To Protect, and to Serve 4 (hypno inc)

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“Very good, Officer Nate! Say it again. What is your purpose?”

“To protect and serve my nephew!” I gasped as I looked directly into his beautiful eyes and felt myself falling deeper into them.

“What... is... your... purpose?” He asked again, his eyes pulling me even more.

“To protect... and serve... my nephew!”

�Yes, Officer Nate. To protect... and to serve me!� He shoved his tongue down my throat and worked my fuckin� meaty nips even harder and I lost any control I had left of my mind or muscle. My dick so fuckin� hard in my pants. It felt like it was about to ripe �em wide open. My muscles started to tingle and flare with a horniness I never felt before. �Now go even deeper for me, Officer.� He said putting his arms on my shoulders and pushing me down to the floor.

Without even thinkin’ about it, I was on my knees. My fuckin’ head and muscles was swirlin’ in a fuckin’ mindless heat. I’m a good officer. On my knees, just on the other side of my sunglasses was my nephew’s beautiful, blonde cock. So powerful. So hard. Stickin’ straight out at me. No curve, no nothin’. Nice hairy nuts hangin’ full a cum. Just a beautiful, wrestler cock. My fuckin’ meaty muscle ass quivered and loosened up. I was in fuckin’ heat to worship it. To let it have me. To give myself to it. My lips were moist and my throat was dry with excitement. All my muscles were screamin’ to feel it slidin’ in my mouth.

My nephew reached down, put his hand under my chin and raised my head to meet his deep blue eyes and pushed his lips onto mine for what I thought was forever. “Now, Officer Nate, look at your nephew’s cock. See the thick shaft growing strong and proud out from the blonde bush. See each and every vein that runs up the rock hard shaft. Watch it throb. See the glisteny helmet head pointing right at you. Calling to you. Drawing you in. Fucking your mind. Look directly into its piss slit. Look deeper, Officer. Continue to look even deeper into it. Go deeper, Officer Nate. You see it, don’t you? You see the sweet, shiny bead of precum just right at the opening, don’t you? Such a lustrous thing it is. Look deeper into that drop. Deeper. You can see the light dancing on it. Look deeper, Officer. See how it glistens? Look deeper still. You can see your own reflection in it, can’t you? Move closer to it, Officer. You can see your reflection. See how hungry you look? Deeper. See how mindfucked you are? Closer. See how obedient you are? Deeper. Feel its power over you. Deeper. Your mind is screaming for it. Because you know it has the power to fuck your mind beyond anything you can imagine. And that’s what your mind wants. That’s what your muscles need. They need my juice, Uncle. They crave my precum’s power. Deeper. Now, Officer Nate, lick that precum out of my piss slit and let it fuck your mind so fucking deep. Protect and serve.”

I was slidin’ my fuckin’ tongue in his piss slit. The salty bliss blasted through my fuckin’ head, through every muscle and right out my god damn cock! My fuckin’ brain was white hot with horniness for his cock. All of a sudden I heard him let out a big fuckin’ gasp and he was shakin’ all over.

�Now Officer Nate, suck your nephew�s cock! Wrap your lips around my fuckin� head and work your way down to the fuckin� base. Go slow so I can enjoy your lips on every fucking inch.�

My hands for his firm, muscled ass cheeks, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his fuckin’ gorgeous head. FUCKYEA! Feelin’ his head so big and hard inside my mouth made my fuckin’ head explode! My nephew’s precum was like a god damn drug. My whole insides was on fire from the power his cock was pushin’ into me. My muscles was throbbin’ in blind heat as I made my way down his shaft. Goin’ down my throat, coatin’ the inside with his sweet wrestler juice I could feel myself loosin’ any grip on reality I had left. He grabbed on to the back a my head and started takin’ slow, deep pumps in my mouth. “Take my cock, Officer.” Fuck! I need that cock all the way down my fuckin’ throat. I need that cock inside my fuckin’ head!

�That�s it, Uncle. Suck your fucking wrestler nephew�s big cock. Every time you slide down my hard ass pole, you just go that much deeper. Deeper into my voice. Deeper into empty, mindfucked bliss. Deeper into a fucking frenzy to show me your muscles. Flex for me while you suck your nephew�s cock, Officer Nate.�

I took my hands offa his ass and hit a hard bicep pose. Pumpin’ my fuckin’ guns just pried my mind open even wider. I could feel my nephew’s sweet precum being fucked into my brain and takin’ over. I could feel my goddamn muscles turnin’ themselves over to him. My muscle dick was bouncin’ like a son of a bitch. I had to fuckin’ serve my nephew. I had to give him my muscles. I had to give him my mind. I wanted him to have it all! Every fuckin’ last fiber of every muscle was his to fuckin’ use.

My fuckin’ head was swirlin’ in heat. His dick was fuckin’ intoxicating. I loved lettin’ it mindfuck me. My head was just so god damn empty but focused. Nephew’s cock and voice were all that mattered. Lettin’ ‘em both fuck my head and pry me open even more. Feelin’ him in my chest and arms. My glutes and my quads. All the way down my fuckin’ calves and out into my feet. And fillin’ up my nuts and goin’ straight up my fuckin’ horny, mindless muscle cock. His voice and my hunger to obey got all mixed together. My ass quivered and got real loose. A fuckin’ tsunami of pleasure shot through every fuckin’ muscle. Hard double bicep flex. Mother fucker!

�Goddamn, Uncle. You need to go deeper for me. You crave to go deeper for me. Nothing else matters. Only the sound of my voice fucking your head, and my big cock fucking your mouth. Give in, Officer Nate. Let go. Open your fucking mind and let. me. in,� I could hear his voice so fuckin� deep in me.

�Lick down your nephew�s shaft, Uncle. Feel those hard veins running down the shaft taking you deeper. Taste those fuzzy, blonde nuts. Smell their power.�

I was workin’ my way down his shaft. Each and every fuckin’ vein was bliss. Down at the base those sweet fuckin’ nuts were just hangin’ there waitin’ for me. Lickin’ my way down his sack I got my first fuckin’ whiff of pure fuckin’ bliss. My fuckin’ nephew’s wrestler studboy musk. My mind quivered and got real loose like my ass did and it dropped even deeper. My muscles tensed and flexed. His nuts rollin’ around, so warm and tender in my mouth. Hearin’ him moan and groan and feel him squirm made me so fuckin’ hot for him. I worked my way back to the spot right between his nuts and his ass. I grazed my tongue over it and felt it flare and quiver. My nephew shuddered and squirmed. I munched further and further back.

�That�s right, Officer. Sleep now! Sleep now! Sleep now!� I felt myself sliding even deeper as my nephew�s voice filled my fuckin� head. �You know what you want. Give in to it. You know what you need. Accept it. Eat your nephew�s hot wrestler fuckhole.�

I slid my tongue up the crack of his ass. The aroma of my nephew’s wrestler boy musk was overwhelmin’ me. My dick got so fuckin’ hard it ached. I could feel all that pleasure pulsin’ up and down my shaft. I pulled his cheeks apart. Right in fronta me was the most fuckin’ beautiful muscle pucker I ever saw.

�Look deep into that hot ass pucker, Officer. Watch it loosen and tighten. So wet. So hungry. Calling you. Mindfucking you. Slide your tongue in, Officer Nate. Eat my fucking ass.�

I took a huge whiff of that hot musk and put my lips to his. I felt his hole quiver a little and open up. I shoved my tongue as deep as I could up his hot little fuckhole. The pleasure that shot down my tongue and straight into my fuckin’ head was goin’ off like fireworks. Every explosion a wave of pleasure that shot through every fuckin’ muscle, and straight out my achin’ rod.

�The more you eat me out, the deeper you go. And you need to go deeper so bad. You crave my fuckhole�s smell, it�s taste. You love how it fucks your mind. Empties you out. Makes you more my obedient uncle. More my obedient Officer Nate. You love eating your nephew�s ass more than you like eating pussy.�

Fuck. His ass tasted better than any pussy I’d ever eaten! The more shoved my tongue deeper, the more I could feel myself drainin’ out of me. Everything in me was focused on lappin’ up as much of my nephew’s muscle cunt as I could. My mind trembled. My cock started throbbin’ and my nuts started to boil. I was slurpin’ at his snatch like a mindless pig when a chain reaction I couldn’t stop started to roll through me. My nephew could sense it.

�Stand, Officer. NOW!� He ordered me.

It was all I could do to tear myself away from his sweet fuckhole.

�Double bicep pose, NOW, Officer Nate.�

I hit that pose hard like a mother fucker. My eruption was floodin’ my whole fuckin’ body. Every muscle fiber was screamin’.

�Again!� He said backin� his ass onto the head of my dick. My veins were poppin� like mad. My fuckin� muscles felt so god damn big. Powerful. Obedient.

�Again. HARDER!� My nephew demanded, as he slid balls deep onto my fuckin� muscle bone. I flexed even harder. Every muscle strainin� underneath the skin. My balls tightenin� up, so fuckin� full. My sweet spunk boilin� inside me. That fuckin� hole of his grippin� me like a greedy bitch. FUCK! I couldn�t hold the pose any longer. I couldn�t stand it. I reached down and grabbed my nephew�s hips and rammed by fuckin� powerful muscle bone deep up his fuckin� muscleboy cunt. My arms so pumped, so veiny. The veins in my shoulders were startin� to show, and my chest was on fire with horniness. I could feel the cheeks of my ass flexin� to shove my cock deeper into this hot, selfish fuckhole.

�That�s it, Officer Nate. Fuck that ass deep. The deeper you fuck that ass, the deeper you fucking go. Now fuck it! FUCK IT!� He said shoving his ass back on my bone harder and deeper. I could feel my jizz pushin� up my shaft. My body and mind were ready to explode!

Suddenly he pulled offa me and got on his back the weight bench He hooked his feet up underneath the barbell in the bench’s rack. “Now, Officer Nate. Shove your big fuckin’ bone up my hole and rape that fucking muscle snatch. It needs your big cock. Tell me how much you like rapin’ your nephew’s cunt.”

Staring right at me was my nephew’s hot fuckin’ muscleboy snatch. So pink. So lubed. And so in need of my big fuckin’ muscle cock. I straddled the bench and shoved my muscle bone straight fuckin’ up his fuckin’ ass. I grabbed his ankles in my hands and started drillin’ as hard as I could. My fuckin’ nuts slappin’ his ass. I locked my eyes on his. Well whadaya know about that. My newphew’s a fuckin’ muscle cock whore. How fuckin’ sweet is THAT?! “You like Uncle Nate rapin’ your muscle butt, boy? Huh? HUH?!”

�Rape me, Officer Nate! Rape my ass with your big, controlled, obedient muscle cock! Rape it just the way it needs it.� He ordered me, starin� deeper into my eyes. I couldn�t look away. Didn�t want to. Didn�t need to. All that mattered was tearin� up that fuckhole!

My nephew’s face changed. I could see in his eyes he went from concentration to pleasure. His eyes were smilin’ at me. The harder I pounded his ass, the more he smiled and gripped my cock. His hands had a powerful grip on my ass pullin’ me deeper. Fuck! I was gettin’ so close. “You want Officer Nate’s hot muscle spunk up your ass, boy? Huh? HUH?!”

My nephew looked deeper into my eyes and grinned. “Oh yea, Officer. This muscleboy is gonna take your spunk. You’re gonna give every last fucking drop up to me. Rape my muscle puss, Uncle. Make your nephew walk funny for a week.”

Those words pushed me over the fuckin’ edge. Now this little muscle whore of a nephew was really gonna get it! I was gonna rape the fuck outta him. He was gonna walk funny for a week when I was done with poundin’ that butt.

�That�s right, Uncle Nate.� He grinned at me and squeezed his ass even harder. �Fuck it harder. Fuck it like you fuck your bitches back home. RAPE IT! They crave that muscle cock, don�t they? They know who�s boss, don�t they?� They sweat was rollin� down my back and drippin� offa my face and chest, soakin� my nephew underneath me. My muscles never felt bigger or tighter. I never saw me veinier than I was right now. I�d never banged anyone harder than I was right now. �And YOU know who�s boss, don�t you, Uncle Nate?�

FUCK! “Yes, my nephew!” I said without even thinkin’ bout it. I didn’t have to think anymore.

�Now, Officer Nate.� He wrapped his arms around the inside of his calves and spread his fuckin� ass even wider for me. �Cum in this hot muscle cunt. Give it all you got, fucker! Your nephew wants every last fucking drop of your muscle spunk!�

I erupted like a fuckin’ volcano. Gusher after gusher sprayin’ so fuckin’ deep inside him. I could feel my head hittin’ his prostate, and it was coated with my fuckin’ muscle goo. My nephew reached up and put one hand on my neck, pulled his head close to mine, and dug into my ass with the other. “Deeper, fucker!”

I fuckin’ drilled him deeper. The sweat was rollin’ offa me, coating us both in a shiny, slick horny film.

�Cum again, Officer Nate. Breed your fucking nephew. Seed his muscles with your mindless fucking sperm.�

My mind orgasmed first. From there it shot out like a bolt a lightning through the rest of me. It filled up my muscles with white hot lust. Lust for my nephew. Lust to be a the best officer possible. Lust for muscle. Lust for cum. It shot up my shaft and pulled the last of my juice with it. Right up into my nephew’s greedy snatch. Release. Complete and utter release. That’s what I felt from head to toe. Emptiness and release.

I could see the joy on my nephew’s face. I see that look on the faces of the horny wives from my gym I fuck all the time. Jizzjoy. That thrill of bein’ so fuckin’ happy to have my muscle spunk up in him. Knowin’ he’ll be carryin’ a part a me around with ‘im. That makes him so fuckin’ happy. It feels good makin’ my nephew happy. His happiness is what matters. Fuckin’ him when he tells me to makes him happy. And I’m so honored he chose his favorite uncle to serve.

�You�ve been a very good officer, Uncle Nate,� he said while my cock slithered outta his wet muscle hole. �Now Officer Nate, stand at attention and listen very carefully. For the rest of your stay, your sworn duty is to carry out my orders when I say and how I say. Does Officer Nate understand?�

�Yes. Officer Nate understands,� I heard myself say, my muscle cock doing the saluting for me.

And when you return to New York, even though we’ll be apart, your sworn duty will still be to carry out my orders. When I say. How I say. Does Officer Nate understand?”

�Yes. Officer Nate understands.�

�Very good, Officer. You have performed your duties in a manner worthy of your badge. Now proceed to the shower and wash your body. As you wash your body, you will also wash your mind. As you rinse the soap from you body, you will also rinse any stray thoughts from your mind. You will continue until you have rinsed your mind completely clean.

�Yes my nephew,� I responded with police precision.

�And the more your mind is cleansed of distractions, the more it focuses on my desires for you. The more you focus on my desires for you, the hornier you get to obey me. The hornier you get to obey me, the harder your cock becomes. Do you understand, Officer Nate?�

�I hear and I obey, my nephew.� My muscles tingled and my cock got hard all over again.

�Now Uncle, proceed to the shower. When you have done as instructed, you will proceed to the kitchen for your noon meal. Now follow your instructions.�

I turned around and headed for the shower. My achin’ boner pointin’ the way. I could feel the warm water of the shower hittin’ my muscles and easin’ my mind even more. Seepin’ into every last crevice. Findin’ all those little distrations. All those left over, unimportant thoughts. Drippin’ down outta my head. All gettin’ washed away with the soap and water. All that was left was my nephew’s voice, creepin’ into all those little freshly empty spaces. I washed again. Lettin’ the water wash me deeper. Lettin’ my nephew in deeper. Over and over I washed myself clean. How many times? I dunno. I lost count. All that I cared about was lettin’ my nephew get in deeper. The deeper I let him in my head, the hornier got. And the harder my cock was gettin’. Muscles so fuckin’ pumped. Cock so fuckin’ hard. Mind and body so fuckin’ horny. So fuckin’ full of my nephew. His voice so fuckin’ dark and brutal in my head. Fillin’ me with fuckin’ horny thoughts. Touchin’ secret desires. Dirty desires. All laid bare and washed away. All open to my nephew and his beautiful fuckin’ control.

I got outta the shower. Didn’t even dry off. Muscles drippin’ wet. Shiny. Veiny. Pumped. Controlled. Went directly to the kitchen as instructed. My nephew sitting at the table. Grinnin’ ear to ear. Lookin’ at me directly.

“SLEEP NOW! Drop down deep, Officer Nate. Every world you hear. Every breath you take. Relax. That’s right. Now, Uncle, in a moment I’m going to wake you. Gradually, once you are fully awake, you will start to remember. Remember everything, Uncle Nate. You will become fully aware of who has been brainwashing you. Who has been fucking your mind, and what it has done to you.The phone calls from your brother and how he fucked your mind. Brainwashing you to think you were coming here on your own. Realizing why you REALLY came. Sergeant Rick coming to your room last night, and how he took your mind and your cock. Our workout this morning, and how I mindfucked you even deeper. The realization of it all so confusing to you, but so very arousing. Your rewired, reprogrammed thinking excites you. Turns you on. Makes you horny as fuck. You will know that from now on, your mind, your muscles and your cock all belong to me. They are mine to use as I see fit. From now on, Uncle Nate, OFFICER Nate, you are my good, mindless, obedient muscle slave. You grow your muscles to show me honor me and respect. You long for my control over you. It fills you with immense pleasure. Immense horniness for me. For my voice. For my attention. For my power. For the powerful mindfucks you crave from your deepest depths. The powerful mindfucks that only I can give you. Isn’t that right, Nate?”

“Yes my nephew. Yes!” The release of tension from that admission opened me so much wider.

“Now, Officer Nate, you will awaken on the count of three. 1… 2…”

I stood there for a second as it all spilled into my fuckin’ head. The last month of phone calls. My brother’s voice on the phone. Him coming to me last night. Fucking my nephew earlier today in the basement. I looked at my nephew. His deep blue eyes stared into me. Silent and powerful. God! My beautiful nephew. So muscular. So handsome. And so fuckin’ powerful. My body shuddered in a naked joy I’d never felt before. It felt natural. Right. It all made so much sense now. The sense of belonging and craving to obey him was fuckin’ my head. I belong to my nephew now. Every time I thought those words I got hornier. My cock got stiffer. His pull on me was so strong. So irresistible. I took a step forward never allowing my eyes to leave his. My nephew grinned.

“Yes, Uncle, Nate? What is it?”

“Fuck, man. I can’t fuckin’ believe what you’ve done to me!”

“Upsetting, is it?”

“No, Sir. It’s so fuckin’ hot. Thank you for allowing me to remember.” I thought I was going to fuckin’ cum right there! My head was runnin’ through everything. It was playin’ in my head like a movie sped up real fast. Everything that happened over the past month or so flashed by in and instant.

“Show me thankful you are, Uncle,” my nephew’s eyes were boring holes in my brain. “Suck my cock.”

Aawwfuck! One of those hot waves of joy washed over me as I got on my knees. I undid his pants and his gorgeous, blonde cock sprung out so hard and thick. God it was beautiful! Feeling it touch my lips was pure heaven. I slid my mouth all the way down to the base. God! I felt my nephew squirm and he moaned real loud. It felt like my mouth was made for my nephew’s cock. It made me so fuckin’ happy to know my nephew was pleased with me. My nephew starting bucking harder down my throat. Yes, nephew! Fuck me please! I want to please you! Suddenly he pulled his cock away and stood me up.

“That enough for now. We don’t want me to cum yet, Officer. Now, sit down and get ready for your lunch.” My nephew said snapping his fingers and sitting down to the table, also. “Sergeant Rick!”

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