Leather Lovers 3

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It was well into the afternoon when we left Mike's flat. The morning's lovemaking hadn't tired me at all. In fact, I felt exhilarated, horny, just being with him. We jumped on a train to take the few stops to my home, chatting the whole time. As he talked, Mike had a habit of touching -- suddenly grabbing my arm, or putting his hand on my leg. It was almost as if he didn't realise he was doing it, but it brought a few stares from our fellow passengers. Yet I liked it. I felt like I belonged, I felt defiant. I was here, now, with my man, and I wanted the whole world to see us.

As we left the station at my stop and started the short walk to the house, Mike was telling me a story, laughing and waving his arms about. I looked at him, and caught those stunning turquoise eyes of his, shining with life. Without thinking I put my arm around his waist, pulled him to me and kissed him. He hesitated for a split second, there on the street, before returning my kiss, pressing his lips to mine as his hands slid down my sides and onto my butt cheeks.

"Well, that should get some tongues wagging!" he smiled as we came up for air.

"Only among the neighbours," I answered, "and they will just be jealous anyway. Here we are."

I stopped and tugged him sideways into the front gate and towards my door. He laughed again, half pushing me up the steps as I fumbled with the key. As soon as we were inside, away from public view, he spun me around to him, and planted his lips over mine, his deep blue eyes wide and staring at my own. The moist warmth of his tongue felt like velvet against my lips and I opened my mouth to drink in his taste. My tongue edged forward, connecting with his as we explored each other's mouths. I could feel the sharp edge of his teeth along the underside of my tongue, as I enjoyed the warm slipperiness of his tongue jousting with my own. I could taste him, taste his manliness as I opened my mouth wider, trying somehow to swallow him, my hands caressing the back of his head as I felt his arms on my back, his hands massaging my buns through the leather pants I was wearing.

"Mmmmmmmmm ..." he whispered into my ear " ... nice, very very nice!"

I smiled at him, letting myself drown in his eyes for a second. "I need to change!" I said, heading for my bedroom. "Why don't you make yourself comfortable, have a look around if you want." I thought Mike had stayed in the loungeroom, or wandered off to look at the rest of the house, but as I lifted my T-shirt over my head, I suddenly felt his hands on my ribs, soft and warm. As I stopped in mid-undress, his fingers slowly traced their way across my stomach, meeting at my navel, then inching upwards. I could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of my neck, as he drew me back against him. As his fingers reached my nipples and pulled softly at them, I mumbled softly, leaning into him. The delicate sensation of his fingertip against my nub, pulling at the piercing, twirling it around gently, made me feel so good.

He leaned into me, the stubble on his chin rough against the skin on my shoulder, as a warm wet tongue licked at my earlobe. His hands left my tits and began unbuckling my belt, drawing it slowly out of the loops and flinging it to the floor. I could feel his groin, the meaty flesh of his hardening cock, pressing against my arse as his fingers unbuttoned my pants, squeezing at my leather covered cock. As he eased the fly open and lowered my jeans, my growing erection fought to escape the confines of my jock. Slowly, carefully, Mike slid the jeans down my legs, pulling my jock with them. As his hands reached my ankles I stepped out of each leg, and stood naked with my back to him, my dick standing out at right angles to my body. He was on his knees behind me, and I gasped as I felt the moistness of his tongue make contact with my upper legs. He licked slowly around my thighs and the bottom of my arse cheeks, and all I could do was stand there, moaning with delight.

I spread my legs slightly, and his tongue travelled further along my arse, licking at the chasm between my cheeks, down and past my twitching hole to the tender, sensitive skin between my arse and my testicles. I shivered, not from cold, but from the sensations coursing through me, as his warm velvety tongue began to massage my nuts and his soft fingers traced the length of my hardening shaft.

"Oohhhh ... Mike ..." I said softly, but he simply spun me around, looked into my eyes with those pools of azure blue, and put a finger to his lips. As I turned to face him, my cock swung directly into line with his face. I was hard as a rock, and the first droplets of pre-cum were beginning to appear at the slit in my weapon. Saying nothing, he licked out and caught the sticky fluid on the tip of his tongue, lapping at it and smiling at me. His tongue continued to lick, tracing the edge of my cockhead, sliding slowly down the side of my shaft until he reached my heaving orbs, caressing each one with his warm wet tongue and retracing his path back along my shaft.

My hands fell to his head, holding gently, not pulling him onto me or exerting any pressure. My fingers sank into his hair as I relished the touch of him. Suddenly, the gentle tongue washing I was receiving was replaced by the hot bath of his mouth as he swallowed me whole, my entire cock disappearing into his throat. I gasped again, moaned out loud. His throat constricted around my cock as his tongue massaged my glans and his lips closed around the base of my shaft. He pulled back a little then sank onto me again, letting his teeth gently scrape against me, not hurting, but accentuating the sensations enveloping my manpole. The fingers of his left hand crept up and firmly gripped my ball sac, while his other hand explored my arse cheeks, tracing the line between the rounded mounds of flesh, then prodding at my twitching hole.

I did nothing. I didn't need to. Couldn't if I wanted. He had total control of me, manipulating my cock, my balls, my arse. His tempo on my steel hard rod increased as he rolled my jewels around in his palm. Firmly, slowly, he inserted one then another finger into me, opening my hole as he bobbed up and down on my meat. I groaned to him that I couldn't take too much of this, but he ignored me. His mouth went into overdrive, suctioning at my cock as he wrapped me in the wonderful heated wetness of his mouth, forcing himself onto me and pulling away again. Simultaneously his fingers invaded my rectum, finger fucking me, exploring and finding the erogenous spot over my prostate. As he pressed against that nut of nerves, his manhandling of my balls increased. I could not hold out much longer, calling out a warning.

"Mike ...I'm close ... very close."

His only response was to double his attack. All my senses were assaulted as his mouth gripped and pulled at my pole, his palm encasing my balls and his fingers thrusting into me. My world focussed on my groin, my senses overcome with his ministrations, and the power of orgasm slammed into me. Unable to warn Mike, I exploded, my balls contracting sharply and emptying themselves as my overheated shaft swelled and burst in his mouth. Load after load of my seed shot from me, filling him. I marvelled that he took it all, expected to find him gag, but he swallowed and licked and swallowed again, taking all I could give. I shuddered a final burst as the climax passed, and looked down, only then realising that I had held his head hard against me, fucking his face and not allowing him any chance to back away.

As I relaxed, he pulled slowly away from me, still licking at my cock, determined to get every last drop of cum from me. His fingers withdrew from my hole, and he looked up at me.

"Mike, ... I'm sorry ..." I started to say.

He smiled. "Don't!" he said. "That was incredible. I just had to taste you, to drink your essence."

"But you, well, you've `missed out' so to speak."

"Not at all," he laughed at me, standing now and holding me against him. "I loved every second. Besides, I figure I'll be getting my reward, and then some, later!"

We smiled at each other as I lazily recovered from the attention he had lavished on me. Finding a clean light shirt and faded jeans, I began to dress. Mike sat and watched as I did, saying nothing, but his beautiful blue eyes never left my body. As I finished, I opened the door of my wardrobe to take out a jacket, and from behind me I heard Mike exclaim "So that's where I need to look!" I realised he had just seen some of my own leather gear. Quickly coming to stand beside me, with one arm around my waist, he examined the contents of my closet. He pulled out a pair of chaps, rubbing the leather against his face and letting out a long "mmmmmmmm". He lifted my harness from its hanger, running his fingers along the straps slowly as he turned to look deep into my eyes. Another pair of pants caught his eye and he held them out at an angle, examining the shine of the black leather.

I smiled at him, and pulled open a drawer, revealing a couple of pairs of leather jockstraps, some armbands and gauntlets, and cockrings. He lifted one of the posing straps out, held the pouch up to his nose and breathed in deeply. "Now, I could stand to see you in this ..." he said, grinning mischievously.

I laughed. "I'd be happy to, but I think I need a little more time to recover just now."

"There's plenty of time.' He whispered. "I can wait until later. Besides, right now, I'm starving."


We ate in one of the little cafes in Newtown, sitting outside and watching the afternoon crowds promenade up and down King Street. Swapping stories, confiding hopes and plans, we were a couple, just like many other couples in this very cosmopolitan part of town, where two men together was the norm. Again, I marvelled at how quickly I had come to feel so comfortable with this man, how much at ease I was, and how right and perfect it all seemed.

After lunch, we decided to do a little promenading ourselves, walking slowly along the strip of clothing boutiques, cafes, bookshops. We touched often, occasionally walking hand in hand, or with an arm around a waist. We talked of nothing and everything, discussed tastes in food, in clothes, in books. We shared our lives, filling each other in on the major details of the years that had led up to now. Every so often I would steal a glance at him, drinking in the sight of his nice tight arse in the denim he wore, remembering and imagining him in polished black leather. Or catching his eye, the twinkling liveliness of his deep blue pools, the windows of his soul, opening now to me.

Toward one end of the shopping strip we came across a leather shop. As one, our eyes lit up and we almost dragged each other inside. This was not the kind of boutique that sold bags or furniture. It was OUR kind of place -- full of pants and jeans, jackets and vests near the front door. As we made our way further inside, we found harnesses in all kinds of configurations, caps and armbands, boots and gauntlets. Toward the back were display counters with jocks and posing straps of every imaginable size and style, cockrings in leather and steel, collars, hoods and masks. All in polished, glistening black leather. The very shop was bathed in the scent of tanned hide. Mike and I were in heaven. Letting ourselves dream and wish, we touched and felt, lifted various items out to examine and feel them, holding them up against each other to picture what they would look like wrapped around us. Just seeing Mike holding some of the items against himself started getting me hard again, and more than once I noticed his crotch bulging as I pretended to model something for him. As I stood to look into one of the display cases, he came up behind me, rubbing his half erect cock against me through our jeans, then grabbing my cheek with his hand and squeezing. Without turning around, I reached back and copped a long hard feel of his meat right through the denim.

He started to whisper "Don't start ...", when we were interrupted by one of the sales staff.

"UH Hmmm!" came a very obvious and not too subtle cough. "Could I help you gentlemen?" The voice belonged to an older guy, dressed in leather jeans and a vest. For his age he looked great, as the leather fit him very nicely.

"We were just having a look, considering some additions to our wardrobe" Mike responded, coolly, giving me the hint to let him take the lead.

"Certainly Sir. I see you appreciate some of our less `vanilla' items. May I show you our special collection?"

"Sure!?!" Mike sounded interested but uncertain. The salesman led us to the back of the store, and ushered us into a curtained off area. Aladdin's Cave! Here was the stuff of dreams, of fantasies and fetishes. Whips and paddles adorned the shelves; more cockrings, with ball separators, parachutes and dildoes, butt plugs and strings of latex covered balls in all shapes and sizes were on display and enticingly available. Suspended from the roof, in the centre of the room, was a sling, of shining black leather and bright steel. I looked at it in awe. Running my hand over the leather platform, I turned to Mike. "I've always wanted ..." We looked at each other and grinned guiltily. The salesman started on his pitch, telling us how slings could be made to order, what sizes and styles were available, whether solid platforms or criss-crossed straps were preferable. Mike was enthralled, asking about support arrangements, weight limits, suggested methods of having slings installed or fitted. I listened fascinated, my imagination running wild. My eyes drifted to the other `toys' around the room, wondering, imagining, wishing.

Finally, we had to go, promising the salesman we would be back later, after we had considered our needs and budget.

As we stepped back out onto the street, back to the real world, I turned to Mike. "You know, I have always wondered what it would be like to have a sling, and to use some of the other stuff they had in there."

He smiled at me with those wonderful eyes of blue. "Maybe we'll have to give some consideration to getting some. I've always wanted to try out a lot of things, but never had the right guy to do it with ..." his voice trailed off in a semi question.

"If that's an offer, I'm the one!" I said enthusiastically. "Whenever you're ready, say the word!"

We laughed again, and wandered towards home, discussing the fun to be had, and the possibilities. We also had to keep in mind a budget -- a lot of these things weren't cheap. Still, maybe a few toys to begin with could lead to more, and we were both keen to explore.


Back at his home again, we relaxed in each other's company, not so much getting to know each other -- we felt as though we already had that -- more a case of filling in the missing pieces that were our separate lives until two days ago. As night came on, I thought again about the fantastic stuff we had seen in the leather shop, remembered how Mike's enthusiasm had matched my own so well. I began to get fidgety, wanting ... What did I want?

"Neale, I think we should go out tonight, have a drink."

That was it! "Yeah, ..." I responded quickly, " ... in full gear! I know just the place, and I want you in total black leather. I want to show you off, let the other guys see what they're missing out on!"

"I will if you will." He smiled at me with an evil grin.

"Throw your best outfit into a bag with some day time clothes, and we'll go back to my place so I can get ready as well. That way we can stay the night without worrying about getting home in broad daylight in full leather."

As he collected his favourite clothes into a large carrier, I sat and watched him moving about the bedroom. His long lithe legs led all the way to his firm round arse. His narrow waist broadened in a "V" to his wide strong shoulders. His square jaw was separated from his tousled brown hair by his deep-set glowing blue eyes, and I could have just sat and watched him all night. My dick stirred in my jeans and I adjusted myself, hoping he hadn't noticed. He didn't give any sign that he had, but as he turned back toward me I could clearly see the bulge in the front of his denims was definitely larger and growing.

"I think you might need a hand there" I said quietly, to his questioning look. Leaning forward as I sat on the edge of the bed, I pulled him to me, running one finger along the outlined tube of hardening flesh under the jeans. He smiled and murmured softly as my hands went to his arse, pulling him against me, burying my face in his groin, pressing my nose against the firmness. Quickly I unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down to reveal his masculinity. His semi hard cock pulsed in front of me, and I kissed it. Kissed his cockhead softly, licking at him and blowing softly across his glans. As his erection grew, I lowered my mouth over him, swallowing his entire length while he was still less than erect, massaging his love muscle with my lips and tongue as I felt it grow and swell within my throat. Constricting my own muscles around him, I began a gentle suctioning at him which brought a moan to his lips as his pole quickly achieved its full size within my gullet. Resisting the gag urge, I remained still, wrapped around him. My fingers began a drumming motion on his testicles, playing with him, caressing and massaging his orbs, pulling gently then releasing, touching at the sensitive skin of his perinaeum.

My other hand found his cheeks, massaging gently, feeling the firm roundness of his flesh. I released my constriction on his cock, and pulled away slightly before sinking back onto him again. I repeated this movement a few times, letting the edges of my teeth trail along his shaft carefully and gently as I did.

"Unhhhh ... Neale ...That feels so hot!" he whispered through clenched teeth. Encouraged, I increased my pace, working my mouth up and down on his long powerful tool, while my fingers kept up the treatment of his heavy roiling balls. The grunting he made urged me on and I began to really bob up and down on him, sucking and blowing, licking and tasting. My hands worked his cheeks and his nuts harder and harder as I felt his need build. Suddenly, he was no longer the passive recipient. He took control, his hands at my head as he began to fuck my face, pushing himself into my mouth and thrusting that man meat deeper and deeper into me. I accepted him happily, greedily, swallowing him with each thrust, sucking at him as he withdrew. I kept up the massage on his orbs, squeezing and pulling at them as his cock grew bigger and his pace increased. Without warning, he gripped at my head, pulling me hard against him and plunging his pole right into my neck. I forced myself not to gag, to take him. A long hiss escaped his teeth and my throat was flooded with hot salty sweet jizz. I swallowed, lapped and swallowed again. I was drowning in his cum, and I loved it, wanted every drop, needed to have his essence within me. I still hadn't released his balls, and they scrunched against his body while I gripped at them, heaved and emptied as I milked this man of his juice. As his orgasm passed, Mike looked down to me, "Neale, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ..."

I didn't answer, my mouth and throat still engorged with his cock. My eyes smiled up at him, and I licked and swallowed, determined that not a drop of him would escape me. Even as he began to soften, I held him in my mouth, letting the power of his cock drain away as it nestled against my tongue. Finally, he drew me up from my seat, away from his groin. His piercing blue eyes fixed on me yet again and we kissed, tasting each other, tasting him on me and sharing that enjoyment.

"Do you still want to go out?" he asked softly.

"Oh yeah!" I grinned, "I'm even more determined to show you off now!"


Mike recovered quickly, and we gathered up his things and headed for my place.

"I really want to go all out tonight, Neale." He said as we sat over a coffee before dressing. "I've brought the best, my favourite gear, and I would love it if you could bring yourself to dress hot!"

I laughed and tossed a cushion at him. "Absolutely, stud. We'll make a pair that will have them talking for months! I just don't know if I'll be able to keep my hands off you."

"So who said you should?" he laughed back.

We headed for the bedroom to make ourselves ready. As Mike shucked off his clothes and I followed, we laughed together, played around. We touched and held, I pinched his bum and he gave my nipple a squeeze. Calling unfair, I made a grab for his cock, but he ducked out of the way. "No you don't!" He warned. "We'll never get there." Naked and together we kissed quickly, and turned to our task.

I chose a metal cockring, knowing it would keep me semi hard and push my cock forward, emphasised under whatever else I wore. It wasn't easy to get on since I was already part erect, and with Mike standing watching it was all I could do to get myself through the metal. He murmured his approval, and I saw that he had also opted for the enhancement of a cockring, his a leather snap with metal studs and another snap leather band that separated his balls from his shaft, pushing them down or pushing his prong up. I ran my finger along his shaft and he pushed me away, smiling gently. Knowing I would never get anywhere like this, I turned away from him so I could finish dressing without the delightful distraction he was.

I pulled a soft leather posing strap from my drawer and slid it up and over myself, adjusting my cock so that it lay sideways within the black hide, emphasised by the leather which also enwrapped my testicles close and firm, the rounded orbs clearly visible through the cushioning blackness. Next was my harness. One of my favourites. It consisted of black leather straps that started at a metal ring between my shoulder blades, came over my shoulders and attached to two separate steel circles which sat over each nipple, framing them. These two circles of metal were joined to each other by another strap of leather which lay straight across my chest. Two more wide black bands ran from each of the rings over my nipples, around my ribs to connect to the single ring at my shoulder blades, pulled taut and holding the arrangement in place. From the single circle on my back another leather strap dropped straight down to yet a third metal ring on the small of my back and from that ring two more straps ran around my waist to meet each other at a single ring over my navel. Finally that ring was connected to two slightly narrower leather bands that ran back up to the rings around my tits, so that the leather formed a "V" shape from my navel to my nipples. I adjusted the harness until it felt just right, tight but not constricting, binding me but allowing me to move easily.

I buckled two wide soft belt type straps of leather around my upper arms, just above my biceps, pulling them tight to emphasize the musculature. Then I added long studded leather gauntlets to my lower arms that ran all the way from my wrists to just below my elbows. I pulled on my favourite pair of boots, black leather polished square toes with leather straps around the ankle that joined to two small metal rings, one on the inner ankle and one on the outer ankle. The chaps I chose were also favourites, plain shining black leather, so tight they really gripped at me. They were tied at the back of the waist, and buckled together at the front, with zippers that ran up from the bottom inside each leg to close where the leather finished on my upper inside thigh. I smoothed them into place so I felt comfortable before sliding the zips up, taking the opportunity to run my hands along my own legs and appreciate the glorious feel of tight leather against my skin. Finally, I stood upright and pulled a jacket over my shoulders. It was a small, high design, which only fell to half way down my back so that my lower back and stomach were uncovered except for the black hide of the harness straps.

I turned to face Mike, and my jaw dropped. He was stunning. Clad in the most beautiful leather gear I had ever seen. He wore a dark leather `Master's' cap on his head with the shiniest visor that fell low over his deep blue eyes. His upper body was encased in a harness of metal and leather. Shining silver chains ran from his back, over his shoulders and down to a central metal ring on his chest. More chains ran around his ribs and back to connect with the shoulder chains. Drawing the shoulder chains together was a strap of black leather that sat halfway between his neck and his chest. From the ring in the centre of his chest a wide black leather strap hung downwards, broken by another metal ring just below the level of his rib cage, then the strap seemed to continue to a third ring at his waist. From each of these lower rings, wide leather bands ran around his to connect to similar rings on his back. Over the whole harness he wore a soft dull leather vest which swung open easily when he moved. He was also wearing chaps over glossy black boots. The boots had silver chains around the lower ankle and another chain which ran down and under the sole. His chaps were shining, like they were polished, and looked as though they had been sprayed onto his muscled legs. They rippled and accentuated every movement he made, seemed to be a second skin that gripped his legs and looked so hot. The line of the chaps ran up to his groin and around, framing his arse which was also encased in shining black leather. Beneath the chaps he wore a pair of black leather shorts, so tight I was amazed he had managed to get into them. His arse and his groin were wrapped in the dark hide of the leather, and I could clearly see the line where the shorts finished just below the edge of his chaps. Even better, I could also very clearly see the outline of his oh so desirable prong. I swore I could make out the ridge of his cut cockhead through the leather shorts, which were held together at the front by a row of press studs instead of a zipper fly.

"Holy fuck!!!!" he exclaimed loudly. I echoed his thoughts myself.

"Are you wearing anything under those shorts?" I asked incredulously, my hand reaching out to touch his manhood through the leather, to feel the hidden strength of his masculinity.

"Only the cockring and separator you saw me putting on." He smiled evilly at me.

We surveyed each other carefully, appreciatively. Each admiring the other, wanting and desiring. Knew we looked good and hell we felt great. "Do you think I should put something over myself to go out?" I asked him, remembering that with only the chaps and posing strap I was literally bare-arsed.

"No way, hunk. I love it." He said immediately. "We may get some stares getting from here to the bar though." And he grinned again.

"I'll call a cab, get us collected from the front door," I said. "No need to walk the streets. This may be an open minded city but there are still some wierdoes out there."

When the cab arrived, we walked out arm in arm, and hopped in, ready for some comment from the driver. But the comment we got surprised us both.

"Wherever you're going guys, I'll be there as soon as my shift finishes. Fuck that looks hot!" came the voice from the driver's seat. The cabbie was a young guy who swivelled around to look long and wistfully at us, adjusting himself as he did. Mike and I looked at each other and grinned wide. I dropped my hand to his lap and squeezed his dick gently, getting a reassuring responding squeeze on my thigh from him. The cab dropped us right outside the bar, and as we sauntered across the footpath a couple of guys further up the street rewarded us with wolf whistles. I was ecstatic, and I could tell Mike was equally pleased and proud.

Inside the bar, it was reasonably crowded but still plenty of room to move around. We settled ourselves at a high table so we could stand and talk and look around at the same time. The place was full of leather and denim. Guys dressed in all kinds of gear, strutting around, or lounging and looking enviously. And we attracted more than our fair share of stares and comments. A couple of times different men approached us with requests or suggestions for threesomes or more, but each time Mike politely turned them down. My heart swelled and I felt so proud and so honoured that not only was I here with this incredibly hot hunk, but that he was not in the least interested in anyone but me, except to show off or admire.

We talked and drank for quite a while, the whole time watching the bar crowd. Whenever he moved I could see the rippling of Mike's legs through his chaps, and the inviting bulge of his pole in the gripping black shorts. When he went to the bar for a drink I watched as he walked away from me, drank in the sight of his perfect round cheeks framed by the chaps and encased in glossy black leather. And plenty of others watched as he walked as well, so that when he returned to me I felt so proud to be the one he was with. And I also could tell that plenty of attention was directed to me. I happily strutted up to the bar when it was my turn to get the drinks, feeling the stares at my arse, the longing looks directed at me, especially my groin. After one such trip, Mike said to me when I rejoined him "Fuck you look good in that, I can see your cock clear as day, and black as night in that leather, and every other poor bastard in this bar is wishing he was in my shoes right now!" That made me so horny, and I felt so good that I just turned to him and planted my lips over his, kissing him long and hard, letting my hands do some serious exploration right there in front of everyone. As I pulled away he smiled again. Our hands constantly touched, wandered, explored as we talked, showing ourselves off to the patrons, and earning some very appreciative comments as we did.

As the night wore on, and the comments from the other drinkers got more and more explicit, the atmosphere in the place began to penetrate my being. The sight of so much leather, the aroma of the hide and the musky scent of male sexuality had its effect on me. I found myself getting hard and staying that way. Not that it seemed to be a problem -- having an erection gave me an unbelievable sense of power and sexuality there in public, for anyone to see, encased in the black leather. Mike felt me up more and more often, and I saw that he too was hard and horny.

"I think it's about time we ended this public display ..." He whispered into my ear. " ... there's a few things I want to do that are just for you and me."

"Oh yeah," I responded. "This public exhibition is seriously turning me on, but I don't think the management would appreciate us doing what I want right now!" I reached again and cupped my hand under and around his balls, massaging the leather clad orbs and delighting in the feel of him and the texture of the leather against my hand. We left as we'd arrived, arms around each other, touching and squeezing as we did. The trip home was a real exercise in restraint as we each fought the urge to attack one another in the back of the taxi. It seemed to take forever to get the front door opened, and as we fell into the house we fell onto each other, kissing, licking, biting, rubbing and squeezing, the built up need finally set free as we found ourselves alone again.

Mike didn't wait for any invitation, and I didn't want him to. Our need was intense and heightened by being in each other's presence. The smell of the hide, the view of his body encased in the shining blackness had me turned on so much. I could tell he felt the same as he clawed at me, his hands covering every inch of naked flesh and leather encased muscle on my body, sending waves of passion through me. Locked together at the mouth, we dragged and pushed each other through the house to the bedroom. Once inside, we attacked each other. My hands felt the trembling of his body as I rubbed and felt the straps of leather wrapped around his torso, explored the sensuous texture of the hide enveloping his powerful legs and firm round butt cheeks. I thrilled to the touch of his fingers against my chest, and the incredible arousal as he squeezed and kneaded my balls and my cock through the strap I wore. Panting with anticipation, I lunged at him again, my hands finding the press studs at his groin, tracing the leather covering of his manly weapon as I undid the shorts front, feeling the powerful sword of his manliness spring out toward me.

I began to peel off the jacket I wore, but Mike stopped me. "NO!" he hissed. "Leave it on, all of it. I'm going to have you, and I'm going to do it in full leather. I want to taste you and feel you and see you wrapped in blackness."

My very soul ached at that. I loved this man so much, and needed him so badly at that moment. Feeling his hardness moist at the tip from the pre-cum that was gathering, I let my fingers follow the length of his shaft until I found the leather restraints around his cock root and balls. Again, I caressed him, rolled those heavy orbs in my fingers as I pulled him against me, covering his mouth with my own and exploring him with my tongue. His hands moved from my arse to my chest, and I thrilled to the feel of his fingers tracing the lines of the harness I wore, then jumped with excitement as he yet again found my pierced nipple and tweaked it firmly. I let out a long moan of appreciation as my head fell back, and I opened my eyes to take in the black clad form of the leather god hovering before me. His azure eyes pierced my soul, and I begged him to pierce my body with his very manliness.

As he pushed me back onto the bed coverings, I indicated a drawer at the side of the bed and he nodded. Taking the lube and the condom from their place, he tore at the foil covering urgently, as he smeared the cool sticky gel around my twitching hole. "Mike ..." I called to him, the urgency in my voice obvious. He rolled the prophylactic over his proud weapon so that it glistened in the half light from the other room, matching the rest of his glistening black clad body. Positioning himself over me, he raised my legs until my booted feet were at his shoulders, the dark hide of the chaps gripping at my thighs and framing his upper body. The cap he wore emphasised the brightness of his eyes, and I looked to see the searching point of his cock as he lowered himself to position. As I felt the hardness of his cockhead against my sphincter, I reached for his hips and guided him into me. My hole relaxed as the tip of his steel rod pressed against me, and I dragged myself backwards onto him. Mike gasped as his cock slid into me, and I grunted with the sudden pain of the invasion. The pain quickly mixed with and then was overtaken by pleasure as his turgid dick buried itself inside me.

Impaling myself upon him, I felt the leather of his vest and harness crash against my skin, felt his leather covered balls mash into my arse cheeks. My vision was full of him, leaning into me as he took my willing rectum for his own. My sphincter, assaulted by his weapon, protested and clenched around him, and I reached again to hold him in place. My legs wrapped around his body as my rectum wrapped around his sword and I willed him to take me. Half supporting himself on one hand, his other hand reached forward and twisted at my tit, sending spasms of pleasurable pain through my chest. The ecstasy of his touch combined with the strength of his cock possessed my body. My world seemed centred on two points -- my nipple and my arse, and those two points seemed to radiate an incredible feeling of pure male sex throughout my being. Mike trembled atop me, his eyes boring into me as he began to thrust his mighty cock in and out of my willing body. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, he plunged himself into me, and withdrew again to bury himself even deeper. With each motion I clenched and pushed, meeting his rhythm with my own. Before long we became one. A single rocking being, the musk of man sex and leather heavy on us and around us as we fucked.

My leather lover attacked me, and I wanted more. He pounded in and out of me, thumping my body with his own, sinking his steel hard sword into me. We raced each other, grunting and urging, my cock swollen and twitching as I felt his ravage me. The squeaking of our leather harmonised with our grunts and profanities as we rutted, building faster and faster to the peak of joining as our single entity drove itself to the brink. His pounding cock thrust again and again, and my clenching body gripped at him for all I was worth. He fucked me hard, and I fucked him back, our mutual need finding its escape in abandonned lust. The ache of passion built and spread, and I knew I was approaching the abyss. He called to me in a half strangled voice "Neale ... I'm ... Cuuuuuuu " and then he exploded. His body tensed, his powerful man sword buried itself one last time to the hilt in my hot wet scabbard and he emptied himself into me.

The power of his orgasm shook us both, and at the moment that he erupted my own balls heaved and spewed their load up and out through my red hot poker, my manjuice flying between us, coating us both. We came to a complete stop, not moving except for the simultaneous jerking of our cocks as they jetted load after load of searing white jizz. The world seemed to spin out of control as I surrendered to the total passion engulfing me, lost in the power of the man inside me, yet somehow fully conscious of the incredible black leather that supported us, bound us, and intensified our loving.

As the tsunami of passion receded, my body felt spent but so incredibly satisfied. Mike collapsed against me, his manhood still hard and still buried within me. My legs were wrapped around him, and my arms pulled him down onto me, squelching the remnants of my passion between us. Wordlessly, I looked deep into his eyes, and we kissed. Long, loving, sated. Our kiss the culmination of our spent need, the fulfillment of our joining. Connected to him physically as I was, I refused to let go, wanting him to stay there, buried within me forever. Unfortunately, nature took over, and even as my own tube of male flesh began to flag, I felt his long pole soften inside me. Withdrawing carefully, he removed the latex sheath and flung it away, falling to lie beside me now so we could resume our exploration of each others' mouth.

Totally exhausted and at the same time exhilarated by the events of the day, by our blossoming love, we fell into the comfort of sleep as we were, side by side, still encased in our empowering leather, needing nothing else to make us completely happy.

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