Pleasure Growth 4

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Aaron woke up the next morning stiff and crampped in a make-shift bed. He doesn't remember how he got there, but somehow he was in his dorm room. Zeke was there too. He apparently moved furniture around so he could place his bed and Aaron's end to end so Aaron had enough room to stretch out, but being as they were both twin sized beds they weren't wide enough for Aaron now to feel comfortable.

Looking down his body, he noticed that Zeke was sleeping on top of him ... on top of him! Aaron hadn't even noticed this in his sleep, and now that he was awake he felt like a child was sleeping on top of him. And no wonder, for not only was Aaron taller, he was bigger built as well, now somewhere between a soccer player and a gymnast. Aaron was quite amazed at this. This type of build was the kind that started to really show and pop on a body. One could see size and definition, the pushing and bulging the muscles of the body did to fight for room: chest barreling; lats and back begin pushing the arms out; forearms, biceps, triceps, and delts begin to fill out sleeves and cause them to rise up; butt bubbling and filling out shorts and pants, while thighs stretch out the pants legs. Aaron was going to be in trouble. Zeke had told him not to gain any major muscle mass and here his body had done so.

Aaron remembered now being pulled into the locker room showers, being washed down, politely, some towels and such pinned together around him and being snuck into the dorm room, sat down, given something to eat and then put to bed. And even though Zeke had taken care of him, he still aparently managed to have some fun, for there he was sleeping on top of Aaron and Aaron could see some light scratch marks across his abs and chest. These thoughts betrayed Aaron and in a panic he felt his cock stir. He worried at this, but then realized that strange sensation was occuring and so decided to let nature run its course.

His cock rose and rose. It was amazing to see, almost frightening to watch. It caused Zeke's hand, his arm to stir and it grew erect and pushed itself out from under Zeke. Aaron stared in disbelief, he felt pretty sure he wasn't just getting bigger because he was taller, but it was getting bigger proportionately each growth spurt now too. When he was finally hard as granite, Aaron's mouth popped agape. His prick fully erect was as long as Zeke's forearm. Forearm and hand. Hand open, extended and flat. Hell, maybe Zeke's hand, forearm, and part of his upper arm as well.


Aaron suddenly moaned, feeling the hand, or rather hands of Zeke latch on and begin to stroke his dick. One of Zeke's hands wasn't quite big enough to wrap all the way around Aaron's member. Zeke slid himself down a little, having his arms raise above his head so his hands could caress and stroke the mighty helmet of Aaron's cock, while he flexed his chest as best he could around Aaron's shaft and rub it in between them. He let his balls rest upon Aaron's and he began to do pull ups on Aaron's dick and slide back down. Soon Aaron's breathing was becoming rhythmic, with loan groans and moans escaping his lips, rumbling the air and filling the dorm room and the hallway with sound. After a while, Aaron let out a deep, low, growl that despite being soft and whisperish, echoed down the hall, along with gasps, pants, and grunts of release from Zeke as well. This was followed by the muffled sounds of a couple of other male groans of pleasure from other closed dorm rooms.
Looking down, Aaron could see a very healthy splattering of cum across his chest, felt it on his chin, and saw it covering Zeke's hands, with droplets on his forearms and face, and Zeke's own cum strung across Aaron's cock and Zeke's abs.

Zeke looked up a little embarrassed and smiled. "Breakfast in bed.... I told you not to gain any kind of decent muscle mass."

Aaron chuckled a little, but then a small bit of panic registered across his face, he closed his eyes, and rested his head against the head board.

"That's the other reason I did it. I knew this was going to hit once you woke up."

"How could it not? Look at me... look at you on top of me. You look like and feel like a tween to me. Another growth spurt and you'll be a child, another one a baby, then you'll seem like a microscopic dot."

"I know...I know, babe. I understand... no... not what you're going through,...just that this is difficult and scary. I'm scared for you. This isn't what you expected nor wanted when you went in for treatment. Being seven foot was bit extra, and that was kind of cool, maybe even appreciated by you. You could be the big man of your family. Be one of the bigger men of the world, but it's not that unheard of a height. Now you're nine feet tall. A bit bigger of a problem to overcome and be. Uhm, no pun meant on that."

"I know..."

"What time is it?"

"It's eight forty-five a.m."

"Ok... let's get ourselves and this place cleanned up. I called the coach and Sanjay last night and told them they'd need to meet us this morning in our dorm room, and to bring breakfast." Zeke, stood up and back and looked up and down Aaron. "Does fifteen sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits with eight hash browns and five large o.j.'s sound right to you?"

"Yeah that sounds about right for all of us."

Zeke chuckled and ran his hands across Aaron's abs. "That was just your order."

"My lord...." Aaron stopped and began to think about it as he heard his stomach growl. Yeah...a single sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonalds he could hold with his thumb and index finger now. It will take quite a few of them to make a meal for him.

Zeke went down the hall and got a bucket of soapy water and rinse water, figuring the size of Aaron's form might create quite a bit of a stir if seen, not that his voice during the morning jack off hadn't already created quite a bit of questions posed at Zeke. Using towels to both wash and dry Aaron, Zeke tried to give him a sponge bath without causing either him or Aaron to achieve another erection. After that was done, Zeke went down and got his own shower and then the two picked up and cleanned the dorm room for their meeting.

Coach Dreisden showed up with Sanjay and the medical team; they were all in state of extreme shock, except Sanjay. They were finally able to sit down and start talking when the Presdient of the University came knocking on the door.

"Good lord! I just heard all these rumors about our star player being even bigger, I didn't expect this."

"Yes, sir, it is a bit of shock."

"Imagine what it will be to our rival teams."

"Uhm, they may not get to see him, Mr. President."

"What do you mean, Coach Dreisden?"

"From what, Sanjay and the medical team have discovered and told me, we may need to.... well, pull up a seat and let Sanjay explain it. He can do it better and we've not had a chance to tell Aaron here."

The President of the University sat down and Sanjay began. "After confering with your doctor back home and running several tests together, we have discovered several different facts, good and bad, all combined."

Aaron spoke up in a worried tone, "Good and b..b..bad...all combined?"

"You went to the doctor to get help in growing due to low horomone levels. They have discovered that your horomone levels weren't low, or rather were just low at the time and at the time of the injection were just beginning to be secreted and rise. You would've had your growth spurt, you were just a late bloomer. And you were set for a decent sized one. Our estimates show you would've been somewhere between six foot two to six foot five when done. Now, you got those injections of extra horomones but it wouldn't have done any damage or caused things to mutate. You simply would've just shot up an extra couple of inches or so, winding up some where between six foot five to six foot eight."

"But that's not what happened. I'm well over six foot eight inches tall. I'm... I'm..."

Aaron looked over to Zeke.

"I measured him this morning, flat on his bed. He's nine feet tall, even."

"So how tall am I going to get?"

Sanjay continued, "Well, we're not exactly sure. You see there was an interference in your treatment. There was a man there by the name of Wylle. He was secretly conducting his own little genetic experiements, trying to create a serum, formula, that would make very large, strong, and...uhm...let us say verile men."

"He got that part down..."


Sanjay smirked a little looking at Zeke and Aaron, but continued. "Nurse Cloris was supposed to grab two different petri dishes, but the second one she grabbed was the one on which Wylle was working. Now, it could have been relatively alright still. You could've wound up becoming a very tall, yet very powerfully built man. Something like a slightly taller Lou Ferrigno. You know, the man who played the Hulk in the seventies show? However it somehow mixed with your hormones well. ... too well.

"Combining, what happened is the superman compound, for lack of a better term for it, took your growth spurt and split it apart into separate growth spurts of equal size, but then with its genetic make up, it then caused each of those growth spurts to increase in size exponentially."

"Wait... you're saying I'm to have several growth spurts?"


"How many? how large will each be?"

"We're not exactly sure on either of those answers. But I can give you somewhat of an idea. A normal man has as his main teenage growth spurt somewhere between four to nine inches on average and then anywhere from half an inch to two inches more from age eighteen to around age twenty-five. The problem is, height genetics vary so from person to person depending upon the combination received from his parents. He could have a nine inch growth spurt with a half inch post spurt, or four inch growth spurt and a two inch post spurt, or anywhere in between in any kind of combination. So say young man x was in the same situation as you and he was going to experience the extreme maximum potential in his growth spurts: nine and two. That means total he was going to grow eleven inches taller, but with that serum, what has happened is that instead of growing through an eleven inch growth spurt, he's going to grow through eleven growth spurts."

"And you have no idea the size of these spurts?"

"Well, we do know they're increasing exponentatially, but we don't know exactly how much. Now this last growth spurt last night you grew two feet. You grew two months ago to seven foot, but we don't know how tall you were before you grew, although we do know you started out at five foot six."

"I was six foot even."

"Six foot even?"

"I was five foot six inches tall when I got the shot. The first time I experienced a growth spurt I shot up to six foot. The second one was when I hit seven foot tall."

"Six inches, then twelve, and now twenty-four. .... that means the serum is causing your growth spurts to double in size from what the previous one was."

"oh my god...."

The President stood up and walked over to Aaron to try and comfort him. "Well, it won't be that bad then. You've already had three, maybe you're only going to have one more."

"One more and I'll be....Thirteen feet tall!"

Coach Dreisden spoke up. "Mr. President... I don't think you understand exactly what Sanjay has just told us. Young Aaron here was going to be a late bloomer, and he was going to be in the taller set of his family. The shortest range they estimated him to be was six feet two inches tall. From five foot six that's a growth spurt of eight inches, which means he could have five more of these growth spurts. Possibly more if he actually was to hit the six foot eight range."

"Oh shit!"

"Shhh, shh... Aaron.. it'll be ok. We'll get this figured out. We've identified the cause, we just have to correct it." Consoled Zeke.

"And keep me from getting aroused!"

"Keep you from getting aroused?" asked Sanjay.

"Yeah..." Aaron hung his head down in embarrassment. "The sensation, the spurt, isn't triggered unless I get aroused. It happened the first time, Zeke and out, and the second time we did, and then I.... I uh kind of got myself aroused thinking about how big I was compared to other guys."

Coach Dreisden, sat next to Aaron and patted him on the shoulder. "It's alright, son. Young men, hell even some of us older men, still, get aroused thinking or seeing that we're bigger built, taller, stronger, or more virile than other men around us. It's part of mankind's old animalist nature. Survival of fittest, being the dominant, alpha male, kind of thing. It's just nature. Workout and locker rooms don't smell like they do because of sweat. It's because of testosterone. Any male athlete in the world would be a liar if they told you they never, not once during a match, game, or workout suddenly sported wood. Don't blame yourself or be embarrassed by it."

Aaron nodded approvingly, albeit quietly.

"So...the thing is what do we do for Aaron now? I'm sorry, Mr. President, but he can't be on the team. Sure, at nine feet tall, he'd be quite the asset, but the games, the trainning sessions, the workouts, he could get aroused again easily. Even worse that his boyfreind here is on the team. Which is something else we'll have to handle. You two are going to have to have separate dorm rooms."

"What?!?" cried out both Zeke and Aaron.

"BOYS!....boys....look. I know this is going to be difficult, but you've got to think about your future. Aaron you're nine feet tall. You've just surpassed the tallest man in history in the Guiness Book of World Records. You're a foot taller than the average height of most rooms. You're not going to fit into normal clothes, cars, furniture, houses. Yet, at nine feet tall there are still some accomodations that can be made for you. With that, we've got to figure out a way to stop this, to try and help you, Aaron, still have as normal of life as you can possibly acheive. Now, Sanjay and the doctors can work on that 'cure' to stop the serum Wile E. Coyote or whatever that jerk's name was, but until then we need to use this 'enemy's' weakness against it. We've got to keep you from getting aroused. In fact, I would suggest that until a cure is found or until your body hits an age to be unaffected, around age..."

"Twenty-five." said Sanjay.

"Twenty-five!?" screamed Aaron.

"Yes, twenty-five!" bellowed Coach Dreisden "That you go back home and sit a spell. Look, I understand it'll be like sending you to solitary confinment in a prison, but it's better that and then having a fairly normal part of your life for the rest of your life, than having to worry that every time you brush your hand against your cock, experience a good stiff wind, or accidentally see porn on the internet you'll suddenly grow twenty feet taller."

Aaron turned his face to the wall.

"I know... it sucks, son, but think about what you're combating, what you're fighting for. If not for yourself, think about you and Zeke. How the hell are you gonna have a relationship if you grow so tall that your cock flacid stands ten feet taller than Zeke does."

Both Zeke and Aaron blushed at that.

"And Zeke, you're both in college, time to be men, adult, mature men. Now, my wife will show I have no credentials in knowing what homosexuals look for in a relationship, but I'm pretty sure it's the same thing my wife and I looked for. A relationship between you and somebody else means that you're always thinking not just about yourself, but that other person, and what's good for them, you, and the two of you together. Zeke, if you really love Aaron, you've got to let him go...for the now... If it's strong enough, when Aaron is in the clear, you can go back and pick up with your nine foot lover where ya parted, as opposed to having to part with a lover who could drop you down his piss slit with room to spare."

There were still small protests from Aaron and Zeke, but with confirmation from Sanjay, the doctors, and even eventually from the president of the university, they relented and gave in to plans to send Aaron back home to his parents' ranch.

The coach called up several department heads and got them and their students to work out clothing options for Aaron, even creating a make-shift pair of size U.S. men's forty-three's to cover Aaron's dogs. He put Aaron's scholarship on hold due to medical reasons, and got his classes frozen until such time as they knew Aaron could return. The President arranged for special transportation, while Zeke and Aaron got all of Aaron's stuff packed and boxed.

Finally, the bus having arrived, Aaron tearfully said good-bye to the university president, his teammates, his coach, and finally to Zeke. He boarded the bus and walked to the back where a specially made chair was waiting, sat down, and cried softly to sleep on the long journey home.

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