Joy to the World 7

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This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.

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Iain and Joy were relaxing at home after learning that they were both negative, and deciding that they wanted to enjoy the delights of pure, unprotected sex. Iain spoke with quiet seriousness to his young lover. "I want our first time, you know - 'natural' - to be extra special. Something you'll always remember ..."

"I'll always remember it, no matter where or when it happens!" Joy declared.

"Me too, stud!" Iain chuckled. "But to make it really great - would you like to wait on, resist temptation, until we can get down to the Park, to our beach again? Live out your fantasy as much as possible? We could go first thing tomorrow morning!"

Joy threw his arms around Iain's neck and kissed his cheeks, his chin, his lips. "I love you so much!" he said quietly. "I was thinking along similar lines - not about the beach, but about making the first time something really special, that you would never forget! Come here ..." he took Iain's hand and led him into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed were a full set of leathers, for both of them. Chaps, harnesses, jocks and hoods, boots and cockrings were all arranged and waiting to be worn. Iain's mouth fell open in amazement and lusty desire.

Joy grinned at his mate. "I thought that for our first time au naturel we could really get into your favourite fantasy, and go for the full-on leathermen sex. I want it to be incredible for you, babe, because you are just so incredible to me."

Iain said nothing, but the look on his face spoke volumes as he scooped Joy into his arms and held him tightly, raining kisses onto his lover. "So now what do we do? Who gets to have their fantasy first?" he asked with a smile.

Joy thought about it for a few minutes, and the gleam of an idea beginning to form was obvious. Iain waited, curious as to what his handsome young stud was going to come up with.

"We don't need to choose!" Joy stated with conviction. "We can both have our dreams fulfilled, and have a hell of a lot of fun getting ready, as well!"

"How do you figure that?"

Joy grinned evilly, and began to explain his suggestion to his strong, older lover. As he listened, Iain's mouth opened first in disbelief, then his brow furrowed with doubt, before a sparkle of lusty amusement appeared in his eye.

"You can't be serious?" he said in a tone which belied him. "Do you really think we could get away with it?"

"Why not?" asked Joy in response. "It's dark and getting late. Besides, they'll be safer than what we normally wear!"

"But ..." began Iain, and then stopped. He felt as though he should be protesting more, yet Joy's suggestion had stunned him to begin with, but now left him feeling aroused and excited. If they could get away with it, what a turn-on it would be! "Okay," he said, uncertain but determined, feeling like a teen-ager again. "Let's do it!"

With a shout of gleeful desire, Joy hugged his man, then turned again to the bed. He began by snapping a leather cockring around the base of his prick and testicles, then lifted a black leather pouch up his legs, pushing his already thickening meat into the envelope of hide, and adjusting himself. Iain stared for a moment, still incredulous at what they were planning, then followed Joy's lead. He lifted a harness over his shoulders and tightened it around his chest. The complex bundle of leather straps included two large metal rings which sat over his nipples, held up by shoulder straps. Then a 'V' of leather connected to another ring over his navel from which a band ran around his waist. From that band a combination of three pieces of leather formed a type of jock strap - two leather bands framed his butt cheeks while another fell straight down in front, the three joining at a silver ring which was also a cockring, and into this Iain fed his nuts and then his dick. Onto the straps around his manhood, Iain snapped a cod-piece which held his genitals in place, covering them in a triangle of shining dark hide.

The harness Joy chose was a simpler affair - four wide bands of leather, all studded with small chrome points. Two straps came over his shoulders and two around his chest, to connect at two single metal rings, one in the centre of his chest, the other between his shoulder blades. Each of the men then donned almost identical chaps, zipping them up and smoothing the gripping leather over rippling muscles, feeling the hide envelope their legs. Riding boots followed - spit shone and gleaming, adorned with silver chains and bright metal rings on the ankles. Iain wore his lizard-skin style gauntlets on his wrists, covering most of his lower arms, and added the same textured vest. Joy buckled wide black bands around each arm, above his biceps, and shining black gloves were pulled over his hands.

To compete the stunning leather transformation, both of them wore half-hoods, soft black leather coverings which encased the top of their head down to the base of their skull at the back, and cut out at front to leave chin, cheeks and mouth exposed, a flap shielding the top of the nose, and holes for their eyes. Joy and Iain stood back and admired each other. Glimmering, polished black leather accentuated their bodies and emphasised the ridges of muscle in their legs. Both experienced the arousal of pure masculinity, and two cocks pushed at the leather restraints holding them in place. Iain inhaled, long and deep, the aroma of the tanned hide filling his nostrils, his cock twitching. Joy's ears relayed the soft squeaking of the leather and the gentle clink of metal, and his eyes fixed on the dark tube of black at Iain's groin, looking more and more like the reptilian being of his fantasy.

"Fuck you look good!" Iain declared.

Joy hissed back, "You look incredible!"

"You sure you want to go out 'in public' like this?" Iain murmured, the lust in his voice unmistakable.

"Oh, yeah! That's part of the thrill!"

"Then let's go, stud!"

Joy quickly headed out of the back door, while Iain grabbed a backpack and threw some supplies into it - a couple of bottles of beer, some wine and food, and a package he had secreted a few days earlier as a special present for Joy. There would be no time more special than tonight for this particular 'toy'! Hurriedly then, he flicked off the light and locked the house behind him, finding Joy waiting beside the bike, both helmets in his hand.

"You ready?" he asked.

Iain nodded. "Yes and no, but ready as I'll ever be."

Joy licked his lips, and reached forward, wrapping his fingers around the leathery bulge at Iain's groin. "Mmmmm," he mumbled. They both pulled on black leather jackets, and Joy helped Iain settle the backpack in place. "There!" he said, "With you close up behind me, and that pack covering your bum, no one will ever realise we're bare-arsed!"

Iain looked around uncertainly. Standing here in their yard, he half expected the neighbours to be looking over fences or something as he and his lover exhibited themselves in full leather garb. It was nerve-wracking, yet indescribably exciting as well. Each pulled on their helmets, covering the leather hoods, and mounted the bike. Joy kicked the motor over, and with a roar and a screech they shot out of their hiding place and off up the quiet street.

Both of them were really pumped with adrenaline as they raced through the Friday night traffic. This was so much more than just another ride on their metal steed. Although the night was dark, there was more than enough light from the street lamps and headlights around them for it to be plainly visible to anyone who took the trouble to look closely that the two men on that bike were dressed in gleaming black leather with naked butts and barely concealing leather pouches at their groins. Joy rubbed his thighs against the leather saddle and felt his throbbing cock respond to the throbbing of the motor as he pushed his bare arse back into the equally hard and throbbing tube of blackness at Iain's crotch. Iain leaned into his man, his arms wrapping around Joy's torso as he felt the gleaming hide enveloping both of them, the naked skin of his legs where they were not covered by the chaps hard against Joy's also naked cheeks, Iain's own bare bum concealed only by the flimsy material of the backpack. His cock ached as it strained at the cushion of leather holding it, and pressed into Joy's arse crack with a burning and barely controlled desire.

The feeling of freedom, and of excitement, was palpable. They could see the drivers and pedestrians around them, mostly oblivious to their state of partial undress, yet there was still the element of thrilling exhibitionism, and the chance of being detected, which caused their pulses to race. The anonymity of the helmets they wore made it a little easier to be so daring, and the entire circumstances of the trip, combined with the ever-present growl of the bike, was indescribably erotic. Both of them became instantly aroused, and stayed that way for the entire journey.

They rocketed through the city and out along the motorway, then down through the southern suburbs toward the National Park. It was close to midnight when they reached the entrance, and they rumbled up to the unattended booth, gunned the bike through a narrow gap and roared into the blackness of the trees in an urgent race to reach their haven. The cairn of rocks marking the turn to their beach was invaluable, as they would never have found the road without it at night, and along the ridge, then down into the valley they went, two lovers against the world, escaping the world to their secret paradise.

Finally they arrived, and Joy killed the engine as he lifted the bike onto its stand. Iain stepped off and removed his helmet, the leather hood he wore still firmly in place. He took Joy's hand and helped his mate away from the machine before taking the helmet from Joy's hooded head as well, and the two of them stood there, staring at each other in the light from the head-lamp, both excited and hard, both breathing heavily with the racing of their hearts and the irresistible urges of their bodies. They allowed themselves a grinding, passionate kiss before extinguishing the light and making their way through the bushes to their cave, where Iain shrugged the pack off his back and dropped it in a corner while Joy lit candles around the grotto, filling it with a faint yellow light.

The flickering tapers illuminated the leather-clad men with the softest of glows, casting large, dark shadows which moved constantly on the walls of rock, while the polished black hide they wore gleamed with pinpricks of reflected brightness, serving only to emphasise the darkness of their garb and highlight the white skin it contrasted with. There, inside the cavern, with nothing but the muffled sound of the surf outside, wispy trails of smoke hanging in the near darkness between them, a sense of non-reality pervaded the scene, a surreal atmosphere descended upon Iain and Joy in their hidden lair. With a sense of wonder and awe, the two lovers stood for a long moment simply staring at each other. Joy gazed at his man, decked out in harness, chaps and hood, his eyes drawn to the thick tube of black outlined at his lover's groin, straining for release from its leathery confinement. His sight travelled upwards, following the lines of Iain's harness, finding the golden twinkle of the nipple rings in his man's chest. The dark hood covering Iain's head emphasised the deep green eyes within, and the young man thought it unbelievable that he had not found leather a seriously arousing accessory until he met his mate.

Iain was entranced by the vision that he beheld. His Joy, his lover, the tall, strong young man who had offered himself to Iain, stood there before him, the fulfillment of all his erotic dreams. Joy's powerful legs were encased in shimmering black leather, his etched torso bound by straps of the same dark hide with tiny studs of silver everywhere. The proud face was half obscured by the polished black hood and the bright blue eyes that had pierced Iain's soul now pierced the darkness of the head-piece and devoured Iain's body. And at the cross point of the 'X' formed by Joy's torso and spread legs, an inviting and erotic bulge of gleaming blackness outlined the length of his masculinity and the large solid orbs of his nuts below.

The two men remained motionless, only a metre apart, for what seemed an eternity as they absorbed the vision of each other. And then the animal instincts running through their nerves took control and they crashed into each other in a seething mass of arms and fingers, legs and bodies, teeth and lips as they ground themselves one against the other, rubbing and kissing and caressing. The squeal of leather against leather, and the scent of man-sweat mixed with the aroma of tanned hide filled the space and heightened their arousal even more.

Iain shivered with delight as his mouth devoured Joy's lips and tongue and he tasted his lover. His hands travelled over Joy's shoulders and traced the lines of the harness down Joy's back, touching the heated skin of his man and feeling the rounded firmness of Joy's cheeks where they protruded from the black casing of the chaps. The older man pressed his hips forward unconsciously, his restrained and cuckolded prick begging for release as it nudged against the counterpart solidity of Joy's cock, similarly cushioned in dark hide. Joy trembled with the building passion as his tongue probed into Iain's mouth and his chest relayed the incredible sensation of his lover's pierced nipples scraping against the bare skin of his pectorals. His hands fell to Iain's butt, and then lower again, feeling the power of his man's thighs encased in the smooth textured hide as he pulled them together in a yearning to join, to become one.

Again they separated momentarily, but only long enough for Iain's lips to quickly loose their hold on Joy's mouth and to move instead to the younger man's neck, then travel slowly and sensuously down and across his chest, stopping briefly at each of his nipples in turn before continuing the journey along the straps of leather toward the beckoning triangle of black between Joy's legs. When he found his target, Iain eagerly sucked and nibbled at the heated, throbbing protuberance that was Joy's leathered cock, gnawing at the long tube of shining blackness, and caressing the rounded spheres of dark eggs with his tongue and lips. As he did so, his hands ran up and down the pillars of darkness that were Joy's legs, thrilling to the feel of hidden strength and trembling need encased in smooth leather. Joy let out an involuntary moan as Iain attacked his groin, his hands falling to the smooth hood covering his lover's head, and he allowed his palms to slide across the hide, exhilarated by the texture of the soft material against his skin.

Leaning forward and down, Joy ran his hands across Iain's shoulders and edged his fingers along the ridges of the harness until he found the metal rings inserted in the older man's nipples. Another surge of excitement raced through him as he felt both the cold steel and the super-heated and almost as hard nubs of skin through which it ran. Taking each of the tiny, erect mounds between his thumb and forefinger, he pulled and twisted at them with a gentle firmness before letting go and grabbing once again. Iain let up on his fevered attack of Joy's groin only long enough to emit a gasping howl of pleasure, before renewing his assault. When finally the older man reluctantly relinquished his position in front of his lover, both stood again, face to face and body to body, breathing heavily not from exertion but from excitement and anticipation.

Slowly, as they stood there, entwined in each others' arms, Iain spun them around until he was standing with his back to the rocky ledge they used as a bed in this hiding place of theirs. He edged his body back onto the leather covered mattress positioned on the rock, until he was sitting on it now, his legs spread and wrapped around Joy's hips. He reached down and pushed the posing strap his lover wore down and off Joy's cock, allowing the long hard log of manmeat to spring up and out, droplets of pre-cum spraying from it as it did. Iain looked hungrily at the pulsing rod of flesh, then lifted his eyes to the blue pools peering out from the slits in Joy's hood, and begged his man to take him.

"Make love to me, Joy!" he hissed, as he lay back on the shelf, lifting his legs to grip at Joy's torso with his leathered thighs, pressing Joy's butt forward and into him with his own booted feet. Before him and above him, the apparition of Joy transformed towered over his needing body, a Joy more beautiful that Iain remembered, draped in gleaming black leather, his head partially obscured by the soft hood, his sculpted chest and upper body criss-crossed by dark bands and silver studs, his legs enveloped in shining, muscle-hugging hide. A leatherman master was what Joy had become in Iain's eyes at that moment, and the older man would do anything he was asked to please his lover.

Joy said nothing, but the yearning and the arousal was evident in his demeanour and his eyes. He reached for the lube lying on the shelf beside the black and quivering body of his man, and smeared some of it over his achingly hard cock. He marvelled for a second at how different it felt, the cool, sticky goo coating his very flesh rather than a plastic sheath, then went on to spread some of it around Iain's butt. Gently he worked his fingers up and down the crack of his lover's arse, tentatively finding and touching the puckering target there. Iain moaned lowly with anticipation as Joy worked first one and then a second finger into the clenching hole of his man, opening Iain slowly as he prepared him for the penetration they both wanted so badly. Slowly, he removed his fingers, and edged forward, guiding the head of his throbbing member down until his knob rested against the outer ring of Iain's sphincter. He swore he could feel the heat of Iain's body, and the tiniest ridges in the muscles of the older man's ring as he positioned his very manhood against the offered target.

Iain felt the solidity of Joy's cockhead against his hole, and moaned again with delighted anticipation. He was so aroused his entire body trembled and he willed himself to relax, to open himself to the coming insertion. With his legs around Joy's waist, he encouraged his younger lover forward, feeling the hard rod of manflesh press against him, begging entry. And then it happened. With the slightest of movements, Iain felt Joy's prick pry open his sphincter and force its way inside him. There was no pain, no discomfort, nothing but an incredible sense of wondrous completeness as his rectum closed around the glans of his lover's mushroom cap. It felt so amazingly good, so incredibly fulfilling as the warm, silky-smooth shaft of his man penetrated him. Iain clenched at the invading thickness for a second, and relaxed again as Joy began to slide further into him.

He groaned with unspeakable pleasure as the young stud entered his body. Gone was the discomfort of any latex sheath. Gone was the irritating friction of a condom, which no amount of lube could ever completely mask. This was pure, natural; skin on skin, body in body, and the ultimate in erotic pleasure. Although he knew it was not physically possible, Iain was certain he could feel every vein and ridge in Joy's prong as it slid between the muscles of his entrance and probed further and further into his rectum. Pure bliss followed the long tube of steel hard flesh as it insinuated itself into his very core. Far from feeling invaded or assaulted, Iain felt instead as if there had always been an empty space, a vacant hole, within him which Joy's manhood had been designed specifically to fill, and fill it it did, making the older man complete and fulfilled for the first time in his life. He knew then that he would never be truly happy unless Joy's throbbing rod was sunk deep within his own body.

With a grunt and a hiss of expelled air as each of them let out held breath, Iain felt Joy's pelvis finally come to rest against his upturned butt cheeks, the wiry bush of the young god's pubic hair strangely soft against Iain's skin, the firm balls of his lover's testicles caressing his flesh as they were squeezed between the two men. Joy leaned forward as he finished his long slow drive into Iain, and in response Iain lifted his head and chest, until they locked together in a long and passionate kiss, while Joy's cock rested deeply inside Iain's body.

"Oh, god!" murmured Joy.

"Oh yeah!!" answered Iain.

Still leaning into each other, their hooded faces only centimetres apart, the men began to clench and grind at each other. Joy slid his arms up and under Iain's shoulders, and Iain tightened the scissor-lock of his leathered legs around Joy's torso as they slowly started to settle into a gentle but driving rhythm of thrusts and parries, Joy's long pole withdrawing from its warm bed slightly before diving back in again, while Iain's arse gripped at the receding prick before opening again to welcome it back with needy exuberance. He marvelled at the feeling of the long, hard dagger spearing into him, and wondered at how right and perfect it felt. This was no rubber encased dong, no harsh, friction-filled invader, but a warm and living weapon, silken smooth yet hard as tempered steel, which probed its way into the moistness of his inner being and imparted untold pleasure to his entire body.

Now Joy began to increase his pace ever so slightly, and Iain moaned with contentment. As the older man felt his back rubbing against the leather cover of the mattress, he smelt the heady aroma of tanned hide released from the clothes he and his lover wore, and from the sheet upon which he lay. He opened his eyes again to find the hooded half-face of Joy so close over him, and behind that, darkness broken only by faint flickering candle-light, swirls of other-worldly smoke drifting around and between them. The only sounds he could hear were the grunting breath of the two men, the soft squeal of leather against leather, and the wet slapping of Joy's balls and groin against his own arse-cheeks. Iain shuddered with passionate arousal - this was his wildest fantasy come to life, and he grabbed again at Joy's body with his legs, urging his young lover on and in, hunching himself backwards and impaling his hungry gut on Joy's rampant erection.

The handsome young man responded to Iain's urgings by crawling up onto the shelf of rock without letting his pounding cock slip from Iain's body. Kneeling there now, he positioned himself so that his knees were directly behind the older man's back, and Iain lifted his legs higher, his knees resting on Joy's shoulders as he writhed below and around his young stud, moaning at the increase in speed and ferocity of Joy's thrusting. He gasped with surprise and delight when Joy grappled at the harness around Iain's chest, taking the centre strap in one hand and using it to pull Iain harder and faster backwards onto the living dong which pumped in and out of the older man's body. Iain surrendered to absolute bliss as his entire frame was rocked again and again by the thundering pace of his lover's sex. He breathed in short sharp spurts as Joy rammed that long hot poker into him, deeper, harder, faster, the very power of the humping crashes driving air from his lungs and pleasure through his gut.

With uninhibited, animalistic need, the two men fucked. Fucked like there was no future. Iain revelled in the overload of sensation as Joy's pile-driver of heated flesh fucked him again and again, and he fucked back, gripping and clenching, pushing and opening his arse to take the glorious rod that filled him with joy. Both men sweated and huffed as their fucking became faster and more urgent, strength and power being poured into the union by each as they fought to become one, to blend into each other's very bodies in a raging, desperate attempt to unite so completely. Suddenly Iain realised that the tiny sharp cries filling the air were from his lover, that Joy was valiantly trying to hold back from the explosion of climax.

"Do it, stud!" Iain hissed at his man. "Fuck me and fill me, shoot it hard! Spray that wonderful cum deep inside me, babe, and fill me with your seed!"

Joy's eyes widened as he heard the words, and knew he needed no longer to hold back, knew he could safely deposit his very essence deep within Iain's bowels. Iain saw Joy's face crease, felt his lover tense and then ached with aroused happiness as Joy crashed his scalding rod one more time, more deeply and more powerfully than ever, into Iain's waiting cavern. He clenched his arse around that amazing pole, and swore he could feel it thicken and harden as he convinced himself that he felt the shooting stream of jism filling his gut. Joy's body was rocked with spasms as his orgasm crashed through him, and the shuddering ferocity of his peak rumbled through Iain's body as well, making them both twitch in unison and in time to the spurts of ejaculate which shot from Joy's cock and deposited itself within his lover.

For long minutes they remained like that, locked together, Joy's prick still buried deep in Iain's innards, as the younger man's breathing slowly returned to normal, and his heart recovered its usual beat. Gradually, almost reluctantly, he withdrew himself from his lover's body before rolling onto his side and laying beside Iain, their arms around each other, their leather clad forms pressed together as they enjoyed a lingering, sensual kiss.

"Oh fuck, Joy, thank you! That was incredible!" Iain enthused.

"Fucking unbelievable!" his partner responded with equal certainty. "Like nothing I could ever have imagined! It was perfect. YOU are perfect!"

They grinned at each other and kissed again, lying together in silence and watching the flickering light of the candles play over the roof of their rocky hideaway.

"I'm sorry, babe," Joy said at last.

Iain looked at his mate in incredulous surprise. "Sorry? What on earth would you be sorry for?"

"You didn't cum ..."

Iain laughed heartily. "The night ain't over yet, stud! I have a few more ideas for us before we get some sleep. And us oldies need to pace ourselves. If I had cum while you fucked me, I'd have taken longer to recover than a healthy young specimen like you!"

"I doubt it," Joy said. "You make too much of the difference in our ages, when as far as I can tell, you can keep up with me quite well, in ALL departments!"

"Well, I still have some more ideas for tonight," Iain answered wickedly. "But how about a swim to clean up while you recover?"

Joy nodded, and they stood and helped each other shed the leathery garb of their fantasy.

"You know, I never realised just how incredibly hot and arousing leather could be," Joy whispered as he slid the chaps away from his legs. "But I intend to make a LOT of use of it in the future!"

Iain simply grinned as, now completely naked, they walked hand-in-hand out into the night and across the sand to the sea. They dove into the waves and frolicked for a time, letting the water wash away the remnants of their sex. As Joy walked out of the ocean, he turned to find a strange look on his lover's face.

"What's up with you, handsome?" he asked.

Iain looked thoughtful for a moment. "It's just occurred to me, that while we washed away the sweat and grime from the outside of our bodies, I'm now carrying a part of you - a very important part; your manseed - deep inside me. It makes me feel both horny and special, you know?"

"Oh, Iain," Joy gushed. "Just hearing you say that makes me feel so incredible, so wonderful, so much in love! I love you!"

"I love you," his mate replied. If anyone had been around to see, it would have been obvious that the two were even now becoming aroused again. Iain's erection had never quite completely disappeared, and Joy's flaccid penis was quickly recovering its solidity as they kissed and held each other under the moonlight.

With a mischievous grin, Iain scooped Joy up in his arms and carried him the rest of the way across the beach and up to their cave again. As Joy squealed in happy protest, his older lover struggled but persisted in carrying the lithe young man into their hiding place. "What are you trying to do?" Joy chuckled as they finally reached the shelf where Iain deposited his man.

"This is your fantasy, remember?" Iain replied, becoming serious. "I'm rescuing you from the ocean, and now I'm going to be the sea-monster who makes love to you!"

As Joy tried to suppress a smile, Iain once again covered his head with the leather hood he had worn previously, and this time he reached into the backpack he had brought and retrieved a vest and gloves, all in leather, and all patterned with the uneven design of reptilian scales. When Joy saw what Iain was doing, and realised what he had brought along, his grin disappeared, replaced by a knowing look of loving admiration and yearning anticipation. He watched in fascinated and growing arousal as Iain climbed onto the 'bed' beside him and dropped the backpack to one side. Then Iain was on top of him, covering Joy's body with his own as they embraced and kissed long and deep. The younger man felt the weight of his lover cover him, but had no objection at all. Joy felt safe and happy as his man pressed down on him, and he ran his arms over Iain's back and shoulders, holding him closely and caressing the scaly texture of the second skin his fantasy 'monster' wore.

Quickly Iain began to nibble at Joy's chin, working his way down over the young man's neck and tasting the soft, warm skin of his chest, licking and biting at his lover a she did. But Joy did not let him take the lead for too long this time.

"Now, it's my turn!" he declared quietly but firmly, as he rolled the two of them over so that Iain was on his back and Joy knelt between his spread legs. With an enthusiasm born of love and nurtured by arousal and fantasy, Joy set to kissing and licking at Iain's body, determined to cover every centimetre of his lover in erotic nibbles and feathery lips. Iain began to protest, and then gave in to his mate, lying back and groaning in muted tones as his nerves relayed to his brain the incredibly sensual pleasure of Joy's attentions.

Iain's skin tingled and his body trembled with the delight of the tongue massage that his young lover administered. The delicate touch of Joy's mouth sent shivers through him as it traced lines on his chest and stomach. He moaned softly as Joy took gentle bites at his flesh, and thrilled to the feel of his man's body pressing against his own. He lifted his hands to Joy's head, running his fingers slowly through he luxuriant blond hair, then scraping his nails over the taut skin of Joy's shoulders and upper back as his body was treated to the most amazing ecstasy from Joy's lips. When his lover's talented mouth found the first of his nipples, Iain gasped with sheer pleasure.

Joy closed his lips over the swollen brown nub on the left side of Iain's chest, and found the metal ring piercing that tiny erection with his teeth. He pulled gently but firmly at it, stretching the skin of Iain's tit, then released the ring and licked at both the flesh and the steel, before blowing warm air across his man's nipple. As Iain groaned with delight, Joy licked again and bit at the sensitive bump, before suckling the entire nipple into his mouth and biting once again at the golden ring. The clinking of the metal against his teeth, and the intake of breath as Iain writhed below him, made Joy shiver. He relinquished his hold on the swollen nub, and turned to the other side of his lover's broad pectorals, lavishing the same treatment on the right nipple.

Iain mumbled unheard words of pleasure and Joy continued his oral attack on the prone body of his lover, covering Iain in kisses and bites as he made his way slowly from Iain's nipples to the flat, taut stomach and the downy soft hair trail which led to the older man's groin. With every kiss, every nibble, Iain's body trembled and his nerves delighted in the soft oral massage. He lay back and enjoyed the warm moist touches of his man's mouth against his flesh, aching with anticipation as he felt Joy's teeth scrape over his abdomen and approach his throbbing cock. But that talented orifice did not descend upon his waiting weapon as expected. Instead, Iain felt the flow of warm air and soft wet touch of Joy's tongue on his nuts, and knew that his balls were rolling around in their fleshy sac as his young god began to lick and suck at the living jewels. When Joy drew both of Iain's man-eggs into his mouth and began to massage the soft orbs with his tongue while bathing them in his saliva, Iain moaned again as waves of pleasure rolled over him. He marvelled once again that the handsome young man between his legs had chosen to offer to him so much pleasure, and so much love.

Releasing Iain's testicles from his mouth, Joy continued his kissing, licking attack on Iain's body, sliding his tongue around the base of his lover's prick, then beginning a slow, sensual climb along the shaft of his man's prong, following the blood-engorged veins of Iain's cock and intentionally allowing his teeth to occasionally scrape against the sensitive skin, eliciting more groans and howls of delight from his lover. He smiled as he felt Iain's prick hardening again beneath his lips, knowing that he wanted this log of flesh to grow to its full and proud completeness and make love to him, but not yet - he had one more delight planned for both of them before they united once again.

As Iain's manhood twitched and throbbed beneath his lips, Joy continued his climb along that glorious pole. He knew from experience that Iain was approaching full erection again, and he lifted his face a little more quickly, before his partner reached that point. His reward was to find that the knob of his man's prong was revealed and crowned with a pearly drop of pre-cum, the sheath of Iain's foreskin already parting and beginning to draw back from his glans, but still covering perhaps a third of the older man's cockhead. Joy licked hungrily at the oozing essence of his lover, tasting his very seed, and then slid his tongue over the purpling knob to find the edge of the receeding foreskin.

With his own cock achingly hard and his body shuddering with rising pleasure, Joy probed with his tongue in and against Iain's meaty pole. He pushed forward, and lifted the soft skin back as his tongue flickered into the shrinking space between Iain's foreskin and the sensitive nerves of his prick-head. Eagerly, the young man explored the hot, moist area, his lips closed over Iain's shaft as his tongue flicked and traced around the throbbing knob, pushing against the peeling skin which sheathed it. As Iain groaned once more with delight, Joy knew his erection would soon draw what was left of the skin away, and he quickly closed his teeth gently but firmly on the flap of flesh, pulling back at it softly and rolling it between his top and bottom teeth. Iain let out an involuntary "uunnhhh", and Joy grinned again as he released his hold on the older man's foreskin and sat up a little, smiling at his man while continuing to run his hands over Iain's body, yet again delighting in the feel of the lizard-skin leather of Iain's vest and gloves.

Again, they reversed positions, as Iain sat up and leaned over Joy while the younger man now lay back. No words passed between them, but a message of urgent need and aroused desire was clear in their eyes. Iain returned to his licking and kissing of Joy's body, sucking at the brown erections of Joy's nipples fleetingly before turning to the much more pronounced and wonderful erection at his groin. He scooped out the first oozings of pre-seminal liquid dribbling from the younger man's cockslit, and suckled lovingly on the long pole of flesh that had so recently filled his body. He lowered his head and flicked his tongue over the super-sensitive skin of Joy's perinaeum as he lifted his lover's legs up and back, exposing the puckering rosebud of Joy's entrance. With a series of darting jabs, he pushed his tongue into and around that waiting hole, bringing soft moans of passionate excitement from his young lover, and followed his tongue with first one and then two fingers, coated in smooth lubricating gel, opening his man gently and preparing him for penetration.

As Joy lay there, silently begging his man to enter him, Iain suddenly left off from his attention to Joy's body for a second, and reached for the all-but-forgotten backpack lying beside them on the shelf.

"What ...?" asked Joy in bewilderment, as Iain retrieved something and sat back, a mischievous grin in his eyes.

"Your fantasy, remember?" he answered, as he held his hand up and brandished his surprise for his young lover. In his hand was a dildo, black and gleaming, but unusual in shape - it was long, very long. At least 45 centimetres in length, but very thin, no more than two centimetres in diameter; what it was, was the snake-like cock that Joy had described to Iain from his dream so long ago.

"Errr, I don't know, babe..." Joy stammered as he looked at the 'toy'.

"It's okay," said Iain. "I just thought it might revive your fantasy for you. I'll take it easy, and stop if you want, or forget it altogether if you like ..."

Joy looked again at the object, then back to Iain's eyes. As he did, Iain lowered the artificial prong to his waist, holding it against his own throbbing cock. Joy watched, and felt the stirring in his loins. Seeing that snake-like dick, imagining it as part of Iain, excited him strangely.

"But I want to feel you inside me," he began.

"Oh, you will, lover! You will!" Iain reassured him. "I only meant for this to be the 'appetiser'!"

Suddenly, Joy grinned widely. "Then let's start dinner!" he said in a lusty hiss. Iain smiled back, and holding the black prong before Joy's eyes, he greased its length with the same lubricant he had used on Joy's waiting anus.

Joy lay back again and closed his eyes as he felt the cool, hard point of the dildo rest against his sphincter. Slowly, Iain began to insert the rubber dong and as he did, he reached forward, running his gloved and scaled fingers over Joy's chest and abs. The fake cock slid easily enough into Joy, being considerably thinner that Iain's own prick, and the older man slowly but firmly pushed it into his lover, probing about and twisting the length of the toy as he inserted it into Joy's accepting hole. Deeper, further, and yet deeper again Iain pushed, slowly, carefully but insistently, filling Joy's innards with the long snaking cock. He leaned into and over his man, hot sweat-sheened skin coming into contact with hot skin, Joy's legs pressing into Iain's shoulders as Iain's free hand caressed the trembling, chiselled body below him while the other wielded the long thin tube of black cock.

Joy opened his eyes again, and looked up to see the half-hooded face of his man peering down at him. Iain's upper body was wrapped in the reptilian skin of the leather vest, his gloved hands smooth but textured with scales against Joy's satin skin, and his torso pressing in between Joy's legs, where the thin but long artificial prick slid into his bowel. He could easily believe that it was attached to Iain's body as he relaxed and felt it slide deeper into him, and he moaned with pleasure. His body began to shudder, and then to writhe with the passionate arousal of being filled like this, and he felt that long, long prong snake further into him again. Iain watched in satisfaction as his lover grunted and groaned in the throes of lusty excitement, and continued to press the toy into Joy's arse, firmly, slowly, driving it deeper inside as he twisted it and probed Joy's innards with it. Centimetre by centimetre he pressed forward, until almost 30 centimetres of the dark tube had entered his man. Joy was shaking now with ecstatic passion. He could feel the length of the thing deep inside his gut, could feel the hard head of the toy pressing into the pit of his stomach and still it nudged into him. There was no pain, but a strange sense of being stuffed and prodded.

"Fuck, Iain, my monster-man, fuck me!" Joy declared in a deep hiss, his entire body now shuddering with erotic pleasure. His lover responded in a growl of lust-filled desire.

"Oh, yeah," Iain rumbled. "I'm gonna fuck you alright! I'm going to use this dildo to open you up, and then I'm gonna fill your arse with my own naked, raging fuck-pole!"

"Do it! Do it now!" Joy answered as his eyes widened and he looked into his lover's face.

Iain reached up and removed the black hood from his head, and stared back at his man, twisting in aroused excitement and begging for him. Slowly, he slipped the fake prong from Joy's body, continually massaging and caressing the heated satin skin of his young lover as he did. As the toy was withdrawn completely, Iain stepped back into the space between Joy's legs and aimed his own, steel hard cock at the puckering target of Joy's anus. A gasp escaped him as the hot, twitching muscle came into contact with his aching cockhead, and he felt the flexing ring of his lover against the sensitive knob of his own prick.

Trying to take things slowly, Iain nudged forward, but Joy was full of need, and he hunched backwards, opening himself and swallowing the end of Iain's cock in a single motion. Both men moaned with delight as Joy's sphincter closed around Iain's mushroom cap, gripping at the thick rod of naked manflesh. Iain could barely believe the sensations which flooded him. The difference between using a condom and raw, naked sex was indescribable. His sensitive knob relayed an intensity of heated wetness as he stopped with just the very beginning of his prong lodged within his lover. He could feel the warm moisture of Joy's body wrapped around him, the flexing muscle of Joy's hole gripping then releasing to grip again at his shaft. He almost came right then, but desperately held onto control, waiting until his body adjusted and the urge to explode subsided, even just a little, to allow him to go on.

"Holy fuck, Iain, my man, that feels incredible! So much better than with a condom, and a hundred times better than the dildo!" Joy exclaimed, as he writhed below his lover, squirming against the wondrous thickness of Iain's cock. "Fuck me, please!"

Responding to Joy's pleading encouragement, Iain moved again, pushing forward. He held his breath as more and more pleasure assailed his senses and his cockshaft slipped effortlessly through the muscles of Joy's ring and dived into the heated cavern of soft wetness. Slowly, smoothly, he sank himself into Joy's gut. He felt the knot of muscle that was Joy's prostate as his cock nudged it then moved further inwards. He fought off the desire to cum as his rod was enveloped by Joy's body and drowned in liquid joy. After what felt like an eternity, he finally came to rest, his pelvis against his lover's butt, his cock buried to the hilt within his man. He let out his breath again in a long whoosh of satisfaction, and grinned like a schoolboy at the stunningly gorgeous man whose body encased his masculinity. He was in heaven!

For a long moment he stayed there, not moving, as he revelled in the delight of being within his lover. But then Nature began to assert her authority, and almost subconsciously Iain withdrew a fraction before pushing back in again. Quickly, he started into a rhythm, sliding himself in and out of Joy's body, while Joy hunched and relaxed in time to the tempo of Iain's sex. The two smiled and stared at each other as they made love, Joy gripping and releasing Iain's pole while Iain thrust and pulled back, driving himself into Joy's body. Every nerve of Iain's being screamed with pleasure at the overload of sensations washing through him. His weapon throbbed and ached with delight as it scabbarded itself in Joy's gut. With each pounding jab forward, Iain could feel the soft heated moisture of Joy's innards squelching and sliding around his rock hard pole. He slammed his sword of manflesh into that welcoming cavern of pleasure, and groaned with the arousal of erotic joy as it surrendered to him and yielded to his invasion.

Fleetingly, Iain recalled how he had always wondered at the amazing pleasure of sex with Joy, but this was so much better. The difference between what he now experienced and the sheathed fucking with a condom was indescribable, and with every thrust he felt as though his prick swelled even more. He tried to control his animal urges, but base instinct prevailed, and he slammed himself again and again into Joy, fucking his lover with abandon and giving himself over to ultimate pleasure as he speared his very masculinity deeper and harder into the glorious yielding pit of complete joy that was Joy.

The younger man shook and trembled with wonder as his lover fucked him. This powerful driving sex, Iain's naked and raging cock ploughing into him, was like nothing he could have ever imagined. Every part of him was aroused and excited, as he ached with pleasure at the penetration his man visited upon him. He wanted this to never end, it felt so good, so incredible, so amazing. With every shove of Iain's cock into him, Joy wanted more. With every gasp of breath he begged for his lover to go on and on, to fill him with that mighty pole of flesh and to pump him full of love and sex forever. Drops of sweat fell from Iain's hard taut body onto his heated skin, and the soft, mushy sound of Iain's tool pumping into his body forcing its way deeper into his gut, sent shivers through him as his excitement climbed higher and higher.

Locked together, they humped and clenched, rammed and fucked, united completely in ultimate masculine joinder, forming a single being that twitched and shook in absolute sexual frenzy, and unfettered giving each to the other. They became one, and in doing so became each other, a 'couple' in the true sense of the word, a single unit that was ignorant to the rest of the universe, lost in their own world of thundering, passionate abandon, enveloped in lusty joy and fucking their way to explosion.

Iain sensed that his peak was near. He tried to slow his passions, but they were out of control. With a combination of total love and surrendered lust, he looked deeply into the pools of azure blue that were Joy's eyes.

"Babe, ...' he gasped quickly.

"It's okay!" mouthed Joy silently. "I need it, I want it, now!"

Iain could hold back no longer. With the amazingly wonderful wet heat of Joy's body engulfing his hard cock, and the shivering build-up of pleasure within his own body, he thrust forward again, driving his prong deeper and further into his man. Like an earthquake that hit his body, his orgasm rocked him, waves of intense pleasure and undeniable desire started at his balls and rolled out and through his frame, causing him to tense and spasm inside Joy, the thundering climax racing through his lover's body as well. His cock swelled and lost itself deep within Joy's gut, and then exploded in a storm of shuddering twitches. Iain could feel the river of cum leap from his balls and race along the length of his shaft and in a blinding moment of lost control, he let go as his seed poured from his manhood and filled the already hot and wet receptacle of Joy's body. Spurt upon spurt of liquid mancum shot from Iain's tool and was deposited deep inside his lover, the welcoming cavern of the younger man's innards drinking it up and milking Iain's rod for more. He ached with the release, felt his very essence drained from him as Joy swallowed his jism and clenched at his steely pole, coaxing more of his life-force from him.

Just as Iain thought he would die, his very energy sucked from him, Joy let out a strangled grunt and his sphincter gripped at Iain's cockshaft with strength, drawing the still rock-hard pole back inside that glorious body again. In wonder, Iain watched as his lover's testicles contracted, and Joy's dick began to twitch, before shooting a fountain of creamy ejaculate high into the air, the long strings of goo hitting Iain's chest and face before falling back across Joy's stomach. For several minutes, Iain's young lover hissed and his body writhed as his climax engulfed him and he emptied his essence over both of them.

Finally, Joy's body went limp, his cock still hard and his arse relaxed. Almost reluctantly, Iain withdrew himself and rolled onto his side lying with his man, their bodies in contact all along their length.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Joy breathed again.

"Mmmmmm!" replied Iain with a smile. He lifted his hand and scooped some of his lover's man-cream onto it, then lifted it to his mouth and tasted the salty-sweet jizz contentedly. A second load followed and then a third, before Joy sat up and closed his lips over Iain's. they kissed, and passed the remnants of Joy's ejaculation between them, savouring the sharing and the intense love they felt.

"You know," said Joy after a long silence of sated recovery, "I always thought of sperm as something to be avoided, some kind of 'poison', until now. Now, all I want is more - your cum is like a nectar for me."

Iain grinned. "I feel the same. I love you so much, Joy!"

"And me you!"


The two men slept for a while before waking well before dawn, and making love again. They spent the day naked and together, swimming, eating, drinking and loving. Since the only clothing they had brought was their leather, they did not want to return home during daylight, but knew they should get back that night, before the sun returned. Still, the evening allowed them to indulge twice more in unbridled passionate sex, made even more exciting by their leather clothing and accessories.

It was almost three a.m. when they finally climbed back onto their metal steed and made their way back to civilization, once more roaring through the streets in their shining black leather, rubbing up against each other and baring themselves. When eventually they fell into bed, they held each other tightly, and slept for hours into the morning, completely satisfied and totally at ease and in love.

Joy and Iain spent many weekends at their hidden cove alone, together and naked. They usually kept their leather garb for time spent at home in the city, but occasionally they repeated the thrill of dressing in the dark hide and roaring through the night to their special place. And wherever they were, they made love often, finding that as time went on their sex became more and more wonderful and exciting rather than ever sinking into habit or becoming boring. And their love for each other knew no bounds.


The men had been planning to stay at their beach on the coming weekend, to celebrate their anniversary. It was now two years since they had first met that morning on Bondi Beach, and they were more in love than ever. They had established a close circle of good friends, and lost contact with some others who could not accept the difference in their ages. Each of them relied on the other in many ways, and neither could imagine life without his partner.

Joy was mentally ticking off the things they would need for the couple of days at the Park, when the phone rang.

"Hello?" he said easily into the mouthpiece.

"Hi, Joy? It's Susan."

"Hi, how are you?"

"We're fine. I was wondering if you guys would like to come for dinner on Saturday night? We have a special meal planned for just the four of us if you can make it."

Joy frowned to himself. He had really been looking forward to the time he and Iain could have in their hidden cove, but at the same time he loved Susan and her partner Tina, their neighbours, like a sister, and he hated to disappoint them. "I'll check with Iain and let you know," he said at last. "We did have something planned, but maybe we can put it off, okay?"

"If you could that would be great," Susan replied. "It really is important to us to see you two if we can, so try to talk him into it, would you?"

Joy laughed. "Okay, I'll see what I can do."

When Iain got home, Joy relayed the message and request from the 'girls'. "That's funny," said Iain, "it's almost as if they know it's our anniversary. Did you tell them?"

"No," joy shook his head. "But she did seem to think it was important we get together."

"Well, I guess the beach can always wait until Sunday. We can still have the day down there together and have dinner with the girls Saturday night," Iain said. Joy kissed him lightly and rang Susan back to accept her invitation.

Saturday evening arrived, and Joy and Iain presented themselves as asked at Susan and Tina's home around 7.30. They were ushered into the dining room and treated like royalty - unusual for them, since the two couples were such good friends that normally the meals they shared were informal, relaxed affairs where everyone chipped in to help out. Through the meal they chatted and laughed, gossiped about mutual friends and drank happily, but not once was the subject of Iain and Joy's anniversary mentioned, nor was anything else said about the reason for this 'important' dinner.

As dessert was finished, Tina stood to clear away the plates, while Susan poured them each a generous glass of port. Joy stood to help Tina with the dishes, but she shooed him back to his seat, and quickly dumped the used crockery in the kitchen before returning to the table. Iain was relaxed and smiling, stretched out in his chair, and Joy's arm rested gently on his lover's leg, as they sipped at their drinks. Tina stole a quick look at her partner and nodded, which brought a cough and a clearing of her throat from Susan. The two men looked up at the sound, curiosity piqued.

"Boys," she began, a little nervously, which only made them all the more attentive. "We have a huge favour to ask of you ..."

Joy chuckled, and Iain interrupted her. "Is that what this is about? And we thought ..., well never mind what we thought. Of course, whatever you want!" he said with a grin.

"You haven't heard what it is yet!" said Tina, a little miffed, but Susan started again.

"This isn't like asking you to put the garbage out for us, you know!"

"So what is it then?" asked Joy, really interested now.

"Well," she stopped and took a long breath. "Tina and I have decided that we would like to have a baby!"

"A baby? Oh wow!" said Joy.

Trying not to lose the impetus of the moment, Susan went on quickly. "And we'd like one of you to be the father!"

"Holy shit!" this time from Iain.

A sudden silence descended over the table as the four friends looked at each other and the meaning of what had been said began to sink in. Before either Joy or Iain could begin to ask the hundreds of questions they had, Tina took up the conversation.

"We're talking about getting one of you to donate your sperm, and then using it to have me inseminated. There's a clinic in town that will do it all properly and officially. Of course it would mean you would have to be tested for HIV and whatever, and you'd need to decide which one of you would donate, and we'd ask you to sign an acknowledgement that there would be any claim etc. I know it's a huge ask, but we love you guys, and we're hoping that if you agree that you'll still have a big part in the baby's life even though he or she will be our child ..." with that she ran out of steam to some extent and fell silent, trying to read the boys' faces.

Iain and Joy looked at her, then at each other, then at Susan before looking back to each other again. A stunned silence ruled for several minutes. Finally, Iain looked away from his lover to the two women.

"I think we will say yes, but I want to talk about it more with Joy, and let you know. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is!" said Susan,

"And if you decide against it, we'll understand," continued Tina. "We value your friendship more than that. If you'd feel at all uncomfortable, say so, and we'll make some other arrangements."

Soon afterwards, Joy and Iain made their excuses and walked home. They were both a little shell-shocked by what had happened, and both eager to talk about it, but not in front of the girls. As soon as they were home, Iain poured them both a drink as they sat together and began to ponder the questions.

"I want to do it!" Joy announced. "I want to know there's a child out there with your blood, that I can see and hold and know he's a part of you!"

"Hold on a moment!" exclaimed Iain. "First of all, why me? And secondly, you have to remember that while they promise to have us in contact, we'd have no legal rights whatsoever to see the baby. And thirdly, it could be a boy or a girl!"

"Don't you want to do it, then?" asked Joy, a little crestfallen.

Iain sat quietly for a long while before he answered. Finally he spoke slowly, softly. "Yes, I do! But I want us to go into it with our eyes open, knowing all the 'maybes'."

Joy hugged him tightly, tears in his eyes, before sitting back again. For hours into the morning, they discussed all of the things which might go wrong, and all of the hopes they could have for things to go right. The one point they could not seem to agree on was which of them would donate his sperm. Joy wanted Iain to do it. He insisted that from a logical point of view, Iain would probably die before him, and that having Iain's child around would be a way to keep part of his lover with him. Iain wanted Joy to be the father, arguing that he wanted to know that Joy's genes would be carried forward to another generation, that Joy was younger and stronger and therefore that his sperm would be healthier and more likely to be successful.

Finally, around 4.30 in the morning, they reached a compromise. They were unsure if the two women would agree, but it was the only way they could see to get them past their disagreement, and it was one which both of them thought a good idea. When they finally got up again late on Sunday, they went together to see their friends. Holding hands, hugging each other tightly, Joy and Iain announced with one voice to Susan and Tina; "We'll do it!"

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!