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Merrill said he would tell us who he was, if he could have the glass of water. He had a devious and cunning look upon his face as he took the glass, but then his eyes fell upon me and his face softened and he paused.

"Stephen...that's really you?"

I flexed my arms for him, but then assumed a stance I used to take when I was 5' 6". "Yeah, Merrill. It really is me."

"Gentlemen, I think perhaps as a show of faith to garner some trust, let us display ourselves a little." Said the professor, who turned around sent some objects floating in the air.

"If this was a night of a full moon, I'd be able to take those objects and keep them floating mentally with my mind." said Pick.

Alistair then transformed into a ghost, followed by Ricky assuming a little bit of his vampiric form. The professor called up some pictures of James and Eric and their transformations they made. Joel apologized and said all he could do was perform a strip tease as he was just a bodybuilder. Thomas apologized as well stating all he could do was save a soul. Merril smiled at everyone, then breathed a heavy sigh.

"Alright, if you kept all these kind of secrets, I guess you can keep mine. I'm what you would call an Atlantian. The basis for the legends of the merpeople. We live in the seas, vast streams, or great lakes or lochs. We come up here to work and study so we can keep abreast of what you land folk do."

"I thought as much." said the professor. "Alright, so are most of the legends about your race and your weaknesses true?"

"Yes, sir."

"And how long have you been out of water?"

"Almost forty-eight hours, sir."

"Good Gracious! It's almost a wonder you haven't gone comatose. John! Have we emptied the back yard pool yet?"

"Yes, sir. We have."

"Then have we filled the indoor lap pool."

"Yes, sir."

"Merrill, would that be enough water for you?"

"Yes, sir, but I can't go in it in this condition if it has all of the clohrine in it for pools."

"Not to worry, lad, not to worry."

The professor had James carry Merrill into a private workout room that had one of those small individual pools with a powerful jet stream so one could perform laps in a stationary position. He raised his hands, made an encantation, and suddenly all these little particles came up from the water and then formed into a small ball, like one of those clohrine tablets one drops into a pool.
James went to set Merrill into the water, but Merrill had to ask him to stop. Apparently he needed to take off his clothes before he could get in. He apologized to us all for putting on a show, it seems all he wears is the shirt and pants. Underwear adds just an extra layer that makes it hard for Atlantians to breathe through their skin. He swam around a little bit, then told us he'd need to sink and stay at the bottom for a while. If the professor could turn on the jet stream so as to agitate the water, he'd be fine. He then sunk down to the bottom of the pool and sat there in a meditative position.

In the meantime, Dr. Zimbalst had John show Dr. Merrymen to his room, and ushered the boys off to their dormitories, while he went to study some of the artifacts they found, later joined by Dr. Merrymen. Joel having to leave as well, James and I went back to the private workout room and sat and talked, waiting for Merrill to come up. At one point I did mention we should try and say something to Merrill so he wouldn't be surprised at finding us here. James jokingly said, give him a shout from here, as it wasn't going to work any better next to the pool. I couldn't breathe underwater so I couldn't really speak underwater. We laughed and so I did shout out that James and I were sitting here, waiting for Merrill whenever he could come up. Didn't want him to be surprised and didn't want him to feel lonely. We were quite surprised when a couple of minutes later this small bubble arose out of the water, floated to where we were sitting, and after it popped we heard Merrill's voice say "Ok, thank you."

A bit later, when Merrill was ready to come up, James and I were in for quite the shock. We heard turbulance in the water, like the sound of something breaking the top, so we turned and looked; Merril's head had just popped up and out of the water. He greeted us warmly and said he was going to get out now. But James and I just looked at one another. Merrill's neck looked so much thicker than it had been when he arrived.
Suddenly he had his hands out on the sides of the pool to help push himself up and out, and what a pair of meaty hands they were. Thick, muscular, with a set of veins that popped and stood out when he moved. They rose up his forearms, which were pulsing thick with power, muscle, chords, and they ran into and competed for room with his monstrous upper arms so full, so round, biceps peaking and rising, triceps spreading and popping; James and I were beginning to maybe feel small.
As he pushed himself up and out we could see his delts, shoulders, and chest in action, and they didn't have any problem in rising to size and density his fore and upper arms did. I could have sworn he was just a lithe thin build of a man. A tall and lanky guy. But his shoulders were bunching and mounding so high and broad, his lats were flared out so wide and thick, and his chest just kept barreling and barreling out, so broad, thick, hard.....
When he pushed himself out and his legs hit the pool side and he stood up, again we couldn't believe our eyes. Like the rest of him, his legs were impossibly thick and strong, cabled, dense, powerful. He took a couple of steps to dry off and we could tell, he had to kick his legs sideways in order to move forward. It was breathtaking to see.... he was smooth as a baby's bottom all over, beyond the size of any Mr. Olympia, and then some, yet he looked like he was still a month or so out from competition. One could still see his definition, and he was beginning to look cut, but was just a few pounds of....well lack of better term, no pun intendid, water weight, that kept him from being shredded beyond belief. James and I sat there lost in this vision of a man, the water cascading down his muscular body, ebbing and flowing over, in, and out every mound and crevice he had.

"It's my cock, isn't it?" Merrill said.

"What?!?" Responded James and I.

Merrill laughed. "Don't worry, I know you probably weren't looking at that, but usually if a guy sees me...all exposed, they kind of marvel at my member."

Of course James and my eyes instantly shot down to where he mentioned. He was indeed hung very, very well.

"Well, now that you mentioned it, you are....very handsomely equipped."

Merrill laughed again. "Handsomely equipped. Don't think I've ever heard it put that way before, but I like it. Thank you."

He had finished lightly drying off. We noticed he left much of the water on him, and dabbed just a little so he wasn't flinging water all over the place as he walked. He came and sat down in a chair next to us, after draping a few towels over it. James and I were lost in his movement again.

"So I suppose you're wondering why I'm suddenly built like the hulk?"

"The...the thought.. t.. .. had crossed our minds." stammered James.

"My people are kind of built for strength. We have to be. You live on the bottom of the ocean floor with all that pressure of water and depth. After Atlantis fell, our mystics had encased us in a huge air bubble that siphoned off oxygen from the sea and allowed all the carbon dioxide to be released. They could come up with that, but they couldn't come up with a way to get us all safely back up above water again. By the time they did finally figure out a working spell that could save us, it had been so many years of having to venture out beyond the bubble to farm and fish and the like, we evolved. So we wind up developing very thick, powerful, dense muscles in order to move down there so many fathoms below. We are several times stronger than you guys up here. A young male, just out of puberty, is about as strong as a Mr. Olympia. By the time one gets to a Mr. Olympia build, he is about as strong as thirty or so men.
"Of course we have small problem in adapting to land... we're more water based creatures now. We have to have a good long swim in either clean fresh water or salt water at least every thirty-six hours or so. If we don't we can suffer extreme dehydration, which is part of the reason why I looked so lithe to you. I was drying out and my muscles were losing all their water weight. When I get rehydrated completely, I fill back out to what is my normal looking appearance."

"Which," I interupted him. " I must say looks like the equivalent of one of our top if not best Mr. Olympia kind of men, or maybe even the biggest powerlifter."

"Yeah," and Merrill laughed. "I took to weight training something fierce. Most of my people don't like getting that big. Say they're too bulky, not swift enough anymore. But I like it. It gives me a rush...I love the male form... it turns me on. Speaking of which, you two might want to shift your toga and pants. I can tell you like my size, too; ... body or other."

Merrill smiled at us and we both looked away in embarrassment. But it was true, both James and I had massive raging hard ons.

James spoke up..."Oh, to hell with it. Merrill, would you mind showing us a little display of strength. I think I'm around a foot and a half or so taller than you, and it would be so awesome to see someone smaller than me with greater strength."

Merrill smiled. "Sure, not a problem. You two just stay where you are..."

He walked behind our chairs and squated down. Our chairs began to move just a little bit, rocking back and forth, his head and shoulders coming between them.

"Hmmmmm....this is going to be......uuuhffff.....just a little tricky due to size.......ugh.....not weight.... but just keep still...."

After a few moments he said "got it!" and proceed to stand up with us and the chairs, one each, balanced upon one of his hands. He got his hands and arms up above his head and began to slowly do military style presses with us.

"Holy shit!" Screamed James and a small wet spot began to form on his toga.

Merrill let us both down and smiled at the two of us. "You two don't have school tomorrow. I don't have either classes or work. Wanna have some fun and have a workout? After we pound some bars, we can sit in a circle and pound some bars..."

"Not with my lover you don't."

The three of us turned in surprise to find Joel standing in the doorway to the workout room. He approached us, standing between Merrill and myself, his back arched so he could assume his full height as much as possilbe, and stared cold and hard into Merril's eyes.

"Stephen and I are boyfriends, aquaman....keep your fins off of him.”

Merrill turned and looked at Joel, raising himself up to his full height. "You do realize with just my hand alone, I could reach out to pretend I'm copping a feel of your bicep and force it to deflate against a flex and cause it to rip, shred, and tear?"

Joel wasn't backing down. "Then you better start squeezing, cause I'll use any and all of my muscle to toss your scaley ass under the tanning lights."

"Joel, what are you doing. He only just offered and I hadn't said yes. Why aren't you in bed in your dorm room?"

"I double checked my schedule. Professor for my classes tomorrow is off on a personal day; no class. I came back to spend the night with my guy. I had thought that's what we were..."

"Yes..Joel... it is. I very much want that, but I don't want a fight over me either."

"Well, that's what's gonna happen if bait-boy doesn't calm his eel down."

The two stood there for a while until Merrill started to crack a smirk, then a smile, and finally all out laughter.

"ha-haaaaa! I like you Joel. I really do. Hmmmm you could get me going in so many ways. But to put your mind at ease, I was only talking a workout session, and then a circle jerk. Besides...with your build and attitude, I'd actually go more after you. No offense, Stephen. But Since I came in today I could sense his scent on you and yours on him, so in actuality, I was kind of hoping to have a go with James."


"Yeah...huge strapping guy like you, and you look a little green around the gills. Kind of like that."

James' green-ness gave way to red in his face, but he smiled sheepishly. Joel's stance softened quite a bit and then really softened when I came up behind and embraced him. Merril walked over to the weight machines and started studying them, then called out to Joel asking him if he'd care to help put us all through our paces. Joel said sure.
Soon there we were four really big, big men, working our asses off lifting weights. We started out with hundreds of pounds giving Joel a great workout and Merrill, James, and I a good warm up. We moved to thousands of pounds after the machine suddenly grew to accomodate the strength of the three of us. We then stood round and spotted Merrill as he continued on a few pounds beyond James and I. After a couple of hours there we were, all four of us, muscles completely swollen to the max, with veins popping out all over us, striations froming and criss-crossing everywhere, sweat casscading down our bodies. And we'd watch those veins plump up even further with a large pump each time we worked a body part and contracted it in a full lift of weight. Then we'd watch that muscle quiver and maybe even grow just a bit as we held that contraction, that lift, and then slowly extend the muscle back out to starting position. My god we could hardly stand it. All our muscles, so full, so bloated, in motion, contracting, stretching, flexing, bunching, mounding, peaking, pumping, and then in motion as we walked, lifted, sat.
Soon we were all exhausted from our workout, glistening with sweat, but each of us had stripped at this point and were sitting there with full raging hard ons. Eleven and half inches up to eighteen in length between us all. We looked like the set of a porno movie: Muscle Mass Men Gone Wild. We kept talking about the pump we were feeling. How our muscles were so full, swollen, tight, pumped, and strong. How we felt so virile and masculine. So it was no surprise Merril had suggested a circle jerk for soon there we all were, hands on our own cocks, stroking like mad, grunting and moaning like banshees.

Finally one of us popped, but not in the way we figured. Merril just suddenly stands up. "Oh, I can't take this anymore!" and he turns on James and proceeds to go down on him. ALL the way down. James is so surprised by this, he doesn't brace himself for the action. Suddenly his eyes roll up in the back of his head, his head and hands snap back, he sends small end tables and lamps to the floor as he begins to moan and nearly scream very loudly.

"Merrill what are you doing?" I stood up and protested.

"He's doing what he wants to do...like I want to do..."

And suddenly I felt Joel's fingers around my cock and up my hole. I'm standing upon my tiptoes now due to Joel's stroking of my cock and hole. I'm breathing rapidly...I trying to shout out hoarse, dry, moans. Soon my knees, ankles, and legs are buckling. James is bucking his hips like he's riding some wild horse. The two of us are contorting, writhing, flopping, until finally....



James goes limp in his chair. I collapse to the floor.

Merrill turns to Joel and embraces him hand to forearm. "Brothers in strength, showing the giants, just cause they're big, doesn't mean they're strong, right Joel?"

Joel kind of laughed. Merrill pulled him in close and gave him a deep full kiss on the mouth. Joel returned it, but the look on their faces was different than what they gave us. Their exchange was more like a deep, connected family. Like they actually were brothers of muscle, strength, and power, and were acknowledging one another as equals.

After breaking from the kiss, Merrill says, "What say we tidy up the room a little bit so John doesn't have to work so hard and then we take our lovers and get them comfortable."

Joel nodded and the two began to first put up all the weights, tossing and stacking them around like they were handling dinner plates. Then they went and tidied up the overturned end tables and lamps, followed by picking up all the towels, wiping down the benches, chairs, themselves, and us, and then placing them in a laundry bin.
Merrill went over and grabbed another set of towels and placed them near the pool. He then walked over to where James still sat and pull him up into a standing position.

"Come on, handsome. I have a feeling you'd be able to sleep with me where I'm comfortable."

But suddenly one of James hands struck out and grabbed Merrill's cock, rubbing it slowly, smoothly, but hard with his huge, strong hands.

"AWWW GAWD! Such power!" Screamed Merrill. He kept backing up, leading Merril to the edge of the pool, and once there a small bubble appeared and engulfed James' head, while a hand of water rose out of the pool, grabbed a hold of the two of them, and pulled them under.

Meanwhile, Joel looked at me and said, "Where to, lover?"

I smiled at him and mentioned first we need to put James' clothes near the pile of Merrill's, then grab ours so John doesn't have to pick them up. We bundled our clothes in a large bath towel and then carried it up the back servant's stairs into my room, where I lifted Joel up a number of times to get a good pump going on my arms again, and then lay down on my bed, and invited Joel to let me take care of his workout bar.

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