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Many more talismans, spells, counter-jinxes and other items were placed around the professor's house that night by him and Dr. Merrymen. Of course, the next night over dinner, the slightly taller and much buffer Dr. Merrymen began to explain to us who and what he was. He was a living mummy of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

"But you will have never heard of me." explained Dr. Merrymen. "All those centuries ago, when I rose to power upon the death of my father, Malinda, who went by a different name back then, came calling to be a suitor for my bride. She accepted position and entry into my household, but didn't understand exactly what her position was. I was, well still am, homosexual. She was up for consideration to be my number one bearer, but not my number one wife. I was going to take a husband who would rule Egypt with me. He would receive any honor and power due the spouse of a pharaoh, but not her and this did not sit well with her at all.

"Truth be told, I am somewhat the start for her rise to power. My reign had several oddities to it per Egyptian law and faith: #1 I took my name and honored the God, Min: god of fertility, not Amen, like many pharaohs did. #2 I was openly homosexual and I made sure by laws while I was alive there was to be no rejection of this lifestyle. It was to be considered as normal as heterosexuality. But I knew, I would have those who would constantly fight me on this and so I sought protection from the God Min, who helped teach me the ways of the priests and the magic of ancient Egypt, and gave me the powerful magical object, the Rod of Min. It was with this, if I needed it against a very stubborn and vocal enemy, I would bind them and banish them to other areas of the world.

"Now, Malinda was practiced in the ways of the magic herself, although not anywhere near as powerful as I was, or even any of my priests, for that matter. However, she prayed, and to other gods she cited being snubbed, being refused what should be her right as a wife to a pharaoh, even though she had signed a contract stating all. Those gods showed her the way to my private ritual chambers, and there she took control of the Rod of Min, then snuck into my bedroom and murdered me at the tender age of twenty-two. She then had me wrapped unceremoniously, buried in an unmarked sarcophagus and tomb, leaving me to rot and be forgotten, denied my right to ascension as a Pharaoh of Egypt into the pantheon.

"The story didn't end the way she wanted it. She had planned on having her first born son declared Pharaoh, and ruling as regent until he became of age. However, in her lust to kill me, she completely forgot about my husband. He gathered all my kai, the jars that held my organs, my regal robes and collars, and brought them to my burial site. He spent many months carving the cartouche upon my chamber walls and sarcophagus. It gave me enough power to become an undead mummy, but because of the rites not being done by priests, still denied me access to ascension to the pantheon. I came back to haunt and roam the streets and the palace, leaving clues here and there, and finally, enough terror had been had and the priests and council called for action. Malinda tried to ignore it, but my son was not ignorant and was wiser than his age. He put the pieces together himself, traveled to where my tomb was, found my husband, and placed Malinda on trial.

"Malinda, of course tried to turn on her own son, but the priests now knowing what kind of person she was, were ready for her, and even with the Rod of Min, she was still no match for them. She was banished from all of Egypt, but not before she managed to call up a curse causing all in the city to forget who I was, my reign, the location of my tomb, and cause a sand storm to bury it. That same storm with its hot, arid winds killed most of the followers around my tomb, and caused my husband to dry out. The last of my followers created his resting place, although we couldn't risk seeking priests to create it, thus he too is denied his rights as number one spouse of a pharaoh.

"She used the Rod of Min to learn, take, and gain more and more magical abilities, and has thus been using this power to live an extremely long life. But the good news is, she attacked me with the Rod of Min, and it recognized its true owner. It transferred all its power directly into me, so she will be down one source of power now."

"Not only that," stated Dr. Zimbalst. "But we also know one of the ways to protect ourselves from Ms. Malificant. .... mole. It appears many of her powers have the same weakness as the sorceress, Circe. Which stands to reason as she seems to enjoy using similar spells upon men as Circe did."

"We've also discovered something else that might help us." said Dr. Merrymen. "It's a stationary sigil. If we can draw, carve, paint, in some way or fashion this, somewhere where she will walk into it, we can keep her trapped in an area and hopefully deal with her there. If we had a way of doing this on her property that would be grand. Its boundaries are a large stream, graveyard, and a grove of trees. Ideal for many of us and our powers with which to draw upon. But we need to have a plan and have it soon. Today is the first day of a full moon cycle and we have no idea what Malificant may be planning."

Thomas received a phone call and went off into another room to take it, while the rest of us tried to figure out what we should do. The matter was made even worse that night. I was in my cell in the catacombs, thrashing about, begging for some man to screw, while Joel kept guard over me to ensure I didn't break out. Everyone else was having a calm dinner but the news came on stating that a peculiar thing happened in the world of sports similar to the fashion show several weeks ago. There was a local bodybuilding contest going on and many of the participants were attacked and apparently kidnapped. In their place in the locker room were approximately two and half dozen diminutive, skinny men in posers clearly too big for their frames or their packages.

"Good lord," said James.

"Indeed, Master Glenndale. The strength and power taken from thirty men."

Pick called out from the study, "And according to their website, it appears they had quite a few in the tall and extra tall class. Tall class going from 5' 10" to 6' 2" and extra tall class being 6' 3" plus. In fact there are ten of them in the extra tall class. And the best piecing together I can do from police files and news reports, her wersinewa, a vagabond named Reily Smith, no family, nor friends or coworkers, originally started out at around 5' 2"."

"Good knight....that means amongst just the regularly tall set he could gain a foot off of each man! He's already around ten to twelve feet tall. Even when he shrinks come the morning, he could still be well around twenty five feet tall."

The dining room became a ruckus of discussion over what the plan of action needed to be and how we were going to be prepared for attack from a twenty five foot tall, bodybuilding giant. However, Pick excused himself to use the facilities, but instead went out the back door. He received a mental call from Thomas, who met him out back.

"I need you to come with me tomorrow."

"Alright, where are we going?"

"Ms. Malificant's house."


"The phone call I received earlier, it was from my part time job. An emergency call was made to our company from a woman who needed desperate work on her gardens and yard before winter completely sets in. It's located just outside of Great Wilbraham."

"Malificant's place?"

"The address matches. She's paying big, big bucks to have this done, apparently roses over grown, shrubs needing cutting, some mowing and tons of raking."

"So why should I go with you? What are you planning? If she sees my face, I'll be trapped for sure."

"No, listen. That sigil, needs to be drawn out by a holy man. She obviously won't let either the professor or Dr. Merrymen onto her property, but she's not met me yet. She has no idea what I've studied or planned. The last review of my Doctorate thesis and the grading of my ordination tests were supposed to be done earlier this week. Signed off on no later than today and dropped off by inter school post tomorrow. It's a bit of a gamble, but I feel good enough to take the risk in thinking I've passed both."

"And if you have, you'll be ordained, thus a holy man, and can cut the circle into her yard somewhere!"

"Right. But I will need something to help hide what I'm doing from my coworkers, Ms. Malificant, and her minions. Since it's the full moon cycle, do you think you can do that?"

"I can try my damnedest. But, how will I get in?"

"The boss is sending the entire fleet out tomorrow. I usually drive one of the equipment trucks. I can hide you in there, let you off somewhere on the grounds where you won't be seen and you can start mentally broadcasting whatever picture needs to be done. It's a long shot, but with a new twenty-five foot tall menace, any ace we can stuff up our sleeve is a good idea."

"Agreed. I'll meet you tomorrow morning then."

The next morning while the Professor and Joel tended to me, Thomas and Pick went with the landscaping company to Ms. Malificant's house. Just before driving onto the property, Pick began with the mental mind control, reaching out to any every mind he could feel that was under the control of Malinda. None of the landscape personnel noticed him coming out of the truck, nor did any of Malinda's guards notice him sitting amongst the courtyard of statuary.
They also didn't notice that Thomas was off in the backyard mowing the grass and cutting the patterns of the circle into the yard, nor outlining the circle with quartz crystals he was dropping down his pants leg, from his pockets, and smooshing them into the ground with his feet as he walked. By the time he got through retracing the circle with chalk, the rest of the crew was done with their tasks in the yard and were packing up the truck. Thomas moved to take his equipment back to the truck when he ran into Malinda.

"Good afternoon."

"Uh...hello, ma'am."

"My, such a polite young man, and a diligent worker. I've been watching you for a while."

"Oh, really... just doing my job."

"Modest too. I could use a man like you around my house."

The silk tendrils began to come off of Malinda and wrap around Thomas. He wasn't sure what to do, but he noticed she hadn't asked him anything about what he was doing, as if something were suspicious, so he began to act in a dreamy state and play along.

"I could make it worth your while you know..."
"Make it worth my while..."
"Yes.... give you riches, power, strength, become a real man's man...."
"Man's man...hmmmm"
"And you could be my lover..."
"Does that sound good to you?"

Pick could see what was going on, and tried hard not to break his concentration, hoping Thomas could somehow manage to take care of himself.

"Your friend there looks like he's being ensnared by the witch...."

Pick just barely moved his eyes to look down in front of him. There stood a man about a foot and an half tall.

"How is it you can see me? I put out a mental suggestion to Malinda and all her minions."

"Ah, well, I'm no longer one of her minions. I broke free a few weeks ago. Although I'm paying the price."

"Could you do me one more favor?" Pick and the miniature man heard Malinda say to Thomas. "Sweep up that pile of broken stone for me please."


"Yes, that statue right there. The one sitting down. I no longer like the look of it and am going to get rid of it."

Pick's eyes widened in terror, but the diminutive man told him to stay calm.

"Just keep concentrating on whatever it is your doing and trust me. I'll get you..."

Suddenly something like a whirlwind picked up Pick and sent him flying towards the outer edge of the property near the front gate. In his mind he sent out a picture to Malinda that the statue had hit the ground and broke into many pieces. What actually happened however was that the diminutive guy had managed to run across the yard and actually catch Pick effortlessly.

"How did you do that?"

"I'm actually very strong. I was once a fairly famous power lifter. Malinda enticed and entrapped me, but I broke free from her magical grasp about three weeks ago or so. Hard to keep track of time when I have to keep out of sight. She sent a spell on me as I ran away to make me smaller and smaller the more I interfered with her plans, but there was one small backfire. Apparently magic must be spoken and dealt with very specifically. Although anytime I ruined a plan of her's I got smaller, I've kept all the strength of my 5' 9" power lifter self."

"That's amazing. Perhaps you can help my friends and I tonight?"

"Who are your friends and what are you planning to do?"

Pick told the man who he was and all about his friends. He wasn't sure what the plan of attack was going to be exactly, but did mention what Thomas just created in the yard. Thomas meanwhile, had just managed to come over to where Pick and the man was and began to make a motion of sweeping rubble into a cart and load it onto the truck.

"Your friend is acting things out. He's not under the spell."

"Nope...as a precaution I wore an amulet of mole around my neck today. I'm Thomas, by the way."

"Smart man you are, Thomas. I'm Roger. Roger Vidame."

Pick began to broadcast to the landscape people that they couldn't see Roger, as they began to load up the equipment truck with all their belonging. Thomas was the last one as he made sure Pick snuck into the truck and then closed and locked the door.

"Turn and give Malinda a slight bow." said Roger. "That's what anyone under her spell who is leaving and will return does."

Thomas did so and then climbed into the driver's side of the truck, away from the side of the house. Roger hopped up on the running board and did flips and gymnastics upon the mirror bars till he sat upon one near the driver's window.

"As I've told your friend, I'll help you guys out. Make your way by the side door tonight and I'll let you into the house when you come. Any chance to help take this bitch out, I'm willing to support. uh...uhhhhhhhhh"

And Thomas saw before his very eyes the man shrink by half a foot, now standing only around a foot tall and looking like one of those wrestling action figures.

"Roger, are you ok?"

"Yes...it's because I decided to help you...it's her curse upon me. The more I help and plot against her, the more and more I shrink. But don't worry about me. Drive off in a dreamy like state and follow your coworkers back to work. I'll see you here tonight."

Pick and Thomas came back to Dr. Zimbalst's house and let them know what they had done. The professor was at first furious with them, but finally decided , if it gave them an edge in the battle tonight, it may have been worth it. But Thomas and Pick, as well as the rest of the gang were wondering who all the guests were that were arriving at the Professor's house.

"Did you have a faculty party you forgot to cancel tonight, professor?"

But the question was answered as the guests began to take off their coats or stand up from handing them to John. There were about thirty to thirty five men many of whom stood well over six feet six inches tall or taller and the others were extremely well built and buff whether they liked it or not.

"Professor, what are you doing?" queried Joel.

"I'm sorry, Master Anrach. It wasn't my idea, but Stephen's suggestion, and we are as I mentioned a couple of nights ago, desperate. I've tried to talk Stephen out of it, but he said he would rather sacrifice a normal life to help get rid of a threat of evil than have all of us get destroyed and the curses continue on."

"No.... NO! You can't do this..."

"We have to Joel. We have no choice. Not much else is going to be able to take care of a twenty-five foot tall weresinewa other than something similar. James, Merrill, put him into the van. Gentlemen, please follow Dr. Merrymen to the awaiting bus outside. Alistair, drift down to the cell. You know what to do. ..."

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