Pleasure Growth 6

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Aaron, felt his cock stirring again, so soon after his last blown load. He didn't know why he felt so incredibly, uncontrollably horny, but he was pretty sure he didn't need to trigger another growth spurt. Looking down at his now thirteen foot tall self, with a body built somewhere between a gymnast and an american football player, his heart started to race and pound in fear, panic. He was so huge! He could still get bigger! He didn't need his parents and family to see him like this. He couldn't go back to the house because he couldn't fit into any room! In fact, he barely fit into this room, and only because he was sitting on the floor. He needed to leave to run. He needed to get out of this room, that contained Zeke's shirt and lingering cologne before his cock reached full errection again and caused his body to erect right out of this staff cabin.

Realizing there was no way to squeeze out through the door, Aaron opened the door, then backed up and rammed the doorway at full speed in a slightly crouching position.


His shoulders met the door frame and he was paused for a brief second, but then his massively broad and muscular shoulders took care of the frame work and he burst through to the outside. Screaming in pain, as the door frame still cut into him and bruised him quite a bit, Aaron came to a full standing stance and was overcome with more panic realizing that in his bare feet he stood nearly two stories tall. A clap of thunder roared and rumbled at the same time as another scream came out of Aaron's mouth. A storm was moving in, hard and fast, but Aaron didn't care. He took off running towards the back of his family's ranch.

He felt good running.... getting some use out of these larger muscles, these longer legs, bigger feet..... he felt the use of them, their strength, their power. He felt the weight and heft of his longer and thicker cock as it swayed from side to side, getting smacked back and forth by his quads. The bounce of the base of his cock on his billowing balls, making him feel like he was being racked or sometimes stroked each time his cock bounced heavily upon them. He felt so powerful!

No! he mustn't give in to those thoughts. He can't trigger another spurt. Trying to let the rain coaz him in to believing he was taking a shower, he leaned his head back as he ran, letting the raindrops pelt and caress his face and run down his body. In shorter amount of time required, he had made it to the end of his family's property, but in his new body he effortlessly jumped the fence and kept on running..running to.....nowhere. It didn't matter where, just let the storm take him...take him away. On and on into the night he ran...




The next thing Aaron knew he was flying through the air. No, he was more like tossed across the air, not enough oomph in the blow to send him up and over. The blow, however, was a decent solid one. Aaron landed several feet from the impact, his sides and left leg hurting, and passed out. He had run so far he was crossing over a set of railroad tracks, but the pounding rain and flashes of lighting in the dark night had blinded him to that fact, as well as the fact that a train was in close proximity. His thoughts had played so loud in his head, it had made the engine and its whistle silent.

Having come to a stop, several passengers and the engineers got out to see what they hit and were stunned in complete awe.

"whoweeeeoooooooo" whistled one of the engineers. "Lawd almighty, look at the size of that fella."

"Yeah...and look at the amount of damage to the front of the engine. She's still works just fine, we can make it to our next town. Mostly cosmetic and protective catcher for things like cows and moose, but she'll have to be repaired once we're there. Railway commission won't allow her to run like that."

"Oh, fucking shit! Of all the things to happen to us...."

"Worse than that, master. We'll need to take him on board. I"m not aware of any towns close by, and even for his size, we can't leave him out in the rain."

"Sampson! Get a few men and get that freak on board! He'll need medical well as working a few days for me to pay back for repairs."


Aaron woke up late one morning to the sounds of children's laughter and a colliape playing. He shifted his body a little, making some small groans and moans, feeling extremely stiff and sore on his left side, hip, and thigh. He thought he heard some soft moans and gasps of surprise close by. Staring up at the ceiling he thought it a rather odd one: pulled together drapes, silk maybe, but there was a smell of canvas... Finally his eyes came to the center of the ceiling which went up into a cone and had a pole stuck through the middle of it. He was in tent.

Aaron threw back the covers to get out of bed. "Wait a minute" he thought. "The bed fits." Wondering how this could be at his new size, Aaron leapt out of the bed to a full upright standing position. Suddenly he heard a woman scream, sigh, and faint dead away, collapsing to the floor. Aaron turned his head and screamed in surprise. There on the other side of the tent stood a whole crowd of people: men, women, children, couples. He quickly grabbed the sheet that was on him in bed and covered his front part up.

One of the two entrance ways into the tent opened up and in stepped a powerful figure of a man. He stood head and shoulders over most men, actually head and almost chest over most men. He was powerfully built, like a bodybuilder, and he veins were full an engorged with blood. He had jet black hair that hung from his head to just past his shoulders, encased his jaw and chin in a very thin lined but thick haired beard, and covered his portruding pectorals and brick like abs, arms, and legs. He wasn't wearing a shirt, although he did have thick heavy leather bands around his upper arms and matching vambraces upon his wrists. What appeared to be the bottom half of a toga was wrapped around his waist and covered most of his thighs, while his calves were incased in strong, tight, leather laces that led to the sandles upon his large feet. Over the waist of the toga was a large leather belt with bronze plates all over it, the center one being large, round, and having a stamped 'S' upon it.

This was Samuil Skromonyy, but known to the circus members and attendees as, "Sampson: the Baltic Behemoth! - The seven and half foot tall Russian Strongman." He stepped through everyone and over the guide ropes.

"Ladiez and Gentlemen. This show iz now close-ed for da day. He iz jus vaking up from a zerious concushun and needz medicahl attenshun."

One man, maybe around six four stepped forward, "We paid some money to see him!"

"Ant you vill pay more dan dat in the hozpital! RAAAAAAAUUGGGGGH!"

Striking a most muscular pose that Lou Ferrigno would have flinched at, Sampson roared at the crowd until there was one, very small, not so fancily dressed clown in the corner near a tent opening.

"But....but....Sampson.... Samuil.... the master said he was to be viewed..."

"Da master I anzver too in da realm of buizness, but he..." and Sampson rose up full and flexed both of his arms. "He vill anzwer to me in da realm of moralz! Get zomeone. Peeck up da voman ant take her to da medicahl tent."

After the diminutive clown let out a wimper, found another to help him, and carried the woman away, Sampson turned round to face Aaron and stood there appraising the situation and Aaron's size. Sampson just barely came up about mid thigh to Aaron.

"You....sit. You look vobbley ant even I may not be strong enough to stop if you fall."

Aaron sat back down on the bed. "Where am I?"

"You are on da outskirds of Anaconda, Montana. You are in a ezpeshally made tent to be your home, here az part of Master Mendolli's: Circo di Meraviglia."

"Wait... I'm part of circus!?!"

"Vell, you are now. You vere on railroad tracks at night, novone saw you. Ve struck you. Did more damage to eengine dan did to you, I tink. Az such repairs needed to be made. Master Mendolli not happy about it. He make you vork for him until you earn enough to pay for eengine, clothz, furniture, food, and zomting for you to keep youzelf."

"But, I don't want to work for a circus. I certainly don't want people staring at me."

"If you don' vant to vork for him, I doubt anyvone could stop you from running havay, but you still need to rest for a vhile, ant you vere running from zomting. Do you have a place to run to?"

"I....I.....don't know."

"I am Samuil." and the strong man stuck his hand out. "Dey call me Sampson around here. I am da zideshow strongman. Aldough, you could put me out of vork. I look like a child nekz to you, ant dat takes a bit to do."

Aaron took the man's hand as gently as he could and shook hands. "I am..... I'm.......I..... I don't know. I don't know who I am. Do you?"

"No.... you vere nude vhen ve hit you. No identeeficashun on you. Vorry not so much dat you do not know who you are. You vere hit ant fell and got bad iz pozzible you have...what dey call it?....amneshia. Zo... it might be goot for you to come vork for uz for a vhile. Time to collect toughts, zome money, get clothz. I vill help you out. Do you know how you get zo beeg?"

"No.....I don't."

"Vell, da people will jus vant to zee you. Pretty much, just politely anzver kwestions about how you get trough life being zo beeg, stand up nekz to dem, compare your feet and hands, let dem take picshures, and you vill earn a lot of money. For now...clothz in chest. Get dressed. Then Sampson vill help you arrange your tent how you like it to be."

Shortly thereafter Sampson helped Aaron arrange his tent so his bed could be a bit more private, a comfortable chair to sit near the guide ropes as well as some curtains drapped to stand in front of to take pictures. They even discussed what Aaron should go by until such time as he remembered his names. Of course Master Mendolli had some thoughts on that, but Sampson guided him towards letting Aaron choose for himself. Aaron decided to help his potential though, and chose something along the lines of what Mendolli would've have picked for him: Titus - Titus the Titan.

Aaron reopened his tent and sideshow the next morning and did very well answering questions and making comparison pictures with the people who came in, and eventually some repeat costomers who became fans. Aaron, now Titus, spent much of his time with Samspon, helping him workout out better, even getting in some workouts for himself too. He helped out in taking down the tent, carrying the poles, helping push heaving things like the cannon for the human cannon ball, or some of the animal cages so the horses didn't always have to be hooked up. Likewise at their next stop in Idaho, he helped out in the reverse, carrying poles and putting them up, helping to raise tight ropes, nets, and things like that.

But his and Sampson's act began to change as well. So many people liked to see Sampson's freakishly built muscles, on what used to be considered a giant sized body, now compare and lift and compete against Titus' thirteen foot tall, slightly less muscular frame. Truth be told, Sampson liked it too. He had an act in which he could interact with someone. Normally he couldn't find anyone who could lift the weights he could, or understand the problems of being as tall as he was. Titus enjoyed at least having one person who was becoming a good friend, to pall around and joke with. They soon worked up such a show, they were the envy of the other side show members, and had crowds pouring in just to see them, and see the main circus as a side show.

Several weeks went by and the circus had made a circuit of the west coast and turned in heading into the southwest. One Sunday though, things didn't quite go so well. Maybe it was the extreme summer heat of the southwest. Maybe Titus' timing was off, or Sampson's was off. It led to a little bit of bickering and arguing, and both of them fuming and cursing at one another
during their last show. Titus retired to his tent and Sampson stormed off; the two didn't see nor speak to each other for a number of hours. They even had dinner separately.

It was bed time now. Tomorrow would be the circus folks' weekend, Monday & Tuesday. Titus was flipping through newspaper clippings and printouts of online news articles about him and Sampson, when he bent over to place the books underneath his bed. Out of the corner of his eye he happened to catch one of the doorways in his tent. There stood Sampson.

"What are doing there?" Titus snapped.

"I....(hic)....I can't help it."

"What do you mean you can't help it?"

"I've vorried bout you since ve found you on da trackz. I come in every night to make zure you are sleeping zoundly."

"You've.....checked up on me every night...."

"Yeshhhhh.... You....are good joe. I.....I don't vant you to end up like me...stuck here in a placsh like dis for life."

"Samuil, have you been drinking a little?"

"No....I've been drinkin' a lot." Sampson holds up his bottle. "Dishhhhh.... dish iz my fourth bottle of vodka."

Samspon stumbled towards Titus' bed and sat on the edge of it and placed a hand on top of one of Titus'.

"Titus..... I am zorry we argued zo bad. Zorry I stormed off. Friends don' act like dat to vone another. It'z jus...zo much iz goin trough my head lately."

"Samuil... it's ok... we just argued..."

"Listen...giant man.... I'm offhering an apology, shush ant hear it."

"Samuil..... listen... here...hop up on my abs or chest, and look at me face to face..."

Aaron reached out and grabbed Sampson and placed him on top of his abs to sit.

"Nyet nyet nyet nyet nyet nyet nyet nyet! ....oh....damneeet!"

And suddenly, almost as soon as Sampson's butt hit Titus' abs, the front of his toga like out fit fluffed up and out and stayed stuck out. Titus looked down at Sampson in slight disbelief, but with half smile on his face. Sampson sat there turning more and more red every second.

" you like me?"

Sampson turned his head away and blushed even redder.

"Do you like men, Samuil?"

There was a long pause and a deep sigh from Sampson, who for the first time ever in front of Titus, let his incredibly broad and thick shoulders slump.

"Yesh..... it's why I'm here. I left Russia because I like men ant dey....dey don like men who like men... at least da government doesn't. I had a kept under cover, novone knew. Yet somehow, somevone found out. Dey found out about Demitri ant took him into jail for no reason. Dey....dey could tell he vas in a zerious relashunship ant tortured him to tell who hiz lover waz. He never told and zo dey killed him. I put myzelf trough zo many phycial courzez, zo I could live, zurvive, ant eventually leave, but being young ant no real training, I had to take a job here, showing off my body and strength.

"But... I...." and Sampson, wiped his nose and eyes on the back of his hand as he had started to cry. "I am zorry. I have no idea how you feel about men."

"Well....I....I like men."

Sampson's head slowly rose to meet Titus' eyes.

"And you're quite impressive physically, which I like, and you have a great personality too, and you're also....well....quite impressive physically....I mean... wow."

"Fourteen.....It's fourteen inches long. EXCEPSHUNALLY HUGE! (hic) COMPARED TO ALMOST EVERY MAN! Ha-ha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But I bet....compared to you....I look like a voman! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Do... do you want to make a comparison, Samuil?"

The expression on Sampson's eyes said it all. Stumbling, he stood up on Titus' abs and undid the buckle of his belt, letting his toga bottom slide down his legs and off his engorged member. Smacking his prick, he laughed and shook it at Titus, who playfully made motion as if to bite it. A twinkle came to Sampson's eye, and he dropped to his knees and then lay face down across Titus' abs and chest. He then began to lick and suck on Titus' right nipple while his hand stretched over to stroke the left. Titus began to let out low, soft, growling like moans. The words "oh yes" began to frequently escape his lips as Sampson licked and stroked and caressed every inch of Titus' chest and abs. Titus' cock began to rise and grow, throb and lengthen. Titus flipped over the sheet to get to his briefs all but too late. There soon was a slow tearing sound that increased in volume and frequency, the end of which revealed Titus' enormous pecker rising high and thick over his abs and Samspon.

Sampson turned over on his back and stared up. "My Got! I tink if you were shrunk proposhunately to my height, you might still defeat the 'iron bar of Sampson.'"

Titus and Sampson laughed. Sampson grabbed a hold of the massive head and then shifted it forward as he began to run and jump. He caused the massive prick of Titus to be pulled downward and Sampson stood there holding it, staring at it.

"Eet iz zo beeg.... I tink I could fuck your cock head like it was an azz."

The fondling of his nip, the handling of his cock was sending such powerful emotions through Titus he was beginning to buck and moan.

"Oh....Samuil... your touch.... it's's sending such powerful energy through me. Such strong emotions..... Oh my God! Fuck me... FUCK MY COCK HEAD NOW!"

Smiling, Sampson pushed on Titus' cock sending it down to his crotch area, when upon reaching it, he plunged his own fourteen inch prick into the head of Titus' cock.

"My Got! It iz like fucking an azz.... yet zo big.... I tink two odderz could join me in fucking you!"

"Oh....Sampson! Go....Keep it up! Keep it up! Keep...p...pp...pppp."

"Oh yeah!....feels zo good... my huge penis fucking your, vhat you say, 'ginormous' pecker! Zo firm....zo tight moist.....zo....whoa-hoo! T....Tit...Titus? AAAhhhh hoooo!..... TITUS! I tink you cock iz growing! WHHHAT! Your cock is pushing me back! Titus? TITUS!"

But Titus was lost in the feeling, completely overtaken. Sampson saw Titus' whole body plump up, veins popping over every inch, as if Titus' whole body was becoming erect. But more and more Titus cock was growing, getting even longer, thicker, harder, veinier, harder than steal! And the spurts were coming in larger and larger doses. First spurt sent Sampson to the end of the bed. The second picked up Sampson and held him in midair. Third spurt the cock head, carrying Sampson, rose all the way up to the top of the center tent pole.

Meanwhile, Sampson could see looking down that Titus' shoulders spread out further and further across Titus' form fitting bead. The delts getting thicker and thicker, the traps rising up and mounding more and more. Titus' arms blew up in form getting so thick and swole, becoming more mountainous in their biceps peak shape, while the trapizoids helped to push and raise Titus off his own mattress. Titus' pecs began to blow up and swell, increasing in width and thickness. The full semi-circular, crescent moon shapes grew and grew, inflated, becoming two huge full moons, threatening to become globulous.

The lats grew and grew, thicker and wider, pushing and fighting the arms for room, sending them sticking nearly straight out and off the bed, while the deep and rapid breathing appeared to create deeper cuts and more swollen, brick shaped muscles on Titus' abs and obliques.


Titus groaned and moaned even lower and deeper as his balls began to inflate larger, fuller and firmer, as if they were hooked up to an air hose. They were pushed up and out further and furhter by the mounding, pulsating, thickening quads of Titus which pushed and pushed on each other until Titus began to spead his legs out to the side more and more. This was a shame, Sampson thought, for as Titus legs grew, they caused the shins and knees to come off the bed and fall down so that Sampson couldn't see the magnificent calves bunch, swell, throb, and pump up fuller and fuller, larger and harder.

"Auuuuuh! Auuuuuh! Auuuuuh! Auuuuuh! Auuuuuh!..."

Titus moaned out more and more and with each moan his body just expanded and grew in every direction. His cock head, still carrying Sampson rose even higher, pushing itself and Sampson into the tent top, eventually growing large enough the two lifted the tent top off the center pole. Hands and feet, carried and guided by growing arms and legs were sent out every side of the tent, snapping the tent ropes, pushing poles down, growing into neighboring tents, ripping the fabric, breaking poles, ropes, and cables. Titus' feet becoming large enough to cover whole doorways, hands as well.

People began pouring out of the demolished tents, looking at the arms, legs, and head of the increasingly growing Titus, who was moaning and groaning and bucking his way to a climax soon to be remembered by all.


A muffled Russian accented yelp was heard as the top of the tent suddenly popped off of what most of the circus staff thought was Titus' center pole. However, the amount of cum that came gushing out he vent holes, the fact that the pop caused the tent top to pull down and take off the tent from Titus soon revealed exactly what Titus was moaning about.

Coming too, Titus looked around him at all the staff standing and crying in fear or awe and at how small they looked. Shakily, he began to stand up and look at himself. He was a giant. Muscle wise he had blown up far beyond any workout Sampson could or had given him. He was something akin to a very heavy and built American Footballer or American Wrestler. He soon would be able to enter into bodybuilding contests, except for the fact that he began to notice his hair was coming in, darker and thicker on his body: legs, arms, crotch, abs, chest, and along his jaw line.

Titus dazed and confused soon felt some movement at his feet. Sampson was finally digging his way out from under the collapsed tent. Sloughing off the canvas, Sampson stood tall and straight, cum dripping off of every inch of his body as he searched for Titus. Titus and him looked down and up at the same time, making the comparison and realizing what had just happened, how much Titus just grew. Sampson had shrunk down from mid thight to mid calve of Titus.

Dazed at the sight before him, the adrenaline rushing through him, the amount of cum that was filling and distending his stomach and possibly filling his lungs, Sampson staggered and collapsed on his butt. Titus seeing this cried out, "Oh, Sampson...." and after looking for help from someone in the crowd, which didn't come, he stepped over the crowd, tents not knocked down, and once on a clear stretch of land began to run once more into the night.

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