I was a College Weresinewa 9

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After the great battle with Ms. Malificant, I was released from the cell and asked to come up and out to help carry James inside. I couldn't understand why I was needed. Sure, James was a tall man, a little pudgy, but Ricky as a vampire should be able to carry him by his self. When I got out into the yard, I stopped dead in my tracks at what I beheld. There was a man. A huge man, slightly taller than myself, and much, much bigger in muscularity.

Ricky kind of barked an order at me, "Pick him up under his arms and don't let your cock touch any part of him. Apparently you can still drain off power while in dormant form."

It slightly annoyed me that order, as I was fully clothed. We carried him into the parlor and laid him down upon a very long and sturdy coffee table, which still was quite too short for him. Dr. Zimbalst began to look over him very carefully, taking vital signs and statistics, as well as pulling out various tools that looked more suited for a construction site.
Ricky made trips into the chambers to cart up some very heavy equipment for the professor, while Alistair made a phone call to the rest of the gang, after which Dr. Zimbalst made a phone call to James' father. He was just finishing that phone call when everyone else arrived at the house.

"Holy cow! Look at the size of that mother.... who is that?" asked Joel.

"That's James." I told him.

Most everyone stood back and made all sorts of exclamations.

"He's huge! And looks so mature... What happened to him? Did that bitch zap him with a spell?"

"No," said the professor, "Her spell created creature zapped him with energy which sent him into puberty."

There was a lot of shocked looks and more questions posed, but when everyone settled down, the professor explained.

"As I had told Alistair and Ricky the other night, I believed James to be an Adam. What most of you would think of as a Frankenstein monster. However he is created using much better and improved scientific techniques, and was created using his own body, save one leg. Which having gone through puberty with him, seems to have swapped and exchanged some DNA with his body and they all match evenly now...."

"So he's a pieced together being from several dead men? And how did he not know?" asked Eric.

"Because, he only has two body types. Everything: body, brain, and blood are all his save for his left leg. It came from another boy. Let me fully explain the facts as I just got them from his father. He died at the age of twelve in an accident while in northern Scotland. While attempting to exit off of a boat during stormy winter weather, the boat lurched and his left leg missed the dock, falling between the dock and the boat side. The boat then slammed into the dock, causing it to splinter in several places, the shards of wood and ice severing his left leg clean off. He fell into the icy sea and died due to some blood loss and hypothermia. They never found his left leg.
"However, that hypothermia apparently helped save him. His mother went into an immediate comatose kind of depression over the loss of her boy, so the father, a medical doctor, took to studying some archaic and odd forms of medicine found in a journal of the Frankenstein family. James being basically frozen and taken to the morgue and placed into a refrigerated chamber, had death and decay put at bay by the cold. His father checked him out of the morgue, but not before finding out about another young man approximately the same age and height who had died and removed his left leg.
"James' father knew he couldn't simply attach the new leg and then warm James up and bring him back to life again. He'd been dead and without oxygen for far too long, but he had been frozen and perhaps using some other techniques might be able to bring his boy back. Using the same process as Dr. Frankenstein, but with some crucial updates and differences, he was able to bring James back to life. His wife would be able to recover seeing her son, he told his son James that the slight deformation of his left leg being a little longer was due to the boating accident, and as James was already 6' 7", if he didn't grow anymore, no one would care or notice as he was already tall enough. He never told James about what he had done; he simply told him he had been in a horrible accident, through some difficult surgeries, comatose for a few months, let him 'wake up' and continue with his life."

"Alright," said Thomas, "That explains why he didn't know about this... power... but what triggered this power here. Why is he suddenly now...."

"Eight feet tall?"

"Yeah,.... eight feet tall and bigger built than any Mr. Olympia ever hopes to be even proportionate to their height?"

"Well, James' parents are very tall themselves, and James himself was probably destined to be around seven foot four or five, maybe a little more, naturally. And naturally is where the problem kind of lies. James was brought back to life through the power of electricity. This is how the first Adam, or Frankenstein creature was brought to life. Taking dead cells and reanimating them with electricity. The problem with that is this: one has reanimated the cells, but they won't perform on their own as they should as they no longer have the ability to produce energy like they did, having already died. What they are doing now is constantly sending the energy they were bombarded with through and to one another, which is what is helping them perform some of their functions so the body can do things like walk, breathe, think, etc. But they no longer generate their own electricity so they can't do things like grow, multiply, reproduce, they simply stay in one stagnant form. Hence why an Adam, really doesn't die.
"But James' case here... is interesting. His body was in the process of producing all the hormones he needed to start growing. That is his body was prepping for the start of his growth spurt at the time of his death. So everything was there in his newly reanimated body, but they didn't have enough energy to kick it off, to start the chain reaction causing growth. Remember the first initial jolt of electricity he received was just enough to bring his cells back to life."

"So what you're saying is, in order for him to actually grow into a young teenager and then a man he needed more jolts of electricity?" inquired Pick.

"Exactly, Master Pickles. In order for him to become a full fledged man, his father needed to give his son an electrical booster shot at the appropriate times or age and he'd grow, but thinking none of that was possible due to his son dying and just being reanimated, he didn't. This was the reason for James' tiredness and lack of being able to build muscle. His own body was fighting itself. It was warming up more and more like a regular human being again and sensing it had all these hormones it needed to release, so it started to take the energy it had keeping it animated and was trying to feed it to those parts."

"So if he hadn't received the energy from that monster today, then he would've..."

"He would've eventually run down like an old battery and died out."

"Alright but why is he so huge with muscle?"

"Again, part of the growing process with puberty. Shortly after a young man stops growing up what does his body do?"

Everyone looked over at Joel, who sheepishly answered, "It blows up, or rather it fills out with muscle, catching up and growing large enough to run the frame that's grown inside of it."

"Correct. So here we have a young man having gone through a growth spurt ready to fill out, but at the same time, what have you been doing with him, Master Joel?"

"I've been working him out hard, training for both increases in muscle size and strength."

"For several months...actually a couple of years, have you not? So now that all that muscle programming and muscle memory is hit with power to do what it's been told to do by nature and training...."

"He blows up into the hulk."

"So why isn't he awake now?" asked Pick.

"He's processing things too quickly. He's absorbed too much energy. His father has told me approximately what kind of voltage level he should, at his new size, be putting out according to the records from the Frankenstein files. What I need to do now is figure out a way to siphon some of the energy off of him, otherwise, he'll be trapped in a state sort of like R.E.M. sleep forever."

The professor began to work on James. There were several arcs that formed between James' wrists, sometimes his ankles. Just a short burst though and no energy transfer occurred anywhere other than from one side of James' body to another. Finally though, an idea came to the professor and with jumper cables and a dead car battery in hand, connected the cables to the battery and then the other two ends of the cables to James' nipples. The battery recharged, then overcharged, and finally exploded, sending acid and bits of casing everywhere. Most of us managed to duck behind something to protect ourselves. John went round the doorway into the hall. Ricky dove in front of the professor protecting him, although he cursed at the fact that all the little acid burns were going to require one or two more burglars he'd have to feed upon to regenerate. Alistair went into ghost mode, which allowed a piece to hit and shatter an antique vase.

James woke up and at first everything was alright, but eventually looking down he began to realize he was now a giant, hulking man, and wondered if he got attacked by a weresinewa. He was almost worse when the professor kind of gave him an abridged version of what had happened to him and what he was. He eventually calmed down though, upon hearing that his father would be arriving this evening.

Alas, one more of us that would now have to have our classes put on hold for "medical" reasons. At least this one wouldn't be so suspicious, James' father always having been his general practitioner, went to the school the next day and made the arrangements for medical leave. Better than having yet one more set of student affairs handled by Dr. Zimbalst.

Until the arrival of James' father, the professor had John open another guest room and put James in it, although they had to jury-rig yet another bed as at eight feet tall, he was almost a foot and half taller than a bed was long. I was only half a foot behind in height and had the same short sheeting and bed problem.

I sat there that night at dinner looking at all of us in the room: Joel, a 6' 4" 260 pound bodybuilder, James was now an 8' tall Olympian and beyond kind of bodybuilder, Ricky was only 6' 1" with a decent swimmer's build, but was as strong as twenty-five men. My gawd....Seeing them in action or in the flesh could get my motor running like nobody's business. It'd make me horny as hell. What's going to happen during the next full moon?
Joel...he could handle it. He's used to being a fairly big man. If he got the curse from me, just before we got the cure, it wouldn't be so bad... at least he'd be a little more even with me.
Ricky was no problem, from what I heard earlier in the day. He's the undead, so I can't take any power from him and he can't adopt the curse.
If being the dead or undead makes one exempt from taking the power, then that would make James exempt now, as he's a reanimated being. He's safe.
Alistair was safe because anytime I would grab him to try and fuck him, if I broke loose in my mad state, he would just turn ghost like and float away.
The professor had magic and talismans to protect him, and Pick, when I'm under the curse, had his curse he could use to protect himself with mental force fields.
This left Thomas and Eric. Thomas would be going away soon, as soon as he knew if the review board passed his doctorate thesis and he passed his ordination exam. But Eric... Eric still had a couple of years to go and nothing to protect him.

After dinner, while most everyone was heading back to their dorm rooms, I called Eric over and asked him to walk with me. It was funny...he looked so small to me now, only coming up to just under my chest. I used to think him a fairly big man as he stood six inches taller than me at six feet even. I've seen him changing; he had a very lithe, thin, but oh so defined body, covered with just a slight dusting of very fine, wispy, blond hair. We took a walk out in the back herb garden.

"This isn't a romantic walk or anything is it?"

"No..." I laughed, "No it isn't, Eric. I don't know if you noticed but..."

"You and Joel..."

"Yeah..." I beamed, "Joel and I. ... ... but we do have a relationship, Eric. " I turned and placed a hand upon his shoulder. "We've been great friends these last few months. You and the entire gang. I've really enjoyed hanging with you all and having fun. But... I'm worried. James blowing up into a hulking hunk, Ricky being a supernaturally strong vampire, Joel just being a regular sized hunk...."

"He's not regular sized..."

I laughed... "No... no, he's not. But the point is They are or have become things that are a major turn on for me. All that strength and power. I'm just worried.... When a full moon comes, if for some reason I'm not in a cell in time and you guys are around me... in that state it's going to seem so...so.... so fucking sexual. I don't know what I could do. The others have ways of being able to protect themselves, get out of there, Thomas may not be here anymore, when, if it happens. But you.... will be.... I just don't want to... I don't want to see you get hurt. I'm not telling you, you have to leave our company, but I want you to be extra careful, ok. I don't want to see you hurt, changed, ... ... it's just really bad chemistry right now and I'm afraid of what'll happen if you fall into the mix."

I looked down at Eric. He seemed to be lost in thought, thinking about what I had to say.


"You will promise me, you'll be careful?"

"Careful?... uhm yeah... right. Hey... I... uhm really need to go. Get back to the dorms, but I understand what you're sayin'. You need to get to your lover, he's waiting at the back door for ya there. See ya."

Eric began to jog around to the front to his car, as I turned and walked to the back door.

"What was that all about?"

"I was expressing my concern for Eric's safety. With everything that's happened. all this..."

"All this new meat popping up?"


He laughed and smiled really big. "I'm just kidding. But that's it isn't it? Everyone blowing up so huge and big, already being big and buff," and he flexed his arms at me, "or being able to show off great strength like Ricky the Flying Rodent. It's a big turn on for you, and you're wondering if it overpowers you, will Eric be safe?"


"Even in the midst of trouble for yourself, you're still worried and caring about others. Now that...." and Joel pulled me close to him, as he was on the top of the back porch steps and I was still on the ground, and gave me a kiss... "is a big turn on for me. C'mon. Let's go to bed and I can hold you as if I'm protecting you, till you fall asleep."

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