I was a College Weresinewa 11

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It was late in the evening by the time the professor and Eric got back and dinner could be served. We all had a few questions on what the finds were, and several hundred more to ask when we saw Eric getting out of the van completely nude and covered in a blanket. Dr. Zimbalst told us he'd answer all once John had dinner on the table, but until then he needed to have a discussion with Eric, and set us all to unloading the van and taking the objects downstairs into the secret chambers.

Once at the dinner table, after food was passed around and our individual plates filled, the professor asked what question did we want to have answered first? All of us answered we wanted to know what happened to Eric. The professor told us all of the great battle between Eric and Ms. Malificant, but then stated that shortly after it begun, Eric left the party. He then proceeded to tell us all about Eric's transformation, the battle, and that Ms. Malificant was probably hurt very badly, although we have no idea how long she could be down and out, depending upon what healing spells and potions she may or may not know. Eric sat rather timidly in his chair during this story telling, just kind of staring at his plate of food. We knew he could feel all of our stares upon him.

Finally James asked, "So what kind of potion did you give him, Professor?"

"I gave him no potion what-so-ever, Master James."

"Then how did he get a potion?"

"No potion...." whispered Eric. "....formula."

"Formula?" said almost everyone in a questioning tone.

"I believe," said the professor, "the time has come to give your friend a new nickname. It should be Doctor. For he already has shown that much knowledge, although not showing testing of it all yet. But mark my words, Eric here shall be a doctor within a couple of short years.
"However the research he has been studying, although in some ways can be very rewarding, also can have an extremely dangerous side. He may find himself lost to a completely different personality."

"What, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?" said Joel

"Exactly." spoke Eric. "I've managed to piece together the formula, Dr. Jekyll developed, although I've tried to make improvements on it so it didn't alter one's personality. Apparently, my calculations weren't quite correct. I still became another person."

"In this case all the better for you." said the professor. "Ms. Malificant likes to make her attacks personal, so she can make sure the spells, enchantments, curses are deeply rooted and attached to the person, as opposed to performing large area effect spells. Because of this, she tried to hit Eric with a couple of spells, but as Eric was now dormant to a new more alpha dominant personality with a whole new name and set of attitudes, her spells went around him and dissappated into the universe, not able to find their intendid target."

Thomas spoke up. "But if Eric ever decided to use this formula again, although possibly helping us, he could in fact begin to attack us."

"This is true. However, I am adding my medical knowledge to Eric's work and perhaps we can alter Dr. Jekyll's formula correctly. It would be a great boon to us if we could have this alteration with Eric's sound mind intact. Ms. Malificant, although she knows she's dealing with a force comprised of a wizard, a weresinewa, a weregemynd, a vampire, a quazispiritus, she still doesn't know James is an Adam, and not exactly sure what to think of Eric as of yet. A man who turned into a huge, powerful, brute, of a giant, yet had no magical emissions from him what-so-ever.
If we plan an attack, and say put Joel out to run interference, she could become thrown off even more, for she'll logically think to send some kind of spell at him as Eric, which won't work as he's Joel. Then she'll send something at him to reverse his non-natural, body altering changes, which again won't work as his height and build are all natural. Then we send in Eric, after a new dose of a hopefully improved formula, which would confuse her further, and when she goes to hit him as his newly named alternate personality, it won't affect him because the new formula will let him stay in his own right mind."

"Whoa..." said Thomas. "That would severely mess with her head. Things possibly going wrong just on two of us."

"Yes, then if James went on the defensive, she'd try various spells to counteract either Eric's formula or the curse of the weresinewa...."

"Only to have them be non-effective as James is a completely different creature all together. ... Sorry, James, no offense."

"None taken."

"Now add," said the professor, "the fact that she then still has to try and figure out ways of combating the creatures she's aware of, and you're going to have a person who's trying to calculate too many attacking variables all at once."

"So," said Joel. "If we perform some kind of all out assault on her together, she's going to be overcome with confusion on whom to attack first and how."

"Yes... yes, that's quite possible, but we must plan any attack on her carefully, logically, methodically, for we can't assume she will just sit there while she's healing and assume she has enough knowledge, presently, to be able to handle all of us. She might be looking up information on how to attack and defeat us all. Remember, she's had a couple points she believes on which to have underestimated me. She is aware of a quazispiritus and a vampire and those types of entities more than enough information can be found on how to take care of them. She is aware of Eric's 'condition' although she's not sure of what it is. She already knows more than what is needed in order to take care of a weresinewa."

"We need to make sure we know what our strengths are, what her weaknesses are, and if we can pull any more surprises out of a hat, do that to set her further off guard." Said Joel.

At that moment the doorbell rang, which made all of us jump. The professor placed his hand upon an amulet that he was wearing as if preparing for the worst. John approached the door, but then stopped shortly before reaching it and turned to a hidden panel in the wall and looked at a viewing screen.

"There is someone of Egyptian descent and a young delivery man from UPS at the door, sir."

"Ah...I had almost forgotten, Maatdi was coming to visit for the holidays. And I guess my special package I was looking for arrived. Although not the best timing. Let them in."

The gang followed Dr. Zimbalst into the parlor to receive his guest and his package. Maatdi came in first, a very exotic looking man. Jet black hair, eyes so deep brown they nearly looked pitch black as well, very bronze colored skin. He stood about 6' 2" tall with an average but firmly built frame. The delivery guy behind him was around 6' 6" tall, very thin, lanky build but cut and defined with muscles that seemed to move kind of slowly as though they were extremely dense. He had very odd colored hair, blond but slightly dark tinged, yet not with red or brown. I'd almost say olive, but I assumed it must have been the lighting from the foyer and its stained glass light fixture. His eyes though were green. No,... they were teal and surprisingly deep for such light colored eyes.

The professor turned to us. "Gentlemen, this is Dr. Maatdi Merrymen. He is a professor of Egyptian Antiquities at the Cairo Museum in Egypt. He is a good friend of mine, and shares some of my...side interests shall we say. He is visiting me for the holidays. Maatdi, these are some fine young students from the university. Some are guests of mine for a while, the others will be returning to their dormitories this evening. We have a bit of a project that suddenly came up we've been working on, but I'll fill you in on that later. This Dr. Joshua Glenndale, his son James, and the rest of the young Masters are: George Pickles, otherwise known as Pick, Joel Anrach, Thomas Whitcombe, Eric Van Slyke, Ricky Westerna, Alistair Blackmoore, and you already know my right hand, John."

"Pleased to make all of your acquaintances."

"And so as not to be rude, this is, the delivery man, Mr...?"

"Merrill!" shouted all of us college students.

Merrill laughed. "Good evening, Dr. Zimbalst. I'm at the university too, but I'm not signed up for any of your classes till next year. English literature major, specializing in folk lore, Grimm fairy tales, horror stories, and legends. But this evening, I'm here to deliver you a package."

And bending slightly over to retrieve a heavy box from out of a pack, he stood up quickly and turned to present it to the professor, but then suddenly looked a little cross-eyed and began to swoon. I stepped forward to help catch him. Dr. Merrymen caught the package from falling. John made everyone move so I could place him into a chair.

"Good gracious, young man. Are you alright."

"Just a little light headed sir. No classes yesterday or today so I worked a double shift. I should've already been home, but as I was getting ready to leave your package came in and since I would be going by your house and you had a request for it to be delivered immediately to you upon its arrival in Cambridge, I told my boss I'd take it on my way home."

"Is there anything we can do for you?"

"A glass of water would be fine, if it's not too much trouble."

"Not at all...John, if you please."

Most of us all took seats in the parlor, except James and I who would take up two or three seats by ourselves. John came back briskly around the corner, but not calculating mine or James' new foot size. He tripped and fell forward, letting go of the glass. He caught himself as best as he could on the floor. Ricky moved faster than we've ever seen anything and caught the now empty glass before it hit the floor and shattered. But when he became upright and the glass as well, we suddenly saw the water form into a tighter formation, then move as if riding a wave of air current and slosh all right back into the glass.
Ricky stared at the glass in awe and wonder. Everyone else had a quizzical look about them as they shot glances to one another. Dr. Zimbalst looked at one another and then down to the sitting Merrill whose face was beginning to flush red with embarrassment.

"Well, now.... my young man. Let me just say, calmly, and friendly like, the following facts. Number one, we all saw that wonderful water ballet and know that according to the laws of physics that, that, was not possible. Number two, all of us are, let us say original beings, but...Number three, none of us, save myself, have any ability to do what just happened, and I didn't do it. Which would mean, number four, your cover is blown young man, and if you are what I believe you to be, you are in a dangerous position and so to assist you in getting better, you better let us know what you are."

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