Takedown 3 (hypno)

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When I returned home, D was sitting on the couch, ready for his routine conditioning. He sat so patiently, so motionless his wrestling singlet, shoes and headgear. Since we started practicing for tryouts, I’d always put him under in his wrestling gear because I wanted him to associate everything I had been telling him with it.

He was sitting there on the couch so deep, so open, and so ready for my voice in his head. I never got tired of brainwashing D. His legs were spread and his cock was hard as a steel pipe. It was pointing straight up, held tight against his belly by the slithery, slick lycra. His dark, muscled, body looked so beautiful against the deep, red color of his singlet. When he bought it I wanted it to hug his body tight, so I made sure he bought one a size too small. Every vein of his stiff cock and every ripple of his abs stood out in perfect detail. His nipples were hard and were perfectly defined by the fabric, as well. D’s head, in its head gear, was tilted to the side, jaw drooping open in mindless bliss, arms and legs loose and limp at his sides. I instructed him to start having his body “fall away” from him with each breath he exhaled.

As he continued to fall away from himself and I got him to the depth that I wanted him, I instructed him him to sit up straight, open his eyes, remain deeply relaxed, attuned to my voice, and to become harder with each breath and word. I told him to start using the singlet’s lycra, not his hands, to edge his cock and reinforce my suggestions regarding the focus and arousal at tomorrow’s tryouts. Every breath made him harder. Every word made him hornier. As D continued using the fabric to edge his cock I brought him closer and closer to cumming. Pounding the suggestions into his head. Mindfucking him harder. Brainwashing him deeper. I also instructed D that when I did finally allow him to cum, he would not show any physical signs of arousal or release. He would simply stare blankly ahead, remaining loose and limp and do as he was told.

Tonight, as we were both exhausted from the tryouts, I skipped the long induction and triggered him to go even deeper so I could get right down to business and find out what he had done to Bruce and Toby, the two hot studs he had a chat with earlier in the day. I wasn’t surprised that they also got into the team.

As he continued edging, I told D to tell me about his encounter with the two wrestlers, Bruce, the one with black, curly hair and blue eyes, and the other, Toby, a much shorter and compact wrestler with blonde hair and green eyes. I instructed D that as he was telling me about Bruce and Toby, to use it to increase his horniness, his submission and to enhance the pleasure of his edging and his brainwashing.

“When I saw them, I knew they were the ones I wanted,” D said, his cock pulsing and throbbing uncontrollably in his singlet. “I approached and complimented them on their technique and intensity during the tryouts as an excuse to start up conversation. I knew playing on their egos would relax their defenses. It would make them more open and suggestible and easier to trap. Before I could continue softening them up for you, they both complimented me on my focus. Toby said he could tell from my form and style that I was very disciplined. I didn’t even have to work around the topic. They took me there without knowing it. I told them I use mental techniques to enhance my focus and dedication. They seemed curious and became focused on what I was saying, so my covert induction was made that much easier for me to ensnare them for you,” D explained, his cock quivering and voice shaking with ecstasy as he recounted his story to me.

“Go deeper now, D.” I instructed. “Let the relaxation penetrate your empty mind even more. Relive every aspect of inducting Bruce and Toby. Feel the ecstasy overwhelm your mind and body as you continue recounting how you ensnared the two wrestlers for me.”

“I stared deep into each of them and pried their minds open so I could get my voice deep inside.” D said, his breath becoming short. His cock squirming between his legs. “It was so easy penetrating them, and it felt so fucking good. The more they opened themselves to my words, the harder I fucked their minds for you. I told them how good it felt to hear me tell them about how I focus. How I open my mind to the words I hear. How they open their minds to the words they hear. How accepting those words feels so good. So natural. Going deeper into the words. Feeling them penetrate. Relaxing them. Focusing them. Feeling it overflowing. Their muscles. Their cocks. The harder their cocks got, the harder I fucked their minds for you. I brought them to the edge for you. I made their minds and their cocks ache for you. I told them how every workout was one step closer to their goal.”

As he continued sinking deeper into the story and edging over and over, I reinforced my commands to the rhythm of his throbbing cock and instructed him to cum, driving my instructions deeper into his empty, receptive brain. His cock started to spasm uncontrollably, but his eyes remained glassy and distant, his breathing regular and even, his body limp and relaxed. His eruption began making the red fabric around the head of his cock dark with cum. With every throb of his controlled cock, the wet spot spread out from his head like lava flowing from the mouth of a volcano, coating the lycra and his cock in a relaxing, mindfucking, warm goo. With my instructions now deep in his mind, his body so hungry for tomorrow’s special practice, and his cock was so compliant to my will, I knew that D was ready. I instructed D to take himself to bed.


The next day was Saturday, but I was up and at it early. I was sitting at the kitchen table watching D, so happy in his mindlessness to be making me my breakfast. As I ate, D stood beside the table, ever attentive to my every whim. More milk? No problem. More syrup for my pancakes? No problem. D made sure it was warmed up in the microwave just the way I liked it. After I ate and D had cleared the table and done the dishes, he came and sat on the sofa, submitting himself for morning mindfuck. I triggered him again, just as I’d done since last summer.


Snapping my fingers, commanding D to sleep, and watching him immediately sink so deep and become so open to me never got old. Every time I triggered him was one more lesson in control. Obedience. Submission. His mind was always open to me, but never so much as when I had D this deep. There were absolutely no barriers here. It was just my voice, D’s empty head, his hard cock, and limp body all swirling together in enslaving bliss.

I had started hypnotizing D this past summer, but there had always been the chance of interruptions back then. Once we got to college, though, I had D all to myself almost every night, and in just in our first month, there wasn’t a night that I hadn’t mindfucked him. Sometimes I’d trigger him as we were watching TV. Sometimes I’d sneak into his room in the middle of the night and hypnotize him like I had that first time I did my dad. I had him so tuned in to my voice now that sometimes I’d just slip the induction into our conversation. I got a kick out of watching him go down slowly without realizing what was happening sometimes. Sometimes I’d have him jack off slowly over the course of the entire evening. Some nights I’d blow him. Other times I’d fuck him. Others I’d have him fuck me. Sometimes all I had him do were the household chores in the buff whenever it was his turn. I made sure to make good use of that time, though, and regardless of what I had him do for me in our room, he was always naked and always hard. My own, very private, very intimate show. And D knew nothing about it.

I didn’t, however, want any of this to interfere any of D’s or my studies and other activities like our workouts. So I embedded my programming so deep in D that he was able to function normally when it was required. Classes, studies and our workouts would always remain a priority before anything else, and it made for a pretty good cover as to why we hadn’t hooked up with any girls yet.

“Now, D, listen very closely. Today is the day. In a moment you are going to make two phone calls. One to Bruce, another to Toby. You know what to tell them, don’t you, D?”

“YesI knowwhatto say to them,” he gurgled.

“Now go and do as I have instructed you, D”

D picked up his cell phone from the end table and began dialing. His glazed look told me how deep he was. In brainwashing D repeatedly almost every day since last summer, I had learned to read the signs in his body. I knew exactly how deep he was, and I knew how hungry he was for more. “With each call you finish D, you will go fifty times deeper.”

“Ihear and Iobeyyy...” he slurred as the phone rang on the other end. “Hello, Bruce? Yes, this is D,” he said when Bruce picked up.

“Every workout is one step closer to your goal,” D triggered Bruce.
“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”
“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”

There was a brief pause. “Now follow the instructions as they have been given,” D said, then ended the call.

“Very good, D. VERY good. Now it’s time for you to make the second phone call.”

“Ihearand I obey...” he slurred again as he began dialing the second call. “Hi Toby. This is D.”

“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”
“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”
“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”

There was another pause on the second call as well. “Now follow the instructions as they have been given,” D hung up his phone.

I told D that he had done a wonderful job, and it was time for him to gather his bag for our Saturday morning workout. As we walked to the gym, I put D into what I called his Street Mode. That was a state where he would remain completely deep, relaxed and obedient, but outwardly he would appear to be perfectly normal to any passersby or any friends we might encounter. We reached the gym and went directly to the locker room to get changed. It was early yet, so the locker room was completely empty. It was the perfect setting for sitting D down on a bench once we were dressed and getting to start going deeper. By the time we’d reach the practice room, he’d be so mindless, thoughtless, and in a very obedient, blissful place. Anything I told him would be his reality. And that’s exactly where I needed him to be today.

By the time we did reach the practice room, the tight slickness of his singlet rubbing against his muscles had rocked D deeper into my control. I closed and locked the door behind me. There would be no interruptions this morning. The room was already thick and humid with the scent of wrestler. Standing in the middle of the mat at perfect attention, were the two studs D had triggered over the phone, Bruce and Toby. The were already sweating, their breathing slow, their cocks hard at attention.

Bruce was more sleek than muscular. Looking at him, you’d think Bruce was a runner or a triathlete, not a wrestler. His singlet was black and hugged every contour of his body perfectly. The straps dropped down from broad, defined shoulders and cupped his chest, holding it so beautifully in place. Even though his singlet was black, the contours of his abs and cock could not be missed. His legs were thick and powerful and he had a hot, meaty wrestler’s ass that I’d be finding out more about very soon!

Toby on the other hand was a typical wrestler in build. He was thick and defined from head to toe. His blonde hair was cut in a flattop, and his light freckled, pale skin was beautifully furry from head to toe. His arms and legs were covered in thick blonde hair, and a tuft spilled out the top of his green singlet. His cock, like Bruce’s, was sticking up towards his navel, hard and aching just like his mind to receive further instruction.

They both stood, waiting patiently. Eyes half open, bodies relaxed, minds blank, but half aware way a person is in the middle of the night after waking from a dream. The openness and clarity of a quieted, receptive mind is always a thing of beauty. When D triggered them on the phone, he did so to bring them here in that half-awake state of sleepy bliss their minds and bodies were enjoying. But soon, they’d be making a much deeper descent down into a dark, silent emptiness, a void that brings focus. Serenity. Understanding. Arousal. Acceptance. Submission and obedience.

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