Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 5b: Danny Gets a Cage (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 5, part “b” of Brady Cannon. Danny, who escaped by fortuitous circumstance from sexual submission earlier in the year learns that sometimes the “postman does ring twice.” Once again, I have had men share their intimate early sexual experiences and fantasies with me. I have tried to faithfully capture them in the scenes of my stories, honoring them even as I add my own touch. In this chapter, Danny’s obsession with athletic men’s feet came from one of the experiences shared with me. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with stories to share, please contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, but the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than the background story, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it’s fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in my case, makes me pursue them on the pages of my stories. At this point I will be adding chapters that have not been written or even outlined. Fortunately, I have been able to add this chapter in one month. Work and life must take precedence over my avocation. The next Chapter is entitled “Harrison Gets a Cage.”

I last posted a chapter on November 22.

December 19, 2010


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That same night, Jem pulled out the disks he had taken from Harrison’s stash and put one of them into his laptop. He and Jake eagerly watched them one at a time as they stroked their respective rigid pricklets. In the first one, Harrison was fucking a blond doggy style, and the camera, which was over head, caught him looking up and smiling into the lens, as he drove his long, thick penis into the woman’s snatch repeatedly. He occasionally reached around her torso and pinched her nipples, making her squeal all the more loudly as he drove her to the first of two orgasms. In the second film there was a rather young looking girl or woman, first sucking Harrison’s cock as he lay on his back on the bed, propped up on his elbows, his legs spread and the young woman between them, watching her and occasionally sneaking a glance and smile up at the camera. Later he had her on top of his torso, riding him as he fucked her to a huge, loud orgasm; reaching up to pinch her rigid young nipples as she ground her sensitive clit against his thick shaft each time she bounced on his prong. The younger girl looked familiar to Jem, and he finally realized it was the freshman daughter of one his of father’s colleagues from work. He had seen her at a summer pot-luck his mother held to bring the husbands and wives at his father’s office together outside of the workplace. She was attending the community college in town, and was living at home for the summer working to earn money for the next school year. They must live close to Harrison, and she sure took to sucking his big dick and nursing on his huge nuts; damn what a horny slut. These disks were going to prove very useful, not to mention they were fucking hot to jerk off to! The two boys squeezed and rubbed their fat knobbed boners as they watched Harrison in the last vid get up on his haunches, missionary style, and fuck a sweet redhead into at least two explosive orgasms. Damn, Harrison loved to fuck. But he would have to wait. There would be more than enough time to figure out how to deal with him.

Friday came much quicker than Jem expected. The week seemed to fly by. He had seen Brady a couple of times, but had not acknowledged the older boy, even though Brady had tried vainly to get his attention without being too obvious. But Jem had just turned, smiled, and waved as he had kept going on his skateboard down the street. But Friday night, he and Jake walked over to the Cannon house after they saw the teenager’s parents pull out of the driveway and head out. It was 6:00 p.m. and Jem had Brady confirm with Danny to come over at 7:00 p.m.

Jem simply turned the doorknob and opened the side door to the Cannon kitchen and walked in, Jake right behind him, just as they had arranged with Brady. They locked the door behind them, knowing that Brady had followed his instructions. Then they walked through the house, to the staircase that lead up to Brady’s room. When they opened the door and walked in, there was Brady naked on his knees with his hands locked behind his head, staring down at the floor, his cock locked in its cage with the fat knob bulging at the bottom of the device. Jake walked over to him, and smelled his still wet hair, the strong scent of his shampoo in the air. Without saying a word, he took two fingers and placed them onto Brady’s lips, and the older boy, without saying a word, opened his mouth and began to gently suck on his them. He heard Brady groan as he started to suck, because immediately the teenager’s cock wanted to harden but was trapped within the cock cage that held him secure. Jake got onto on his knees with his torso erect, and moved his mouth towards one of Brady’s muscular pecs, beginning to suck the already hard, pointed nipple, thrusting out from the bottom of the curved surface while his small fingers found the other nipple on the teenager’s other pec, gently twisting and scratching it. Brady hissed around the fingers in his mouth, whining his plea for the lock to be taken off his desperate cock. Jem noticed that the big, long toed feet, curled tight as his nips were tweaked and he sucked on the preteen’s fingers.

Jake leaned over and whispered calmly into the older boy’s ear….”Dude, we’ll get that nasty lock offa ya soon. But we got to set things up for Danny, and go over your part…so we get it down right. Now get up, slow, and let’s walk downstairs. Don’t worry bout anyone seeing ya, I’m gonna send Jake down to pull the curtains in the kitchen and the family room where we’re gonna start.” With that, Jake got up and headed down stairs to follow his brother’s bidding, while Brady got to his feet, tears beginning to drip down his handsome cheeks as he walked toward the the door and staircase. Jem had taken his fingers from Brady’s mouth, but now his index finger tip on his right hand trailed in between Brady’s hairy ass cheeks, and sought out his tight anus, tickling and scratching it as they walked down the stairs side by side. Brady groaned again his cock straining painfully against the cock cage, while he gritted his teeth and the tears continued to drip down his cheeks. He no longer cared if the younger boys saw him cry…they owned him anyway…he was already as humiliated as he could possibly be. He didn’t know why he was crying, it just seemed natural to do in his current helpless condition.

When they got to the kitchen, Jem pulled out one of the high chairs from the bar at the cooking island in the kitchen, and spun it around telling Brady to sit on it, and spread his legs, placing his big feet on the circular metal frame at the bottom, and placing his hands behind his head again. He dutifully followed the directions, and then listened as the pre-teen master told him how the night was going to unfold. He would be dressed when Danny arrived, in shorts, t-shirt and flops. He would offer him a soft drink and frozen pizza they could cook in the micro-wave, and tell him that he had found a stash of adult DVD’s that belonged to his Dad and figured they could watch ‘em. The Coke would be laced with Viagra and one of the roofies—crushed-- that Jem had stolen from his cousins before they left Georgia. It would take about 20 or 30 minutes, but Danny would be feeling no pain, have the mother of all hardons, and would be ready for anything. Brady began to cry softly, but finally he spoke.

“Please Jem, Jesus, please don’t make me do this…I can’t do that shit, I play ball with this guy, he knows me. If he knows what’s goin’ on, he might tell other guys…please, don’t do this, don’t make me do this…” and the tears flowed down his cheeks as he looked to the ground, beaten and helpless and hoping the boy would have pity on him.

For once, Jem consoled him, but more because he thought Brady was stupid, probably couldn’t think straight with his dick locked. “Dude…get it together. He’s not gonna fuck with you… because he’s gonna get the same treatment you have. We’re gonna take lots of pics of him, then put a lock on him too. We ordered some other ones when we bought yours—thank God my Dad never looks closely at his credit card bill---Danny’s gonna be begging to help us just the way you do.” Brady looked up, but the consolation was pyrrhic…he was relieved that his humiliation would not be shared with other guys, but he was sickened that Danny, his new friend, a guy he would be playing basketball with in the Fall in high school, would be entrapped by him into sexual slavery. Tears still dripped down his cheeks, but they did not flow as freely as they had before.

Jem pulled out the key to his cock lock and showed it to Brady, then told the teenager to go upstairs with Jake and get dressed. Jem pulled out a bottle of Coca Cola from the refrigerator, and as Brady was unlocked from his prison and dressed upstairs under Jake’s careful supervision, he mixed the concoction that would persuade Danny that he should be Jake’s next sex slave.

About a half an hour passed, and then finally the front door bell rang. Jem and Jake stayed upstairs on their knees, watching Brady from the stair landing so Danny would not notice them. Brady, dressed in shorts, a jock strap to restrain his now freed erection, flips and a t-shirt went to the door and answered, faintly smiling as he greeted Danny. He did not understand why his cock was so hard…maybe just cause he had been imprisoned all week, but fuck, he felt jumpy and even his tits were hard. He hated what he was doing, but there was something weirdly exciting about trapping his buddy. He would never admit it, but his cock was leaking into his jock.

“Hey dude, how’s it going?” Brady asked flatly being sure not to betray his tension.

“Hey buddy, thanks for the invite. What’s up?” Danny beamed, dressed in flips, shorts and a t-shirt himself.

“Got some pizza and Coke in the kitch…and a surprise later.” Brady was looking away from Danny as he spoke these words, his stomach churning. He let his eyes stray up at the landing where he knew Jem and Jake were watching and listening. Jem nodded his head silently, making sure that Brady understood that he was monitoring every step he took. Danny was oblivious to anyone else being in the house, and blithely and cheerfully followed his younger friend into the kitchen area.

“Surprise, what’s that about dude?” Danny asked with genuine interest.

“You’ll see…let’s eat first.” Brady mechanically went to the refrigerator and pulled out the frozen pizza, opened the box, and put the dish into the micro-wave oven, setting the dial and engaging the power. He tried to absently chat with Danny about the summer league and their play, but he need not have worried. Danny was pumped to be with his friend, and was more than ready to ramble on about their coach, other players, practice and the last game. All Brady had to do was nod and occasionally laugh or say “yeah” and he was relieved of thinking about much more than the plan he was executing as Jem had instructed him to do.

As the pizza cooked, Brady went back to the refrigerator and pulled out the bottles of Coke that Brady had prepared for both boys, and paid close attention to the non-drugged one marked for him. Danny was so pre-occupied with his chatter, he did not notice the other teen filling his glass with the drink from an already opened bottle. Brady gave the glass to his friend, and then pulled the pizza out of the oven as the alarm went off. He turned to watch as Danny guzzled some of his Coke, as he used the pizza cutter to fashion large slices for each of them. The time went by quickly, as they knoshed on the pizza and swilled their respective drinks at the cooking island in the kitchen. As they ate, Brady shared his surprise with Danny.

“So dude, I was snooping around my Dad’s stuff in the garage and found some of his porn…. It’s fucking hot, ya wanna watch one of the DVDs?” Brady spoke nonchalantly, but the blood was rushing to his strapped prick and to his head. He didn’t know why, but he was completely sexually excited, his cock forcing its way out of the side of his jock pouch and the fat knob being tickled by the soft material of his shorts, leaking his teen pre-fuck juice onto his pubes and the material---Fuck, he hoped he was not showing any stain. He was scared, but he was also desperately horny. He’d been locked in that damn cage for the week, and now being freed and anticipating what might happen as the evening wore on, had him fairly shaking with sexual need. He’d never looked at another guy sexually, but as he glanced at Danny, the boy’s strong legs, and tight butt seemed oddly engaging. He could see Danny’s nipples poking out the material of his t-shirt on the older boys developed pecs, and it made Brady’s own nipples get hard and caused him to unconsciously lick his lips.

“Ah….sure dude…I’m game for watching some pussy get tapped. Shit, I haven’t gotten laid since we moved here. I’ve been fucking my bed, if you know what I mean…so it would be damn great to see some real cunny.” Danny beamed, as Brady mechanically walked to the DVD player and television, turning both on, and slipping in the DVD that Jem had provided. Listening to Danny made Brady’s prick burp more pre-cum, the knob now itching insanely from the ticklish liquid drooling over his helmet and against the material and his pubes. The wet material was tickling his knob, but he had to bite his lip and act calm, or he might blow the whole gig and get locked down again.

As Brady bent down to slip the disc into the DVD player, he rested on the balls of his feet, his long toes gripping the rubber fronts of his flip flops, and his pale, soft heels exposed as the flip flop sole pulled away. Danny’s eyes were drawn like magnets to the big boys feet, Jesus his narrow heels were so sexy and soft…fuck… he felt the first hardening of his prick. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. He needed to get control of himself; he couldn’t betray that he was a perv. Once the movie started, a hardon wouldn’t be a problem, but those feet…those big feet…. Brady walked over to the couch with the remote control and pressed play, but Danny was now mesmerized by the long, thick boy toes. Shit, suddenly Danny could not stop glancing at the boy’s feet….he’d seen them before, but God, they looked so clean and muscular. On the screen came images of a woman riding on top of a man whose cock was sliding in and out of her juicy cunt. Brady sat with his legs splayed, stretched out in front of him and his back slouched on the couch. Danny was sitting back on the recliner. As Danny watched, eyes glued to the television so they would not stray to Brady’s feet, he had no idea he was watching an amateur video of Harrison Chambers. With one hand he rubbed his erecting penis that seemed stubbornly hard, and with the other, he nervously drank more and more of his Coke.

Brady stared at the television, also gripping his crotch, but more in pain than in excitement. His cock was desperately erect and leaking, but he was given strict instructions not to cum…so he was harder than he had ever been, but could not satisfy his greedy penis----fuuuuuccccccckkkkk. He looked over occasionally as his older teenage friend, who seemed to be getting more and more dizzy as he drank his Coke and watched the action on the tube. Danny’s erection was also very obvious, poking out the material of his shorts, and Brady envied him wishing he could once again be able to fondle his erection as he wished without being supervised. By the time Harrison Chambers was shooting wads of his thick gism into the tight folds of the pussy he was banging on the screen, Danny’s cock was rock hard, but his eyes were also drooping and his arms were getting limp. The combination of the Viagra and Rohypnol had taken its toll.

Jem and Jake saw Brady give them the signal by nodding his head up and down toward Danny, and they came down stairs, smiling broadly.

“Good work dude,” Jem said to Brady as he approached the dazed and confused Danny, lifting one of his arms and watching it plop back down on his lap when Jem let it go. Danny looked up at the young boy, but he had a goofy expression, apparently no longer cognizant of where he was or what he was doing.

Looking at Brady with a wry smile, Jem told him to come over to the recliner where Danny was sprawled. “Help us with this guy, take off his t-shirt and his flips.”

Brady looked shocked. He had expected to have to set Danny up, but somehow he had not envisioned that he would have to do anything that involved touching Danny. He was about to be very surprised. He got up tentatively, once again grasping his crotch, his unruly penis throbbing at the sound of Jem’s voice and perhaps the thought of being made to touch Danny. Fuck, he could not keep his prick soft….and so he walked over to the recliner awkwardly, squeezing his crotch in discomfort as he walked.

“Careful dude, don’t pop yer spooge…otherwise we’re gonna lock you down for a couple of weeks…when we let you out, you might faint or something,” Jem said sarcastically.

Before he did anything to Danny, Brady gave Jem a pleading look hoping to escape this part of escapade. But Jem just pointed to the sappy Danny, and Brady took a deep breath and turned towards his friend. First he removed each of the flip flops, watching as Danny absently flicked his toes. Then he pulled Danny forward, allowing the older boy to rest his head on his stomach as he tugged the t-shirt up and pulled it over his head and each one of his limp arms.

When the shirt was off, Brady looked back impassively toward Jem, hoping that his part was done. But it was just beginning. “Help us get him down on the floor, on the towel that Jakey has laid out.” Jem did what he was told, able to big up the smaller boy under the arms and get him to move toward the middle of the room and the spread towel on rubbery legs. He let Danny down slowly and the older boy crumpled onto the towel, ending up on his back, his legs askew. “Now, lean down and suck on his right tit,” Jem said evenly, staring right into Brady’s eyes.

Brady’s eyes widened. He shook he head from side to side nervously, a look of disbelief on his face. But when Jem pulled out the key and dangled it for a moment he closed his eyes and dropped to his knees on the floor, his cock now painfully struggling to burst into a giant ejaculation. The closer he got to engaging in sex with a boy, the more his long, thick teen prick strummed with need. Jesus, he was becoming a fag, and he couldn’t stop it…he was helpless….shit, fuck…a God damn faggot…. Slowly, trembling, Brady moved his head towards the smooth curve of Danny’s firm, muscled chest, the chiseled muscle capped by a ruby red, pointed cone thrusting out. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, fastening his lips around the erect nubbin, pursing them and letting his tongue flick against the rubbery teat.

Danny gurgled and cooed, trying to lift his arms, but was only able to move one which managed to rise enough to rest behind Brady’s head. The consequence was that the weight of his spastic hand and arm pushed the younger teenager’s head toward his chest which simultaneously lifted up from the delicious sensation of Brady’s suckling on his electrically charged titty. Jem took Brady’s right hand that was resting on Danny’s thigh, and placed it on the sprawled teenager’s mounded crotch. He used his other hand to help Danny keep Brady’s head down by placing his hand firmly over the loopy teen’s to focus Brady on sucking the tit, while his right hand reflexively squeezed Danny’s erect penis as he had been his own throbbing prong earlier. Danny was stiff from the Viagra he had consumed in his Coke. Without realizing it, Brady was vicariously masturbating by squeezing Danny’s turgid wiener through his shorts, and he sucked automatically on the boy’s nipple as if nursing. For his part, Danny raised his hips and ground his leaking erection into the soft fist of his friend, letting the dual sensations take possession of him as he groaned in animal pleasure.

Within minutes, the boys had made Brady strip Danny naked. Now it was Brady who was mesmerized, tugging the shorts and briefs off of Danny’s strong legs, exposing his big pale, curved penis with its fat head. The redhead’s cock was pale white, contrasting to his fiery red pubic hair, and big hanging balls. Brady could not stop the constant leaking of his own cock. Then, finally, Jem allowed Brady to stand before him, legs spread and arms locked behind his head, while he slowly unzipped his shorts and let them drop to his feet, and then slowly tugged down the bulging, tight jock strap, wet with Brady’s leakage. Brady let out a huge groan as the restrictive strap was finally slipped down to his feet, freeing his bobbing prong, shedding drops of pre-fuck right and left, and allowing his sweaty, aromatic nuts to breathe free. Brady grunted in relief, and thrust his hips out, allowing his swaying cock to enjoy its release after days of confinement and control.

“Need it bad, huh dude?” Jem quipped, looking up with a sarcastic smile at the older teen. Brady looked away, embarrassed, but he closed his eyes and grunted again when his pre-teen tormentor glided his thumb back and forth over his wet circumcision scar, teasing it, and smoothing the sticky leak around the bulging glans which now itched again from its neglect and the soft bruising of the pre-teens thumb pad back and forth. Brady lasciviously enjoyed the masturbation of his raging prick, thrusting the bloated, sticky knob into Jem’s fingers, and lewdly bending his knees and fucking his hips, as he gasped, his hands still locked behind his head. Jem had Brady wrapped around his finger, so to speak, and he knew just how to manipulate the big, dumb teenage hunk.

With Jake’s help, Jem cuffed Brady’s hands behind him, then led him to the couch to sit down again. “Okay dude, now let’s get you ready,” Jem said in passing. Once seated the two pre-teen boys put the spreader bar onto Brady’s thick, hairy ankles and left him erect and in Jake’s capable hands. The younger boy eagerly took charge, using his soft fingers to pinch and tug at Brady’s nipples, cupping the fat teenage cock head and thumbing it, making Brady grunt and hiss from the sensations. The older boy leaned back against the couch, letting his lead loll against the back of the couch, slouching down so his ass came to the edge of the cushions, and his long legs spread and stretched out into the middle of the floor. “Oooooohhh fuuccck, please, get me off…aaaaaahhhhhh, shit…fuck, yesssss…there, rub it there….God, oh God, I need it, fuck….” Jake ignored the big teen following his older brother’s instructions to merely tease and keep Brady on the edge where he was putty in their hands. Jake turned to watch Brady’s long toes flick from the sensations at his nipples and his desperate prick knob. Brady’s thick boy toes were spread and then clenching and flicking, denoting the depth of the sensations that were driving him wild. Now it was Jem’s turn to take control of Danny.

“Dude, get up, up on yer knees dude…com’on, and let’s get over to the couch.” Danny looked up, a goofy expression on his face, a bit confused. Who was this kid speaking to him…did Brady have a younger brother…and then the thought passed. Slowly Danny, dazed and drugged was given his glass and drank more of the Coca Cola concoction. Then even more stupefied, he shuffled over on his knees naked and his curved cock swaying, towards Brady’s seated form. The pale, curved shaft, drooled clear pre-fuck as he made his way to the couch. As he arrived, he clumsily bumped into Brady’s long, hairy legs, the younger teen’s big feet shackled apart to the spreader bar and his heels resting down on the carpet and soles up and exposed, the long toes spread and flicking as a result of the relentless fingering of his cock knob and tits from Jake’s exploring hands.

“Ya know Jake, let’s get this dude down and dirty, like Cuz Blake used to make us and Wayne do. It made my dick hard to watch Wayne get down on his knees and suck Blake’s toes. Let’s get this dude down and see how he feels when he sees pics of doing Brady’s big boats.” Little did Jem realize that by making Danny suck Brady’s toes, it would unleash his inner-slut. For the time being, it was just cool to think of making the older teen service his younger friend. Jem squeezed the front of his shorts, his hard pricklet now throbbing in his briefs from the success of having two teenage boys under his thumb. As he fondled his own aching erection, he gave Danny directions.

“Now get down, dude, and suck on Brady’s toes.” Danny’s eyes shifted downwards from Jem, and widened as the big, tanned size eleven feet were flicking madly. Danny’s cock began to drool more, throbbing—as if the Viagra spiked Coke hadn’t been enough to make him rigid. Even in his stupor, the image of Brady’s long, thick toes were like an elixir.

As Jake continued to stoke Brady’s fires, Danny lowered his face toward the feet bound and presented to him on a platter, so strong and yet so vulnerable. He could not help himself as he stared at them and their muscular digits. Brady kept his toenails trimmed close, his feet hand only a hint of callous on the heels, a bit on the ball of his foot, and near the outside of the big toes. But otherwise, the thick, long, curved toes expressed power and delicacy at the same time, their athletically rough surfaces at the same time naturally soft. All boys depend on their ‘peds’ to make them strong and powerful, they are the tools of their mobility and athleticism. But at the same time, any injury to the foot, a sprained toe or ankle, a bad blister, can almost incapacitate the strongest boys. Brady had not paid much attention to his feet other than to appreciate the power they gave him on the basketball court, on his skateboard, or running in the sand on the beach. But Jem and Jake had taught him things about his feet, how sensitive they were, how ticklish and how erotic. Now Danny was mesmerized by the sight of these strong, big boy feet that were bound and unable to move. His mouth opened reflexively, his tongue licking his lips and sticking out like when he drove to the basket on the court.

As he got close to them, Brady’s feet were smooth and clean with only a faint scent of foot sweat having showered early that day. For the confused and baffled Danny, those long, thick, muscular toes bypassed his rational self, and all the work he had done to leave his previous circumstances behind him. Instead, the sight and taste of those pale, muscled feet made Danny’s already Viagra hardened penis, pulse spasmodically, leaking profusely, and drawing him to them all the more. His open mouth enveloped one of Brady’s big toes, even as it wriggled, into its warm wet confines, and his tongue lashed the huge digit sucking and licking it mercilessly. As his tongue tickled underneath and between the toes, Brady tried to curl them, only making Danny more ravenous, wanting to suckle and lick every inch of the teenage feet. And as he licked and slavered, Jem whispered into his ear, telling the groveling teen to suck because the bitch he was doing loved it! Dumb Danny worshipped Brady’s feet like it was a girlfriend’s, unfocused and unaware clearly that he was publicly sucking the feet of another guy---but that’s what he wanted, what he needed to do. Jem was as surprised as anyone to see Danny worshipping Brady’s feet so energetically, and he wanted to exploit it, snapping pictures and taking video. It only got worse for Danny.

Jem next ordered him to sit up with his knees spread, feet behind him, ass resting on his feet, but scooched up close to Brady’s big right foot with the sole resting against his balls. Then Jem told him to grasp his own curved erection and Brady’s foot with his hands, and to rub it against the wet sole of his buddy’s teenage foot that was lubricated by Danny’s own saliva from the thorough licking he had given it. Danny, now receiving hits from a bottle of Amyl Nitrate that Jem had in his pocket, felt in heaven. He had never done this with his buddy Jason, but it felt sooooo good, fucking the muscular, padded sole of the athletic foot, his boner being rubbed against it and the firm yet soft surface masturbating him deliciously. Like a dog in heat, he pushed his fat, sticky knob up under Brady’s long toes, as Jem snapped more photos and video. Danny was ironically tickling Brady as he masturbated causing the younger teen, who was battling the other sensations from Jake’s persistent hands on his body, to curl his long thick toes around the bulging knob reflexively.

Danny hunched his cock faster and faster against the sole of his friend’s foot, working it vigorously and sliding the rampant prick stalk and knob still leaking copiously from the drooling piss lips on the muscular foot. The unabashed frottage was driving him closer and closer to the ejaculation he wanted so much. Danny was only too happy to grind the fat knob more and more under the strong, curling toes; he stared at the way in which his glans was roiled under the strong digits. He particularly worked it ruthlessly against the tough skin at the ball of Brady’s foot to send the delicious friction against his circumcision scar and, like an electric shock, through his entire body. Jem stood over him watching fascinated and occasionally reaching down to pinch Danny’s firm tits, while he looked up to glance at his younger brother who continued to play with Brady’s bound and helpless body, making the other teen raise his hips as best he could to drive his own rampant boner into the pre-teen’s soft teasing hand. Brady was once again reduced to a helpless sex slave, surrendering his body to whatever Jem and Jake wanted to do to him, and panting from the delicious tickling of his edged prong and tits. Now the tickling of his strong feet from his friend’s enthusiastic rutting, was adding to his sexual heat. Finally, after ten minutes of working his boner against Brady’s flicking and curling toes, milked by the constant bruising of his circumcision scar and piss lips against the tender and yet muscled flesh, Danny surrendered to a monstrous ejaculation.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDDD, AAAAAWWWWWWWWW SHIT, I’M CUMMMMMMIIIIINGGGG…..AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!” For at least fifteen seconds, Danny’s body jerked and shuddered as his penis was subjected to additional sensation by the merciless ongoing friction that he simply could not abandon as his gism squirted out onto Brady’s sole and toes, and the tickling made him buck helplessly. He loved the sensation of his thick spunk spurting in ropes against the athletic foot that was milking him, because unconsciously he sensed he would end up licking it up. Without any prompting from Jem, when his cum finally subsided and he completed tortuously polishing his own knob spasmodically against the muscular digits, Danny knelt down on his elbows and began to ravenously slurp his starchy spunk from Brady’s toes, greedily licking it down like a starving man and tickling his friend as his tongue and lips worked the big boy toes. “Hahahahahahahahah….stop…yer tickling my foot. Stop-it….hahahahah….” Brady tried to lift his big feet, but the spreader bar made it difficult to move. Jem was stunned, but snapped photos and took more video to make sure he captured every humiliating act for Danny’s later edification; “Yeah dude, scarf that shit, eat that juice, lick it up and get every drop…show us how you like to eat yer own spooge!”

“Mmmmmmmppppphhhhh…..” was the only sound that came from the floor as Danny lapped his cum like a dog licking his master’s feet. But things were about to get much more interesting for Danny and Brady.

Jem and Jake pulled Danny off of Brady’s big feet, and made the older teen sit back on his haunches, panting, some gism still on his face from where he dove onto Brady’s foot without hesitation. Next they helped Brady up from the couch, and shuffling his feet with the spreader bar, helped him down onto the floor where they spread a beach towel from the upstairs linen closet onto the living room floor. As Brady asked softly for Jem to get him off, his big erection swinging, sticky wet with the teenage pre-fuck, the boys tethered his cuffed hands over his head, and tied them to the heavy legs of the arm chair across from the couch. Then they roped the spreader bar to the legs of the recliner that Danny had been sitting in earlier. Brady was stretched out, his legs spread, his firm stomach muscles rippling, his pale arm pits with their patches of light hair fully exposed.

Now Jem instructed Danny to get down on his hands and knees, and to crawl over Brady’s prone body. Danny continued to look confused at the pre-teen, as if he wanted to ask a question, but Jem kept urging him to move and giving him hits of the Amyl as well as more Coke to swill, he finally did what he was told. They positioned Danny with his cock over Brady’s face. Soon Danny was facing Brady’s big boy boner, his torso resting on Brady’s. Brady saw what was coming, and in spite of his need to get off, he protested as Jake seized Danny’s seven inch penis and jerked it a bit above Brady’s face to firm up its continuing tumescence from the Viagra. “OH JESUS…what the fuck…don’t do this…oh my God, yer gonna put that junk on my face, no…nnnnnooooooo, Christ, gimme a break, fuck no!”

Jake ignored his protest and palmed the fat knob of Danny’s penis, making the drugged teen coo and grunt from the work on his knob still sensitive from his recent ejaculation. In the meantime, Jem lifted Brady’s still unfulfilled eight inch prong and rubbed the leaking knob across Danny’s cheeks and lips, making the dazed teen close his eyes and twist his head, the feeling of the thick prick reminding him of servicing Jason the previous spring. Without much prodding, Danny’s mouth opened, and Jem inserted the fat plum of Brady’s rigid prong into Danny’s soft, wet mouth. Brady immediately stopped his protesting and lifted his hips as much as his bonds would allow trying to drive his needy penis into the mouth of his friend whose tongue reflexively began to baste and lap the juicy teen glans. Danny seemed to be returning to his time with Jason, and almost instinctively began to nurse on the bulging glans of the bound boy beneath him. “Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee” Brady howled, his sensitive and desperate glans getting sweetly milked and suckled by his friend’s voracious mouth, but not yet doing enough to drive the helpless boy to his ejaculation. “Oooohhhhh fuuuucccckkk, suck my dick, shit, that feels so fucking good….oh my God, suck it, suck it hard, shit, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….”

Now it was Danny’s turn, with Jake timing Brady’s open mouthed howling to insert Danny’s smaller but still fat cock head into the big teen’s mouth. Brady sputtered and coughed, but his garbled protest and anguished sensitivity to the sucking on his precious prick tip only facilitated the intrusion of Danny’s penis into his mouth. Jem leaned down and hissed at Brady to cut his crap, and suck cock: “You dumb shit, suck that cock or I’ll lock you down in your cage for two weeks, get it!” Brady gave a long groan, in part from the delicious sensation on his cock head and in part from his humiliation at having another boy’s penis in his mouth, but he began to tentatively mouth the leaking cock head resting on his tongue, knowing that if he didn’t he would suffer for the next two weeks. “Mmmmmmppphhhhhh…..mmmmmmmmmm…” Brady and Danny both moaned around the big boy wieners lodged in their mouth, moving inexorably to the back of their throats. Within minutes, the two boys were silently working each other’s rigid prongs inexorably up the ladder to ejaculation, with Danny being instructed to focus on Brady’s bloated cock head, while Brady was required to suck as much of Danny’s cock as the moving hips of the teen on top could drive his penis into the mouth below. Brady wanted to black out, the teasing of his cock head driving him mad, his long toes now curled or flicking almost constantly from the tortuous sensation.

Jem lubed his index finger and wriggled it into the tight slit of Danny’s anus, parting the teenager’s tight butt cheeks to seek his private boy hole amidst the dark red hair that blocked the entrance. Once lodged inside, Jem found the older teen’s sensitive prostate, rubbing his finger back and forth over the little knot and poking it. Danny grunted around Brady’s prick head from the assault on his fuck nut, and drove his own hard penis deeper into Brady’s sucking mouth. It took a few more minutes, but soon Danny was howling around Brady’s oversized prick tip, as he shot wads of cum into the other boy’s mouth, stunning Brady and making Danny’s own glans grow even more sensitive from his second ejaculation. “Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee……aaaaaggghhhhhhh!”

With Brady swallowing out of a need to prevent himself from choking, his tongue lashed back and forth wildly working the glass smooth glans of the older teenage boy as it erupted in full orgasm, torturing Danny’s overwrought cock head ruthlessly if out of a blind effort to save from drowning in teenage scum.

Finally, out of his desperation from the sensitivity of his knob getting polished in the inexperienced and captive mouth of his friend, Danny forced his ass up and pulled his shaft from its captivity. At the same time he spit out Brady’s big knob, trying to get his breath after the explosive eruption of his cum. Jem had withdrawn his finger from Danny’s ass, but he now leaned down to calm him and put Brady’s unsatisfied boner back into his mouth. “Suck it dude…com’on, ya gotta suck it, ya know ya want it…get that tasty juice, like the stuff you licked offa his foot. Do it dude, he’s got a shit load of it…lotso nasty crud in his stinky balls…com’on ya know ya want it….” Jem kept speaking soft and low, and holding the big apple of Brady’s bulging prick tip up to the older teens face, and wiping across Danny’s lips. Eventually the helplessly obsessed sexual lust of the older teen made Danny open his mouth and take the sticky, glassy glans in again.

Brady hissed, and then as Danny’s mouth went back to the sweet torture of licking the big bulb of his glans. Brady once again begged ---his mouth now freed of Danny’s cock:
“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkk…get me off…shit, my cock head…fuck, don’t… nnnnoooooo, ah, oh God….please…aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, don’t God Damn, lemme cum, don’t, oh fuck, do me, do me, get me off, get me offffffffff…..AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!” Brady begged and pleaded, but his penis was now Danny’s prisoner and Jake went back to occasionally pinching Brady’s erect teats adding to the desperate need. After ten minutes of this excruciating mouth milking, with Danny reaching under Brady’s big balls at Jem’s urging to tickle between his taut cheeks to scratch and flick against Brady’s tight bung hole, finally making Brady ascend incrementally towards the cum he’d been craving all week. Brady began to hyperventilate and started to make a series of “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…” grunts that grew louder and louder until his ass first ground into the towel under it, and then rose up and thrust into Danny’s unrelenting mouth. Brady’s deep, wide pisswell opened and his glans went glass smooth then he wailed a final squeal of sensation. “OOOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDD, OH GOD, OH FUCK….OH MY GOD…FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!” Jem grasped the rigid prick stalk holding it steady for Danny to nurse, and allowed the older teen to drink down the ten streams of teen boy gism that bolted from Brady’s cock into his mouth.

Now Brady tried to grind his ass into the carpet, seeking to escape Danny’s vacuuming mouth. But the drugged teen was tasting more gism, like the sweet nectar he had sucked off of Brady’s toes earlier---his own---and now he was getting even more. But for the shackled and helpless Brady, his cock knob was imprisoned again, but not in a cage this time but rather in the relentless sucking mouth of a drug-dumbed teen buddy. On auto-pilot, Danny kept licking and sucking on Brady’s helpless knob, twisting his own head around the bloated prick tip. The younger teen stretched his toes and his fingers scrabbled over his head as he wailed for mercy: “Oh Jesus… oooohhhhhh God…stop! Stop it! Ooooohhhhhh fuuuuccccckk nnnoooo, AAAAAGGGHH! LEMME GO…LEMME GO….AAAAAGGGGHHHH!”

But Jem had no intention of letting Brady go. He knew that the big teen had more spunk in those big boy balls. After a week, Brady was still cum needy, and his stubborn penis would not go soft, so even as Danny sucked his cock head to a point where he thought he might faint and in spite of his desperate entreaties for mercy, the rigid penis only hardened again. In another five minutes, Brady was bucking and howling, but this time, Jem had added another sensation by getting Danny to slide a lubed finger up into Brady’s taut bung hole and work his fuck nut into submission. One more time, Brady wailed in excruciating pleasure as he spat wads of his sweet teen slop into his basketball buddy’s greedy mouth, writhing on the floor, trying desperately to buck Danny off of his body and his relentless mouth off of his helpless and desperate prick tip. Prisoner Brady paid for his pleasure, squealing helplessly as his fat knob was suckled after the cum and polished by the older teen’s tongue and lips until Brady just sobbed, his toes curled tight and tears rolling off his face. “EEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Jem finally told Danny to stop…and careful extricated Brady’s still tumescent penis from the dazed boy’s mouth.

Jem and Jake untangled the boys, releasing Brady from his spreader bar, his body covered in sweat. Danny rolled off of Brady’s body, his own flesh covered with a sheen of sweat. After giving both five minutes to catch their breath, they took both boys upstairs to Brady’s bathroom for a shower. The boys masturbated both of them at the end of their respective showers; Danny hardy cognizant of what was happening, but Brady begging that his prick was still too sensitive as Jake did the honors and pulled another load out of the sexually greedy body of the fifteen year old jock. Danny did not recall much when he awoke later in the evening, sleeping on the recliner, and Brady sullenly watching a baseball game on the television. Brady looked over with a blank, almost cold expression, and gave a soft sigh of relief as his friend got up and asked what time it was.

“It’s nine dude….” Brady said flatly.

“Hey, I better get home, Jesus, I don’t know what happened. I remember we were watching the vids and having dinner…I musta been bushed.”

“Yeah, yeah, you fell asleep…I figured you were tired. I was so into the vids, I jerked off while you were asleep. Sorry you missed the fun.” There was a tired, unconvincing tone in Brady’s voice and maybe just a bit of bitterness; a rehearsed presentation. But Danny did not notice, he was embarrassed he’d fallen asleep at his friends house, and had a slight headache, and a strange ache in his ass.

“I’d better hit the road dude, thanks for dinner…sorry I was such a bust. We’ll get together again; see you next week.” With that Danny walked to the front door with Brady behind him and headed out. Brady looked sadly upon his buddy as he walked down the front walk to the street and then down the street. As he closed the door and turned around, there were Jem and Jake, smiling.

“It’s time for us to put you to bed buddy….” Brady’s penis hardened immediately, even after he had cum three times and had his unruly boner worked into helpless submission. He knew what that meant, and it both repulsed and excited him. Shit, he fucking could not stop his prick from getting hard…he was a fucking slut…Jesus, just the sound of Jem’s voice made him prick hard. He could cum and cum again…and his brain seemed to dismiss anything else as he padded nervously up the stairs on his big bare feet, pulling his t-shirt off and unzipping his shorts as he entered his bedroom. Soon he was under his sheets lying on his back with Jake’s small fingers from one hand in his mouth as a pacifier to suck. Jem had joined them and he instructed Jake to slide his free hand down under Brady’s bedding and inside his pajama bottoms, playing with and masturbating the bigger boy’s ever hungry penis. Brady was such a good looking, all-American slut…and his cock was insatiable. Jem assisted by slipping a damp gym sock over Brady’s straining erection under the sheets, and urged Jake to twist the soft cloth over and around the leaky, bloated cock head one last time, sending the older boy to one final straining, howling ejaculation, on his back with his legs spread and his toes pointed. Jake held Brady’s wrists over his head, but he really did not need to. The older teen was now his sex slave, and once his cock was hard, the boys could do anyting they wanted to Brady Cannon. After he came, and the boy’s polished his aching knob yet again, making Brady hunch and beg, only to be told to stretch out or suffer the consequences. The hapless teen did as he was told, sobbing softly again as his overwrought and too sensitive knob was tickled for another two or three minutes until Brady’s entreaties were too loud to ignore. Jem used the sock to clean up Brady’s still copious teen spunk. Then Brady’s cock was finally soft, and soon was locked down for the next week before the boys left ahead of Brady’s parents returning home. As they left his room, Jem turned to see Brady with one hand over his eyes, shielding his tears from the boys as they exited.

When Danny got home, he realized he needed to piss. He went up to his room, and into his bathroom and unzipped. When he put his hand inside his shorts and briefs to pull out his penis, he felt something strange. First he found a piece of paper, which he pulled out. But he put that paper on the sink counter next to the urinal and instead, pushed down his shorts and briefs to see what was feeling so strange from the piss pressure. He wanted to erect, but he couldn’t? When he shoved down the clothing and revealed his crotch, what he saw stunned him. The same type of metal cage and small lock that Jem and Jake had put on Brady, was now on Danny. At first Danny just stared down at his genitals, incredulous at what he saw. Then he turned and looked in the bathroom mirror so he could see the apparatus fully and to confirm what his eyes had seen. He said nothing, he just starred transfixed. Then he spoke to himself out loud in a quizzical tone: “Whaaaaat the fuuuuckkkk….Jesus Christ…what the fuck is that? How….how ….how did I get that…shit, did Brady do this to me…Jesus, why? What the fuck?” At that moment, his eye caught the paper on the counter that he had found inside his briefs. He picked it up, quickly unfolded it, and began to read:

“Danny, I am a friend of your buddy Brady Cannon, and I asked him to invite you over last night. Please go to the following web site: http://dannypaterson.slave/ and look at the vid and pictures posted there. You will need a password, so it’s “helplessdude.” I suggest you don’t give it to anyone else. Once you see it, you’ll understand why, and you’ll understand why you’ve got that cage on your junk. I’ve got the key, so don’t worry, you won’t have to ask someone else to take it off and expose you. But the only way that comes off is when I decide to take it off…and if you do exactly as you’re told no one will see those pics and video on the site. So go to the web site, watch the video, and follow the instructions.”

Danny forgot that he had to piss. He almost seemed like the zombie he had been earlier when he was drugged. But this time, he was dazed for a different reason…and he was fully conscious. He had a sick feeling in his stomach that what had happened with Jason last spring was now happening again. He walked trembling over to his desk and sat in front of his laptop, quickly pulling up the internet. He typed in the internet address that was in the note, and up came an explanation of what had happened, a set of jpegs and a video. He watched, mesmerized and horrified…finally crestfallen. Tears began to roll down his cheeks, though he was not sobbing. His pain was deeper than sobbing, and his fear kept him silent. And when the video of him sucking on Brady’s feet came up, he felt his dick strain against the cage, causing him to close his eyes from the discomfort and the shock. More tears began to drip down his face. Later the way he licked up the cum on Brady’s big foot, and then sucked his big penis…all these images made Danny’s penis ache to erect and his heart to sink into the pit of his stomach. He was trapped, again, and this time he would not be able to get away. Like a robot, Danny got up and shed his clothes on the way to the bathroom. He was forced to sit on the toilet in order to pee, and then he climbed into bed, and cried himself to sleep.

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