To Protect, and to Serve (hypno)

Continued from Takedown

�We�re good to go, Nate. I�m going to go to the airport tomorrow morning at ten hundred thirty to pick up your nephew. He doesn�t have a clue you�re going to be here,� Sergeant Rick grinned as he helped me carry my stuff from my car into his house.

This was gonna be awesome. Last month my big brother Rick called and asked if I�d drive down for the holidays to surprise my nephew. He was away at his first semester of college and my brother told me he was doing real good. Not only was he gettin� good grades, he�s been making big waves on the wrestling team with his best friend D. It seemed to me that Rick and my nephew had gotten real close over the summer, and I could tell that he was real proud of his son. Those two had a real special bond they didn�t quite have before since my big bro Rick was�and is�a hard-assed Marine.

I kinda had my own bond with my nephew, too. I got to be his �Favorite Uncle.� (Well, his only uncle.) It started eight years ago when the Marines shipped my brother to NYC where I still live. They only got to stay for a couple of years, but that�s when we made our strong uncle-nephew connection. When you�re ten, every boy wants to be either a policeman or a fireman. And since I�m a cop, my nephew went crazy!

And to top things off, my nephew became a workout freak! I think he caught the �bug� on the weekends when I�d have him over to spend the night. I always did my workouts in my basement, and he�d be down there with me. And he�d be full of questions. �Why you doin� that? How much does that weigh? What�s it do? What�s that for? What�s that muscle?� And other times he�d sit real quiet and just watch me. I always gave him a dumbbell bar with about five pounds on it so he could work his biceps with me. We�d flex in the mirror to see whose muscles were bigger. I�d always tell him his arms were way bigger than mine. Then he�d growl in the mirror, grit his teeth and make a muscle with his arms. Those were the days. At that age, gettin� to spend the weekend with your favorite policeman bodybuilder uncle is the coolest thing in the world.

Two years later the Marines shipped my brother and his family somewhere else, and I missed havin’ them around. I loved my sister-in-law and I missed spoilin’ my nephew, and it ended up makin’ our bond even stronger, though. As he got older and he got serious with liftin� weights, he�d always be callin� with questions, talkin� to me about new workout routines, or askin� me for suggestions on anything and everything about workin’ out. It kept us in touch, strengthened our bond, and I loved every minute of it. He�d grown up to be a great kid, and I�d like to think I had a hand in that.

We got to see each other once in a long while in the years since, but it�s been about a year now when I saw him last. I�ve really packed on the muscle since then and I knew I�d blow him away. From the pics he�d been sending me, he�d really bulked up himself. Couldn�t wait to see him tomorrow! When my brother called last month about surprisin’ my nephew with a visit, I didn�t think I was going to make it because of my job. I was really stressin� out over that. Thankfully, after talkin� to me for a bit, he helped me work things out and together we spent the next few weeks workin’ over the details of the trip on the phone while keepin’ all of it secret from my nephew who we didn�t want to distract from school anyway. My bro said his son’s been really busy with his studies.

After we had dinner, Rick took me upstairs and showed me where I was gonna be sleepin�, but before anything else, he told me I should take a nice, hot shower. When he mentioned that, I suddenly realized just how tired I was. I had driven straight down to my brother�s place after my shift was over today. It had been a really long day and it was startin� to catch up to me. I took out my stuff from my bag and marched on to the bathroom. The hot, relaxin� water was just what doctor ordered.

I dressed up for bed and I came back into my room where Rick was turning down the bed for me. I love my big bro. He�s always watchin� out for me.

�I think I�m turnin� in early tonight, Rick,� I said, yawning. �It�s been a really long one today.�

�Yes, it was, Nathan. You really look tired,� he replied. �I know how exhausting it must have been driving all the way here. I, for one, really appreciate it, and I�m sure your nephew will appreciate it too.�

Damn, my eyes were really getting heavy. �Hey, fuggedaboutit. That�s family is for,� I said, yawnin’ even more. And how could I say no to my big bro. He�s always doin� nice things for me, even when we were kids. Guess I was lucky to have a brother like him.

Rick then said, �I can see that you are very tired and drowsy. I will close the lights for you. Don�t worry about anything. You should get your rest now, Nathan.�

Yeah, that�s my big bro all right. He always knows what�s best for me. And this kinda reminded me of when we shared a room growing up. We�d be talkin� up a storm just before our dad would come in and tell us to get the hell to sleep. Guess Rick�s the dad now.

�Thanks Rick,� I said as I crawled under those covers.

�Sleep now,� he said to me, and I was out like a light.


The next mornin’, I woke up early, still pretty out of it. Man, I must have been really drained from the trip yesterday. I�d had some funky dreams before, but that one from last night � whew! It was all fuzzy in my head now and the more I thought about it the more it went away. The last thing I remember was my big bro tellin’ me to sleep and that was it.

When I finally sat up in bed I could smell the coffee downstairs. Now that�s the kickstart I was needin�.

�Fuck, Nate!� my brother said when I came into the kitchen. I was a bit surprised to hear him swear like that, but that was when I realized somethin� was off. I looked down and saw all I was in was my boxers. No shirt. No socks. Just all 240lbs. of me standing in front of my big brother practically naked. Not sure how my shirt got off me last night.

�Sorry Rick. I�ll go back upstairs...�

�Nah, don�t worry about it. You just caught me by surprise is all. I didn�t realize how big you�ve gotten. What the fuck have you been eating, little brother?!� he said grabbin� my bicep.

Whew! I forgot that my bro told me before that he didn�t have problem seein� me like this. And if he didn�t, why should I? After all, there's nothin' wrong with me showin' off all my hard work. I flexed my bicep hard for him. �My Wheaties,� I grinned.

�How big are those fuckers, little brother?�� he asked.

�Those�re twenty-one inch guns, big bro!� I told him pourin� my coffee as I kept flexin� for him. I gotta admit when I�m workin� out the gym at the police station, it doesn�t matter who does it, I love bein� looked at and admired. Why should family be any different?

�You�re a fucking Hulk, Nate!� he said. I saw him out of the corner of my eye checkin� me out. I liked that my big brother, the one I looked up to all my life, was now lookin� up to me about somethin�. Knowin� he�s lookin� and admirin� when I took a drag on my coffee made me flex even more. I love puttin� on a show, even if it�s just to taunt my big bro.

�Your nephew�s gonna go ape-shit when he sees you later, Nate,� my brother said, unable to stop grabbin� on me.

I grinned at him out of the corner of my eye, takin� another drag on my coffee. �Wait till he hears I�m gonna start doin� contests.� Rick just grinned.

Right after I helped clean up breakfast, Rick headed for the airport to pick up my nephew. He was gonna be gone for a few hours. After he left, I took my coffee and hit the gym he�d made in his basement. That little episode at the kitchen got me all worked up, and all I wanted to do was get a good pump on so when my nephew got home, he�d see how big his Uncle Nate had got. Finally he�d have to admit my guns were bigger than his.


I was lookin� in the mirror in the guest room after my workout. When I get done liftin� I always get in the mirror and check myself out. I really packed on the meat this year. I�m 5�8�, and I�m up to 240 now. Solid as fuck. I don�t have a hairy chest or legs, but I got a nice beard goin�. Right now it�s not a five o�clocker, more like a seven or eight.

�That�s it fucker. Show off them guns,� I said lookin� into my own eyes as I shot my favorite pose, double biceps. All those fuckin� veins on all those muscles. Damn. �I�m the fuckin� shit!� My muscles were poppin� everywhere and I was getting veiny as hell. �Fuckin� A, man! Make them muscles bulge, fucker! Pop those veins!� I said lookin� deeper into my own eyes, gettin� lost in myself in the mirror.

Sometimes I start posin� so hard it gets me dizzy. Love that shit! I get this tingle all over that gets me horny. Horny to get bigger and veinier. Horny to push myself harder. Horny to be a big, badass mother fucker. But most of all I get really horny to fuck. A pumped up, post-workout boner is the best! And getting� into some sweet, wet, muscle hungry pussy after workin� out real hard is the shit. I love cummin� when I�m all pumped up. My muscles all get so fuckin� tight, I tingle all over from head to toe, and I cum so hard I can hear it in my head. It blows my fuckin� mind.

For a minute, I didn�t know I was doin� it. I�d started rubbin� my dick through my sweats. Rubbin� my dick with one hand and flexin� my bicep with the other. I raised it up and kissed it. Fuck yeah! That shit sent a little shock wave through me. It made the pump go deeper. And it made my dick harder. Flexin� was like jackin� for me. The more I did it the more it got me off. It was like edgin�. Flexin� right to the edge of cummin�, then back down again. I�d do that as many times as I could, feeling the burn in my muscles from posin� and flexin� so hard. All the work I�d done in the last year made me look hot as fuck. Big wide, meaty lats. Veiny round shoulders, thick, hard pecs, nice washboard abs, and� fuck yeah flex hard, man, get closer, � big thick thighs.

Shit! What the fuck was I doin�? This was my big brother�s house, and sure as shit, they�d be home any minute. My fuckin� muscle bone was stickin� straight out in my sweats and I was about to shoot my load over my own flexin� for fuck�s sake. I made myself stop it and start gettin� my clothes on. I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and headed down stairs. Right as I came downstairs the door opened and in came my nephew.

�UNCLE NATE! What the FUCK are you doing here?!� He almost screamed. He stood there lookin� all shocked. I could see it on his face. He really had no idea I was going to be here. And best of my all, my size blew him away. Got �im!

“Surprise kiddo! Looks like we get to hang out for the next week or two,” I said.

My big bro laughed, �Yeah, that�s right, son. Your Uncle Nate got here last night and he�s gonna be with us for the entire holiday while your mom�s visiting your grandparents.�

I then said to my flabbergasted nephew, �What the fuck? You too old now to give your favorite uncle a hug?�

He threw his stuff down and went straight for my biceps like he used to when he was ten. He grabbed �em, laughed and said, �Damn Uncle Nate, you�re fuckin� huge! You finally won the biggest arms contest!�

When we got our arms around each other, I could tell he�d been hittin� it hard too. He was solid as a brick shit house under those clothes! I grabbed his biceps. �You ain�t doin� too bad, either, kid! We gonna get down in the basement and pump some weights while I�m here?�

�Sure thing, Uncle. I�ll show you how it�s done,� my nephew said, fake punching me in the arm.

�Yeah? And who else�s gonna help you with that?�

My nephew got this real sly look on his face and nodded back at my brother comin� through the door. �I�m gonna get Sergeant Rick here to help me take care of you, Mister Policeman. Isn't that right, dad?�

�Yes, my son,� my brother replied. �W-Whatever you say.�

�Well, bring it, boys. I can take both of you on,� I said, fake punching my nephew back. �C�mon, lemme help bring your things in. I'm sure you're worn out from the trip.�

�Thanks Uncle Nate. Maybe you can help me find a way to thank Sergeant Rick for setting up this surprise,� my nephew said.

�No problema, amigo mio.�

It seemed weird to me that my nephew would call his dad that way, but then again, maybe they had really gotten close. I went to pick up my nephew�s bags where he dropped them and noticed Rick was just standin� there at the door with a strange expression on his face.

�You OK, big bro?� He looked like the cat swallowing the canary.

�N-never better, Nathan,� he answered as he walked in the house with the rest of his son�s stuff.

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