Takedown 5 (hypno)

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And then it happened.

Toby and D pushed a very powerful burst of nothingness into us, and it shot straight into my brain. I felt it burst like an artillery shell and then there was nothing. Pure, raw, silent, erotic nothing.

I no longer felt my body. I felt our body. One. Floating in dark, silent nothingness. The blissful ecstasy of nothingness. Our oneness tethered by our cocks. The stream of emptiness exchanging between us was now a constant, never-ending flow. Dragging us all so much deeper down into the bottomless void. So fucking beautiful to float together in ecstasy. Immersed in bliss. Our brains emptied beyond the point of return. And it only felt better with each passing second. Mindfucked, sexual nirvana.

So deep inside that void with the three of them, I could feel their hunger. It transcended the “notion” of hunger. It was something that welled up from their very core. It was literally what they were. Deep down inside their cores I could feel the openness. The nakedness and vulnerability of their souls aching for the final step. To be completely possessed. So ready and willing. No resistance or obstacles. They were like animals who had rolled over to expose their soft underbellies, signaling their surrender to something more powerful. Anxious to submit their very being to another. Inviting me to step inside and take control of them from the inside out. All of them yearning for me to plant the seeds of obedience and submission so fucking deep in the essence of who they are. Three muscled, sweaty, wrestlers, all connected to the mindfucking power of emptiness. My power.

The openness I felt from each one of them was almost frightening. I could plant obedience and submission to me inside them as deep as I wanted. There was no depth to their souls I could not penetrate. There was no part of their being I could not plunder. I descended even deeper into each of them and touched the very erotic core of who they were. And I yanked it from them. I raped their empty cores with my power. From their empty, aching souls I raped each one of them with my voice and my will. How long I do not know. It seemed like an eternity. A blissful eternity. Over and over, harder and harder I violated them individually and collectively. All at once. Feeling them tremble and quiver as one in acceptance and surrender. Filling my beautiful wrestlers from the inside out with blind obedience and submission. Forever enslaving them to my will from the deepest parts of their empty, soulfucked cores.

“That’s right my wrestlers.” They shuddered at the new voice inside them. “Feel my will welling up inside you. Consuming every last bit of who you are. Feel the bliss of your obedience to me taking you over. Feel your mindfucked soul’s ecstasy as it surrenders.” Their bodies were beginning to shiver. The beautiful involuntary spasms of submission at an incredibly deep level and the mindless arousal that comes with it. I shoved my cock deeper into Bruce, and instructed D to do the same to Toby. “Feel our cocks growing inside you. Becoming thicker. Longer. Veinier. Penetrating your very souls.”

I was fucking Bruce with a fury I barely realized I even had. The emptiness of his mind and body was driving my cock insane. I grabbed his shoulders and began pumping him deeper. Raping his very soul with my words, will and cock. His enslaved ass and mind responded in kind. I could feel the very essence of his deepest, darkest emptiness wrapping around my cock, aching to please me. I looked at D and he was completely lost in the emptiness of Toby’s ass, as well. Fucking him with the same intensity that I was fucking Bruce. Each of them was lost in his own way deep in the ecstasy of nothingness and complete obedience to me.

The way Bruce was massaging my cock with his ass, I could feel my orgasm starting to stir in my nuts. The thought of seeding my mindfucked wrestler’s fuckhole was brnging me closer with every stroke. I could feel the tingle of it starting to spread down my cock and out into my body. I wanted to hold on to this feeling as long as I could and enjoy every last bit of it.

“The emptiness of your cock is bringing you closer now, my wrestlers. Feel your orgasm drawing nearer and nearer. And D, you’re beginning to feel it in your occk as well. All of your nuts are boiling with hot seed and a craving to obey me. You feel it moving up your shafts. You feel it spilling out into your bodies.”

The rush was flooding my body hard and deep.

“Bringing you that much closer. The closer you come the better you feel. Feel it building now. Fucking your minds. Give me your fucking souls to rape!” I growled, shaking my head side to side, overcome with the primal arousal of coming to the edge.

“Bruce, Toby, feel your cocks so close now. D, drive your cock deeper. Rape his fucking soul for me!”

Their souls were being fucked now to a depth beyond depth. To an openness beyond open. A surrender beyond surrender. My fucking spunk was at the tip of my head. My body was engulfed in wave after wave of numbing orgasm.

My white gold erupted into Bruce’s ass. His walls clamped down on my cock in mindless greed, milking every drop from deep in my nuts. I seeded him so very fucking deep. Every shot inside his mindufcked ass pounded his empty brain like a hammer. His obedience and submission to me was now complete. He would forever carry my will inside him.

At that same moment, D had begun sowing his seed deep inside the blonde, vacant wrestler. He was bucking furiously into Toby’s blonde hole. The more of D’s seed Toby accepted, the more enslaved he became to my will and desire. And the more mindfucked seed D shot up Toby’s fuckhole, the deeper my will was planted in D’s vacant soul.

As D and I were dumping our steamy loads into our wrestlers, their nuts were beginning to spasm as their brainwashed cum moved up their shafts toward release. Their precum-soaked heads were rubbing furiously against each other. Their mouths gaped in silent screams of ecstasy and their eyes widened and became darker and more vacant

“Feel your cum at the tip of your head,” I said as D and I dropped another mindfucking load inside our wrestler puppets. “You can’t stop it. No, it’s far too late. The last bits of your souls mixing with your white hot cum screaming up your shaft. CUM NOW! CUM! NOW!” I rumbled uncontrollably as I shot another load into my mindless wrestler.

In one final, frantic spasm, Bruce and Toby’s brainwashed cocks shot their first geyser of hypnotized sperm. The force of their orgasm was so powerful that it yanked their cocks apart, blasting their cum onto each other’s washboard abs and chests.

“Feel each other’s hot spunk on your bodies. Feel it seeping deep into your brainwashed, controlled souls. Taking you over. Surrendering you to me. My voice. My will. My control. ”

Their twitching snakes spewed another sizzling load onto each other’s brainwashed bodies, deepening their emptiness and obedience to me. I felt another load instantaneously boiling up in my nuts and rocketing down my shaft and out into my mindfucked wrestler. D’s shot another wad, emptying him out and brainwashing him to my will even more, as well.

“Now my wrestlers,” I said as I began slowing down my fucking, “your emptiness and obedience to me is something you will begin sharing with your fellow teammates. They are not aware of how peaceful and serene it is to obey and submit. You will make them aware. You will make them understand. You will show them the path to serenity you have found through surrendering your control and obeying me. You will do this because you are my obedient, brainwashed wrestler jocks. Indoctrinating your teammates brings you pleasure. Delivering those teammates to me will be rewarded with deeper and harder mindfuckings.”

Their cocks sprung back to attention when I spoke those words. I repeated their orders a few more times, planting it at the very core of their empty minds.

“You have your instructions, my wrestlers. You are mine to command. Obey me.” I told them. I also instructed them to begin dressing themselves. Once they had done so I positioned us all in the referee’s position. Me on Bruce, D on Toby. I counted from 1 down to 5. Upon reaching 5 I told them they would all be wide awake and we would resume our practice, them having no memory of the deep brainwashing they had undergone. Their unconscious mind would, of course, retain everything they had been programmed to retain.

Once everyone was awake, we continued our practice, for about another thirty minutes. I kept getting a boner thinking about what had just occurred. And here we all were, squirming around hot and sweaty all over again. Only difference is only one of us would ever know just how intense practice had really been.


After an interesting couple of weeks at school with class, wrestling practices and other extra-curricular activities, I was looking forward to another special Saturday practice session with my boys. I had D go ahead to pick up Bruce and Toby while I had a brief early morning video chat with my Marine father, Sergeant Rick, to discuss my upcoming visit back home for the holidays. I had been so busy lately it was the only time he and I could catch up, and there was only enough time for me to check out my father who had no idea he was naked and stroking his leaky hard cock for me while we chatted. The call ended not soon after I ordered him to cum all over himself, which was an explosive sight.

I then suited up for practice and made my way to the university gym, in particular Coach Amato’s office, to pass for him, but he wasn’t alone when I got there.

“Elizabethan literature?!” I heard him practically screaming as I rounded the corner towards his office door. “What in the name of fuck are you going to do with a degree in Elizabethan literature, son!”

“Hey Coach, are you in here?” I yelled to announce myself before I got to his door.

“Yeah, back here in my office,” he yelled back. Standing in his doorway, I saw in the chair across from him a teenager who looked like the kid in the picture on the coach’s desk. He was the scrawniest, nerdiest string bean of a geekI had ever seen! I turned to walk away giving a sorry-to-have-disturbed-you look.

“No, no! Come back!” Coach practically yelled. “I want you to meet my son, Val. Val here’s going to study ElizaBEEEEthan poetryyyy in college…,” Coach drew out for effect. You could cut the tension with a knife.

“Daaaaad!” The son whined in embarrassment.

“Hi Val. Nice to meet you.” I said, introducing myself. As he stood up to shake my hand, I studied the teenaged boy more closely. He was taller than his father, but the way he carried himself made it seem like he was the smallest guy in the room. He had his father’s handsome Italian features somewhat softened and enhanced by his mother’s, and his non-existent physique had... potential.

“Nice to meet you too,” Val replied. His handshake was a cold, clammy, limp fish, and he barely managed to maintain eye contact, but even so, I managed to spot a little something similar to what I found in Coach Amato’s eyes the first time I saw them. Like father, like son, I thought, smirking to myself.

“He was just leaving, weren’t you, Val?” Coach Amato said, glaring in disapproval at his nerdy son.

Val shrugged and turned to leave when he was startled by his hand still stuck in mine. Confused, he looked down at my hand holding fast to his, and then he looked back up to awkwardly ask me what was going on, but I didn’t give him a chance. As soon as my eyes locked on to his, I pulled his hand towards my body as I commanded him to sleep. He had very little choice in the matter.

I guided his head beside mine, right where I can whisper my wonderful words of relaxation directly into his ear, telling him to go deeper and deeper. As weak-willed as he was, it was all too easy to bring him down to where I wanted him to be. I helped Val down to his chair and told him to relax even more.

“Nice son you have here, Coach.” I smiled, turning to the flabbergasted man standing behind his desk, not quite sure on what was happening or even what to do. He was obviously surprised and angry, but at the same time, unbeknownst to him, he was horny.

“What the fuck did you do to him?!” he raged, unaware of his raging boner tenting his sweatpants.

“I just wanted to have a little chat with him to get to know him better, Coach,” I said.

“B-but, why did you have to do that?” he asked.

“It looked like he needed to relax, Coach, after the way you were berating him.” I clasped my hand over Val’s scalp and started rotating his head slowly, eliciting another reaction of pleasure from his father.

“Did... did you hypnotize him?”

“Yes I did, Coach, and you liked watching me do that to him, didn’t you?”

Coach let out a gasp as he watched his sleeping son's head slinking down to his chest when I let it go. “Yes...” he blurted out but quickly retracted. “I mean, no!

I noticed the front of his sweats getting darker. “In fact, I think you’re enjoying this a lot more than when I watched you hypnotizing Tommy for me last week.”

“Tommy? Who the fuck’s Tommy? And how can I hypnotize anyone when I don’t even know how to do that!”

“Well, you had a little help from me and that special device I had my father bring to me on his last visit here. And Tommy was Thomas. You remember him now? He goes by Tommy now thanks to you, Coach. He’s going to be a much better wrestler too as will everyone else on the team, eventually.”

“That’s it! I’ve had enough, you sick fuck. I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, but I want you to stop. Snap my son out of whatever you did to him and get the fuck out of here! You’re off the team! I’m going to report you to the dean and make sure you get kicked out of college!”

“Your son looks quite peaceful right now, Coach, and I don’t want to wake him up just yet,” I teased. “Why don’t you stand there and be quiet for a while so he and I get better acquainted.”

Coach seethed as he tried to speak up but found he couldn’t say another word. His muscles were tense, but something held him back from rushing me, much less taking one step closer. Perhaps a few weeks ago before he and I had met, he would have already lunged at me and punched my lights out, but now, well, Coach Amato was a changed man. He would never do anything to hurt me (unless when I wanted him to).

I turned my attention back to Val and deepened his trance even more, fractionating him to utter bliss. The deeper he went, the more he wanted it, judging by how the outline of his cock kept growing in his pants. That just confimed my suspicion about the Amato boys: Like father, like son, indeed.

Every once in a while I would glance at his father, frozen and mute, and see that wet spot in front of his pants getting slightly bigger each time. I could tell he both hated and loved what he was watching and being unable to do anything about it.

When I got what I needed to know from Val, I went over to where Coach was standing and said, “You can talk again, Coach, but stay put where you are.”

“Please... leave my son alone. Why are you doing this to him?” He was crying.

“Because I can. And because I like making guys like you feel good, Coach. And you do feel good right now, don’t you Coach?”

“N-n...” he started to say, but I gave him a knowing look. “... yes.”

“It made you feel good watching me hypnotize your son, didn’t it Coach?”

“Yes--God help me--yes.”

“Now that’s more like it.”

“You, you did something to me. You must have hypnotized me too. That’s why I can’t move!”

“Very good, Coach.”

“And that’s why I’m feeling this way right now. You’re making me feel this way!”

“Well, I can’t take all the credit, Coach. I just woke up something deep inside you that you’ve been denying all these years, and now I’m going to help you help your son come to the same realization.”

Coach gasped, realizing what I had meant. “Please stop this, I’m begging you. Let me and my son go. I’ll do anything.”

“You’re going to do that anyway,” I said as I triggered him, giving his shoulder the squeeze it’d been craving for. The abruptness and the trigger combined to take him very deep almost immediately, but I wanted him on another level today. I told him to begin counting down from 10 to 1. When he reached 1, he went down the absolute deepest he could go for me, completely open to the follow the instructions I then began giving him.

Practice was starting soon and I didn’t want stay here for much longer. I got right down into Coach’s subconscious mind and began programming him for what he’ll be doing to Val over the coming months. I couldn’t wait to see what he’d look like come next year.

“Do you understand, Coach?” I asked him after completing my instructions.

His cock throbbed and slithered up his sweats. His empty eyes remained straight ahead and his head nodded in deep, obedient agreement. “Yesssss...”

“Very good, Coach. I’m going to wake up your son now to send him home, and you’re going to stay in this state for the rest of the day, is that understood?”


I went back to Val and had him stand where he was when this little episode started. I told him he would wake up once he heard his father’s voice.

“He was just leaving, weren’t you, Val?” Coach Amato said, staring at his son with a blank look on his face.

Val opened his eyes, temporarily disoriented but remembering where he was. “Yes, Dad. I will see you when you come home tonight,” he replied, picking up his backpack and leaving his father’s office.

Coach and I walked into practice to an already full room. Standing at the back were Bruce and Toby, and they had four of our other teammates with them. Bruce and Toby had been busy in the past few days. The four wrestlers appeared simply to be having a conversation with Bruce and Toby, just as they seemed to be when they were being brainwashed by D the first time at the tryouts. The untrained eye would miss it. Making my way toward them at the back of the room, it was clear to me, though. Bruce and Toby were mindfucking the shit out of those four boys.

“…going so much deeper now,” I heard Bruce say to the wrestlers as I came up behind him and Toby.

“The only thing that matters to you is our voices, deep inside your mind. Opening it. Molding it,” Toby said to the four. Bruce and Toby had somehow established this induction where they alternated back and forth between each other. In essence, the four wrestlers were being tag teamed!

“Fucking it,” Bruce continued for Toby. Back and forth it went. Each turn was dragging the four wrestlers down to blissful depths. As Bruce spoke, Toby’s cock would slither around in his singlet. When Toby spoke, Bruce’s cock slithered around in his singlet as well.

“Feel your cocks throb with obedience to us,” Toby said. The four wrestlers eyes had that semi-vacant look that told you they were right on the verge of being shoved deeper. Their cocks rock hard against the lycra of their singlets. Their muscles tense. Controlled.

“We hear and we obey,” the four said in unison. Their stares grew more distant.

I stepped up and placed my head between Bruce and Toby’s. Deep in their own mindfucked brains I whispered instructions for them to pass on to the four zonked wrestlers starting with transferring their control to me. As they conveyed my commands, I turned and walked to the other side of the room where D was.

D had another wrestler, a sophomore, ensnared in his eyes and words as well. By the size of that bulging packge on that hypnotized athlete, I could tell D had him well on his way. I leaned over and whispered into D’s ear the same commands I had given to Bruce and Toby.

At that moment, I heard the door slam and saw Tommy coming in all geared up for practice. At 6’2” and over 200lbs. of pure muscle, the junior looked impressively huge in his singlet that left nothing to the imagination. Coach must’ve texted him to come on over before I showed up at the office.

“Hey Coach, looks like I got here just in time. You guys haven’t started yet.” Tommy said. He looked around the room and wondered why everyone was so quiet. “Hey, is everyone OK?”

Coach Amato came up to him and said, “Tommy, I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say.”

“Yes Coach?”

“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”
“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”
“Every workout is one step closer to your goal.”

It was a beautiful sight watching such a muscular boy slip into a trance right there and then, much like when Coach did it to him last week. When Coach told Tommy to open his eyes, Tommy’s face was empty and open. Coach finished up by transferring Tommy's control over to me, and there was really only one response to that.

“I hear and I obey.”

Now that everyone was ready, on my command, I had Coach get practice started. After our warm-up calisthenics he told us we’d be learning some new techniques today. He paired Bruce with Toby, then paired off the newly brainwashed wrestlers. I was to be with Tommy, and D would be with his lastest conquest.

I went up to the front and got into the referee position. D stood obediently off to the side with his wrestling partner. I was on all fours facing the room and Tommy was behind me. His rod throbbed hard as steel in his singlet as it rested against my ass in mine. In front of me were the three other pairs of brainwashed wrestlers. Coach blew his whistle as the signal for practice to begin. Was this going to be one hell of a wrestling season, or what?

Continued in To Protect, and to Serve