Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 6d: Harrison Gets a Cage (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 6, part “d” of Brady Cannon. It has been just over two years [May of 2011] since I added a chapter. Thanks to those who have been waiting patiently. In this chapter, Jem and Molly execute his scheme to capture Harrison Chambers. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with personal stories to share, PLEASE contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is STRICTLY a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, and the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. More of his experience will emerge later in the story. The concept of Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had taking complete control of an older, previously straight, older teenage boy. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing of the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story. I have also received assistance from others who have offered suggestions and experiences. Please keep them coming. I also want to thank Reuben for his unflinching loyalty to me and this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than the background story, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it’s fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in the case of my stories, makes me pursue it on the pages of my work. The chapter continues but the section is entitled---“Harrison Gets a Cage.”

I last posted a chapter on May 30, 2011.

July 2, 2013


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At 1:45 p.m. Harrison’s doorbell rang. He looked at his wristwatch, surprised that Jem had returned so soon. He went to the door, and opened it, and to his surprise there was Molly Thompson. Molly’s nipples had been hard from the moment she got into the car to drive to Harrison’s house, and her clit had emerged from its hood rubbing occasionally against the wedge of her panties at the top of her pussy lips, making her cunt leak. God she was horny, and the idea of having Harrison as a toy made her cunt leak even more. But when Harrison opened the door to her, she was all smiles and her perfume masked any pussy stink that might have wafted up from between her thighs. At least she had showered and douched before she had left the house.

“Ahh…Molly, sweetheart, what are you doing here? I thought we were going to get together tonight?” Harrison looked a bit peeved, and for some reason at his watch as if they both were unaware of the time. In fact, Harrison was concerned about the time because of what was supposed to occur shortly. Shit, in fifteen minutes, the kid Jem would be returning to drop off his contraband. Harrison needed to ‘close that door’ before those vids got into the wrong hands.

“I couldn’t wait Har, I need you so bad…oh, I’ve been so horny all week just thinking of being with you…please, don’t be angry, I just couldn’t wait.” Molly lied so sweetly, so innocently. She stroked Harrison’s ego and one of her hands stroked the hair on his forearm, knowing her little girl tone would stiffen his dick and appeal to his masculine vanity.

“Baby, I’ve got someone stopping by at 2:00.” Harrison smiled weakly, looking down at his watch again.

“Are they going to be long?” Molly asked with a note of surprise in her voice.

“No, no, but I do have to speak with them for a few minutes.” Harrison was getting a bit nervous as he was growing impatient. It was 1:50 p.m.

“Well I’ll just go into the kitchen and make us a couple of drinks, or pour us some beers, so when you’re done, we can have some refreshments and start the afternoon with a little party. I won’t get in the way, I’ll just stay in the kitchen. How about that?” As if Molly didn’t know that he would jump at her plan. Even in this tight situation, Harrison’s greedy cock began to harden as he looked at Molly’s sweet smile and those luscious lips that could be sliding up and down his cock if he played this right. She walked into the house and turned toward the kitchen as Harrison closed the door.

“Yeah, yeah, that would work. Fine, you pour us a couple of beers and when I’m done we’ll start our party baby…he reached up to her cotton halter, licking his tongue across his lips, and gently pinched the nipple that was protruding against the material. She gasped and closed her eyes, and the pussy juice leaked between her labia, itching her cuntal opening and lubricating her already tingling clit. Just then, the doorbell rang. Perfect thought Molly—right on time; it was 2:00 p.m.

Harrison motioned Molly to the kitchen putting his finger to his lips asking her to be quiet, then turned and walked back to the front door. He pushed his prick down hard in his sweats to make sure his emerging erection, thanks to Molly, would not be visible when he opened the door. Fuck, he did not want that punk kid from school to see him hard in person like he had already in the vids. As he got himself together, Molly walked into the kitchen and began implementing her part of the plan. She took out a couple of mugs from the cupboard and then going to the refrigerator, opened it and took out a couple of bottles, popped the tops off of the beers and poured them out into the mugs. Then she carefully took out the small vial she had in her purse and poured the contents into one of the beers, a combination of white and blue powder; Rohypnol and Viagra that she obtained from Jem when they met at the fountain.

At the door and much to his surprise, Harrison met Jem, Jake, Danny and Brady. Jem said he and his buddies were on their way to the Park, but he wanted to give Harrison what he was expecting by 2:00, so they stopped on the way. Jem handed him several discs which looked like the ones that had been taken, and a new disc that unbeknownst to Harrison had just been burned. Jem managed to persuade Harrison to let him and the boys in briefly by urging him to go into his bedroom and check each of the discs to make sure he got them all. Harrison was now irritated; what did he mean to make sure he got them all? Jem mumbled that the discs had been scattered around his room with other ones he had, and he just wanted to make sure. Fuck; between Molly and these Goddamn boys, his day was not going the way he wanted it to. But he had to keep his cool. He did not want to spark any suspicion or create a scene, plus if he pulled this out, he was going to get to fuck Molly and cool his roiling nuts. If he could just get through this the boys would not see Molly, especially since Jem might recognize her from the videos he had already watched. Harrison wanted to tell Jem he did not have the time to check out the vids, but the boy’s insistence made him relent. He just had to get over with this fucking deal, strangely his own big prick was still tumescent as if the excitement was making him a bit horny---shit. The whole episode with Jem earlier had got him in the mood to make a new movie with Molly and her offer to stay and play had his fuck lust rising. He just wanted to get these little shits out of his place. Little did he know the important film for today had already been made, and he was the star. It would all be clear soon.

Harrison told the boys to sit down in the living room, he’d be right out. Then he disappeared into his room. It only took him five minutes, popping the discs in, and getting a flash of each one to make sure they were the ones missing. Then, oddly, there was one extra, and he popped it into the player and absently watched as the video came up on the screen. His distraction was short lived. At first he watched out of the side of his eyes, focused on thinking about getting the boys out of his house, but soon he turned his head sharply. He watched mesmerized for a few minutes and felt his heart rate speed up and stomach sink with each frame. He blanched and felt the blood drain from his face. Every second of his morning encounter with Jem was in sharp and clear definition on the screen; it appeared as if he was masturbating a kid---fuck, where the shit did this film come from? He rose slowly from the bed, and felt shaky on his feet the blood rushing to his head as he walked slowly back out into the living room, his face now flushed. He actually bumped in the hall wall as he left the bedroom, dizzy, dazed. When he came into the living room, there were the boys and oddly, Molly, and they were all calmly staring at him. Jem stood up from the couch and moved next to Molly, both of them staring blankly at Harrison. Jem spoke calmly and evenly and with a tone of almost snide calculation.

“You like the new disc Mr. Chambers…the one where you’re jerking off some kid? Well, by the way, thanks. It felt fucking great. But now yer not only a teacher who masturbates at school, a fucker of college girls that you film without permission, yer also a perv, jerking off a neighborhood boy in your bedroom. Yer a star, dude!” Jem smiled broadly and turned to share it with both Jake and Molly. For her part, Molly was now smiling wryly, and the pussy juice was dripping from her cunt, her clit was burning, her tits hard as diamonds. This was better than she ever imagined as she stared at the dumb, blank expression on Harrison’s face, and his magnificent body towering over all of them.

For their part, and in the background, Danny and Brady were staring at the floor embarrassed to be part of what was going on. They were unaware of Jem’s plan, not included in the planning, but they knew what humiliation was all about. Initially they had hoped against hope that this adult might be able to help them. Strangely though, Brady’s teen prick was fighting his cock restraint, and Danny could not stop staring at Harrison’s big size twelve bare feet—heavily muscled with long, thick pale toes-- his own penis beginning to strain against his cage. The three victims in the room were slaves to their dick lust, mentally male punks who were learning that they were bred like animals to cum, and not under their own control or auspices. Men can go years, maybe like Harrison for years, without realizing their destiny. But Brady and Danny were learning early in life, and Harrison was about to learn how to surrender control of his life to others.

Jem and Molly carefully explained that Harrison was now their property for the rest of the summer at least. He would do everything they asked, and he would not complain or resist. He looked incredulous, and shook his head staring straight at her with an expression that said, “why…why me?” He was about to make a plea and lifted his arms from his sides, opening his palms as if to make his case. But Molly put out her hand as if to stay ‘stop’ and shook her head back and forth to indicate “no.” Instead, Molly handed him the beer she had doctored, and told him to drink up. She slipped her arm around his back, and lifted the glass up to his lips to help him. Numb, dumbfounded, he took the glass from her and took a deep draught...shit, he felt parched. He needed a drink, his throat was dry, after seeing the video and listening to Jem and Molly, he needed more than a beer. For a moment he tried to gather his wits, and looking puzzled at Molly spoke directly to her hoping to appeal to their relationship and ignoring Jem.

“Molly, why the hell are you doing this…shit, I thought we had a good time, I thought you enjoyed it—I thought we were friends? Why…why join these punks to screw me? Harrison’s handsome face looked so pained, so betrayed. He took another long draught of beer…fuck he needed something stronger, but the beer would do for the time being.

Harrison missed his own pun, but Molly smiled innocently and explained as she watched him drink the drugged beer. “Harrison, I love every minute of you fucking me, but why didn’t you tell me you were making movies of me? And now these kids have seen them. God knows who else has seen ‘em. That’s humiliating. God, what if my friends at college see them? I’m pissed Har, and I think I’ve earned the right to give you some of what you did to me. Now it’s my turn to get some film, just to protect me. I promise you, we won’t do anything to hurt you and I think you’ll enjoy most of it, but you’re gonna have to do things that are gonna push your envelope, sorry baby….” She put her arms around him, one on his back and one resting on his chest. Even as he stared down at her, he began to feel the effects of the drugs. Her soft hand glided up his t-shirt covered chest and grazed across his right pec, the sensation causing his nipple to harden and making Harrison close his eyes and suck in his breath. “Let’s just do this Har and we can let the boys go and I’ll make sure they keep their promise to you.” Molly turned the big man around, and walked him toward the dining room area adjacent to the living room where they were standing. He let her turn him as if he had no will, the Rohypnol kicking in and making him a bit more dizzy; his cock getting harder and harder from the Viagra. With her other hand softly caressing his back, and her front hand continuing to brush back and forth absently over his pec, Harrison took her direction; his prick beginning to leak inside his sweats and forcing the material out in an obscene tent. In less than five minutes, this big boned, big bodied straight man was about to become the toy of some teenage boys and a college girl. They had hit the jackpot.

The boys saw the protrusion of Harrison’s cock pushing out the sweat pants, a fact that he was oblivious to. When the two of them reached the dining room table, Molly let Jem take control. She nodded to him, and he walked over the table where they were standing.

“Mr. Chambers, you gotta get out of yer sweats.” Jem was almost soft-spoken, and Harrison looked at him with a blank expression as if surprised that Jem was addressing him, and as if he did not quite understand. The roofie was making him confused, and after all, Harrison was more brawn than brain, his dick leading the way for many of his decisions. It’s what made him so fucking delicious and attractive, and it was also how he got into this mess in the first place. Molly reached down and pulled the drawstring of his sweat pants, and he looked down as she undid the bow and tugged his sweats pants out so they could drop to his knees. Then Harrison fumbled with the pants, reaching down to follow Jem’s instructions. Silently, he stepped out of his sweats, and his nine thick inches of man cock waved out in front of his body, the knob soaked in clear, sticky pre-cum. All of the boys and Molly stared down greedily at the delicious prong. You have to give Harrison credit, nature had blessed him. The knob was like some big plum, rosy and sticky, the deep pisswell splitting it, and a coronal ridge that seemed wide and sensitive. Jem was already imagining how his fist would chaff that flange, even if he couldn’t encompass it because of its size.

“Get on top of the table Har, on your hands and knees,” Molly said calmly and in her soft voice. The big man, his cock swaying out in front for all of the kids to see, was stunned. He could not believe he was in this situation. Just minutes ago it seemed like he would be out of this jam, and Scot free. Now he was surrendering his body and his reputation to a bunch of punk boys and a college girl. Briefly he thought back to his wife and how things had been just a few months earlier. Fuck….he thought miserably. Slowly, he stepped up unsteadily on a chair, and then climbed onto the table on his hands and knees as Molly had instructed.

Now Jem took over completely. “Put yer head down Mr. Chambers,” almost mocking Harrison by calling him “Mr. Chambers” as if he respected him. Harrison looked at Jem coldly, but did as he was instructed, his ass now sticking up and his head resting on a pillow that Jake had brought from the bedroom. Behind him, Molly spread his big legs, and let his feet dangle over the edge of one end of the table, a sight that caught Danny’s eyes.

Jem walked around the back of the table where Harrison’s muscular ass loomed, and using his right hand he spread the hair flecked muscular cheeks to expose the tight pucker of the teacher’s hair circled anus. Harrison involuntarily gasped and clenched his sphincter, and then groaned when Jem’s other hand reached between the hairy, muscular thighs and grasped his huge erect shaft, pulling it down so he could gently massage just at the circumcision scar and the bottom of the corona, smoothing the drool into the sensitive spot. His anus tightened when the soft fist and thumb caressed his bloated cock head, his eyes closed, and he suddenly smelled Molly’s perfume as two fingers with long nails slipped into his mouth encouraging him to suck them which he did almost reflexively. “Fuuuucccckkkk….” he groaned around the fingers….he was so hard, and in some kid’s fist…”what the fuck….” The roofie and Viagra were now in control, and when Jake opened a bottle of Amyl Nitrate under Harrison’s nostrils it made him flinch his head, but also added to his growing confusion. Jesus there is nothing like a big, dumb, cock hard and dizzy straight man. Nearby, Danny licked his lips, staring at Harrison’s long thick toes and soles, clenching from the sensations he was experiencing, and making Danny want to kneel down and rub his face against them.

Standing just behind Molly, Jake and Jem, Danny began to sweat as he watched Jem coat his index finger and begin to wriggle it against the big man’s hairy, ragged anal slit and the impact it had on Harrison’s long toes. Molly cooed to Harrison, like a trainer speaking to a prize thoroughbred, reassuring him and keeping him from bucking or trying to get up off of the table, as Jem’s insistent finger finally breached the tight pucker and wormed its way inside his teacher’s hot rectum to the deep groans of Harrison as his head lifted from the pillow and his eyes squeezed tightly shut.

In the meantime, Jake had put down the bottle of amyl and following Jem’s instructions, told Danny to pull a chair up next to the back of the table. Danny was confused. What did he have to do with this scene, and it was embarrassing to have this kid giving him instructions in front of the others. Without directly responding to Jake, Danny slowly followed his direction. But once he put the dining room chair where Jake asked him to, he was given the message. First Jake cuffed his hands behind his back. Then he turned Danny around and unzipped and unbuttoned his shorts. Pushing them down, along with the tight white Calvin Klein briefs, Jake made the older boy blush bright red as he was exposed in his cock-locked condition to everyone in the room. Next Jake unlocked Danny’s straining cock locked in its restraint and allowed the teenager’s prick to swell and erect immediately only adding to Danny’s humiliation. Danny’s eyes closed and he hissed in grateful relief even as he blushed again, especially when Jake’s small, soft hand slid up his raging, curved stalk and caressed the bulging cock head, making the glans burp clear slime which quickly coated and slicked the sensitive tip. Then Jake sat Danny down, hobbled by his pants and briefs, re-cuffed his hands so they were attached to the chairback, and used his free hand to direct the older boys head sideways. When Danny opened his eyes in the direction his head was being turned, there was one of Harrison’s large, size twelve feet facing him. He got the soft scent of the man’s foot, clean but masculine. Fuck…the smooth sole of the big foot, meaty and barely calloused, the long, thick toes, and the soft scent of foot sweat were like an elixir to Danny. He closed his eyes again as Jake pushed his face down toward the big foot and within moments, while Jem’s finger fucked gently in and out of Harrison’s rectum, Danny was sucking on the teacher’s clenching, wriggling toes, making the older man unconsciously squirm even more from the ticklish sensation of the tongue rasping over and under his long, thick toes, his meaty arch, and the ball of his foot.

Harrison’s glazed brain struggled to grasp what had happened to him. He grunted and tried to speak around Molly’s fingers, fucking in and out of his mouth…”Uuuuggghhh, whaaaaaa dddaaaa fffuuuuuucccc……!” His fat cock knob was being twisted sweetly in the fist of one of the boys, and Molly’s two fingers in his mouth were joined by one of her fingernails flicking under his hairy chest against one of his rubbery teats. His asshole was gripping the finger that was occasionally hitting the fucking spot where the damn doctor would poke when he had his physical exams, and someone was tickling his foot…or something? Unconsciously, he began fucking his prong into the fist…it felt so damn good to have his cock head rubbed. Shit, he had just cum earlier in the morning, but the slick fist working his glans was driving him crazy. Somewhere in his dim brain, Harrison was remembering something that had happened in college. Jesus, he had forgotten it, but now, on his knees on the table, it was all coming back.

In his freshman year, Harrison pledged Sigma Chi. The men of Sigma Chi were cunt busters and beer guzzlers. They were big, brawny and raunchy, with the casual swagger that comes with the arrogance of physical confidence. The hazing during pledging was ridiculous and almost made him quit. Several of the pledges did quit, but Harrison wanted some of the pussy that would later accrue to a successful pledge, so he tried to keep his mind focused on the ends, not the means. Several of the pledges shared war stories when they were in class on campus, and Harrison knew that some of the older frat brothers in the house were making their pledges do disgusting, humiliating things. One brother had made his pledge piss naked against a tree on campus…almost got caught by the campus police, and thankfully he had on a mask or the two coeds who walked by while he was whizzing would have done more than laugh at him. Another dude had to jerk off to a timer or get swats from the house paddle. But Harrison’s bro had something special for him. His pledge-master made him strip one night before pledge curfew, and get up on his desk. His hands were tied behind him, his big feet were flapping off the edge of the small desk, and his head was covered by his pledge brother’s used, wet jock strap. The raunchy pouch stank with ball sweat, and Harrison thought he might barf from the odor wafting into his nostrils from the dirty pouch over his nose. Finally, one of his own soiled gym socks was stuffed in his mouth, and he felt a wet hand grasp his big cock shaft. Shit, what the fuck was that! For fifteen minutes, his cock was masturbated by the lubricated fist of his pledge-master aimed down like he was a bull being milked---his long toes flicking and crinkling from the sensation---fuck, just like now, he could not keep from responding to the work on his cock head. The dude kept saying shit like, he was a punk cocksucker, and if he could cum from another guy masturbating him, he might be a homo, and crap intended to humiliate him. But eventually, the intensity of the masturbation increased and soon he was shooting wads of his eighteen year old spunk into a shot glass held under his bloated glans. Later, his jizz was wiped over his face and he was made to sleep that night with his own cum coating his face and hair. The whole incident was disgusting, and nothing like that had happened again once he made it into the frat, so the memory had completely been eradicated by years of delicious pussy fucking. But now, on his own dining room table…even without the wet jock strap…Harrison felt he was being pledged into another fraternity, and the scary part this time, it was a small group of boys and a college cunt who were in it, and his ordeal would not end with a one-time penance.

Harrison’s cock was leaking profusely, dribbling his clear pre-fuck onto Jem’s fist as he worked the bloated knob and the sensitive coronal flaps at the man’s piss lips and above his circumcision scar. He was fucking his penis into Jem’s soft fist faster and faster, and driving his ass back onto the finger that was wiggling and rooting into his rectum. He could feel the cum building, the pressure in his balls.… In the meantime, Danny’s face was wet with his own slobber, as Harrison’s big foot basted him as much as Danny’s tongue was basting the meaty, muscular foot of the young teacher. Danny’s cock was vibrating from the excitement of sucking a man’s masculine foot, leaking his own pre-fuck, and desperate for someone to masturbate him. Molly was wide-eyed and was on the verge of cumming without the benefit of any friction on her clit. The amazing tableaux in front of her was enough to make her juice her panties and the sensation of Harrison nursing on her fingers like some big boy baby while she plucked his tit nubs was pushing her to the edge. Jake moved to Brady who standing quietly near Danny’s chair hoping to escape attention. But Jem had a role for him as well. Jake cuffed Brady’s hands behind his back. Using one hand to push the material of Brady’s loose shorts into his ass crack making the big boy rise on his toes, his free hand was inside the older teen’s fly massaging his now unleashed cock, teasing it without the hope of ejaculation. Brady, like the helpless slut he had become was panting, his eyes straying from Molly’s tits pushing out her halter top to Jem’s fist rotating around Harrison’s big cock head, just as Jake was gently doing to him. Jesus, fuck, he needed to cum, it seemed like that’s all he had on his mind these these days, getting off, and mostly secretly wishing for either Jake or Jem’s fist milking him.

But Jem had no intention of letting anyone, especially Harrison, off so easily. He had Jake pause from his ministrations on Brady to pick up the video cam and take another movie of Mr. Chambers, careful to avoid faces except Danny’s. Then, he and Molly stopped working over the big man just before he could reach his greedy climax, moved Danny away from the table, and then helped the unsteady Harrison off. They gave him more beer to drink to sate his thirst and another couple of hits of amyl, then took him staggering into his bedroom. As he was guided into the room, Harrison blubbered through the drugs for Molly to let him go; to please let him go. His voice was slurred. ”Shit Molly, please…fuck, damn, let me go baby, don’t do this crap, don’t do this…Jesus, don’t…..oooooohhhhhhhh Goooodddd dddddaaaaammmmnnnnn….”

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