Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 6a: Harrison’s Journey Begins (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 6, part “a” of Brady Cannon. It has been almost exactly three months since I added a chapter. To those loyal readers who have been waiting patiently, I apologize for the delay. Real life intervenes, and my avocational interests sometimes need to take a second place in my priorities. In this chapter, Jem begins to unfold the scheme that will lead to Harrison Chambers becoming an adult slave to him and his brother. For some, the inclusion of women in the story may be unwelcome, but you’ll have to take the good with what you may consider the bad. I am a fan of straight porn, and two classic novels, “The Oriad Letters” and “Return to the Chateau Oriad” where the inspiration for all of my corpus of work. I hoped to write stories as compelling as those two books were to me. Molly’s role in the story will surround Harrison, but not the whole work, so be patient if her participation is not your cup of tea. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with personal stories to share, PLEASE contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is STRICTLY a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, but the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. More of his experience will emerge later in the story. Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than the background story, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it’s fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in my case, makes me pursue it on the pages of my stories. The next Chapter is entitled “Harrison Journey Begins.”

I last posted a chapter on December 19, 2010.

March 20, 2011


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Danny woke up the next day, after a night of tossing and turning, and stumbled into his bathroom. He lowered his pajama bottoms and remembering his discovery before he went to bed, sat down on the toilet, pissing hard into the bowl, but humiliated by the fact that he had to act like a girl and sit on the seat to relieve his bladder. As the piss flowed, he closed his eyes and rubbed his brow with one hand, recalling the previous night, or at least as much as he could recall. At seventeen he was not prepared to risk his reputation, he could not let others know of what he saw as his sexual perversity much less the other disgusting things he had done; his horniness for guys’ feet, and the incriminating pics of him sucking Brady. He would follow the instructions that were given to him at the website that he viewed before he fell asleep.

The instructions directed him to go to the Bijou Theater downtown on Thursday just after the place opened, four days after he had visited Brady, and sit in the back row of the balcony on the left side of the theater. Danny thought long and hard on whether he should do it…fuck, he did not know who the hell this “friend” of Brady’s was…and since he had been caged he had avoided Brady like the plague. Yeah sure he was pissed at Brady, but come to think of it Brady had not been hanging around the beach or with any of the guys recently. Plus he vaguely recalled that Brady was cuffed during the whole hazy experience at the house. He wondered what Brady’s deal was? Was he in the same situation? How did it happen? Why did he let these assholes do this shit to him? He had all kinds of questions, but he was too embarrassed to let Brady know what had happened, just in case Brady was in on the joke, and he was the only one who was being treated like a piece of crap.

Fuck, if he didn’t go to the theater, how would he ever get this fucking cage off his junk. Jesus, it was crazy. Plus, the damn note said he was not to speak unless given permission, and not to move his hands from the armrests no matter what happened at the theater…that scared him…what the fuck could happen? Maybe the punk was going to take the lock off his dick but shit, in a public place? And what if the kid was bigger than him and older…he did not want to draw attention to himself in case somehow it was to get out that he had a God damn cage on his dick. After going over it a dozen times in his head, Danny decided he would go to the Bijou and follow the instructions…fuck, what choice did he have? Maybe it was prank and it would be over…ya know, like some type of initiation or some crap like that? Yeah, he’d go and hope for the best.

It was another scorching day on Thursday. The temp would be 90 degrees for sure. He dressed in his customary shorts, his thong briefs, a t-shirt and flips. He walked downtown, giving him time to think…to try and figure out what he would say to the dude who was in charge of the key…who had written the note. He was afraid the dude was twenty-five or thirty and would intimidate him. He began to sweat as he approached the theater at 11:00 a.m., good thing he had showered and used deodorant. He walked into the theater and shivered a bit from the transition from the heat outside to the air-conditioning in the theater. He paid for his ticket, walked into the darkened theater and went up to the balcony. He looked to the left, and walked slowly to that side of it. The wall light sconce was not working on that side and the light was out, so that corner of the balcony was even darker. He went to the back row, and took the seat next to the last one adjacent to the wall as instructed. He sat down in the dark, and his eyes were getting adjusted to the gloom. There was a couple on the other side of the balcony, whispering confidentially to each other, but they were all the way across the room. There were two older men sitting in separate seats by themselves in rows near to the edge of the balcony in the middle of the section. That was it. It was first showing, and with it being Thursday and the movie some dumb kid’s grade ‘D’ slice and dice flick there were few people in the whole damn place.

The trailers began within minutes of Danny’s arrival, and the already darkened balcony got even darker. Then out of the blue, a couple of kids were walking down the isle on his side of the balcony, actually coming toward him. Shit…God damn kids, they were gonna fuck up the whole deal! One of them then the other entered his isle, and the smaller one crossed by him and sat in the seat next to the wall…Danny looked at him like he was crazy, but the kid just stared straight ahead. Then the other kid sat down on the other side next to him. He was about to speak, when the older kid pulled out a small LED flashlight and unfolded a piece of paper, and turned to face him. The kid handed him the paper, and twisted the head of the flashlight so the focused light would come on, but only shone on the paper below the seat level. Danny looked blankly at the kid, and then looked down and began to read the paper.

“Dude, I’m the guy who has the key to your cock cage. From now on, you do every fucking thing I say and I won’t spread your pics over the internet and to your family and friends. You do anything less or anything else, and you’re dead meat. Now unbutton your shirt, unzip your shorts and push them and your briefs down to your ankles, and slide down in the seat….Me and my brother on the other side of you will take from there. Don’t say a word.”

Danny was dumbfounded. He looked up after he read the note, looking first at Jem and then at Jake on the other side. Then he looked back down at the note and read it again. He looked up as if he was going to say something, but Jem put his fingers to his lips in the universal gesture of “be quiet.” So without saying a word---he had not been given permission to say anything--he unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his shorts pushing them and his briefs to his ankles, sliding down in his seat. He looked around nervously making sure no one was staring at him. His cock had tried to harden, but the lock kept him from erecting, Jesus, it felt tight on his dick and against his balls. From his right, a small hand slipped into his opened shirt and went straight to his near nipple, gently pinching it and twisting it. Danny hissed and closed his eyes, his dick aching to escape. He curled his toes in his flips from the pressure between his legs and the sweet sensation of his nipple being teased. Then from his left, one of Jem’s hands snaked between his legs and gripped his package. “Oh fuck” Danny thought, squeezing his eyes tight. The boy’s fingers trailed from his cock locked crotch and feathered over his big boy balls, onto his hairy thighs. Jem gently pulled the thick hair on Danny’s thigh, and made the older boy squirm in his seat. Then he whispered: “Meet us in 30 minutes at the park, and go to the john on the far side. There’s one stall, go in and sit down and leave the door open. We’ll come and join you. Then I’ll consider taking off your lock.”

Then both the boys got up, and walked out of the isle and the balcony. Danny watched them leave, and slipped one hand into his shirt and rubbed across his hard tit. His cock pulsed helplessly. He buttoned his shirt, pulled up his shorts and thong, zipped up his fly and looked around. Danny looked around the balcony, the guy was making out with his girl, one of the old men had either left the theater or the balcony. The other one was watching the film. Danny got up and began his walk to the park.

Danny was dazed when he arrived at the park. Leaving the cold theater and going out into the heat made him a bit dizzy, but the realization that his captors were two kids, one who was not even twelve, was crazy. But he was so horny, so desperate to get the fucking cage off his cock. Coupled with the heat, Danny felt light-headed. He walked across the park, trying to keep under the tree canopies so he could avoid the intense sun. Finally, he reached the small clearing at the far end of the park where the alternate park toilet was located. Shit, no one came over to this side of the park. He looked around, seeing no one, Danny walked in the small, dark building. The only light was from a window at the top of the building over the stall and the sink. The room smelled of disinfectant and the floor was damp…the park folks probably washed it in the morning before they opened it. He walked to the stall and paused, looked toward the door to make sure no one was coming in. The door to the stall was already open, so he pushed it open and walked inside then shut the door without locking it. He didn’t need to lock it because the door was slightly off its hinge and gently jammed into the frame without the need to latch it. He sat down on the toilet seat, and waited nervously. Christ, it seemed like a fucking eternity before he heard footsteps.

Finally, he heard footsteps entering the room and then the stall door opened. He was momentarily frightened, but then he saw the two kids, better now in the low light than when they were sitting next to him in the dark theater. They entered the stall and latched the door.

“Dude, you made the right call, good thing you showed” Jem said in his now practiced flat tone.

“Why are we meeting here?” Danny queried in a whisper, “Someone might come in; its gross, a dirty park toilet?”

“Be cool dude, no one comes to this john in the morning and the park folks have cleaned it…you see they hosed it down---good enough for what we need to do.” Jem responded.

“What’ya want from me…please take this contraption offa me, and give me the pics and tape you made. Why’re you doing this…?” Danny spoke evenly, trying to show his maturity and composure. He hoped that these two boys would see he wasn’t afraid of them and give up their scam.

“Dude, you’re in no position to ask anything, get it? You fuck up and don’t follow our plans, and we’re gonna make you a star in the neighborhood. Want all the guys on the basketball team to know you suck other dudes’ toes, and suck cock? Want guys to know you’re junk is locked up and yer some kinda perv or sex slave? You’[ll do anything we say, and you won’t question us, got it? Speak to yer buddy Brady…he’ll tell you, he’s learned to do what he’s told…that’s how you got here.” Jem was confident, direct and unemotional.

Danny did not know what to say. When Jem had uttered the words “you suck other dudes’ toes” his cock had tightened in the cock restraint, wanting to erect making him clench his groin muscles hoping to force his tumescence down. He bit his lip and stared in sullen silence at the boy speaking to him…what could he do?

“Put your hands together in front of you,” Jem instructed Danny.

“Why, what’ya gonna do?” Danny asked, furrowing his brow in concern.

“I’m not gonna repeat myself, do what yer told! I won’t say it again. If you give me any lip, or don’t do what me and my brother tell you to do, we’re gonna leave and go home to deliver your publicity pics to the world…got it…d’ya understand?” Jem was loud and pointed his finger at Danny, making sure the older boy realized how helpless he was.

“Okay, okay,” Danny mumbled, looking down at his feet in dejection,”just keep your voice down, okay?”

“So put your hands together.” Danny did as he was instructed, and Jake produced a pair of the Velcro cuffs they had used on Brady and fastened them around Danny’s wrists as the older boy stared blankly, a bit of perspiration beginning to drip under his arms and at his forehead. When Jake was done fastening the cuffs on, he snapped a D-ring connector between them, then Jem took a thin nylon cord, strung it through the d-ring and looped it over the window latch that hung out with the window frame, over part of the stall. He pulled the cord taught and Danny’s hands were pulled over his head, forcing him towards the stall wall, his face against the cold, clammy painted concrete surface. Jem quickly tied a secure knot, and Danny was standing on his toes, his own pale muscular heels exposed in his flips, his tight ass facing him and Jake. He turned to Jake and smiled, “Now we’re ready bro.”

“Yer the big stud on the summer league b-ball team, huh Danny. All the younger dudes look up to you…shit, bet they’d be like amazed to know there was a cocksucker and toe-licker on their team who acts like he’s Mr. Butch.” With a nod from Jem, Jake slide his hands under Danny’s t-shirt, his small, warm palms moving up the older boy’s sides, making Danny shiver, and then around his torso up to his sloping pecs. His thumbs instinctively found the two coned nipples on Danny’s Chest, protruding from a halo of red hair that encircled each tit and fanned out over his pecs, met at his cleavage, and then descended in a line to his 6-pack, feathering out gently and finally disappearing at his waistline after filling and overflowing from his navel. Danny was not accustomed to fingers on his nipples since Jason rarely touched him except with his toes when Danny was on the floor, servicing his feet. Then Jason would reach out with the big toe of the foot that was not being licked and sucked by the older teen, and use it to flick against Danny’s tits. Danny learned that his tits were very sensitive, but his own efforts when he masturbated were furtive and usually abandoned as soon as he turned over on to his stomach and began fucking the towel he had laid on the sheet to absorb his gism. Now, Jake’s soft fingers were brushing back and forth over the stiff erectile tissue of the hard nubbins, sending electrical shock waves through his body, leading to his trapped cock. Danny grunted, and closed his eyes…fearful of where this was going, but more worried about the ache between his legs as his cock fought vainly to escape the tight construction of the cock restraint. “Ooooohhhhhh fuuucccckkkk… Jesus, get it off…shit, it’s killing me….” Danny moaned, but Jake ignored him, leaving the cock restraint to his brother’s care. He focused on his job, to stimulate and play with Danny’s rubbery, stiff tit nubs, slide his soft palms across the taut, stretched torso of the older teen, and occasionally slide a finger into the big redhead’s navel, tickling it and making Danny twist to avoid the sensation. For his part, Danny’s titties apparently liked the attention they were getting, and remained stiff and sensitive to Jake’s little twists, flicks, and pinches” “Aaaaahhhhhhh….oooooooooooooooowwwwww.”

Jem moved to the side of Danny’s bound form, letting Jake have the rear so he could reach around and play with Danny’s chest and stomach. Now Jem reached down and unzipped Danny’s fly. The older boy allowed himself to be handled, hoping that whatever Jem was doing would result in the cock restraint being removed. He was rewarded. Jem unsnapped his shorts after unzipping them, and let them fall to Danny’s knees. Then he pulled down the boy’s black thong below his balls, and grasped the small lock on the top of the smooth stainless steel restraint, inserting the key, and releasing the metal clasp so the cock cage would fall away under his balls. Danny’s cock, like Brady’s when it was released, sprang into a stiff but curved erection, the thick pale shaft bending to the right, and it’s fat knob sticky with pre-ejaculate drooling from the deep pisswell. Shit Jem liked guys with long, deep pisswells. It reminded him of his older cousins and their huge penises. Danny groaned, this time in relief, and gasped when he felt a fist close around his bloated prick knob. “Aaagghhhhh….shit…ooowww!”

“Yeah, you like that, huh Danny…yer just like Brady, all slut. You guys make like yer big jock tough guys, but the first time a fist slips over yer fat cock knobs, yer like putty. Fuck Jake, he loves it…” Jem fisted the oversized cock head, and let his thumb graze the circumcision scar and piss lips, making more of Danny’s lube burp from the pisswell. “Aaaahhhhh fuck, oh shit…oooooooohhhhhh, Jesus, that fucking tickles…ooohhhh.” Danny stretched up on his toes, pushing himself toward the soft fist that was teasing him by simply gliding over his starved, desperate prong. Danny wasn’t groggy today, and he wasn’t drugged. He was fully conscious and every sensation on his bloated cock tip was making him clench his anus and stand as high on his toes as he could lift himself towards Jem’s insistent, teasing fingers and palm. Soon he was not only moaning, but he was fucking his hips into the soft roiling fist as it slid over and around his glans and corona. He had to lean away from the wall so his cock would not bump against its cold, hard surface and get bruised. He looked like such a whore, stretched up from the binding on his wrists and on his toes, legs spread apart as far as his shorts at his ankles would allow, and bent at the waist so he could keep his prick from being bumped against the wall as Jem milked the sticky, fat knob. Suddenly, Danny began to hyperventilate, instinctively fucking his big cock head into Jem’s fist as if it were his bed, yielding to the tickle on his cock head that was more than he could bear. But Jem knew what he was doing, and continued to stroke his fist over the fat prick tip faster and faster, while focusing his thumb on the scar and piss lips, sending shocks through Danny coupled with those coming from his tits and Jake’s soft fingers. Then Jake took his free hand and slid the index finger between Danny’s clenching cheeks, patiently waiting until Danny’s rhythm slackened his straining glutes, and let his index finger scratch against the tight rosette of the teenager’s bung hole.

Danny rose as high as he could on his toes without falling against the wall, and began growling hard and loud as ropes of his thick teen spunk spurted from the open piss lips and coated the wall where other masturbators had left their stains. “UUUUUgggggghhh, uuuuuuggggghhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, fuck, aaaaahhhhhhh, uuugghh!” Danny was helplessly squirting his juice, and his knob was being milked ruthlessly as he came by Jem’s relentless fist. “Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeee…..stop, nooooooooo, too sensitive, JESUS CHRIST….stop-it, stop-it…OH MY GOD….AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Danny was sucking in air, hissing and squealing to make Jem stop…his fears of someone hearing them forgotten. At the same time, his hips were reflexively thrusting rapid fire into the fist circling his bloated prick tip, unable to stop milking himself even as his knob was screaming that it could take no more. Fuck Jem liked boys who could not control themselves, like Brady, and surrendered their sensitive penises to whatever sensations could be wrung from them, even when their brains told them to stop; to try to escape.

“OOOOHHHHH GOOOOODDDDD, no more, no more…oooooohhhhhh Jesus….please, please stop!” Jem smiled, but finally relented and slowed his fisting, focusing his teasing on the circumcision scar and the still sensitive piss lips, but leaving the broad head of Danny’s glans and his corona so the older teen could at least breath. Then Jem stopped, and pushing open the stall door, and leaving Danny’s profile exposed with his hard dick sticking out from his crotch, pants at his feet, and sweat pouring down his face, a long sticky drool of his cum hanging towards the floor from his overwrought glans---Jem went out and washed his hands in the sink. When Danny heard the door opened, he panicked fearing they had been caught, and then even as he panted from the intensity of his cum, he stared out at Jem washing his hands like a deer in the headlights. After wiping his hands with a paper towel, he returned into the stall casually and closed the latch, letting Danny know he wasn’t fearful of being interrupted. He nodded to Jake, and the young boy bent Danny’s cock down so the still slightly tumescent prong would lose its blood flow and retreat a bit, allowing Jem to use a awet paper towel to wipe his prick, and to lock him back up, still wet. Then, while Jake washed his hands, Jem loosened the cord keeping Danny’s arms over his head, but leaving him cuffed, and spoke to the teen captive.

“Now you know what the deal is Danny. You belong to us, just like Brady Cannon. You’ll do what we say, and you’ll keep your mouth shut.” Then Jem had a hunch and a stroke of genius as Jake walked back into the big stall. “Now get down on yer knees and kiss the top of my brother’s feet; show ’im how much you wanna be a good slut.” Jem starred hard at Danny, and like Brady, the older teen flinched, breaking off his eye contact and looking down, his eyes eventually landing on Jake’s feet in his flip flops. Jem was improvising, but he remembered how Danny had taken to Brady’s foot yesterday, and on a wild chance thought he would humiliate Danny a bit more, make him grovel.

Danny paused, and then slowly lowered himself, his hands still cuffed, onto his knees, with his shorts and now his black thong, at his ankles. He slowly leaned toward the ten year old’s size six and one-half feet. He smelled the boy’s foot as he leaned toward it, just a hint of boy foot sweat. But there was something so athletic about even this young kid’s foot…Danny couldn’t help himself. He leaned forward and kissed the top of Jake’s tanned foot as the younger boy wriggled them in his flip flops. The moment he did it, his still damp cock, immediately hardened in its trap, and Danny groaned but this time in pain. “UUuuuuuuggggghhhhhh…” After he kissed Jake’s foot, he quickly grasped his crotch, squeezing tightly in a vain attempt to relieve the pressure and pain from his unruly bone. Tears dripped down Danny’s cheeks, partly from the humiliating embarrassment of kissing a ten year old kid’s foot, and the agony of his cock reminding him of his weakness and dependency.

“We’ll contact you dude; we took your cell phone number and so you’ll hear from us. Hang loose, ya know…” and at that Jem laughed at his own joke. He helped Danny get to his feet and took off the Velcro cuffs, slipped them into his backpack, and turned to leave the stall. As Danny hastily pulled up his thong and shorts, the two younger boys simply left him. He walked out of the stall, wiped the tears from his face, then went to the sink and washed his hands and face. He wiped his hands on his shorts and walked slowly out of the john into the bright sunlight. Danny felt the drying gism on his dick beginning to itch as he walked away from the remote toilet in the park, putting on dark glasses to both cut the glare from his eyes, and feel as incognito as possible as he walked through the park. He picked up his pace so he could get home and take a shower. But no matter how he washed, Danny realized that he was now physically marked. Like Brady, he was now a prisoner. As he walked, he decided that he would give Brady a call…find out from his friend how long he thought this crazy situation would last, and why he didn’t warn him.


Molly Thompson’s nipples were hard. It was the end of the day on her shift at “Cream” the cookie and ice cream store near the beach where she had a summer job. Not only were her nipples in her 36D bra aching, but she had a persistent itch on the lips of her cunt where the growing moisture was driving her wild. She had been watching teenage boys and young men come in alone, in groups, and with girls all day long, and her clit would not behave. She had been staring at their long hairy legs, their big feet and hands, their tight butts and handsome faces wishing she could take one or more of them into the back storage room and let them fuck her brains out. Molly bit her lip, but rang up the next transaction smiling demurely, wishing the handsome guy who had bought the vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal-raisin cookies was licking her pussy with his knowing smile, rather than the dripping ice cream from between the two cookies. Jesus his tongue looked long and dexterous, like he knew how to use it to meet a woman’s needs. He winked at her as the ice cream dripped down, and she could not tell if he was just embarrassed about making a bit of mess as the ice cream dripped onto the side of his face, or if he was saying, “wish it was your pussy, bitch.”

It was a day like this one when she met Harrison Chambers, when he ambled in from the beach where he had been playing sand volleyball on a Sunday afternoon, his big bare feet padding into the store. He had such an easy smile, such long muscular legs and those big, athletic feet, and he winked at Molly when he came up to the counter and made his order---but clearly at her; no mixed message that day. By the time he’d paid, they had made small-talk about her being home from college for the summer and him working as a teacher in the local middle school. He’d walked over to one of the high tables, taken a napkin, and written down his phone number telling Molly if she would like any advice on her major to give him a call, he’d be happy to sit down and talk with her about her future. Yeah, sure…her future…fuck, she hoped he had a big dick.

That’s how Molly ended up on the DVD vid that Jem had stolen from Harrison’s house, the same vid that Brady and Danny had watched when Danny had been drugged and then caged. But Molly had no idea that Harrison had been taping her when she ended up in his bedroom. All she knew was that he had 8.5 inches of thick, stiff cock, and his knob and the steely broad neck of his shaft worked her clit deliciously-relentlessly, like few of her high school fucks had ever done. Of course her parents did not know that Molly was so sexually active; that she needed cock at least once a week. Molly was enjoying her new freedom as a college coed, and her fucks with the experienced Harrison were what she needed during the long hot summer. He was so smooth, so thoughtful, and god did he know how to fuck and suck. Of course, Molly would’ve liked to have had more control of their relationship like she had with her older cousin Cameron when she was thirteen. That’s how she learned about sex, and about how her charms could get her what she needed when she needed it.

That summer Molly’s family had travelled to Utah to visit her mother’s brother and family. They went south to Zion National Park and rented a large house outside of the park to spend a family reunion. The kids shared a couple of large rooms, boys with boys and girls with girls, so that the parents could have rooms to themselves. The kids sometimes changed rooms at night so they could be with those who they liked. The younger boys and girls decided one night to have an indoor “camp-out” together, and so Molly and Cameron were left to share a room. Molly had enjoyed talking and being with Cam, but sometimes the way he looked at her made her pussy itch in a way she had not felt before. It was all new to her, like her menstrual cycle. At thirteen her nipples and breasts had begun to emerge, full but still not fully grown. That night, the night of the camp-out, she and Cam talked till late. He was tall and blond, with long legs and he had an unusually deep voice for a teenage boy. After some sarcastic joke at his expense, he bounded across the room in his pajama bottoms and onto her bed, grasping her arms and tickling her, demanding that she apologize. She laughed, squealed, writhed and tried to muffle her guffaws into her pillow so that none of the parents would come in, and something else; she was excited by the sensation of his muscular torso rubbing against her.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly, she felt Cam’s lips on her neck and his hands moved from rasping her sides to cupping her breasts. He didn’t say anything, but she could feel his breathing getting shallow and something stiff between his legs pushing against her leg through his pajamas. When his thumbs grazed across her pointed nipples, they went hard and she gasped, squeezing her legs together instinctively from the sensations that shot from her teats to her pussy. She felt the telltale leak begin and the maddening itch that would fog her brain. Within minutes, Cameron was sucking her exposed titties and his long, thick finger was sliding up and down her pussy lips parting them and making her squeeze her legs tightly to trap it. His thumb was brushing back and forth over her stiff clit, and she bucked. She orgasmed three times that night, her body shuddering and the pulsing in her cunt making her feel almost faint from its power. Cam seemed so mature and strong, and he could not stop kissing and touching her. The last time she came, Cam slid his huge 7” cock emerge from his pajama fly and slide between her legs from behind letting his fat, sticky knob get basted in her juices and finally squirt wads of teenage spunk against her cotton nightgown. While they stayed at the house, she hid the nightgown and later when she returned home washed it out so her mother would not find out what had happened. She loved the feel of the stiff material where his cum had dried, reminding her of his big, strong young body.

From that night on during the vacation, she had a strange power over Cameron. He wanted to find another way to get the kids to spend the night together so he could play games with Molly again, but she would not aid that cause. Yet she did want to be with him. She found that his desperate lust and her power to make him get hard under his jeans was a power she enjoyed. At the dinner table, and when they were playing cards one night, she sat next to him and let her hand discreetly grip his leg through his jeans, stroking his firm quad, making him quake with teenage boy fuck need. Over the two weeks the families were together, after their first encounter three days in, Molly found ways to sneak away with Cameron, but she warned him that it was on her terms or she would tell her parents what had happened, and show them the nightgown. She wasn’t intending to be threatening, but she made it clear that he would have to do what she said. For his part, Cameron was fifteen and his brain was ruled by his big, often hard, always leaky penis. He agreed to all of her terms. It was then that Molly learned the joys of controlling men and boys with their simple brains and constant need to shoot sperm. It became her singular skill in junior high, high school and as a freshman in college.

For the remainder of the vacation, on command she made Cameron lower his pants and briefs and offer her his penis for her to play with, to suck once or twice, and in return, he learned to lick her pussy till she was sated. Twice she tied his arms to a tree limb over his head out in the forest beyond the property where they were staying, and fondled him, lowered his jeans and briefs and playing with his body until he came twice, her hands milking his big boy penis till he begged her to stop, her soft palm sliding over and around his huge teenage cock head and making him buck and twist to avoid the sensations. They never had this opportunity again though, and Cameron was already working and married; a father at 21. Whenever she saw him and his wife she wondered if he ever thought of that vacation when he was fucking his wife. But she knew she would never forget that summer or her first experience of sex with a man. Even though Cameron was physically dominating, she had controlled him. It was exhilarating to Molly, and she never wanted to lose that feeling again.

This summer, so many years later, her time with Harrison had been exhilarating and yet maddening. He had allowed her the kind of orgasms she craved, fucking and even sucking her deliciously, but she had not yet been able to take charge of him, to make him a toy. She wanted to bind him to the bed and have her way with him, licking him from head to toe, teasing him mercilessly, and making him cum helplessly in her hands, pussy and mouth. But Harrison was older and more experienced than all of the men she had been with previously. She had hoped to bide her time and find a way to get him to surrender to her, as she willingly did to him. But the summer was almost over and she had not achieved her goal. If only there was a way?

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