Leathernecks 3 (hypno inc)

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The following morning, I came down from my bedroom to the kitchen to the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing. And there was dad. Standing at the stove in his boxer shorts and tank top. His enormous back pushing the limits of the shirt. Big shoulders bulging. Arms strong and veiny. His quads were so big the legs of the boxer shorts barely fit around them, and the back of the boxers hugged that muscle ass perfectly. Staring at that ass and knowing that last night I fucked the shit out of that Marine hole started making me hard again. I moved to sit down at the kitchen table before he could see it, but then I thought, Fuck it. Let him get a good look at his son’s big morning boner. I walked up to the counter and stood next to dad, pouring myself some coffee. Cup full, I turned around and leaned back against counter. My cock thrust forward in my lounge pants making it look even bigger.

“Morning, Sergeant Rick,” I said, grinning a cocky, smart ass grin.

My dad’s eyes gaped in disbelief. “Son,” he said through gritted teeth, “if you ever disrespect me, AND the Corps like that again, I will personally see to it that you cry yourself to sleep like a little whimpery bitch each and every night for the remaining two months of your stay under my roof. Are we clear on this.”

It wasn’t a question.

I looked him straight in the eye.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

“Attention, soldier!” I barked. My dad sprung to immediate attention. “Now soldier, you will comply with MY orders” I said in my drill sergeant voice. “You like it when I call you Sergeant Rick. Awake or hypnotized, when you hear me and me alone call you Sergeant Rick, you’ll get hornier each time I say those words. My touch will arouse you. You will become fixated on my crotch. Your fixation will make you crave my cock. Do I make myself clear, soldier?!”

“Sir, YES SIR!”

After further instructing him that he will remain unaware of just having been hypnotized, I woke my dad up. “So, Sergeant Rick, how’d you sleep last night?” I said putting a hand on his shoulder. I could feel dad shudder.

“I slept like a dead one, son. How about you?” he quivered when I withdrew my hand and lightly stroked his bicep.

“Well Sergeant Rick, I didn’t get much sleep. I was up and down most of the night.” Dad already looked like he could cum. I backed off a bit. I didn’t want him cumming just yet. I sat down at the table and dad served up breakfast. All through our meal, I’d drop those magic words into the conversation and watch dad quiver. And as he did I’d adjust myself in my seat and spread my legs so my horny Marine could get a good look. The more I dropped “Sergeant Rick” into the conversation, the more dad squirmed in his chair. At one point I moved my foot over and put it on top of his. “What’s wrong, Sergeant Rick?”

“S-s-son. There’s s-s-something I need to say to you.”

“Sure, Sergeant Rick. What is it?”

“Son, your bulge looks so f-f-fucking HOT!” Dad stammered, his eyes never leaving my crotch.

I curled my toes on the top of his. Instinctively, he curled his up to graze the sole of my foot. “Thanks, Sergeant Rick. I’ve got a big cock, you know.”

“Oh, son! Show it to me. I’ve always wanted to see my son’s big cock!” my mindfucked dad blubbered.

I pulled my pants down and let my big dick bounce up into the air. My dad gasped. Without hesitating, he dropped to his knees and went straight for it. He cradled my nuts in his hand and licked both sides of my shaft. Down one side and then up the other. When he got to the top he wrapped his lips around the head of my cock. Dad and I moaned in unison. “Oh, Sergeant Rick. Your son’s cock tastes so fucking good, doesn’t it?”

Dad gave me the best “Sir, YES SIR!” a mouthful of cock could give.

“That’s right Sergeant Rick. Suck your boy’s cock.” I put my hands on the back of his head and started fucking his mouth. “Suck it, jarhead.” Dad’s mouth opened wider and I shoved my dick all the way down his throat. Fuck. It was so wet. So warm. And so hungry. I’ve always admired my dad for so many reasons. Looking down at him working on my rock hard rod, I can add sucking cock to the list. I tightened my grip on the back of dad’s head, and starting fucking his mouth deeper and harder. Having my dad blow me at the breakfast table. Hot as hell. I could feel my body starting to tingle and my cum bubbling up out of my nuts. My dad’s lips gripped my cock even more and his head started bobbing up and down even faster, he could sense what was coming. As I was fucking dad’s mouth, he was totally working to make sure he got me off. I matched my fucking with his head going up and down. I fucked his mouth even deeper feeling myself coming so god damn close. One last stroke in my soldier dad’s mouth and I was shooting cum down his throat. When I started shooting, dad starting sucking even harder.

He was so fucking hungry for his boy’s cum. And I was obliging him in enormous, spurting globs. “Swallow it, soldier!” I ordered. Watching my father’s throat gulping down my sperm drove me nuts. I put my hand under his chin, raised his eyes to mine, and pressed my lips to his. Our tongues darted back and forth in each other’s mouths. I could taste the last traces of my own cum’s saltiness. “You’re such a good, soldier.” I said smiling and looking deep in my dad’s mindfucked eyes. “Now go clean yourself up. When you return, you will forget everything that just happened. Are we clear on this.”

It wasn’t a question.

My brainwashed soldier shook his head in the affirmative.

I watched my mindfucked Marine make his way down the hall to the bathroom. I pulled up my pants and went back to my breakfast. Damn. Dad sure does do a mean breakfast, I thought.

Later that morning, my cell phone rang. Dad picked it up off the table and handed it to me.

“Thanks, Sergeant Rick.” I said grazing my hand against his as I took the phone from him. My brainwashed dad’s eyes got wide and he shuddered with mindless delight.

It was D. “What you and your dad doing tonight?” he asked. He wanted to know if dad and I wanted to come over and grill out with him and his dad. My mind immediately kicked into overdrive.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

“Of course we’ll come over, D. That’ll be fun” I said. I went on to trigger him two more times, making sure he was good and deep and obedient before I filled his empty mind with instructions for the afternoon. “Do you understand, D?” I asked.

“Yesss…” D slurred.

“Now do as I’ve instructed you, D. My Marine and I will be there at eighteen hundred sharp.”

With that I hung up the phone, leaving my D in his mindless bliss.

I spent the remainder of the day taking it easy and getting ready for the barbeque at D’s. I was supposed to mow the lawn , but it was really hot. Sergeant Rick was more than eager to mow the lawn though. After mowing the lawn, he was just as eager to make me my lunch. Nothing tops off a really good lunch like a blowjob from your horny, brainwashed Marine dad. Around one thirty, I decided it was time to get down in the basement and hit the weights. I wanted time to have a nice, intense workout and really build up a good sweat, but still have time for a nap.

Sergeant Rick was more than happy to come downstairs and watch me work out. I made sure he understood that the more he watched me work out and the sweatier I got, the more horny he got. I didn’t want him cumming though, so all was allowed to do was edge. He could come as close to cumming as he wanted as he watched me work up a sweat, but he wasn’t allowed to cum. I wanted to have him really built up for this evening. I think it was just about the best workout I’d had in a long time.

I went upstairs after my workout and got in the shower. The water was really relaxing on my pumped up muscles, and Sergeant Rick did an great job of making sure I was good and clean. Having my dad washing my back for me was such a pleasure. I finished my shower, dried off, then climbed into bed for my nap. I was off to la la land in no time.

When I woke up, I dressed and came downstairs. Sergeant Rick was dressed in his utilities, just as he’d been instructed. “Soldier, are you ready for your evening’s exercises?” I bellered in my drill sergeant voice.

“Sir, YES SIR!”

“Salute when you say that, Marine!”

Dad’s hand and arm snapped to a perfect salute. “Sir, YES SIR!”

I called D to let him know we were on the way. Then I ordered my mindfucked Marine to proceed to the transport vehicle and drive us to the rendezvous point for the beginning the exercise. The ride to D’s house was done in silence, as per orders. The closer we got to D and Mr. Owens’ my heart’s thumping increased. I could feel my breathing getting that horny shallowness that I loved so much. But most wonderful of all, I could feel my cock snaking down the leg of my shorts. I looked over at dad and his crotch was full of hard, brainwashed cock. He hardly blinked the entire drive. So empty. So focused. So obedient. A soldier following orders. Without question. Without resistance. Without hesitation. It was driving me insane with a lust that tingled underneath my skin.

We pulled into the driveway, walked to the door and rang the bell. The door opened to reveal the completely naked, beautiful black, muscled body of my friend D. He stared blankly, not a me or my dad, but off in the distance, somewhere miles behind the back of my head. We walked in and D shut the door and turned back to face me and dad. D’s cock was sticking straight out and was glisteny from head to bush with lube. “Continue now, D.” I instructed.

“Yesss...” he gurgled.

D walked into the living room and bent over the back of the sofa was Mr. Owens, in his Marine blue dress uniform, pants down around his ankles, cheeks spread and hole lubed. D had been fucking him since I called him to let him know we were on our way. D didn’t even pause. He walked directly over to his father and walked his dick right up his ass. Mr. Owens didn’t wince or gasp. He kinda moaned/whined. “You love your son’s big dick up deep in you, don’t you Kevin?” D mouthed at his dad.

“Sir, YES SIR!” Mr. Owens barked as he saluted the wall in front of him. D shoved his mindless dick deeper. He continued fucking him with a deep, heavy rhythm. In and out. In and out. Mindlessly drilling. Over and over. Getting emptier with the more he fucked his dad. The rhythm was like a pump draining his mind. His cock swollen inside the hot black Marine ass. Watching D’s ass pushing back and forth, flexing his muscles, flaring his back, all while so fucking mindless started my cock leaking.

“Over the sofa, soldier! Right next to your girlfriend, there.” the drill sergeant in me bellered at my dad.

“Sir, YES SIR!” my dad said, dropping his pants, bending over the sofa and spreading his cheeks. My cock throbbed so hard I thought I would pass out from the shockwaves it sent through me. I walked my stiff pipe up to dad and nuzzled his pucker with the head of my cock. “Is this what you need, jarhead?!”

“Sir, YES SIR!”

I shoved my cock balls deep. My whole fucking cock. All the way in. In one sweet stroke. I pulled all the way, in another nice, slow stroke.


All the way in in one stroke. All the way out in another. All the while, the hypnotized, hungry, greedy Marine ass was gripping me like a wet, warm, slithery vise.


By the fourth time I did that, the request had been reduced to a whimper. As I continued to fuck my dad’s obedient Marine ass, and D had by now had matched my rhythm. We were like some parts in a machine. Performing our function. Over and over in perfect synch. I reached over, put my hand on D’s chin, turned D’s head toward mine, I stared as deep as I could into his vacant eyes.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

I couldn’t help myself. I wanted him deep as fuck. I shoved my tongue down his throat and felt our tongues mingling in their heated lust. Twisting. Writhing. Probing. Searching. Finding. “Now, D,” I said pulling away. “You are going to put your cock in my dad. And I’m going to put mine in yours. You can do this for me, can’t you?”


I switched with D. His enormous, black hypnotized muscle cock inside my dad. My blonde cock deep inside Mr. Owens. Kevin. I’d always thought it would be hot to see D’s cock inside my dad’s white ass. And for the longest time, I wanted to see my white cock inside Kevin’s ass. That cocky, son of a bitch’s ass getting boned by his son’s best friend. And I wasn’t disappointed. His ass was fucking slick and warm as hell. By the way he was gripping my cock, I could tell he was about as deep as my dad was. “Soldiers! Look at each other! Now kiss, Marines. And do it like you fucking mean it!” I hollered.

Seeing my dad kiss Mister Owens drove me absolutely fucking insane. Two muscular, horny, mindfucked Marines tonguing the hell out of each other, while they’re getting banged by each other’s sons. I grabbed D’s chin again and pulled him to me. I shoved my tongue down his throat as well. Hearing our dad’s moan and groan, the sloppy “wet lube” sound of our cocks fucking our dads, D’s and my tongue dancing in each other’s mouths, it was all swirling together, bringing me closer. Faster than I wanted it to, actually. I wanted to savor every moment of this first time we were all together, so I slowed my fucking. D matched my rhythm perfectly. The fuck sweat of all our bodies was beginning to mingle. All of us, slick and glisteny with it. The smell of the two sweaty, mindfucked Marines, one in his utilities, one is his dress blues, both with their pants around their ankles, releasing their greed and horniness into the air through every pore in their brain raped bodies. It was fucking intoxicating. I looked at D. He was so lost. So vacant. So fucking empty. As he pumped my dad with his long, fat cock, he was just staring blankly into nothing. Mouth slightly ajar in a naked, empty horniness that made his muscularity and emptiness look even hotter.

Kevin, Mr. Owens, started rocking up on the balls of his feet, arching his back and thrusting his ass back onto my cock. I could tell the more he got fucked, the more fucked he was. Now furiously making out with my dad and practically shoving his ass onto my cock. I knew right then he’d been broken. My best friend’s dad, my Marine fuck slave. I looked over and my dad was doing the exact same thing! And D was riding him deep as fuck. My dad. The mindless cock slave Marine. I ordered D to pull out of my dad, and for the two Marines to stand at attention.

If my dad was surrendering that deeply, and opening up to being that much of a brainwashed, cock slave Marine, I wanted to be the one fucking him. And likewise for D. If our dads were transforming into being cock horny and mindless Marine slaves, then they deserved the privilege of being tipped over into it by their own sons.

I ordered them both to strip, proceed into Mister Owens’ bedroom and onto their backs. I put dad’s ankles in my hands and slid my pole deep up inside him. D shoved his cock up his dad at the same time. I reached out to hold D’s left hand with my right. D reached his right hand out to hold his dad’s left hand. Kevin reached over and held Sergeant Rick’s left hand in his right, and dad reached his left hand to hold my left. The circle was now complete. Fathers completely surrendered to their sons and their cocks. All swirling in its mindfucked, brainwashed, horny, hypnotized glory. Dad and Kevin started bucking back to meet our thrusts in unison. D and I started pounding our dad’s even deeper. Fuck did his mindfucked, military ass feel good! It felt the kind of good when you just know you’re on the verge of losing any amount of control you may have left. You’re swirling right on the edge of it, wondering if you should dive right in to it, or back off and enjoy it a bit longer. Either way would feel incredible. In that instant, I’d never felt more connected to my dad. More love for my dad. More in control of my dad. D and I were so in synch fucking our dad’s that there was no way his nuts couldn’t be boiling with cum like mine were. I whispered a final instruction in D’s ear.

D’s eyes became even more vacant. “When I say ‘CUM’ you come, soldier! Do I make myself clear?” he bellered like a drill sergeant at his brain raped Marine dad.

“Sir, YES SIR.” Mister Owens said arching his back and ass even more.

I gave my father the same command, and I got the same response. I turned D’s face to mine, kissed him one last time, and said deeply into his blank slate of a mind, “1, 2, 3!”

We both snapped our heads round to lock our gazes on our Marine fathers. “CUM!” we ordered in unison.

“SIR! YES SIR!” they replied in unison, asses clamped down on our cocks in naked, desperate, mindfucked horniness. Their cum started shooting, spurting like like geysers, coating their muscular, ripped, Marine abs and chests in white hot spunk. D and I both leaned over and locked lips with our fathers. Almost as if we’d practiced our timing forever, D and I began shooting simultaneously. Drenching our Marine Corps fathers’ insides with our horny jism. One load. Two loads. Three. Four. FIVE! Brainwashing our fathers with our young, virile sperm. I could feel my dad’s moans and groans vibrating off his tongue and onto mine, and all throughout my mouth. His body quaking. His hands frantically groping me in his blinding heat for my cock. Wanting to savor every bit of his son on top of and inside him. My dad. My big, tough, Marine Corps dad. Full of his son’s seed. Ass trickling the overflow of his son’s warm juices. I looked over and could see that Kevin’s ass was dribbling his son’s cum as well. Like my dad and me, D and his dad remained lip locked. Both of us savoring every last drop that was being squeezed out of our shafts and into our jarhead dads. After what seemed like hours, D and I pulled out. I stood back and admired the scene. Our brainwashed soldier fathers forever bound to their sons by the young, gooey seed planted deep inside each of them. One of those sons, my best friend and future college roommate, was not only drained of his seed, but of his mind and will, also. Father and son. United as they were meant to be. In mind, body, and seed.

“Marines! Front and center!” I commanded. Our fathers snapped to attention. “I want this mess cleaned up, you leathernecks showered and clean, this boy cleaned and dressed accordingly,” I said pointing to D, “and the food grilling in exactly 30 minutes. Do I make myself CLEAR?!” my drill sergeant self ordered.

“Sir, YES SIR!” our fathers replied together.

“MOVE soldiers!” I bellered.

As they scampered to obey their orders, I headed for the basement to the shower the Owens’ had there. As I looked back at my three mindfucked men, my dad, Mister Owens and D marching down the hall toward the bathroom I grinned and thought to myself, And mom’s gonna be gone for another three days.

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