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James & Merrill grabbed Joel and proceeded to drag him to the professor's van. Despite James' size and strength plus Merrill's great strength, it was surprisingly a difficult task to complete. Even then, once there, Joel let out a scream of, "no!", and managed to throw Merrill off, although James still had one hand around an arm of Joel's.

"Thomas, Joel's love for Stephen is proving to be a bit of difficult magic. I'm afraid we can't keep you a surprise, or we may lose all."

"Professor? Couldn't Eric take his formula now and..."

"No! Eric's formula, even with our modifications on it, still burns away with use after consumption. If he takes it now, we won't have his help by the time we reach Malificant's manor. Use the gift I gave you and help keep Joel in check."

Thomas grabbed a backpack from the front seat of the van. Placing his hand in it, he began to pull out what appeared to be a detached pony tail. He then began to unwind it a little bit so that it became long strands of hair on a ribbon. He then took the strand and tied it around his head, thus giving himself the appearance of wearing a bad costume hair piece to give him long, long locks but didn't match his own hair color.

Joel, sneered and while struggling with James and Merrill, commented in anger, "What, magical hair extensions going to turn you into a miracle worker of a preacher?"

"Something like that." and Thomas stood up straight and tall and shouted, "I call upon the strength of the Lord!"

Suddenly the hair seemed to come alive. The top parts sewn onto the band began to grow upwards, winding into and becoming part of Thomas' own hair. Once completed, the ribbon began to vanish and the added locks began to change into the color of Thomas' own hair. Once that was done, the front part of his hair grew out a bit, giving him a shaggy profile no one was ever used to seeing on Thomas.

But then, something else began to happen that no one else was used to seeing on Thomas either. The man of very average build and height began to fill out...began to grow.... He began to moan and pant, while sweat broke out across his forehead. Pops and rips started coming from all over his body: His shoes stretched and popped, ripped and snapped, as his feet grew out of them with thick, long toes, high muscularity, veiny with calluses as if he had been walking barefoot for years. His back began to broaden out more and more, while his lats pushed further and further out, his shoulders became vast and wide as well, causing his shirt to split down the back in full.

In response to his back broadening, his chest began to balloon up and out, barreling more and more until it threatened to push Thomas' chin and head upward. Like the shoulders and lats did to the back, his chest caused the shirt to split open down the front, sending out shrapnel of buttons every few minutes as the mounding pecs popped one more button off the front.

His calves and thighs had been bunching and throbbing, growing and inflating as well, splitting the hems of the pants, popping the seams wide open. The splits ran all the way from what was left of the hem almost completely up to the waist band, leaving very little to cover the private parts of Thomas. But then who would notice them, as they were surrounded by thighs that looked nearly as big around, each, as Thomas' now herculean chest. Just below were calves so pumped, so full, they were beyond the heart shape. They were rock hard diamonds, giant diamonds, that threatened to compete for the exact same size as Thomas' thighs.

All eyes were then drawn back up to towards the torso. The sleeves which were just barely hanging on via the slightly larger sized delts and the wrist cuffs, were now beginning to inflate, stretch, form fit, become skin tight, become painted on Thomas' arms, until in one split second - RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP - There came the tear that shattered the sleeves into oblivion. Thomas' forearms had blown up into ham hocks. His upper arms had grown from baseball to softball to football to basketball to bowling ball to medicine ball size, with veins rising to the top writhing and pulsing like a sack full of snakes. While his hands grew thick and meaty, paw like, as if they had been handling, lifting, tossing, vast amounts of weight for years while Thomas was growing up.

With one last scream of change, Thomas' head rose higher and higher upon a lengthening neck that grew into a meaty, solid, marble like column that appeared to push his traps and delts even further out. There, were once stood the fairly quiet, 5' 10" tall, average build of a man with mousy brown hair and hazel eyes, was now a 6' 6" tall mountain of muscle mass the like no one had ever seen on a human form even in a Mr. Olympia competition. His hair was now a vibrant chestnut brown with slightly golden highlights. His eyes were almost green with a golden glow. His body was dark in complexion like the people of the middle east, with hair on his arms, legs, slight dusting on his feet, and a sprinkling of hair that went from top to bottom of the center cut line of his chest and abdominals and lightly across the middle of his chest, just hitting his nipples, so one almost swore the hair pattern created a cross.

During this growth phase, Joel had managed to deck Merrill and deck him but hard and good. Merrill was seeing stars and nearly dropped down and out. Joel then managed to do some twisting and get James flipped over and thus release him from his grasp. He then began to run towards the professor's house, but in a speed so quick he appeared to have teleported, Thomas was there in front of Joel.

My pals, the men boarding the bus, and Dr. Merrymen, thought it was going to be a bit of a brawl. It looked like a fairly even match: Joel at 6' 4" coming into the size of a professional bodybuilder versus Thomas who only had an advantage of two more inches in height and maybe sixty pounds of muscular build. But this wasn't just any muscle, this was muscle imbued with the power of the Lord coming through. While dodging a punch from Joel, Thomas grabbed Joel's wrist and spoke.

"The professor told you to get in the van...van...van...an...an...an...n... n...n..." His voice, although very deep, low, and clam, echoed with an ethereal power and carried across the whole estate of the professor. Thomas with his hand on Joel's wrist, one handedly, jerked Joel back and flung him to and through the van side door. Joel in surprise, sat stunned upon an edge of one of the seats, but started to stand up to get his bearings.

"And stay there....there... there...ere....ere... re... re... re..." And with that he gave what he thought was a slight pat to Joel's chest, which sent Joel scooting across the seat, hitting the van wall, and then wincing in pain. The guys heard a small snap. It was guessed, the small pat had broken one of Joel's ribs.

Looking up as if he might pass out, Joel, through ragged breathing, questioned, "What the holy shit is that?"

"Not shit, Master Anrach, but yes, holy... I knew we would need as much power as we could garner. What Thomas is wearing, or is now a part of him, was the special package that Master Urkhien delivered the other night. They are the lost Strands of Sampson; the hair that was cut off of him by Delilah. He has the build of a supreme Olympian bodybuilder, but the strength is about ten times more. I believe Joel has come to an accord with us, if not to his senses, Thomas. Go ahead and take your seat up front. Dr. Merrymen, we leave!"

With that, the professor got into his van and drove off, while Dr. Merrymen made sure everyone, but one man, was loaded on the bus. The man stood in the driveway as the bus pulled off and stopped at the front gate entrance and idled.

Meanwhile, Alistair had assumed his ghostly form and floated down into the catacomb chambers. For a moment he assumed his human form and picked up the keys to my cell. I had already outgrown the shackles, so they wouldn't hold me and keep me still so Alistair could unlock the cell. I ran at the door and reached through the bars as best I could to grab a hold of him and make him mine. But Alistair kept his distance and I could neither reach him, nor break through my prison cell bars.

We stood there in a stalemate for a while until suddenly there was a swirl of sand in my cell and there stood Dr. Merrymen who began to sing to the tune of "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts":

"Oh, I've gotta a lovely fine ass, here. See it above my mounding thiiiiighs..."

I turned for a split second towards Dr. Merrymen, who disappeared in a swirl of sand, so I turned immediately back to Alistair at the cell door. He was right there and had just got the key into the lock, but needed to turn ghostly immediately upon my approach. He floated away and I smiled at him in glee; I could ignore Dr. Merrymen if he reappeared and grab Alistair.

But my mind, crazed under the weresinewa curse, forgot that as a ghost, Alistair did have some slight telekinetic abilities, able to only move small objects. A key is a small object. Alistair floated away and with his mind managed to turn the key in the cell door lock and thus I was free. I rushed him, even though I knew I couldn't grab him, but it did frighten him a bit.
Laughing I made my way up the stairs, and caught the scent of John. Bah....old, puny, tiny man....but still a man... I could glean something off of him. I burst into his private quarters on the third floor of the house. I saw him looking at me through a porch doorway. Letting out a yelp of fright, he took a sword and made two striking blows. Suddenly up he went floating away.

"No matter, " I thought. "I'll run out to the porch and with my new height and strength jump from it and catch him."

So I ran through the porch doorway, only to fall down to the ground, first floor level. While lying flat on my back, looking up at the sky, I could see John floating away, being carried by a hot air balloon, the basket of which was his third floor room's balcony deck.

"Working for a mad wizard all these years, one learns to plan a few magical escapes of one's own. I believe they left a...what do you call it? Fine piece of derriere? Out front in the drive way. Have a nice romp, Master Werdun."

I was giving thought as to what I could rip off the house to throw and puncture the balloon with, when there came a cry from behind me.

"Oh! ....Help!..... it's a huge...gigantic...man... .... ... No.... it's a ....weresinaway...werescentatbay....weresine...wa. ..yeah. A weresinewa, come to rape me..."

He turned and ran as wistfully as he could towards the front yard. Somehow, I knew this had to be a trap. The man was acting so badly. But I couldn't really sense any trap, all I could sense was this man was about 6' 8" tall with a build the size of an American footballer. I was instantly hard sensing him and ran out front to get him.

And get him I did. I was going mad, blind, under the lust building up inside of me and I ripped his pants off of him, ripped the front of mine open, and I plowed into his ass, feeling it so tight. And that sensation returned...I could feel it traveling up my cock, across my balls, over my abs and spreading out throughout my body. I grew.....I Swelled!.....I ROSE!......I INFLATED WITH POWER!

But suddenly there was a bit of a blue flashing light and the man just shot right off my cock. Glancing to see where he landed, I ran to try and get to him, only to bounce off from his position and land across the driveway. He stood there incased in a small bluish globe of light and stared at me.

I screamed aloud as I knew I couldn't get to him. I was being denied. But then there was the blast of a car horn and I turned and looked down the driveway towards the front entrance gates. There was a bus... I breathed deeply and smelled through my nose.... a bus full of freakishly tall and built men! I suddenly opened my eyes, hearing the sound of the bus pulling away from the estate. I ran and took chase.

It was a number of blocks beyond the estate before I could catch up with the bus. Running, panting hard, I grabbed a back corner and shattering a window, held on as tight as I could so I could stop this bus and have my way with all these men.

"Oh no!.... a mad...huge...hairy beast.... has grabbed a hold of our bus.... I feel I should faint!"

The man didn't faint; he simply walked off the bus. I thought about ignoring him, but how could I? He was 7' 2"! He would give me height. Much height, yessssssss.....

I jumped off the bus and grabbed a hold of the man. Again in one motion I ripped his pants down and plowed into his ass. Oooooh the feeling, coursing through me again. My vision rose...higher...higher... My cock increased in length, my balls filled out more. I became slightly more muscular.... Then the blue flash happened again and once more I couldn't have my prize. I turned to sense other men in the area...in this city....only to be overcome by a gathering of many men...many tall men...many built men.....many hung men.... ... ... it was the bus still.

Playing fox and hound, I chased the bus down and hopped off after a man of my desires "fell" off. Hmmmmm.... ooooh... how many men were on this bus? 7' 4"...6' 9".....7'.... 6' 6"..... Gymnast build.....trainer's build....swimmer's build..... off season bodybuilder.....power lifter.....model......non competing but Olympian contender....13" cock, 9 inch cock, 11.5" cock, muscle, height, cock, hair, more...and More...And More.... AND MORE.... MOOOOOOOOOOORE!

I fucked and I fucked...the men getting tighter and tighter on my cock. The men despite my mind telling me how tall or buff they were, were getting smaller and smaller. The cities we drove through were getting smaller and smaller. The bus I chased after was getting tinier and tinier. I.... I had to be chasing a remote control car.

I was running and running after a bus....a limousine....a van....a car...a compact car....a remote control car....a hot wheels car. I no longer had to run. I just walked, my soft footsteps making these huge loud thuds that cracked pavement beneath my feet. I was so swollen with mass and muscle that my arms hung parallel to the horizon, my legs had to kick out sideways in order to walk forward. I had to let the mini bus drive ahead of me to see where it was my chest was inflating so big.

And my prick! It throbbed more and more for men to fuck. I don't think I was even fucking them anymore, just touching them with my huge member. Letting them flop their tiny bodies over its huge gigantic head. More and more everything fell away from me. Everything became a blur of growth and flashing blue lights. The cities and towns shrunk away from me....I was as big as some of the buildings, bigger than others...and still growing... stilling finding these huge men to take...to hump....to touch...to errrrr aaauuuuughhhH! TO GROOOOOOOW!

Finally I was walking behind that toy bus and watched it up ahead plow through a set of miniature gates. Did they think this place would hide them from me? I can see for miles! I can sense other men, yes.... I knew there were big big men to ravage in the towns behind me still.... oh, yessssss. Yet I would not be denied this bus. I knew this bus kept giving me more and more men... more and more power...more and more size...strength......AUUUUUURGH!

My shlong was throbbing and pulsing so hard, begging for release...having grown so long and so fat in thickness... it had a problem standing up erect. It just sort of throbbed outwards, parallel to the ground, and when it did manage to bob up, standing tall, I had stop and flinch for my huge cock head was now almost punching me in the mouth.

I began to see more flashes of light. Blast of energy. Feel and see animals of various shapes and sizes coming out from everywhere across this yard.....

Malificant heard the crash through her estate's front gates. She ran out on a second story balcony and looked down part of her driveway. There she saw a bus and the professor's van pulling up and stop.

"You plan an attack on my manor! You have got some nerve! Servants! Attend me!"

Soon there were all manner of strange animal like beasts as well as regular humans coming in to attack the bus and the van. Upon reaching the bus, they found no one there, so they turned their focus on the van. But before they could reach it, the van opened up and out came an army of juggernauts. Merrill, ran out hefting one of the men approaching him and threw him into the crowd of attackers. Joel despite his broken rib, came out and began to duke it out with two or three of the men keeping them busy. James stepped out and caused many of the attackers to lurch in fear of his size, and then showed them why that size was to be feared by running through a group of the attackers and knocking them down like bowling pins. Thomas stepped out and breaking a concrete pole off of its base, began to do a very striking and real impersonation of Sampson, the man whose powers he now has, by swinging that pole outwards and striking many an attacking minion. Eric then stepped out of the van and upon taking several swigs grew and grew and grew to gargantuan size and began to simply kick mindless minions out of the way.

"You idiot! I have more than enough men to take care of you!"

And Malinda called forth many more men, but they were called from being night guards on the wooded edges of her property. They came in the forms of wolves and bats. These were quickly taken care of when a great cloud of bats swarmed onto the property and split into two, one half going after some of the minions, the other half soaring straight at Malinda.

"AHHHCK!" Screamed Malinda and she ducked back inside after blasting a few bats.

Meanwhile, Ricky who had flown in with the bats had landed amongst the last of the called minions and began ordering the wolves, bats, and rats, to change back and break spell after spell.

"I'm calling for an exterminator to take care of you, you pesky rodent!"

And with that a pack of jackals came into the front courtyard and driveway area. But no sooner had they appeared than a fairly tall and built mummy ran in and with a command broke their spell or had the real hounds turning against the minions.

"AUUUUGH! Take as many of my minions as you want; you'll pay for them all!"

Sending a fireball towards Dr. Merrymen, the mummy, she ordered all her minions to attack the more regular sized men, and then called for her weresinewa.

"You may take care of many of them, but you can't take care of all of them, especially this one. You will not take me. You will not even get into my house!"

Just then heavy footsteps were heard and from around the back of her manor came Malinda's weresinewa. The minions all changed their attacks and focused on Ricky, James, Joel, Merrill, Thomas, Dr. Merrymen, and the van in which Dr. Zimbalst was still located. Eric meanwhile stepped back, not sure what to do or think. Malinda's weresinewa was indeed around 25 - 30 feet tall now, before having fucked anyone. He was absolutely sick with height, muscle, and cock size. Eric knew he might be able to fight him, could keep him at bay, but if that gigantic piece of man meat touched him in anyway, it'd start siphoning off his strength and he'd lose the battle.

"You have quite the army built up, but you also have quite a few you let go, gotten rid of, destroyed."

Malinda turned to find Alistair standing on her balcony.

"And what do you think you can do about it, little man?"

"Well, you do know why folks say their past comes back to haunt them?"


"Because of this?"

And Alistair reassumed his ghostly form and with spiritual voice gave word to attack and ghostly forms from all over her manor began to rise up and attack Malinda. As she began to attack and defend against as many specters as she could, Dr. Zimbalst poked his head out the window of his van and called out "Now, Master Pick! Now!"

Suddenly everyone could see Pick in the center of Malinda's front yard facing her manor. He stumbled a little bit, turned and refocused his attention towards me. With that attention, trees that were hanging and bending at very odd angles began to right themselves up and the driveway began to clear of low hanging obstructions. With that, I finally saw Malinda's weresinewa, and Malinda and her weresinewa saw me. Instead assuming all the little minions were the source of the power I sensed, or that the bus still contained more men to fuck, I know saw the source of what I lusted after and I began to run to attack it.

"Odd bodkins!"

But Malinda could do nothing. She was still battling to get inside her house and stop the attack of the spirits sent by Alistair, as well as quit a few bats still left over from Ricky. Just when she seemed to be making some headway, she suddenly went flying, receiving well placed blows to her legs and face.

"Ugh! Oomph!"

"This night your reign is over, bitch!"

"Roger...HUUUUUPFFF! ....ah...huh....You will soon be nothing more than an insignificant little flea!"

"Says you! But I'll still have all my regular power to make you black and blue!"

Malinda began firing energy bolts here and there to no avail as she couldn't keep a good enough eye on the doll sized man. After she began to take initiative and just send exploding volleys of shots that spread outward from one point, Roger made his way over to the ghostly form of Alistair.

"I thought your plan was to come to the side door?"

"Still is, but we wanted to keep her off balance and provide a distraction."

"This won't keep her distracted."

Just then a swirl of sand appeared inside the bus and it roared to life, brakes on and the tires beginning to roar with the engine and squeal on the pavement of Malinda's driveway. Suddenly taking off, it went straight for, into, and through, Malinda's front doors.

Malinda screamed as if she had been hit again. Conjuring a huge fire ball she sent it down to the bus causing it to explode.

"That ought to keep her distracted." smiled Alistair.

Malinda ran through the balcony door, being sure to cause it to close and lock behind her. However, she didn't see Roger run through with her, nor Alistair phase through the wall.

"Not going for you room of specialty items are you, Lindy?" said Roger as he struck another blow to her body yet again. Falling to the floor she screamed, but wound up having to deal with small knick knacks from every corner of the halls, foyers, and landing come flying at her.


There was a blinding flash and suddenly Alistair found himself frozen unable to move.

"That does it I'm taking care of all of you pesky, college brats!"

But just then one of the side doors to Malificant's house opened up on its own. Malinda made magic motion to close it, but it reopened again. She sent a small cloud of negate magic around the door after closing it a third time, but still it opened once again. Malinda ran down a staircase towards the door's hallway just in time to see Dr. Zimbalst, Dr. Merrymen, Pick, Merrill, James, Joel, and Ricky enter through the doorway.

Raising her hand she cried out, "Immobulus!" and smiled with delight, only to get very confused at having to suddenly blast tendrils of wrappings trying to work their way around her.

"What the?!?"

The frozen gentlemen in the doorway were gone and standing in the middle of here foyer.

"Hope you don't mind, dearie, we let ourselves in, long before you noticed." said Pick.

"I've had more than enough of you, mind meddler!"

"Have a brandy then and take your mind off your troubles."

"I don't want a brandy right now!"

But to her surprised, she was suddenly dowsed with a bottle of brandy.

"Are you sure? 'cause I don't like the stuff." Said Alistair, who had just dumped a whole bottle of brandy on top of her. "We have a witch, may we burn her?"

"Indeed." said Dr. Merrymen and he called forth a fireball and sent it her way.

Alistair assumed a ghostly form again and began phasing through the whole mansion. Malinda cursed the odd ghost for his ability to break out of spirit cages, while she called forth an iceberg to block and dowse the fireball being sent at her.

"When I get through with you, I will have my weresinewa have his way with all of you until you are pathetic little wimps I have for slaves!"

"That's if you have a weresinewa left, Ms. Malificant."


"In case you didn't notice, madam, we have a weresinewa as large as yours, and another man who is nearly as large helping him."

Malinda turned to head out the side door, but a display of full plated armor fell down right in front of her causing her to trip and become displayed out on the floor.

"Kick up your feet and stay awhile misses. We're not done with you yet."

"Roger, you friggin little imp!"

"You made me this way!"

And with that a daunting donnybrook ensued in the manor, while Eric and I did battle with her weresinewa. Although I have to say, I wasn't sure if Eric wasn't fighting both of us. As he couldn't afford to have either one of our giant pricks touch him, he was doing things like uprooting trees or picking up cars and throwing them our direction, hoping to cause her weresinewa to trip or fall and be taken by me. However, I must admit, my mind gave in to thoughts of turning and taking Eric, so I could gain an edge and take Malinda's creature and his size.....

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