Joy to the World 5

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Joy wasted no time in moving himself out of his flat and into Iain's home, an arrangement which suited Iain very well. He delighted in waking up next to the handsome young man, and spending as much time as possible together, making love often, and simply being 'in love' when they weren't engaged in the wonders of sex. Joy, for his part, revelled in the blossoming relationship. He found that being part of a 'couple' was something that made him feel complete, and incredibly happy. Time passed quickly, more quickly than they realised, and Spring turned into Summer, the days lengthening and the heat building. Christmas came and went, with Iain and Joy spending the day together, and accepting an offer to have lunch with Susan and Tina, neighbours from a few doors away whom Iain had befriended some months earlier, and who had taken to Joy the first time they met him. The two couples felt a special bond as gay couples of either sex often will, and were fast becoming close friends.

January brought with it the long hot days and humid nights, where the temperature was often still in the mid 20's at 6.00 am, and daylight lasted well into the evening. The two men established a routine which accommodated their needs very well - each morning they drove to the beach so that Joy could surf while Iain walked along the sand, usually now shirtless, both looking often to find his mate a few hundred metres away. Joy would then shower and change while Iain found them a table where they had their coffee and laughed together or discussed the coming day. They became a regular fixture at the beachfront, and many of the other 'regulars' grew to recognise them and to nod a friendly smile or wave as they passed.

Back home again, Iain headed off for work in the car, while Joy got around on his now replaced bike - the other one had never been recovered, and after a little wrangling with the insurance company, thanks to Iain's determination and refusal to accept their first offers, Joy now had a brand new steed. Whenever he jumped onto his machine, he thought of how, if he had been alone, he would probably have settled for much less through a lack of experience, and silently thanked the fates for giving him his man. Yet he still hadn't been able to tempt Iain to take a ride. His man steadfastly refused, insisting that if Joy wanted to take his life in his hands on the road, then Iain would have no part in it. He smiled again as he thought just how much he loved Iain, and how lucky he was.

"Why don't we take the bike down to the beach?" Joy had asked on several occasions.

"No way!" was Iain's standard reply.

"But why not? It's easier to park, and we can get the wind in our hair, get a rush of excitement to start the day!"

"My hair doesn't need wind that badly. With my luck, we'll end up sandwiched between a bus and a semi-trailer, and there is no protection whatsoever on those things."

"You're showing your age," Joy had snickered. "Come on, live a little, take a risk!"

"Oh, the immortality of youth!" Iain had declared in mock disgust, rolling his eyes skyward. "Honestly, Joy, the fresh air and the sand and sea are more than enough to start my day. Weaving through peak hour traffic on the way home on a bike would terrify me. I'd never be able to do any work afterward."

"But you've never actually been on a motor-bike!"

"No, and I've never jumped in front of a moving train, either, but I don't have to actually DO either of those things to know I wouldn't like them!"

Becoming serious, Joy had asked, "Do you want me to get rid of the bike, then?"

"Whatever for?" Iain had replied with surprise.

"Well, if you feel so strongly against motor bikes, I thought maybe you wouldn't want me riding one?"

Iain reached for his lover, holding Joy's face in his hands. "Babe, just because I don't like something, doesn't mean I expect you not to like it either. If we were that much alike, we'd be boring as shit! Sure, I worry about you when you're out on the bike, but then I'd worry about you if you were away from me in an armoured car with a police escort! If you feel comfortable riding your bike, then do it. I can live with my own fears, okay?"

"I love you!" Joy declared.

"I love you, too, handsome," responded Iain. "Just don't ask me to love your bike!"

And so they had agreed to disagree, but it didn't stop Joy often trying to get Iain to take a ride, and it didn't end the constant ribbing between them over the supposed danger or otherwise of that particular mode of transport.


It was mid-January and Iain and Joy were relaxing on the back deck as the heat of the day waned into evening. Joy sat on one end of a long bench, his outstretched feet resting on an opposing chair, while Iain was lying prone along the lounge, his head resting in Joy's lap. Both were dressed only in flimsy sarongs wrapped around their waists, and Joy's hand idly played with the ring in Iain's left nipple. The result, as Joy knew it would be, was that Iain was purring with enjoyment, his hard cock tenting the light fabric upward from his crotch. Joy's own manhood was semi-hard just from seeing the effect he was having on his man, not helped by the fact that Iain constantly rubbed his head back and forward over Joy's prick.

"You wanna take this further?" Joy asked softly.

"Mmm, you bet ... but not yet," Iain responded in a satisfied murmur. "I'm loving it just as we are for the moment!"

Ten minutes later, their positions still unchanged, Joy cleared his throat again. "Iain, you know next weekend is 'Australia Day'?"

"Uh huh, Australia Day is the Sunday, which means we get Monday as a public holiday!"

"Would you like to do something with the three days off? Go away for the weekend, maybe?"

Iain thought for a minute or so. "I don't think so, hon. I love the idea of getting away for a long weekend, just the two of us, but not this weekend."


"No. think about it Joy - it's not only a long weekend in summer, but the end of the summer school holidays as well. Imagine what the traffic will be like getting back into Sydney on Monday afternoon. It would be enough to ruin any relaxation from the break."

"I guess you're right," said Joy. "It was just a thought ..."

"Why don't we do something for the Day instead?" Iain asked, opening his eyes to look upward into Joy's face. "We can get patriotic and have a barbecue here. We'll ask the girls to join us - we owe them a lunch from Christmas Day anyway."

Joy's enthusiasm returned. "Yeah, that sounds great!" he said. "I can string some flags up around the yard, and we can barbecue some prawns and have some beers and ..."

"Hey!" Iain called out, slowing his man a little. "You're starting to sound like a 'Paul Hogan' ad!"

"Nothing wrong with loving your country!" Joy pretended to pout.

"Of course not, just as long as you love your man too!"

OH, I do THAT!" Joy grinned.

"Yeah? Want to show me how?" Iain hissed lustily.

With a chuckle, Joy pinched harder on Iain's nipple. "Come on, stud," he whispered back, "Let's see if you can keep up with me." Together, they stood and Joy took Iain's hand, leading him into the bedroom. For the next two hours Joy teased Iain closer and closer to his peak before letting him calm down again, until finally neither man could hold back any longer, and both of them crashed into a heaving, pounding, simultaneous orgasm of groans and gasps, Joy's cock buried deep within Iain's body.


On the Thursday afternoon before the long weekend, Iain's car died. With a horrible clunking noise and a cloud of acrid smelling oily smoke, it gave up the ghost not far from home that evening. As the road service technician shook his head, Iain saw dollar signs flying through the air.

"It's gonna have to be towed," the repairman said unemotionally. "You've blown a head gasket as well as a couple of other bits and pieces!"

The garage where his car was taken wasn't much more encouraging. "I can fix it okay for you, work on it tomorrow, but I won't get it finished," said the mechanic. "Best I can do would be Tuesday lunchtime, this being a long weekend and all!"

"I guess if that's the best you can do, then I don't have much choice," said Iain as he called a taxi to take him home.


"Lucky I got all the supplies for our barbie yesterday!" said Joy when he heard the news.

"Yeah," agreed Iain, "And just as well we didn't plan on going away for the weekend, too. Well, it looks like you're stuck here with me, babe."

"Can't think of anything I'd like better," smiled Joy.


Sunday morning found the two busily preparing for their guests. Iain was finishing up with the salads and nibbles, while Joy was draping a string of tiny flags along the railing of the deck and tacking green and gold streamers to the posts. By just on noon, they had finished, and settled down with a couple of beers to wait for Susan and Tina to show up. The weather was fine but thankfully not too hot, although they had plenty of shade, and it promised to be a great afternoon.

The 'girls' were due to show up at 1.00, and when they still weren't there by just before 2.00, Iain began to worry. It wasn't unusual for them to be a little bit late, but not this much. At 2.15 he was pacing the floor, and Joy was also getting concerned. At the risk of seeming impatient, the younger man tried to re-assure his lover, and then headed out of the door and up the street the three or four houses to where Susan and Tina lived. It soon became apparent that they were not there - the house was securely locked up, and no response was forthcoming to Joy's persistent knocking. He puzzled over what this could mean, as he walked back home again.

Just as Joy arrived home, the phone rang, and Iain picked it up.

"Hello? ... Tina! What happened to you? We were getting worried. You haven't forgotten our date have you? ... WHAT?? ... Oh, no! Are you okay? ... Yes, of course, we'll come straight over!" He put the phone down with a worried look and turned quickly to find Joy right behind him, questions all over his face.

"That was Tina," Iain said quickly. "They went over to see some friends on the North Shore this morning, and they've been in a car accident. Susan's hurt, but it doesn't sound too bad. She's in Royal North Shore Hospital for observation at the moment, but Tina sounds like she's very upset. I told them we'd go over and keep her company for the afternoon. I think she needs some friendly faces around her at the moment. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is!" said Joy. "I'll throw what we can salvage into the fridge, and we'll go straight away."

Joy began quickly wrapping foodstuffs and storing them away, while Iain started dialling taxi companies.

"Bloody hell," he swore. "What a day to be without the car!" After two or three calls he slammed the phone down again in disgust. "This is hopeless! There is over an hour wait for a cab - seems like the entire city is either trying to get down to the harbour to watch the fireworks tonight, or trying to get away from it after being there for the ferry races and tall ships parade this morning!"

"There is another form of transport available ..." said Joy softly. Iain looked at him with confusion, then gradual understanding as what Joy was suggesting became obvious.

"Shit!" Iain said vehemently.

"It's up to you," Joy said quietly. He didn't want to make it seem like he was pushing, just to make sure Iain knew he was trying to offer alternatives. They both turned as one and looked at the shining black motor cycle leaning on it's stand in the driveway.

"You swear to me you'll take it carefully, no weaving in and out of traffic, no fancy moves?" Iain said doubtfully.

"I promise!" Joy said with a smile.

"Then I guess I have no choice."

Joy was already on his way into the garage to retrieve his spare helmet, which he handed to Iain, as he pulled his own into place.

"You know, you look damn hot in that!" Joy said to his partner as they prepared to leave. "Maybe we can try something with the helmets on when we get home ...?"

Iain simply glared at his lover as Joy swung his leg over the bike and edged forward so Iain had room to sit astride the machine behind him. As Joy kicked the motor into life, Iain leaned forward and grabbed hold of his man tightly, shouting above the roar of the engine, "Remember, slow and careful!" Joy nodded his agreement once more and gently eased the machine onto the road as Iain lifted his feet onto the passenger pedals.

True to his word, Joy took his time, and did everything he could to ease Iain's discomfort. He kept well below the speed limit and stayed within the lines of traffic, resisting the urge to take the bike up either side of motionless cars as he would normally do. Even so, at one red light, he leaned back to Iain and shouted out to him.

"You don't need to wrap both arms around me so tight, hon! It actually makes it harder for me to control this thing. Just hold onto my waist lightly, and we'll both be a lot more comfortable." It wasn't that he minded Iain grabbing him, but his partner's hold was like a death grip, and he needed some freedom of movement to manoeuver around on the road. Iain tried his best, loosening his grip a little and trying to relax, and Joy moved off again. They crawled in heavy traffic along Victoria Road and around onto the Western Distributor, picking up a little speed but not much as they crossed Anzac Bridge and the freeway swung around toward the city centre. Keeping a safe distance between himself and the other vehicles for Iain's sake, Joy edged over and down onto the F1 exit that would take them up onto the Harbour Bridge. Here the cars were moving more quickly - apparently everyone was trying to get to the Harbour, rather than across it, and Joy was able to pick up some speed as they glided between the city towers and up onto the deck of the famous 'coat-hanger'.

With the wind whistling past them, up above the bright blue water, Joy felt Iain's hands relax some more as they rode north, maintaining their pace as he stayed on the Warringah Expressway and made sure they were safely in the right lanes to take them up along the F1 until he found the exit for Artarmon and the Royal North Shore Hospital. He pulled into a bike parking bay close to the main entrance and killed the engine. As Iain hopped off the pillion, Joy swung the bike onto its stand, and pulled his helmet over his head.

"Well?" he said to his mate.

"Thanks, handsome," Iain replied. "You did just as you promised. I even began to relax a little once we were moving."

"I suspect you might have liked it, just a little perhaps? Joy grinned as he locked up and they started to head inside.

"Okay," Iain blushed. "I confess it was better than I thought." He lowered his voice so only Joy could hear. "In fact, I actually started to get 'excited', if you know what I mean. All that power throbbing between my legs, the wind in my ears, and my hands on your body! It was quite a 'turn-on'."

"Hmm? We might make a biker out of you yet!" Joy laughed. He leaned forward and kissed Iain quickly before they both looked around self-consciously. This wasn't home territory anymore, and liberal as Sydney was, there were still some areas where you had to be careful.

They found Tina easily enough, and followed her through the maze of wards to where Susan was lying in a bed with some bandages on her arm and head, and some nasty looking cuts on one leg. She smiled up at them as they walked in.

"Oh, look, it's the rainbow cavalry!" she said loudly.

"Is that all the thanks we get for racing over here?" Iain demanded, grinning as he did. He was delighted to see she was well enough to joke around. "Listen, woman! You owe us for one spoiled barbecue, and a great deal of wear and tear on my nerves."

"Don't be such a drama queen!" replied Susan. "I'm fine, just a little bump on the head and some cuts and bruises."

"Oh yeah?" butted in Tina. "You were out cold, and the cuts are from what's left of the windscreen!"

"Typical dyke!" said Joy, trying to look disapproving. "Always trying to out-macho the men-folk."

Both Tina and Susan looked daggers before all four of them broke out in laughter - a release from the tension. Iain slowly regained his composure, taking Tina's hand in his. "So what happened?" he asked.

Becoming serious again, Tina related the events of their day. They had been visiting some friends in the morning, and left in plenty of time to be home for lunch with Joy and Iain as arranged. As they were driving along the Pacific Highway a 4WD Land Rover came racing through a red light and slammed into the front of their small coupe, pushing them across two lanes and spinning them around. They ended up facing into the oncoming traffic, directly in front of a builder's van. He had hit his brakes hard and skidded to a stop bare millimetres from them, but a poorly secured ladder on top of the van had broken loose and shot forward, straight into the window of the girls' car, shattering the windshield and spraying tiny pieces of glass all over Susan, who had been knocked out when she hit her head against the passenger window in the initial impact.

Amazingly, Tina had walked away, unharmed except for a bruise across her chest from the seatbelt. By the time the ambulance arrived, Susan was yelling abuse at the driver of the 4WD and demanding that she was alright and that they needed to get home! She had been taken to hospital complaining all the way, and treated at Casualty before being kept for observation as a result of the blow to her head.

"The car's a 'write-off'," declared Tina.

"And all this fuss is very complimentary, but not necessary," added Susan.

Just then, the doctor assigned to her came in, and Joy, Iain and Tina were ushered out of the room for a few minutes. When he called them back in again, Susan was looking like thunder, and the boys began to worry that it was not good news.

"We can't find anything of concern," the doctor announced. "All of the tests we've carried out indicate that she will be perfectly well once the minor cuts and bruises clear up. She's been extremely lucky."

Tina beamed, then faced her partner with a question in her eyes at the attitude Susan still exhibited. "But they're keeping me here overnight!" Susan fumed.

"It's standard procedure, Miss," the doctor said as he shrugged his shoulders. "You lost consciousness - we need to be absolutely sure that there are no complications. If all goes well, you'll be out of here first thing in the morning."

"Hmmph!" she muttered, unimpressed with the looks of humour on the faces of her partner and the two men.

"We'd offer you a lift home," Iain said to Tina, "except that our car is off the road as well. We came over on Joy's bike!"

"Oh yes? I'll bet there's a story to that!" Tina said, raising her eyebrows. "Thanks anyway, but if madam here has to stay tonight, then I will too. We might as well be miserable together. I wouldn't get any sleep at home, so here it is."

"Are you sure?" Joy asked.

"Yes, Joy. And thank you for coming over here. I really appreciate the support, honestly!"

Joy and Iain said their good-byes to Tina and the still irritated Susan, and headed back out to the parking lot where they'd left the bike.

"So much for 'Australia Day'," said Iain wistfully. The sun was almost gone and it would be dark very soon. Still, the temperature was high, easily over 25 degrees, and they wouldn't feel cold on the ride home.

"How do you feel now about the bike?" Joy asked. "Are you okay for the trip home?"

"Uh huh," Iain nodded. "I'm actually looking forward to it. It was more enjoyable than I thought."

"In that case, how about we take the long way - really give you a taste of the 'wild side'?"

"Ummm, I don't know about that?" Iain hesitated.

"C'mon, handsome, live dangerously!" Joy coaxed.

"Okay, I guess ..." Iain capitulated. He didn't look at all certain, but Joy had them helmeted and on the bike, kicking it over before Iain could change his mind. They headed out of the hospital and weaved their way around the streets to take them back onto the freeway that headed into the City. Joy was less cautious this time, but still seemed to take things relatively easy for Iain's sake as they sped along with the traffic flow through North Sydney, and down toward the toll booths. As they did, he crossed a few lanes and directed them into the feeder lanes for the tunnel, instead of the bridge. Two cars back from the toll gate, they stopped while Joy dug some coins out of his pocket to throw into the basket.

"How are you going?" he called back to Iain.

"Great!" came the response. "I'm really enjoying it!"

Joy adjusted his seat on the bike, and as he did he slid backwards, so that his back pushed into Iain's chest, and groin. He felt a very inviting hardness between Iain's legs that was NOT the saddle. "I can tell!" he laughed back. Iain's response was to lean forward and pinch at Joy's nips through the t-shirt he wore. With both of them grinning, they moved forward, paid the fee and sped off again.

Down into the tunnel they went, diving below Sydney Harbour as Joy chopped and changed lanes, weaving between vehicles. Once they reached the bottom, they picked up speed again and then began the climb back out. Iain's hands were still on Joy's chest, and he happily ran his palms up and over the chiselled pecs, finding the hard points of Joy's nipples often, then lowering them again to steady himself. For a moment the roadway came into the open air as the on-ramp from the Cahill Expressway joined their route, then underground again in a long curve to the left as they roared below the Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens. More open air as they slowed for the traffic merging from the City Centre and joining the Eastern Distributor, and then the freeway sank again to pass under Taylor Square and Darlinghurst. The traffic was lighter here and Joy pushed them up to speed again as the neon lights above their heads whizzed past in a blur. With a 'whoosh' they exited the tunnel at Moore Park and now clear of the fixed speed cameras, Joy leaned forward a little, Iain following suit. He opened the throttle, and they flew along the motorway, out over Southern Cross Drive and towards the airport.

Both men thrilled to the whistling wind in their faces, and the throbbing power of the motor between their legs. As they sped south, Iain's hands continued their play on Joy's chest, sliding up and down over the hard muscles, until they fell lower and made contact with his groin. There, Iain found a hard poker of flesh as Joy's cock thickened and strained at the denim jeans holding it. Iain kneaded his lover's rod through the material, and pulled himself harder into Joy's back, rubbing his own rampant erection against Joy's cheeks, sliding up and down in the seat and stimulating them both. On and on they went, out around the airport, under the runway and over the Cook's River then into the M5-East tunnel which ran for more than 4 kilometres under Wolli Creek. Their hearts raced in time with the bike as they once more found open air and darkness when the freeway widened out near Bexley.

Joy's cock was pressing so hard against the restraining jeans it was almost painful, and he sensed that he was leaking pre-cum into his jocks, probably staining the denim as well, but he didn't care. He felt alive, and sexy, and hot. With Iain's hands still playing with his dick and balls, he swung over to the King George's Road off-ramp, turned right and right again, and back down onto the motorway, retracing their route back towards the City from where they had come. As once more they flew along the highway, roaring through the tunnels and delighting in the darkness of the open air, Iain's heart thumped in his chest and his pulse raced. His prick was hard as rock and his arms wrapped even closer around Joy's body, squeezing at the bulging manliness between his lover's legs, and gripping on the rippling muscles of the younger man's chest and stomach. He pushed himself forward, and rode his aching groin up and down against Joy's arse and back, pressing his own chest into Joy's shoulders as they screamed along. He was on a high of adrenaline, brought on by the growling power of the bike, and the hard body of his mate.

Joy finally left the expressway at Redfern, and they powered along the city streets, across Taylor Square, the centre of the 'gay ghetto', groping at each other right through the middle of the crowds of men filling Darlinghurst on this holiday weekend. They weaved through the downtown area and onto the Western Distributor where they resumed their pace as they raced above Darling Harbour and Pyrmont before finding the quiet streets of Balmain and their home. In the driveway, Iain jumped off the bike and went to open the door to the garage.

"That was fucking amazing!" he hissed at his man. "I am so horny, it's unbelievable! Put the bike inside, but leave the motor running, okay? I'll be back in a second!" He began to lift his helmet off, but Joy, who had a pretty good idea of what Iain was suggesting, leered back at him.

"Leave the helmet on, stud!" he commanded. Iain nodded in understanding.

As fast as lightning, Iain raced inside and grabbed his leather jacket, condoms and lube, then back to the garage. Joy had already closed the main door and the only light was that from the bike itself, its motor now idling, the power there but quiet, waiting to be released. As Iain entered the building, he found Joy standing there, beside the bike, completely naked but for the black helmet still covering his head, his cock jutting out and up from his pelvis. Iain strode over and threw the heavy leather jacket, opened, across the handlebars and petrol tank of the bike, and as he did, Joy reached for Iain, pulling them to each other, and quickly reaching to unbutton Iain's jeans. Feverishly, he parted the fly, freeing Iain's cock which sprang out fully erect, beads of pre-cum spraying from his head across the floor and Joy's heated flesh. As Iain leaned down to kick off his shoes and free his legs of the denim, Joy growled at him.

"Hurry up, stud! I need you NOW!"

As Iain straightened again, Joy's hunger overcame him, and he grabbed the flaps of Iain's shirt, pulling them apart with force. Buttons flew off in all directions as his lover's hairy chest and golden nipple rings were exposed, and the shreds of fabric that had once been Iain's top fell to the ground. "Now fuck me!" Joy hissed in a voice filled with lust.

Iain matched him. "I'm gonna fuck you alright!" he said in a tone deep and lusty. "Straddle that bike boy, facing backwards!" he ordered.

As Joy complied, Iain quickly rolled a condom over his engorged prick and slapped a generous dollop of lube on his prong, greasing it from root to tip. With Joy sitting astride the bike, facing the wrong way, Iain also climbed on behind him so they were face to face. He pinched at Joy's tits, and made a fist around his lover's cock, before pushing Joy backwards so that he lay along the bike, his back on the tank and his shoulders on the handle bars, protected by the leather jacket. Iain hiked Joy's knees up, and Joy automatically wrapped his legs around Iain's waist. The bike throbbed beneath them, the vibrations from the motor rumbling through their beings.

"You okay?" Iain asked softly.

"Perfect," Joy answered. "Now, FUCK ME!"

Iain leaned over his mate, positioning his aching cock at the puckering entrance to Joy's lithe young body. He looked down, as best he could through the gap in the helmet he wore, and drank in the vision of the six-pack abs and sculpted chest of the man before him, the head and face partially obscured by the rounded, shining head protection. The excitement he felt was almost unbearable, as he slowly began to edge forward, his flared cockhead prising open the ring of muscle below Joy's throbbing cock. But Joy didn't want a slow tender penetration. He was horny as hell from the ride through the night and the stimulation of Iain's hands. He dug his heels into Iain's back and pulled hard, driving himself backwards onto Iain's thick tool and gasping with pleasure. Iain sank full length into his man's body with one single thrust, his dagger of flesh buried deep in Joy's gut, and let out a moan of delight. He hunched forward now, and as the still running engine of the bike sent waves of vibrating power through them, Iain and Joy grunted and moaned in unison as Iain began to pump his cock into Joy's arse, and Joy clenched his sphincter and writhed in ecstasy, filled with the glorious solidity of Iain's invading member.

Joy trembled as he felt his partner's staff plunge into him. He could feel the heat of Iain's rod filling his innards, matched by the heat of the bike throbbing beneath him. The powerful motor was a perfect background to the powerful pistoning of his lover's long, hard weapon as it pierced his ring and raked across his prostate, spears of pure pleasure shooting up into his body. The sounds of their combined groans and the wet slurp as Iain fucked him came to Joy's ears, almost drowned out by the purr of the bicycle. His skin tingled with delight, his body trembled with excitement as he humped himself onto Iain with each thrust that his lover made into him.

The two men were locked together now, moving in unison as they shook with the motion of the engine and their own rocking. Iain surrendered to raw animal passion, slamming himself into the willing, compliant body wrapped around him. The heated, throbbing leather of the bike saddle against his thighs and cheeks, the powerful idling machine between his legs, inspired him to lust-filled abandon as he pounded his raging horn into Joy's rectum, a pile driver being ridden into blissful moist warmth just as its owner rode the mechanical steed they both straddled. In the near-darkness, surrounded by earthy noise and oily scents, Iain looked down at the gorgeous man below him. The helmets they both still wore gave an impression of hidden secrets, of forbidden delight and anonymous masculine sex, and their coupling became a furious, rough pounding. Sweat dripped from Iain's arms and body, falling to Joy's golden skin and forming rivulets of gleaming moisture across the handsome frame, and the guttural symphony of their union grew louder as they swore and hissed at each other, joining in a rutting, fucking thunder of passionate eroticism.

They shoved and ground at each other, almost willing themselves to form a single being. Iain leaned over his mate, and as he did so, Joy reached his hands up, pulling firmly at the scalding metal inserted through Iain's tits. Iain roared with pleasure and gripped Joy's steely cock, flailing at the over-heated pole of flesh as his climax exploded within him. Simultaneously, Joy's prick erupted, shooting wads of hot, white jizz into the air, spraying onto Iain's gut and falling back to Joy's spasming stomach. Iain felt as though he was cumming for hours, jolt after jolt of his essence being deposited into the latex sheath around his prick, lost within Joy's warm, gripping anus. He shuddered as he came, his legs forced apart by the bike, his body aching with the release as he filled Joy with his love.

Even as they slowly recovered from the force of their orgasm, Joy and Iain gasped and shook with delight. The bike continued humming beneath them, the vibrations still insinuating themselves into the very core of both men. They could have remained joined like this forever, locked at the hips, united as one, but eventually they had to separate. Extricating himself carefully from his man, Iain lifted his leg over the bike and stood away, taking Joy's hand and helping him sit upright. Joy dismounted from their rumbling support, and almost reluctantly killed the motor. Silence descended as each removed his helmet and their lips met in a long and gratified kiss.

"Fuck that was fantastic!" Joy exclaimed.

"You said it!" smiled Iain. "I always thought a motor bike was just a form of transport," he said quietly. "I had no idea it was also such a powerful aphrodisiac!"

"So, you'd ride with me again?" Joy laughed.

"Ride with you; ride you; get you to ride me!! Any day," Iain agreed with a huge grin.

"Thanks, babe!" Joy said as he leaned in for another kiss.

When they broke apart again, Iain sighed. "Wow, now THAT'S the way to celebrate the founding of a nation!"


Over the next few weeks, Iain and Joy began to make considerable use of Joy's bike. Iain still used the car for work, but on weekends they would often go out for a ride, racing along the highways, holding each other tightly and revelling in the rush of wind and the power between their legs. The experience never failed to get both of them excited, and invariably ended up in their engaging in another long hot session of love-making. Through the warm days of February they made good use of the bike, using it to get them to the beaches and out on the road. They started to explore as well, the chance to get out and search through the bushland surrounding the city a perfect excuse to race the engine on their bike and take to the highway. They had also gotten into the habit of stocking the panniers with lube and condoms, so as not to waste any time when they finished their ride, and went on to ride something entirely different!

It was on one such excursion that they discovered the wonders of the Royal National Park, which bordered Sydney's south, separating it from the stretch of coastline which led down to the neighbouring city of Wollongong, some 80 or 90 kilometres away. Both men had always known the Park was there, but like so many other Sydney-siders, had ignored it as they travelled south on the F6, skirting around the huge expanse of natural and largely unspoiled land whilst making for the State's southern coastline. This particular day, Joy and Iain were simply 'out for a ride', and had headed south for no conscious reason. As the last of Sydney's suburbs thinned alongside the freeway, Joy spotted the exit to the Park, and on a whim he turned into it.

The road led them up to the Park entrance where they paid the admission fee, then down to the picnic tables and boat hire shops of Audley. That was often as far as most visitors managed to get, unless they were making for one of the beaches where the Park ran along the rugged coastline. Iain and Joy didn't stop, but continued on past the sanitised facilities and the comfortable shelters toward Wattamolla. But instead of taking the road down to the popular beach, they turned south again, heading deeper into the Park, and further from the civilized areas set aside for visitors and tourists. Along a lonely stretch of this narrow road, Joy slowed their rumbling steed, pulling over near a rough, overgrown track that led away to the east.

"What do you think?" he said to Iain, nodding at the path.

"It's probably a fire trail," answered his lover. "And I don't think we're supposed to ride along them."

"But it looks like it's heading down to the ocean ..."

"It may well do," Iain said, unconvinced, "but I don't seem to remember anything about any worthwhile beaches down here."

"Come on, let's take a look?" urged Joy.

Iain shrugged, and smiled at his man. "Okay, but be careful - this doesn't look like a very well worn track at all!"

Without needing to be told this time, Joy steered the bike onto the trail and began to follow it slowly away from the main road. It was very rough, with lots of loose gravel, but passable enough, and actually widened out and became easier once they were a few hundred metres from the bitumen. The track wound its way through the bush, twisting and turning, but always holding an easterly course as it journeyed toward the sea. The men followed it easily enough, being cautious but enjoying themselves as they moved deeper into the wild. They passed only one turn-off, an even narrower, wilder trail to the left, but Joy stuck to the main track. It came to a sudden and dramatic end about half a kilometre past the turning they had seen, when the trees around them suddenly thinned and disappeared, and they found themselves high on a cliff overlooking the rolling surf of the Pacific.

"Wow!" said Joy.

"Beautiful!" agreed Iain.

They dismounted from the bike, and by habit stepped to each other, arms folding around each other's bodies, but they didn't make any moves towards having sex as they usually did. Instead they stood there and held each other, lovers united as they stared out at the majestic vista of the deep blue water below them, stretching to the horizon and beyond.

"I could make love to you here!" Iain said softly into Joy's ear.

"I hope you will," Joy murmured back. "But I'd like to see where that other trail goes first. Do you think you can wait a little longer?"

"For you, handsome, I'll wait forever!"

They kissed again, and re-mounted, working back until they found the fork they had passed, and turned down the narrower way. This path was much less used and they guessed was only maintained for emergency access by the Park rangers when required. It wound back and forth across the side of the hill, falling gradually down to sea level. Easily three kilometres from where it had left the wider trail, it seemed to peter out altogether in a tiny clearing amongst the trees. Joy stopped the bike, and cut the motor, and as they removed their helmets, each looked at the other and smiled. They could hear the sound of breaking surf, close by.

Taking Iain's hand in his, Joy followed the noise, walking into the low bushes that bordered the clearing. Only a few metres from where they had left the bike, the shrubbery opened out and Joy gasped with delight.

"Iain, look at this! It's paradise!" he marvelled. Running ahead of his partner, he stepped out onto a pristine beach of golden sand wedged into a gap between the high rocky headlands on either side. The beach itself was long and thin, maybe 100 metres from the trees to the water's edge, and no more than 15 or 20 metres wide at its broadest, where a good swell rolled evenly into the cove with near perfect waves.

Iain followed his lover down across the sand, looking up to either side as he did. The rocky outcrops on both sides made it impossible for anyone to see onto the stretch of beach unless they were directly overhead in a helicopter, or not too far off the coastline out at sea. He glanced around in wonder. The place was stunningly beautiful, completely untouched, and absolutely private and sheltered. When Iain caught up with Joy at the high tide mark, his lover was already stripping away his clothes.

"Come on," Joy said enthusiastically, "Let's have a swim!"

Iain saw no reason to disagree. The water looked safe enough and they were both strong swimmers. And the sea was just too inviting not to throw away your clothing and run naked into the surf, to splash around and wallow in the shallows, with the incomparable sense of freedom that comes from being completely nude. They played around in the water, cavorting amongst the waves. They held each other in the cool sea and kissed, before diving under the swell and swimming out to body-surf the breakers back into the sand again.

Eventually, they began to tire, and first Iain, and then Joy, waded out of the ocean and up onto the warm sand. They threw themselves down and baked in the bright sunshine which quickly dried them. Again, the feeling of the rays on their naked bodies gave an incredible sense of freedom, as well as serving to revive their temporarily forgotten libidos.

The warmth of the day and the crashing of the waves began to inspire Iain, and he rolled onto his side after having been lying on his back, legs and arms spread to embrace the sun. Beside him, Joy was also spread-eagled, but face down, the firm round orbs of his arse cheeks invitingly close.

"You better be careful!" Iain warned in a voice full of sensuality. "This sun will burn certain parts of you that haven't been exposed like the rest of your body," he said, as he slid his hand across Joy's buttocks.

Joy lifted his head from his arms and grinned back. "Same goes for you, mister! And I certainly don't want this being out of action ..." he hissed, as his hand closed around Iain's already hardening cock.

As one, they moved together, mouths meeting in a prolonged kiss. Their arms draped over each other and their penises pointed out, jousting as they mashed against each other's stomachs while Iain and Joy embraced in an increasingly excited state, right there on the open beach below the bluest of skies and golden sun.

"Mmmm!" It was an evocative comment from Joy in the circumstances.

"I want to make love," Iain said, "but neither of us are going to be able to do anything covered in sand! Hop up, stud, and let's wash off," he said as he stood quickly and pulled Joy to his feet. Still erect, their jiggling pricks leading the way, the two men laughed as they raced each other to the surf. Cool and refreshing as the water was, it eased their ardour only a little, and when they climbed back out again, both were still sporting impressive partial erections.

Holding hands, they casually walked back across the full length of the beach, collecting their clothes as they did, and into the shaded glade where the bike had been left. Iain spread their clothing out over the soft grass, and gently lowered Joy onto the makeshift bed, kissing him as he did. Once Joy was lying on his back under the trees, Iain knelt over him, and began to lick away the last of the salty water from his skin, slowly laving his tongue over every inch of Joy's trembling and excited body.

"Oh, yeah ... !" Joy whispered as Iain completed the tongue bath.

"Don't move!" Iain said gently, fishing through the carrier pack on the bike to retrieve some lube and a condom. He returned to Joy's side and resumed their kiss, tongues exploring teeth and lips locked in a passionate joinder. While they kissed, Iain's hands were absently pulling at the foil of the rubber, and once removed, he rolled the latex slowly down over the length of Joy's upright boner, then squeezed the cool lubricant onto his fingers, massaging it sensuously over Joy's cock and then using it on himself, smearing the gel around his own anus. And the whole time his lips never left Joy's.

With surprising agility, Iain swung himself up and straddled Joy's hard, trembling frame. As they continued to taste each other's tongues, Iain reached back and using one hand for support, his other hand guided Joy's throbbing pole to the crevice between his arse cheeks, sliding up and down so that Joy's cock rode that valley smoothly and firmly. The sensations stimulated Joy to a peak as Iain continued his teasing, until the younger man could take it no more. Breaking their kiss, Joy almost screamed out with exasperation.

"If you don't let me inside you soon, I'm gonna blow before we get to fuck!" he hissed.

Iain looked at him with lust-filled eyes. "Oh no you don't!" he declared. "I want you buried so deep inside me that you're lost when you shoot that load!"

With that, he lifted his arse away from Joy's stomach, until he felt the rounded knob of his man's prong nudging at its favourite target. Iain looked directly into the entrancing blue pools that were Joy's eyes, and held his gaze as he relaxed his sphincter, and began a long, slow descent. Joy's cock slid into Iain's rectum in a single motion that lasted for several minutes as his cockhead opened the older man wide and his shaft eased between the walls of Iain's ring. His fleshy tube prodded at the knot of nerves which were Iain's prostate and caused a gasp of pleasure, before continuing to probe upwards and inwards, filling the hot, warm cavern of Iain's body with pure joy.

Iain groaned with satisfaction as he felt his balls come to rest on Joy's pelvis, and the soft texture of his lover's nuts pressing into the skin of his arse cheeks. Levering himself on his knees, the older man began to lift and drop in a sensuous cadence of sexual rhythm, fucking himself on Joy's long hard stick. Joy himself looked up into Iain's eyes, holding his gaze and lifting his hands to play gently with Iain's nipples, tugging and twisting at the golden circles embedded in his man's chest. For a long, erotic, timeless hour they moved like this, slow and constant as they joined their bodies and thrilled to the wonders of making love on the grass , surrounded by trees and with the sound of the surf in their ears. There was no need to hurry, indeed, that was the last thing either wanted. In absolute bliss, they stayed locked together, Joy delighting to the warm envelope of Iain's gut holding his manhood, and Iain tingling with the pleasure of being filled by his beautiful lover.

But with all the will in the world, the two men could not maintain their slow coupling indefinitely. The urges of nature and the building passion of their union made it increasingly difficult for first Joy and then Iain to hold back from the point of climactic release. Joy began to thrust upwards rather than waiting for Iain to control their motion, and he knew he was close. Summoning his strength, he reached up and wrapped his arms around Iain's body, locking them together, his cock still sunk within the other's bowel, and rolled the pair of them over, so that now Iain lay on his back, his legs around Joy's trunk, while Joy knelt over his man, and lifted Iain's arse upward. Now Joy had easier access to Iain's body, and he began to hump into the older man with all his strength, pounding himself deeper and harder, faster and longer into Iain.

Iain encouraged him, hissing pleas for more, as Joy's body thundered against his own. Joy gasped and groaned, driving his prong into the soft wet heat of Iain, fucking his man with all his strength as his orgasm started in the pit of his stomach and engulfed his entire body, wracking him with spasms of ecstasy. He exploded in a shuddering peak of feverish passion, pumping his seed into the latex sheath deep within Iain's gut, letting go with a strangled shout of lusty release. For several minutes his body continued to twitch as his testicles emptied their precious load, and Iain moaned with the pleasure of receiving Joy's gift.

As he began to recover, Joy opened his eyes again to find Iain watching him closely, the love on his face unmistakable. He grinned down at his lover, and gently withdrew from the paradise of Iain's body. Before Iain could move, Joy lowered his face to Iain's thick and throbbing member, and swallowed the full length of his man into his throat. Suckling firmly at Iain's cock, Joy slid his hands up along Iain's stomach to his chest, and found the erect brown nubs of the older man's nipples. Continuing to slurp and lick at Iain's dong, massaging the shaft with his throat and tongue, Joy pulled and twisted at the rings in Iain's chest. After the power of the fucking Joy had just delivered, Iain could not hold back for more than a few minutes, and he grunted a warning to Joy as his climax shook him. Joy heard the shout, but ignored it, sinking his mouth even further over Iain's tool and glowing with happiness when he tasted the first spurts of ejaculate bound from Iain's cockhead and spray against his tonsils. He swallowed and sucked, swallowed again, as Iain unloaded his balls into the suctioning receptacle of Joy's gullet. With a huge sigh, Iain's body went limp, his cock still hard but sated, and Joy lifted away, licked his lips with an evil grin, and lowered himself to cover Iain's body with his own. They kissed, savouring the taste of Iain as it passed from one to the other and back again.

The afternoon was still warm but growing late as they eventually began to move again. Joy rolled himself off Iain and stretched out on the grass.

"This is heaven!" he declared to the sky.

"It sure is," agreed Iain, "but we probably need to clean up, and get moving before it gets dark," he added almost wistfully.

Hand in hand, they strolled back down along their private beach and into the surf, washing away the remnants of their sex, and playing again like two teenagers. Tired but happy, they left the waves behind and casually walked across the beach, naked as the day they were born. Taking their time now, each sauntered along, examining the edges of their playground in more detail. At the furthest point from the water, where the sand tapered to a point before being overgrown with the bush, several thick shrubs grew beside a sheer rock wall that loomed up some 15 metres overhead.

Iain walked toward the spot, looking more closely at the formation. As Joy began to head back to their clothes, Iain pulled at several low branches and peered behind them. He looked puzzled for a moment, then backed out and approached the same place from a different angle, more directly from the point facing the sea. For a second he disappeared, and then Joy heard his shout.

"Hey, babe, come here!" There was a sense of excitement in his tone, that he had found something important. Joy moved quickly toward his voice.

"Where are you, hon? I can't see you," the young man called.

"Here!" said Iain, stepping out from behind the bushes, a huge grin on his face. He took Joy's hand and led him back into the area between the overgrowth and the rock wall. As they stepped into the confined space, Joy's eyes opened with wonder and delight. Completely hidden from view by the trees and bush, the rock wall opened into a large cool grotto, an open cave. Above their heads the rock loomed over to form a roof about three metres above the level, sandy floor. On one side a sheer vertical wall of stone tapered back to a point almost 10 metres from the greenery, and on the other side the cliff leaned back at an angle. About half-way back into the cave a large piece of rock had broken away from the sheer wall and lay on the sand, forming a nearly level platform roughly three metres by five, and about a metre high. Joy gasped.

"It's my dream!" he said in nothing more than a whisper.

"Huh?" said Iain, confused.

"My dream! Remember when I hit my head and nearly drowned - I told you about the dream about you having gills and rescuing me, and making love to me in a cave on a beach? Well this is it! This is the cave where you took me!!"

Iain looked around again with renewed interest, taking in the whole place. He pictured the slab of rock as a bed, and smiled.

"You know, Joy, I think we could make this our own special place!" he said slowly. As his lover looked to him with interest, he went on. "It's so private, and hidden away. I'm sure no one has been here in years, if ever. It's almost impossible to find, and difficult to get to. I think we can turn it into something wonderful, and no one will ever know. We can have absolute privacy and the chances of being disturbed are pretty well zero."

"Oh, Iain!" Joy whispered. He was so happy, his eyes began to moisten. "Our own little paradise! It's perfect!"

They lingered for a long while in the cave, discussing the possibilities and making all kinds of plans. As the shadows lengthened, they realised they needed to get moving or they would be negotiating the trails in darkness.

"I'm sure I could find my way in the dark," Joy stated, "but it would be better with the light."

Reluctantly, they dressed and mounted the bike, making their way up the winding path to the wider track. Joy stopped the bike there at Iain's signal.

"Let's make this a little less obvious," the older man said. "The Park Rangers will still know where it is if they need it, but we don't want to make it too easy for someone else to find!"

They quickly pulled a few fallen branches and a large dead log over so that although the bike could easily get past, unless you knew the path was there, it was almost impossible to see. Back on the bike, they made more speed retracing their steps to the sealed roadway. As they emerged from the bush, Joy stopped again to take one more look.

"You okay?" Iain asked.

"Better than that!" Joy declared. "I just want to be sure I can find this place again. There must be a hundred trails leading off this road, and they all look alike."

"Hmmm," Iain muttered, thinking hard. "Take us about a hundred metres back up the road, and see if you can stop somewhere where there are a lot of rocks lying around."

Joy looked questioningly at his mate, but did as Iain suggested, finding an appropriate place on the opposite side of the road from where the trail left it. At Iain's direction, they gathered various rocks and stones, piling them on top of one another to form a cairn, a tiny pyramid of stone maybe a metre high.

"There!" said Iain with satisfaction. "Now we have a signpost to look for, that is unlikely to be disturbed, but that doesn't give away what it's pointing to."

"You're not only gorgeous, but smart as well!" Joy chuckled.

"And don't you forget it!" Iain pretended seriousness. Tired but happy, they rode off into the darkening night and headed for home.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!