Dark Stone 5

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I opened my eyes, blinked, closed them and opened again. Absolute blackness surrounded me, not the tiniest pinprick of light. My addled brain tried to connect with something, anything, to anchor my thoughts. A castle! I had climbed a hill towards what looked like an abandonned castle. Slowly it seemed, yet must have been no more than a few seconds, I recalled swimming, then finding a naked man waiting for me. Images surfaced, images and emotions - incredibly arousing sex, rituals and chanting, a giant ethereal penis hanging in the air above me. What a dream!

My hand was lying on my chest, and as I moved it, I felt first a crusty residue on my skin, and then the coolness of metal on my nipple. Suddenly the trickle of memory became a flood. Arthur, or Arcturis, offering me eternal love; the Circle of men initiating me; the piercing of my body and the offering of my soul to my Master! It was no dream - I could feel the solid ring of steel inside my cock, the binding leather of the collar around my neck and the enveloping hide of a harness and chaps on my body.

Instantly, a light flickered into being, the soft glow of a candle. It was held aloft as a figure leaned over me, and I looked up - into the eyes of my man.


"Welcome, my Australis," he said warmly, smiling at me, his body garbed in brilliant black leather, his head encased in the gleaming hood. "You have completed your journey safely. Welcome to your new life, life everlasting."

I smiled a foolish acknowledgement at him, looking around us. He must have sensed my puzzlement.

"You lost consciousness when the Lord Priapus showered us with his blessing. It is an understandable reaction."

I remembered then - the giant phallus exploding above us, raining down sticky globules which seemed to impart a renewed strength and sensitivity to me. Suddenly I was acutely aware that my body was encrusted with the dried remnants of semen and sweat, from myself, Arcturis, the others in the Circle, and from the Lord Priapus himself. I brushed at the caked and flaking mess with one hand. Arcturis smiled again, and held out his hand. Taking it in my own, I was lifted to my feet, and face to face, we kissed - a kiss of love rather than passion, but one which nonetheless sent shivers through me yet again.

"Come, let us clean you," he said. I noticed then that he seemed unsullied by the hours of love-making and almost constant arousal that marked my 'initiation'. I could only guess that he had cleaned himself up whilst I slept. Carefully, he helped me remove the hood and harness, the chaps and boots I wore. But the collar about my neck, and the rings through my nipples and cock, as well as that around the base of my nuts and prick, remained in place.

Leading me to a comfortable seat, next to a bench upon which were placed a large basin of water and several towels, Arcturis, my Master, sat me down and began to sponge away the residue of my re-birth. Carefully, tenderly, he wiped my face and neck, then began to rub gently, wiping the damp cloth across my shoulders and down my back before beginning on my upper chest. I was filled with a sense of belonging - to him. Yet it was not an unhappy thought. I may have been his slave, but he treated me like a precious jewel, a valued and honourable friend, a lover. As he cleansed my skin, I felt a strange sensation flowing through me - a tingling throughout my body. My eyes lowered to where his hand washed my chest, and I stared at myself with growing concern. I could swear that my body was actually larger than it should be. Perhaps I was still feeling the effects of the ritual I had undergone.

My fingers followed my eyes, and my confusion grew. I was definitely becoming larger, more defined. I had always been fit, but now my pectoral muscles were clearly pronounced. Lower down, I could feel the ridges of my abdomen, developing the appearance of the much desired 'six-pack'. When I caught sight of my own dick, I gasped. It was undoubtedly longer and thicker than it should be.

"Arcturis, I...?"

"Relax, my Australis, my love," he replied calmly. "You have undergone the rite of rebirth, and have joined the Circle. You have left behind your old life, and your body is filling out to realise its full potential, and its rightful shape as one of the Brotherhood. It is but one of the many gifts that the Lord Priapus bestows upon those who are called."

Still amazed, but less concerned now, I watched again as he swiped the wet towel across my chest. And then I noticed another incredible difference. As my body was cleaned, it was left completely hairless. The slight down which had grown on my chest and stomach was simply wiped away. When Arcturis paid extra attention to my genitals, and laved away the grime, he also removed all trace of my pubic hair. I was a little disturbed by this initially, but seeing myself so clean and smooth proved to be both erotic and pleasing.

"Is this - " I indicated the bowl of liquid he was using " - some kind of hair removal tonic?" I asked.

"No, my slaveman," he responded. "It is simply water. The hair of your body is no longer of use. As a slave member of the Circle of Priapus, your body has simply rid itself of such hair. If you examine the other members you will find that none of the slaves have any hair save only on their heads. And all of the Masters have the fine coating of soft hair which distinguishes one from the other - Master from slave."

I digested this newest information. Somehow I felt that I should find it disturbing, yet I did not. Instead I found it right and proper in my own mind.

Arcturis completed my bath, and I realised that all of the hair on my body - from my chest to my groin and down my legs, had disappeared. Wiping me gently, he helped me to re-dress in the shining black leather I had been given. The chaps were again fastened around my legs, the harness buckled over my shoulders and across my chest, the hood fitted snugly over my head. Already, I could feel how much better they gripped me. Already, my body was growing into the wonderful gear, filling it out and accentuating my musculature.

I allowed him to finish his attentions, then let him take me by the hand and lead me to a lounge upon which I stretched out, relaxing and marvelling at the changes I could feel in myself.

"You will feel tired again, soon," Arcturis stated. "The regeneration of your body will not take long, but while it happens you will need plenty of rest, and some nourishment. Are you hungry?"

As he asked the question, I suddenly realised I was indeed very hungry. I had no idea how long it had been since I had eaten. "Yes," I answered with some surprise. "I am."

"That too will pass," he said enigmatically, leaving me alone for a moment before returning with a tray of breads and cold meats. He then sat on a stool beside where I lay and smiled glowingly as he fed me tidbits of food which I eagerly consumed.

"You know," I said to him, thinking aloud. "If I am supposed to be your slave, then shouldn't you be ordering me around, and making me get the food and stuff, rather than the other way around? It seems to me like you're the one who does all the running around after me."

He smiled, like a teacher explaining something to a misguided schoolboy. "You do not understand the true nature of dominance and submission," he said softly. "My being Master to you as slave is not about having you pander blindly to my earthly needs. Nor is it about forcing you to do that to which you would not consent. The pure and powerful relationship between Master and slave comes from the recognition by each of them of their devotion to one another. A Master is just as much a servant to his slave as any real slave is to his Master. The true Master takes his power from the total and absolute consent of his slave, from the fact that his slave surrenders all control, all independence, to his Master. And likewise, the true slave gives himself freely and willingly to his Master, becomes a part of his Master and takes complete and uninhibited pleasure from that surrender, knowing that his Master accepts the responsibility seriously, and will always act to protect the slave no matter what. Together, by thus giving and receiving, the two then become an unbreakable, unassailable one, and the power they share is absolute."

"I like the sound of that," I said softly, looking again into his eyes. "It sounds like a serious commitment, something I really want with you."

"And I with you, my Australis," he answered fondly.

I grinned yet again, and lay my head on the soft cushions, my eyes closing as tiredness overcame me once more. A deep sleep soon enveloped me, and I dreamed unremembered dreams that were filled with contentment and happiness. When I woke, he was still sitting beside me.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked, blinking myself awake.

"As long as you needed to be," he replied. I must still have looked confused, because he held my hand in his own and leaned in to me.

"Sol has awoken and retired five times in the outside world since your induction into the Circle," he explained. "But time passes differently for the servants of Priapus."

"Five days?" I could not believe that it had been so long. "And you've been here the whole time?"

"Of course! I am your Master, you are my slave. It is my duty and my honour to watch over you, to bring you through the transition, and to complete your education."

"But don't you ever sleep?" I asked, concerned for him as much as I was surprised at his statements.

"Sleep is a necessity for mortal beings, my Australis. As immortals, we no longer have the need for sleep as you know it. With your journey complete, you too shall find that recovery from exertion comes with emptying the mind and relaxing the body, without the need for loss of consciousness for long periods."

"Immortal? What kind of rubbish is that? No one is immortal!" I answered back quickly.

"Have you understood nothing of which we have spoken?" Arcturis asked with surprise in his voice. "By joining us, by completing the Circle, you have become one of us, with all the benefits the Lord Priapus confers. That includes life everlasting."

"So you're saying I can't die?" I began to marvel at the possibility; could it really be true?

"No, my slave, that is not the case," he said gravely and my face fell again. "You shall not pass from this world by virtue of the decay of your body through the ravages of time or disease. But you can be killed. A sword piercing your heart will stop your life just as surely as if you were still of mortal blood. Many things are there in the world which might present a danger to you, but time is not one."

"I--I just don't understand," I said, feeling more confused than ever.

Arcturis smiled. "Then it is time we began. As a member of the Circle, you should know its history, for that is now your history. In the time before time, the god of wine, Lord Dionysius, coupled with the goddess of love, the Lady Aphrodite, and together they brought forth the Lord Priapus. Many thereafter honoured Him as the god of procreation or of mating, but in fact they erred. Our Lord Priapus, the One Master, is in fact the embodiment of all things masculine. He is the Lord and Overseer of the male body, and in particular the 'god' if you will, of the male organ.

"The tribes of the Hellenic peninsula, who gradually grew into the City/States of Greece, knew Him and honoured Him, thanked Him and accepted His blessings. They shared their love and their praise of Lord Priapus with the Roman legions, who carried word of His greatness with them across the known world. With Rome at its peak, occupying all lands from Britain to Persia, the Emperor and his governors could afford to be generous to those who had supported them.

"One of those was Leviathis, a soldier and follower of Priapus, who had interceded with the Lord Priapus for victory on behalf of Hadrian. After such was accomplished, and Hadrian ruled this land for Rome, Leviathis and his lover Linguaris were granted the hill upon which this Sanctum is built, together with the fields all around, as reward. In gratitude, the two men pledged their undying honour and praise to the Lord Priapus, and in celebration they made love upon the hilltop, by the light of the moon, garbed in the blackened leather of their military uniforms. The One Master was so impressed by their fealty, and by their youth and beauty, that He appeared to the two men, and offered to them a great gift - that for so long as they will continue to honour Him by their coupling and their devotion to masculinity, they shall retain their youth, and shall know neither hunger nor illness.

"For many decades, the two observed the Lord's command, and revelled in their unchanging, ongoing union. But being human as they were, they found themselves uncertain and in conflict over which of them should be the one to make decisions, and to control the lands. The One Master came to them again, enjoining them to search within their innermost thoughts and emotions. He showed to them that it is the nature of a perfect pairing that one becomes dominant, and the other subservient. By taking such natural tendency to the logical conclusion, one of the two, Leviathis, became master to his slave Linguaris, and together they became an unassailable joinder of pure love and devotion.

"With the ebbing of the power of Rome, and the growth of adherents to the new Christianity, with all of its taboos and repressions, Leviathis and Linguaris found themselves more and more the subject of jealousy and of scorn, for they grew not old, and joined not with the local villagers in the tedium of daily life. Foreseeing the danger to his servants, Lord Priapus called upon the fates to deliver to this place other men who were of like mind and devotion, others who would join with Leviathis and Linguaris in worship of the phallus and honouring of the Lord Himself, and when they gathered He bestowed upon them the knowledge of true dominance and submission, and the gift of unending life. Each of the men found his mate, his complement, and the pairs formed unions. Twelve couples we are now, so that together with the Lord Priapus himself we are thirteen, the number of cycles of the moon in each year, with a single day set aside for the honour of the unknown Master of all, to whom even Priapus Himself gives glory.

"The twelve became a circle; The Circle; an unbroken ring of protection against outsiders. With the aid of Priapus we have built this fortress, and in His ever joyous sight, we continue to uphold the vow to celebrate His greatness by sharing the ecstasy of copulation, and allowing the base desires of Master and slave to fulfill us. Leviathis and Linguaris, as the original pair to whom Priapus appeared, have the honour of conducting the initiation ceremony for new-comers, even as they did for you. But in all other matters, the members are equal - 12 Masters and 12 slaves, identical in many ways."

I sat and listened to his words, transfixed. It did not enter my mind to question the veracity of what he said, a ring of truth sounded in every syllable. And now I was part of this - a member of the Circle!

"Wow," I breathed. "So the rings -" I gestured at my nipples and my cock, " - are a symbol of our loyalty and our belonging to Priapus?"

"Yes, but they are so much more. They are gifts from the One Master himself. They are powerful, and power-giving. Can you not feel the strength, the life, that flows from them into you?"

I thought about it, and nodded slowly. I could, when I concentrated, actually sense a flow of strength from the metal into my body. I looked down again at myself, with new appreciation, and marvel. The dark sheen of the leather chaps enveloping my legs gripped tightly at me, and the black bands of my harness felt comfortable rather than restrictive. The muscles of my body had filled out to push against the hide, and every curve, every bulge, was accentuated by the gleaming leather. The pinpricks of light where the chrome studs and buckles, and the amazing circles piercing my flesh, reflected the candles, served to heighten the beauty of my attire, and I felt myself hardening with sheer pleasure at my own appearance.

"And there is no restriction on how often we can fuck?" I asked Arcturis with a glint in my eye.

He chuckled. "No, Australis, no restriction other than our own desires. We can couple whenever we wish, and we can do anything our imaginations may offer."

Another thought occurred, a vaguely remembered comment from before my initiation. "What about others. You are my Master [I liked the sound of that], and I am your slave. Aren't we supposed to be faithful to each other?"

"Yes, indeed," he smiled with a paternal grin. "Faithful in our emotional attachment, in our mutual need and joining. But physical union, for the sake of pure pleasure, is something that may be shared. In fact, it should be shared, and such sharing is encouraged. Provided we do not offer our minds to any other, we may readily fuck with others."

"Other members of the Circle?"

"With anyone we choose!" He laughed at my expression. "The sheer joy, the absolute pleasure of passion, is something we are encouraged by the Lord to take as often as possible. That can be shared with any other man. But you will find that when we fornicate with other members of the Circle, the sensations are amplified a hundred fold. Pleasure unimaginable awaits us, my slave boy, my lover!"

"Pleasure unimaginable?" I chuckled. "I have a pretty good imagination! Besides, I can't imagine anything better than being with you." I eyed his body as I spoke, my cock rising to the occasion as I drank in yet again the glorious sight of this powerful man, garbed in beautiful black leather, sitting easily beside me. His eyes met mine in a knowing look of shared apprehension, before his gaze travelled down from my face and along the length of my newly-muscled frame. I swore I could feel his look slide across my skin and caress my groin, as it reversed itself to return to my face.

'Come to me!' I heard. No, I didn't hear it, I sensed it! Deep in my mind. Again, that voice, rich and deep, sounded inside my head. 'Australis, my slave, open yourself to me, your mind and your body.'

"Yes," I said aloud in reply.

Like a guiding, chiding teacher, the voice returned. 'Speak not with your tongue, but with your mind and heart.'

'YES', I thought, willing him to hear me.

'Forget all you have known before, and open yourself to me. Put away from your thoughts everything but your surrender to me.'

I tried desperately to do as bidden. I tried to push aside the memories of my 'initiation', and the growing curiosity at my new status as a slave and an immortal, and to fill my head only with the idea of giving myself to Arcturis, of surrendering to him and allowing him to take full control of my world. Struggling to concentrate, I tried to picture him with my eyes closed, the beauty of him filling my remembered vision.

'Go on, my slave' urged the voice. 'Do not try to concentrate - rather, empty your thoughts and allow me to fill you.' Slowly, I followed his advice and allowed my mind to clear, to blur and open, to allow my Master complete access to my head. With a rush of pure emotion and flooding excitement, I felt the voice strengthen and clear, speaking in my mind.

'Welcome, my Australis, I am here for you. Allow me to take you to the world of pure and unbridled joy.' It was Arcturis' voice, unmistakable and gentle, yet powerful and deep, owning me completely. With my eyes still closed, I saw him completely and from all sides. Instantly I could see his wide shoulders, his jutting chin, his sculpted pecs and washboard abs, his round firm butt and powerful legs, his long, thick cock. In vivid detail, far more clearly than my eyes had ever revealed him, I saw my Master, and I loved him. I willed myself to belong to him, to be taken by him and owned, and the vision in my mind smiled again.

'I want you!' I tried to say with my mind.

'Do not think the words, my little one,' came his resonant voice again. 'Picture what it is you want, and you shall have it.'

So I tried again. As Arcturis had suggested, instead of looking for words in my head, I tried to project my desires to him. I filled my thoughts with the wonders of being with him; the feel of his powerful arms around me, his warm wet lips on mine, his satiny skin pressed against my flesh. And then I knew his response - no words now, but images, or sensations. Without detail, I sensed from him feelings of protection, of concern and of ownership, and of love, directed towards me. And underscoring them all, a strong, lusty desire.

I opened my eyes in wonder, and found to my amazement that we were together. I did not recall having moved, yet instead of being seated across from him, my arms were around his shoulders, my legs encircling his waist. His hands were sliding down my back and his mouth open invitingly close to my own, the warmth of his breath caressing my lips. As I leaned forward to taste him I was entranced, but this was no dream. He was real, and solid; rock hard muscles encased in warm flesh, his body firm and alive. The soft squeal of leather against leather reached my ears as our mouths joined, my chaps rubbing against his own as he supported my weight where I sat upon his thighs.

Our kiss began with a tender licking, but intensified quickly with the growing passion we shared. As his tongue probed into my mouth, brushing against my teeth and penetrating my jaw, his thoughts penetrated my brain. I emptied my head of all else but he, and images of him flooded me; Arcturis my Master, Arcturis my lover, Arcturis holding me, fucking me, protecting me, owning me. My mind was filled completely with him, and nothing else mattered. I had to be one with him.

Every sensation was heightened, every feeling magnified, as he held me to himself. I experienced him both with my mind and my body. I gripped him more tightly, feeling the warmth of his skin, the soft texture of the leather he wore, and the cool metal of his piercings. A familiar, and exciting, hardness nudged into the crack between my arse cheeks as his cock grew into its erection and begged entry at my rear. I squirmed around a little, trying to position myself to allow him easy access, wanting him within me. In my head I saw his prong, thick and proud, glistening slickly with a coating of pre-cum, the silver ring at its crown cool against my puckering anus.

He shifted position slightly, lifting me easily onto him again, and then he was there. I felt the resistance of my own body succumb to his advance, felt that giant prick stretch my hole and enter me, yet there was no pain. The muscles of my sphincter peeled away to admit him, and my body slowly welcomed his. In one continuous, unhurried motion, he slid his cock fully into me, the rounded hardness of his PA scraping the walls of my rectum and delivering a thousand thrills of electric delight to my innards, caressing my prostate with ecstasy and climbing higher and higher into my bowel.

Our kiss unbroken, we joined. My legs were scissored around him, and the more he penetrated me, the tighter I locked myself onto him, urging him deeper inside. When my cheeks finally came to rest against his rounded testicles, we slowed a little, embracing each other, locked together as one. My mouth tasted his masculine lips and probing tongue, but my mind tasted his desire and his arousal. All I could see with my eyes was the blackness of his hood and the whites of his eyes as they bored into mine, but in my head I saw the two of us coupled; leather and flesh, metal and heat, a circle of our own against the universe. Whilst my nostrils were filled with the aroma of leather and sweat, it was the scent of male musk and animal need which filled my brain. The softest creaking of tanned hide rubbing against itself joined with an occasional clinking of silver chains and rings to accompany the juicy squelching of his prick burying itself within my cavern, the melody of sexual congress reaching my ears and underscoring the sounds of his blood racing through veins, his heart pounding out a staccato of powerful strength, which filled my inner being.

Body and mind, I was filled by him completely, and for a moment - an hour? a month? - we stayed still, utterly entwined. I allowed myself the luxury of outside thought - that here I was, completely surrendered to this beautiful, powerful man; his to do with as he pleased, knowing that whatever he did would please me beyond all hope; my individuality swallowed up by him, and yet I held his very maleness, his essential being, gripped tightly within my body. I knew then that I belonged to him, but that in return he belonged to me. Utter serenity and pure delight surrounded me.

And then he began to move, rocking slowly beneath me at first, and I could feel every part of him. It was not just imagination, I could really feel him, my senses approaching overload. From the wide, chrome studded belts of his harness and the moist matting of sweat sheened hairs on his back beneath my fingers, to the soft textured leather of his chaps vacuum-wrapped around his muscular legs; from the tiny silver circles of metal through his erect nipples where they pressed against the chain connecting my own pierced nubs, to the smooth roundness of his hooded countenance, I could feel every centimetre of him. My nerves relayed a million messages of magnificent masculinity to my brain as my hands cupped the firm orbs of his arse, and my cock slimed its way up and down between the chiselled ridges of our matched stomachs. As clearly as I could feel the comforting grip of the harness and chaps around my body, and the erotic stiffness of the collar at my neck, so too could I sense every vein, every ridge and curve of his cock as that flesh sheathed steel rod rode through my ring and filled my greedy wet chute with his masculinity. I could feel the wide, gripping fingers of his hands on my butt, and the cool ring of chrome that encircled the base of his cock and his nuts where it pressed hard against my cheeks as he sought to drive himself even further into me. And I could feel him - his wanting, driving lust; his desperate need to have me and to be joined with me, to own me and to take me for his own.

His motion quickened, and the sensations changed again. Still intense, still flooding me, but now it was my base instincts and pure physical pleasure which benefitted from our joinder. Arcturis withdrew his mighty dagger just a little, then pushed forward again. As the friction of his prong through my sphincter massaged me with bliss, the scraping solidity of his PA sent shivers through my chute. Now I could feel the throbbing of his cock as his blood surged upwards, filling that weapon as it in turn filled me. I clamped myself around his pole and gripped his leathered body tightly with my arms as we continued our lip lock, tongues jousting while our bodies pressed against each other. His hands slid down my back until they grappled at my butt, his powerful arms over and around my hide encased thighs. Now he began to pull me onto him with incredible force, driving his shaft harder and deeper into my accepting arse.

Tingling bolts of pleasure shot into my chest and through my frame where the rings in my nipples rubbed against his torso, the chain suspended between them catching on his own piercings and clinking with each upward thrust he made. My cock, sandwiched between our bodies, was a lightning rod of utter bliss, the shining chrome ring inserted through my cockhead rubbing along his stomach and pulling first down then up at my sensitive glans. My man had found his rhythm now, and he ploughed himself into me with steady strokes of powerful penetrating passion as I hunched myself around him and rode his stallion phallus with everything I had. My mind was a blank canvas, my body an empty receptacle, needing him to fill both with his control and his strength, and he did. Long, driving thrusts buried his cock time after time into my rectum, and into my head flooded images of dominating power and absolute ecstasy. My thoughts became his, and my brain was filled with the sight of the two of us locked together, a rollicking combination of leather, metal, flesh and sweat, glued in place by the overriding lusty joy of sexual union.

My Master Arcturis fucked me. He fucked me long and hard. He fucked me strong and deep. My body was his, to use and enjoy, and he did. And I marvelled at the wondrous and erotic bliss I knew at surrendering to him, and taking joy from his joy, passion from his passion. My entire body shook with each pounding upward spearing he launched into me, and I begged for more. Every inch of him felt so good within me that I reluctantly allowed him to withdraw, only because I knew full well that his massive cock would be returned to my body harder and more forcefully in an instant, and I craved that forceful fucking which he delivered.

His possession of me was complete, as I became an extension of his mighty body, an appendage attached to his cock. He wrapped his massive, powerful arms around me, pulling me tightly into him and harder onto him. His hands gripped at my back while his legs lifted to press my body against his torso. He enveloped me and I merged into him, lost in the throes of erotic bliss. He was all around me, and inside me, his beauty and his lust inside my mind while his manhood ravaged my delighted body. Harder he fucked himself up and into me. Faster he thundered his pole against my arse, pounding me with his love and humping so deeply into me, and with such force, that I bounced and shook, almost propelled off that raging erection. But I would not let go of him, and I gripped at him with my arms as I clamped my hungry hole around his gigantic prod and ached with abandonned joy.

For what must have been hours, we fucked each other, sweating and squelching, heaving and driving ourselves together, his tongue invading my mouth as his cock invaded my anus, both orifices eagerly swallowing all he had to give and straining to get even more. Time meant nothing as the pure unadulterated pleasure I experienced went on and on and I never wanted it to end. Three or four times I felt myself approach a peak, my body screaming for release, my cock rampant and filled with cum. Each time, I began to tremble in the final seconds of ecstasy, when I felt a soothing, calming presence in my mind as Arcturis headed off my explosion and slowed my ardour just enough to allow us to continue our passionate mating. I soon realised that he was using his control of my mind to project into my head the cooling thoughts I needed.

Once more we raced toward the peak, my master fucking me harder and more powerfully as my arse slopped and my body shook with delight. Arcturis was pounding himself into me now, his cock a pile-driver, thundering in and out of me, stretching my body open and filling me to the core with his masculinity. I was quickly approaching the point of no return, and I could tell that he was with me this time, as both of us sweated and heaved in unison. Remembering the way that he had quietened me earlier, I tried to calm myself, filling my mind with feelings of relaxation. I used no specific images as such, simply a general idea of easing down, of backing away from the edge of the abyss. I was happily surprised to find that it had worked on myself, and without letting go of the feeling, I imagined that same sensation projected into my lover. I thought of Arcturis this time, but a quiet, relaxed Arcturis, and did my best to give that quietness to him.

It worked! I felt him slow, just a fraction, his orgasm forestalled as he continued to pump himself into me, but with less ferocity than he had been using only seconds earlier. And then I sensed a response from him - emotions filled my head that were not mine. First surprise, then joy and happiness tinged with pride. I was so happy, I let go of the soothing ideas to accept yet again the wondrous pleasure of his being inside of me. Almost instantly, the passion and arousal returned with increased intensity, and my man crashed himself against my body, thrust his cock deep into my innards once again as I shuddered with the inescapable joy of eruption. Without warning and without any chance to hold myself back, I came. My mind exploded in a kaleidoscope of blissful colours and thoughts, my body spasmed with the delight of physical release and my balls pumped their precious liquid up into my cock and out between our embracing forms. And as I felt myself erupting, I knew that Arcturis too was writhing in orgasmic release. I felt his cock slam into me one final time, I experienced in my mind and my body the sensation of his phallus swelling to impossible proportions within my gut, and suddenly his entire body spasmed, rocking the two of us as one, and I felt a river of semen pouring into me, a flood of his very essence filling my body.

My own crescendo continued to shake me, going on and on as every nerve in my body screamed with bliss. And Arcturis filled me with his cum, like a geyser, unstoppable. My body drank of him, slurping up every drop, and I felt an incredible power filling me. His very male seed was a source of strength, of power and nourishment, for my body, and I milked him lustily. Still locked together, still shooting our essential fluids in unison, we gasped and shook as my Master finally broke our kiss and lifted his face from mine. Without hesitation, he bent over, and with his massive prong still inside me, he licked quickly down my chest and stomach, suctioning up a large proportion of the ejaculate I had deposited there, before swallowing my still shooting prick. Now he began to milk me with his mouth as I milked him with my arse. He swallowed and sucked, then swallowed some more, drinking everything I had, and taking strength and revival from my seed as I did from his.

When finally our combined eruptions slowed to a trickle and then ceased altogether, Arcturis lifted his mouth from my prick and kissed me long and hard again. I could taste my own cream on his tongue, and I broke from him and smiled again. I was still hard as ever I had been, my cock not flagging at all, and I could feel that his weapon too was fully erect and slopping around inside me as my hungry innards absorbed his male essence. There was no sense of deflation, none of the passing of pleasure and slow but inevitable decline into normalcy that I was expecting, that I was used to.

"You learn fast, my little Australis," he said in his rich deep voice, still dripping with sexuality.


"Your images of relaxation to slow us from our peak and prolong the pleasure. You surprised me by managing that so quickly."

"But it didn't work," I whispered, a little disappointed now.

"Oh yes it did. It was only after you released us from that sense that we came. And I came even more quickly because I was so proud, so delighted and amazed with you. You are truly a gift, and I love you with my entire being!" he declared.

My chest swelled with pride and love. "Thank you, Sir," I said happily. I sat for a few seconds, still relishing the feeling of his cock lodged within me, and marvelling at the stubbornness of my own erection. "I can't believe that I haven't gone down!" I whispered in awe.

"And does this upset you?"

"No, not at all. I think it's fantastic!"

Arcturis smiled at me again. "It is one of the many changes you will now know. The power of ejaculation comes, and we take and give of the seed with joy, but the delight of erection, the pleasure of being joined, does not dissipate with our orgasm. It is only when we choose to separate that we will choose also to allow our manhoods to return to flaccidity."

"Oh, wow," I grinned again. "What if I choose never to separate?"

He laughed. "Even we cannot maintain permanent erections without exhaustion. But enjoy it while you wish, my slave boy, and I will share with you our pleasure."

I wriggled onto him again, delighting in the fullness of him within me, and leaned forward to kiss him once more. my prick was still hard as steel, and more sensitive than ever as it rode between our bodies, and I could feel his long, hard erection sliding in its cocoon of juices, buried in my bowel. I was still filled with the erotic arousal of our congress, slowly descending into sated bliss and without the post-coital feelings of anti-climax I had known in the past.

"Thank you, Arcturis, Sir," I whispered to him.

"Thank you, my slave boy, my Australis!" he declared.

I knew then what I wanted to do, what I needed to do, to cap this amazing experience. I lifted myself from him slowly, feeling his mighty sword slip from my body with a delightfully gratifying sensation as his PA scraped its way back down my chute and through my sphincter. A wet slurping followed by a groan from me as we finally separated and I was left empty once more. Quickly I dropped to kneel in front of him, allowing my eyes to feast on the sight of his moist, throbbing cock, and then I sank my mouth over him. Swallowing his entire length, I tasted the residue of his cum combined with my own bodily juices as I suckled upon him and licked him clean. My nose pressed into his groin as his large rounded nuts came to rest against my chin, and I breathed deeply of the aromas upon him - the musky scent of sex, the heady odour of masculine perspiration and the sweet smell of polished leather.

With my hands sliding down the long black pillars of his powerful legs, I slowly relinquished the lip lock I had upon his organ, and lowered my head further. Now I licked and nibbled my way down his legs, nodding from side to side as my tongue explored every curve and bulge of the long towers of muscle covered in dark hide. Carefully, sensuously, I kissed my way down, caressing his chaps with my lips, until I reached the heavy, shining blackness of his boots. Almost completely prone before him, I licked, spat and licked again, polishing the leather and chrome encasing his feet, my face to the ground and my arse pointed skywards, as I worshipped my Master and paid homage to his body.

I felt his hands on my head, his fingers running slowly, tenderly across the smooth black hood I wore. His palms cupped my chin, and he lifted me again, until our faces were level, white eyes in black masks staring intently at each other.

"Come, Australis," he murmured. "Let us recover, and then partake of some wine and food in celebration. I hope that some others of the Circle shall join us in our repast, and perhaps in more physical congress." With the last comment he grinned a mischievous, almost evil look which made me smile in wicked, lusty apprehension.

"But I thought we had no need of sleep, or of food?" I asked.

"No," he smiled. "No need of sleep as you know it, and we do not require food in order to survive. But still we need to recover. And whilst there is no need for food, neither is there any reason for us to forego the enjoyment of wine and meat. Do not forget that the Lord Priapus is son to the Lord Dionysius, God of wine."

With that, Arcturis, stood, and took my hand, lifting me to my feet to stand beside him. He led me along a short corridor to a room furnished with lounges in black leather, low tables and rich dark rugs strewn with cushions, also covered in dark hide. Settling himself comfortably on one of the sofas, he bade me sit below him, and draped an arm across my shoulders.

"Now, my slave, recovery is achieved easily for us. You do not need to sleep, but simply to relax your mind and body. Allow your mind to empty of conscious thought, and focus on the strength, the power being returned to you through the rings of Priapus which adorn your body."

I did as he instructed, trying not to think of anything in particular, and to concentrate instead on the metal circles in my chest and cock, and surrounding my genitals. And he was right, I could sense a flow, a gentle surge of returning strength, emanating from these most sensitive and erotic areas. I could feel the metal within my nipples, and the ring of steel through my cock, and I could surely detect a throbbing, gentle warmth as they re-invigorated me.

For how long we stayed like that, he reclining whilst I settled back against him, I do not know. But without losing consciousness, without sleeping, I soon felt completely refreshed, full of life and energy once more.

"Come my slave!" Arcturis' deep, powerful voice boomed out again as he stood and lifted me to him. "It is well time that we joined some of the brethren in wine and bread and celebration."

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!