Leather Lovers 4

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Over breakfast on Sunday morning, Mike and I reminisced on the events of the day before. The pure exhilaration of showing off in the bar, and coming home to make love urgently, powerfully. We discussed the things we had seen in the leather boutique yesterday afternoon, the clothing and toys they offered, and how much we would both like to try some of the things we saw. Our shared appreciation of leather was so mutual, and so strong, that we knew we could discuss anything with each other. The relationship we were building, whilst still only days old, was becoming a powerful bond, and one that I wanted to strengthen and solidify.

"Mike, ..." I began slowly, thinking. " ...How would you feel about getting some things for us to `share'? That backroom in the leather shop yesterday really got me horny, and started me thinking. I can't imagine anything better than making love with you with both of us dressed in full black leathers, but then maybe some of the `toys' they had could be a lot of fun to experiment with too. And it might be nice to have some things that we could call `ours', you know, together. What do you think?"

His piercing blue eyes lit up as his face split into a huge smile. "I think that sounds like a great idea. So good, in fact, that I had already planned to ask you if you wanted to go `shopping' this morning with me. One of those big black dildoes could be interesting, and I wouldn't mind having another look at a harness I noticed there for you -- it was a really full on arrangement with a jockstrap sort of `built-in' to it."

I laughed at the look of anticipation on his face, the smile in his eyes. Reaching to him, I kissed him quickly and gave his cock a squeeze through the shorts he was wearing, finding it already half hard. "What's this?" I pretended mock surprise.

"Well, just thinking about you and leather and toys is going to get me hard!" he grinned, " ... besides, I'm always feeling randy around you. It's only the degree that varies!" As he said it, his hand closed over my own stiffening tumescence, and we hugged and kissed again. I felt so happy, so comfortable with this man. I knew I could share any fantasy with him without fear or rejection. I slid over against him, turning on the lounge we shared so that my head rested in his lap, and his hand sat lightly on my stomach, his fingers absently tracing circles on my skin. I was so happy, and I realised that this was truly love that I felt for this strong, beautiful man.

"You know ..." I looked up, almost lost in those turquoise eyes, " ...I've always wondered what it would be like to be someone's `slave'. It's like a deep fantasy that I've never shared with anyone, never met anyone I wanted to share it with, until now ..." My voice trailed off, waiting for a reaction from him.

"Oh, Neale, ..." he looked down at me, his eyes wide, searching. "I can't tell you what it means to hear you say that. I've never told anybody this, but I have always had this secret dream, fantasy, whatever you want to call it, about having a hot man being under my control, so that I could do whatever I wanted to him, with him. And I knew last Friday night just exactly what he would look like -- and now he's lying here in my lap offering what I wasn't game to ask for!"

I didn't say a word, just pulled his face down to mine, our lips meeting as we kissed deep and long, enjoying each other's taste, sharing ourselves as only lovers can. I thought my heart would burst with the feelings I had for him at that moment.

As we dressed, talking excitedly about our `shopping trip' and teasing each other lightly over secret desires and hidden longings, playing the game lovers play with each other, I marvelled at the way we had become so close so quickly. Mike looked at me, becoming serious. "Neale, I love you!" he declared. I smiled into his face. "I love you too, my man." I said, meaning it with all my heart.

We ambled along King Street together, at ease with the world. His hand would occasionally brush my leg, or cup my arse, and I began to fall into the habit of touching him often, on the arm, the leg, the side. It was something I liked and felt so natural, and in this part of town didn't cause too much comment from others on the street at all. Finding our way into the same leatherwear boutique we'd visited yesterday, the assistant who had shown us the backroom looked up as we entered, recognition dawning. "Gentlemen, how are you?" he asked enthusiastically, sensing a sale. He ushered us quickly into the curtained off area at the back, smiling as he did. Again we examined the toys on offer, picking up different objects and using our imaginations. There was no sense of guilt or secrecy. It was business as usual, except that our purchases were obviously designed for masculine sexual pleasure, and it was this shop's intent to supply exactly what we may wish for.

Mike chose first a larger than life black rubber dildo. It was moulded into the shape of a realistic erect penis, complete with veins and cockhead, testicles and all. He held it up and looked to me for approval, his eyes uncertain. I smiled widely and nodded, licking my lips and grinning at him when the shop assistant turned away. Seeing his discomfort, and the swelling in the front of his jeans, I went to stand behind him, leaning against him and rubbing myself against his arse, so he could feel my hardon through the denim. Looking over his shoulder in this position, I picked up a butt plug, rubber and black as night, about 15 cm long from base to tip. The `point' was rounded and smooth, and the shaft widened from less than two centimetres to a flange of at least seven centimetres diameter before quickly shrinking back to a narrow circle against the base. As I held it in front of both of us, Mike whispered "Do you think you could take THAT?"

"I can sure try!" I hissed back, " ...but we better get some amyl as well!"

He smiled. "Oh yeah! I'm getting hornier by the second!".

Just then the sales assistant returned, and we tried to hide our excitement, simply handing him the butt plug for adding to our account. Mike added a solid steel cock ring to our collection, and a leather binding strap that was designed to push the testicles down and away from the shaft of the wearer's cock. "For me." He said as it was wrapped and set aside. Together we spotted, examined and then decided on a set of balls, five of them, each around three centimetres in diameter, strung out on a string, the whole arrangement encased in black latex.

"And this!" Mike declared, moving to the rack of harnesses. He lifted out and held up a set of leather straps. "Can we check to make sure the size is right for Neale?" he said to the assistant. As measurements were made, I checked the harness carefully. It consisted of two shoulder straps that connected at the back at a single metal ring, but met at the front at separate metal circles connected to each other by two steel rods, hinged in the middle to allow some flexibility. The two front metal rings were designed to sit over and frame the wearer's nipples, and two more black leather straps ran from these to the single ring at the back. At the back, a single leather band fell about 15cm to another ring, then yet another band of leather falling a further 15 cm to another metal ring. At the front, two leather straps were connected, one from each of the rings around the wearer's nipples, downwards at an angle to two more rings, and from them two more straps connected to a single ring at the navel, so that the leather and metal formed a "V" from nipples to navel. Between the two rings halfway down these straps a silver chain was attached. Leather bands then connected from the two `halfway' rings, and from the navel ring, around the ribs and waist respectively, to the corresponding metal rings on the back, so that the effect was of having three different levels of binding leather wrapped around the body with a double "V" of leather and metal across the front of the torso. The lowest circle of leather which sat just above the hips was actually a series of short leather straps joining metal rings which sat on the front of either hip, and again just above each buttock, to the side. >From these rings was suspended a leather pouch-like jockstrap, so that the leather support bands went around the side of the cheeks, and joined just below where the testicles would be to a pouch to hold the wearer's balls and cock, with the front supports connecting back to the rings at the hips.

I loved it. The whole thing was such a turn on, I began getting very hard right there in the shop, and wondered if I was going to be able to lose that erection before we needed to venture out into public again. Mike looked long at the harness then at me, then back to the harness before turning to my face. "You are going to look so incredible in that!" he stated quietly. "I can't wait to get you into it, and then get my hands on you!".

While the assistant wrapped our purchases, Mike wandered off to look at some of the larger items on display. His attention was yet again drawn to the sling hanging in the centre of the room. As he did, I picked up a leather paddle -- it consisted of two stiff pieces of leather joined just above a leather covered handle -- and had the assistant include it in our parcel without Mike seeing. Going to him, I slid my hands up his back and around his chest, squeezing his nipples lightly. "That looks great" I said to him, indicating the sling, " ...but I think we've bought enough for one day, don't you?"

"It would look even better with you lying in it!" he said, "...but yeah, enough for today. Unfortunately!"

We paid for our purchases quickly, thanking the smiling guy behind the counter, and drifted back slowly through the main shop to the street, to find a caf´┐Ż for a bite to eat before we headed home.

Once we were back at my place, it was time to open our package and begin our journey of discovery. Like two little kids at Christmas, we laughed at each other and our anticipation at the contents of the parcel even though we had only bought it an hour or so ago. Mike pulled out the harness and laid it out on the bed, looking at it and then to me, licking his lips slowly and grinning mischievously at me, the lust not only obvious but matched by my own. He unwrapped and set out the dildo, and the butt plug, running his fingers along each, as my cock involuntarily began to harden. His cockring and ball separator sat invitingly on the covers and I winked at him, saw his jeans bulge and smiled. The string of balls was next, and we looked at each other, and grinned. "This is going to be so hot!" he said as he waved the spheres before my eyes.

There were still two unopened bags. I puzzled over them. One was of course the paddle, but what was the other? I could see Mike's confusion as well, and he lifted the first package up, undoing the paper. A pair of handcuffs! Mike smiled at my surprise and delight.

"When did you get them?"

"While the guy was wrapping the harness" he said.

"Mmmmm ..." I grinned again.

He turned to the other package, finding the paddle. "So we both did a little `surprise' shopping" I said. Mike had a look of uncertain concern on his face.

"Neale ...I just don't know if I'm ready for inflicting pain ..." he hesitated.

"I don't want you to. I'm not interested in pain. I don't find the S/M thing exciting, and don't want you hurting me badly. Look closer at it. A light slap and it makes a loud noise as the two straps bang together, gives the effect without causing any more than a slight tingle."

His face brightened considerably. I held him tightly. "Mike, I want to be your `sex-slave', but I'm not into being hurt. At least, not badly. A little sting might be part of the game. I just thought this might help set the scene for us."

He hugged me back. "Neale, I thought for a second we were on different tracks, but we're not. You said what it is -- a `game'. Sex games, for us to share together, but not a serious lifestyle. Once the game is finished, I want us to be lovers, equals, sharing everything."

"Whatever you say, Sir" I pretended to be serious, until he realised I was joking and we laughed easily, together again.

"I think it's time we tried out some of this new `equipment'," he said, looking evilly at me from the corner of his eye.

Happily, I donned the new harness we had bought, Mike helping me into it. The binding straps of smooth black leather with their smell of newness were firm but felt so good against my skin. As I pulled the leather around me and adjusted it, Mike tightened the straps and let his fingers run along the edges of the leather bands, just touching my skin as he did and sending thrills through me. With the rings set over my nipples, highlighting them, he pulled at the pierced left tit, making me moan with delight. My dick was already hardening as I settled myself into the soft leather pouch which cradled my balls and pulled taut across my cock, and he gave my love pole a squeeze through the leather. The texture of the hide and the aroma of the tanned skin was fantastic. I reached for my chaps as Mike struggled to get his growing erection into the new metal cockring, then pulled his balls down and fixed the snap on leather band around them, stretching them away from his body. He looked so hot that I stopped dressing myself to watch him adjust himself in the restraint. Mike began to fasten his own harness around his torso as I buckled my chaps together and smoothed the shining black leather against my legs, sliding it into place and zipping up the inside legs. I let my hands run over my own leather encased thighs as I straightened it, revelling in the sensational feel of the leather enveloping me.

Mike also pulled on his chaps, straightening them and settling into them. He had opted to wear no covering over his masculinity, and his proud sword of manliness stood out from his body, already engorged and accentuated by the cockring around the base of his shaft. I quickly pulled on my boots and when I looked to him again he had placed his cap on his head and was reaching for his boots.

"Wait ! ..." I called to him. Pushing him into a sitting position on the bed, I knelt at his feet and slid first one and then the other of his boots onto his feet, doing them up and checking they were properly positioned. He stood up, satisfied. I was still on my knees at his feet. "May I clean your boots for you, Sir?" I asked, looking up at him, his powerful cock hanging over me as I knelt prone before him.

"Go ahead, boy!" he said, and my cock twitched with the excitement his tone of voice stirred in me. I began licking, moistening each foot in turn, polishing his boots with my tongue. Gradually I worked my way up, slurping and kissing his ankles, and then his thighs, shining the leather of his chaps with my mouth as my lips and tongue absorbed the sensations of the leather and delighted in the feel of his muscled legs through the black hide. I breathed in the scent of the leather, tasted it, felt the texture against my tongue and hands as I ministered to my lover's shining black legs, massaging thighs then calves with my lips. Higher and higher I inched my way up, until I reached the point where his chaps gave way to the naked skin of his groin. I traced the edges of his chaps with my tongue, moistening his skin as I did.

Pulling away for a moment, I found my face level with his jewels, and spotted the first gem of liquid at the slit of his weapon. My tongue darted out and I scooped the sticky fluid from him, tasting him. My tongue began to dance across the top of his cock, then gently along his powerful shaft, feeling the veins, the pulsing muscle. I massaged his testicles with my lips, swallowing each in turn and rolling the firm balls around in my mouth. He let out a long soft moan and I knew I was pleasing the hunk standing before me clad in supple black leather. I worked my way along the edge of his pole, finding and following the line of the metal cockring around the base of his cock, licking and tasting the leather restraint that pushed his balls away from him.

As I knelt before him, I could feel the tautness of the leather harness straps against my upper body, and the firm grip of the tanned black hide wrapped around my legs, the supple leather gripping my groin and creaking as I moved. The sensations flowed over me. The feel of the leather against me, the look of it stretched across Mike's body emphasising his every movement, the scent of the new leather around me and the worn hide on Mike mixing with the musky buildup of male sex grew stronger and stronger. Unable to resist, I leaned back, looking long at the mighty weapon throbbing inches from my face, and swallowed it. My lips closed around his shaft as my throat enveloped him, clenching at his length as I fought the urge to gag and drew him deep into my gullet. The heat of his erection mixed with my saliva as I worked to coat him in warm moistness. I sucked at his length, letting the edges of my teeth scrape along his shaft and over the sensitive skin at the lip of his cockhead. Bobbing down against him before backing off and diving again. My hands went to his butt, squeezing and massaging his cheeks, feeling the lines of the chaps as they framed his rounded arse. I felt his hands at my head, and suddenly he was pushing himself into my mouth. He thrust and withdrew, thrusting again, his hands firm at my head as he fucked my face with long powerful but measured strokes. I relaxed my throat and accepted the intruding meat as he buried himself in my mouth.

Relishing the forceful invasion I concentrated on slurping and gripping at his cock, as my hands played across his butt, my fingers exploring, finding and tracing the leather band surrounding his ball sac and restraining the heaving nuts within. The pressure on his jewels made Mike hump at me even faster, pounding his pud into my face, taking his pleasure from the heated wetness of my throat. His hands at either side of my head gripped harder as he pushed into my mouth again, then I felt him slow, resist the urge to continue, and ease me away from him.

Mike lifted me to my feet, to stand face to face with him. The sweat glistened on his chest and the leather bands around his body gleamed in the light. His mighty cock, so recently moistened by my saliva, pointed forward, nudging at me and shining while the sheen of the black leather encasing his legs was mirrored in the polish of his boots. Our mouths met, locking together as his hands began to explore my body. I felt the silky touch of his fingers trace the lines of my harness, tweaking my nipple and tugging at the piercing, slowly sliding down to prod at the bulging mass of my leathered tube of manmeat before caressing the hidebound spheres of my balls. The thrill of his touch sent sparks of electricity through me, my body tingling. He turned me around, so my back was to him, pressing forward so that his moist hard prick rubbed against the bare skin of my arse, finding and exploring the crack between my cheeks. His arms encircled my chest as I felt the leather of his harness against my back, the smooth texture of his chaps at my legs. His fingers again attacked my nipples, both pierced and unpierced, and I moaned softly at the pleasure. I felt his breath at my neck, and suddenly his teeth were nipping and biting at the sensitive skin above my shoulders, then pulling firmly at my earlobe.

He let go of my head and began to push me forward, bending me over. His boots at the insides of my feet nudged my legs apart and I almost fell forward, taking my weight on my elbows as I opened myself to him. I felt him move for a moment and then return to position, his hand coming to my face. He was holding a bottle of amyl to me, and I took it from him, unscrewing the top and holding it tight, not yet ready to need its relaxant blood rush. Another cool touch at my rear. He was applying lubricant to my hole, gently opening me with a finger which probed inwards. It was followed by a second digit as he worked my anus, forcing me to relax and accept the foreign but welcome intrusion. His hand withdrew and I tried to turn, but he held me in place as I felt the fingers replaced at the entrance to my body by a firmer, rounder object. The dildo! The solid black head of that artificial cock was lubed and cool as it pressed at me. I willed myself to relax as I felt the pressure behind it. Mike eased it forward, letting me accustom myself to the rounded tip. My hole puckered and flexed. I took a slight draw at the amyl and as I felt the onrush of blood, I pushed back, opening myself. Taking his cue from my reaction, Mike pressed forward again and the head of the dildo popped inside my rectum.

There was momentary pain, which was quickly overborne by a sense of fulfillment as my arse adjusted to the black rubber phallus. The rush of the amyl helped as I squirmed with the discomfort of the invader. As I adjusted to this new sensation, Mike pressed further, easing the shaft of the dildo firmly into me, the head rubbing against my prostate and sending tingles through me. Feeling that rubber dong hit my g-spot, the pleasure hit me like a wave. My man held the dildo firmly as I bucked against it, experiencing incredible feelings as he slid it into me, my hole gripping then relaxing to grip again as it slowly slid into me. Mike pushed again, moving it from side to side and I moaned as the feelings engulfed me. Pulling it back a bit then pushing forward again, Mike whistled as the long black prong entered me. "Fuck that is hot!" he declared. "your arse is opening around a huge black cock, and your chaps are framing the whole thing. I can't wait to get inside you myself!" His comments served to excite me even more and I pushed back again at the rod within me.

Mike began to move it in and out, each entry pushing a little deeper into my gut. The dildo was long and wide, but I willed myself to accept it, to take it further and further. Taking another toke at the bottle of amyl, I urged him on. My man needed little encouragement, shoving at me again, this time burying the entire length of the fake prong inside me, the hard rubber testicles pressing against my arse cheeks, the solidity of the cock filling me completely. Groaning as the whole thing was buried in me, I began to move back and forward on it. Mike responded by pushing it into me then pulling back and pushing again, moving it from side to side as he did. The waves of pleasure bounded through me and he began to hiss at me.

"Come on, boy, take this ...feel the whole thing open your arse ...you like it in there, don't you? ...Love having that hot little arse filled with rubber, eh? ..."

I followed his lead. "Yes, sir ...Love that thing in me...need to be fucked Sir ...feels so good in there ...Oh yeah..." I hissed.

Mike began to really shove the dildo into me now. His hand held tight to the base as he pounded my arse with the dark rubber, his other hand grabbing and squeezing my cock through the leather pouch that was part of my harness. He kneaded my meat, pulled at me as he thrust the artificial cock into my body. His own cock rubbed against my leg. I could feel it hard and strong, against the leather of my chaps, begging to be allowed to attack me. I grunted and groaned, calling out and begging for more.

Suddenly, he withdrew the dildo in one sudden fluid movement, leaving me empty. I gasped at the unexpected cessation of the attack.

"Swing yourself around here, boy!" he demanded. "On your back, now."

I complied, and as I did, he took the handcuffs and slipped one over each of my wrists, attaching them to the head of the bed. I looked up into his eyes, feeling very vulnerable. The look in those deep blue pools reassured me, and excited me. He was playing our game, and just as turned on by it as I was. Standing between my legs, he was a vision in black leather, from the cap on his head to the shining black chaps encasing his powerful legs. The bands of his harness shone and creaked, the whole outfit dominated by his mighty cock rampant at his groin, pushed up and out by the cockring and leather snap he wore. A leather god, about to have his way with me, and I wanted it, wanted him, badly.

He brandished the dildo at me again, holding it up for me to see before lowering it to press against my now empty hole. I flexed and puckered, and he shoved it into me hard and fast, the pain made me gasp, then moan as it disappeared, replaced by pleasure again. Mike held the amyl to me and I took a deep draft this time as he worked the fake prong inside me. Grabbing a condom as he positioned himself, he rolled it down over himself, lifted my knees to his shoulders and pulled the dildo from my arse yet again. Before I had a chance to recover, his cockhead was at my opening. One shove and the cool solidity of the dildo was replaced by the searing living heat of his spear as he buried himself in me. The difference between the two was incredible. The dildo had been exciting, stimulating, enjoyable. Mike's cock was tremendous, burning, alive. My legs wrapped around his back and my restrained arms struggled in the cuffs as he dropped his full weight against my body, sinking that living monster of manhood deep within my body. The heat of his weapon filled me, as he took possession of my body. I bucked against him, clenching my sphincter around his thick pole as he thrust and withdrew to thrust again.

His body crashed onto mine, grinding leather into leather. The aroma of sex and hide mixed and filled the air. The texture of the leather rubbed my chest and legs as the latex covered tube of sex pounded me. I pulled at the cuffs, pretending to struggle, but engulfed in pleasure. His face was on my chest, and he sought my nipple, biting and rolling the nipple ring in his teeth as he fucked at me. Falling into a rhythm, he plunged in, pulled back and sank again. My body moved with his, taking him, gripping his manmeat. I grunted and moaned and he responded by fucking me harder and faster. Deeper and deeper he ploughed my hole, using me, taking his pleasure from me, and giving me more pleasure than I thought possible.

The sensation of electricity started at my anus and spread through my entire body. My world seemed concentrated on my hole, until Mike began to massage my cock and balls through the leather envelope in which they sat. He kneaded my tube of flesh, massaged and rolled my nuts as his rock hard weapon invaded my innards over and over again. My body reached new levels of desire as the passion engulfed me, and I called out to him, urging him harder and deeper. He obliged, pounding again and again, burying his sword into me, taking all I had to offer. And as he did, I took him. Opened myself and accepted his steel hardness, begged for more. I needed him, wanted him, and I had him. As he owned my body, I took possession of his masculinity, held it and gripped it, milked it.

Together we bounced and fucked, becoming as one, a frenzied rutting animal. His powerful cock thundering in and out of me, my writhing body his plaything as the tide of passion surged higher and higher. As we approached a crescendo together, he called out to me, warning me. I urged him on, begging him to fill me. With a final crashing thrust he sank so deeply into me I thought I was being split apart, and he shuddered into stillness. As he did, his hand fell to my groin, pulling back at the leather pouch and releasing my throbbing member which he clenched in his hand. Simultaneously, my heaving roiling balls contracted and emptied themselves. I felt the rush of cum filling my cock, unable to erupt because of the vice like grip Mike had on my rod. His entire body went rigid, his long hard meat swelling inside me. I felt the explosion as his balls overcame the restraint around them, and his white hot juice filled the condom, filling me as it did. His grasp on my own pole loosened and suddenly spurt after spurt of white liquid erupted from me, drenching our stomachs. Waves of release crashed over us, and we collapsed into each other, still twitching and emptying, joined physically as we climaxed and subsided as one.

When the power of our orgasm ebbed, Mike lifted his body weight from me, and carefully withdrew. I gripped at his manliness until the last, reluctant to surrender it. Pulling the condom from himself, he flung it away, laying back beside me, and undoing the cuffs from my wrists. Together we recovered, holding each other, our hands playing across the leather and skin of each other's bodies as our mouths locked in a long tender kiss of shared sated lust and heightened love.

Feeling totally spent, and so incredibly fulfilled by him, I lay there, drinking in with my eyes the sight of him still encased in shining black leather.

"Mike, you know that was just unbelievable ..." I started. " ...but, well, ...it would be so much better if we didn't need to use a condom..." I hesitated, looking to his eyes for his reaction.

"Fuck, yes, don't I know it." He stated emphatically. "I would so much like to make love with you without the need for that."

We looked again at each other, each deep in thought.

"I was tested about a month ago, and was negative then ..." he started hesitantly.

"Same for me, clear only six weeks ago. Have you heard the promotion the Health Department pushes -- the `TTTT' for couples?" I asked quietly.

"Talk, Test, Test, Trust" he answered. "yeah, I've heard of it. Talk about your status and feelings together, Test for the virus. Test again in three months. Trust each other to be faithful and not to sleep around. Neale, I love you. I know it's only been a few days, but I don't need any longer to know how much you mean to me. Would you consider ..."

"Mike, I've known since Friday night that you're the man for me. If it's too fast, tell me, but I love you and need you, and if you feel as strongly as I do, then I would love to offer total devotion, and trust to you."

His eyes filled with tears as he took my face in his hands and kissed me. "Let's get tested this afternoon!" he said simply.

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