Pleasure Growth 5

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Once back home, Aaron truly felt like he was in solitary confinement. His parents gave him work and chores to do on the ranch but only things that were light for him, even if they were quite the daunting task for his brothers. His brothers had started to make all sorts of comments, poking fun at him saying how they had the jolly green giant at the house now, or ribbing him a little bit about his homosexuality and his involvement with Zeke. On the rare occasion however, they pushed the buttons a little too often and Aaron would get very angry and accidentally hurt one of his brothers by trying to lightly push them away or shove them, or give them a noogey punch on the shoulder. But with a gymnast's build now, Aaron's strength was a bit more than what he was used to, and at nine feet tall it was enhanced by his size, so the small shoves and punches caused extreme bruising, one broken arm, and sent his brothers flying to the opposite side of the room.

Those instances caused Aaron's mom to put her foot down. Rest assured his father was there too, and was laying down the law as well, but no matter how big Aaron's dad and brothers were, the last word came from his mom, and when she laid down the law, everyone in the family listened or faced the wrath of her and a pair of rolling pins she handled like nun-chucks.

The ribbing, no matter how light it was, about Aaron's homosexuality, his size, any kind of taunting or teasing was to stop and stop immediately or the older boys went to bed hungry, even as men in their twenties.

"Besides," commented Aaron's mom, "Anger sometimes can cause arousal, especially if you piss him off and he accidentally shows off great strength. He's got to be treated and act like he's sterile. Nothing to set him off or arouse him whatsoever!"

And both her and her husband meant it. There was no talk about special nights out with the girlfriends, or how mom and dad met and fell in love on their evening of their wedding anniversary, the cable and internet had locks put on them by mom so anything that showed relationships of any kind, let alone sexually explicit or pornographic scenes, were completely blocked from viewing. Not only Aaron, but the entire family felt like they were all trapped in a world where they were kids again for mom pretty much made sure the only thing available on the radio, t.v., or the internet were things produced by the Disney Company.

So life went on for a couple of months like that. Aaron feeling even more depressed about his size, having to duck at the waist, if not crawl through a doorway on his hands and knees, although the farmhouse being an old victorian style did have high enough ceilings to accomodate his standing height. He felt more depression from missing Zeke, but was told he couldn't think about him so as not to get aroused. A daily grind of farming and ranch chores, child like games or card games, wholesome family t.v. and cartoons, and meals. Aaron at times nearly wished he could talk about the grass growing as it was fast becoming a more interesting subject than his life. But life was still to be interesting in big big ways for Aaron, despite the best efforts of the family. New Year's Day was going to start the new year with a big, big bang.

Aaron's father, upon seeing his seven foot tall son, with his other boys all grown standing around six to six feet four, an inch to more taller than him, had started to go through a little depression himself. He was only in his early forties, his wife and he having gotten married and had the kids very young in their lives, but with all these young, taller, and stronger men in the house, Aaron's dad was beginning to feel less of a man.

Well, Aaron's mom, wasn't hearing of anyone in her family being sick in anyway, including her man. On a secret trip they went to the doctors and got him checked out. Some testoterone treatments for him, triple rechecked by the doctor before administering, and some viagra, and Aaron's father, and mom, were feeling very happy, hardy, and healthy again, indeed. The stage was now set, however, for the "accident."

The form of Dad's viagra pills were small and bluish. So too, were a set of pills Aaron was given to take to curb his horomone and libido levels. The family was in a rush getting ready in the morning as they were heading to town and then to a barn dance that evening. All, except Aaron, of course. While mom was busy getting breakfast prepared and laid out, she handed a tray to one of the brothers with two pill cases and two glasses of orange juice.

"Things are in a bit of rush, today, Elijah, and I don't want either Dad nor Aaron to forget about the meds. Take these up to them and have them take them before they get their baths."

Elijah took the tray, nice like from his mom and turned into the doorway where the back staircase was. Once on it, however, he decided to sprint up the stairs and nearly tripped on the top step. Now, he managed to keep the tray balanced so as to save the glasses of orange juice from completely tumping over, but the pill cases slid to the edge, hit the tray rim, and launched off, hitting the floor and popping open. Now, the brothers new about Aaron's pills and had seen them, and had seen some of the pills Dad was taking as well, but the new pills for testosterone and viagra, mom and dad kept descretely quiet about.

So, when the pill cases hit the floor and popped open, Elijah, groaned and complained to himself, but looked down and figured he knew exactly which pills to place back into what case. The larger, blue, viagra pill, he figured was a booster pill for Aaron since the family was going to be gone all day. Aaron wasn't allowed to go to the barn dance, in case he saw a cowboy he took a liking too, plus the neighbors hadn't found out yet about Aaron's new size. So the pills delivered, Aaron and his father absent mindedly taking the pills without actually looking at them, the family finished getting ready, had breakfast, and then bid goodbye to Aaron and went on the New Year's Day outting.

Aaron went about taking care of the morning chores of feeding livestock, checking for eggs, throwing out hay, and he decided to head out to the front of the pasture to check on a gate his brothers said wasn't latching properly. After checking that out, he started to walk back to the house, but noticed he was walking past the cabin that some of the extra hired hands stayed in while working here. In particular the one Zeke had stayed in.

Opening the door, Aaron ducked and walked inside. The last time he really spent time in here was was five foot six inches tall, well... then, six feet tall. The cabin seemed much smaller to him now. He walked over and sat down on the bed, which groaned greatly under the weight of his new height and size. He noticed the height marks on the door frame of him and all his brothers. He had to laugh as there wasn't room to mark his current height now.

He sat there for awhile but then began to notice an odd scent. No, not odd...familiar. He couldn't figure out what it was, or where it was coming from. He began to sniff in this direction and that, finally realizing, there was an old shirt of Zeke's on the floor near a dresser. It was a dirty shirt, still carrying Zeke's scent on it. Aaron was surprized how he could smell it so strongly. Even more surprised at how small the shirt looked compared to him.

Picking up the shirt, he sniffed it, and sat back down on the bed. Crying, he thought about Zeke: when he first arrived at the ranch, all the chores he tackled, how he helped Aaron with his chores. He then remembered those little smile glances Zeke would giveh him, especially after he had grown to a seven footer. His mind then wandered to all the really hot days, when Zeke, drenched in sweat, would take his soaked shirt off to get cooler. His tight and taught, muscular body glistening in the summer sun, bunching and mounding during the labor. How his arms would pop and swell during work, his chest would heave and barrel, his lats flare, or on the one or two occassions when Zeke declared it so hot, he shucked his pants off as well and was working on fence lines in just his cowboy boots and underwear. Aaron would secretly watch the two mounds of Zeke's breifs: the back mound with its two firm bubble like forms making Zeke's tight ass, and the front mound with its three bulges, two that were the good sized bubble formations created by his balls and the longer, snake like one that was his cock.

Aaron started breathing harder. He was missing Zeke so much. He wanted to be with Zeke again so much. To touch him. To feel him. To make love to him. To feel Zeke touching him. Aaron broke into a sweat, moaning softly, thinking about Zeke, almost pantomiming being with him. He couldn't help it. He was getting turned on so fast. He was so incredibly horny right now and didn't know why. All he knew was he wished Zeke was there, right now, to hold, to grab, to caress, to fuck!

Suddenly he felt it. His cock, just suddenly shot straight down his pants leg stiff as a board and getting harder by the second. He wanted to touch it. To release this building energy he felt inside of him, but he knew he shouldn't. To pleasure himself might set off a reaction, another spurt. He focused and tried to will the horniness and his hard on away, but the viagra and extra testoterone he accidentally had taken this morning was in full effect.

His cock now throbbed so hard, so painfully, that Aaron swore it was going to burst apart. Finally unpopping his button and zipping down his fly, he let his large cock bounce upwards and slap him in his abs. Grabbing a hold of it, Aaron was amazed at the sensation just touching it was creating through his cock and through him, as well as the fact that it felt like he was gripping a rod made of solid steel. Aaron gave one long, slow, firm stroke down his cock all the way to and over his balls.

"aaauuuu-hu-hu-hu-huuuuuuuuuuuuh" escaped the moan from his lips and then...the sensation hit him.

It hit him in the very tip of his prick head, shot down the shaft to his balls and then back upwards again. Only problem was, when it hit his cock head, his cock head shot out farther away from his body, his shaft became noticebly thicker, his balls suddenly swelled larger, firmer, and hung lower.


Aaron was growing and he knew there was nothing to do but keep stroking and attempt to get it done and over with fast. He stroked faster and faster, his cock shot out longer and thicker, harder and veinier, than ever before. He stroked firmer and tighter and his balls swelled like balloons being filled with water, and he felt heat rising from them and could feel cum being produced in greater quantities, filling and swishing round in his balls.

Attempting to stroke longer and slower, he felt his feet swell and stretch, his legs lengthen, his arms reach, his back and neck stand straighter, over and over, taller, and higher, again and again. Aaron began to stroke wildly and grope and fondle his balls and as he did so his muscles denser....thicker...harder....veinier...more striated....fuller....more defined....grew...and grew.... and grew!

Even sitting down he noticed the ceiling was getting closer and closer again. The bed underneath him began to groan and creak, and it was a wrought iron bed! It began to bend and sink, finally snapping in two and Aaron now firmly sat on the floor, still growing upward, outward, muscles getting so full, crevices and crannies developing between the full bloated bellies of each muscle. His cock was still getting larger proportionately rising higher and higher. His clothes were ripping and popping everywhere, in every which way, becoming nothing but tattered shreds sliding off his huge body. And still Aaron stroked....and stroked....and stroked....


Aaron blew his load and through rolled back and semi crossed eyes watched the spoo soar and splat upon the ceiling. He finally gave in to collapse, his back hitting the wall, and he heard a few cracks and splits of the beams which made it. He looked down over himself. His musculature was now somewhere between the size of a gymnast and an American football player. His legs and feet, although sitting up, stretch almost halfway across the cabin floor. His cock shrinking down to its flaccid state still felt so long, thick, and heavy, as if he almost had a third leg, and that was pushed out further by two mounding globes that where his balls, hanging just slightly low and heavy, and getting racked even in sitting position by Aaron's newly burgoning thighs.

What was he going to do? He knew if the calculations were correct, he just shot up to thirteen feet tall, and the way he was filling up the space of this cabin, he could tell that to be true. But he couldn't stay sequestered, he couldn't be pinned up, one can't live like that. He couldn't live...without Zeke. He needed to see him. He needed to be with him. He...He.. needed to calm down, but even though he just released a huge two month load, his cock was becoming painfully erect again and fast! What would he do?

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