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A couple of nights later, the professor and his friend Dr. Merrymen were staying late at the college after finishing a lecture during an evening class. Dr. Merrymen was sharing some of the information on Egyptian occult lore, it's belief in ancient times, and things people try to call up today. The lecture over, the two professors had retired to Dr. Zimbalst's office and was reviewing a translation of some of the findings from the ruin Dr. Zimbalst and Eric had visited.

Pleased with what they had read, they were about to call it an evening when the glass in the office door suddenly shattered from a powerful force and then a slender feminine hand gracefully opened the door. The two professors took what slight refuge they could behind Dr. Zimbalst's desk.

"So sorry to make a call this late, Dr. Zimbalst, but you have made it necessary to take care of you personally and immediately."

Through the doorway stepped what appeared to be a jackel. It stood staunch and still and then growled at the professor and Dr. Merrymen.

Malificant looked at Dr. Merrymen, "So sorry you'll have to share in his punishment. Nothing personal, as we have no quarrel, but I can't have any extra people telling folks what I can do. Anubus, attack."

Dr. Merrymen stepped forward and glared down at the jackel. He muttered something in a language I wouldn't have understood had I been there, but whatever it was, it was understood by the Jackel. He suddenly assumed a sitting position, then turned back into a human being. Malificant was so shocked, she neither moved nor said anything when the gentleman looked around, got up and ran away.

"You may have forgotten, Malinda, but you and I most certainly have a quarrel. And seriously, Anubus? You couldn't come up with something less of a cliche for a name than that?"

Before Dr. Merrymen could do anything, Dr. Zimbalst raised his hands and caused the shards of broken glass to rise up and swirl into a great line of shrapnel heading straight for Malificant's chest. She came to in time to raise her hand, forming some kind of bubble that turned the glass into fine powdery dust.

"I am far older than you know, Dr. Zimbalst. You pathetic attempts at magic aren't going to keep me at bay for OH!"

The glass dust Ms. Malificant had created rose up now and began to swirl around her in a tightening, tornado like fashion, at such speeds it began to cut into and strip her skin nearly as bad as the shards of glass would have. She turned and looked at Dr. Merrymen, who was standing there smiling, with the simplest of hand gestures, controlling the sand. Malinda turned and shot a spell out towards Dr. Zimbalst, causing him to rise up forcibly into the air and smack hard into a wall. Dr. Merrymen's focus turned towards his friend and he uttered some kind of incantation to create an air bubble to break Dr. Zimbalst's fall; he was out cold.

Before Dr. Merrymen could refocus upon Malinda, she reached into a fold of her coat and pulled out a pyramid shapped object with the figure of man on it, on top of a cane. "So he's called upon someone who knows ancient Egyptian magic. No worries. No Egyptian magic is more powerful than the Rod of Min!"

She said something and a blast shot out of the small pyramid, striking Dr. Merrymen in his chest. It didn't quite have the desired effect though. Dr. Merrymen took a step back and it appeared as though he lost all of his life. His skin began to get slightly wrinkled and tight, his hair began to look old, dry, brittle, slightly matted, his nails yellowed, and his eyes and cheeks sunken in. He clothes began to look old and drab, almost colorless, and then they began to spread out all over his body and took on the form of bandages. He began to look like a mummy.

But just as quickly as Dr. Merrymen began to look like a dried, decaying corpse, he suddenly began to fill out again. The wrappings on him began to get more and more filled out, began to constrict tighter and tighter. His head started to look as if it were sitting on a pedestal made from a granite column. His shoulders began to broaden, while his chest rose and mounded up into a barrel. His back joined the shoulders and began to create the upside-down tree shape, while his lats devloped wide and thick, pushing his arms out further and further to the side.

And those arms....from the hand it looked like someone had wrapped a large turkey leg in with the forearms with the wrappings, and a canon ball with the upper arms. Who knows how to describe what was wrapped with this thighs, as they just kept ballooning out more and more, above the two hearts that had been wrapped with his calves.

Malinda began to look at the little talisman in wonder and confusion, especially when it seemed to lose power. She was starting to shake it as if that might help it recharge and was going to blast Dr. Merrymen again when the outside window to the office suddenly shattered and in jumped Ricky in full vampiric transformation.

Hissing with fangs bared, Ricky made a lunge for the malign magician, Malinda, but she prooved to quick and ready for him. Suddenly, there floated into the room a series of water balloons and stakes which surrounded Ricky.

"Oh no, we're not having you mess things up, deary. I'm ready for you this time my 'vlittle vlad.' Make even one slightest move and I'll send those stakes into you and then dowse you with holy water. That'll take care of you."

Ricky's and Malinda's attention were drawn for a slight moment by moans coming from Dr. Zimbalst. Unfortunate for Ricky, his instinct was to run to the professor's side to see how he was. His first flinch and zip! A stake went right through his heart and pinned him into the wall. Malinda laughed joyously as the balloons began to pop over Ricky's head. Only problem was, the water wasn't raining down upon Ricky. It stayed hovering in a pool like formation up on top, and then began to form into a large ball of water.

"Special delivery from United Postal of You're an Obnoxious Underhanded Slut. In other words, UP YOURS!"

Merrill had walked in from the hallway, seen what was going on, and formed the holy water into a ball which he now positioned so it engulfed Malinda's head. While she was thrashing about the office trying to get some air, or cast a spell to help her, Merrill walked over to Ricky, who was pinned very still and dead looking, and pulled the stake out of him and the wall.

"Ya know, I keep hearing you underestimate people. Could be you just don't look up information correctly. Once a stake is removed, a vampire comes back to life. To completely kill one, you have to drive a stake through its heart, then cut off its head and stuff the mouth full of wolve's bane and sew it shut. Anyone studying lore knows that. Some enchantress you are."

As if to try and answer Merrill, Malinda's arms and hands shot up as if to cast a spell, but they were stopped by floating ribbons which curled around her arms. But these weren't ribbons, and they definitely weren't the ones usually seen cascading off of Malinda when she was trying to ensnare a man. These were wrappings, mummification wrappings and they were coming from Dr. Merrymen.

While she took care of Ricky, Ms. Malificant hadn't noticed the finishing transformation the power of the Rod of Min had upon Dr. Merrymen. Standing just a titch taller now, perhaps around 6' 4", this professor now still solid as a rock, build like an Olympian God, if it wouldn't be too insulting to say that of an Egyptian. He was no longer in wrappings but in the dress of an Egyptian pharoah: crown, beaded collar, golden arm and wrist bands, sheer leg wrap with loin cloth hangings embroidered with golden thread, fine sandals filled out with very fine, masculine feet. His body radiated with strength and power, golden colored, veins criss-crossing every which way like branches feed by the Nile over his smooth skin. That skin covered muscles with more valleys and rises than valley of the kings and the dunes of the dessert, so swollen, so defined, and so cut. He was a bronze god of a man.

The wrappings were comming off of him as if from his body, and they wrapped their way round and round the body of Ms. Malificant. The first strands grabbed her arms and pinned them down to her sides. They then wrapped around her body and began to wrap tighter and tighter. One could see her eyes bug out a little every few minutes within the globe of water encompassing her head.

"The power of Min won't work for you now, Malinda. That is because it is mine. MINE! I am the one who created that rod, to hold the power given and entrusted to me by the god Min himself! I am Maatdisheps, otherwise known as, the PharoahTutanhkmerymin, and my reign shall once again be known and remembered! As Master Urkhien's water stops you from being able to breathe, I shall make it worse by squeezing your body so you can't hold your breath!"

But as the wrappings encircled tighter, there suddenly came a few animals through the door. A cat with an ahnk collar came up to Dr. Merrymen and scratched his leg hard and deep. His concentration on his wrappings and Malinda were lost. A couple of large bats flew in to attack the body of Dr. Zimbalst; they were stopped by Ricky. Then suddenly the dust or sand created by the glass began to swirl again, but a heat radiated off of it, surrounded its swirl, which traveled over to Merrill. Merrill began to feel as though every bit of water was drying up from inside of him and his concentration broke, causing the bubble of water to break, soaking Ms. Malificant.

Malinda staggered back into the hallway. "Odd bodkins, what kind of menagerie do you have, Zimbalst?"

"Obviously not a glass one, m'lady, as we keep taking it on the chin and coming back."

Dr. Zimbalst was awake. Ricky was commanding the two bats to fly out the window, as he dodged the start of Dr. Zimbalst's attack on Malinda. Magically the professor caused the stakes to fly back at her in the hallway, while Merrill caused the water to reform and engulf the cat attacking Dr. Merrymen and send it roaring in a wave out the window. In turn Dr. Merrymen began to send the tendrils of his wrapping out the door towards Malinda, but not before one tendril had snatched the anhk off of the cat's collar and began to use its power as well.

Malinda with a disgusted look on her face, flooded the hallway with a dark fog. Dr. Merrymen, Merrill, and Ricky began to dart into the hallway to try and locate her, but Dr. Zimbalst stopped them.

"Hold your attack gentlemen. Do not let your anger, revenge, or ambitions for snuffing out evil cloud your senses and therefore your judgement. She's not stupid, but crafty. She's flooded the hall with myrr incense. The heat will cause you to dehydrate, Merrill, and myrr will send you into a catatonic death like stupor exposed to that much of it, Maatdi."

"Well, it wouldn't effect me."

"True, Ricky, very true, but she could have all those stakes ready to strike you, along with something to cleave your head. Best wait for it to clear up"

And with a wave of his hands, he cause the door to shut and the glass in its window be replaced, including the lettering. He also asked everyone to step out of the office via the outside window, which he then magically replaced. He bade Ricky and Merrill to stay at his place for the night.

"She may try an individual attack on you two. Perhaps if more of us stick together under one roof, she won't be so bold. However, her attacking, on campus, .... she's getting desparate, gentlemen, and I'm afraid, so may we...."

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