Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 6c: Jem Springs the Trap (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 6, part “c” of Brady Cannon. It has been just over one month since I added a chapter. Thanks to those who have been waiting patiently. In this chapter, Brady makes implements his scheme to capture Harrison Chambers. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with personal stories to share, PLEASE contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is STRICTLY a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, and the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. More of his experience will emerge later in the story. The concept of Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had taking complete control of an older, previously straight, older teenage boy. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing of the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story. I have also received assistance from others who have offered suggestions and experiences. Please keep them coming.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than the background story, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it’s fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in the case of my stories, makes me pursue it on the pages of my work. The next Chapter is entitled “Harrison Gets a Cage.”

I last posted a chapter on April 23, 2011.

May 30, 2011


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Finally, Saturday arrived. Jem and Jake confirmed their plans with Molly, and sent text messages to Danny and Brady. The two younger boys left their house at 12:30 p.m. wanting to make sure they arrived according to their plan and schedule. It only took about 10 minutes to walk to Harrison Chamber’s house. Jem was trembling a bit when he finally hit the doorbell after they had reached their destination, but Jake was not with him when the door opened. Instead, Jem had directed Jake go to the side of the house and stay behind the shrubbery out of sight. When the door opened, Harrison looked at the well built young boy on his doorstep who he recognized from his summer classroom. He smiled awkwardly, surprised by the visit and hurriedly began to tell Jem that he was expecting company, looking over his shoulder as he spoke to make sure of the time on the living room clock. Fuck, on top of everything else, some punk kid from his summer school class has to show up on his doorstep. “What kinda luck was that” Harrison thought to himself annoyed, and doing everything he could not to show it. He forced a smile, and hoped that Jem would say his piece and get going. That’s when Jem found his voice, and said directly and perhaps a bit breathlessly: “Mr. Chambers, yer expecting me.”

Harrison, dressed in sweat pants, a shirt and flips as he was instructed, paused, stared at Jem, and his mouth opened slightly. The smile melted from his face. He was stunned, and more shocked than angry initially. It suddenly dawned on him how the pics in his storage room at school had been taken; by one of the dumb-ass kids in his class. He now looked coldly at Jem, his anger growing along with the confidence in getting this resolved quickly. No fuckin’ kid was going to get in his way. He told Jem to come into the house, directed him to the sofa in the living room and as the boy sat down, launched into a tirade. He had to focus and not start swearing as wildly at the kid as he wanted to. He didn’t want to make him hysterical so that he might run home to his parents and spill the beans. But Harrison did not know who he was dealing with.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing? You take photos of me at school in my private office, you break into my house and steal stuff that belongs to me, who the hell do you think you are…I could call the police right now. Now if you’ve got my belongings, give ‘em to me now…and maybe I’ll forget what you’ve done and call it a day.” Harrison was breathing hard in an effort to compose himself, and glaring at Jem who was sitting down on the edge of the sofa, looking strangely calm but purposely a bit intimidated. The man’s voice was strong and demanding, and he seemed to be towering over the smaller boy; his hands on his hips in a clear sign of exasperation.

Jem was sweating, but he knew he had to keep calm; after all, this was not the first time he’d faced up to an older male. This was the moment that made his pricklet strain against the material of his shorts. He’d figured Harrison would use a good offense as his best defense, but even though he expected the man’s anger, it was still a little bit unnerving. He mustered up his courage, and spoke, not looking directly into Harrion’s eyes, but glancing to him and away repeatedly, as he spoke. “Mr. Chambers, I bet the principal would want to know why you were jerking-off at school, in our classroom storage room, watching porn. I got video of that too. I also know that one of the men who works for my Dad is the father of Molly Thompson and he wants to know who is sending e-mail to his daughter asking whether they are going to hook up this weekend—and he knows what “hook up” means. I think you should stop yellin’ at me.”

Harrison was still glaring, but he realized that his initial tact to scare the shit out of this kid sitting in front of him, might not work. He stared at Jem in silence after the boy had spoken, then after a long, pregnant pause, he responded in a matter-of-fact tone that did not belie how crestfallen he felt. The goosebumps rose on the back of his neck again, but this time it was in a strange fear. What would this kid want, why would he be trying to blackmail a grown man…what the fuck? He spoke now with a quiet, more restrained tone: “What’ya want?”

Jem, who had unconsciously been holding his breath, exhaled and then looking directly at Harrison, knew he had weathered the storm, and was gaining the high ground. He began to let his plan unfold. “Let’s go outside in the backyard Mr. Chambers. I don’t want to be inside, in case you have cameras someplace other than your bedroom. I wanna sit outside on the patio. He rose, and Harrison, exasperated but realizing he had to play along until he knew what the deal was, stomped over to the sliding glass patio door, opened it and walked out, letting Jem follow him before he closed it. Little did he know that Jake was watching from the side of the house, looking at the patio as his brother had instructed. Now, when he saw the two of them come outside, he raced around to the front, remaining as hidden by the bushes as possible, then emerged on the porch, went to the front door, and opened it gently, entering the house quickly and discreetly.

In the meantime, out back on the patio Jem spoke quietly to Harrison in response to his inquiry. Summoning up a tone of innocence that was as phony as a wooden nickel, Jem spoke earnestly. “Mr. Chambers, I’m just kid, and ya know, I’m curious. I didn’t mean anything weird; ya know. Heck, all the guys my age talk about sex, ya know. So when we have a chance to see an older guy in action, and maybe even talk to him…well, ya know…we wanna find out stuff. So I was wondering, ya know, wondering if we could do something, guy to guy…if you’d show me one of the other videos you’ve got and show me how to, ya know… what you were doing in the pictures I sent from your classroom, ya know, jerk-off?”

Jem played the innocent to the hilt, and his voice cracked at least twice as he posed the embarrassing request, his eyes lowering away and not able to look Harrison in the face when he said the words “jerk-off”. “I’ll return your tapes and give you the pics afterwards if you want…I was just curious and wanted to find a way, ya know, to speak to you about this stuff…but I didn’t know how.” Even as Jem gave this phony [and to Harrison incredulous] explanation, Jake was sneaking into Harrison’s bedroom and into the sliding closet door, leaving it slightly open so he could use his brother’s mini-video camera he’d gotten at Christmas.

Harrison was dumbfounded. “You mean you scared the crap out of me just so you could talk to me about sex!? Let me get this straight; I show you some more of my tapes, teach you how to jerk off, and you’re gonna give me the other tapes and pics you took, right?” Harrison squinted at Jem, looking firmly and seriously at the boy to make sure they were on the same page. What Jem noticed was how Harrison kept clenching his fists.

Still nervous but determined to succeed, he responded: “Oh yeah, Mr. Chambers… please. I don’t want to tell the Principal or speak to Mr. Thompson. I’d just like to learn how older boys jerk-off from an experienced dude; I wanna know what they are talking about. When I was watching yer vids I saw stuff I’d never seen before. If we could watch one to get me horny, and see how grown up guys do it…you know…sex with a girl, and stuff, that would make everything cool.”

Harrison wanted to strangle this stupid kid, and the last thing he wanted to do was to fuck around with some stupid kid, watch porn and engage in a circle jerk….but he needed those damn discs and the pictures the kid had taken. So for the time being, he had to play along. Barely disguising his anger, he got up gently biting his lip, opened the sliding door and walked back into the house toward the bedroom, gesturing absently to Jem to follow.

“Why did you want me to shower and wear these clothes if all you wanted was to ask me to jerk-off?” Harrison asked Jem this question about the note he had left him with the pictures as he sat down on the bed, opened the drawer on his nightstand, and pulled out the first disc on the top of the pile. Then he turned back to Jem awaiting an answer.

Jem had to think quick, what could he say? Was his plan about to come crashing down over something stupid like asking Harrison to shower and wear sweats and a t-shirt. He couldn’t tell him that Molly had requested that her lover get cleaned up before she arrived and dress in a way that fired her sexual imagination…but he had to say something. “Ah, yeah, well Mr. Chambers, well I guess I just told you what my Mom always tells me before I go out to hang with my buds. Get cleaned up and put on your casual clothes…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything funny or weird.” Jem was about to hyperventilate, frightened that he had queered the whole plan.

Harrison looked at him, and shrugged his shoulders. “Okay kid…let’s go. Ah, how do want to do this?”

Jem’s pricklet was hard as a rock, a combination of being with this sexy older guy and the fear of the whole plan blowing up in his face. He slowly unhooked his shorts, unzipped them, and pushed them down along with his briefs to his feeet. His hands were shaking, but that touch worked in his favor, convincing Harrison that the kid was just a stupid punk. Out sprang his five inch pricklet, narrow at the base, wide at the head and topped by a fat preteen glans wet with his pre-ejaculate. “Ah, can you show me how you do it Mr. Chambers?”

Harrison wanted to ask the dumb kid why he didn’t just watch the video he had taken in the storage room, but he didn’t want to get the jerk angry by being confrontational. He just wanted to get this over with and get the discs and pics back. A circle jerk would be a small price to pay for getting out of this jackpot. He briefly glanced at Jem’s hard boy prick, and lifted his ass off the bed to push down his sweat pants down to pool at his own feet before he sat down again. He told Jem to shuffle over to the DVD player and pop the disc in, and he grasped the remote controls, turning on the television and the player. He pressed play and on the screen came an image of Harrison on his knees, behind the ass of a woman he had met at one the bars he haunted, her pendulous breasts hanging down and his hands squeezing the sensitive tips while he drove his thick prong in and out of her sticky pussy. Immediately his own cock stiffened a bit, and with some vigorous stroking of his big hand, and the leak from his deep pisswell, his cock finally hardened up completely.

“Okay kid, see, you close your fist around your cock like this, and stroke up and down quickly, sometimes gripping your glans, ah, the top of the shaft, see.” Harrison spoke clinically, not looking at Jem, as he stroked his prick.

For his part, Jem edged up closer to the bed, so he could stand next to Harrison, and began to emulate what the man was doing. “What’s supposed to happen Mr. Chambers, what’s going to happen if I do this?” the boy quizzed in as naïve a tone as he could muster. In the meantime, inside the closet, Jake had turned on the camcorder with the lens aimed outside the slight opening of the sliding door, and was patiently filming what was going on. What the tape showed was a mature man, sitting on the bed, masturbating his huge cock in front of a pre-teen boy who was standing next to the man, stroking his pricklet that was stiff, but looking in awe of what the man was doing. The plan was unfolding perfectly. While Harrison was fully in the viewfinder, only Jem’s body from the torso down to his knees was exposed; a boy and man engaged in sex! Jem continued to stroke his cock awkwardly, not achieving the smooth strokes that Harrison was making.

“Look kid, if you keep it up, you’re gonna shoot your wad”, not realizing that Jem could not ejaculate.

“What’ya mean Mr. Chambers?” Jem asked, a look or wonder on his face after Harrison had used the expression “shoot your wad.”

“Just watch kid….” Harrison sped up his stroking. Soon, between staring at his big knobbed penis, closing his eyes from the sensation when his fist rolled over his glans, and occasionally looking at his image on the T.V. screen fucking the bimbo from the bar, he was getting close to an ejaculation. He just wanted to get it over. Within ten minutes his prick was rigid, the oversized cock head bloated, and finally, Harrison reached his goal. “Aaaaawwwwww dammmnnnn … it comes kid….aaaawwwww!”

Jem moved closer, ostensibly to watch what was happening, when the cum bolted from the head of Harrison’s fat glans and deep pisswell. Jem moved strategically so that the gism rocketing from the big penis would land on his t-shirt and even some on his cocklet. For his part, Harrison closed his eyes, and stopped jerking his prick, not wanting to touch his glans after cumming---too sensitive. His eyes finally opened after squeezing shut during his ejaculation, and he saw that he had shot sperm onto the boy standing in front watching him. Before he could speak, Jem did.

“Will that happen for me too Mr. Chambers? Can you make mine do that? I don’t think I can…I wanna show the guys…com’on, please, please help me…I won’t tell anyone, I don’t want the guys to know…I wanna show ‘em like I discovered it.” Jem spoke quickly and enthusiastically, not wanting Harrison to stop the show.

Fuck, Harrison thought to himself….“Jeez, kid…okay, okay…watch.” Hesitating a moment, and looking up at Jem with an expression of doubt, Harrison hunched his shoulders and threw caution to the wind grasping the pre-teen’s rigid stalk, now covered with some of the man’s thick spunk.

Jem watched mesmerized as the big, hairy hand of his teacher closed around his penis, and gasped audibly, then grunted out loud as the big meaty fist slid tentatively around the boy’s sticky prong, then gently up and down his aching pricklet. “Aaaahhh, jeez, ohhhhhhhhh…..oh Mr. Chambers….aaaggghhhhh!” Jem reflexively thrust his hips into Chamber’s strong hand, as the teacher focused his eyes on the boy’s pricklet wanting to get this over as quickly as possible. Jem rose up on his toes in his flips, driving his cocklet into the soft, cum-lubed palm of his teacher, closing his eyes and letting the sensations carry him to his goal! Within moments, Jem’s over-excited cock succumbed to Harrison’s knowledgeable fist, the man’s thumb brushing ruthlessly over his circumcision scar and piss lips each time his fist moved up and down the five inch shaft. The fat acorn tip bloated and the boy rose even higher on his toes, squealing as his pricklet burst into one of the most powerful dry cums he had experienced since his cousins first took charge of his penis earlier in the summer. “Mr. Chambers…. JEEEZZZ, AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH….AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Jem hunched over and had to grasp his teachers shoulders to keep his balance, as he jerked and spasmed through his delicious, pulsing, dry cum, gulping for breath.

For a moment, Harrison was drawn back to his own sex-crazed youth, when he pawed his own pre-teen prong any chance he could. After learning the pleasures of his boyhood erections grinding into his bedding at night or in the mornings when he had a piss hard, he recalled a long-forgotten memory of his Cub Scout buddy Karl Anders. They shared a tent on the annual camping trip, and Karl who was eleven to Harrison’s ten years, pulled out a Playboy magazine he had taken from his Dad’s collection and packed in his ruck sack. After lights were out, the two boys huddled under their sleeping bags to hide the illumination of Karl’s flashlight as they flipped through the pages and talked about tits, pussy and what they imagined fucking was like. As they flipped through the pages, Karl’s 4.5 inch prong, with his tight foreskin, poked through his pajama bottoms. Both boys laughed, and Karl asked Harrison if he had a boner. When the younger boy blushed and said yes, Karl persuaded him to show it. Reluctantly, but excited to be talking sex stuff with an older boy, Harrison opened his fly and pulled out his already almost five inch prick. With its fat mushroom helmet, the cocklet brought admiring remarks from Karl who without a moment’s hesitation closed his fist around the younger boy’s sensitive prong. The sensation was electric, and Harrison gasped and whined softly, his eyes closing, as Karl thumbed and massaged the tender, but stiff boy cock. It didn’t take long before Harrison dissolved into his first dry cum, but definitely not his last. For the remainder of that short week, the two boys exchanged hand jobs, and for the mature Harrison, as he watched Jem explode into his orgasm, that long forgotten week was rekindled. At least, Harrison could understand Jem’s desire to be like the older boys. That’s how he had felt with Karl. Even though they never fooled around again when they got back home, he had learned that there were ways to pleasure his prong and be like one of the guys. Now, he just wanted to get this seminal moment in Jem’s boyhood over with, not understanding that the pre-teen he was dealing with was no novice and not as innocent as he had been on that camping trip with Karl.

This was Jem’s part in the scheme, the sacrifice he had to make, to surrender to the meaty, big fist of the handsome man sitting in front of him. But what a fucking great sacrifice. Harrison could not see any cum squirt from the boy’s cocklet, but he obviously had cum, and with the frothy gism from Harrison ejaculate lubing the kid prong, he could not be sure the boy had not shot some scum. Jem’s eyes squeezed tight helplessly as he whined through his orgasm, bucking and jerking less and less, as the experienced man’s fingers and fist kept him dancing like a puppet but the sensations abated. But as Jem writhed in horny satisfaction, his brother did his part, capturing every second of the older man masturbating fist working the younger boy in a scene that almost made Jake have a spontaneous cum in the closet. Then when Harrison finally pulled his hand away, holding it up smeared with his own cum and the boy’s natural lube, he looked around for something to wipe it on. Jem staggered back, his still rigid prick bobbing as the boy came down from the explosive sensations, his body still jerking from the experience. Jake stopped his filming, and retreated back further into the darkness of the closet; his job was done. This film would give the boys all the ammunition they would need.

It took Harrison fifteen minutes to get Jem cleaned up and out of his bedroom, with promises from the boy to return later in the afternoon with the tapes and the pictures. He asked for something to drink, and so Harrison took him to the kitchen at the other end of the house after both were dressed and washed up. As Harrison poured the boy some Coke, Jake sneaked out of the bedroom and slipped out the front door. It was 1:30 when Jem walked out the door of Harrison Chamber’s house, vowing to return at 2:00 p.m. with the materials he had promised to give to him. A block away he met up with Jake who as waiting for him, and as they walked the short distance to home, Jem text’d Molly indicating that she and the two boys he had told her about would all meet with Jem and Jake at Harrison’s house at 2:00 p.m. Harrison Chambers did not know it, but his cock was going into a cage before the end of the afternoon.

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