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James' father took up in one of the other guest rooms in Dr. Zimbalst's house. He decided was better to stay here and talk and assist James through this change, than trying to transport an eight foot tall, bodybuilder, hulk of a son back to the family residence. They had decided upon a plan of action with the help of Joel, who was rather profecient at Adobe Photoshop. It seems that Jame's hadn't seen his family in person in almost a year, so his father would write to his mother that James was going through a bit of rough patch and wanted to spend some bonding time with dad to ask questions and such, as well as get his medical opinion. James' dad would then, upon arriving home, reasure his mother James was doing fine, but was going through a phenominal late growth sput, being a late bloomer, and just needed some doctor and fatherly advice on the changes he was going through.
To help ensure that mom believed him, they were going to take pictures of James, James and his dad, the gang, James and the gang, and the gang, James and his dad all together, once Jame's had some new clothes. Joel would then go through and adjust these photos so that James wasn't quite as tall or built as he is now. Joel also rigged some photos with an in between James from what he was being sized as now and his original 6' 7" self. Then Jame's would continue to to miss seeing family again for another year till next Christmas and show up with more doctored photos of himself in between the height being listed for him now to his mother, 7' 5", and his 8' tall self newly present at the family get together. Thus to everyone James knows, save the gang, and his father, they would think him simply having grown tremendously over a period of two...two and half years and under the physical training of Joel, over did the bodybuilding a little bit.
This would all seem very plausable as James' father is a very tall man at 6' 11" with a little bit of solidness to his frame. Pictures of his mother shows her to be of a very strong and stocky build, although she still looked very svelte and lady like. James' father told us she was a stunning beauty, a long legged philly, with tremendous spirit, at 6' 2" tall. My thought was, I hope the succubust, which we still couldn't find, doesn't come across her.

Two days after the fight with the electrical creature the professor had to go out and search for a place with some archaic magic. He felt there might be something useful there in our attack on and protection from Ms. Malificant. He was hopping to get some assistance but, this volunteer roster was very slim. I wasn't allowed out of the house for fear of being recognized by any of the men I attacked. James couldn't go out for he could possibly be mistaken as the attacker, and he was still awaiting clothes on order from a tailor, although he was enjoying walking around toga style in bed sheets and showing off his uber bod, much to the dismay of his father. Thomas was off trying to find out if he passed his ordination test and if his doctorate thesis was approved, while Pick, Joel, Ricky, and Alistair all had exams to study and take. It only left Eric free, as he was in the middle of getting his entire set of classes shifted. He was apparently quite gifted and during a midterm practice test, showed he not only knew all of that material, but everything he needed to know for the final exam, plus all of the knowledge for the classes after these. He now had the whole last half of the semester off after testing out of a majority of his classes and then some.

The professor and Eric set off early in the morning in the van, reaching their destination early in the afternoon. It was apparently a treasure trove of magical information, for the professor loaded up the back of his van in its entirty. Although there was so much there, the professor did glance at items as he was stacking and piling them for transfer and about three-quarters of the way through announced they had indeed discovered for what he was looking.

"So, Master Eric...your last name is Van Slyke, correct?"

"Yes, professor."

"I seem to have recalled that surname before. It sounds familiar."

"My dad, professor. He was Brom Van Slyke noted cross country skier and sharp shooter."

"Ah, yes, fantastic athlete he was until that tragic accident involving an avalanche."

"Yeah....his right ankle never healed well and he couldn't ski for great lengths at a time anymore, so the cross country style had to be written off."

"Was quite a shame, as he was up for the Netherlands Olympic team was he not?"


"Now that I look at your face, I can see the resemblance, but I never would have thought you were his son."

"Yeah, I'm a bit short..."

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to imply..."

"No, it's okay. I get it all the time. Almost habit to assume that's what people are talking about. Mom's 5' 11" and Dad's 6' 9" my four brothers are all around 6' 11", and I stopped at 6'. Whenever dad get's interviewed and they wanted to see the whole family, the reporters always used to try to pull me aside telling me 'no, just the immediate family, don't need any cousins.' Dad would get furious, and let them know I was his son and they would not exclude me."

"Well, you're extremely tall in the brains department. A giant in your field possibly. That is at least something. I've heard you wound up testing out of all your subjects for this quarter and their next level classes as well."


"Well that is quite an accomplishment, albeit one that most institutions of learning don't like. What field of study, again?"

"Bio-chemistry, sir."

"Bio-chemistry, fascinating. And, what will you be doing with all your free time, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Oh, I'm studying ahead a little. See if I can test out of more classes, and I've already begun working on my master and doctorate thesis."

"Have you now? Well that is ambitious of you. Still good to get the ground work laid out before hand if one can. Out of curiosity though, how is it you wound up in one of my classes?"

"It was the class on alchemy, the start of modern science. Part of my doctoral work is going to concentrate on some findings that sound more like old lore and alchemy than science."

"Really? extraordinary. What time frame of alchemy?"

"Actually around the turn of the 20th century...professor."


The two men froze in their tracks. They hadn't heard anyone approach. Dr. Zimbalst was looking especially white. They were inside one of the rooms of the ruins they were exploring and this left them trapped and possibly vulnerable.

"I recognize the voice. It's her. It's Malificant." said Dr. Zimbalst to Eric.

"Oh, now just because I got the drop on you doesn't mean you need to be rude. You should exchange some sort of greeting with me to acknowledge my presence."

"Professor...your knowledge is a little more valuable than I am. Is there a way you can get out and get that stuff to the van and get out of here?"

"Yes... but what about you, what if she curses..."

"Then you will have to save me at a later time. We can't risk you being either cursed, taken, or killed."

"I seriously destest waiting. I know you're in there. I know you'll need to get to the saftey of your enchanted van, wherever that may be. I also know there's only two of you in there and the extra young man isn't my weresinewa, the ghost, or the vampire, nor whatever you managed to conjure up to take care of my electrical beast. Must give you credit, between that and finding this ruin, I have seriously underestimated you, Dr. Zimbalst."

Eric nodded his head towards another passage, that was a little steeper, but closer to the van. The professor looked at Eric, who whispered. "Go on and go... I'll keep her busy. I can take care of myself. Just go."

And although worried, the professor took the last of the findings in hand and proceed to exit out a back passage. Meanwhile Eric stepped out what might be considered a front door to the ruin.

"Good Afternoon, Ms. Malificant, is it? How may I be of assistance?"

"Honestly, my boy, you don't seriously think you can put up a fight with me, do you?"

"Well, it does seem to be that most classic of stand offs, doesn't it? Good vs. evil. Even if the odds aren't with me, I must make the effort."

"Nice to see a man of good character. Still, I sense nothing magical about you. This will be easy."

Suddenly there was a ram that came walking up to stand next to Ms. Malinda Malificant, its eyes clearly focused on Eric. She bent down and gave it a pat on the head. "Be a good dear for me, won't you my pet?"

And with that the ram proceed to run and charge at Eric in the hopes of ramming him in the gut with his horns and into part of the ruin wall behind them. But Eric took an odd sort of stance, hands outstretched and as the ram came within reach, Eric grabbed the rams horns, did a full body flip and twist, which picked up the ram and flipped him over, mid twist in air, and landed on the ground on his back with a thud. The ram then changed into a man lying on the ground.

"How did you do that? How did you break the spell?!"

"You really can't believe a simple person could out do you, could you? From everything I've heard you assume far too much that people are merely people without capabilites or possibilites."

"You have to have some magical knowledge. In order to break that spell you have to be powerful or he..."

"He has to be dead. Yes, very sorry about that. Wasn't aware you were sending humans turned into beasts to attack me. But yes, he's dead. My family has a sheep farm. I grew up getting butted from behind, in front, the sides. Most of the time you can train them into acknowledging you as the dominant force, but every once in a while you get one that's stubborn. A good flip on the back puts them in their place. That one though, since I knew you were sending him to kill me, I performed the flip with a slight twist, breaking his neck."

"Then perhaps.... a bull."

Now there strode up a very large bull next to Ms. Malificant.

Eric gave a courteous nod to Malinda. "I see your raise, and I call." and he pulled from what appeared to be nowhere a small vial and held it in his hand. Malinda raised her hands. "Careful now," said Eric, "... this could be a highly volitile compound set to explode, or once hit with your magical energy set to grow into something hideous."

Malinda just smiled and cast a brilliant green ball of energy. It caused a ripple in the air, a feeling of change. Eric just smiled, until a rock came at him and shattered the glass vial he held outstretched.

"That spell neutralized magic in this area. Your little potion does nothing now. The only magic that will work around here are my beasts, who will kill you."

"They will pose little problem to me, Miss." and suddenly Eric waved his hands and had another vial. Swift motion and he had two, then four, then eight, then ten, and probably more located elsewhere.

"How quaint. You think prestidigitation and useless potions are going to protect you from my beasts?"



"They're not potions, deary. They're formulas." and suddenly Eric only had one vial again. "And one is all I need to take care of that creature and you."

Eric popped the cork of the vial he had in his hand and drunk it down in a swift motion. He stood there for a while staring down Malinda and the bull. A few minutes went by, Malinda started to laugh condesendingly, but then suddenly Eric grunted and his brow broke out in a sweat.
Eric doubled over...his voice getting lower and lower and turning into something like a growl. He began to cry in pain and suddenly his right foot exploded thick, huge, and meaty out of his shoe. If I had been there, I could have told you it had ballooned out to sixten and two-thirds inches in lengeth, a damn big foot. Malinda didn't wait to see what was happening next and sent her bull to attack.
But the bull upon reaching Eric received two blows, one from a hand that suddenly grew to match the proportions of his right foot. That the bull took to the face, while suddenly receiving a kick to the side from Eric's left foot and leg, that grew to his immense new proportions. This sent the bull flying a bit and dazed him, but neither took him down nor out. Yet, while the bull was shaking off the blows he received, Eric continue to grow and sprout all over. His left arm blew up like a balloon, popping his shirtsleeve like it was nothing. His right leg joined the size of his left. His chest suddenly just barreled out, threatening to set him off balance an bury his face in the dirt as it grew so vast and large it nearly covered his abs. They soon however joined in the growth as his torso rose higher and higher and a fine wall of bricks developed.
The sound of breaking bone, snapping sinew, and popping ligiments filled the air along with Eirc's screams. His body blew up here and there, swelled mightily over here, then became bulbous over there. Clothes were becoming shredded this way and that. Until finally there stood Eric, seven and half feet tall, weighing around 850 pounds of pure muscle, nearly as big as James had grown a few days before. But Eric's body was covered much more densely in hair. His jaw was much thicker, squarer, and harder, and he had a brow ridge the like of which neanderthal man would be jealous. And just one change left and all would be done....Eric gave a bit of a low howl and suddenly his zipper and crotch area exploded, with a cock coming out nearly as large as his own forearm and a pair of balls so large one could almost bowl with them.
Standing up now, the bull stared down Eric and stamped and pawed its right hoof. Eric just looked at it and laughed. Charging at full speed the bull came at Eric, but now being seven and half feet tall of pure muscle mass, he simply repeated the same motion as he did with the ram and brought the bull down. Once again the animal changed into a man.

"You... just killed him. But you knew he was a man!"

Eric turned and smiled evilly at Ms. Malinda Malificant and giving his cock a squeeze said, "Too bad. But I'm hungry and if I've got to go through all the animals to get to the bitch, so be it."

A look of horror came across Malinda's face. She called out a couple of names and out of all things an elephant and rhinocerous walked up beside her.

"Hmmmmmmm" growled Eric. "You have more playmates. Welcome to Ms. Malinda's Zoo. But I'm the zookeeper and I mean to put them all back in their cages, just as soon as I finish off another eleven so I can say I've had a nice twelve pack for afternoon tea."

And with that he bent down and grabbed the remnants of his clothing. Inside them was a padded pack and he pulled out eleven more vials and uncorked them all. In horror and reflex Ms Malificant raised her hands, but forgetting she had cast a negate magic charm, could do nothing and by the time she realized she needed to grab another rock to throw, Eric had drunk the vials.

Eric howled and roared in pain as he soared up and out and up and out, his feet spreading out longer and thicker, meatier and muscular. His thighs spreading out even further and farther apart. His arms blew up so along with his lats it looked as though his arms stuck straight out and he was going to mimic an airplane. Taller and broader, thicker and hairier, more and more muscular, more and more hung until it looked as though Eric had become a tripod.

Malinda barked orders and the elephant and rhinocerous came charging. Eric stepped out of the way of the rhino, then arched his back with a growl and bent forward smacking the elephant with his giant cock, knocking it senseless and out. He turned to see the rhino coming round again and back handed it two fields over.

Eric turned to face Malinda and called low and creepily. "Come here my pretty.... I may split you in half, but I'll try not to make it too painful as I do so....ha...HA!....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA!"

Malinda screamed and ordered a full on attack from all of her beasts as she turned and ran from the spot. She didn't get nearly as far as she hoped. At now twenty-four feet tall with a body so built he was almost immoveable, Eric was more than a match for all her average sized man-beasts. He simply walked forward and swung himself. If they weren't sent soaring away by his right arm, then they sailed by the left. And if it wasn't an arm that got them, it was his dick which did probably more damage than his hands and arms. If by any chance they managed to escape those, his legs and feet came crushing down upon them, smearing them into useless puddles of jelly in the ground.

Eric finally caught up with Malinda, but she had now run out of the area effect of her negate magic spell and so turned to face her attacker. First she enlarged one of the few beast men she had left, another of the rams. It went to square off with Eric, but he leapt over it in similar fashion as the preceeding ram and bull, and then proceeded to ram his cock up the ram's ass.

"Oh... yeah.... give me a warm up before I get to you. How sweet of you my...My....MY....MYYYYYYYEEEEEEE! AUUUUUUUUUGH!" and he blew a load that sent the giant sheep flying through the air, but not before his cum blast shattered the rams head and then had him shrinking and turning back into a man before he landed. "Whoooooooo!... my pet."

But as Eric turned back towards Melinda, those same silken swirls and heady perfumes began to fill the air and encircle Eric. They pulled him down upon his hands and knees so he could stare face to face into the eyes of Ms. Malificant.

"That's right... I'm your pet. Your sweet loving pet."
"Hmmmm yesss...."
"And you'd do anything for me, wouldn't you, my big, huge, hulking, hung, man..."
"Hmmmmmm anything...."
"Let me hear you say it. Tell me you love me. Tell me you'd do anything for me.....Eric."
... .... ....
"Eric? Who's Eric? There's no Eric here. I'm Magnus Sterkte. Who the fuck is Eric? What are you some kind of two-timing slut!"

And with that Eric, or Magnus, raised his right hand and with his ring finger latched by his thumb, flicked Malinda high into the air and across the field. She continued soaring into the road where she was suddenly stuck by an invisible force and caused to bounce back to the other side of the field. She landed crumpled, probably broken in quite a few places. Some of her more ape like minions hoisted her body onto the back of a horse like one and they all began to run away. As they did so, Magnus began to run after them.

"Come back you beasts! I haven't had any fun with her yet!"

And with each step, Magnus suddenly began to get smaller....

"Come back!"

Twenty feet

"I must have her...."

Sixteen feet

"She's mine to do with as I please...."

Eleven feet

"I have to......."

Seven and half feet

"....uhmmm protect the...the...."

six feet


Crumple.... Eric awoke to the professor lightly smacking the side of his face.

"Are we awake?"


"And is this Master Eric Van Slyke?"

"Yes... "

The two sat there in the grass for a while staring at each other.

"I guess,..... you've seen my secret."

"Indeed... we will need to discuss it. At length. ..... great length.... but later. Can you see the van?"


"Can you make it to it?"


"Good, do so and slip into a cargo blanket. I'm going to sift through your clothing and make sure none of your vials are left behind, broken or not, to be used either as the formula or possibly identify us to this carnage."

Eric went and got dressed in a blanket. The professor came back after removing all traces of them being there, and the two drove back to his house that night.

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