Brainwashing Club: Escape (hypno)

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Victor ran as fast as he could across the desert. He'd escaped from one of the strangest places he'd ever been. It all started... days ago? He had no idea. He wasn't sure, but it was a while. He'd left work, gotten to his car, and felt an arm snake around his neck and a wet cloth pressed on his face. He involuntarily gasped and gotten a lungful of chloroform. He tried to hold his breath then, and struggle, but that first breath had made his so dizzy and light-headed that after a few minutes he had had to breathe and passed out.

When he woke up, he had been in a room that had wall-to-wall television screens. Even underneath the floor, which was made of a thick plastic, had a bank of TVs. The only thing that wasn't covered was the door, and even that had one screen mounted in the middle. They all had shown a black screen at first, but a few minutes after he'd gotten up, a yellow spiral blossomed in the center of each. They spun, some... clockwise, some counterclockwise... and it had been hard... to think... so much... noise... and then... the voice...

Victor shook himself from the reverie remembering the spirals was having on him and started to run again. He got fuzzy whenever he thought about the... spirals, but shaking himself again, he could keep going. He had no idea how long he'd stayed in that room, being fed occasionally, sleeping on the plastic floor, losing track of time when the spirals... came on... the TVs... but eventually his chance came.

They turned the TVs on... to the spirals... but had dropped his food off too soon after that, so he hadn't been slowed by the noise... and spinning. He knocked the guy down and ran, running through a maze a halls until he found an exit which had led him out here to the desert.

He hadn't seen any vehciles, so he just started crossing the desert, hoping to cross a road or something to guide him back to civilization, to a phone so that he could report those creeps who'd kidnapped him. Especially the one who had spoken to him with... that voice... when the... spirals... had been... on the TVs... spinning... going round and round and round and...

Victor stopped dead in his tracks. His mind was growing foggy, and he couldn't seem to shake it this time. He'd thought too much about the yellow and black spiral and now trying to remember what the voice had said was acting like flypaper, getting him ore stuck.

He turned his head back from where he'd come, remembering what the voice had said about the spirals. That they were so captivating... that anyone exposed to them would have to try to fllow them... follow the spin to the center... that it didn't matter where he looked at... that the sprirals would be there.

Victor's mind struggled in a daze trying to think of anything but the... spirals. But, like the elephant you think of when someone tells you not to, he couldn't escape it. It was everywhere, telling him to... keep watching... to fall in... to let... everything... go... to... forget... everything else... to listen... to relax... to watch... to absorb... to... to...

Victor vanquished

They found him 15 minutes alter, frozen in place, staring over his shoulder but obviously not seeing anything, deep in trance. The man who had requested his training took Victor's hand and led him to the helicopter to take him back to the facility. The man smiled, happy that even though Victor had escaped it had been long enough in the programming that just the thought of what he'd seen was enough to re-entrance him. It wouldn't be longer now before his identity was putty in his brainwasher's hands.

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