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"You okay? You sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah Beau... I'm ok...."

"Whoa! Good lord listen to your voice's even deeper than before and loud even when you whisper..."

"I...I...hadn't quite noticed, Greg."

"Ok, cmon, lean over on me a lil bit...I gotcha on this side, Austin's gotcha on that side. The camera is on... you ready?"

"Yeah, Beau..."

"Ok, then go."

"Hi....I guess... Aaronites. No one has made any suggestions on what to call you fans down below in all this time, so Aaronites it is. I'm a little slow right now, and sluggish. As you can see my physical appearance has changed a bit, that's why I've not been able to get on and post a vlog the last couple of months."

"Part of the reason..."

"True... Beau, you can probably explain it better, so why don't you tell the folks what's happened so far?"

"Ok. Hi Screeners, or uh, Aaronites. Aaron's last vlog was just before he was set to fly over to England to be recored on the Guinness World Record program. In case you missed that, he is now officially in the record books for having the world's largest feet at a staggering US men's size 30. Let me tilt the camera down and you can see them next to my size fifteens and Austin's size eighteens and although we have some pretty big feet they look like school kids next to Aaron's."

"He need's to go out for the swim team. He's got natural fins and he's like half the length of the pool in height."

"Hahahaha, alright Austin. He's not that tall. At any rate, it was proven on the show that Aaron was indeed getting ready to go, or grow through a massive growth spurt and it started kicking in with the advent of spring and warmer weather."

"Massively! oooooh...."

"Take it easy, Aaron. So at the end of his post, or we should go by the Guinness program I guess, at the time of that taping they found out Aaron was now six feet ten and half inches tall. But, Aaron's growth spurt kicked in and began to kick in hard, but there was a slight problem."

"Problem's name is Angel!"

"Calm down Austin."

"No, he friggin took advantage of fraternity trust, and used Aaron here... he ought to be..."

"We've already talked about this, we did investigate, it wasn't intentional, leave the poor young man alone. ..... What we're talking about here folks is this. See I was a little...busy these last couple of months and unable to always be there for training purposes for Aaron. His body was changing, and not only in height. If you take a good look at him you can see. He seems a lot thicker than he did before, but he's still got the same amount of muscle mass as he did, kind of...and had grown through about half of his baby fat. Sven, if you could, please post the before pic from when Aaron first started his vlog. ... ...

"Ok, as you can see, Aaron looks really skinny in the shot from his first video. His body type was primarily what they called an ectomorph, being thin, skinny type, although bodies are usually a slight combination of one of the three types him being a primarily ectomorph - skinny, with a touch of endomorph - fat. But you see how much thicker Aaron appears now comparatively? He's not put on any muscle mass, or that is to say he's not worked out for extra muscle. No, amazingly Aaron's body is going through a huge change besides his growing taller. His body type is somehow changing. He's gone from the primarily ectomorph into a mesomorph - a body primarily based with muscle."

" The doctors are trying to figure out how and why my body type is changing, but they don't think it will pose any problems, now that I'm on proper care outside of medical facilities. Don't worry folks aobut my appearance facial wise.... looking a little drawn....and tired...I will be ok."

"That's right, Aaron. See folks, Angel, God love him...Angel still being a student and the star of the football team didn't quite know all these signs to look for and was trying to push Aaron into acheiving the body Aaron wanted. But during this rapid growth phase, Angel forgot that organs grow slower than the body frame. It doesn't work to have one's organs grow to strapping adult size while the frame is still child like. So what happens is the body grows up, but then the organs do so later. Which means we have to be careful when pushing young bodies while their growing or we could over tax the growing organs. And if we do that we ....(sniff) .. excuse me..."

"Yo, dude, it's ok... Aaron's right next to you. He's pulling through. Looking better everyday. What Beau is tryin' ta say folks is that if you over tax a body that is growing, young smaller organs supporting a new huge adult size body, those organs could give out and the person die. That's almost what happened to Aaron here."

"Yeah.. see....Angel didn't know, didn't realize. He's not that far into his studies yet. So Aaron started growing at a phenominal rate, plus his body was changing into a muscualr type, however that is happening... and Angel started training Aaron to help him loose his gut... his pooch as he used to jokingly call it. What he fail to realise is that pooch was now feeding the growth and changes in Aaron's body. It was already beginning to disappear. So he worked Aaron hard to lose weight. He then had Aaron on kind of a diet as well. So not enough energy going in to fuel Aaron's body, and way to much exercize, causing to much exertion and...."

"And, Aaronites, my health began to decline rapidly. In fact my heart developed an arrhythmia."

"We began to notice Aaron's grades slipping a little bit. We hardly ever saw him at the fraternity meetings, or anywhere else. We discovered Angel had him on a tight schedule and a leash and as Aaron's body kept getting weaker, plus the fact of being a growing 'boy', he started sleeping more and more, harder and harder, longer and longer."

"So eventually we became so worried, we used Beau's powers as a T.A. at the college..."

"Uhm....let's call it connections as a T.A. don't have any real 'powers'...."

"Alright, well with Beau's connections we were able to finally corner Aaron, or more correctly Aaron and Angel and find out what was going on. Aaron looked like shit."

"Literally like death warmed over, so I took him to a hospital, while staff and friends grilled Angel about Aaron's habits and schedule and other items."

"I nearly flunked out of college...."

"Yes, well... given what was happening, I managed to get a lot of the professors and Aaron's doctor to intercede on his behalf. The summer classes he was taking this semester have been moved to next, fall semester, replacing what four of his six classes? Yeah.... and to ensure that he was at top performance and all... he's restudying all his work from spring semester and is going to retake the exams now with the better of the two grades to stand on his transcript."

"I can't thank you enough, Beau..."

"Yeah, well... you get....healed up and that will be that thanks I need, ok."


"But you two googley-eyed birds...."

"Huh, what?"

"You're blushin', Beau. At anyrate, Aaron, here wanted to make a video to post to let you, his fans, know what was going on. So first things first since you mentioned it, how's you're heart doing?"

"My heart is better, back in perfect rhythm, now that I'm getting rest without so much stress before hand and eating properly."

"And eating and eating and eating and eat..."

"shut up, Austin...."

"Damn, listen to that croak. Even at a whisper you boom... Your voice gets any lower and I think we'll have to have especially made hearing aids to hear you clearly."

"hahah....let's see if I can do this... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.....BOOM!"

"Whoa! Shit! Dude! Leaned right into my chest and then hollered like that... fuck....I felt that through my chest down my abs to my..... uhm well it... it reverberated through my whole body. Shit, dude..."


"So he's eating properly and getting better health wise and he has been growing. You can probably tell a little bit just by us sitting next to one another here on this bed , or when we panned down to his feet, but if Sven would move the camera back....ok....and..... you help him on that side, Beau. You ready Aaron?"


"Ok one.....two....three...... UP!"

"As you can see, Aaron has done quite a bit of growing. I used to come up to about his brow line on his head. I'm six foot six, he was six foot nine. But now, it's seven footer Austin that come up to his brow...or maybe just slightly under it. I on the other hand only come up to a couple inches above Aaron's shoulders now. Shall we tell everyone what you're up to now, Aaron."

"Aaronites, I am now seven feet four inches tall."

[long low whistle...]

"That's a growth spurt so far of seven inches since he started this video. And what did the doctors say, Aaron?"

"They said I still may have a couple to go, but it looks like things are starting to close up bone wise."

"So, you will be able to become the world's tallest bodybuilder if you decide to continue with workouts."

"Hell yeah! .... ooooh."

"Easy there, sport. So folks. You started following a workout vlog and you've wound up with one on human anatomy. But don't worry. Once Aaron stops becoming the giant he is and his organ's have filled out, we'll get him on a work out regiment and see if he can pack on some size."


"What, Austin?"

"Pack on some size... look at him thick his arms are... I can just barely get my hands around his wrist, that's how thick he is and he doesn't even really have any muscle yet. He's so friggin' raw boned. Pack muscle on him and he'll be a friggin' beast!"

"Hell yeah! Grrrrrr."

"Down, sport... yeah.. he's gonna be a big boy, if his body allows him to put on large quantities of muscle mass. But for now.. we've got the folks updated. We need to get him to the health department so they can check his heart beat to make sure he's still beating normally, out for a decent dinner, and then to bed."

"You gonna put me to bed, Beau?"

"Uhm... well.... I'll .... make sure you go to bed."

"Dude, you're blushing again."

"What... I am not... it's from my work out earlier today..."

"From seven hours ago?...."

"Sven, turn that off!"


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