Pleasure Growth 3

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"Look, son. I know this has been kind of hard on you, everything that has happened so suddenly, but we're trying to help you out as best as we can, and you need to pick up your pace and adapt faster."

Head basketball coach, Mr. Dreisden was saying to Aaron out in the middle of the basketball court. Aaron almost didn't respond to the coach he was so lost in the moment and wondering how he got here. It was only in the middle of the second month of the quarter, his second month away from home as a freshman at college and his whole world had been turned upside down and was getting more and more tossed each day.

He had gone in for a horomone treatment to help him possibly grow at the beginning of summer. Nothing happened and the family figured it was a bust. Aaron was going to be a five and half foot tall man, unlike his brothers who ranged from six feet even to six feet four inches tall. But the night before he left for college, he had experienced a growth spurt; six inches in a night putting him at six feet tall. He didn't worry about it, he didn't think about it...he just thought the treatment worked, albeit in an odd manner. On top of that, the family's young ranch hand, turned friend, Zeke, who was earning money for college, the same one Aaron would attend, expressed an interest in Aaron and they were starting a relationship. Which is probably why Aaron hadn't worried too much about his growth spurt as it put him closer to Zeke's height of six foot four inches and made tussling in bed with him a lot easier and more fun.

However, a month into the school year and Aaron had another growth spurt. Zeke surprised him while taking a shower and got him worked up, and started riding his, probably longer than Zeke's pole. The same sensation hit him as did their first night and sexual encounter together just before they left for college. Like last time, Aaron grew; boy did he grow! The next morning after Aaron woke up, Zeke spoke to him calmly and showed him what happened and then helped measure him. He had grown a whole foot taller! He was now seven feet tall.

His musculature had grown as well. He had beefed up slightly from a lithe swimmer's build to a little bit more like a pro basketball player. And that's when the whole world turned upside down. He wasn't sure what he was going to do. He couldn't go to classes as he didn't fit into any of his old clothes, any of the clothes he nicked from his brothers' closet, nor Zeke's. He was well beyond being able to buy anything off the rack and he knew he couldn't afford anything custom made.

Without clothes he couldn't attend classes, no attending classes meant getting expelled from school, and the return home...what would he say to his brothers? To his parents? They hadn't noticed his growth spurt the night before he left. He had intentionally stayed away from them until he was seated in the truck with Zeke to leave. They thought their five and a half foot tall relative had left, and now a seven footer was coming back home, because he couldn't get to classes.

"Look... just breathe and we'll get ya through this." said Zeke after measuring Aaron that next morning.

"How?! I have no clothes to wear...I have no money to buy clothes. I can't walk around all day in my bed sheets like a toga! And what is happening to me? The formula was supposed to help kick in my growth spurt, which should've been around the same as my brothers, not increase it to where I'm... I'm...."

"Aaron, stop right there!" Zeke commanded in a huge deep voice, standing up to Aaron as if to face off with him, although he now only stood a few inches above Aaron's shoulder. His glowing green eyes pierced Aaron's blue ones and stared hard.

"If you mention the word, 'freak', I don't care how big you are or get, I'll beat the crap out of you. You are not now and never will be a freak. Lots of guys are seven feet tall. There are opportunities you can take advantage of and use to help you out. You just have to switch gears a little. So, first things first is to find out what's happening to you. One of the guys on the basketball team is actually here on a science scholarship. He's studying bio-chemistry, genetics, and anatomy. We'll get him to come with us to school's doctor's office and help them out in taking samples and analysing them to see what's happening to you. Send some of them off to your doctor get him to look and confer and hopefully come up with a solution. Next, we'll go talk with the coach. See if we can get you on the basket ball team."

"The basketball team? Zeke, I'm not an athlete. I've not been trained."

"True, but listen. While you're still trying to figure out what's going on, maybe even still growing, they can play you, but play you light. Only sending you in for a couple of minutes each game. Happens a lot with freshman players, especially freshman who between senior year of high school and frosh year at college or during their freshman year they grow and now have to get used to their new body and sometimes a new position. The coaches can help train you, and on an athletic team they'll have medics who'll be watching and helping out with the training. They took me on, and I'm relatively short guy for basketball even at six feet-four. This school... able to get a seven footer...they'll go nuts. They might give you a scholarship which will help pay for some things and free up some money for clothes. Not only that, but you'll get a few team uniforms, away game set, home set, warm up and exercise pieces, that'll be free and just don't turn them in to the laundry after the games, wash them yourself and wear them in school."

"I don't know, Zeke. Adding all those changes, on top of this..."

"Hey, Aaron.... babe.... you won't be alone. I'm still here." Zeke approached Aaron and wrapped his slightly beefier arms around Aaron's torso and looked up at him softly. "I'm still here, babe. I fell in love with you. I'm wanting a relationship with you and that means I have to accept you for who or whatever you are. But the thing is, I love you, the person inside. Doesn't matter what happens to this shell on the outside, I'm here for the person inside to lean on, talk to, care, and love."

"Zeke... stop..."

"What? Why?"

" happens... that is I think...god! Zeke, I think it happens whenever I'm aroused. It happened our first night together."

"I knew it! I knew you were bigger, and wearing my boots, too, I might add." and Zeke smiled at Aaron.

"Sorry... was hopping you thought you'd left them behind. But I'm serious. It happened that first night, and then in the shower last night."

"Ok... it's alright. I understand. We can still be boyfriends, I just need to respect that getting personally physical with you right now is out of the question until we find out what's going on."

It didn't happen that way though. We left and took care of the items we made a plan to do. I walked into the medical office at the school and after pulling my records they were in shock. Zeke's teammate, Sanjay had come with us and walked back into the office with them to help plan a study of what was going on. They took several samples of blood and sent them off to various labs as well as my doctor back home and told me it was now a matter of waiting for results.

From there we went over to the gymnasium and the basketball coaches' office. Zeke was right they were extatic. The rest of that afternoon was flurry of measurements and phone calls. First was to the rest of the basketball team coaching staff, then the team medics who put me through paces to see what I could do. After a shower, it was over to the statistition's office who took care of the team uniforms and gave me several sets of uniforms. While in the locker room I met with the President of the university, who listened to my story and condition and then listened to the team's medics asses of my abilities and body functions. He managed to find some money for a scholarship to offer me, if I considered parlaying my condition into playing basketball for the school.

After that I sat with the coach as he made several phone calls to some major athletic equipment companies to see if he could get shoes for me. Yeah.... I grew big, and so did my feet, U.S. men's size twenty-five. He finally found a company willing to make me some shoes my size and donate to them as long as the school gave them proper credit.

The next day the President scheduled a press conference with me as the star. In front of news reporters and television cameras I signed off on a scholarship contract to play for the school. Then the reporters and camera crew followed the President and I around the campus, like he was showing me the school, with a stop off at the college bookstore so he could present me with several oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants, even a few polo shirts all my size, all emblazoned with the school logo, of course.

With that came the emergency visit from my family. They arrived the week-end after the press conference and an irate call to the President for not letting them know before-hand what was happening to their son and brother. They were shocked to say the least. Mom did nothing but cry, hoping that her baby was alright. Dad was in shock at how big I had grown and wasn't sure what to say. My brothers, all gawked and whistled, but cheered and egged me on, smacking and patting me on the back, making comments like, "Well, if ya had to have the spurt late, ya might as well have it big! Knock 'em dead on the court, bro."

During all of this there was Zeke. He didn't get to talk to me much, except in our dorm room, which got switched by the way so I could have a longer twin bed put in to accomodate my much longer frame. He would give me tips, coaching me on how to handle the fame, the attention, what was coming up, how to play athletic politics, and help teach me the finer points of basketball away from the court. But once we left that dorm room, he was off on the side. His athletic star was fading in my lime-light, but he was always there, with a small smile my way. It always made my stomach do a little flip.
So, it was no surprise that his plan of staying away from me, didn't work out like he wanted. We were sitting in our dorm room, both studying, reclining on our beds, when I glanced over and saw him staring at me with that smile. I looked back at my homework, and then waited for when I noticed him looking back at his. I very gingerly set my school books aside and then just sat there smiling at him. He eventually noticed and did a small double take.

"What?" Zeke said.

"Nothing." I continued to smile at him.


"Nothing....I'm just...trying to smile at you like I catch you smiling at me all the time."

I moved over and leaned over him on the bed, getting my face close to his.

"A...Aaron...what are you doing?"

"I know it's only been a couple of weeks...but I can't take it anymore. I love you too, Zeke. For all the help you've given me, for all the plans you helped put together to take care of me, for all the coaching in basketball, but most especially for all those smiles you give me. It lets me know you care.... that you feel for me. That..."

"That I love you..."

I moved in and planted a kiss firmly and deeply on his lips. He responded by throwing his books aside and wrapping his arms around me as tight as he could and passionately returning the kiss. He pushed himself away from the bed, sending me backwards and landing on my bed. He looked down at me and then suddenly let fly... "Holy fuck!" I looked down where he was looking; it was at my crotch. My cock was already snaked down my pants leg and now it was snaking further, getting fatter, as it got harder.

"Are you getting the same sensation as you did before?"

"No...and I wouldn't care if I was. I want to be with you again so badly!"

Zeke leaned in and kissed me passionately again, but then backed off and dropped to his knees. I let my head fall back, eyes closed, waiting, anticipating what Zeke was going to do; it was a surprise. Instead of going for my pants button, he went for my shoes, undid the lacing, took them and my socks off and began to massage my feet. When I finally looked down at him questioningly, he blushed and answered.

"Sorry....It may sound funny from a fairly big man, so turns me on that you're bigger than me. The size, musculature, and meatiness of your feet, drive me while. So does the touch of your massive paws. The way you can palm a basketball. I watch you get up in the morning, moving on the court, I get so turned on I nearly blow a load everytime."

He took his hands and glided them across my feet, working his fingers between my toes, then caressing them across the instep, my ankle, and up my shins and calves, over my thighs, until he came to my waist band and gave me a signal to rise up so he could pull it down. He did so and up sprang my cock... Lord...even to me it looked huge, gigantic.

"Son of a bitch! A...a...Aaron! That looks like a miniature Louisville slugger! And your balls....they need a tattoo that reads 'inflate to so many pounds P.S.I.'!"

He took his hands and rested them on top of my prick head and then slowly caressed his way down my shaft. After several minutes of power stroking he eventually gave way to sucking my cock as best he could, until finally he growled like a caged animal, dove for his desk and pulled out some special lube. Smothering my cock and his hole in it, he eventually stood up on my bed and lowered himself down onto my engorged cock.

"Oh! Sweet....UH-HUH! MOTHER FUCK!"

He was already convulsing from my size. I could feel my cock spreading his ass cheeks farther and farther apart and the deeper I went in him the tighter he felt.

"Put your hands on my waist and help me!"

I put my hands on his waist and began to help him ride me and ride me and ride me. He took a few breaks, allowing him time to rest, me to suck him, him to screw my hole, to suck and play with each other's nipples, but finally he rode me until I blew a load so huge inside him, it came right back out like a cascading waterfall, despite the blockage of my cock.

He collapsed on the bed and on top of me. His head resting on my chest, his left hand resting on my cock. His eyes widened as he watched it shrink and become flaccid once more.

"It's like watching the hulk shrink down...only it's definitely not an average man it reverts to. Speaking of the hulk, don't you ever gain any serious muscle mass."

I thought this kind of an odd statement, so I asked, "Why?"

"Just something in me, likes big, built men. I love you, just you, that inner drive, personality of yours. I think you're marvelous. And that it's encased in this huge, big footed, hung body....well, if you develop big bulging never will wear any clothes."

"Why cause I can't find anything in BIG and tall?"

"No....cause I'll rip them off of you so I can always see this."

That was two weeks ago. The last two weeks has been again a flurry of activity. My first game, training sessions, getting used to the training schedule, traveling for away games, studying for classes, learning how much food I now eat and how I have to eat it in the same amount of time. It's been just over a month since I grew and man, had it changed my life.

"Aaron! Are you paying attention to me, son?"

"Yes, sir, coach! I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around everything... the new plays taught today, as well as going over all the basics of play. Trying to think it all through and what I have to do for me, you, the team."

Coach Dreisden paused for bit and stared at me. Finally he gave me a pat on the arm near my shoulder. "It's alright. I know I've been pushing you hard, but I do understand it's been a hell of a lot for you take. So many changes in your status at school, in your body's development... But you just said you were trying to focus on what you needed to do for yourself and for the team. I like that. That is a good attitude. I can cut you a little bit of slack. We're not really working or using you that much this year because you're so green, but next year... the school will be expecting a lot more out of you next year, as well as your junior and senior years if you stay on here."

"I get what you're telling me coach. I'm trying to adapt and adapt quickly. Just this wasn't the arena I expected to make my mark in."

"I know, son... I know. Well, you've got friends and family helping ya. Take a breather if ya need to, but when you can, get to work on it, hard, fast, continuously, and you might be able to garder a career out of it that can set you up for whatever real dreams you had planned to pursue. Go on, now. Hit the showers."

"Actually, I've got some free time. Is it okay if I spend tonight practicing my shots?"

"Sure...just don't over do it, but...good attitude. Hard work and practice pays off."

The coach and the rest of the team hit the showers and I stayed behind practicing my shots and rebounds, running up and down the court, doing lay ups. I had probably been there about an hour and half or so. Practice ended at nine p.m. They were going to shut the gymnasium down in about a half an hour. I'd be ok though; tonight Zeke was working the front desk.

I continued to practice for a while, but they shut the lights off. Probably thought everyone was already out. Wasn't a problem as there was still enough light from the doorways and other places I could see the baskets. But my mind had begun to wander a little bit from practicing.

My mind wandered to lazy summer days with my brothers as we would play hoops out back. A couple of them almost a foot taller than me, a couple half a foot taller...never could get the ball from any of them. How different those games would be now.


I'm the one who stands a foot taller than a couple of them now...


I'm the one who stands not a half a foot, but eight inches taller than the other two now....


In fact I'm having to duck through doorways to enter rooms...


I've become the big man on campus....


the BIG man on campus......


In the fraternity areas, some drunk ass gives me lip, they immediately shut up when I stand up.


All I have to do is stand up...don't need to get mean, or angry, or show off...just stand up.


Hmmm damn....I just flopped out of my briefs....hmmmmm that kind of feels good....


The weight of my cock, pulling on my groin....feels...manly....


Feels sexy...all that meat, flopping in my basketball shorts, down most of the leg, rubbing against the fabric.


I'm...I'm the big man everywhere...


And my boyfriend likes it....


Likes that I can stuff the hell out of him.....


That my feet and hands are so much bigger than him...


That I can palm this basketball with ease....


That I've become the big man on campus...


THE big man on campus....


And he loves me....for all that I've become...



Suddenly I felt it. My own thoughts on having become this giant of man had turned me on and my cock had begun to get erect. But with its erection came that sensation like I had experienced before one and two months ago. I tried to think of cold, cold showers...of suddenly shrinking down to the size of a gnome...of walking in on mom and dad in their bedroom.... but it was too late. I had started the erotic feelings and my cock was becoming erect. As it did so it gained in blood and size and weight and pulled on my groin even more, sending sexual sensations up through my body. It didn't matter what horrible thought I came up with now, I was trapped in a state of arousal.

And that arousal and feeling spread throughout my whole body. As my cock snaked down longer, thicker, and harder, in my basketball shorts, my body began to grow taller, and thicker, harder, heavier, veinnier. I could feel my sleeves riding up my arms, across my delts, and heading for my shoulders. My shirt hem started rising up towards my chest exposing more and more of my abdominals as it rose. My shorts hem started rising above my knees and creeping up my thighs.

But that wasn't the only part. I was filling out. I could feel myself not only getting heavier due to my height, I could feel my muscle mass increasing. Feel fibers breaking and healing, thickening and strengthening. I could feel the definition come in more and the striations developing. My clothes not only were shrinking they were getting tighter and tighter and along their climb up my body they began to rip and tear and split here and there. The sleeves split as they rode up across my delts. When the sleeves hit my shoulders, my back split the back of my shirt, while my ballooning chest split the front of the shirt down to the hem. Developing lats blew out the pits of the shirt under my arms.
Meanwhile my thighs were making short work of the shorts splitting the seams and other places all the way up to my waist band. But butt bubbled out a little bit getting a lil' fuller, firmer, blowing the seat out of the shorts. My cock kept snaking on and on further and further down my leg till it's size and length were enough to overcome the restraints of the shorts leg, which was now split apart by the thighs anyway, and slowly began to rise higher and further and further out in an impossible erect state. My balls kept gaining in weight and size and I swear I could feel the cum churning and swirling inside them begging for release. But the pain was becoming incredibly intense as my body made my briefs tighter and tighter causing them to rack my balls.

I was going into pain overload as my feet spread out and began growing in my now overly small shoes. I could feel my toes getting pushed and crammed in the front, toe section of the shoe, fighting for room, stretching the fabric. I could feel the sides of my feet extend beyond the sides of the shoe causing the leather sides to roll down and spread out flat against the floor becoming an extra part of the sole now. My heels were pressing fiercely into the back of the shoe screaming at them to burst, while my top arch and ankles grew and grew busting the laces, tongue, and hole of the shoes. Finally my feet broke free, spreading out farther, wider, longer, than the shoes ever hoped to be despite they're being a size twenty five.

But I knew they were going to be huge. I knew they had to become massive gargantuan feet because I was growing... up...and up.... and up.....getting taller and taller... seven footers were in no way the big men on campus, or maybe they still were. They were the big men on campus but I was THE man on campus. I was the giant man on campus.

Up and up I went. My feet out growing and completely covering my old tennis shoes. My clothes eventually all busting apart and sliding off my body cascading to the floor and I stood there, having caught the basketball in a last bounce close to me, holding it two handed, but realizing in one hand the basketball felt more like a baseball or something similar to me. My eyes finally stopped rising up. I finally stopped growing. My eyes were mere inches below the hoop, meaning my head was even with the hoop itself. I was now nine feet tall. NINE FEET TALL!


I blew a load from my mammoth sized cock that I swear sprayed up into, through, and far above the hoop. Some cum splattering the back glass. In my extasy I convulsed and crushed my hands together, causing the basketball to pop. I stood there, in the dark, lost in my euphoria for a bit. Lost in thoughts of confusion over what was now going to happen to me. Despite what Zeke had said nearly a month ago, I had just grown into....a freak."

I heard the sound of someone walking and the jingling of keys in the hall. It passed the gymnasium doors to the end of the hall and some lights went out. The gentleman then came and started closing the gymnasium doors; he stopped when he saw my silhouette.

"Hey, the gym is now clos...are you nude? Dude, what the hell?!"

He came near me at a decent pace and then began to slow down the closer he got to me...


Slowed down to a walk, he approached me and began to gently place his hands on me. He looked up at me to see my face and his eyes widened.

"Aaron... what happened? It happened again didn't it?... Good are so tall... and bigger built... and that's not your.... ok... snap outta it, Zeke. It's okay, baby... I'm here.... I'm here... it'll be alright..."

He noticed I was still lost in a stupor of some kind. That stupor was quickly getting replaced by panic. My peripheral vision had notice that Zeke's six foot four inch self, just came up to mere inches above my navel. Visual confirmation that I was indeed almost three feet taller than him. He grabbed me by the hand, then the arm, and finally the wrist when the other two proved too big to get a decent hand hold around.

"Come on, baby...this way, towards the locker room showers. You can sit and relax for a bit under hot water, and I'll come clean the floor and...good lord, the back glass and net off. I'll call the coach and the doctors. We'll find out what do... come on... this way...this way..."

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