To Protect, and to Serve 5 (hypno inc)

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My brother came in and began puttin’ all the food on the table. When he was done, he sat down with us. “Uncle Nate here just sucked my cock, Dad.”

My brother turned to me, “Good going, little brother!” I beamed from ear to ear. Both my nephew AND my brother were pleased with me!

“Don’t just tell him, Dad. Show him,” my nephew said.

My brother leaned over to me, put a hand behind my head and pulled me into him. He put his lips to mine, and our tongues started probing each other’s mouths. He pulled away and looked me in the eye. “He’s got one hell of a cock, doesn’t he, Nate?” Rick beamed from ear to ear. My brother was so proud of his son.

“Fuck yea he does!” My head was filled with images of last night. Knowin’ it was my nephew controlling us both was drove me fuckin’ crazy! “Yours ain’t so bad either, ya know?” I said thinkin’ about how great it was last night to fuck my brother.

“Thanks, Nate. We’ve got him to thank,” he said nodding toward my nephew. “Now you understand how liberating it is to do as he says.” I nodded in agreement. Rick reached for my crotch. I spread my legs for him without even thinkin’ twice. He grabbed hold of my fuckin’ bone and started rubbin’ it. Yeah! “Fuck, son. Please let me have him. Please? I want his cock in me so fucking bad.”

“Sergeant Rick! You will sit up and eat your lunch. Do I make myself clear, Marine?!”

My brother sat up in his chair. “Sir, YES SIR!” His obedience was so fuckin’ beautiful. I could feel how great it made him feel to obey. God how I wanted that, too. Obeying my nephew without question is what I needed to be doing. What I craved to be doing. Feelin’ his satisfaction with me made every muscle throb and quiver. I wanted more of that good feelin’. My head rushed to the fuck session in the basement this morning. Fuckin’ hot! I knew in that moment being his good, mindless, obedient muscle slave was what I needed to be. And I was gonna be the best!

As we sat and ate, I was thinkin’ about the last month and a half. All those calls from Rick. Him fuckin’ me a little more each time he called. My head was so fuckin’ full of what happened. My big brother takin’ my mind from me, then takin’ my cock from me. And it was all for my nephew. FUCK! YES! Under the table, I crept my foot over and put it on top my brother’s. The hair on the top of his foot felt good on my toes. My dick was gettin’ hard all over again. He raised his toes up to stroke the sole of my foot. FUCK! A wave of horniness went rippin’ through me. Every muscle throbbed.

I looked up and my nephew was lookin’ right at me. His eyes were borin’ a hole in my head. He smiled at me. I smiled back and I fuckin’ melted. Fuck, I’d do anything for him. I put my other foot on top of my nephew’s. It felt so warm, so powerful. I curled my toes down to stroke the top of his foot. He curled his toes up to stroke the sole of my foot as well. My mind exploded and my muscles throbbed even harder. My dick was dancin’ between my legs and I could feel the precum oozin’ from the head. All of this, all of it, was because of him. Fuckin’ his dad’s head and then him fuckin’ mine. Gettin’ control of his dad and him gettin’ control of me. I didn’t know somethin’ like this could feel so fuckin’ good. In that moment I fuckin’ felt my whole body throb, and I wanted to give so much more of myself. The rush of it made my muscles twitch. My muscle ass quivered in the chair and my hole loosened. It made me horny as fuck for him to take more of me. We kept eatin’ our lunch in silence. Each of us touchin’ the foot of the other. My nephew’s control ozzin’ more and more into me through him and my brother. My head gettin’ worked on from two different directions. “God! Totally fuck my head, please!” I thought out loud.

“Uncle Nate, you were totally fucked a long, long time ago.”

GOD DAMMIT! FUCK YES! My head screamed.

“Now, Officer Nate, my good muscle slave, finish your food so you can keep growing for me.”

“Yes, my nephew.” It’s like my fuckin’ brain cums when I say that!


After we got done with lunch, my nephew ordered us into the living room. My nephew instructed me to sit on the sofa, and his dad sat on the floor between my legs. He sat in a chair across from us. My brother sat down on the floor and eased himself back between my legs, propping his arms up over my legs. The warmth of his hairy pits heating where they touch my thighs. He put his hands on my feet. The heat of his palms sent relaxation spreadin’ through my body. I ran my hands lightly over his skin and muscles. He shuddered and gasped from my touch. God how I love my brother!

“You two look so comfortable, so relaxed sitting there together. My two favorite men, enjoying each other’s bodies and muscles. Feels good, doesn’t it, Uncle?”

“Oh fuck yea!” I moaned in reply. My brother reached up and started squeezin’ my fuckin’ nips. “Fuck YES, my nephew.”

“We’re just going to take it easy this afternoon in front of the TV. While we do, however, the two of you are going to continue exploring each other. And the more you explore each other, the deeper you’ll go and the more your minds will drain.

Hearing my nephew’s commands, and obeying him filled me up with all kinds a bliss. My whole body tingled and my cock just kept gettin’ harder. I pushed Rick’s head back and put my lips on his. All the fuckin’ fire from inside my brother went shootin’ through me. I felt myself open up even more, and I was fuckin’ prayin’ my nephew’d shove his voice deeper down in my fuckin’ head. I looked up and he had his legs spread and he was strokin’ his fuckin’ meat, watchin’ us foolin’ around. Big fuckin’ muscle cop uncle and big ass Marine dad makin’ out for him. Fuck was I turnin’ him on! I moved off the sofa and onto the floor. I wrapped my lips around one of my brother’s nipples. So fuckin’ hard and warm in my mouth.

“Show off those biceps, Sergeant Rick,” my nephew ordered his dad. “Now grab those guns, Uncle. Fucking feel up your Marine brother.”

“Yes my nephew.” My mind was screaming. I grabbed my brother’s big fuckin’ arms. They felt hard as shit and veiny as fuck. Fuck yea! I started workin’ his nips even harder, and smackin’ and grabbin’ those big fuckin’ guns. My nephew let out a moan that told me everything I needed to know. It was one of them moans that just come out on their own, but they make you more horny when they do. And knowin’ I was turnin’ my nephew on, and he was pleased with me made hornier. Made my brother hornier, too.

The more I worked on my brother, the more I worshipped his fuckin’ sweaty muscles, the harder my nephew fucked my head. Drainin’ me more each time he did. His voice vibratin’ all over my insides, and before I knew it, I was at a peak of horny frenzy for my nephew to fuck my head even harder and deeper. My cock and balls were gettin’ so sensitive to his voice. It was like my cock was obeyin’ him all on its own. I felt my cock and body switch places and a sweet fuckin’ orgasm rumbled through my muscles. My had cock turned into my body, and my body and muscles became the attachment. His fuckin’ voice was pumpin’ through my dick and straight the fuck up in me. My muscles were strainin’ under my skin and I felt like I was gonna explode. And I had my nephew to thank for this. And it felt so goddamn good, I’d worship the fuckin’ ground he walked on if he’d give me more. When I was just about to teeter over into complete emptiness, he’d ease me back down. NO! Please, nephew!

My nephew pushin’ me deeper, over and over. Makin’ me so fuckin’ horny for his voice inside me. Worshippin’ my brother’s Marine body. Feelin’ my own cock rise and fall. My muscles tensin’ up then relaxin’. The rhythm of all of it openin’ up my head and makin’ me hot to give him more. All of it spillin’ outta my fucked head and down my body. Turnin’ everything I am over to my nephew. What a fuckin’ rush to let him take charge, and not a worry in the world. Let go and let him, that was my new mantra. So on and on it went. One hour. Two hours. I lost count. The room was startin’ to get dark, so I musta been there all day long! Who fuckin’ cares, though, right? I was right where I craved to be. Under my nephew’s thumb, with his fuckin’ voice fillin’ me up and fuckin’ my head!

“Stop, Officer Nate,” the little voice inside that used to be mine whispered in my head. He put his hands on my sweaty, pumped shoulders. “Stand.”

I stood, muscles shiny with sweat, pumped and hard, and waited for instructions. My nephew walked around me, touchin’ me. Inspectin’ me. Every touch was heaven. Muscles pulsin’. Cock hard as steel. Throbbin’. Achin’ to serve. My brother was standin’ beside me. Vacant eyes. Hard cock. Mindfucked. The new voice inside me was floodin’ my head with arousal. Beautiful. Acceptance. Secret desires. Cock leaks precious precum for Rick. Cock understands. Cock knows. Dirty desires. Acceptance. Horniness. Muscle. Cock. Ass. Brother. Nephew. Sex. Obedience. Control. Surrender. Bliss.

“Sergeant Rick. Officer Nate. Front and center,” my nephew commanded. We snap to attention together. Muscles hard. Cocks stiff. Thoughtless in our obedience.

“Sergeant Rick. Assume the position.” My nephew orders. Rick bends over the living room coffee table. No thought. No resistance. No hesitation. Obedience to his son’s commands. Beautiful. Cock throbbing. Leaking.

“Sir, YES SIR!” My brother shouts.

“Officer Nate. Use Sergeant Rick’s and your handcuffs. Cuff each of his wrists to the legs of the table.”

“Yes, my nephew.” I obey. One wrist to one table leg. The other wrist to the other. My big brother Rick. Spread eagle. Muscle ass open. Tight and pink. Vulnerable and longing.

“Very good, Officer Nate. You feel yourself drawn to him. To his beautiful, hungry muscle ass. He’s calling you, Officer. Your cock feels his craving. His need. You can feel the walls of your brother’s ass gripping your muscle cock. So warm. So slick and wet. Feel your cock leaking precum. Each drop coating your head and shaft in a slick, greasy feeling. It makes your cock so sensitive. Your muscles so hard and veiny. Your mind so empty, anxious to obey.”

My cock was leaking. Everything so wet. So hard. Muscles sweaty. Pumped. My brother’s ass calling my cock. Calling my muscles and my mind.

“Shove your fucking cock into your brother’s waiting hole, Uncle Nate. Feel his ass open, so hungry to have you. Fuck your brother, Nathan.”

Fucking my brother is heaven. His ass is bliss. My hands on his hips. His sweaty, muscular back flaring in front of me. His ass opens wider. I fuck my brother deeper. His ass perfect for my cock. My nephew sits down and faces his father.

“How you doing, Sergeant Rick? You like your little muscle brother’s cock in your ass?”

He grunts staring at his son, “Sir, yes SIR!”

He looks deep in my eyes. My muscles burn in heat. My cock gets harder in Rick’s ass. “And you, Uncle Nate. You just love fucking your big Marine brother, don’t you?”

I open my mouth. No words come out. Words would destroy the feeling. I feel my mind and muscles on his voice. His blue eyes penetrating my skull. My cock inside my brother. His eyes locked on his son and his cock. His ass gripping me tight.

My nephew sits back. Spreads his legs. Strokes his cock. Such a beautiful cock. “Go deeper for me now. Every stroke. Every breath. Every word. They all take you both deeper. Deeper into obedience. Deeper into my control. Isn’t that right?”

He draws us both deeper into his eyes. He flexes his muscles. Squeezes a nipple. Jacks himself faster. His mouth gapes in pleasure. My brother opens his ass more for me. I shove my muscle cock deeper. Our muscles pumped. Sweaty. Our minds hungry for guidance. Direction.

“Rape your brother, Uncle Nate.” He squeezes his nipple harder. His strokes his cock faster. My muscles on fire. My cock swells. One hand on Rick’s hip. The other on his shoulder. I fuck my brother deeper. Harder. My eyes never leave my nephew’s. “Rape him,” he mouths into my fuckin’ skull. I fuck my brother harder. Drive my pole deep. “The more he rapes you, the more you give in to me, Dad. It’s what you want. It’s what you need. And the more you rape your brother’s sweet fuckhole, Uncle Nate, the more you surrender to me. Letting go for me floods your muscles with ecstasy. Fucks your mind. Fills you with my will.” I drill my brother with fury. He whimpers and squirms to get away. I grab his hips and shove him back down onto my cock. My nephew’s mouth gapes wider. His eyes go deeper. He strokes his cock faster and harder.

“Flex a bicep for me while you rape my Dad, Officer Nate.” Hard bicep shot. Veins erupting. Mind and muscles bursting with pleasure. My nephew hisses in heat. Muscles sweaty. Eyes going deeper into me. My brother squirms. I rape harder.

“Go d-d-deeper, Officer Nate…” My nephew shudders. My mind trembles. My muscles throb. My cock swells. My nuts begin to boil. “Fuck him harder, Uncle Nate. Your older brother wants even more of your cock. Isn’t that right, Sergeant Rick?”

My brother grunts. Too enraptured to speak. Our muscles covered in sweat. Smearing each other with our maleness. Drawing nearer.

“Go deeper, Uncle…” my nephew whispers, filled with lust. His crazed eyes pierce me deeper.

“Yes, my nephew,” my eyes scream in his gaze. I feel his power. I comply. Cock harder. Muscles huge. Tight. Fucking even harder. Deeper. My brother starts to whimper and squirm more. Nephew’s eyes drill deeper into my head.

“Do it, Officer. Subdue your brother. Break him!” I take my hands off my brother’s hips. One hand slides over my brother’s mouth. STOP THAT FUCKING WIMPERING, GOD DAMMIT! my mind screams. The other hand slides around his neck. So natural. So right. I squeeze. His neck veins strain against my grip. My powerful hand squeezes tighter. The tighter I squeeze, the tighter his ass grips my cock.

My nephew beats his cock harder. Faster. His eyes grow wider. Filled with lust. He burrows his gaze and voice deeper into me. My muscles beyond pumped. Sweat trickles down my back. Into the crack of my ass cheeks. I squeeze big brother’s neck harder. Bringing him closer. He screams into my hand. Squirming. Flinching. Desperation and ecstasy mixing. I drive my cock past his second wall. His ass grips me tighter. Squeeze him harder. Muscles exploding. Cock beyond hard. Nuts boiling over. Everything mixing. Swirling. Nephew. Power. Control. Obedience. Cock obeying. Ass obeying. Minds exploding.

My nephew utters the sweet fucking word I’ve been craving. “CUM!”

We erupt. My brother’s cock begins to spurt its load. He squirms in ecstasy. His ass ring tightens with each eruption. Milking my cock for every precious drop of fluid. My nuts tighten and shoves my load out my cock. My thick goo sprays my big brother’s insides like a fucking garden hose. My nephew’s cock starts spurting gushers. Beautiful, thick, white gushers of muscle spunk. His eyes widen. Watching my muscles fuck his dad.

“Fuck the Marine harder, Officer!” He demands of me. I comply. I uncuff him from the table. I flip him over. Put his legs over my round, melon-sized shoulders. I look at my nephew for direction. I crave his guidance. “Shove it in him, Uncle.” I pierce my brother’s fucked hole, as instructed. “Deeper, Uncle,” my nephew says putting a hand behind my head. Shoving his lips onto mine. He leaves his eyes open and looks deep into me. I do not look away. I hear them in my head. Twisting my mind. Warping it. “Fuck my dad. Fuck your brother. FUCK HIM!” His eyes fuck my mind. My fucked mind makes my cock harder. Longer. Thicker. A groan erupts from deep inside my brother. My tongue deeper in my nephew’s mouth. Cock deeper in my brother. My nephew pulls away. “Double bicep pose, Officer! NOW!” My mind quivers and gasps. My muscles tingle and flare to comply. I double bicep hard and tense. Veins popping out everywhere. My nephew kisses one. Horny shockwaves rock my brain. My cock gets harder. I fuck my brother deeper. He becomes quiet. Focused. Giving in to pleasure. My nephew moves behind me to kiss the other bicep. His rod rests in between the cheeks of my muscle ass. He leans and kisses the other bicep. Body quivers. “Open for me, Uncle...” My mind gapes and his words slide deep inside. My muscle ass complies and opens. He slides his blonde, muscle cock up inside me. I push into my brother deeper. “That’s right, Uncle,” he says running his hands over my flexed biceps, “open for your nephew. My dad, Sergeant Rick has given me everything. Now you Uncle, Officer Nate, are going to give me everything, as well.” I open my ass wider. He fucks me deeper. Pain. His cock penetrates every muscle. Pleasure. Penetrates the deepest parts of my brain. Obedience. Surrender. His cock inside mine. His muscles inside mine. His mind inside mine. I am One with my nephew.

His will and his desire. Our muscles, our cock. All fucking Sergeant Rick. Big brother filled with his brother and son. Double penetration. Deeper, our voice says. Harder, our mind commands. Cum, our voice demands.

In that single instant, our body exploded. White hot ecstasy. Squirting our muscle load deep inside. Me leaving my gift deep inside my brother. My nephew leaving his gift inside me. “That’s a good officer,” my nephew whispered deep in my brain. “You belong to me now, as well. At attention, Officer!”

I pull out of my brother. Cum dribbles out his used hole. No thoughts in his used mind. Stand at attention. The little voice inside that used to be mine caressed my empty head. “Now, Uncle Nate, there is something you’re going to do for me when you return home to New York at the end of the week. I want you to listen very carefully...”

My nephew whispered soft into my ear and deep into the center of my head. It was the first of the deep level programming I’d be gettin’ from him for the rest of my visit, he told me. For the rest of my stay, every afternoon after my workout, my mind opened and accepted its instructions. Working out hard. Growing my muscles. Fuckin’ my brother and my nephew. Havin’ them fuck me. It all just opened me more and let the programming in deeper. It all mixed together and I lost track of time. What time it was. What day it was. How many workouts had I done? Was that my third orfourth? My brother’s workin’ outwithme.Fuckin’ me.Nephewwhispering inmy ear. Deepinmy head.Programminggoin’so deep.YES! Workout.Growmymuscles.Fuckmybrother.Acceptmyprogramming.Openmymindtomynephew. Growmymuscles.PoseFlexOpenmymindFuckmynephewNephewfuckmeWhisperinmyheadMinfdfuckmeProgramme Acceptmyprogramming. I protect and I serve. I hear and I obey.

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