To Protect, and to Serve 2 (hypno inc)

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My nephew and I spent the rest of the day catchin’ up on the past year. I was real anxious to hear about school. I told him how his dad kept me up to date on everything goin’ on. I knew he was gettin’ good grades and I knew he made the wrestling team.

�School�s cool,� he told me. �I got on the wrestling team this year and I�ve learned a lot from the guys on my team. I want to think I�ve taught them some stuff, too,� he said. �I really like the coach, too. We share a lot of the same thoughts when it comes to wrestling and the team�s goals, and,� he grinned with pride, �I�m the first freshman to ever be named team captain.�

By that time I started gettin’ sleepy; it was two-thirty in the morning! My nephew and I were talkin’ all night long. He was growin’ up to be just like his dad. Just like his dad when we were younger, I could feel myself wantin’ to listen to him talk all night long. I gave my nephew one last fake punch on the arm and headed for bed. It was another long day and I was beat. I was gonna sleep good tonight! My nephew was followin’ me up the steps, still trash talkin’ about tomorrow’s workout. I laughed to myself. That kid wouldn’t quit!

I got out of my clothes, and as sleepy as I was, I still found myself standing in the mirror again looking at myself posin’ and flexin’ to the point of bein’ dizzy all over again. Double biceps. Crab. Side chest. Every pose made my fuckin’ pole stiffer and stiffer. My big brother was right. I need to show my shit off more! I fuckin’ rocked!

After a few minutes flexin’ my muscles and my boner I started gettin’ kinda zoned out and dreamy feelin’. I shut off the light and walked my muscles and boner to the bed without even botherin' to put any clothes on and slid under the sheets. The coolness of the sheets felt great against muscles and my big, thick bone. The head of my dick kept rubbin’ against the sheets, makin’ it tingle and throb, shootin’ those hot ass shockwaves through my body. That shit felt great! I shoulda started sleepin' naked a long time ago. As I drifted off to LaLa Land, I remember feelin’ how much I loved my muscles, and my dick.


I opened my eyes in the dark room. What time was it? How long had I been asleep? I rolled over and there was my brother Rick standin’ at the side of the bed and starin’ down at me.

�W-w-whaisit?� I mumbled half-awake. �Isanything wrong?�

�My son says I�m supposed to get you ready, finish what I started last night as he�s going to work you out hard,� he said.

�Ready for what. I don�t under...�

Rick then placed his hand on my forehead, whispered loudly “Sleep now,” and all of a sudden, I went totally and completely relaxed. I could feel my eyeballs turnin’ up inside their sockets. There was somethin’ so familiar with all of this, but I was havin’ such a hard time rememberin’.

�I told you I�d come back to talk with you tonight, didn�t I? Your big brother wouldn�t let you down. Now listen to me, Nathan. Listen to my voice.�

�Yes, Rick,� I said without thinkin� about it. When I did, I could myself gettin� excited for Rick to say something. Anything. I just wanted to hear his voice. And yeah, he did tell me he�d come back to talk to me again last night... wait, was it last night?

�Relax, little brother,� he said with that quiet authority I loved so much. �Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your thoughts go, brother. Just listen to me. Let all those other sounds you hear just help you listen to me even closer.�

�Yes, Rick,� I said back to him, and I could feel that excitement startin� to grow in me... again. And for some reason, it felt a bit better than before. Everything in me was waitin� for him to say something else. The more he talked, the more I could feel his voice gettin� inside me. I could feel it goin� through the front of my skull, and getting� inside my brain. With every word I got those little shockwave come over me, just like the kind I get when I�m flexin� in the mirror.

�That�s right little brother, just keep on listening to your big brother�s voice. Just like when we were younger and we�d talk in the middle of the night. You remember, Nathan. You couldn�t stop listening to me, could you? Go back there, Nathan. Listen to me like that. The more I talk, the more relaxed you get. So I�ll just keep on talking, and you can just keep on relaxing. Just like it�s always been when I talk to you.�

�Yes, Ricky.� It was just like it was when we shared a room. Ricky would talk and I�d just listen. I�d listen to him for hours. He was so smart and he knew everything! And he was right about relaxin�, too! I just fuckin� love my big brother. He always does stuff that makes me feel good. He�s always lookin� out for me. Those little waves were getting� stronger whenever Ricky was sayin� stuff. I loved how it felt. It was pulsin� through my muscles and makin� �em feel real good. They started takin� on this weird heavy feeling. It was like my body was gettin� heavy, but it was fallin� away from me, too. I could feel my body, but it felt like it was driftin� away from me. Like it was detached or something. Whatever it was, it felt real good.

But... it also felt... wrong. I shouldn’t be feelin’ like this. Ricky... Rick... is my brother, for fuck’s sake... why am I so turned on? I wanted him to stop, but part of me wanted him to keep on goin’... keep on makin’ me feel good. I didn’t know how or why he was doin’ this, and it took all I had to force myself to open my eyes and fight through the pleasure to talk to him.

�R-Rick...� I gasped, �wh... what are you doin�?� My body had gotten so heavy... I could hardly move my head, much less my arms. It was hell tryin� to get myself to wake up.

�I�m getting you ready for my son, Nathan.�

A wave of pleasure washed over me when I heard him say those words. “You... said that already... I still don’t understand... what you mean.”

�I�m getting you ready for him, Nathan. Ready to protect him, ready to serve him like I have.�

Another wave of pleasure hit me, this time stronger, more intense. “P-protect... and s-serve?”

�I told you that before in our chats the past month, Nathan. And I told you again that last night. You remember what I told you, don�t you?�

�I have... to protect... and serve... my nephew...� My entire body just stiffened at saying that, almost completely filling my head with mindblowing pleasure, but this.. this... I can�t... �No... please... stop this, Rick...�

�You did very well, Nathan. Say it again...�

�I have... to protect and serve... my nephew.� No... yes.. that�s my job... but... feels soooo good.

�Say it again.�

It wasn’t a request.

�I have to protect and serve my nephew.� And at that point, all doubt--all hesitation--was gone. I remembered what I needed to do. I lay completely still under the sheets and blanket. All my fuckin� hard, veiny muscles and my mind waitin� for my Ricky�s voice to tell me what to do next.

�That�s right, Nathan. Now, trust your big brother. Just let go and open yourself a little more this time, brother. Feel how good it is to allow me to slip inside your head for a little while longer. You don�t have to think, Nathan. Let your big brother do all the thinking for you tonight. Whatever your big brother tells you, you know it�s true. Cuz I look out for you, Nathan. And part of looking out for you is making you feel good. You want to feel so good, don�t you, Nathan?�

�Y-yes, Ricky.� God I fuckin�love my big bro. He�s always watchin� outfor me. He always knowswhat�sbest for me. All of me. The more I paid attention to what my big brother Ricky said, the more my muscles were gettin� real heavy. I could feel my body movin� further and further away from me. Those little shockwaves were runnin� all through me. Ricky�s voice was makin� them get stronger and stronger. If I let my eyes roll up in my head, it only made it all feel better. Fuck it felt so good to just listen and do what my big brother was tellin� me.

�You�re such a good little brother, Nathan. And because you�re obeying your big brother so well, I�m going to give you something wonderful. Feel those shockwaves that are filling up your big, strong muscles start to fill up your nuts. And your cock. Feel how good it is to have your cock getting harder and harder. The more you listen and do as your big brother says, the harder your get. And the harder you get, the easier it is to listen to me. And the more you listen to me and the harder you get, the deeper you go, little brother. Just let go and let my voice and your cock take you deeper.�

�Yes, Ricky.� I love Ricky.I fuckin�loveRicky. He�salways doin� nice things forme. It felt so good to do what he was tellin� me. Just to let it happen and relax my muscles even more. And he was so right. My big muscle bone was gettin� so hard. I could feel the head rubbin� against the cool sheets and it felt so fuckin� good. Every time my big brother said something, I could feel his words shootin� right up my dick. All those shockwaves fillin� up my head, my muscles and my dick. Ricky�s voice fillin� me up from head to toe. God I loved my big brother. My dick was tellin� me that!

As my dick was gettin’ even harder, and my muscles and body were fallin’ away from me even more. Fuck! I could hear Ricky sayin’ something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. It didn’t matter though. I was feelin’ too good to care anymore. While he was talkin’ I started to feel my blanket pullin’ off of me.

�Feel the blanket moving down your body, Nathan. Down your muscles. Your big, beautiful, veiny muscles. Feel it snaking across your shoulders. Your pecs. Your abs. Feel it making your cock harder as it slides further down. As it moves down, feel yourself going down deeper, little brother. Feel yourself going deeper for me, Nathan. Doing what your big brother tells you. That blanket feels so fucking good moving down your body. Exposing you. Opening you. Nothing to hide little brother. Nothing to fear. Just accept your big brother and his voice deeper inside you the more your blanket moves down your body.�

Jesus, Ricky was so right. He was always right. He knewhow to makemefeel so fuckin’good. It felt so right to open up to him. My cock was throbbing the more my blanket pulled across it. I was feelin’ myself open more and more the more he pulled it down my big muscles and my cock. The edge of the blanket was right at my abs. Such a light touch. Feelin’ it graze my body. Ricky’s voice, the blanket, my muscles. It was all makin’ my mind swirl and spin so fuckin’ hard. I could feel it slidin’ across my abs.

�Yes, Ricky!� I moaned as the blanket moved up and over my dick. It felt like an eternity. It felt so fuckin� good. The more the blanket caressed my dick the more I could feel my body turnin� itself over to Ricky. God, brother! Yes! I could feel his voice so fuckin� deep in my head. Yes, Ricky. Take it, big brother! Please!

Ricky pulled the blanket further down me. Goin’ down my tense, muscular quads. Such a light, beautiful touch the blanket had on my skin. It felt like tingly little fingers runnin’ all over me. Relaxin’ me. Helpin’ me focus on my big brother’s voice so fuckin’ deep inside me. The more Ricky pulled the blanket down me, the heavier my body was gettin’. Fuck Ricky. Say somethin’. Anything. Please, brother. Listenin’ to him as he pulled the blanket further down was pushin’ deep into the bed. Like velvety hands pushin’ on me. Shovin’ me deeper into it. The blanket was movin’ across my akles and up my feet. FUCK!

My muscles were achin’ and screamin for Ricky. OhGod.OhGod.OhGodRicky.Please. Pleasepullitslowerbother. Makemydickevenharder


The blanket pulled up and over the ends of my toes and I got this wave of openness wash over me. I felt really exposed, like there wasn’t anywhere I could hide myself. But it felt so fuckin’ good to be like that. There wasn’t nothin’ to protect me from Ricky’s voice inside me. I didn’t have any resistance left to what Ricky was sayin’. I was naked all over for him, and it felt so fuckin’ good. My whole body was throbbin’ with the sound of Ricky’s voice inside me. FIllin’ up my muscles. Goin’ up and down my rock hard dick.

�Go so much deeper now Nathan. Let your cock guide you to me. That�s right brother. Feel all that muscle precum starting to move up your shaft the deepr you go and the more you listen to your big brother. Do as he says, Nathan. Obey your big brother.�

Fuck! I could feel my dick startin’ to leak. I could feel every drop runnin’ down my cock and makin’ it so much stiffer. Ricky always knew how to make me feel good. My muscles were gettin’ tense and I could feel my cock achin’ for more of Ricky to fill me up.

�You�ve been such a good little brother for me tonight, Nathan. Your big brother has something very special for you. Something he�s always wanted you to have. Offer me your muscles. Offer your big brother your thick, beautiful, muscle bone,� my brother was drillin� the words so fuckin� deep into my head. My muscles were shakin� on the inside they was so tense and pumped. And my dick was beyond bein� hard. I wanted to give him my body. I needed him to have my muscles and my cock. And havin� him inside my head was so fuckin� sweet.

Right as he was sayin’ that Ricky slipped something really wet and warm around my dick. It went up and down on it and gripped on it real hard the whole time. “That’s right little brother. Feel your big brother’s hungry Marine ass sliding up and down on your fucking muscle cop cock. That sweet fuckin’ night stick slithering up inside your brother. Every time I ride you, you just go that much deeper for your brother.”

Jesus, Ricky! All I could do was lay there. I couldn’t move but Ricky’s ass clamped around my shaft felt like fuckin’ Heaven. Up and down. Up and down. I wasn’t sure how long he’d been doin’ that and I didn’t care. I just wanted to get my dick more up inside my big brother. He was so fuckin’ sloppy wet, it pushed me further into the bed and Ricky’s voice tellin’ me how much I loved it.

He started ridin’ me real slow. Grippin’ me hard on the way down, and even harder on the way up. “Fuck your big Marine brother, Nathan. Fuck him good and deep. Every time I go down your cock, feel yourself go down deeper. And every time I go up, feel a little more of yourself get pulled away from you.” Ricky was right, like he always was. The more he rode me the more I was lettin’ myself go to him. The more his ass felt so damn wonderful around my big monster, muscle cock. The deeper it went in him, the slower he’d ride me. “Open your eyes, little brother. Look into mine.”

FUCK! Ricky looked so fuckin’ beautiful squattin’ down on my muscle dick. His face was right up close to mine and he was as lost as I was in it. His hands were all over my body and it felt so fuckin’ good havin’ him touch me. If I coulda moved my arms, I’da put my hands all over his, too. He was lightly runnin’ his fingers all over my big ass pecs, and he found my nipples. God Ricky, please, I was hearin’ myself say. Grab my nipples and take me. I let out something between a plea and a groan. When I did he slowed his ass down even more.

FUCK! My big Marine brother was edgin’ my muscle dick with his ass! God dammit did that feel sweet as fuck! I looked deeper into his eyes as he slowed down even more. Deep inside his eyes I could see what he was seein’ in mine. Mindless passion. I loved my big brother. And I knew he loved me. He squeezed my nipples even harder. God. I could feel myself gettin’ closer. I knew my dick was leakin’ up inside him, lubin’ him up real good. My muscles were gettin’ tenser and tenser. I could feel my toes pointin’ and my body swellin’. My fuckin’ nuts were startin’ to draw up and I could feel the orgasm startin’ to flood my head and shoot out into my body. Ricky felt it too cuz he started pumpin’ with a hungry fury up and down my fuckin’ muscle bone.

�Look at me l-l-little brother...�, he was gaspin�.

�Yes, Ricky,� I gasped back at him. My fuckin� muscles were screamin� for release and the closer we got to cummin� the closer Ricky got his face to mine. �I�m gonna cum, Ricky!�

�Then cum, Nathan. Cum inside your brother. Shoot your fucking muscle spunk deep inside me,� Ricky said puttin� one hand behind my head, liftin� it up and lockin� his lips on mine. As my shot my first load up in �im, our tongues were dartin� all over each other�s mouths. I could feel Ricky�s ass clampin� even harder around my dick. We could feel each other�s moans and groans in each other�s mouths and it was drivin� us nuts.

Pullin’ my head back I looked my brother deep in his eyes, gettin’ ready to pump another muscle load up inside his fuckhole. “I love you Ricky.”

�I l-l-love y-y-you too, little b-b-brother,� Ricky said lettin� out this guttural kinda sound. Shovin� his tongue back down my throat. Ridin� up and down on my muscle dick faster and faster. Finally lettin� his beautiful, hot jizz spurt all over my chest and neck.

Feelin’ his hot spunk coatin’ my chest sent me spinnin’ even deeper and my nuts started to boil all over again. As quick as I felt the sensation growin’ in me, my dick was blowin’ another load deep inside my big brother. “F-f-fuck, Ricky!” I heard myself sayin’.

�Give your big brother your fucking muscle cum, little brother. The more you shoot, the more you surrender yourself. The more you let go and the more your mind and body and muscles obey.�

�Y-y-yes, Ricky. We hear and obey.� Aawwfuck!! My whole body and muscles went fuckin� numb, my head felt like it was bein� stretched open, my dick throbbed hard as shit and shot one last huge load of muscle spunk up inside my sweet brother Ricky. �We hear and we obey.� Aawwfuckkk, Ricky.

Ricky milked my fuckin’ muscle dick for every last drop a spunk. He moved in closer to me, never lettin’ his empty, mindless gaze leave mine. He got so close I could feel his horny breath in my face. “Do what he tells you, Nathan.”

Yes R-R-Ricky. We hear and we obey We have to protect and serve him.”

�Sleep now.�

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