Überteen: The Story of Richie and Nathan

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This is the story that would follow the "Rise of the Übermen" universe (if you guys still remember it). Anyway, in this chapter there is no growth, but don't worry, there will be lots of growth in the next, and I'm already working on it.

Thanks to Redkage for inspiring me to write about this lovely character (you rock dude!)

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Despite the scorching sunny afternoon and my burning skin already turning red, I stood there immovable, even the feeling of my ass falling asleep because of the bicycle seat didn’t bother me; I held my ground strategically, paying close attention.

I was determined to find out what was going on. It had been almost two weeks since I’ve last seen Richie; he didn’t answer my calls and barely replied my email, alleging that the he couldn’t see me for a while because he had been grounded, which sounded even weirder, because my best friend had never been grounded, he simply was incapable of breaking any rule, or even arguing with his parents, he was just the annoying perfect son and because of that unexplainable reason I just knew Richie was actually avoiding me, but I wouldn’t settle until I found out why.

Right then I devised the blue mini-van turning right at Wayne Drive, it was the only way they could get to access our street, so I knew I had just enough time. I pedaled my bike with all my strength, crossing the block diagonally as I simply ran across the neighborhood yards. The “road” was indeed very risky, I almost ran into Mrs. Travers’ herbal garden and got away just in time to avoid being attacked by the Hamiltons’ dog. I recognized it was a very impolite and trespassing diagonal shortcut, but it was the only way to get there just in time to catch Richie parents’ car parking on their drive way.

I stopped my bike and waited for them to get out of the car; I had them right where I wanted. Even though I was panting from my crazy stunt, I tried to fake a casual tone.

“Oh hi, Mr. Costa, hello Mrs. Costa, how are you all doing?” I greeted the family as they got out of the car.

“Hey there Nate, how are you doing buddy?” The tall man dressed in an expensive suit saluted me. His skin tone was really great, the rich olive tone in his complexion made him look tanned all year long, his short dark brown hair was thick and luscious, and the earlier white hairs only accentuated the great hazel color of his eyes, along with his juicy lips, roman nose bridge and the rest of the classic Latin features of his face resulted in this handsome looks. At 6’ tall with incredibly lean swimmer’s physique, Mister Costa really made the other men on Aurora Road feel unsecure about their shape.

“I am doing fine, sir, I was just riding my bike when I saw you coming along…” I continued my speech looking at the handsome Brazilian lawyer as he directed to the main entrance of his house. I heard the passenger’s door opening and quickly turned my head to face Richie’s mom with the sweetest smile.

However, the minute I faced Mrs. Costa I knew something was wrong, because she was the kind of woman who was always smiling, cheerful, talking with great enthusiasm, but not today, although she still smiled back at me, her beautiful turquoise eyes were undeniably sad.

“Hi, Nathan, how is your mom doing sweetie?” She asked me putting her shades back on her face, almost like she knew I was guessing she had been crying. Although Richie’s mom was also born in Brazil, she wasn’t nearly tanned as her husband, in fact she was almost as pale as myself, with long dark locks reaching down to the middle of her petite back, her boobs, her pretty tight rear and all womanly curves were amazing, most of boys referred to Mrs. Costa by the obvious nickname of “hot mom”

“She’s doing fine, Mrs. Costa…” I replied making sure to keep really close of the van because I knew he couldn’t hide himself inside the car for much longer. I watched at my reflection at the dark windows, and I knew he was there waiting for me to move along, but I had trapped Richie Costa.

Finally, the back door slid slowly and I saw the car moving up and down as the last passenger exited the vehicle…

I remember when Richie and his family moved in to our street, most of neighbors were just too curious about the Brazilian couple who had bought the beautiful three stored house with a front yard and even a large swimming pool. When Marcelo and Susana Costa showed up with their 6 year old son Ricardo, they had a welcome party already prepared to ask all sort of questions about their lives, so the newcomers had to spend a lot of time furnishing details about their lives, their jobs and their exotic homeland.

Richie’s father worked at the legal department of an oil company and his mom was a journalist working at the Latin-American branch of a cable network channel. They were gorgeous, well educated, ambitious and friendly, so it didn’t take long until they succeed in the US.

Meanwhile, Richie and I became best friends almost instantly. Back then, my parents put me at the soccer team, because they wanted me to do some sort of exercise even though I pretty much sucked in all the rest, so when I heard about the skinny dark haired, green eyed kid who was born in Brazil, it was the perfect opportunity for me to bring along my brand new soccer ball, the moment we met I immediately asked him if he wanted to play with me, hoping to learn some secrets from him.

The kid promptly accepted, although claiming that he wasn’t very good; which was clearly something he said out of pure modesty, because I immediately noticed he played like a professional. Unlike me, Richie didn’t need special shoes, a brilliant jersey and big shorts to play soccer, the kid just took off his shoes and played barefooted; when he got the ball near those big feet I was immediately spellbound, it was like the ball was an extension of his legs. Even being so young and skinny, he executed the most incredible soccer feats, Richie played in such natural way, that he just made it look astonishingly easy.

“WHOA! Dude, how did you do that? You gotta teach me how to do it!” I asked impressed with his skills.

Richie just blushed “I don’t really know how I can do them; I just learned from watching my dad, my grandpa and my uncles playing with their friends…” because he was foreigner I thought he would have a strong accent, but it turned out he sounded almost like if he was born in here, there was only a different musicality on his pronunciation, although nothing really significant.

“Your grandpa plays soccer too?” The tone of my voice indicating I wasn’t used to see older guys playing such sport in the US.

“Sure, almost everybody plays soccer in Brazil, boys and girls, young and old…we can play anywhere, in the field, indoors, at the beach, even in the street…” The little guy said very enthusiastically.

“You play on the street? And what do you do about the cars?” I asked surprised.

“Oh, we just stop and let them pass, it’s no big deal, they all understand…” Richie replied casually, but somehow I just knew they wouldn’t be much successful to play barefooted soccer even in our suburban streets.

So, that’s how Richie and I got to know each other, and over the years he had always been right there at my side, we became inseparable, the chubby blond boy and his skinny Brazilian friend, that’s how the neighbors told us apart of the other kids.

In fact, as we grew older Richie taught me not just soccer tricks, but a lot of other cool stuff about his homeland; and even some words in Portuguese so we could make fun of the other kids in a second language.

I remember watching the 2002 World Cup final at his home, the game aired really late because the cup was being held in Japan and South Korea, but the Brazilian family never let anyone sleep in the neighborhood, they called their friends and cheered loud for their national team. In the end, when Brazil won over Germany and conquered its 5th Championship, it suddenly seemed 4th of July; Richie, his parents and their friends were so happy, they sang and danced the samba until sunrise, most of the neighbors joined their happiness but some of them even called the police to finish that party.

Richie and I went to school together for the past 9 years and 7 months and 12 days, we were practically together every single day, even when Richie and his parents traveled to Brazil on vacations, we kept in touch via emails or instant messengers, but then, all of a sudden it’s been too long since we had last seen each other, he hasn’t been to school either and I overheard some teachers commenting that Richie was sick or something, I just needed to know what the hell was going on.

I looked at the young man who just got off the car, nearly believing that it was another person, but then I recognized the same green eyes, the thick lustful dark brown hair and the same bronze skin tone of his complexion, however the lad looking back at me was not just much taller than I remembered; he was indeed thicker, wider and much more muscular, in fact he looked even bigger than Mister Costa, the lad who got out of the Costa’s family car was undoubtedly a vigorous muscle hunk irradiating an aura of strength and health.

"Richie? Richie is that you?" I asked almost in disbelief.
"Wh-what are you doing here, Nate?" The moment Richie looked down at me, he begun to hunch over as if attempting to hide this new physique of his, but that only served to make me notice his sizable chest bulge out the front of his one size too small t-shirt

"What do you think I am doing here? I...came here to see you... God Richie I was so fucking worried, I hear teachers saying you were sick, you didn't answer my calls, and your folks, they looked so sad...I thought you were in the hospital or something..." I replied, playfully punching the arm of my best friend ... "Why are you avoiding me Rich? Please tell me the truth..."

"I-I guess I just didn't want you to worry about me, that's all…I mean, something came up, and I'm having it checked out. I just didn't want you to get all worked up or anything." Richie was obviously trying to stall me, and albeit his calm tone; I soon got into an even more anxious state.

"What came up? Are you sick, Richie? You can't be sick, look at you, shit you look great, I mean… you were always athletic but I've never seen you so bigger before... and you are taller now, it's been a while since we've seen each other but I can tell you are much taller than I remember, this can’t be the look of someone who’s sick can it?" The words came out of my mouth so very fast, that I felt my heart beating each time faster, I was growing more nervous about the whole situation.

"I...just don't know." Richie managed to say almost in a whisper, it actually felt like my best friend was going through something very serious. "The doctors said I'm more or less healthy, but they keep on wanting me to come in for checkups and tests and everything."

At that moment, I felt the ground opening beneath my feet because I felt my 16 year old friend would tell me any moment now something very serious, a moment which was postponed by the loud screeching voice of my mother.

“Nathan Edmund Briggs!” Mom barked as she turned the corner and walked towards me in her peculiar waddling which usually leads people to think her chubby short legs are uneven, it was indeed comical, but I also knew it meant she was really furious.

“I just got a call from Mr. Hamilton and he told me you almost ran over Buttons; then Hilda Travers yells at me because you crushed her baby herbs. Are you out of your mind, young man?” My mother spoke in such high toned voice that it surely called the attention of Richie’s mom, soon Mrs. Costa appeared at the kitchen door, and my mother suddenly seemed to have forgotten everything about my unexplained stunts, she quickly marched towards her noticeably fatigued neighbor, tenderly taking Richie’s mom’s hand.

“Oh, hello Susana, how are you hanging in there my dear?” Judging by how considerably lower her voice was I could already tell she was inside the whole scoop, but fortunately for me, I had great hearing, trained after years of eavesdropping taught by the Gossip Grandmaster, my own mother.

“Oh, I’m better now, Ellen, although we are still trying to adapt…” I wasn’t used to notice sadness on Mrs. Costa’s voice, and only something pretty disconcerting would take down Richie’s mom’s naturally exuberant demeanor.

“Yeah, Hank told me the results would come today, don’t worry dear, nobody knows about it…” when I heard the name of my father, it made my spine freeze because my dad never really liked discussing about his patients’ problems with mom, mostly because she was the main gossiper in our neighborhood, they still bickered each other whenever dad found out my mom couldn’t hold a secret.

Now I could connect the dots, Ellen Briggs is one of the nosiest and most curious women in the world, but if something she knows actually remained a secret, it could only be something really important.

“Oh Ellen, we are so confused, the tests are conclusive so we really don’t know what to do next…” Mrs. Costa’s expression was so intense for one second, but then just broke down in tears, my mom hugged her in her stocky arms trying to comfort Richie’s mom.

“It will be alright, Susana, Hank said he will get help with the best doctors, he will live a happy life, I can guarantee you…” Just then, mom noticed Mr. Costa approaching them and she just waved for him that everything was alright.

“Get the boys inside; I think it’s time for them to talk…”

At that point I had imagined the most horrible scenarios, I noticed that Richie’s enormous green eyes were looking at me so focused, it was like he was really anxious about telling me what was his problem, especially after that scene between our moms.

“Nate, I know you are curious about this whole thing, but I think it would be better if you two had this conversation inside, Richie, take him to your room, you’ll have more privacy there…” Mister Costa gently spoke, and the last thing I noticed I was already upstairs heading into Richie’s bedroom.

Like any other boy in his age, Rich’s room was the typical teenager mess, with sports posters, old childhood board games, new and exciting videogames piling up on the table, comic books and sport magazines tossed across the room. My friend pulled a chair for me to sit down, but I could even bother about that, I just couldn’t wait any longer.

"Rich, you can tell me anything buddy, please, whatever it is I am sure you will get over, you are the toughest kid I know...we will beat this thing together" I said resting my hand on his hard shoulder, trying to make him feel I was strong enough to take the hardest of the news.

Richie took a deep breath. I could tell he was scared of revealing the truth, but deep down I knew he trusted me. Breathing deeply, he then just let it all out.

"You know on TV you'd see those news reports about men who suddenly undergo what looks like a super puberty, growing into huge proportions?" The words coming out of his mouth suddenly had no connection to the subject of our conversation, so I suddenly felt my best friend was losing the courage to opening up with me.

"What? erm... yeah I think so, there was a documentary or something, they call those guys Upper men , I guess…”
“They are called Übermen.” Richie replied coldly but I still couldn’t understand the reason for that. “Okay… but... what does it have to do with you?" I asked him nervously; my best friend and his secret problem were taking me to the edge.

Richie looked me in the eyes; he knew there was no way I would understand what was happening if he didn’t come clear with me, so the tanned teen just took a deep breath before he finally expelled the truth.

"According to all the doctors and their tests, I'm one of them. I am, well I am turning into an Überman."

In my mind I had anticipated several horrible diseases that Richie could have, but when the lad just said he was an Überman, suddenly everything seemed so unreal, so improbable and silly that I simply started laughing out loud, out of relief but also I was laughing the exaggerated reaction of Richie and everybody else...

After a few moments of that relief, I noticed Riche was looking astounded at me with those big green eyes, so I just dried my tears and commented.

"What? That's it? You're an Überman, huh? What's the problem about that? This is not a disease is it?" I asked with a big smile on my chubby cheeks which were red so hard I had laughed.

"Erm… they didn’t tell me I was diseased, but they ran a bunch of tests on me.”

“Well you know how doctors are; especially my dad, he always wants to be exactly sure before coming out with an opinion.” I replied beckoning that Doctor Briggs would make his patients go through all kinds of tests before revealing his opinion to them.

“I guess this is true, but it still made me feel weird, like there had to be something wrong going on with my body…” Richie sighed, opening his heart with me; finally things were getting back to normalcy.
“Yeah, I guess I understand, after all you were feeling normal and didn’t show any signs of being sick, quite the contrary…” I attested, once again noticing how much bigger and stronger my friend’s body had become in such short time we’ve been apart.

“So, does it mean you're okay with this? You don't think I'm a freak or anything like that?" Richie’s surprised tone revealed the reaction he expected from me after breaking out the secret was totally different than my sudden laughter.

“Of course I am okay with this, Richie, what can I do about the fact you are an Überman?” I emphasized my opinion by giving my confused best friend a hug, but only after this moment I realized which he would consider to be a “normal” reaction from me, and it suddenly angered me.

“Was this reason why you’ve been avoiding me? Rich, I can't believe you thought I would treat you like an aberration or something, I am your friend, dude, shit… we've known each other for almost ten years, I wouldn't turn my back on you if you needed me” I vented out my rebellion now that I knew there was nothing wrong with Rich.

"Well, I am sorry Nate, but being an Überman seems to be a big deal for everybody else except you, the doctors all treated me in such a way, like I was a wild animal that could attack them at any moment.”

“Are you sure you’re not just assuming they treated you like that, dude? We can’t really read minds you know?” I replied in a teasing tone trying to cheer him up, but my friend was determined to continue disclosing his feelings with me.

“You…weren’t there Nate, you should have seen the faces on my parents when they found out their only son was just like all those giant men popping out in the news. I mean, you’ve also heard all those stories about how violent and powerful they are… I mean, if I really am one of them, I might turn into some sort of sex crazed rampaging muscle freak!"

“I hardly believe they’d ever considered you would turn into a rampaging muscle freak, Richie, for Christ’s sake, you don’t go out of the house without kissing your mom and dad, you are the kind of guy who brings home puppies and kittens home in rainy nights, you are the guy who loves to help the elderly people and the younger children, you are so sweet that sometimes it's almost unbearable to be around you without feeling sick! I... really don't see you turning into some kind of monster...…” I laughed, trying to undermine the fears in his heart.

"Okay, so what if I don't turn into a monster. How about other people think of me? I mean, you see it all the time those people who are afraid or even hate Übers for what they are. It's like...and episode of the X-men or something, and I'm a mutant." Richie was so nervous he just started mixing reality with the stories he had read over his enormous comic book collection.

"Now hold on pal…I don't think you are turning into The Beast, man, although you would look cool with blue fur all over those big muscles" I couldn’t resist such opportunity to make a joke, chuckling and giggling about the concern on that incurable comic book fan.

"Stop fooling around, Nate, I'm serious! I don't think I can stand having everybody hate me just because I was born with some sort of defect that I can't control!" Richie reacted so graphically to my silly jokes he just punched his fist on the desk. A sharp snap caught our attentions; both Rich and I noticed the wooden splinters flying all over the bedroom.

With one single blow, my friend had totally crashed the piece of furniture, destroying it like it was made out paper instead of solid hardwood. The expression on Richie’s face told me that he never meant to break his desk; while the shocked teenager tried to put it back without any success I just lead him back to his bed and tried to comfort my best friend, because usual mocking behavior wasn’t working at all.

"Well...first things first, I am sure it's not a defect, because I’ve seen the size on those guys, they are immense and all muscular, if it was a defect, most guys would kill to have bodies defected in that manner, plus they are like super strong dude, it's like having superpowers, and who better than an old comic fan to figure out how to live with these…special abilities, huh?”

Richie sighed “Now you’re the one referring to comic books…”

“Well, I am just trying to explain you my view, which brings me to the next issue, like a recently transformed super-hero you will have to learn how to live with your condition, being an Überman is a natural part of you, that you’ll learn to manage, I mean you are not sick, but you have to learn how to control your strength right?"

"Yea, but unlike comic books I could very much hurt real people, even if by accident. And what if I get really, really angry? If I hurt my parents or you, I don't think I'd ever be able to live with myself..." Richie finally showed me his real fears, and I could understand there were some aspects of being Über that could indeed be really scary, especially for someone so sweet and caring as Rich Costa was.

“Are you sure you will necessarily have to become an angry beast, dude? Isn't it a little prejudicial of your part, Richie?" I asked in a serious tone that suddenly forced Richie to consider things for a first time: he just assumed he was going to become a fearsome raging monster, but truth is he really didn't know much about Übermen at all...

"I...I guess I was so surprised and unnerved by finding out that I am an Überman that I reacted without really thinking about it too much." Richie admitted. "Though, you have to admit it's a little scary."

"It’s okay to freak out dude... but we all know how you like to overreact about the silliest things sometimes, besides, you are not seeing things on the brighter side, if you are gonna be an Überman, it means you will be much bigger and stronger than all those dumb jocks in school, and no one will mess up with you, it might even be cool to be friends with a super strong muscle dude, no one will ever call me fat fag again..." I casually commented, but these last words of mine had a pretty strong effect over my friend.

I accidentally appealed to Richie’s best feature, his sense of justice. I still didn’t know if it was a natural thing, or something he had developed after many years collecting, reading and even drawing his own superhero stories, the naked truth was that Richie Costa couldn’t stand unfairness. Over the years, my friend had gotten frustrated when he was unable to protect those he cared about from the relentless teasing of all the dumb muscleheads at school; nonetheless, Richie usually got himself in trouble with those stupid jocks whenever they picked on me, most of the times he got beaten up because he tried to defend his chubby friend from high-schoolers’ nasty cruelty.

Suddenly, Richie Costa realized his so far cursed condition could be translated in some kind of leverage against those bullies; now it was his chance to do something about all the wrong things he had to put up for all these years! For the first time I noticed Richie’s smile back on his full lips. Reaching over my surprised figure, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Don't worry; I got your back Nate." Richie affirmed like it was some kind of oath he forced onto himself, an oath to put an end to the constant humiliations I’ve gone through these years.

“Erm thanks buddy, I mean, it's not like I can't stand for myself..." I usually resourced to jokes when I got emotional, because I knew a bigger, stronger, Richie would never let those guys pick up on me again. We climbed down the stairs, both of us were laughing out again, and our unexpected happiness actually drew the attention of Rich’s parents, who were drinking coffee over the kitchen along mom, even my once cranky mother seemed impressed with the fact Richie was not gloomy any more.

“I guess you boys worked out things huh?” Mister Costa asked unconsciously letting his own smile blossom in his face.

“Yeah, dad, Nate showed me that there’s no reason for sadness, I know it’s not gonna be easy all the time, but if I am an Überman, it only means I am tough enough for the challenge!” Richie explained in a confident tone that made me really proud of my pep talk skills.

“That’s the spirit, boy!” Richie rushed to embrace his father, while Mrs. Costa stood up and hugged me very vividly, which clearly made me embarrassed, her sweet perfume filled my nostrils, then her moist lips planted a soft kiss on my already ruby red fat cheeks.

“Oh, Nate, I don’t know what is it that you do, but Richie is always better after talking to you…”

“Gee, thanks Mrs. Costa, but it really wasn’t a big deal…” I replied incredibly embarrassed for suddenly becoming the center of all attentions.

“Well, Susana, darling, I think it’s time for us to go home, it seems you guys are all better now, and I'm sure there are a lot of pending details you need to resolve, so Nate and I are leaving…” Mom said very tenderly taking my hand and leading me to the kitchen door. The Costas thanked my help once again and soon I was walking back home pushing my bike down the street along my mother, who actually seemed very proud of me, to the point she just stopped for one moment and looked seriously at my puzzled face.

“What?” I asked, almost fearing she had just remembered all the crazy things I had done before I talked to Richie. I have to say most of the times mom smiled it meant I was in for a treat, so my suspicious were legitimate.

“You did a great job there, Nate…” Mom said while she kissed me on the cheeks right in the middle of the street, where all the neighbors could see us.

“Moooom!” I protested, while rubbing her lipstick from my cheek.

“Oh let a proud mother expresses her love to her son, will ya? Besides, you’re not going home anytime soon, you still have other good deeds to accomplish today…” mother said that with a devilish grin on her eyes that made gulp.

“What do you mean?” I asked, almost too afraid to hear the answer.

“Well, when the neighbors told me what you have done, I had no other choice but promising you spend the entire afternoon fixing the damages you’ve caused on their yards, plus you would moan their lawn for free next Saturday…” She said those words while hugging me very tenderly, she even took my bike and pushed it back home.

While mom waddled towards our house along my bike, I just nodded and headed to Mrs. Travers’ yard to fix the herbal garden I had previously run over. I should have known that Ellen Briggs would never leave a bad deed unpunished.

At least I could use the time to think over the recent facts, because although it all seemed resolved now, if Richie was found to be an Überman, soon there would be even more drastic changes in the area…

After spending the whole afternoon working on the neighbors’ yards to repair the damages I have caused, all I wanted was a fresh shower and some warm food when I finally got home. Once those primary needs were taken care, I knocked at my father’s office looking for something that could help me understand this whole Überman situation that Richie had unwillingly gotten into.

“Dad, can I talk to you?” I asked, pretending I wasn’t bothered by the minty smell of the tobacco on his pipe, the only place my father could still practice his smelling habit was his office, which was some kind of “Temple of Wisdom” in our household, the place was covered with several shelves carried with hundreds, maybe thousands of heavy books on Medicine and Biology.

The burgundy leather chair spun around its axis, producing a loud squeak “Oh, hey there son, back from the Jail House so soon? I heard all about your very busy afternoon…” Daddy mocked me while lighting his pipe. I just nodded along, sitting at his desk.

“Seriously, now…Your mother told me you had a great moment over the Costas. I'm very happy to know you’ve helped a friend in need, Nate.” He looked at me with his deep grey eyes, unlike my mother, dad didn’t think I teenagers were just a bunch of hormonal frantic crazy little people, he knew behind all the madness there should be some purpose, even though most of the times we couldn’t actually understand it.

“I have to say, dad, I was pretty mad at first because I thought Richie suddenly ignored me, but after seeing the expressions on his parents, I got much more afraid that Richie could suddenly die from one of those horrible diseases in your books…” I confessed with a half-smile “So when he finally said he was an Überman, it just sounded like, well like a relief, don’t you agree?”

“Well, son, I am impressed that you think this way, which only shows your mother and I raised you to be open minded and respectful, but truth is, for most of parents, finding out their sons are Übermen is not exactly a relief…” The best part about talking with my dad was that he never treated you like you were as well studied as he was.

“So, Dad, are you sure Richie is one of those Übermen?” I asked directly, knowing that my father preferred the direct approach. His thin lips crooked as he took a good puff on the pipe before explaining the situation.

“He sure is, Nathan, we have detected the genetic mark on his Y chromosome, and after the results on the physical performance came, it was clear he was already developing the earlier stages of becoming an Überman” – Hank Briggs was a tall balding man, his long nose bridge and thin shaped head always gave him that air of serenity and wisdom.

“I’ve got to say Richie freaked out about all those tests you guys ran on him.” The purpose of my comment was finding out if Richie’s opinion had any fundament at all. My father had started as a pediatrician, but then he decided to specialize in teenager’s treatment, and I couldn’t actually believe he would ever treat Richie like a dangerous animal.

I wasn’t expecting to listen my father sigh “I know, son, they all get that way about the tests, and although I’ve tried to dismiss them many times, the Government’s rules about Übermen identification are pretty strict, just the location of the genetic mark on the Y chromosome isn’t enough, they all demand further testing to attest the condition…” I could notice something weird on my dad’s expression.

“And why does the Government meddle between the patient and his doctor? Isn’t there some kind of law that prohibits you from revealing stuff about your work?” My curiosity seemed to comfort my father’s rebellion against the establishment.

“Damn sure there are, son, but you know how politicians and their lawyers are able to bend them, so since Übermen identification is now regarded as “potential Governmental interest” doctors are forced to report authorities whenever a genetic investigation is positive for homo sapiens fortius under the threat of losing his practice license.” Father confessed with noticeable shame.

“Gee, dad, I didn’t mean to blame you, it’s just… unfair huh? What if the guy doesn’t want other people to know about his condition?” I commented knowing that Richie would never appreciate such personal information passed onto guys he had never seen before.

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do about it, because when a boy is discovered to be an Überman, not just his parents, but his school, university, even employers and the local authorities like police, firemen and even the judges have to be informed about this detail…” Dad’s eyes became each time redder, and I was sure it wasn’t just because of the smoke of his pipe.

“Shit… this must be the reason why Richie’s parents were so sad…even Richie thought they were disappointed at him for being an Über.” I whispered, still pondering my thoughts as they boiled inside my head.

“It’s understandable…” Dad replied opening his drawer and taking some paper to show me. “After all, Marcelo did try to file a judicial remedy to stop this proceeding, but just like all the other cases, his petition was denied under the argument that “it consists community’s best interest the identification of new Übermen in order to establish special assistance and surveillance methods”. He quoted the judicial reason for the denial, trashing the document and tossing it on the bin at his side. “Those stupid bureaucrats!”

“This is awful…” I commented, trying to show some sympathy to my dad’s opinion, but the thing about Dr. Briggs is that he always is a passionate defender of his principles.

“Well, I have to confess I always get personally offended when a patient of mine has to be reported, because I’ve known most of those kids ever since they were babies, I’ve treated their measles and their flues, I’ve given them lollypops, so just because that some imbecile congressmen decided they are potential public menaces, I have to disclose all my information on those innocent boys? Besides, it’s not like this secret will be closed for much longer, new Übers are not exactly hard to notice, you know?” Dad commented with a silly grin in his lips as he puffed his pipe.

“Yeah…I almost couldn’t believe when Richie got off the car, he was looking so buffed! There was no way he could be that big the last time I’ve seen him! He did try to conceal it, but the growth was rather drastic, poor Richie looked so funny all hunched over …” I felt bitter commenting this detail, but since we were being honest with each other, I felt dad deserved to know my true opinion.

“Well, son, you have to consider that he went from a regular 15 years old at 5’7” 138 pounds to 5’11” tall and weighing 182 pounds in less than 8 days, it can be pretty scary for a teenager, most of his clothes were already too small on his body, he actually had to borrow his dad’s shorts to come to the office this morning.” I could notice by the tone of my father I should start being more supportive to the guy.

“Shit…that’s nearly 50 pound gain in almost one week, are you sure this is normal dad?” I didn’t even notice I had cursed, but I guess dad understood my true consternation about his report.

“Although I'm used to see the impressive gains on early Übers in transition period, I have to see, Richie’s stats were rather remarkable, but please, don’t you go telling him, the poor boy was just so nervous when I took his measurements.” Dad added in order to keep me keen on how sensitive Richie was about such subject.

Suddenly I looked at my father with a much more worried mien. “Dad, I still haven’t time to ponder things, but… just how much bigger is Richie is gonna grow?”

Finally, Dr. Hanks could vent his own worries with someone “Look, Nate, despite your mother’s opinion, I do believe you’re a very responsible young man, so you must understand that The Costas are gonna go through some drastic changes, not just about Richie’s growth, but all the things implied to his Überman condition…”

I didn’t want to disappoint my father for having trusted my better judgment so I just remained quiet when he continued.

“People are not right when they hate of fear the Übermen, but they don’t understand most of the changes that happen inside those kids bodies, except for the obvious phenomenal growth, but Richie will change in many other ways, son, and he will change very fast, in fact, in less than one year, I believe his transition period will be over and by then Richie Costa will be an adult Über, not that he will stop growing or developing after this, it has been proved their organisms never cease to perfect themselves…”

I did want to slow down dad’s explanation, but it was more important trying to understand the reason for his worries.

“Soon, the manifestation of his condition will just be impossible to hide, very soon you will start hearing things about Richie, or his behavior, but you have to understand most of those people are just scared of what they can’t understand…an Überman is pretty much like any other guy, but taken into extreme standards…”

“Dad, you’re kinda scaring me here, Richie was all worried he would become a rampaging muscle freak, and I had to convince him of the opposite, but now, are you telling me it can actually happen?” I asked, stammering to the mere hypothesis my best friend would suddenly become a true menace.

“No…it’s just the contrary, Nate. I am just saying that, despite all the changes and the physical augmentation, the uncanny growth that will soon happen to your friend, you have always to remember he is the same boy who played soccer with you, he is just gonna be much bigger, and rather different than most people would consider to be normal, but if you are truly his friend, you won’t let these differences interfere with your friendship…” Dad’s advice seemed so serious and intense, for one single moment, I thought he suddenly guessed something I thought that I’ve been hiding from everybody else for almost a year now.

“…Sure dad, I care about Richie, we are best friends, ever since we were six years old, I won’t let this Überman stuff interfere…” I said hoping that my father was still clueless about my secret crush on my best friend.

“I knew I could count on you, son…” After saying this, my father just reclined back on his chair and enjoyed his pipe, I was still very nervous about that whole situation, for one moment it seemed like dad just knew I had feelings for Richie, feelings that I wasn’t supposed to have, well, at least I wasn’t supposed to let anyone know I had them, because no matter how hard I had tried to muffle that inside of me, at this point I pretty much was sure it was undeniable – I was madly in love with Richie.

“So…erm… dad… is it true that…erm…all Übermen are gay?” I asked, hoping that my father didn’t notice my hidden agenda behind that question.

“I am afraid their sexuality is the greatest taboo for society, it is true that most of Übermen demonstrate homosexual tendencies, but it doesn’t mean they are necessarily gay, perhaps, it’s an option they make since only males can grow big enough to release their sexual urges, or their organisms develop this attraction because of the incredible hormonal change happened during their transition point…” My father digressed, but suddenly I felt my heart beating faster.

“Well dad, thanks for the talk, you’ve really helped me.” I stood up and headed out of his office, but instead of feeling relieved like I expected, I ended up just as freaked out as Richie had been.

Suddenly it was like the friend I’ve known for all my life could disappear, to be replaced by a massive yet completely stranger guy. My thoughts sent me into different scenarios, where the sweet Richie for whom I’ve secretly fallen in love would be gone, what’s worse, he had become a huge, mean, monstrously muscular hunk, who didn’t even know my name…

“Übermen society” – I still didn’t know why the hell have I googled for that exact expression, but the results have certainly impressed me. I have found several blogs where Übers from all over the world shared all kind of experiences with the viewers; from things like “What to do when you find out you’re an Über” to “Beat the crap out of the tiny men!” – There were all kinds of guys expressing their unique experiences as those impressive individuals, but what got my attention was this particular video documentary entitled “Rise of the Übermen”.

There were some personal testimonials of Übers about their experiences, most of those guys were so huge they simply couldn’t be filmed with domestic cameras, unless they were taped from very far, their muscles were just too massive. The whole situation was ridiculous, the interviewer was indeed a muscular guy, but still he looked like a little bug next to his interviewees.

Besides being so much bigger than regular muscle guys, Über muscles are just different, their size, their shape, their sinew. I didn’t exactly know how to feel about them, I knew attracted to other men, in fact, musclemen always had attracted my fantasies, but so far I didn’t consider Übermen to be appealing to me, they were just too weird in my taste, what’s the point of becoming so huge you just don’t fit in your house?

I’ve heard the Über commenting it was impossible for him to have sex with a regular guy, because he was afraid their weakling bodies wouldn’t handle their libido and their sheer strength, the host practically begged the giant muscle monster to take him, it felt so outraging, so degrading towards the rest of the regular guys, that I just couldn’t hear it anymore. Suddenly, all my thoughts changed, because I realized Richie would become like them. Would I still love Richie after he had grown so huge? Would I be still attracted to him if he had those huge arms and the monstrous muscles? All these thoughts rampaged through my mind, although I had found out Richie was gay because of his Über condition, it still didn’t mean he would ever correspond my feelings, maybe because he would grow so huge and muscular he would never be able to love me back, I was soon to be just “a tiny guy” after all.

All that Überman crap felt overwhelmingly upsetting, so I just grabbed my bike and pedaled down the road, I didn’t know where to go, I just wanted to feel some fresh air, to hopefully clear my thoughts after such confusing day. I ended up down the same old soccer camp, the place where I’ve spent most of my afternoons playing ball with…

“Richie? What are you doing here?” I suddenly asked, noticing his beautiful sweaty tanned skin, glistening under the moonlight.

Richie continued to play with his soccer ball for a moment, before he finally stopped “I just had to do something, my parents didn’t let me do anything until the results came, now at least I can release some of all the bottled energy…” He commented while resuming to his favorite sport.

“I could use some distraction on my own…” I suggested and the ball came in my direction, so we engaged a friendly one on one match.

“So… what exactly are you doing here? I thought you would be grounded after trashing the neighbors’ yards…” Richie asked with a naughty grin.

“Nah, I took care of my punishment. Well the first part, I still have to work over the weekend for free…” I replied while balancing the ball on my ankle before sending it back to my friend, who chuckled a little while regaining control of the ball.

“So, I'm coming back to class tomorrow, I guess I have lots to catch up huh?” Anyone besides Rich Costa would be actually thrilled about getting back into boring old school routine.

“Yeah…but I'm sure you’ll make it in no time…”I commented as he kicked the ball at me again “So… Rich…I was talking to my dad tonight, he told me more details about your…erm…condition…” I tried to enter the subject when returning the ball to him, but Richie just held it on the ground.

“Nate…you’re not bailing out now are you? You…just told me nothing would change between us…you don’t think I’ll become a monster…” My best friend’s enthusiasm suddenly fell apart. I could see him already in the verge of tears, so I just hugged him.

“Rich, shit man…. It’s nothing like that, I am just trying to understand it in order to help you, it will be over soon, dude, trust me…” Once again I repeated the same speech, but this time there was something inside me that not only believed on it, it actually looked forward to see the transformation on my friend.

“Thanks Nate, I really need you dude…I don’t know if I can go through this without you” Richie said as he hugged me really tight, so tight I felt my ribcage hurting, but before I could moan, I felt his lips pressings against mine.

I have envisioned our first kiss in several different scenarios, but I guess the whole Überman stuff made me overlook my own fantasies about a possible relationship with Richie; but I would never suspect he had similar feelings for me. Our kiss was not a skilled one, mostly because we had no previous experience, but it was very special, I felt like I was suddenly flying off the ground.

“I'm sorry…I know I had no right to do it with you, but…I wanted to do it before I became too big and hideous for you…” Before Rich could finish that ridiculous sentence I planted my own kiss on his lips, this time we both enjoyed it, since the field was deserted at that time of the night, only the moonlight and the stars shining over us, I could feel his heart beating almost as fast as mine, but the touch of his much bigger muscles couldn’t not remain unnoticed.

“Rich, I… guess it’s kinda late to say but…I…think…”

“I like you too, Nate…I guess I’ve always liked you in that way…” Richie confessed before I could tell him about my own feelings. I actually feel this way for quite a while, but when the test begun I realized I didn’t have much time…”

“Didn’t have much time for what?” I asked suddenly puzzled by such unexpected behavior on my best friend.

“Well…you know… me being an Über and all, I guess, we could enjoy while I don’t change into that monster, at least I’ll remember this kiss when you think I'm hideous…” Richie sounded so sure about his that he actually scared me.

“Rich...it won’t make us apart, I am telling you, your growth won’t change the way I feel about you…” I said holding his hand with all the hope in my heart.

“So…I think we should just enjoy our time together…” Richie smiled and kicked the ball back to me. At that point, I still had no idea what would happen between me and my best soon-to-be Überman best friend. Were we boyfriends now? Was it still too soon? How far would we go? I had absolutely no answers for the questions, but frankly, I had just kissed the sweetest boy on Earth, twice, my mind wasn’t after answers, I just wanted to kiss Richie a third time…

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