become a weresinewa, a monster that sucks the masculinity and testosterone out of men getting taller, stronger, and more hung the more victims I fuck each full moon.
Pick was a weregemynd, one who receives mental or psionic powers during a full moon, able to read minds, send messages, project force fields, and apparently move objects, but he can't read the mind of another were-creature.
The professor was studying wizardry and witchcraft under the guise of being a professor of the history of occult lore.
Ricky was a new vampire, apparently being bitten about eight months ago, although he was learning fast what many of his powers and abilities were: control wolves, rodents, and bats, shape shift into a wolf, bat, or mist (although he hadn't quite mastered the mist part yet), implant thoughts or images into people's minds (still somewhat faulty), and a little bit of mind control and telepathy.
Alistair was a quazispiritus, a half human-half ghost that had the ability to "dissolve" into his ghost form at will, granting him the ability to pass through solid objects, move some objects via thought form or small gusts of wind, communicate over ouija boards or a table set up with a spirit glass, or via static noise or ghost hunters spirit voice communicators. While in solid human form he can sense, see, and speak to ghosts.
James, Eric, Thomas, and Joel were normal, average, everyday human beings... well sort of. Joel being a 6' 4" tall body builder/strong man in training besides his college studies was hardly what anyone would call average. Thomas was studying to be a minister, having submitted his doctorate thesis for review and taken his ordination exam and waiting, or praying for results. James and Eric said they weren't really anything, although James was tall at 6' 7" yet still looked like a teenager, but wished they were something, now that they were finding out about everyone's secrets.

After that Alistair stood up and told us all what he found out about Ms. Malinda Malificant.

"Ms. Malificant is a sorceress supreme, a wicked witch, of some great knowledge. The store front actually does appear to be a working business, something along the lines of a travel agency. However, she has one room behind her personal office that holds all manner of occult things and was covered in sigils and circles and markings. In that room there was one scroll in particular I thought may be of interest, but I couldn't grab it. I would have had to become solid again to do so and that would've set off the alarms."

"What was on the scroll, Alistair?"

"I can't say for certain. I believe it was in Latin, but I don't know how to read Latin. There were drawings, or more like wood prints along one side that showed human figures, two men, and after touching one another one of them was drawn much larger in the next picture. There was also some markings, they looked like this..."

And Alistair picked up a pad and drew them to the best of his ability.

"That's the symbols for nights of a full moon. That scroll must contain the incantation for the curse. We need to get that and destroy it so that none other may inflict it, once we've taken care of Ms. Malificant."

"We should also know, we're dealing with ancient magic here. Not just in the sense that's what she's using; she's ancient herself. There were a couple of scrapbooks. They showed old newspaper clippings and photos from the turn of the 19th century. In those articles and photos there was a lady that looked exactly like her. Other clippings go back to medieval times."

We had discussions for a bit on what we should have as a plan of attack. Alistair had also managed to retrieve Ms. Malificant's personal home address, a very large and sizeable estate outside of Great Walbraham. Soon we began repeating ourselves and the professor told us all to head back to the dormitories and get plenty of rest for our classes. Except for me, of course, but he still admonished me to go to bed and get rest to get used to my new body. Hmmmpf...I'd been moving in it for almost two and half weeks now.

Later on in the week, Thursday, I believe, I was just finishing a shower and dressing, ready to come downstairs for breakfast when I noticed through my bedroom windows a flash of light outside. I walked over and stood next to the window, peering through the lace curtains to see that it was sunlight glinting off of a highly polished limousine. It pulled up close to the house and I saw a very stately and beautiful woman get out, after her chauffer offered his hand to assist. My heart froze. I hadn't seen a picture of her, but I knew it had to be her. I ran out of the bedroom, as softly as a seven and half foot giant man can, took the back servant stairs and entered into the professor's study.

"It's her!"

"What? I say, don't give me a fright like that, and who is her?"

"A limo just pulled up with a very stately and elegant woman stepping out. I've got a gut feeling it's her. It's....."

"Ms. Malinda Malificant has come calling.... at the door, sir. I wouldn't have interrupted you, but she is emphatically insistent."

The professor looked at me. "You, take the back door out of this room and quietly work your way to the secret passage. Go down there and lock yourself in. Even if she manages to get down there, she won't be able to get you out of the cell. John, tell her I will meet her shortly in the parlor, not a word about Mr. Werdun to her and in the back of your mind..."

"I shall be singing 'Twa Corbies' in my head as long as she is here, sir."

"Good man."

I went down into the cell and locked myself in, while the professor put on something a little more appropriate than his bathrobe and pajamas to visit with Ms. Malificant. He didn't take that long at all to change, surprisingly. He strode into the parlor with a smile and a questioning look and greeted his guest.

"Good morning, Ms...?"

"I'm not here for a social call, Dr. Zimbalst. It is about a personal matter, and don't play coy with me, you know perfectly well who I am."

The professor's face became serious and stone like. "Alright then. Yes, I know who you are."

"After spying on me at my business office. The van was a little obvious and although you took many mystical precautions so that it couldn't be looked into, you did forget to hide your plate numbers. I had friends look it up."

"Indeed. .... and what is this personal business to which you are referring?"

"A couple of matters really. One the loss of property you caused at my office and two the claiming of property I now know to be mine."

"I'm sorry, you have me at a loss. We took nothing of yours at your office, we didn't even go in your office."

"Someone did... somehow. I felt a disturbance in the air when I returned the next day. I've removed my personal effects for safe keeping. But I'm not talking about what was inside, it was what was outside. You lost me a servant, and a very good and loyal one too. I don't know how you did it, but I am very displeased. The particular arrangement I had with that gentleman can't be performed on him again, ever. So, I'm now one member short of my staff."

"Well I can assure you I had nothing to do with the loss of your....servant."

"Oh, you had something to do with it. I know you aren't strong enough to have countered it or lift my 'agreement' with that man, but someone you know did something. But no matter. I've come to claim something in exchange and all will be forgiven, although technically the man belongs to me anyway."

"Whom might that be, and why do you think he belongs to you?"

"That would be young Mister Werdun. Oh, don't look so surprised. There had to be a reason why you tracking me down. I had a friend of mine at Trinity scour the files and transcripts to look for anything unusual while another friend at the local hospital looked for the same. My guess is Mister Werdun got himself bit by Mr. Moore and is now a weresinewa."

"That may or may not be the case. In either event, what makes him yours?"

"One to replace the property which you released from me. I think you owe me something for that. And two, by extension. Mr. Moore was bit by a weresinewa under my contro....er...allegiance, so Mr. Moore became my responsibility and property. Mr. Moore bit Mr. Werdun and thus he is my responsibility, too."

"Except you won't be responsible for him. You'll allow him to grow to suit your needs and purposes, getting rid of him as you will at some future point in time. I'm sorry but he isn't property to be placed upon an auction block, and I know for certain Mr. Werdun doesn't wish to be your charge or under your care."

"This isn't a debatable matter, Dr. Zimbalst. I'm here to take him and take him I will." and she got up to leave the room.

"If you're here to take him, why are you leaving the house?"

"I'm not leaving the house, I'm heading to the underground chambers."

Dr. Zimbalst stood there frozen, motionless at those words.

"Oh yes, I know of those chambers. I know where the entrance is too. I once owned and lived in this house. I can still feel its magic and it will respond to me."

She made her way round the hall to the secret panel, pushed upon its hidden button and turned to walk where the door should have opened up. BOUNCE! She landed with a thud on her arse in the middle of the foyer.

"I may be a novice at magic, Ms. Malificant, but I can assure you I am a very quick study and practice well and hard. Although I didn't know the house had once belonged to you, I was aware other magical practitioners had owned it and I didn't want them coming back seeking refuge and roaming its halls without my permission. I've stripped all ties with everyone who has ever lived here, made a peace offering to the grounds and house itself. I am well assured by both I have treated them much better than you ever had. The house and grounds will obey me and only me. You will not get into the chambers."

Malinda picked herself up off the floor. "Maybe I can't get in by magical means, or just walk in myself, but I can still break things down physically!"

She stormed out the front door, nearly running into Ricky and Alistair as she did so. After cursing at them and telling them to get out of her way, she got into her limo and ordered her driver to leave.

Ricky asked first, "Professor, was that?"

"Yes, it was. Ms. Malificant herself. She's just threatened a physical attack on the house and I know she means to do it soon."

"How do you know?"

"There are two ridges in my driveway. She's just disappeared under the first one. She has to crest the second one in order to get out the gates. ... ... ... It's not happened yet. She's pulled over, ordering or conjuring something or someone."

In answer to his statement, large, heavy sounding thuds started coming closer and closer, causing the ground to shake a little, and from the trees on one side of the driveway appeared Malinda's ten foot tall bodybuilder.

"Prepare for battle anyway you can, gentlemen. Just watch yourself; the grounds and house has its own strategies."

The professor moved inside to grab talismans and other things to help protect the house, while muttering an incantation. The massive hulking monster laughed and raised its arms high above its head, with hands clasped together to bring them down upon the porch roof. It was a beautiful sight to behold once he was arched fully and back: his arms raised high in a holding flex so that the arms looked rested, but were popped and stone hard, with all their bulges and crevices showing, veins beginning to plump up and rise to the surface. His chest was stretched out wide and broad, across and over his sternum, ribs, and lats, which were flared ever so much wider in the stretch as well, showing all the little lines and ladders of definition that entwined into the obliques and met with the abs that formed a cobblestone walkway between his chest and waistband.
But he held that pose just a little too long and was surprised by the fact that the holly bushes suddenly formed hands of their own and struck out. So many little barbs, sharp edges of the leaves and twigs of the bush sliced across his mid-section, one thought for a minute he had a twenty four pack until the extra lines began bleeding. The bushes did the same thing to his arms and he staggered back in surprise.
The limo had pulled back up most of the driveway, and after parking once more, Ms. Malificant stepped out of her car with a wicked grin upon her face as if she were triumphant, and whispered orders that flew to her man-beast.

Ricky turned to Alistair, "She's trying to help him in tactical maneuvers, sending instructions on the wind. See if you can keep her busy while I keep the giant on his toes."

Alistair started running for Malinda, but she noticed his approached and commanded her weresinewa to reach out and grab him. The giant picked Alistair up quickly and effortlessly.

She called out to Ricky. "You have a choice, you can either attack me or attempt to save your friend. Let's see which it shall be. By the way, weresinewa's can still drain the energy from males while in their dormant form."

"Attack you or save my friend? I believe..." said Ricky, "It will be both!"

Unseen by Malinda, Ricky's eyes turned a blood red and suddenly out of the local church's belfry a cloud of bats came swarming into the property and swooping down upon Malinda. She let out a cry as she started to put up force fields and blasts against all the bats attacking her.
Meanwhile, Alistair, in the grip of the giant, calmed himself down and suddenly went white and semi-transparent. The giant's hand completely closed into a fist and he stood there looking perplexed at it, it now being completely empty. Alistair just smiled and began to float away.
Ricky now was assuming more of a vampiric form, fangs showing and somewhat talon like nails from his hands, which he used and began slicing and dicing at the weresinewa's ankles, while the holly bushes began their attack upon the torso and arms again, the giant having stumbled closer to the house once more.

Alistair had now made his way over to the limo and began using his slight ghostly powers to annoy Malinda, causing small gusts of wind to blow her stole up into her face, causing her skirts to rise up, or twigs to fly at her.

"Willful, spirit! You pose a minor problem! Carpo Spiritus!"

And suddenly there was a ball of energy around Alistair and try as he might he couldn't pass through it. Malinda came and stood just under and slightly in front of the energy ball.

"So, he managed to get a ghost to help protect the house. Zimbalst must be a better study than I thought. Tell me dear, are you one of the old wizards who used to live here? Are you instructing Zimbalst? How long have you been dead?"

Alistair thought in his mind. "She said. 'carpo spiritus.' I know spiritus is ghost, and if Latin is like Spanish...carpo sounds like carpe from carpe dium, seize the day. So carpo might mean 'I seize.' I seize the ghost. So... what if I'm not in my ghostly form?" He closed his eyes and concentrated becoming solid and suddenly fell to the ground in front of Malinda.

"I'm not dead."


"Surprise, bitch!" And although just an average sized young man, Alistair still managed to ball up his fist and send a punch to the face of Ms. Malificant that sent her sprawling over the hood of her limo.

Standing up and turning round, Malinda's eyes showed nothing but pure fury. "How dare you strike me!" She raised her hands high and went to give an incantation, but Alistair had seen her in action and assumed his ghostly form once again. A bolt of light went streaming at him and through him, striking the limo driver who was coming up behind Alistair to hold him. The driver was instantly turned to stone.

Meanwhile Ricky was having a slight problem of his own. Malinda's weresinewa had stepped far enough back from the house that the attacking holly bushes could no longer reach it. The giant man had now grabbed a hold of Ricky and in an instant, yanked Ricky's pants and underwear clean off and now proceeded to penetrate him. Ricky screamed in displeasure, but the giant while bucking began to look confused and slow down his humping.

Looking up into the giant's face Ricky whispered, "You can't take what I no longer produce." And with that he plunged his mouth and fangs onto the giant's thumb. The giant screamed in pain and loosed his grip upon Ricky who then sunk his talons into the giant's cock and pushed himself off of it. Floating to the ground, away from the giant, Ricky was suddenly enveloped by swirls of mist that soon felt like silk or satin. It drew him over towards the limo and the arms of Malinda. Before he arrived he assumed his normal human looking form.

"You must be a very powerful wizard to command animals, resist the effects of the weresinewa and float to the ground. I'm sure we could learn a lot from one another."

There began to appear all manner of sparkles and glitterings, with sweet smelling scents wafting all around Malinda as she turned Ricky's face to hers and stared at him with deep, violet eyes, caressing his face with one hand and his cock and balls with the other.

"You must find me very attractive..."
"You could teach me all you know..."
"Yes, everything I know..."
"A nice strong man like you could be my lover..."
"hmmmmmm ..... lover...."
"Yes... do what I want, for no living man can resist me..."

And she pulled Ricky towards her for a loving embrace, and a deep passionate kiss. She'd worked this enchantment hundreds of thousands of times, luring men to their doom. And as Ricky bent in to kiss her cheek, he paused for one moment, his mouth by her ear.

"One problem, love... I'm not a living man. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Malinda jerked her head back to see Ricky's mouth spouting fangs that were going for her neck. She raised her hand and sent a bolt to his stomach sending him flying to the foot of her giant slave.

"He may not be able to take your manhood, but he can most assuredly crush you, as he currently has the strength of ten to fifteen men! Kill him!"

The giant bent down to reach for Ricky, who raised his hands and grabbed a hold of the giant's thumb, sinking his talons in deep. There was a bit of a tug of war for a moment or two, but eventually Ricky managed to get maneuvered into the right position, pulled and flipped the giant over onto its back, right on top of Ms Malificant's limo.

"He may have the strength of ten to fifteen men, love, but we vampires usually have the strength of around twenty to twenty-five."

Malinda screamed. "AAAAUUUUH! You cost me a limo!" and pointing to the ethereal form of Alistair, "And you another servant! That's three items the good Doctor and his friends owe me, and he will pay!"

She cast a cloud of some kind over her weresinewa who seemed to catch his breath again, but she sent him away. She then waved her hands and performed some other kind of magic, this time a form of some sort...humanoid. But it wasn't human. It wasn't even a biological creature. This form grew and grew until it reached about the same height as the weresinewa was, but it cackled and crackled with energy. In fact, that seemed to be what it was, a being of pure electrical energy.

"Sink your teeth into that, you flying rodent!" And with wave of her hands she and her wrecked car floated away. The professor opened the door of his home and stepped out.

"Nice of you to join us, professor. Would've been nice earlier."

"I was chanting protection spells in the parlor, thank you very much."

"Ah well, have anything to help us deal with mister electrical plant?"

"I don't think so...."

"We may have other's to deal with. There's a large form running up the driveway."

Indeed there was, James. He was a tall man at 6' 7", but he was very odd looking for a man of twenty-one. He had this layer of fat upon him, which, despite all his time in the gym working out, he never could get rid of. Along with the youthfulness of his face, it looked like he was still encased in a good layer of baby fat. Even Joel couldn't help him get rid of it, though James proved to be remarkably strong. Was even worse if he was spotted in the gym showers for he didn't seem to have a lick of hair anywhere other than the top of his head. Speaking of the gym, he was running up the driveway in gym clothes.
Having seen the fighting down the drive while walking by after a daily workout, he decided to run up and lend a hand. He saw Malinda and the weresinewa's departure and the arrival of the electricity monster. As the monster was about to take a step closer to the house, James pitched himself in front of the moving foot, causing the creature to lose balance and fall to the ground. James managed to get himself rolled out from under it and run up to the porch.

"Afternoon, Master James. Nice of you to join us."

"Afternoon, professor. I was hoping he was turned more towards your pond. Maybe short him out in the fall."

"Might have been a good idea, but still inclined towards dry land, I'm afraid."

"Well, you two do what you can" said Ricky, and turning to Alistair said, "Let's get to work..."

But Alistair certainly didn't know what he could do. In ghostly form he couldn't touch the creature and in human form could get fried. Still he started to drift towards the creature, who upon seeing him, while getting up, sent a bolt right through Alistair. The bolt sent an effect like ripples in a pond through the image and form of the ghostly Alistair. He split in two on one side and his body started to drift like it was hinged at the torso on the other side. He then kind of stretched very far and dissipated. Dr. Zimbalst cried out Alistair's name, but then breathed a sigh of relief when Alistair's ghostly form returned. But the form became solid soon after and Alistair fell to the ground. Crawling back up the porch steps he moaned, "Let's not do that again...”

"Indeed, Master Alistair. I forget energy has a tendency to disrupt magical and ethereal wave lengths. It could be quite possible an energy creature could completely destroy you in ghostly form."

At that Ricky growled and leapt into the air towards the creature in full vampiric form. The creature seeing his approach sent a bolt at Ricky which he managed to divert from, but only slightly, the bolt striking an arm of his and bursting his shirt into flames. Ricky howled and came crashing down upon the front porch, where Alistair picked up the welcome mat and began to smother the flames.

"John! JOHN!" bellowed Dr. Zimbalst.

"Yes, Dr. Zimbalst..."

"Take Master Ricky into the house and treat him. We may need him back to full strength sooner than we expect. Feed him if necessary."

"Feed him?" Said John the butler.

"Yes..if he needs it to recover, give him a pint!"

John turned to Ricky as he was hoisting an arm of Ricky's over his shoulder and said, "Would you prefer my right or left wrist, sir?"

"Wrist?!" said Ricky.

"The only mouth allowed near my neck was that of the late Mrs. John. You can use my wrist or ankles, your choice!"

Cringing at the thought of old man servant's feet, Ricky retorted, "The right wrist will do, thank you."

With John, Ricky, and Alistair all inside, Dr. Zimbalst performed several spells but commented that he wasn't sure how well any of them would hold, given the nature of electricity interfering in magical properties. He knew of one that might work, but would take a great deal of concentration. He sat down to focus and was lost in thought when the creature decided that the animated bushes and shutters it was doing battle with had to be controlled by the professor. With that decision he began to draw up a very large energy ball and then made the motion to send it straight at the professor.
James upon seeing it screamed out a "no" and jumped up at the creature. With one hand he grabbed a hold of what appeared to be a thumb of the creature, while his body intercepted the oncoming ball of energy to Dr. Zimbalst. James hung there shaking, smoldering, eyes rolling in the back of his head. The creature laughed and formed another hand and made motion to clasp his hands together and crush James. But as that other hand drew nearer, James reached out to instinctively push it away, and wound up grasping the other thumb.
There was a sudden flash and an arc developed over James and between the creature's hands. James screamed out as loud and as high as his voice could carry, but suddenly the voice started getting lower, lower, deeper, more resonant, richer and thicker in bass quality. The creature itself began to flash and looked somewhat worried, trying to shake James off of his hands. But James' hands had begun to grow getting longer, thicker, meatier, stronger, encompassing more and more of the those thumbs.
At the same time there were rips and tears being heard; it was James's shoes. His feet started to expand and grow, lengthening and widening. The sides of the shoes began to split. James' toes began to be seen poking into the toes of his shoes and then through the tops and out the front. As big and massive of paws his hands had become, he feet now joined in proportion.
And all through James' screaming his torso and arms and legs began to get longer and longer, and thicker, and broader. His back was becoming exceptionally broad. In fact he was becoming so broad and so tall his body was actually pushing his shoulders out the bottom of his shirt sleeves. Several rips and tears had begun all over his shirt and pants...both of which looked ridiculously short on him. His shirt sleeves riding up on his shoulders while the shirt hem only came half way down his abs. The pants hems had traveled all the up his shins and were now resting around the knees.
Suddenly James began to sound like he was going to throw up. He was convulsing around the midsection, his abs twisting his waist this way and that. His abs were bunching, flexing, popping, growing, the fat that was once around his waist was completely melting away being replaced by huge, giant bricks of power. These bricks of power sent out striations and cuts outward towards his side and obliques. It suddenly looked like a spider web was being tattooed upon his torso, but it was the development of his midsection becoming hard, chiseled, and defined. It moved up to his lats which just blew up into huge, thick, meaty chunks of muscle that gave him an ever widening 'V' shape. Thicker and thicker, broader and stronger, it developed until the top of the lats looked as wide if not wider than the shoulders, making the taper to his highly cut and defined waist look extreme.
The power moved into his chest and it began to inflate as he breathed in deeply.... huuuuuuuuh.... it became a little defined. huuuuuuuuuuuh....it became a little rounder.....huuuuuuuuuuh ....it became a bit broader. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. It became two large crescents hanging above his abs. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. It became two huge pillows.... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. It was now two mounding globes..... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. It was a huge broad and rounded barrel......huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh it was two incredibly thick squares of concrete hanging off the shoulders.
The ripping next occurred near the shoulders and the delts. rip...good size and development. rip rip...good sized melons. rip rip riiiiiiiip......two basketballs. riiiiiiiip rip riiiiiiiip.......two cannon balls. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip two huge massive boulders clinging on either side of a neck that was ever thickening as it was lengthening becoming a huge, hard column of granite, marble, iron, steel,...titanium.
Veins snaked their way down the shoulders and into the upper arms. Their constant and increasing blood flow sending more nutrients and more power to the upper arms causing them to grow as they did. The biceps swelling, inflating, growing, peaking into larger and larger mounds, with two full heads showing clear separation and development. Baseball, grapefruit, football, cannon ball, beach balls.... while the triceps joined in the inflating and expanding achieving a horseshoe shape. The whole upper arm becoming, big....thick....swoll....round...bulbous....almost squarish in size and power!
The forearms joined as well, cables and strings, strands and veins of power crossing this way and that, bunching, developing, strengthening until his forearms were so huge they dwarfed many men's upper arms.

Not to be outdone, the power then shifted to his lower half, inflating his butt into hard, firm, steel ball bearings that bubbled out and continue to bubble even further and further. While his ass was growing and firming, rivers of blood ran down into his thighs causing them to bunch, swell, thicken and harden....flow....thick strong thighs....ebb......cuts and definition....swell....two tear drops.....inflate.....three teardrops......grow.....thighs spreading apart.....feed....cable running down the back of the thighs.....bigger..... each thigh developing much larger and thicker than James' waist.
And still the growth and power continued as the cables from his thighs reached down and connected to his calves and they puffed.... definition. and plumped......bulbs of power. and swelled.....diamonds. and grew.......heart shaped. and inflated........ham hocks.... still even larger!

And then James began to moan...to moan low and deep...his shirt was completely shredded off of him. His pants were now nothing but pieces of decorative ribbon tied onto a waistband. His underpants now so tight on him began to get even tighter, cutting off circulation to his legs. No wonder for the front of them were inflating rapidly...especially the lower part. It swelled larger and larger, rounder and rounder....he was carrying jack balls in there....no....eggs.....no.....softballs.....no... ..grapefruit..... James' two balls finally were a bit too much to contain and they fell out the sides of his tight, tight underpants hanging firm and low.
He began to groan and moan....he was swelling up slightly larger.... hair was sprouting out all over his legs, his forearms, his crotch, his abs, his chest, his arm pits, and across his chin and jaw which were becoming very angular and hard, losing all the softness it once had. He continued to swell just a little bit more. All the years of heavy lifting, weight and strength training that had availed him not were coming to fruition all at once. And then suddenly with a much louder and deeper moan, his cock suddenly just pushed out in growth. As if it were a strand of play-dough being pushed out of his body, only it was getting thicker as it was growing longer. Average sized......good sized....large sized....porno sized....horse dicked.... and it was still soft. It split his underwear in twain and then rose and rose to its full erect status standing long, hard, far, and proud from its originating bush.

During the course of this growth, the creature had started to become smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker and by now was only the height of an average man, its arms held in place by James who stood a good two feet or so taller than it. James finally let out a deep low moan, that was felt by nearly all of us on the grounds in our chests and stomachs, and spewed a spray of cum that went on and on and on, watering down and shorting out what was left of the creature.

When there was nothing left, James turned around and stared at all who gathered on the porch in a daze. "Professor. I think something is wrong..... I feel odd...... different....... The creature has killed me." and he collapsed upon the ground.

A slightly revived Ricky darted out to him first. "He's still breathing, professor!"

"Thank, God! Alistair, can you revert to ghost form?"

"Yes... I think so."

"Good. Phase your way immediately down into the cells and release Stephen. He will need to help Ricky in carrying James into the parlor. John, go an fetch my medical kit and electricians' tools."

Ricky called out. "Will he be alright?"

"We shall see, Master Ricky. We shall see. And as soon as you can, Ricky, put your pants back on.”

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