Takedown 4 (hypno)

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D slowly stepped up to stand between the two brainwashed wrestlers. Ready to obey each and every word that they heard penetrating their gaping minds. D whispered into their ears softly, seductively. With each word they heard, the pleasure rumbled like thick thunder through their bodies. Straight into their cocks. Each cock throbbed and flared in its singlet. The horniness of obeying from such a deep place taking control of them. All three wrestlers began to quiver. Their muscles started to spasm with arousal. Their eyes became wider. More vacant. With every breath Bruce and Toby exhaled they felt their obedience to D’s voice warming their insides. And with every word D spoke, he felt his obedience to me consume him even more.

He whispered, “Feel your singlets hugging your body. Binding it. Containing it. Every muscle restrained. The sensation of the lycra touching each and every contour of your body arousing you. And that opens the door to even deeper emptiness. The more you allow your mind to be open to it, the deeper you slide into it. Deeper into the horny void of emptiness. The darkness and silence of emptiness arouses you. The only sound you hear so deep inside is the sound of my voice. You feel my voice so deep inside your mind, opening you. Pushing you deeper into the erotic void of nothingness.”

Bruce and Toby gasped in surrender. D shuddered in response.

“The deeper you go, the harder your cocks become. The deeper into the void you go, the more your cocks throb. And the more your cocks throb the deeper you go. Feel the emptiness surrounding your cock. Encasing it. Edging it. Let it come into you through your cock.” Each wrestler’s pulsing rod was leaking precum and staining his singlet.

“Now I want you to feel the floor mat underneath your feet. Feel its warmth on the soles of your feet and the bottom of your toes.” Bruce and Toby flexed their feet and rolled their toes against the warm, rubberiness of the mat. As they did, shudders of pleasure rocked their bodies. D was feeling it just as much as they were, also. “The feeling brings deeper relaxation. And deeper relaxation allows the emptiness to penetrate you even deeper. Feel the emptiness seeping into you.” All three wrestler’s cocks were pulsing like mad. They were flexing their feet and rolling their toes against the mat with greedy lust opening themselves to the blissful sensations of emptying out as much as they could.

“That’s right!” I interjected, approaching the three mindfucked wrestlers and taking over for D. “Feel the emptiness swelling up into your body from the warm, relaxing mat beneath your naked, vulnerable feet. Don’t be afraid. Let go. Give in to the pleasures of feeling yourselves drain and open to emptiness. The raw, deep, dark pleasure that you need. That you crave. Let the feeling addict you. Becoming slaves to the will of emptiness.”

The more I spoke, the more their cocks began to throb. “Now Bruce, Toby, I want you to turn and face each other. Stare deeply into each other’s eyes. See the emptiness in each other. Feel the emptiness in each other. You need each other’s emptiness. You crave each other’s emptiness. Your only desires are to be one with the emptiness you feel consuming you and the power of my voice, bubbling up from the its depths. Pulling you deeper. Deeper into the arousing void of nothingness.” As the mindfucked wrestlers lost themselves in each other, you could see the peace wash over them.

“I want you to begin undressing each other. Bask in the mindless bliss of your growing nakedness, your growing exposure and surrender to nothingness. To my voice.” As I continued shoving my words deep into their open minds, I could see their arousal growing as they began to undress each other. Their blinkless eyes never left each other as they put their hands on each other’s shoulders. “Deeper…” They slowly took down the right shoulder strap of each other’s singlet. Both put their arm through so the strap could hang at their sides. “Much deeper…” They took hold of each other’s remaining shoulder strap, pulled it down and slipped their other arm through. Bruce and Toby then slowly pulled each other’s singlet down to their waists. “Feel the bliss of the emptiness robbing you of your mind…” The two half-naked wrestlers, one blonde and furry, the other dark-headed and smooth, staring into each other’s nothingness.

I commanded them to continue undressing each other. As they did they would continue to slide even deeper. They reached out to pull each other’s singlets down further. Their cocks were visibly throbbing with the depths they were going to and the arousal they were feeling. “Bruce and Toby, go even DEEPER now,” I commanded them!

As they pulled each other’s singlets down, they visibly shuddered. Their cocks each sprung free and as they did, several drops of precum splattered onto each of the wrestlers in various places. You could see their eyes widen and become glassier the instant they were hit by each other’s precum. “Feel yourselves sliding deeper into the void. Open your minds. Let it in deeper.” They stepped out of their singlets and stood facing each other once again. Only their headgear remained. Naked in mind and body. Eye to eye. Cock to cock.

“Now Bruce, Toby, move towards each other and touch the heads of your cocks. When they touch, the throbbing bliss of nothingness each of you feel will begin flowing into each other’s cocks. Bruce’s will flow into you, Toby. And yours will flow into his. With every breath you exhale, the bliss of nothingness you feel flowing between you will make your cocks even harder. The connection at the head stronger. More arousing and intense. Feel it becoming one hundred times more overpowering.” The shiny, precum-soaked heads were locked to one another. Unable to separate. Unwilling to. The pleasure was too intense. The void felt was creeping up their shafts and transferring over into the other. I could tell when it happened, too. Every time it did, each wrestler would let out a resigned little gasp and tilt his head back. Sometimes they even did it in synch with each other. THAT made my ass quiver and my pole shudder and! The exchanged nothingness began spreading out through their bodies. A slow moving erotic wave devouring their insides, making its way for their starving, empty minds.

As the exchanging between them continued to intensify, I instructed them to begin playing with each other’s nipples. The touch of the other would drive them both to the edge of lust.

“That’s right, my wrestlers, the touch of you playing with each other’s nipples will make you so horny. Horny for more touch.”

They started rubbing each other’s nipples harder.

“Horny for more of my voice in your empty skulls.” They began squeezing harder.

“Horny to go deeper.” Their eyes widened and their mouths began to gape.

“Horny to submit to me.” Twisting even harder.

“Horny to obey me.” They were working each other’s nipples in complete abandon now.

Their cocks were throbbing uncontrollably, yet their heads never lost touch. In between them, a glob of precum from each of their cocks met and became one. A more powerful wave of nothingness rushed down their cocks and into each other. The shared precum began to stretch it’s way to the mat below. It hit the mat. “I want you both now to rub your toes in that glob of precum. Feel how it works with your bodies to open you to the nothingness consuming you.” The wrestlers moaned as the emptiness took more of them.

“Now I want you to rub your toes on each others.”

The feeling of each other’s precum-slicked toes rubbing on each other made Bruce and Toby squirm with a blinding burst of mindlessness. Their toes, slick with precum, were writhing frantically all over the feet of each other. Spreading emptiness deeper into each other’s bodies, creeping ever closer to each other’s minds. Their toes, completely in synch with my words, my desires, and my will. Receptors for my power. Their need to submit and obey becoming more important with each passing second.

“Now kiss each other. Put your horny tongues in each other’s mouths. And as you do, give in even more to your hunger for each other’s emptiness. Feel it caress the outer edge of your brains. Feel each other’s emptiness penetrating your mind. Driving you deeper into mindlessness.”

They were kissing furiously. Their hands twisting desperately at each other’s nipples. Their cocks were thick and veiny with mindless stiffness. The heads of their cocks locked in their own blissful kiss. All of it working to open their minds even more to each other’s emptiness. Allowing me to penetrate them deeper.

All this time, D had been standing obediently over to the side watching the scene unfold. His eyes were glued to the two wrestlers he had helped to brainwash. His cock was pushing straight up, and it had taken on a mind of its own. When it throbbed it pushed forward bulging his singlet. His cock sliding against the silky fabric had kept pushing him deeper. Deeper until his mind could not stand it any longer and begged to be fucked even deeper.

“Take off your singlet, D,” I mouthed into his ear. “Take off your singlet and let your body begin to feel the heat of their emptiness wafting over you.” D began undressing, his cock throbbing harder and harder. He pulled his singlet down over his nice, hard, thick nine inches. It pointed up toward the ceiling, dancing in its mindfucked serenity. He, too, was oozing shiny pearls of precum.

There was a point with D, I had discovered, where his mind was aching for direction. To be told what to do and how to do it. It comes from being the son of a Marine like me. His need to please builds in him like an orgasm. All he needs is to be given the order. I’ve learned where that point is, and how to use it to fuck his mind deeper, and also to give him a sort of release. Whatever the reason, to watch him responding to my orders, and getting off on it like he does was hot as fuck.

“Fuck Toby, D,” I ordered him. My naked roommate began walking toward the two wrestlers. His black cock hard as granite and steadily dripping precum bounced as he walked. It appeared to be leading him. Pulling him. Directing him to Toby’s ass. Each step closer make his cock ooze more shimmery precum. D nuzzled his pole up against Toby’s ass crack. Toby’s blonde, hairy white ass cheeks visibly quivered as he released a deep, guttural mindfucked gurgle. “Feel your ass quiver again, Toby. Feel your ass loosen and send a shiver of ecstasy through your body,” I spoke directly in to his ear.

“Again!” His ass spasmed even stronger.

“Each time you feel your ass loosen you will feel D’s cock pushing deeper between your cheeks. The heat of his precum-soaked cock sending waves of bliss straight into the deepest depths of your empty mind. As his cock head gets nearer and nearer to your sweet fuckhole, you feel yourself being filled more and more with horniness. Horniness for his cock inside you. Horniness for my voice. My words. My control. Horniness to submit to me. To obey me. To give me complete and utter control of your body and mind, Toby.” Toby’s eyes grew wide and his body shuddered.

“And D, the deeper your cock penetrates between Toby’s cheeks toward that hungry, pink pucker, the more you feel waves of emptiness beginning to travel up your cock and spilling out into your body. You will feel Toby’s empty essence beginning to consume you. And you will push your cock deeper toward Toby’s hole.” I could see D’s eyes literally become glassier and his muscles tense as I spoke those words.

“Now D, I want you to push your cock right up to Toby’s hole. Feel how warm and tight it is. Feel every blonde hair around his hole rubbing against your cock head. Feel Toby’s pucker throbbing in time to his heartbeat. In time to his mindlessness. A hot, pulsing feeling on the very tip of your head. Feel it send shivers through your cock, into your body and straight for your brain.

“Toby, I want you to feel the heat of D’s cock. Feel its hunger. Feel its restrained power aching to penetrate your hungry little fuckhole. Now open your hole. Let the mindless cock penetrate you and take you deeper into emptiness. And D, feel the lips of Toby’s hungry, puckered hole open up and accept you inside.”

The enormous head of D’s cock slid past the obedient ring of muscles at the opening of Toby’s ass. Both wrestlers gasped in brainwashed bliss. The pure, raw rush of being consumed by nothingness. As one wrestler opened more to it, the other slid more into it. The blonde lips of Toby’s hole spasmed and clamped around D’s cock, massaging it as D penetrated him. Feeling the mindless pole going deeper drove Toby to a deeper level of emptiness and openness to my will. He felt every vein and every inch sliding deeper. Opening him more and more. An erotic burst of electricity shot straight into Toby’s empty brain. It screamed back through his body and straight into his spasming cock. The feeling of D’s cock inside him, the brainwashing exchange of emptiness rocketing between he and Bruce’s still-connected cock heads, and my voice guiding him, all combined to form a single blast of white hot mindlessness that completely erased him. Mind, body and soul. Just an empty, muscled, wrestler puppet. Completely mine. Mine to control. Mine to use. Mine to employ in my larger plans for my new wrestling teammates.

The empty hunger of Toby’s walls made D’s cock even harder. Clamping around his thick black shaft, pulling it deeper. Pulling D’s mind deeper. Pulling D’s very soul deeper. The deeper he pushed his cock into Toby’s brainwashed hole, the more emptiness D felt consuming his cock. Filling it. Spilling over into his body. Flooding and erasing his mind even more than it already was. The harder and deeper D fucked the blonde wrestler’s ass, the more the nothingness consumed him. D surrendered to the emptiness on a level that he had yet to experience. His empty mind made even emptier.

As D and Toby were becoming more one in their emptiness, I was stripping out of my singlet. There was one ass left and it was going to be mine. Bruce was locked even deeper in Toby’s eyes, and the head of his cock, despite so much squirming from both of them, had never lost contact with Toby’s. Bruce was so empty and open. He was ready for my will to penetrate him even deeper and take full control of his mind and body. The thought of sliding my cock inside his smooth, perfect ass was driving me insane. “Open your ass to me Bruce.” I said coming up behind him and putting a hand on each of his broad shoulders. I nuzzled my cock right up against his hole.

“That’s right, Bruce. Show me how absolutely fucked and open your mind is. Make that hole dance for me. Feel it quivering and opening. It’s so ready to accept me inside.” I slid my head inside his hole. Perfection! I could feel his hot hole opening to let me in. Inviting me. Pulling me. Massaging my cock with his warm, wet, pulsing walls. I slid my cock deeper inside him. “Open what’s left of your mind as you open your ass to me, Bruce.” Without losing touch with Toby’s cock, Bruce rocked up onto the balls of his feet, naturally opening his hole even more for me. In one deep stroke, I pushed my cock completely up inside Bruce. His hole, body and mind was so ready, so open for me to possess.

As I fucked Bruce deeper, my cock started to feel strange. The best way I can describe it is that my cock didn’t feel alone. It felt like it wasn’t the only one inside Bruce. The more I fucked my hot wrestler stud, the more intense the sensation became. I looked over at Toby and D and they were fucking like two machines, in perfect, mindfucked synch. As I saw them like that it hit me. I could feel Toby’s cock touch the end of mine. And not only that, I could feel D’s cock head touching mine as well. Every time I thrust in, I could feel their cocks touching Bruce’s. Touching mine. The next time I shoved my cock into Bruce, I stopped and left it deep inside him. That’s when it hit me. Like a blast wave, the sensation rippled down Bruce’s and my shaft and shot straight through me.

Fuck! I had just felt Toby and D’s emptiness shoot from their cocks into ours. It felt better in my cock, in our cocks, than what I would have ever imagined! As I pulled my cock back down Bruce’s hole, I could feel the emptiness in the walls of his ass. God it felt so fucking good. It made his ass so much warmer, tighter and hungrier. And it made me cock so damn stiff. I didn’t know I could get this hard. I rammed my cock back down deep in Bruce’s hole. On the way down, I could feel my cock going numb with emptiness. Now I understood how it felt, and why they craved it. I left my cock deep inside Bruce, and again, I felt Toby and D’s cock shoot their emptiness into our cocks.

“Fuck…” I heaved as it shot through us. And I shuddered as I felt Bruce’s emptiness rocket down his cock and into the two of them. Jesus I thought I was going to pass out! Feeling Bruce emptying out even more when he did that made my cock throb even more.

As another blast of emptiness shot down our cocks, I looked over at Toby and D. Their eyes were blinkless and wide. So beautiful. Peaceful. Behind the pupils there was nothing. Only obedience and submission to the emptiness that consumed their minds and made them one. In return Bruce and I shoved another wave of emptiness back down our cocks and into Toby and D. Fuck! It pulled from every part of my body, and it felt so fucking good! As we continued trading emptiness back and forth, I could feel it working its way up inside me. Just at my nipples, it paused and played on them in just the way I loved. From there it shot like a geyser and completely enveloped my head. In that moment I felt all of us. I felt our cocks all touching. I felt our eyes all inside each other’s. I felt as if I was one with all three of them.

And then it happened.

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