Dark Stone 4

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Gasping for air, I sensed rather than felt or saw Arthur withdraw his massive rod from my body. It was the sudden emptiness which told me we were no longer joined. Lifting my head with an effort, I looked to where he stood, in time to hear him proclaim:

"Arcturis and Australis have been showered with the essence of masculinity. We accept and give praise for the gift of the Seed of the Circle. The re-birth of Australis has begun with the bathing of him in the liquid of manhood, and he and I have formed our own circle, each giving and receiving of the seed of the other. To the praise and honour of Priapus, let the Rite of Union proceed!"

I grinned up at him, acknowledging the wondrous but exhausting power of the sex he had shared with me, and caught a twinkle in his eye through the slits in the hood adorning his head. Arthur moved forward and laid his hands on my body. As he did, I felt a renewal of energy, a surging of strength, and much of my exhaustion dissipated, leaving me to look around again at the amazing proceedings for which I was the centre.

At Arthur's words, the other eleven couples stepped backwards, away from where I lay, the slaves moving to form an inner ring while their Masters stood behind them again, except for the leader, or high priest as I had come to think of him. He stood within the newly re-formed ring of men, and his slave stepped forward holding a velvet cushion upon which rested an ornate silver goblet, carved with images of naked men and bound about with straps of leather. He held the strangely beautiful cup aloft, and spoke again.

"Arcturis and Australis, the Circle has showered you with the essence of masculinity. Forge now your own bonds, that you may become an integral and strengthened link in that Circle. For the honour of Priapus, offer now the six elements of your being!"

I wondered at that. What could the six elements be? In popular conception there were four - earth, fire, wind and water. My high school chemistry surfaced to remind me there were around 90 natural elements, so what did he mean? Before I could give any more thought to it, Arthur [or should I start thinking of him as Arcturis?] stood up from where he had been leaning over me, and gave me a long look, his mighty prong rising to attention yet again. As I beheld him there, between my legs, my own prick also began to harden. I could scarcely believe that I could get an erection now, after what I had been through, but the evidence was there for me, and all the others, to clearly see.

Arcturis took the goblet from the priest and placed it gently on the slab of stone next to my body. Without letting his eyes leave mine, he slowly began to run his hands all over himself - across his chest and down his stomach, pulling and playing with the silver rings through his own nipples. I wonder at the piercings there - I had never seen them before in our matings, yet now he had the same nipple rings as all of the other men standing around us. While I watched him watching me, he slowly lowered his hands to his groin, taking his large nuts in one palm and massaging them gently, while his other fist closed around the rampant tool of an erection which jutted outwards from his gut. With a measured pace he began to jerk himself, up and down that hard pole, all the time concentrating on me, on my body and my face. I felt myself being turned on incredibly by the masturbating leathered god before me, and my own cock began the first dribbles of pre-cum, a droplet of jism leaking onto my stomach.

The gathered men began to chant again, quietly. I could not make out the words, but I did hear our names - 'Arcturis and Australis' - repeated many times. Arcturis' motions on his throbbing phallus, glistening and slick with the remnants of the cum from the circle and from each of us, picked up speed, and soon his fingers were flailing along that rod, blurred in my view, while his body tensed with the onset of yet another climax. In a remarkably short time, his breathing quickened and he moved with speed to grab the container, aiming his weapon into it and shooting a surprisingly large load of creamy ejaculate into the silver urn.

With my arms still bound to the rock by the metal chains, I was unable to emulate him, although I had wanted to, my cock aching and hard. I would have been proud to follow him in jerking off together, but was prevented from doing so by my bonds. That problem was now overcome, as Arcturis moved to me and began to do it for me, holding my balls gently in one hand while the other began to slide up and down my throbbing cock. I doubted if I could produce any cum, but that did not stop me from enjoying the sensation of his fist around my tool, his fingers playing with my nuts, and his eyes fixed on mine. Once more, the chanting from those around us grew in keeping with the speed at which Arcturis jacked me, and I gave up all control to him, letting him play my body like a musical instrument. Amazingly, after no more than five minutes, I could feel the familiar building of tension in my gut, the knot of pent up power in my groin. I gasped for breath and nodded to the man who had such a grip on my masculinity, and knew that he understood.

As my body began to tighten, Arcturis released the gentle grasp he had on my testicles, and slid his hand lower, probing into my arse with one long finger. I grunted with the pleasure of him exploring me, and the joy of his hand wanking my rod, and then his fingertip found and pushed against my prostate. With the pressure of his digit on that bundle of nerves, and the friction around my shaft, I let out a breathy 'uunnnhhh...' and my prick spasmed under his touch. He had foreseen my orgasm, weak as it was, and he directed my two or three spurts into the same silver cup, milking me with his fingers as he captured my essence and mixed it with his own.

Finally he released my organs, and laid his free hand on my stomach, reassuring me that I had done what was expected. I felt both proud and pleased, and at the same time a little embarrassed by the small amount I had managed to contribute. Arcturis simply smiled at me as he placed the cup to one side again, and held out his hand. The priest's slave stepped up and gave him a strange implement, almost like a spoon, yet long and smooth on one edge.

Quickly now, he scraped this metal spoon along my side, over my chest and down my leg, then did the same to himself. As he finished he held it up for the priest's inspection. The other man nodded, and Arcturis lifted the cup again and tipped the spoon-thing over it. Eight or nine drops of water fell into the container, and suddenly I realised he had collected sweat from both of us to add to the mixture. It occurred to me then that the 'elements' the priest had referred to were bodily fluids. I began to wonder just how far this would go, and what else Arcturis would require of himself and me.

But I had little time to contemplate the possibilities as he continued this strange and somehow appealing rite. It was like becoming 'blood-brothers' with someone as a kid - mixing our secretions and proclaiming them to be joined forever, symbolically uniting the two of us. While I had allowed myself this train of thought, Arcturis had been watching me intently, and his jaw had been moving around as he filled his mouth with saliva. Leaning right over me and holding the vessel between us, he hawked an impressive globule of spittle into it. As soon as he did so, I knew what was expected of me, and instantly began to masticate furiously, trying my hardest to produce a respectable contribution of spit. With Arcturis' eyes on me, and his hand encouraging me by running slowly, tenderly over my body, I managed to fill my mouth with liquid, and nodded to him that I was ready. He leaned forward and held my head with one hand, positioning the beaker with the other directly in front of my lips, and I spat, for all I was worth, into the silver cup.

Arcturis grinned in satisfied pleasure, and twirled the cup around in his hand, mixing the juices within it together. The priest's slave then came forward again, and this time Arcturis took from him a long thin tube of glass - the kind of thing scientists use to draw up small amounts of fluid for testing purposes. He stood in front of me again, and my curiosity grew as I wondered what he would use this thing for.

Unexpectedly, he reached up with his free hand and eased the leather hood up and over his face, then placed it onto my stomach. As I watched, he pinched tufts of his eyebrow hairs and pulled quickly at them, three or four times. I was puzzled by this manoeuvre until he then carefully raised the long thin tube of glass to the corner of each eye and collected -- tears! Surprised as I was, I permitted myself a grin, that this powerful, masculine hunk towering over me, could still manage tears, forced as they might have been. The tiny droplets in the glass were carefully blown into the metal chalice, and Arcturis replaced his hood and turned to me with the same implement in his hand. I anticipated his intentions, and readied myself for his fingers to pluck at my brows, my eyes closed, so that I was completely unprepared for what happened.

He slapped me, not too hard, but none too gently either, across the side of the face with his open palm. The sting of the blow, and the shock of it, brought an instant and involuntary flood of tears to my eyes, and he leaned forward, holding my head carefully as he harvested the salty fluid. Once again, it was carefully added to the silver mug, as Arcturis turned back to face me again. Another movement from behind him, and I saw the priest's slave come into view as Arcturis extended his right hand over my body and turned it palm downwards. The slave carried a long, intricately carved knife, and I guessed, correctly, at what was to be the fifth element.

With the softest of touches, the slave nicked the flesh of my man's finger and stepped back. Arcturis stood unmoving as the drops of blood welled up and began to fall onto my skin, then reached for the ornate silver and leather bound goblet and placed it beneath his hand to let the precious liquid of life fall into the cup. He looked to me, and I returned his glance with a serious but accepting stare, and lifted my right hand as best I could from the stone slab where I lay. The slave approached and again performed his task. The knife must have been incredibly sharp because I do not recall feeling any pressure or even any pain, yet instantly drops of my life-blood began to appear at the tip of my finger. My 'Master' smiled warmly at me, and held the metal container beneath my fingers to catch the red drops and add them to the other fluids already collected and combined.

At that point the priest took the cup from Arcturis and held it high above his head, and the chanting of the others, which had continued in muffled tones throughout this ritual, suddenly stopped altogether.

"The physical elements of these two, Arcturis and Australis are now united - Blood, Sweat, Tears, Saliva and Semen. In the name of Priapus, I call upon each of them to close the circle, and to offer to each other and to the One Master the final element of their being."

What else? I wondered. Arcturis stood close by me, and he took the cup from the priest when it was offered to him, but then set it down as he leaned over me, his lips bare centimetres from my ear.

"Australis, my friend, my lover," he whispered. "All else you have given willingly even though it could have been taken from you by force. But now is the time to offer that which cannot be forced from you -- your mind. Speak into the cup your thoughts and dreams, hopes and wishes. The strength and truth of your words will determine the strength and the truth of our union."

Finishing his whisper, he stood up again, took the cup in both hands, and moved to position himself between my legs. His eyes fixed on mine once more, and in a firm, clear voice he spoke into the silver chalice.

"I, Arcturis, here and now, in the presence of my brothers and in the service of Priapus, offer to my slave, Australis, and to the Circle, my thoughts and mind. I offer to my slave unreservedly all of myself - my strength and my knowledge, my power and my protection, my body and my heart. I promise to you, my Australis, that through our bonding you shall have all that I can give, for the rest of eternity. I swear to the One Master, Priapus, and on all that is sacred, that I, Arcturis, assume full and total responsibility, gladly and without reservation, for the well-being, happiness and life of my slave."

He looked up from the goblet, and directly into my eyes, and spoke again, holding my gaze as he did. "Australis, to you, from this day forward, no harm or other ill shall come that I can prevent, even though it mean the forfeiture of my own life. United we shall be one; your body and my body, one body; your heart and my heart, one heart. And as one shall we stand against those who would divide us, in the grace and blessing of the Lord Priapus."

Lowering the cup, he whispered to me alone. "You have my word and my love for eternity."

I was amazed and moved by his words. They were spoken with absolute sincerity and indisputable honesty. Despite all this talk of mastery and slavery, this man truly loved me! The revelation of that one fact had an incredible impact upon me. Here I was, bound down to a slab of dark stone, naked and surrounded my men in full leather gear, being claimed as a slave by one who called himself my Master, and yet suddenly I felt so at one with him, so wanted and accepted, so loved...

"It is your place now to offer you're your thoughts," Arcturis whispered to me, lifting my head with one hand and holding the shining chalice at my mouth.

I stammered a little, stopped for a few seconds and gathered my thoughts. I was determined to do this properly and honestly.

"I, A--Au--Australis," I said, accepting my new name. "I thank Arthur, uh, I mean, Arcturis, for the offer that he has made to me. I give him my body and my mind from now on. I promise that I will serve him the very best that I can, no matter what, because I truly love him with everything I am and everything I have."

He smiled and began to back away, but I went on, emboldened now. "Arcturis, I want to be your slave. I want to make you proud of me, and to want me with you forever. I love you, and I offer you now all that I have, including complete control over me, honestly, I swear! I give myself to you, and to the Circle."

I dropped my head back onto the stone, and his eyes shone with pride, and maybe just a little moisture, as he stood back and handed the cup containing our essences to the priest.

That man, the one I had come to consider the high priest, raised the ornate cup over his head. In a loud voice, he spoke to the glowing, giant cock suspended above us.

"My Lord Priapus, behold the offerings of Arcturis and Australis. Their essences combined, they seek true union one with the other in Your Name and to Your Glory. Grant them this request, unite them as one and allow them to complete the Circle this night!"

With that, he lowered the goblet again and walked to one side, approaching the cauldron of black wax that contained what was left of the original candles borne into the chamber by the Masters. Carefully he tipped the cup to its side, pouring about half of its contents into the wax, all the while chanting softly in a language and with words I did not understand. He repeated the procedure again on my other side with the pot of white wax, emptying the remaining combination of mine and Arcturis' secretions into that bubbling mass, still chanting as he did.

The rest of the gathered men joined in the chant at that point, leaving only Arcturis and myself silent. He moved slowly around to stand behind my head again, his hands remaining on my shoulders and never breaking the contact of skin between us. All of the others slowly formed a tight ring around the blackened pot holding the dark melted wax. The flames below it died of their own accord and the priest held his hands out over the surface as his words and those of the others around him grew in volume and tempo, although still I could not understand them.

As if by some unseen signal, suddenly all of the group leaned in to the large pot and placed their hands beneath it. I marvelled that no-one cried out with pain, figuring that it must still be hot enough to burn flesh. Twenty-two pairs of hands gripped the thing. Up they lifted it, above shoulder height, above head height, the mysterious chant rising and falling. I watched in fascination, only barely aware of my man's hands upon my chest now, when suddenly the group moved again, and the giant vessel began to tip. They still had control of it, but there was no doubting that it was being lowered on one side, the side closest to me. I tried to scream out a warning and instinctively hunched my body against the outpouring of molten wax I knew full well was about to flow down over me.

But nothing came. I waited for the burning, opening my eyes to a squint, only to see that still they were tipping the container to its side, yet the contents seemed to have vanished. Slowly recovering, I stared in amazement as the now empty cauldron was turned almost completely over, and it was only when it was finally up-ended that I felt something fall from it. But that something was not scalding nor liquid, but cool and firm. Struggling to lift my head, I looked at where it had landed on my abdomen to see a plain black leather collar, identical to that adorning the throats of each of the slaves standing beside me and holding the now empty pot.

As the others lowered the black container again, Arcturis leaned down over me and took the collar in his hands. As the group watched in complete silence, he carefully slid it under my head and around my neck There appeared to me to be no buckle or other form of clasp, only a chrome 'D' ring at the front, yet the collar settled firmly on me, moulding itself to the contours of my neck and I could feel it tight against my skin without being constricting or inhibiting my movements.

As soon as the collar was in place, the group began its chant again, moving this time to the other cauldron which contained, or at least when last I saw it, had contained, the melted white candles. The procedure was repeated with all of them standing over the round pot, then lifting it up and chanting before lowering one edge as if to pour the contents over my body. This time I did not flinch, although it took all my will power to resist the urge to hunch up into a protective position as the lip of the pot fell toward me. My curiosity got the better of me however, and this time I was watching as the tub was over-turned and its meagre contents spilled out onto my skin. Lying on the sweaty flesh of my chest were now eight shining silver rings.

I looked at these objects with a mixture of surprise and incomprehension. They were certainly beautiful, but I could not immediately identify them. There were four quite small rings, about one to one and a half centimetres in diameter, two larger ones - probably three centimetres, and another two even bigger again, as much as seven centimetres across. I looked up into Arcturis' face for reassurance, and as I did he leaned forward over me again. The glow of the candles around the room reflected from his chest, and I knew. The rings lying on my skin were identical to those in his chest and penis - they were nipple rings, 'prince alberts' and cockrings. Panic flowed through me again, and once more I began to struggle, but Arcturis placed his hands on my head, and I heard his voice deep inside my brain, promising me that I would feel no pain, that he would protect me.

"Arcturis!" proclaimed the priest in a loud voice which startled me a little. "The time has come for you to cast off the remnants of the past, and to share with your slave the Rings of Priapus that have been infused with your united essence."

My Master nodded and lifted his hands away from my head, although still in my mind his voice reassured me that all would be well. He moved slowly around to stand between my legs, where I could easily raise my head to see him. With a sense of ceremony and purpose, he reached up to his own chest, and spoke again. "I am ready," he said.

The others gathered around the two of us once more in a circle, chanting in words I did not understand, but their cadence rose and fell to a definite beat. As they sang this incomprehensible song, Arcturis took the ring in his left nipple in hand, winced slightly, and suddenly it separated, no longer the seamless band of metal it had been. He pulled the opening wide, and slid the chrome out of his chest, discarding the silver ring and letting it fall to the floor. Repeating the procedure on his right side, soon his chest was unadorned, just as I remembered it. Next he removed the cockring surrounding his shaft and balls, sliding himself out of it and casting it aside.

With the humming sound of the circle of men rising in volume, Arcturis then gripped the ring piercing his cockhead and closed his eyes, joining in the chant with all of the others. A crack appeared in the metal, widening as I watched in awed wonder. He pushed at the break with his fingers and it opened further, the ring separating like a broken link in a chain. Slowly, carefully, Arcturis spun the shining chrome through his flesh until the ring exited his penis, and he held it up for a second before dropping it to the floor.

For a long moment he stood there then, staring down at me while the chanting continued, his eyes boring into mine. Then he reached forward and lifted one of the largest of the rings, spread his legs slightly, and lifted his nuts, inserting first one and then the other through the round shape of the metal, before feeding the length of his cock through it as well and slipping the whole thing down to rest against his pelvis, where it pushed his cock and balls out a little from his body. Without waiting, he took the other large ring and leaned over me, taking my testicles in his hand and carefully pulling each one through the cool steel. My cock was already hardening, but he managed to bend my shaft down and push the head of my dick through the ring, pulling my manhood into the enveloping circle and running it back into position against my flesh. I looked at myself, and the sight of the gleaming silver gripping at my root, lifting my nuts up, was surprisingly stimulating. My cock continued rising to full hardness again as Arcturis stepped back from me once more.

Now he collected two of the smallest rings from their resting place, prising each apart so that they formed incomplete circles, a gap in both. With relative ease he fed one end of the broken ring through the hole which already existed in the brown puckered skin behind his nub, forcing the gap closed, and repeated the procedure on the other nipple. He reached for the two remaining nipple rings and pulled each of them apart just as he had done with those now embedded in his own chest. My nervousness returned, my anxiety growing. I did not have the benefit of my nipples having already been pierced; there were no existing holes into which he could feed the metal on my aureoles. How could he possibly just insert them into me?

Holding my attention with his eyes, Arcturis leaned over me again, laying each of the tiny silver circles over the pointed erections of my nips. He closed his fingers firmly over my nubs and chanted in unison with the rest of the group. I felt a strange numb sensation spreading through both sides of my chest, radiating down and across from the points of my nipples. I knew my tits were erect - I could see them clearly, and I could still feel his fingers squeezing them, yet I could sense no pain, or even pressure in what was usually a very sensitive part of my body. Fascinated now, I watched as he took first the ring which had been laid on my left nipple, and held the end of the broken circle against the flesh, just behind my nub. Slowly, carefully, he began to push. I could feel the pressure, yet there was no real pain, just a slight discomfort. Harder Arcturis pushed, one hand holding the steel, the other pinching my skin up and pulling it out. A flash of momentary pain - not unbearable, but much like you would get from having a shot at the doctor's - made me wince, and then, amazingly, I felt the cold steel of the ring force its way through my skin, and break through on the opposite side to emerge to a point where Arcturis could grasp it and quickly pull it through my nipple, then close the points together.

Before I had time to think about what had been done to me, Arcturis lifted the ring from my right nipple, pinched me again, and repeated the process. Once again I grimaced with the pain of the silver penetrating my skin, and ached a little at the discomfort of it being forced through my flesh, then settled back as he closed the ends of the second ring. I lifted my head and looked at my own chest. Lying flat against my pectorals, a few drops of blood oozing from the point where they exited my body, were bright, gleaming silver rings, framing my erect nipples and disappearing into my flesh. Incredibly, I found the sight both stimulating and arousing, and my cock sprang to life again as I examined as best I could the piercings through my own nips. He closed his fingers over each tender mound, wiping away the drops of red, and I looked into his eyes. They smiled with approval and satisfaction.

Almost as soon as he let go of my hardened and now pierced nipples, I began to feel the numbness in my chest abate, yet instead of the pain I expected there grew a sensation of strength, of expansion. It felt as though my upper body was filling with a life of its own and a tingling spread through my pectoral muscles, not at all unpleasant. The surging I could feel was even somewhat arousing, but more than that, it felt almost like something was growing inside me, or that my chest itself was growing - larger and stronger with every breath I took.

But I had little time to wonder at this strange sensation or to examine it. I saw Arcturis move again, and watched in curious fascination as he lifted one of the medium sized rings from its resting place on my stomach, and held the gleaming chrome circle aloft in his right hand, while his left began a familiar dance along my Master's long, thick tool. Quickly he became erect, and my own erection grew at the sight of him. The chanting recommenced as the circle of men gathered closer about us, and before my eyes the prince albert ring Arcturis held opened of its own accord, a split appearing in the once seamless metal. He forced that opening wide with his fingers, then held the ring higher whilst still firmly massaging his own penis.

When he achieved full erection, his massive dick gleaming in the candlelight, he lowered the metal until one end of the split circle rested against the underside of his cock. His left hand still fisted his weapon, maintaining its hardness, while the other hand manoeuvered the PA, pressing the solid edge into the recently vacated hole and moving it gently from side to side until the steel began to disappear into his flesh. Uttering a grunted gasp, Arcturis gave the ring a final twist and the leading point exited his piss slit. Sliding it around a little further, he quickly pressed the two ends together again, rubbing them between his fingers and chanting an unhearable mutter. Within seconds the PA had become solid once more, an unbroken, seamless circle of silver that pierced his log of flesh and crowned his beautiful mushroom cap.

His prick looked so good, so long and hard and powerful, standing up and out from his body, that I ogled him happily, my own cock growing again with excited lust. How could my body recover from this? I was no shrinking flower when it came to sex, but I felt as though I had been raging continuously for hours, had cum several times, and yet I wanted more! Arcturis looked to me again, his eyes travelling up and down my body and resting on my prick before finding my face again, and he smiled approvingly. I heard no words, aloud or in my mind, but I felt a kind of reassurance, a deep implanted thought which told me everything would be okay, and my apprehension eased a little even though I knew what was coming. My Master leaned over me again, and picked up the final ring - the PA intended for me. He held it high above us, and the circle of slaves and masters resumed their humming chant. Arcturis' left hand dropped to my body, his fingers drumming a staccato pattern of sensuous touches across my chest then down my abdomen until he reached the base of my penis.

He closed his fist around my length, squeezing firmly but not tightly and rubbing me in a kind of massage along my shaft. My hardness returned instantly and I felt as though my cock would burst, swearing that I was experiencing the most intense erection I had ever known. I felt rather than heard, a rumbling, resonant sound building within Arcturis' body, from somewhere deep in his chest, and suddenly that sound was echoed by the surrounding slaves and their masters. A numbness, almost a loss of feeling, grew from the root of my prick and travelled along my rod until it reached my cockhead, spreading and tingling slightly. I could still feel my cock, could still sense the extreme hardness of my erection, and yet somehow it was as if my member were detached from the rest of my body, like it had an existence all its own.

With a mixture of detached curiosity and anxious fascination I looked up, watching as the ring of silver split in Arcturis' hand, just as his had done. The gap between the broken ends widened at his touch and the murmuring of those around us grew in volume and tempo. Slowly, he lowered the metal to my groin, and placed one end of the broken ring against the underside of my cock. I could feel the pressure against my flesh, and I knew that the chrome was cold and rounded, yet still the numb sensation continued and I saw the circle against a cock that was mine but not a part of me. And behind and above it, Arcturis stood proudly, his eyes fixed on my own. Suddenly I heard his voice, though with my ears or my mind I could not say.

"Take your strength from the Brothers around you," said his voice. "Find sanctuary in me. Surrender yourself, your fears and your pain. Allow me to offer you the protection you deserve as my slave."

I nodded weakly, not fully comprehending what he meant, as the chanting of the others built to a peak, the sound washing over and through me. It became a drumming, beating noise, filling my mind and my body as my Master stood yet, his hands at my manhood, the gleaming metal ring hard against the tender skin just below the 'V' in my glans. Suddenly, the voices of the gathering reached a crescendo, and without any other warning, Arcturis pushed the metal hard into my flesh, broke the skin of my cock and slid the thick steel into me. A bolt of excruciating pain flashed through me, an electrical shockwave which speared slivers of agony into every nerve in my being. I tried to scream out, but before the sound could reach my lips, my body shut down and I left the physical world behind.

Instantly, my mind took control. I was running through some kind of dream, or nightmare. The pain was everywhere at once and I stumbled in the darkness, filled with exhaustion. Hands appeared, helping me to my feet, lifting me so I could run again, and I knew them to be the hands of the men who had formed the circle. Again I fell, and again, each time lifted and supported by the worshippers of Priapus. Finally, I could go no further, on hands and knees against the ground, when I lifted my head to see Arthur - Arcturis, I corrected myself - reaching to me. With the last of my willpower I stood and collapsed into his arms, and suddenly I could feel the pain being drawn out of me and into him. Gradually my strength returned and grew, a sense of power being injected into me, a surging growth of energy filling my body, its source the very head of my cock.

My eyelids fluttered open, and I was back. The hard stone pressed against my shoulders, the weight of the chains still around my ankles and wrists. I lifted my head to see Arcturis still standing between my legs, his hands at my groin, his eyes full of concern. His voice resonated inside my head.

"Australis, my slave, all is well. You have journeyed through from the world of mortality to take your place in the realm of Priapus. The pain you have endured is necessary but now over, and you have earned the right to enjoy your destiny."

My gaze travelled down to where his fingers completed their massage of my genitalia, wiping away the last traces of blood from my skin. My cock was still hard and full, jutting proudly upwards, and crowning my glans was a glistening silver ring, solid and without join. I stared in amazement, examining myself. The shining chrome exited my body cleanly from the underside of my shaft, and curved up and around to dive back into the eye of my prick. I could feel it there, could feel the solidity of the metal inside me, yet there was no longer any pain, or even discomfort. My erection was still as strong and hard as before, stimulated even further by the sight of this jewellery inserted into me, and by the feel of it within my manhood. As I lay there, the feeling of surging energy, of growing power, centered on my dick and spreading throughout my body, returned. It was like a strength I had not previously known was being injected into me from the ring through my cockhead, and it was making me even more excited and horny - almost superhumanly so.

I looked up at the man above me, my man, my Master. His face was full of concern, and I smiled at him, letting him know that I was alright. He beamed back at me, his gaze full of pride, then knelt down and released the chains on my ankles. Quickly moving around the slab upon which I lay, he then unchained my wrists before standing again and taking my hands, pulling me forward and helping me to stand upright. My legs were a little unsteady, but I leaned on him for support, and felt good about it. Still naked, and still erect, there was no embarrassment in me. I was proud to be there, proud to be hard and proud to be his.

Arcturis turned to face the others standing around us.

"Know all off you that we are now one, Arcturis and Australis, unified by our elements, joined in body and mind. I claim him as my slave, and give myself to him as his Master, to the glory of Priapus, for time unending."

As he finished, the high priest stepped forward, and facing us he proclaimed in a loud voice, "By the unification of Arcturis and Australis, I declare the Circle once again complete and strengthened. As instructed by the Lord Priapus, I call upon the Brotherhood to honour their joining and to re-form the Circle of Priapus." With that he gave a single clap of his hands, and as the others moved in around us, his slave stepped forward bearing a large flat platter.

Upon the tray were arrayed a number of garments, all in the softest, gleaming black leather. As Arcturis stood behind me, the other masters stepped up and robed me in the beautiful dark hide. Chaps were buckled around my waist and laced up to enclose my legs. Tall, shining boots were placed almost reverently on my feet. A harness of wide straps was fitted about my torso, the large chrome rings at the front of it sitting over my now pierced nipples, and the lower strap was buckled through the cockring I wore. A soft black hood was placed over my head and tightened from behind by my Master, leaving my mouth free but covering my ears, with slits through which I could see. A slender chain of silver was attached to the rings in my nipples, hanging a little and swaying across my chest. Finally, Arcturis moved to stand in front of me, and clipped a long silver lead to the D ring in the collar I wore, wrapping the trailing end around his left hand. I was now dressed identically to all of the other slaves who made up the inner ring of men, although I felt somewhat daunted by the fact that I was still noticeably smaller than the rest in both height and musculature.

Arcturis' hand proprietarily resting on my shoulder and squeezing slightly, reassured me, and I stood with my shoulders back, enjoying the feelings coursing through me. I was acutely aware of my new adornments; the thick ring nestled around the root of my masculinity, the small circles inserted in my nipples, and the shining PA weighing down my cockhead. I could feel the metal in my body, yet sensed also a new strength, and a curious feeling of excited arousal. My Master spun me around so that we stood face to face, and let his gaze travel the length of my body, from the top of my hood to the tips of my boots. He smiled a mixture of approval and lust, his right hand reaching out to pull lightly at the chain connecting my nipples, while he pulled gently on the lead attached to my neck, drawing me closer to him. I found the whole thing incredibly erotic, and on impulse, I dropped to my knees before him.

"My slave," he said in whisper.

"My Master," I replied just as quietly.

Without any order or command from Arcturis, I knew in my heart what he and I wanted - a show of my fealty to him. And I grinned as I thought of the perfect activity. Standing there in front of me, his glorious leathers and fantastic body were covered in the spattered remnants of cum and outpourings from both of us and from the other members of the Brotherhood. Already on my knees, I bent to the floor and began to lick his boots clean of the grime and residual cum. As I did, my dick hardened again, until it almost ached with the pressure. I found the smell and sight of his boots and lower legs incredibly erotic, and using only my tongue, I cleaned them carefully and thoroughly. Slowly, carefully and determinedly, I made my way up the pillars of power that were his leather encased legs, dark poles of gleaming hide that I washed and polished with my mouth, revelling in the taste and the feel of him.

When I reached his thighs, he spread his legs apart to allow me easier access, and his hands came down to rest on my tight, gripping hood, squeezing as he did to impart to me his approval. On I went, until my lips found his hanging testicles, which I suckled and massaged with my teeth, claiming them as my own. My lips traced the length of his shaft, all the way to the PA which matched my own. I could taste not only the leftovers of his cum, but my own bodily fluids still glistening on his mighty weapon, and I slid my mouth down over that pole, drinking it in and taking every last inch of him. With some reluctance, I allowed him to exit my throat and continued my chore, working slowly up across his stomach, following the lines of his harness and concentrating on his nipples for some time before nipping at his chest and sliding my tongue up to the base of his neck.

I was standing again by this time, and Arcturis gave a firm tug on the chain fixed to my collar, pulling me away from him for a second, before our mouths met and our lips locked in a passionate kiss which must have gone on for long minutes. I don't know how I breathed as we kissed, or even if I did breathe, but the urgency of that kiss almost brought me to another peak as I surrendered completely to the man with whom I had been joined by the strange ritual which had taken place. And he too was aroused. I could feel the heat of his giant poker pressing against my thigh as it lifted and hardened, demanding acknowledgement and attention.

Breaking our kiss momentarily, Arcturis grinned at me widely, then backed away, dragging me forwards with him. He placed his large, strong hands on my sides and lifted me bodily up onto the slab of dark stone where I had been lying, then climbed up himself so that we stood, face to face, raised up above the others. Once more joining my lips with his, he probed into my mouth with his tongue and I happily succumbed to his advances, tasting him and feeling his body against my own. His hands caressed my shoulders and travelled down my back until they gripped at my arse cheeks, and then I felt more pressure as he lifted me again. By instinct, I wrapped my legs around his waist and flung my arms over his shoulders, never letting our mouths part. In this position, I could feel even more clearly his arousal - the massive solidity of his manhood urged its way up and along the crack of my arse, depositing a slimy trail of pre-cum in its wake which coated my skin and gathered in the puckering entrance to my body.

I lifted my mouth from his for a fleeting second. "Fuck me!" I whispered to him. "Please, Sir, fuck me now."

His only response was a mischievous smile, as he planted his lips over mine again. And then his hands lifted me further, positioning me perfectly for what we both wanted.

'Open your mind to me, and trust me!', came his voice, resonating deep inside my mind.

'I'm yours, and I trust you absolutely,' I thought back, wondering if he would 'hear' me.

I guess he must have, for the next thing I knew, his face twisted to one side against my own, and now his lips covered not only my mouth but my nose as well. For a moment I felt a rising panic, but the words 'Trust me!' echoed in my brain, and I let myself go. Arcturis breathed into me, forcing air into my lungs from his own, whilst still his tongue danced across my teeth and filled my mouth. Suddenly, I felt a rush of sensations flooding my system, not unlike the first mad buzz from a deep whiff of amyl. My heart pounded, my blood raced, and it seemed as though every nerve ending was graced with a massive increase in sensitivity. But the high did not falter or fade the way amyl does. It stayed with me, and my brain whirled in a daze, overloaded with the thousands of signals my body sent it, each and every one screaming of pleasure magnified to the nth degree.

Now I felt Arcturis' massive prick nudging my rear. With my newly heightened awareness, I could clearly distinguish the heated velvet of his fleshy knob from the cooler solidity of the metal PA as together they caressed my arse. With unerring accuracy, my man guided himself toward my hole, and I opened my sphincter to him, welcoming his manhood into me. How I could do it, I don't know, but somehow I just knew that I could control my body in such a way to open myself wide. With his pre-seminal juices liberally coating me and paving the way, he slid through my ring of muscle and began his penetration. There was none of the pain or discomfort I usually associated with that initial breaching of my anus, but instead a spreading warmth of completeness, as if my body had been waiting for it, needing it, and was unfulfilled until he was inside me.

I swore I could feel every ridge, every vein of his cock as it snaked into my gut. I was certain I could distinguish the lip of his glans where his huge mushroom cap caressed my innards, and I know I shook with pleasure when his PA scraped over my prostate on its inward journey to my core. And with every inch of him that filled me I knew an intense, indescribable pleasure as I swallowed his very manhood, accepted him into my body and took possession of him. His mouth maintained its coverage of my own as he continued to breathe into me and my body and mind swirled with the high of whatever it was he imparted. When eventually his prick was sunk completely inside me, and my bowel was plumbed and full of his lusty excitement, only then did our faces part, and I gasped a lungful of air, as I squirmed around his fleshy pole and shuddered with the thrill of being filled by him.

Arcturis leaned backwards then, his face a study in lusty enjoyment as he flexed his prong and probed my body again. I permitted myself a quick glance around, and found that the other members of the circle were standing and watching us. I felt no modesty, no self consciousness, but instead a pride and a flash of even greater arousal as my Master and I were locked together, his cock planted deep inside my arse, the two of us the centre of attention as we stood upon the elevated rock and fucked in full view of the assembled brotherhood.

With my arms still holding to his neck and shoulders, I scissored my legs over his arse and pulled with my heels, urging him deeper inside me, skewering myself onto his man-sword, desperate to have even more of him. He responded by gripping my butt with his strong hands and using my own weight to begin a slow, deep humping motion, his long weapon thudding into my compliant body as his swinging testicles slapped against the bare flesh of my butt. My own cock and balls were sandwiched between us, riding against his stomach in a slimy cocktail of sweat and pre-cum, the friction causing new flashes of ecstatic pleasure throughout my body.

With a growing determination, Arcturis began to fuck me in earnest, slamming himself up and into me, holding tightly to my arse cheeks and pulling me onto him, harder and harder. And I followed his lead, grappling at his body with my arms and my legs, clenching my ring around his pistoning rod and milking his pole with my gut. Faster he ploughed into me, deeper and longer. His tensed and muscular body was covered in a sheen of moisture as he concentrated on filling me, the downy coat of dark hair plastered to his skin as his biceps, pectorals and abdominals all flexed in a beautiful display of intensive harmony to drive his penis in and out of me with animal force. As waves of bliss emanated from my groin and rolled through my body, my man thundered away at me, a shuddering pile driver, hammering his blood-engorged battering ram into my cavern, spearing pure pleasure into me, his slave.

As the intensity of our fucking increased, I felt myself joining with this man more than just physically. I could really sense a union of our entire beings, almost as if I were experiencing the pleasure he felt from my body wrapped around him just as much as I enjoyed the throbbing hardness of his rampant erection filling my bowel. Arcturis grunted as he humped up and in, and around us the vast cavern, and the men who occupied it, were silent. The only sounds were those my Master and I made - his grunting and my gasping as we rutted; the squelching wetness of my ravaged arse impaled upon his powerful tool; the slap, slap, slap, of his legs against mine as he fucked me; and the muted squeal of leather against leather as we united in our lust.

Arcturis, my Master, fucked me hard and deep, fast and furious, and I relished it. I took all he could give, which was an incredible amount, and wanted more. I hissed as he let go with one hand, moving it around to grab at the straps of my harness and pull himself even more forcefully into me, my body alive with untold pleasure at the raging tower of male flesh lodged in my gut and grinding deep into my arse. He fucked me, and I fucked him back, clenching and releasing my sphincter in time with his thrusts and withdrawals, feeling every part of him with my innermost being. For what seemed hours, we were locked as one, hunching and sweating, hissing and fucking as we pushed each other to a peak, and in the midst of it all I knew that I was his, and he mine. I belonged to him now, but he in turn belonged to me. We were more than a couple - we were one, and I ached with joy at the revelation.

When finally our climax arrived, it was not so much an explosion as a natural progression of expanding passion. Instead of a burst of energy followed by a sudden deflation which I had often known, this joint orgasm of ours was a wash of cascading rainbow colours and combined emotional and physical release. The entire world was centered on us, on our coupled bodies and our entwined limbs, our singular mind and glorious abandonment to pure ecstasy. At that critical moment, the zenith of our coupling, when all else faded into the background and all that mattered was our bodies joined and wracked with spasms of erupting bliss, we threw our heads back and pressed our groins harder together; my arse onto his prong; and screamed with the joy of release as one. I opened my eyes and knew that Arcturis did so too, and we looked upwards into the darkened cave, to see the gigantic, floating penis hovering above us still, throbbing and glowing intensely. As our bodies crashed together, the thing above us exploded into a million slimy droplets of glowing moisture and showered down upon us. Wherever it landed, a sense of pure power, of raw lust and absolute pleasure, raced through my skin and into my being, and overcome by the totality of my experience, I blacked out.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!