Joy to the World 6

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This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.

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Joy and Iain returned to their perfect beach the very next day, and indeed, every chance they had. It seemed as though the tiny cove hidden away in the National Park was made just for them, and them alone. They never saw anyone else on the track which led in from the sealed road, although they were also careful not to make that turn if there were any vehicles in sight. And the soft smooth sand never showed any footprints but their own, so they quickly became confident that they were the only souls to ever use it. It became their own private beach.

The cave they had discovered proved ideal for what they wanted as well. It allowed shade from the sun and shelter from wind and rain, although so far they had not needed to worry about the weather. Being very careful with what they carried, hiding much in the panniers on the bike, and even bringing the car down one day as far as the gravel turn off, the two quickly 'furnished' their cave. They did not want to catch the attention of the Ranger at the Park entrance as to what they were doing, but fortunately he usually seemed just bored, and assumed they were heading for the popular beaches at Garie and Wottamolla.

Within three weeks of their initial discovery, Iain and Joy had fitted out their cave with supplies: towels and cans of food, a small gas cooking ring and bottled drinking water, lots of condoms and lube, and even some 'toys' - a dildo and cockrings, plus Iain's lizardskin leather thong. They didn't bother with clothes, since from the moment they arrived, until the time they left, they both went naked the whole time. Each was developing a very deep all-over tan. They had even discovered, off behind the clearing where they parked the bike, a tiny cascade of fresh water where a small creek ran over a rock ledge before disappearing into the sand. It was perfect for washing away the salt water after a swim in the surf. The crowning glory was the reason for bringing the car in one day. They managed, with some difficulty, to get a large piece of foam rubber down to the beach, and to settle it on the slab of rock in the cave, providing a passable mattress. With a grin and a flourish, Iain also produced a sheet from the backpack he was carrying, made of soft black kid leather.

"You and your leather!" Joy mocked with a roll of his eyes.

"You and your beach!" Iain answered in kind. "Tell me you don't get turned on by the leather, and I'll try to say the same about this deserted bay."

"Okay, you win!" Joy laughed. "Yes, I do get turned on by leather, more and more all the time. I love the idea of combining our two fantasies."


About a month after their first visit, Joy and Iain were at home on a Thursday evening, relaxing in each other's arms after a hot session of love making. Iain was lying on his back with Joy's head on his chest, his arms draped over the younger man's back as he sensuously scraped his fingernails up and down Joy's spine.

"I've been thinking ..." he announced.

"Yeah?" said Joy without looking up, although his cock began to harden yet again. Comments like this from Iain usually presaged some new and exciting idea involving lots of hot hot sex.

"Why don't I take next Monday off, and we spend the whole weekend - Friday afternoon right through to Monday, down at the Park?" They had gotten into the habit of referring to their hidden beach as 'the Park' whenever they spoke of it.

"Iain, that sounds fantastic. Do you really think we could stay overnight, and for so long?" Joy's voice could barely contain his excitement.

"Can't see why not! I'm sure we're not supposed to, but then I'm sure we're not supposed to do a lot of what we do already," he said with a grin.

"But three days?" asked Joy, wanting to believe it was possible.

"We'd need to take extra food and drink, sleeping bags in case it gets cold at night, maybe a hurricane lantern for light, ..." Iain said, thinking aloud. "It might get a little lean in terms of meals for that length of time ..."

"I don't care!" Joy enthused. "I won't get hungry if I have you to eat!" he declared.

"Famous last words!" Iain retorted. "Okay, let's try it."

The following afternoon, Iain slipped away from work a little early, and dashed home, where Joy had already made preparations for their weekend. With the saddle bags loaded on the bike, the rest of their things were stuffed into a backpack which Iain would wear for the trip down. As soon as Iain arrived home, he rushed inside, changed quickly and then he and Joy grabbed their helmets and they were off.

It was like two school kids out on an adventure. Iain held tightly to Joy's body, surreptitiously managing to squeeze and grope at his lover, as Joy whizzed through traffic, darting around side streets and skirting up through lines of traffic as they made their way through the city and onto the southbound expressway. The cars crawled along, stuck in peak hour this Friday afternoon, but the two men laughed at the jams as Joy manoeuvered them between vehicles, pushing himself back onto Iain's hard cock, straining in the very light fabric of the shorts he had intentionally worn to allow just such contact. The run along the shore of Botany Bay wasn't too bad, but the gridlock resumed as they rode through the southern suburbs, and didn't ease again until they left the city behind and zoomed along the Prince's Highway, making for the entrance to the Royal National Park.

At the gates, the Ranger looked at them doubtfully. "Park closes soon!" he warned.

"Yeah, we know," said Iain smoothly. "We're going right through to Bundeena!"

"Okay, then." He waved them through. It never occurred to him that two men with so little obvious baggage would be intending to camp out in the Park overnight.

Past Oatley, the usually quiet road was completely deserted. Iain leaned into Joy even more, one hand wrapped around his lover's ample groin, the other tweaking at Joy's nipple. "Let her have it!" he shouted over the wind.

Joy nodded, and opened up the throttle, urging the mechanical monster on which they sat to move faster and faster. Adrenaline pumped through both of them as they sped along, the bike roaring between their legs. Joy nudged backwards, and Iain responded by grinding his already hard cock into Joy's butt cheeks, as the younger man wound the bike up even more. They shot past the sentinel they had built as a marker, and Joy slowed quickly, checking the road in both directions before turning onto the gravel and finding the trail out toward the sea. He almost missed the second turning, distracted as he was by the attention from Iain's hands on his body, and soon they were in the clearing behind the beach.

They climbed off the bike and as each removed his helmet, they crashed into each other, lips locking as bodies pressed together in an urgent expression of need and desire. They were in their paradise, alone and together, and the world was left behind. They made love there, urgently and powerfully, in the grassy alcove between the sand and the cliffs, as the sun lowered itself behind the mountain they had just descended. The two men had discarded their flimsy clothing hurriedly as they grappled with each other in the frenzied race to unite at the beginning of their weekend alone, and when they had finished, they collected the items of apparel, storing them in the carrier bags on the bike; neither had any intention of dressing again until it was time to leave on Monday afternoon.

With the sky growing dark, and temporarily sated, Iain and Joy quickly unpacked the additional items they had brought with them, ferrying supplies into the cave they would call home for 72 hours, and happily raced each other across the sand to dive into the refreshing, cleansing surf. As the last rays of the sun faded behind them, a million stars began to twinkle overhead and an almost full moon lifted her face above the calm ocean in the east. Lying together on the still warm sand, side by side, Joy and Iain silently watched the night come alive, and marvelled at the beauty around them.

"This is just so perfect!" Joy whispered soundlessly, unwilling to break the mood.

Iain nodded, and hugged his lover tightly to himself in confirmation. In the darkness, arms around each other, the two padded back into the cove and found the entrance to their cave. Iain scrabbled around until he found some matches and lit a hurricane lamp, setting it down way back in the recess of the rock. A welcoming yellow glow filled the space, and Joy unhurriedly re-arranged the things they had brought with them, including a bottle of wine which was soon uncorked. Joy put some bread and cheese out, and he and Iain ate more from a sense of obligation than hunger, before they collected their wine glasses and strolled out again, to stand naked under the stars and watch the dark surf roll into their private beach, arms around each other.

Later, Joy extinguished the brighter hurricane lantern, and lit two candles in rocky niches on the walls. In the soft, flickering light, to the dull roar of the waves, they made love yet again. Slowly this time, joining to each other in tender sensuality, the lovers added a chorus of ecstatic moans and whispered gasps to the symphony of surf and wind in the trees as the fit, mature man and his lithe younger mate lifted themselves to a peak of passionate coupling, exploded together, and drifted slowly back to earth. They had all the time in the world, and were indescribably happy.


Saturday morning dawned grey, the sky overcast but the day itself still warm enough. Joy woke with the light seeping into their haven, and stretched out on the mattress-covered ledge where they slept. He roused himself and climbed down from the rocky platform, sauntering outside to relieve himself. When he returned, Iain was propped up on one elbow, a sleepy smile on his face.

"Good morning, gorgeous," Joy said brightly.

"Morning, stud, how did you sleep?"

"Great!" He leaned up to kiss Iain lightly on the lips. "Feel like a swim?"

"Okay," mumbled the older man, slowly sitting upright, then climbing down onto the sand and padding out after his mate into the daylight. Iain followed Joy into the water, finding it refreshing and good as he quickly became wide awake while his lover body-surfed the waves breaking onto their beach. A few minutes later, he was sitting on the sand, while Joy continued his surfing. Iain contentedly relaxed as he watched the beautiful form of his man slipping in and out of the waves, and drank in the liberating sensations of their nakedness in this pristine place, a million miles from the cares of the world.

When Joy finally tired of the water, they made their way together back to the cave, and Iain toasted some bread while Joy fished out some fruit for their breakfast, and they sat again together on the sand, looking out to sea while they ate. Most of that day was spent in similar fashion, as the two enjoyed simply being there. They lay on the sand, or sat near the rocks, talking easily or dreamily staring out over the rolling water. Rarely more than a metre apart, the two men almost subconsciously developed a habit of constant touching or rubbing, Joy's hand sliding absently down Iain's back, or Iain's fingers trailing lazily across Joy's stomach. The contact wasn't so much sexual as mutually reassuring, an expression of their deep and still growing love.

The sensuous nature of their continual togetherness did lead them into making love sometime in the afternoon, beginning with a kiss which developed into a more passionate encounter, broken momentarily by Joy's quickly finding condoms in the stash they had brought with them. Inspired by the place they joined physically - and carefully! - on the beach, in the open air. Sand could be such a problem sometimes! When they had finished, they laughed together about the possible consequences of the gritty stuff getting in where it shouldn't, and lay side by side near the edge of the ocean. A squall of wind brought with it some light rain, and Joy began to sit up quickly.

"Wait!" pleaded Iain, reaching up and pulling Joy down alongside him again. "There's no need to move, just lie here and enjoy it!"

And so they did, turning their faces skyward, opening their bodies to the elements, they prostrated themselves to the rain and relished the drops of fresh water that washed over them.

Surprisingly, that night they did not have sex. The fresh air and surf, the relaxation of the day and the delights of this place left them exhausted, and as the sun disappeared and night returned, they curled up in each other's arms on their makeshift bed and fell into a deep and contented sleep, only stirring occasionally to take turns at spooning into each other through the night.

It was Iain who woke first the next morning. Their cave was still in darkness, but the first grey light of day could be seen through the screen of bushes at the mouth of the cavern. He rolled over and looked at the sleeping form of his lover, drinking in the vision that was his Joy. With a gentle touch on the side of Joy's face, Iain roused him softly.

"Joy, Joy," he whispered, "Wake up handsome!"

"Mmm, huh, what's up?" Joy asked through sleepy eyes.

"Come with me," Iain said quietly.

Only just awake, Joy slowly sat up and allowed his man to take him by the hand and lead him out onto the beach. The sky above them was clear, the clouds of yesterday gone in the night. As dawn brought a growing light to their tiny world, they made their way to the very edge of the water, and sat down, Iain throwing one arm around his lover's shoulder as they faced out to sea. Within minutes, the light began to brighten and to concentrate in one spot, and suddenly the very edge of the sun lifted itself out of the ocean directly in front of them. Fingers of brilliant radiance shot across the waves, caressing the faces of the two men, and going on to bathe the world in glorious colour.

"Oh, Iain, it's magic!" whispered Joy.

"Beautiful!" murmured Iain into his ear, as they sat together, naked and touching, while Dawn played out her breathtaking performance, just for them.


That day passed much as the previous one. The two men swam and relaxed, snoozed in the sun or under the shade of the leafy dell where the bike was parked. They bathed in the trickling freshwater stream and rolled around on the warm golden sand. They chased each other along the beach and dived into the waves, never separating. Now that they could have been having sex all day, they didn't feel the need for it. They were making love, but with their minds rather than their bodies, true love that united them as one.

It was late evening when they joined again in sexual congress, Joy bending Iain over the rock slab they used for sleeping, and entering him from behind. The younger of the two wrapped his arms and legs around the body of his mate, holding him tightly as he thrust his steel hard cock into Iain's waiting gut. Iain called out in animalistic pleasure as Joy's fingers found the piercings in his nipples, tugging at them as he fucked at Iain's accommodating arse, the lovers grunting and sweating their way to climax, lost in the delights of masculine lust. They cleaned themselves up by diving into the sea again, and fell together onto their bed to sleep, entangled in each other.

Around 4 a.m., Joy stirred. There was no movement, no light, only the constant sound of the surf outside. He rolled himself over, feeling the comforting warmth of Iain's body against his skin. Gently, he reached his hand out and rested it on Iain's chest, feeling the firm musculature beneath his palm. Slowly, Joy allowed his fingers to slide down along his lover's body, delighting to the touch of his fingertips on the slightly hairy torso, and the awakening arousal in his groin as his hand found Iain's pubic bush. The back of his hand brushed up against Iain's thick cock, and to his surprise Joy found his man was already partly erect.

"Mmmmm," rumbled Iain as his body responded to Joy's touch. "Are you awake?"

"Yes, babe," Joy whispered.

"You feeling frisky?" Iain said with a grin in his voice, becoming more awake now.

"Always!" Joy chuckled as they embraced each other. "You know, we never did get around to making love up on the cliff ..." he said slowly, thinking out loud. He felt Iain's body firm against him, smiled to himself as Iain's cock sprang to life once again.

"You wanna?"

"I'm game if you are!"

"What? Now?" Iain said, suddenly realising Joy was serious.

"Yep. I want you to make love to me on the cliff top as the sun comes up!"

"Do you really think you can get us up there in the dark?"

"I think so. And I want us to ride up there naked!" Joy laughed at the sigh in Iain's voice.

"Do you know how dangerous that could be? Think of the damage if we fall off. Or the chance of getting scratched by branches and trees?"

"Yeah, but think of the excitement of riding naked through the night!" Joy countered. Iain was silent for a moment, then he answered in a husky, lust-filled voice.

"You are so evil!"

"Mmmmm" Joy chuckled.

Quickly, they got themselves up and out of the shelter, finding the bike in the dark and climbing aboard. Joy kicked the engine over, and their metal steed roared into life, shattering the silence. Carefully, the young man rode up the winding trail, avoiding the overhanging bush, as both of them sported throbbing erections in the cool dark air, the vibrating power of the bike between their legs. A few times Iain wanted to reach forward and grope at his lover's cock, but resisted since he didn't want to break Joy's concentration on the dangerous but thrilling ride. He settled instead for holding to Joy's body, and allowing his rampant erection to leak pre-cum over his partner's back.

By the light of the motorcycle's headlamp, they negotiated the road until they came to clearing at the top of the cliff. Joy wheeled their machine forward until they were almost on the very edge of the precipice, nothing between them and a drop of almost 100 metres into the inky blackness of the sea. He turned the bike off, and for a moment the two sat there, the silence deafening in its completeness, until slowly their ears became accustomed to the sounds of the bush, and the distant crash of the surf far below. Iain climbed off the pillion and simply stood, legs apart and arms crossed, staring out over the dark ocean as the first tendrils of light began to appear in the east. Joy dismounted to stand behind his man, snaking his arms around Iain's waist to find the firm ridges of his pectorals, while the younger man's semi-erect penis wormed its way into the crack of Iain's arse. Together they stood for a long moment as dawn began.

"Make love to me now, here?" Joy whispered into Iain's ear as he pulled his lover even closer into his body.

In response, Iain turned around within Joy's arms, so that their bodies were pressed together, chest to chest and cock to cock. Their eyes locked, deep azure on sparkling green, and they kissed - a long, yearning, passionate tasting of each other as the breeze rustled the leaves around them and the Pacific Ocean rolled in beneath their rocky outlook. Joy's lips left Iain's face and travelled down over his chin and along his neck, showering tiny bites and wet nibbles across the older man's chest, while his hands played up and down Iain's back and shoulders, before falling to squeeze at the firm rounded orbs of Iain's butt. Iain threw his head back in ecstatic delight to begin with, then as Joy lowered his face further, Iain leaned over the supple young body, his hands grasping at Joy's shoulders and arms while his mouth rained kisses on the top of Joy's head and over the back of his neck.

When Joy straightened again, he stepped back half a step and his backside came to rest on the seat of the motorbike. Using the now silent machine as support, he settled onto it and with his arms around Iain's torso, he lifted his legs and wrapped them around his mate's waist, exposing the soft pink flesh of his anus. Iain held Joy's shoulders as he leaned back, his eyes drifting from the tousled blond hair to the pools of blue that were Joy's eyes, then down over the sculpted mounds of his chest, the chiselled ridges of the lithe young man's abdomen, to the throbbing rod of flesh-covered steel at his groin. 'How incredibly lucky am I to have found this beautiful man, this Greek god come alive, and to have him want me, offer himself to me like this?' Iain thought as his penis shot from partial hardness to full, rampant erection instantly, and his heart ached with desire and happiness.

Joy seemed to read his mind. "I love you!" said the gorgeous young man, his eyes piercing Iain's soul.

"I love you, too!" Iain whispered, his face completely serious. Without a word, their eyes locked on each other, Joy reached sideways and fumbled in the saddle bag until he found the ever-present, always-awkward rubbers and lube. He handed the prophylactic to his man, and watched in fascination as Iain sheathed his long thick cock in the latex. Joy then squeezed some of the cool gel onto his fingers, coating Iain's member slowly and thoroughly before applying the same sticky liquid to his own arse. Iain inched forward again, as Joy raised his legs, positioning the puckering bud of his rectum directly in the path of his partner's advancing spear of throbbing flesh.

With a grunt and a gasp, they coupled. Joy flexed himself around the invading log of manflesh, and Iain's hands fell to Joy's butt, pulling his lover onto himself in a firm, powerful motion. Individually they tingled, each with the differing sensations of erotic fulfillment, and as one they hummed with delight at the sensual pleasure of their union.

In the semi-darkness, Iain slid his hands under Joy's rear, and lifted the younger man from the seat of the bike, until Joy was wrapped around his body, the young man's legs around his waist, arms clenched tightly around his shoulders, entirely supported by Iain's arms, legs, and deeply inserted cock. He thrust forward and up while Joy used the leverage of his position to hunch down and around his man, gripping at Iain's prick with his sphincter. Both of them were gasping and writhing in this position, but although Iain was fit and strong, Joy was a solid, powerful man, and Iain's legs could not maintain the weight of both of them for too long. Resignedly, he sank to his knees, his prong still buried to the hilt in Joy's gut.

Now that his knees and legs supported them, Iain sat back on his haunches, and Joy was able to get his feet onto the ground for extra movement. Iain's arms were still tightly clasped around Joy's lower back, Joy's hands gripping at Iain's shoulders, as they slowly moved together, establishing a rhythm that allowed Iain to thrust long and deeply into Joy's warm body, while Joy rode up and down along Iain's steely pole. Their eyes never left each other as they fucked, slowly at first but with a steadily increasing tempo, the soft grass and low shrubs on one side of them, a vast emptiness of air and a terrifying drop to the water on the other. The noise of the breaking waves far below joined with the rustling leaves, and the wet, slurping sound of their rutting as they gasped and groaned in animalistic mating. Slowly the darkness around them gave way to grey light as the night ended, but they hardly noticed, so completely absorbed in each other as they were.

Iain shuddered with pleasure as he drove himself again and again into his lover. The sensational warmth of Joy's bowel enveloped his rod as he probed Joy's squelching innards with his throbbing weapon. The look of ecstasy in Joy's eyes with each upward thud of his hips sent shivers of electric bliss through Iain's body. Joy held his man's gaze and saw the love in his soul as he clenched himself around that invading rod of iron. He trembled with the indescribable pleasure of being filled and shook with excitement as Iain's shaft massaged his prostate and his lover's very masculinity was swallowed up by his own body. Pressed together as they were, face to face and eye to eye, Joy's balls were squeezed between them, his cock sandwiched between his own stomach and Iain's abdomen, rubbed and stimulated unbearably by the constant, sexual motion of their joining. Despite all his will power, Joy sensed his nerves racing and his muscles tensing in the face of his oncoming climax.

With a shout of combined ecstasy and release, Joy felt his nuts contract and his cock explode, a fountain of white hot cream erupting from him and coating the two bodies, mashed between Iain's torso and Joy's. A series of shudders rocked his body as Joy ejaculated again and again into the confined space where his prick was held by both abdomens, and the friction of rubbing skin was replaced by the lubrication of his manly essence as it coated the two of them. As he came, Joy felt Iain continue to pound his long thick pole into Joy's body, felt Iain's staff prod at the pit of his stomach as his lover skewered him on that living poker.

The pressure from both bodies on Joy's now incredibly sensitive prick was unbelievable, and with a gasping hiss, the younger man arched his back and leaned away from Iain, still gripping and clenching at the firebrand inserted in his arse. He could see the growing intensity of his lover's expression and sensed that Iain was now close to the point of no return as well. Holding onto his mate, he lowered his head, and with an effort he found Iain's nipple with his mouth, sucking on the tiny erection, and biting firmly at the hard brown nub, the golden ring clinking against his teeth. At the unexpected but glorious stimulation from Joy's bite, Iain threw his head back and uttered a primal scream of orgasmic release, bucking his hips upward furiously and almost dislodging Joy's face from his chest. His cock swelled within the heated cavern of his lover, and the agonising pleasure of ejaculation thundered into him. With powerful spasms of his entire body, he slammed himself into Joy even further, emptying his seed with force and gasping for breath as he came.

When at last their passion was spent, the two men felt their limbs go weak, and with an effort they lifted their heads to join again in a prolonged kiss of satisfied delight. Joy remained seated on Iain's lap, his sphincter still gripping at the less excited but still hard log of flesh attached to his man. As their lips parted, they bowed their foreheads together and smiled happily into each other's eyes. At that moment, the first rays of direct sunlight cleared the horizon, and bathed their faces in a golden glow while for a few seconds their bodies remained grey and uncoloured. In moments, the sunshine coloured them completely, the greens of the shrubbery and the deep blue of the ocean complementing the deep brown of their skin as they sat there, still connected, on the edge of the abyss.

Eventually they separated, and stood together, Joy facing out to sea, while Iain stood behind and against him, arms around the younger man, fingers interlocked around his softening manhood, Iain's own penis returning to flaccidity as it nestled in the valley of Joy's cheeks. With his chin on his lover's shoulder, Iain whispered a heartfelt "Thank you!" to his man.

"Anytime!" Joy replied. "And I mean, ANYTIME!"

For a long while, they simply stood and stared, until Iain whispered, almost sadly, that they should make their way back down to the beach.

Joy turned to him with a serious look on his face, deep in thought. "Iain, have you ever had sex without a condom?" he asked.

"No," came the subdued answer.

"Neither have I, but I'd like to ..."

The silence was palpable as the two men looked at each other, a questioning, acknowledged desire passing between them. "Joy," Iain began, "I am absolutely certain that I am ready to commit to you one hundred percent, with everything I am and everything I have, if you'll have me!"

"Iain, I swear to you, with all my heart, that I love you so completely, that I would do anything just to be able to spend the rest of my life with you."

"You know this means we are talking about total trust, no sleeping around, no one-nighters or flings? It means we become obligated to each other, not to break our own confidence, to stay together, with no one else, forever."

"That won't be an obligation!" Joy said solemnly. "It will be a joy, and an honour, to be faithful to you and you alone, and to know that you love me and that I mean so much to you that you won't be interested in anyone else."

Iain held Joy's face in his hands. "Are you sure, my darling man? Think carefully about it - I'm so much older than you. Do you really want to tie yourself down to me, to give up the chance to find someone else, someone younger, closer to your own age?"

"Don't you know, babe?" Joy whispered, his voice beginning to crack. "I lost any interest in anyone else, and gave up any need to even think about another man, the day I walked past you on the beach and saw you checking me out. The day you spilled coffee over your shirt, and I was so lost for words that I couldn't even stay to talk to you. That was the day I found the one and only man for me."

Iain drew his lover to himself, and Joy rested his face in Iain's shoulder, as they stood there high on the cliff, naked and free. "Then I think we should go and see a counsellor, and get ourselves tested for HIV as soon as possible," he said.

"Why," asked Joy quickly. "It doesn't matter to me if you're positive or negative. I'm not going to change my mind!"

"Me either, hon," Iain answered. "But we need to know. We need to have all the facts before we commit completely. I couldn't live with myself if I gave something like AIDS to you. I'm pretty certain I'm okay, but we need to be sure."

"Okay, my man. I trust you, and I'll go along with the test, but I know how I feel, and it's not going to change!"

Each of them was filled with a happiness and sense of wonder that he could not put into words, as they returned to the beach that morning, and spent the rest of the day lounging around, relaxing and enjoying the world together.

When they packed up and readied themselves to leave that afternoon, they weren't disappointed or upset. The weekend had been so perfect that they were satisfied beyond measure, and they knew they would spend many more wonderful days and nights in this place - it would be their special haven forever.


The following week, Iain arranged an appointment for the two of them to go to the Albion Street Clinic to be tested for HIV and to sit and discuss their plans with a counsellor. The Aids Council of NSW provided this as a free and confidential service, and Iain felt it would be good to share with an outsider what they planned to do, and to hear any advice he had to give. The earliest they could get in at a time which suited them both was Friday evening, and Iain confirmed the meeting and told Joy to make sure he had no plans for that night.

Iain and Joy arrived at the Clinic and walked into the reception area hand in hand. A friendly woman at the desk took some basic details from them and gave them a registration number. She assured them as she did that this was the only identifying detail attached to the test results, in order to guarantee maximum confidentiality and privacy. Then, as asked, they sat in a waiting area for their numbers to be called. Two or three people went ahead of them, and then first Joy and then Iain were called individually whilst a blood sample was taken from them and allocated with their respective registration numbers.

After that they returned to the waiting area, sitting on the somewhat uncomfortable plastic chairs. It occurred to Joy that the place had a strange silence about it, much like a hospital, as if the people all around were determined to keep their secrets, or to avoid discussing the obvious questions arising from being in a place like this. He found it both depressing and unnecessary.

When Iain was called, they both stood to enter the room. The counsellor, a young looking man, seemed surprised at first and then he glanced at his folder and saw theirs was a joint appointment.

"Hello, guys," he said with a smile. "My name's Joe. Please come in and have a seat." They did as asked, and Joe's face became a little more serious. "I am required by law to tell you that while you have made a joint appointment, if either of you wishes to speak to me privately, without the other knowing, I will give you a telephone number for you to call me later, okay?"

Joy and Iain both nodded and he gave them business cards with his name and number on them. "Okay," he went on more brightly. "You've come in together, so I'm guessing that you're here to ask questions about being tested, and what happens afterwards, as a couple, is that right?"

"That's right," said Joy, warming to the other man. "Iain and I have been together for some time now, and we've decided that we want to throw away the condoms, and have natural sex without them."

"Uh huh ..." Joe nodded. "We find a lot of people in your situation who want the same thing. I can't give you any 100% guarantees, but I can tell you what the current medical thinking is, and then it's up to you to make the decision yourselves."

Iain spoke up. "What we want to know is whether, if we are both negative, can we have sex without worrying about passing something on from one to the other?"

"Subject to a whole lot of qualifications, yes!" replied the counsellor. Iain and Joy both beamed at the statement, but Joe held up his hand before they got too excited. "Like I said, subject to qualifications! First, you need to understand that while we now believe we have determined the incubation period for HIV, we can't be totally sure of it. Second, even if you are negative and the incubation period has run out, the confidence you can have only lasts as long as neither of you sleep with any other person. Just one slip up, one single incident where either of you has sex with a third party, and the chance of getting something from that person and passing it on to your partner shoots through the roof!"

He regarded them both carefully as he spoke, and each of them appeared to listen seriously to his words. "What that means, in case you haven't thought it through, is that each of you is trusting the other completely, relying on the other, to not have sex with anyone else, and each of you has a responsibility to the other not to do exactly that!"

"I understand, and agree with that," said Iain firmly.

"Me too," added Joy.

"Okay," continued Joe. "The other thing you need to keep in mind is that we're talking about not only HIV but a whole range of other diseases. If you agree, your samples will be tested for hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea and various other things which can be transmitted by having sex, as well as for AIDS."

"Yes, I agree!" both Joy and Iain chorused instantly.

"Very well." Joe made some notes on their files. "Now, is there any reason why either of you think you might have contracted HIV?"

"No," said Iain. "I've always had 'safe' sex in the past. I was tested for HIV about 18 months ago, and it came back negative then. Apart from one very short encounter, the only person I've been with since then is Joy."

Joe nodded, and looked to Joy.

"Same, I guess," said the young man. "Although I've never been tested before. But I've never had 'unprotected' intercourse in my life, and I've always been careful!"

"Ever experienced a condom breaking?" Joe asked Joy.

"A couple of times, but before sex, never during or after that I know of."

Joe brightened again, smiling at them. "Okay guys. The official line is that if you test negative today, keep having safe sex and don't sleep with anyone else, and then test negative again in three months' time, then as long as you both honour your commitment and stay faithful, there is no reason to believe you will pass anything to each other. In other words, you can have unprotected sex!"

Both Joy and Iain broke out in huge grins again, relief, excitement and anticipation clear on their faces.

"Just remember, though," Joe warned again. "That three month period is what medical opinion believes at the moment, but we don't know for absolute certainty.

"But the longer it is, the less chance that either of us has HIV?" asked Joy.

"That's right."

Iain looked thoughtful. "Why do we have to come back again in three months and be re-tested?" he asked.

"That's the incubation period I mentioned," Joe explained. "If we know that you're both negative now, and know that you haven't had sex with any other person and haven't had unprotected sex with each other for three months, and then you're still negative, you can be fairly confident that you are both negative, and therefore safe to have unprotected sex with each other."

The older man's brow creased as he followed this through in his mind, then he spoke again. "But if Joy and I have not had unprotected sex with each other, and have not had sex with any other person for say, six months up until now, then why couldn't we assume the same thing right now if we're both negative?"

Joe saw where Iain was going with this. "Well, you're right I guess. If today's tests come back negative, and you have both been completely faithful to each other, and practised safe sex all that time, then you should be okay."

Joy's eyes widened as he realised what was being said. "Iain, I haven't been with anyone but you since, well, quite some time before the day I first met you!" he said excitedly.

"Me either," declared Iain.

"And when was that?" asked Joe.

"Last September!" they said in unison.

Joe laughed. "Then let's make sure this test is okay, and you can get at it!" he grinned.


The waiting for the results was agony. They found that the full results of all the tests to be done would take the best part of a week, and that the clinic would not give out results over the phone, so they had to come back again next Friday night, with their registration numbers, to hear the verdict. The week dragged on, both of them sure of the result, but nervous nevertheless, for reasons they could not explain.

When they arrived at the clinic on Friday evening, they presented their numbers to the receptionist and took their seats, just as they had last time. This time however, they were only kept waiting a very short time, before Joe appeared.

Looking over to them, he called their names. "Joy, Iain, would you like to come in?" he said.

The two men jumped up and followed him. There was no indication from his face or his actions as to the result, and both sat fidgeting on the edge of their seats as he opened the folders containing the all-important information, and read it through. Finally, he closed the files with a smile.

"Congratulations, gentlemen!" he said. "It would appear that both of you are perfectly healthy!"

Joy let out an enthusiastic yelp, punching his fist into the air in expressive delight. Iain's grin split his face, and a feeling of incredible weight being lifted from his shoulders overwhelmed him.

"Thank you!" he said meaningfully to the counsellor.

"There's nothing to thank me for," Joe replied. "You two have done all the right things, and all the hard work. Officially, I'm supposed to warn you again about being honest and faithful, and remind you there are no guarantees. Unofficially, all I'm gonna say is, go for it! I feel pretty sure you are both committed to each other, and now you can enjoy the very best."

Iain and Joy stood, and thanked him again, then faced each other. Impulsively, Joy grabbed Iain and pulled his lover to himself. They kissed, unashamed and unembarrassed, for a long minute. Eventually, Joe coughed to get their attention.

"Guys, I appreciate how you must feel," he laughed, "but do you think you could wait until you get home before you ...?"

They laughed again, thanked him again, and walked out, arms around each other and wearing the brightest of smiles.

"So," said Joy as they drove home, a twinkle in his eye as he looked at his man. "You wanna fuck?"

Iain laughed out loud. "Oh yeah! As soon as possible, and as long as possible and as often as possible!" he stated with a leer.

"Sounds good to me!" Joy agreed.

They fell silent for the rest of the trip, each lost in happy, lusty thoughts of the future, together. When they arrived back at the house, Joy went ahead, disappearing into the bedroom while Iain poured them both a drink, and sat on the sofa. "Joy!" he called. "Come here for a moment, hon!"

The younger man stuck his head around the bedroom door, surprised at the serious tone of Iain's voice. He came into the loungeroom and sat beside his lover, accepting the offered drink.

"What is it?"

"I know I probably don't have to ask, but I just want to give you one more chance - are you absolutely certain that you want to tie yourself to me forever?"

"More certain than I've ever been, about anything!" Joy said without hesitation.

Iain smiled, a combination of relief and growing desire. "I've been thinking ..."

"Mmmmmm?" Joy grinned mischievously. He liked it when Iain started conversations with those words.

"I want our first time, you know - 'natural' - to be extra special. Something you'll always remember ..."

"I'll always remember it, no matter where or when it happens!" Joy declared.

"Me too, stud!" Iain chuckled. "But to make it really great - would you like to hold on, resist temptation, until we can get down to the Park, to our beach again? Live out your fantasy as much as possible? We could go first thing tomorrow morning!"

Joy threw his arms around Iain's neck and kissed his cheeks, his chin, his lips. "I love you so much!" he said quietly. "I was thinking along similar lines - not about the beach, but about making the first time something really special, that you would never forget! Come here ..." he took Iain's hand and led him into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed were a full set of leathers, for both of them. Chaps, harnesses, jocks and hoods, boots and cockrings were all arranged and waiting to be worn. Iain's mouth fell open in amazement and lusty desire.

Joy grinned at his mate. "I thought that for our first time au naturel we could really get into your favourite fantasy, and go for the full-on leathermen sex. I want it to be incredible for you, babe, because you are just so incredible to me."

Iain said nothing, but the look on his face spoke volumes as he scooped Joy into his arms and held him tightly, raining kisses onto his lover. "So now what do we do? Who gets to have their fantasy first?" he asked with a smile.

Joy thought about it for a few minutes, and the gleam of an idea beginning to form was obvious. Iain waited, curious as to what his handsome young stud was going to come up with.

"We don't need to choose!" Joy stated with conviction. "We can both have our dreams fulfilled, and have a hell of a lot of fun getting ready, as well!"

"How do you figure that?"

Joy grinned evilly, and began to explain his suggestion to his strong, older lover.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!