Hypnodorm: Number 6 (hypno)

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Peter wandered through the dormitory halls. He had a class to get to, but always liked to leave really early for them so he'd have time to leisurely walk there, look at the scenery, watch all the hot couples in skimpy hot weather wear. Ahh, summer.

He turned a corner to the back exit to the dorms, the scenic route to campus, and stopped. A man was standing shirtless in the paneled hall. Not totally odd in this heat, but it was...

"Kyle?!" Peter said incredously. This was unprecedented. The most prudish guy in the dorm, the one who wore a bathrobe every time he went to the shower because he "didn't like them watching him" was just lounging around with no shirt on. And, Peter noticed, commando to boot! His face looked oddly contented too... "You okay, man? You have a stroke or something?"

Kyle moved his head as if in a daze. "No, Peter. Not at all. I'm just fine," he said, totally deadpan.

"Ummm, sure you are." Peter looked around. "How about you come with me to the Campus Health, okay?" He turned back to Kyle to see him lifting a black metal disc that he had been wearing around his neck to eye level.


"Have you seen this, Peter? You really should," Kyle continued speaking in the deadpan voice.

"No, I haven't man. Come on, you're acting... really... weird..." Peter's voice trailed off as he looked at the disc. The moment he laid eyes on it, glowing green waves started to show along it, spreading out from the center.

"It's really cool and fascinating, isn't it?" Kyle said, slowly spinning the disc. "It's just something that you can't keep your eyes off of. The endless slow waves are something that you could just watch for hours and hours. Your legs might get tired, but you can just kneel down when they relax."

Peter's legs gave away, and he slowly came to his knees, his eyes never wavering from the disc.

"That's it. Relaxation of everything is so easy while you watch this. The circles seem to go on forever, time seems to go on forever. You have no idea how long it's been. Time is meaningless. The circles are just so utterly fascinating that everything else can just fade away as unimportant."

Peter nodded dumbly. There had been... someplace he had to go to, but it didn't matter anymore. "Unimportant."

"Totally unimportant. In fact, the waves are the only important thing. And do you know who makes those waves?"


Kyle's eyes glowed with the same green as the disc, and an otherworldly voice came from this life. "I do. And since they are the only important thing, and I am them, I am the only important thing."

"You are the only important thing," Kyle and Peter repeated in their normal but deadpan voices.

"Since I am the only important thing, my desires and wants and needs are the only things worth doing. Everything else doesn't matter," the otherworldly voice continued to say through Kyle's mouth.

"Doesn't matter."

"So you serve and obey me, so that you can do what's important."

"Yes, we serve and obey, master."

"Excellent. Sorry to send you out with just a pair of pants and your shoes, Kyle, be we needed to catch Peter here as he left. You don't mind, do you?" Kyle's mouth smirked for a second and then went deadpan again.

"No master, I do not mind. My previous feelings are unimportant. They no longer mean anything to me."

"Good, good. Show Peter the way here, would you? I'd like to meet Number 6."

Peter stood as Kyle opened the door. He followed Kyle out, their eyes glowing, their minds empty, their wills utterly dominated.

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