To Protect, and to Serve 3 (hypno inc)

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I was sittin’ at the kitchen table waitin’ on my nephew to come down. I woke up this morning feelin’ like I’d had the best sleep I’d had in ages. I was takin’ a drink of my coffee when I heard footsteps comin’ down the stairs. I was sittin’ there only in my boxers. I wanted my nephew to see how big I was. I grinned to myself. I was gonna psyche the shit outta him before our workout.

“Mornin’ kiddo,” I grinned as he walked into the kitchen, flexin’ my biceps and tryin’ to see his reaction to seein’ his big ol’ uncle almost buck naked at breakfast.

“Morning, Uncle Nate. Didn’t think you’d be up this early.”

“Kinda a habit of mine being a cop and all,” I reminded him.

“Well, you are a good cop, and a great uncle. I was just upstairs talkin’ to my dad who told me all about the big surprise you two pulled on me yesterday. I didn’t realize he’d been chatting with you for a whole month.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure at first I was able to get the time off work for vacation when he asked me to come over, but somehow he convinced me it was the right thing to do, and I’m glad he did.”

“Oh, believe me. I’m very glad that you’re here, Uncle Nate. I still can’t get over how big you’ve gotten in just a year.”

“Better get some food in ya, boy. You’re gonna need it if you wanna put on REAL muscle like this.”

“Yeah, old man?” My nephew teased back. “Let’s feel those supposed guns you got.” He grabbed my big ass, veiny bicep with one hand, and he whipped his other hand up and pushed on my forehead. “SLEEP NOW!”

My head fell backward, I felt my eyes roll up again, and my whole body sagged in the kitchen chair. My nephew had a hold of my wrist and was gently rockin’ my arm back and forth. That felt really fuckin’ good. But that didn’t feel near as good as his voice in my ear.

“That’s it, Uncle Nate. Just relax for me. Go deep for me. Let all your muscles give up their control to me. Go deeper with every breath you take and every word you hear me say. You want to go deep for me Uncle Nate. You need to go deep for me. Going deep for me feels good. And you and I can tell how good it makes you feel, can’t we?”

“Y-yes...” I whispered. I couldn’t help myself.

“Because whenever you go deeper your cock gets harder in your boxer shorts. You can feel it, can’t you, Uncle Nate?”

“Yes.” I could hardly hear my voice over how good I was feeling.

“It just keeps getting stiffer and stiffer the deeper you go. And the deeper you go, the harder it gets. It’s listening to my words as closely as your mind is, Uncle Nate. And the more closely your mind and cock listens, the more your muscles listen. Isn’t that right, Uncle Nate?”

“YES!” My relaxation blurted out.

“That’s such a good uncle, Nate. That’s such a good MUSCLE uncle, Nate. Your cock is obeying my words as closely as your mind is, Nate. And the more your mind obeys, the more your muscles obey. Isn’t that right, Nate?”

Oh fuck. OhfuckOhfuckOhfuck...“YES!” My cock, my mind and my muscles gasped.

“That’s a very good police officer, Uncle Nate. That’s a very good MUSCLE officer, Uncle Nate.

FUCK! My cock was fuckin’ achin’! I could feel the warm precum runnin’ down my fat ass shaft and ticklin’ my mind and my nuts.

“Y-Y-YES SIR!” I fuckin’ hissed, my cock, my mind and my muscles swirlin’ in heat.

“Now, Officer, I want you to strip off your boxers and be truly naked before me. Naked in cock, mind and muscle.”

Oohhfuuckyesss. “W-we hear and obey, sir.”

With my eyes closed, I managed to stand up, push away the chair I was sittin’ on, and then slowly peeled off my boxers. The pleasure as the cloth rubbed against my cock, then my legs, and finally my feet, drove me deeper into my nephew’s voice, and when I straightened up, I could feel all my huge, bulging muscles, my empty mind, and my hard cock completely exposed and obedient.

From behind me, I felt my nephew’s hands strokin’ my melon-sized shoulders. Playin’ with ‘em. Explorin’ ‘em. Enjoyin’ ‘em. “Very good, Uncle,” his satiny, masculine voice violatin’ my empty fuckin’ head. My body quaked with mindless bliss at his touch and voice snatchin’ a little more of me. My fuckin’ cock was stickin’ straight out, a mind of its own, in synch with my nephew’s desires.

“Now, Officer Nate,” he whispered in my head, runnin’ his big stong hands down my biceps and toyin’ with my hard ass nips. “You will proceed to your room and put on the police uniform your brother told you to bring with you.” One hand was lightly strokin’ across my face, the other massagin’ my washboard abs. FUCK!

My nephew reached down and wrapped a hand around my throbbin’ muscle pole. “You will then report to me in the basement weight room. I’ve thought of a way for us to thank Sergeant Rick,” he hissed into my fucked up head. My muscles quivered with a heat I never felt till now.

“We hear and we obey, my nephew. I must protect and serve you.” FUCK! My muscle ass quivered and a shockwave of white hot pleasure shot straight up into my fuckin’ empty head.

I headed up the steps. I felt myself more tuned in to my nephew’s words and voice with each step I took. I have to protect and serve my nephew. Every step I took made my cock ache even more. Every step I took made my mind spin with a hunger to serve even more, knowin’ I was gonna be slippin’ into my uniform. Every step I took turned my muscles over to the wishes of my nephew. My fuckin’ muscles and hard ass muscle dick all jammed up inside that fuckin’ uniform. The thought started my hard ass muscle dick leakin’ all over again. I was leavin’ a god damn silvery trail of precum up the stairs, and into the room.

Hat, shirt, pants, belt, leather gloves, boots, sunglasses. My uniform. Waiting for me. Calling me. I must protect and serve my nephew. The thought made my head spin with a horniness no pussy had ever given me.

I came over to the bed and as I picked up the pants, I could feel my nephew’s voice all up in my head even more. Tellin’ me how fuckin’ hot it was gonna feel slidin’ those pants on. How good they was gonna feel against my nuts and muscle dick. As I slid the pants on, I could feel myself goin’ even deeper into my nephew’s voice. I could feel it all over as the fabric slowly covered up my quads. As the pants came up to nestle my nuts and cradle my dick, and hug the shit outta my big bubbled muscle ass another shockwave drained more of me. Aaww fuck yea! I have to protect and serve my nephew.

I slid the boots on, no socks. I have to protect and serve my nephew. I could feel the coolness of the black leather against my naked feet. I could feel my body and my mind openin’ up for my nephew even more once I had ‘em on completely. The buckles bindin’ me. Bondin’ me to my nephew. The leather against my naked feet was makin’ my muscles swell, and makin’ my fuckin’ dick even harder still. Fuck! My nephew’s voice was poundin’ in my head so fuckin’ deep. “Open up, Officer Nate. Let me in even deeper!”

I picked up the shirt and slid it on. It was so fuckin’ tight around my shoulders and biceps. As the shirt was wrappin’ me in submission, so was my nephew’s voice. Coverin’ me. Draggin’ me down into thoughtlessness. Deeper, nephew, please. Take me deeper! Let me open up more for you. Just please go deeper. My guns were so damn tight in the sleeves. It was makin’ my veins pop. I could barely button the shirt over my swollen, meaty pecs. I fuckin’ love it. LOVE IT!

My nephew’s voice was startin’ to cover everything now. It was like some slick, greasy film all over me. It was coatin’ my dick and ass and makin’ ‘em feel so damn slithery and horny from the restraint of my pants. It was startin’ to coat my nips. A slick, oily film that was sendin’ shockwaves straight into the middle of my fuckin’ brain. I could hear him inside my head. Drillin’ his words so fuckin’ deep.

“I control your uniform. Your uniform obeys me. Your uniform controls you. I control you. You protect and serve ME!”

Aaww fuck yea! Fuckin’ deeper, nephew. I give my muscles to you. Just get in ‘em real good and deep! Fuck!

I picked up the hat and put it on. I have to protect and serve my nephew. My nephew’s voice was oozin’ deeper into my fuckin’ head! He was penetratin’ deeper into me. My muscles were startin’ to fill up with his voice and desires. I’m a good officer. Good officers protect. Good officers serve.

I walked to the room’s full-length mirror on the closet door. My muscles were screamin’ and ragin’ inside my uniform. I could feel all of ‘em cryin’ out to my mind for direction. Obedience. A fuckin’ mindless worked out, muscle cop. Biceps, pecs and delts strain’ my shirt. Quads and calves clawin’ at my pants. Muscle dick straining my crotch. Big, bubbled muscle ass strainin’ the back side. Fuck, Nate! Look what you’ve become! I was starin’ deep into my own eyes, hearin’ my nephew so fuckin’ deep in my head, fillin’ me up with his words. Take me nephew. Use me.

“Flex for me, uncle,” I heard his voice so deep in me. “Feel your muscles and your cock throbbing for me. Yearning for me. Submitting to me. Obeying me.”


“Slide your sunglasses on, Officer Nate. And feel your mind and body surrender to me. Completely. You protect and serve your nephew.”

I slid the glasses as I was told. Fuck, the rush! My mind screamin’ open and feelin’ my nephew’s voice takin’ me so brutally. I’ve fucked pussy hard and deep before, but this was somethin’ else completely. He was rapin’ my mind and body. My nephew was RAPIN’ ME! GOD! YES, NEPHEW. YES!

Now make your way down to the weight room in the basement, the voice in my head ordered. It wasn’t my nephew’s voice. It wasn’t my voice. It was OUR voice. Fuck yes!

Every step down to the basement was carryin’ my fuckin’ mind and muscles deeper into a mindless hunger. I could see it in my head. White hot. So bright I couldn’t see or feel nothin’ else ‘cept my muscles swellin’ with horniness. I have to protect and serve my nephew. I knew that was so fuckin’ true and so fuckin’ beautiful! I was gettin’ closer to the basement weight room and my muscles were twitchin’ and screamin’ with greed and hunger. I never had felt nothin’ like that before, but I fuckin’ loved it.
The closer I was gettin’ to the weight room, the more my muscles started quiverin’ and the more my mind was becomin’ a big, blank, empty maw, achin’ to be filled with the togetherness I was feelin’ with my nephew! I got to the weight room door, and my body was fuckin’ in spasms. My muscles were pumped and swellin’ like they had a fuckin’ mind of their own. My big muscle dick was snakin’ down my pant leg, tight against my thigh. I have to protect and serve my nephew. FUCK! My muscle ass was startin’ to loosen and open. It was sendin’ these waves of pleasure shootin’ all through me. I never felt nothin’ like that before, but I fuckin’ loved what it was doin’ to my muscles and my head.

I reached the door to the weight room and it was shut. Pause, knock and ask for permission to enter, the voice was tellin’ me. My hand reached up and rapped on the door. “This is Police Officer Nathan requesting permission to enter!”

“Enter, Officer Nathan,” the voice said behind the door.

My hand grabbed the doorknob. A blast of endorphins shot through me. Aawwfuck! My quiverin’ body opened the door and stepped through, shuttin’ it behind me. Standin’ there was my beautiful nephew. Completely naked. Muscles so fuckin’ pumped and veiny. Body all shiny with sweat. His big fuckin’ beautiful dick stickin’ straight out, hard and proud.

“Very good, Officer Nate. What is your purpose?”

“I protect and serve you, sir.” My head opened and started to swirl even more. My muscles were throbbin’ with horniness. My big, fat muscle dick was leakin’ like a fuckin’ faucet! Aawwfuckyes!

“Come to the mirror, Officer Nate. See yourself. Massive muscles, rock hard cock and muscled, bubble ass. Your muscles and your mind begging for the deeper, mindfucked bliss of my voice raping your very essence. Flex for me, Officer!”

I fuckin’ hit a double bicep pose. Fuck I’m so goddamn big! I was lookin’ deep into my own eyes. My nephew’s words fillin’ up my head, makin’ my muscles hotter and hotter. Big fuckin’ Uncle Nate.

“You obey, Uncle Nate,” my nephew whispered in my ear. I could feel it fuckin’ penetratin’ my head and my muscles. My big ass muscle dick was throbbin’ with pleasure, and I was leakin’ big time.

“That’s right Officer. Now flex those fucking arms of yours. Flex with your nephew!” He said pumpin’ his arms with me. After all these years, still flexin’ with my nephew in the mirror. My big, fuckin’ beautiful nephew. My head flooded with a fuckin’ horniness like I’d never felt. We’re so god damn huge! Our muscles so big. Our cocks were so fuckin’ hard!

My nephew stepped in front of me. “Take off your shirt for me, Officer Nate. Nice and slow. Turn me on.” My fuckin’ pumped up biceps moved to the top of my shirt and started unbuttoning. With every button I undid I felt my nephew invade my mind deeper. One button. Two. Three. My fuckin’ massive pecs were laid bare. My nips were hard as fuck with horniness. He reached out with his strong hands and touched my abs. Every ridge felt electric to his touch. He moved up and slid my shirt off my massive, pumped shoulders. Touch me, nephew. God, please touch me! My mind screamed in pleasure and desperation for his touch. Then his voice hit and fucked my head like a goddamn hammer. “Deeper now, Officer. Go much, much deeper for your nephew.”

My nephew started squeezin’ my nips and kissin’ on my biceps. I was thinkin’ my muscles and cock was gonna explode any minute from the pleasure that was coursin’ through me! He slowly worked his lips and tongue up my bicpes. My shoulders. My neck. I felt his hot, horny breath caress my ear. Oh fuck!

“Sleep now, Uncle Nate. Sleep now,” he whispered into the very center of my fuckin’ head. God, yes! He continued to probe my body with his hands. He slid his lips and tongue across my cheek and met my mouth to his. It was fuckin’ electric! Feelin’ our tongues swimmin’ around in each other’s mouths pushed me deeper over the edge. He pulled back.

Staring so deep into each other’s eyes he said, “What is your purpose, Officer Nate?”

“To protect and serve my nephew!”

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