Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 6b: Harrison Gets a Surprise (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 6, part “b” of Brady Cannon. It has been one month since I added a chapter. To those loyal readers who have been waiting patiently, here it is. In this chapter, Brady makes peace with Danny and Harrison discovers that his exploits have been revealed to others. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with personal stories to share, PLEASE contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is STRICTLY a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, and the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. More of his experience will emerge later in the story. The concept of Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had taking complete control of an older, previously straight, older teenage boy. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing of the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than the background story, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it’s fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in the case of my stories, makes me pursue it on the pages of my work. The next Chapter is entitled “Harrison Gets a Surprise.”

I last posted a chapter on March 20, 2011.

April 23, 2011


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Brady was depressed. The next day after he had helped Jem and Jake top Danny, he stayed in bed most of the day, explaining to his mother that he had a restless night and wanted to sleep in. The worst part was that once he awoke his cock had been pushing against his cage as he recalled the events of the previous evening. He was getting used to the uncomfortable pressure of his cock being unable to erect, and the occasionally painful constriction of his penis against the metal of the cage. But that was not the most discomforting issue for him. His physical response to male-male sex was getting stronger. After yesterday, a new dimension had been added. Jesus, he had never thought of his feet as sexual, but as he watched his friend Danny sucking on his toes, he could not help but feel amazingly horny. His freed cock had leaked copiously from the sensations of Danny’s tongue and mouth bathing and licking his sensitive, long and thick toes, and his cock had pulsed with the need to cum as he watched them get laved. It was almost like Danny was sucking his cock the way the older teen nursed on his toes. Fuck, it was strange and it made him want to cum so badly. Now as he lay in bed the next day, he moved his right foot from under the sheet and stared at his handsome, athletic foot. The toes were so thick, and he could once again see Danny’s mouth as he flicked his tongue over and around them, recalling how Danny seemed to fuck the air on his knees as he worked on the teenage digits. If only Brady could cum spontaneously like some guys, he might have shot yesterday as Danny worshipped his teenage feet. Unfortunately, he needed his cock rubbed and especially his fat, sticky knob. That damn Jake only teased him, and would not let him reach his peak until Jem approved. Jake had just brushed his soft, small fingers back and forth over the flange of Brady’s knob, against the circumcision scar and his bulging piss lips, making his glans flex in desperation, but without enough friction to bring him off.

And fuck, when Danny was allowed to jerk his own thick prick against the sole of Brady’s foot, he almost had that spontaneous cum. Just the sight of Danny’s fat knobbed prong rubbing ruthlessly back and forth over the slick, smooth surface of Brady’s sole, and grinding against the barely calloused edges of his toes; shit it tickled like crazy and was exciting as fuck. Danny looked crazed, and Brady imagined that’s how his friend looked at night when he fucked his fist or ground his cock into the bed. Danny seemed like a sex addict the way he fucked Brady’s big teenage foot. Now the mere thought of it, the notion that Danny seemed subservient to his feet, shit, it made Brady crazy…muddled his brain, made him confused. Here he was supposed to be a cool and calm athlete and a relatively smart kid. But he was himself half-crazed, not only obsessed with his buddy’s dick and fucking, but almost wishing Jake was there now to release his big penis and play with it and tickle it till he shot streams of gism envisioning his role in yesterday’s games. Even if he hated the notion of another dude’s junk in his face, and in his mouth! Well, there was something amazing about being forced to then suck Danny’s big prick until it exploded; having his oversized cock knob lodged in Brady’s mouth, and Brady’s tongue making the older teen whimper with need and in lust. He shook his head each time that thought entered it, but his cock strained against the cage, he could not stop it…could not make it go away.

These guilty reminiscences were making Brady feel like a total jerk. He wanted to see Danny again, to talk to him, to explain that he had no choice---that he was no fag and to apologize for luring him into the entrapment and having his penis locked down like Brady’s. But he also wanted to be with Danny, it was strange…to be near him in a way he had never thought about before…just have him close would be comforting. It was like they were brothers, fellow cock slaves---helpless and under the control of Jem ad Jake. Maybe together they could figure a way to get out of their predicament. Maybe Danny would forgive him and they could be friends like they had been all summer…. Fuck, he just wanted to go back and play ball with his buddy and talk about chicks…but now there was something else---his cock cage told him there was something else as it pulsed against the cold metal confines.

Harrison had found an envelope on his desk on Wednesday morning at school. It was addressed to him, printed out by a computer printer. He threw it in his shoulder bag assuming it was some school business; he didn’t have time to deal with it during the day. But when he finally got home after going to the gym and working out, and after he had his dinner, he poured himself a beer and sat down to check his e-mail. When he opened the computer bag he saw the envelope he had tossed inside earlier. He pulled it out casually, and absently opened it as he sipped his beer. When he did out fell five photos that spread out on the table as well as a folded note. He put down the note and looked at the pictures….OH FUCK! Two of the photos were of him in the small office adjacent to his classroom, the room number clearly identified in the photo, and him masturbating---his thick prick clutched in his fist, his head thrown back as he palmed the head of his greedy prong. The other three pics were him with Molly Thompson, his thick shaft driving into her cunt as she rode him on his bed, his hands fixed on her nipples and her head thrown back in passion. He starred at the photos dumbfounded. How did someone get them, how did someone get their hands on his vids to get the shots of Molly—how did they get into his classroom and spy on him during the lunch hour? He jumped up from the table and ran to the bedroom, yanking open the drawer to his nightstand. He pulled out the stack of DVD disks and began to flip through them rapidly, spilling them onto the bed as he searched through them. Only then did he realize that several were missing. OH SHIT…someone had broken into his house and found the disks. Then he recalled the note. He rushed back to the dining room table and picked up the note, opened it hastily and began to read; the words had been typed on a computer and printed:

“Like the pictures? More where those came from. And I’ll bet Mr. Thompson would like to know who’s been banging his daughter. If you don’t want him to find out, be at your house on Saturday afternoon, and follow these directions….”

As Harrison read the instructions, he muttered under his breath, swearing and cursing and at the same time cringing. Some fucker had broken into his house and stolen the disks, stalked him at school, and because of the weird shit he wanted him to do on Saturday, was likely some kind of pervert. Goosebumps ran up his arms, and he shuddered for a moment with a chill. For once the calm Mr. Chambers felt his heart beat with anxiety. But he took a deep breath and sat down at the table. He stared straight ahead thinking pensively. Then his expression hardened; he would face whoever had stolen his disks. He could not risk exposure, the loss of his job, or the fury of some college kid’s father. But he would figure out if what they wanted was a ransom for the disks, and if he could afford it he would pay. He tried to put a good spin on how they wanted him to be prepared when they arrived on Saturday, dressed only in sweat pants, flip flops and a t-shirt…he assumed it was more than one otherwise why would they come to his place rather than meet in a public location. He was no fool, and he was not a coward. He’d see what the next play was. For once Harrison was not ready to masturbate before he went to bed, and yet his cock was still slightly tumescent, almost having a mind of its own since sex and Harrison Chambers were inseparable.

Jem was a damn lucky kid. Things always seemed to work out for him. This week was no exception. He heard his Dad speaking to Mr. Thompson early in the week. Thompson had stopped by the house with some work after hours, and Jem’s Dad had offered him a beer after they finished. Jem was drawn to eavesdrop since he knew Mr. Thompson’s daughter was in one of the videos he had stolen from Mr. Chambers. While the two men were shooting the breeze, Jem overheard Mr. Thompson tell his Dad that he was worried about his daughter. He’d seen some of her e-mail when she inadvertently left her browser open on her laptop and took a cell phone call outside. He couldn’t resist, and opened a few of the messages that were stored in her inbox, and what he’d read made him furious and helpless. But he could not let his daughter know that he’d invaded her privacy, even though the messages were apparently from boys talking about their relations with her, and one was about getting together the coming weekend for another good “fuck.” He told Mr. Jeffries of his frustration and asked what he thought he should do? Should he confront his daughter before she returned to college? Jeffries told him to be careful, that college teens were headstrong and if he did not want to alienate her he should let it go. After all, his daughter was an adult now…it was time to let her make her choices and look to what he and his wife had taught her as she was growing up. There would be time enough if she went off the deep end…but for the time-being, she was just a college kid, freed from her parents for the first time. After all, Jeffries reminded Mr. Thompson, we had our share of college fucks in our day, and those girls had parents too. Both men laughed wryly at that comment, as if recalling the delicious sex they had enjoyed in their youth. Jem’s dad reminded Thompson that they had made it, and so would Molly. Mr. Thompson acknowledged the wisdom of Jeffries comments, but he also said if he could find out who the boy was that Molly was meeting this Friday night, he’d make sure the punk got his viewpoint and maybe the backside of his foot if he didn’t get the message. Jem’s father laughed, and offered Thompson another beer. It was then that Jem slinked away, now in possession of some useful information.

Jem sent Molly an e-mail that night. He’d searched the internet until he found her address, and then sent her an anonymous e-mail that said he knew that she was sleeping with Harrison Chambers, and attached pics that would confirm it. The message also said that Harrison had made videos of them together and that the pics were from those vids, and they were no longer in his hands alone. It indicated that if she wanted to get back at Harrison, to respond to the message. And Molly did write back. At first she was outraged and angry, furious at Harrison. But after she thought about it, she calmed down. The pics were no worse than a few others she had seen on Facebook and Myspace. But this might work in her favor. She wanted Harrison like some guys want notches on their imaginary guns when it came to fucking women. She’d respond to the e-mail and work out a deal, but her one condition was going to be that she got to have Harrison for her own form of revenge. Jem and Molly were a match made in Heaven; a preteen master and a college dominatrix in the making.

Molly wrote back cautiously saying she would meet the sender of the message, if they met at the fountain downtown, out in the open. When she saw Jem, she was confused and then a bit amused. She couldn’t believe it. Her first thought was this was going to be a pushover. But after she spoke to him for thirty minutes, and he discreetly showed her the cocklock he had for Harrison, her eyes opened wide, and then her mind opened up. Jem explained how he knew her, and she recalled going to the Jeffries house during the early part of the summer with her parents at the party held by Mr. Jeffries for his direct reports at work. Jem also showed her pics of Harrison in his storage room at school, and said he was concerned that he was doing this x-rated stuff where students could see it. For Molly, these additional pictures were just frosting on the cake; they would be able to take charge of the handsome Harrison Chambers, and Molly would get to see two other guys that this pre-teen had secured under his power. Maybe she would learn from him, and at the end of the day, she would possess the skills he had when it came to managing boys’ penises.

Even as the two conspirators spoke, Jem had sent Jake over to Brady’s house while his parents were out doing chores, and had him secure the older teen to his bed spread-eagled, then unlocked his cage and gently edged the bloated teenage fuck stick, until Brady was thrashing his head back and forth and begging for release. But even as Jem leaned over the boy to suck on his near nipple, and tickled his index finger into Brady’s hairy arm pits, into his deep navel, and under his balls to make him clench his tight buns, his bloated glans leaking copious amounts of clear pre-fuck juice, he refused to let Brady cum based on Jem’s orders. But he did snap a photo on his cell phone and send it to Jem as instructed, to show just the giant cock head being mercilessly thumbed, and Jem’s little fist in control. That way Molly knew that Jem was not just blowing off steam, and bragging where in fact he had no control. When Jake left, Brady was feeling almost insane with the need to cum, and the desire to feel Jake’s soft fist working his juicy, big cock head. But there would be no quick satisfaction this day. Brady’s prong was still being managed for him, and it was transforming him into the kind of sex slave that Jem wanted.

Speaking of boys who had lost control of their penises, Danny and Brady met later on Thursday afternoon of that week. Brady text’d Danny, asking if he would meet him. It took a couple of hours, but Danny finally responded in the affirmative. The two boys met downtown, ironically at the same fountain where Jem and Molly would meet a day later. Danny was already at the fountain, sitting on the edge when Brady walked up in his shorts, flips and t-shirt. Danny was dressed similarly in the summer heat. When Danny saw Brady approaching, he looked away and waited for Brady to make the first move. Brady sat down, a foot of space between the two boys, and Brady looking away as well. But finally he was the first to speak.

“Dude, I’m sorry” Brady said softly, almost choking on his words with a sob. Danny said nothing initially. So Brady filled the awkward silence.

“I couldn’t help it…they had me trapped. I’ve got the same thing on my junk that you do, and they threatened to….” Brady’s voice trailed off, and Danny glanced at him briefly to see a tear rolling down his cheek. Brady quickly wiped it off to make sure no one saw him crying.

“Brady, if you’d told me, maybe I coulda helped, and not ended up in this fucking trap myself. Now we’re both fucked.” Danny’s voice had a hard edge, but at least he was looking at Brady. His younger friend simply stared at the ground, and his chest heaved silently as he continued to wipe his face before any tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Well, we’re both in it now,” Danny said in a flat voice. “Let’s see what we can do to get out of it….I got a txt message from Jem that we both have to show up at an address about three blocks away from your house at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. Do you know why? What’s up with that address?” As he spoke Danny’s eyes looked down and focused on Brady’s big, athletic feet in his flips, the long toes pronating along with the rest of his foot, the long toes curled under from the tension of the discussion. Danny could feel his prick hardening inside his cage, it was the near foot that he was staring at that he had sucked voraciously previously, and then masturbated against until he shot an explosive, huge load of his teenage juice. He had to act normal, and not betray how his stomach was churning and his ass muscles were clenching. If only he could suck those toes again.

Finally Brady spoke again. “Yeah, I got a message too…I don’t know whose house it is, or what the deal is. He just said to get there at 2:00 p.m. Maybe we could go together?” Brady spoke softly, and finally looked at his older friend, hoping that he could make eye contact without Danny giving him a cold look.

“Yeah, okay. I don’t know what else we can do. I don’t want to fuck up my first semester in this new school. I wanna make the team and I wanna have a normal life; I can’t be seen like a dude who crawls and…..” Danny spoke firmly at first, then his voice trailed off as he realized what came after “crawls”. He looked down to the ground and didn’t finish the sentence. But he took a deep breath regaining his composure and looked Brady in the eye, a serious, determined expression on his face. “We’ll stick together…from now on. So don’t hang me out to dry again, okay dude?”

“I promise, Danny, I’m with you dude.” Brady offered, wanting to sound brave and stand with his friend. The two boys spoke for a few more minutes quietly, and then they parted, agreeing to meet and walk together to the address where they had been summonsed on Saturday. Danny’s cock ached, his erection struggling against the cage.

Hard to believe, but Jem was nervous. He had been growing bolder and bolder up through the domination and caging of Danny in his exploits---shit, what kid his age had done half of what he had accomplished. So the prospect of facing an adult made him apprehensive. This was not like fooling around with his cousins, this was a perfect stranger, an adult, and a damn big, masculine guy. He could not be sure his plan would work; fuck, it might backfire, and he and Jake would be in deep shit. But every time he thought about having Harrison under his control, and what he could make Harrison, Brady and Danny do, it made his pricklet go rock hard, quivering with the prospect of cums he could induce and have. He might have been a bit scared, but he could not stop. He had to try it. His fears were part of the reason that he had contacted Molly Thompson. He wanted to make sure that he had a back-up if things got hinky when he confronted Mr. Chambers.

It was a quirk of Jem’s nature that the more nervous he got about his sexual plans, the harder his pricklet got at night when he went to bed and he thought about the coming machinations. During the week, Jake was recovering from a cold he had caught, and had gone to bed early each night before Jem. He was knocked out by the medication his mother gave him before he went to sleep, precluding any games between the two boys when Jem came to bed. Jem’s regular sex partner was AWOL. That resulted in Jem having to improvise. He twisted a hand towel into a circular sleeve so he could get on his knees in bed and drive his five inch boy prong into it, amply lubricated, to frot a good dry cum before he went to sleep. He could have used the Fleshlight he had ordered on his Dad’s credit card, like the other stuff he had obtained for he and Jake to use in their games with Brady and Danny, but he preferred the towel. He loved the feeling of his fat mushroom pricklet knob, greased up with the lube, caught in the folds of the soft cotton towel, grinding against the material, tickling his bloated tip deliciously. Once he started, he as almost like a dog humping a human leg, rapidly driving his hips to work the fevered cock flesh into the greasy cloth tunnel. His tongue would come out of the side of his mouth, like a basketball player driving the lane to the basket. The more he fucked the towel’s tight cylinder, the more he had to drive his cocklet against the terry cloth. God it was soooo good. And it was good that Jake was knocked out, because otherwise Jem’s grunts and whines would surely have awoken him. The tickling against his knob was so intense from the sticky towel that Jem almost felt he would black out. Finally, after fits and jerks, and fifteen minutes of torturing his own pricklet knob, he exploded into a long dry cum, writhing and grinding his cocklet into the bed and the towel, his body now covered in a slight sheen of sweat.

On a couple of nights, he was able to keep fucking the towel to a second cum in spite of the overwhelming sensations on his fat little glans, forcing him to bite his pillow and thrust his face into his pillow to muffle the squeals during his post cum, and second dry cum. It was impossible to be quiet, he couldn’t help himself, But he also just couldn’t stop, he needed to feel that delicious ache as much as possible, and without Jake’s soft mouth sucking him, or fist milking him, Jem had to overcome his case of the nerves on his own. Anyway, half the time, he imagined his fist sliding over and over the imagined bloated glans of Harrison Chambers, and it made his cum-pop all the harder and sooner. When he came a second time, he would basically black out, and would sleep like a baby, exhausted from his pre-teen coital exertions.

As Brady, Danny, Molly, Harrison, Jake and Jem slept, the town around them boiled with sexual tension and activity. On both Wednesday and Thursday nights, at around 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. at the secluded park john where Jem had taken Danny, teenage boys had their unquenchable cocks sucked. On Wednesday, a sixteen year old blond surf punk rode his skateboard in his flip flops to the john on his way home from hanging out with his buddies, talking about the latest computer game and the pussy they wanted to fuck. Once he arrived at the dark restroom, a naked low watt bulb illuminating the room, he went into one of the stalls, sat on the toilet and slipped his hand up under his t-shirt to flick his sensitive tits as he waited for a cocksucker to arrive in the other toilet stall. Apparently someone had watched his arrival, because within moments footsteps could be heard crossing the cement floor, and the closing of the other stall door announced a potential dick-licker. It made the sixteen year old’s prong harden completely, the first drops of his prefuck leaking from the deep pisswell, and his ruddy knob, pebbled flange, and thick 7” shaft was pulsing with two days of unmet need. He leaned down a bit to see one of the trainers on the feet of the dude next to him, and soon an eye appeared at the large glory hole followed shortly by a couple of fingers taping at the opening. The brawny, 5’9” teen stood, his hairy blond legs shuffling to the partition. In a deft move, he lowered his hips and slid his thick penis through the opening, reaching up to hold onto the top of the stall for leverage, pressing his torso against the partition; his face against the cool metal and his eyes closed in anticipation. His shorts were at his ankles, along with his thong briefs, the pouch wet with his leak. Within a second of sliding his dick through the hole, a warm fist grasped the thick shaft, and slid up to the wide ridge surrounding the glans, twisting gently and making the boy shiver and his toes curl into his flip flops. The fat dick head expanded from the teasing touch, and then a wet, warm mouth closed over the needy teenage flesh. He was just a blond jock, no subtlety in his brain, his hips grinding and thrusting, driving his greedy knob towards the practiced throat on the other side of the glory hole. It didn’t take long, maybe three minutes and most of that time was the result of the sucker trying to prolong the helpless surrender of his teenage suckee. But the pressure in the boys big, hanging nuts covered in a profusion of blond hair, was too much for him to control. In years to come, girls would have to train him to slow down in order for them to get their orgasms, and other cocksuckers—both boys and girls---to help him enjoy their ministrations. He exploded into the velvet throat, the mouth easing up to allow the cocksucker’s tongue to lave the semen coated glans and drive the boy even more to bang his muscled frame against the partition in the helpless ritual of surrendering his prong to the overwhelming sensations.

In order not to get cheated by the boy’s quick ejaculation, the cocksucker’s fist held the shaft firmly and the mouth twisted around the bloated, post cum cock head, still bulging, letting his tongue and lips work the sensitive tip into submission, until the boy in desperation yelled out, “Jeus fuck, stop…too fucking sensitive…aaaaaaghhhhhhh.” Only then did the man on his knees in the other still release him for fear his shout would draw someone’s attention, and he allowed the boy to stagger back, pull up his shorts, grab his skateboard and flee the john. The blond teen had gotten what he needed, like so many other teenage boys and men who used this park john. The next night it would be an 18 year old senior, 6’2” tall, with red hair and a 9” uncut monster, who would slide his knees under the partition to offer his balls, and cock to the mouth and hands that would take charge of him. He even allowed a finger to slide under his big balls to search out his tight ass pucker, making him lean back on his hands and surrender his rectum to the thick digit invader that would work his fuck nut into expelling streams of thick teen boy gism down his cocksucker’s throat. His head thrown back, eyes closed, gritting his teeth and clenching his anus as the rooting finger made him hiss through his explosion.

All over town, boys and men were masturbating, fucking and getting sucked, and ribbons of thick, white spooge was being squirted from demanding male prongs. There were even a good number of pre-teen dry cums from sweet, innocent looking boys whose after dark exploits revealed just what as males they instinctively wanted and needed. It was no wonder that cock cages were locked on some of those penises, forcing some of the boys and men to accept control since they were unable to achieve it on their own. Jem could sleep deeply knowing that he not only had two of those boys locked down but would, with a bit of luck, get another very soon. The blond surf punk and the big redhead were lucky they had not encountered Jem Jeffries, dick master.

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