Überteen 2

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In the next seven weeks, Richie had returned to his daily activities as any other High School student: he went to school, played soccer for our team, did his homework, and ran his house chores like any other boy. I guess all of us really tried to keep our lives as close from normalcy as possible, but given Richie’s constant transformations, that was hardly accomplished.

Although I’ve heard the Übermen online testimonials and been told by my father that the physical changes during transition period were rather drastic and fast, I wasn’t prepared for such an incredible pace.

Every day, and I really mean every single day, Rich was bigger than the previous one, not just in height, but especially muscle wise, my best friend’s body was simply growing so incredibly massive, Richie’s body gained at least 5 whole pounds of solid muscle per day, and this rate only increased over the curse of time. His growth was so vividly noticeable that if you just looked at his body from a closer distance for a few moments, you could actually notice his muscular fibers bulging underneath his each time flimsier skin.

In fact, the hardness on his already impressive muscles challenged anything I had felt so far, touching Richie’s muscles was similar from feeling Rodin’s The Thinker or Michelangelo’s David, although those famous pieces were cold and static, and my boyfriend was very much alive and growing bigger, so I easily preferred feeling the warmth of his precious life underneath the chiseled clean-cut edges of his augmenting muscles.

Such uncanny development on his muscular mass obviously resulted in the need for nutritional intake increase and for that reason Richie’s hunger became virtually insatiable, the boy simply ate all the time, he couldn’t hold 15 minutes without a snack; it was like all the food just disappeared inside his stomach. Richie’s mom had to get a sabbatical just to set all the adaptations needed to start feeding her son with all the food would daily ingest. The doctors recommended lots of nutritional supplements, but the Costas hesitated at first, they already knew their son would grow tremendously, they doubted it would be proud to give such boy something that would increase muscular development? Nonetheless, Richie’s parents soon realized the supplements would prove absolutely necessary, not just because of their nutritional effects, but mostly in economic terms because according to the doctors, a transitioning Überman would require between 8,000 and 10,000 daily calories.

Despite such high caloric needs, Richie’s diet didn’t include obvious things like junk food. Although he was always hungry, Richie didn’t seem to fondled of fatty, sweet foods, instead he salivated after any rich sources of protein and natural energetic vessels like steaks, chicken breasts, fish fillets, pasta and cereals were his favorites; the mere smell of raw meat suddenly got my boyfriend hungry, even if he had just eaten a nearly 2-pound grilled steak.

Every single morning he craved for his 12 raw eggs in a huge bowl, then he just vanished with all the food his mom poured for him, still, he devoured two entire loafs of bread smeared with honey, to keep his stomach calm during the 20 minute ride to school. In fact he had been allowed to eat during classes, just because neither the teachers nor the students could handle the disgusting noises produced by his stomach if he wasn’t eating.

The uncanny metabolic process of his organism simply turned all that food he ate into newly layers of lean, ripped, totally fat-free muscular mass, and because of his augmented physique, Richie needed to eat even more in order to sponsor his daily energetic expenses, because when that boy was not eating, he was exercising himself, whether it was running, swimming, riding his bike, playing soccer or lifting weights – an activity Rich once detested, but after his transition he just seemed to love it with a growing passion.

Richie’s daily routine changed dramatically as his growth proceeded; every morning as I passed by house in the way to take the school bus, I had to wait a little bit longer, because Richie was always eating or working out at the yard, using his dad’s home gym equipment, although at the pace Rich grew, the domestic weight set would soon become useless for the transitioning Überman. Many times I had to go inside and literally drag Richie out of the table or his working out place.

As Richie grew bigger, taller and even more muscular he quickly ran out of clothes to wear, the once roomy soccer teams jerseys he liked to wear soon became too tight on his ever expanding muscles, his boulder-like shoulders and augmenting biceps soon were too massive for the sleeves, so the first step was cutting all the sleeves, something that my best friend hesitated for some time, because he absolutely loved his soccer team jersey’s collections, if only he loved basketball instead, he would have them untouched; eventually, Rich had to forget all his second thoughts and cut his T-shirts sleeves in order to squeeze his growing arms into them.

However, cutting sleeves would only work for a while, because his packing pectoral muscles also expanded on a daily basis, not to mention his widening lats, or the thickening neck muscles, added to his crescent height growth, soon, those clothes simply couldn’t cover much of Richie’s new body. Let’s not forget the daily struggle to squeeze his gargantuan thighs through his jeans.

For a while, I solved the problem by bringing him some of the clothes I had before I lost almost the 30 pounds (although the guys still called me “fat fag”, truth was that I was much leaner than I used to be, although there still were 30 pounds to go, and I could never accomplish it without Richie’s support during last summer when I decided to get in shape). Those oversized shirts and pants were still tight on the chest, shoulders and thighs area, but they actually were much looser in the waist, not to mention they were far too short on his impressive sized legs.

Although we did buy some time for Richie with my old clothes, he would soon overgrow those as well, and then his parents started making almost daily visits to “Big and Tall” stores in the area in order to pick up new clothes for their growing boy, most of them, however, would only be loose around his waist, but still looked incredibly tight all over the rest of his stupendously huge magnifying physique. Contrary to my expectation, the Überman-to-be didn’t think that look was ridiculous; in fact, he actually preferred the ones which seemed tighter on his body.

Richie, who had never paid much attention to his looks, started spending more time in front of the mirror, all of a sudden he constantly checked in the way those oversized pieces of clothes fit his ever growing body like they had been painted over those luscious muscles of him. Just a few weeks later, I knew something like that would only depress him; curiously, he seemed rather pleased with his ever growing figure, at first he considered himself the most disgusting creature in the face of the Earth, but as his growth continued, the Brazilian Überman who lived next door’s appreciation over his own reflection also augmented vigorously.

In several occasions, I actually noticed Richie was flexing and posing in front of the mirrors. At first, I thought he did such things just because of vanity; however, thanks to my father’s advises I understood that Übermen physiology is quite different from the rest of mankind, the hormonal changes in their brains make their organisms much more dependant to endorphin liberation, and this substance is actually produced when we experience pleasing sensations, just like eating, exercising and especially during orgasms, which could actually explain the uncanny increase on libido transitioning Übermen go through.

And there’s no one better than myself to attest that Nate was indeed an endorphin junkie, despite the voluptuous appetite and the many hours he spent working his mind blowing muscles, Richie grew much fondled of sexual pleasure. At first, like any other teenager, he only resourced to masturbation, but the frequency of his jerking off sessions only increased as his transition tool place. Meanwhile, since we’ve been sort of making out for a few days, it was more than natural that two recently discovered gay teenagers would end up in bed together. Actually, it only took two days, Richie’s parents were out, and I had gone there to lend him my notes on Geography, his parents were clueless that all we studied that afternoon was human anatomy.

I’ve never felt so horny in my life, and Richie clearly had been feeling the same way especially because of his ongoing growth. What had started with tender kisses developed into warm making out sessions, lots of moaning and groaning, as we both felt our cocks throbbing inside our pants, when I checked again, there was this bottle of lube, and after ruining a few condoms, trying to put them properly, a very eager, yet nervous Rich followed his most basic instincts, trying to find a way to press his impressive throbbing cock into my virgin ass without hurting me too much.

I wasn’t expecting much of our first time, they all said it only got better with time and experience, however, Richie surprised me once again. I still don’t know if it was the amazing size of his endowment or the position he took – we decided it would be better if he penetrated from the side, maybe that would be less painful, although after the earlier excruciating first moments, when that massive phallus finally passed through my sphincter, I could only moan in deep pleasure, Richie was doing a tremendous job as my topper, he had found a perfect pace, not too fast, but still moving his hips in a hot sensual way. I could also feel he had total control of my body, holding me closer, he easily lifted me from the mattress, such strength and power actually made me fall even harder for that guy.

Rich fucked me nice and firmly, I didn’t even need to jerk my own hard cock to climax, just the pressure his enormous phallus put on my inside felt like he was fucking my very soul, all the time his eyes showed he was paying attention on me, he clearly didn’t want to hurt me, though at the same time my lover couldn’t waste the opportunity of becoming more adventurous as a bottom, he was actually determined to fuck me harder, at each time that immense cock reached new depths in my ass, we both hissed in ecstasy, and then Richie just lifted me in his arms, kissing me ever so passionately, I ended up blowing my load over his super hard muscles.

Little did I know that Richie’s sexual life would increase so much in such a short time, right in that first day, my Überman fucked me nothing less than 3 times, by the end of the last time we barely had time to put our pants, and the Costas were back from their errands, fortunately, we could clean after our mess so they never found out what happened. I don’t know if it was the peril of being caught, or the increasing libido on my Richie, the truth is after that day, he demanded each time more sexual relief, whether it was masturbation or actual sex, my sweet Rich became a sexually active beast, although I have to confess that I was more than happy to oblige to his needs, besides, no matter if he started fucking me 5 times a day, that Überman was so intense, so passionate, and surprisingly skilled for someone who had just started in sex life, at each passing day, Richie became more aware of his enormous cock and how to use it to get all the pleasure from me, not to mention how to use his gifted instrument to give me the hottest, most memorable moments of my life.

We have tried several different positions, Richie was actually studying which ones would be easier on me, especially those where I could be on top of his increasingly heavy body, or those where he could hold my weight with his muscles. It felt like Richie was memorizing each detail because in the next time we went to bed, he was even more skilled, despite the fact we had started in this together, there was no doubt my boyfriend was a genius in the art of love making.

I have to confess that clandestine sexual life also made me naughtier, most of the times we were alone, I was the one who volunteered to suck on his dick, something that I’ve become pretty expert myself. Richie just moaned and hissed as I ran my tongue and my even my teeth around the incredibly thick girth of his member. Whenever I was too tired to be fucked yet another time, Richie always convinced me to take care of his needs with my blow job talents, so in end of accounts, Rich was getting much more sex than any regular teenager would ever had. In a daily basis he was cumming 12 times a day, whether it was masturbating, fucking my ass or simply receiving blowjobs, the fact was that Richie Costa was becoming one of the most sexually active teenager ever.

Associated to his incredible muscular and skeletal growth, Richie’s body started to change in several other aspects as well, his muscles gained so much definition and striation, it soon became obvious that the slightest movement caused incredible waves of muscular contraction that spread all over his mind blowing physique. Plus, his strength increased exponentially, and this was indeed a very important aspect, because my Rich was the kindest guy in the world, nonetheless, he had to be very careful and focused on his actions, even the most mundane actions started to require a great deal of concentration; things such as opening the refrigerator door, grabbing a glass, pressing the button on the remote control, washing the dishes, all these things became daily challenges for Richie – he didn’t want to be a burden on his parents, although he had actually ripped off the refrigerator door twice, shattered at least a dozen glasses, crushed the TV remote and broke down the entire kitchen sink as he tried to watch his dish..

Following my dad’s indications, Mr. Costa mounted this new home-gym equipment for Richie, because it would be safer for him and would avoid problems with the local gym owners who refused to accept Übermen inscriptions; the new gym equipment was much bigger and heavier than the one he borrowed from his father, so Rich was indeed excited, at first he knew absolutely nothing about weight training, so he decided to ask his father for some pointers, soon, however, Mr. Costa wasn’t able not even to spot his growing son; Richie’s strength increased in a daily basis, and his training cargo also augmented vertiginously, so Mr. Costa clearly was torn between the proud of seeing his son becoming such an incredible individual and the fear that he wasn’t giving all the support his growing boy needed.

After talking to my dad for several times, I figured out the transitioning period of an Überman consisted in basically three things: eating, exercising and cumming, if the changing teenager had these elements, his temper would not change as dramatically as it had been wrongly said. Richie was the example that it was possible for a transitioning Über to go through such period without causing havoc and destruction around him. After all, considering the fact they are male teenagers in the peak of their puberty, such explosive hormonal combination can be pretty nasty sometimes, it was not uncommon for a transitioning Überman to go through periods of unexplainable rampaging rage, most of the destruction caused by Übers happens during this period, and exactly for this circumstance the Government determined the immediate disclosure about the life of the located individuals.

Fortunately, Richie Costa’s transitioning period was going incredibly well, exception made for very rare episodes where Richie got frustrated for not being able to control his strength, like the time he unintentionally crushed his bike, the poor guy was just trying to loosen up the bolts and screw to adjust the seat to his new height, suddenly he had crushed the steel body of the bike like it was tin foil; I knew how much Richie loved that bike, so he got really furious at himself, which ended up in further damages to the destroyed vehicle, my Überman actually turned the whole thing into a baseball shaped piece of metal scrap. Nonetheless, despite such scarce moments, the greatest and most important part was that my beloved Überman seemed happy after all, he was beginning to see he could have a normal life with his condition, though he would need to adapt to the circumstance of his uncanny strength and phenomenal huge muscles.

Every day I stopped at Richie’s house on my way to the school, from there we would walk together to get to the bus stop, although, it was not easy trying to keep up with Richie’s walking speed now, his legs had gotten so much longer and thicker, they actually produced a loud ruffling sound, similar to the one I heard on my own thighs back when I was much heavier, this time however, the sound was indeed pretty nice to be heard because it attested Richie’s thighs were tow massive pillars of teenager muscle, fighting each other for extra space.

In fact, Rich’s walk had become a waddling movement too, but unlike my chubby mother, that sensual way in which my lover’s massive body moved didn’t seem funny, quite the contrary, I got hard just watching as his flimsy shirt that was so tight on his shoulders and chest, lifted by the immense projection of his super thick pectoral shelves, revealing the thick, ripped, chiseled 10 abdominal knots and the depth on his ultra defined muscular stomach.


As he had promised, he would do something about those mean jocks who kept calling me names in school, ever since his first day back at school he warned those stupid guys that they should never pick on me again. At first those big dumb jocks didn’t take Richie seriously, however they didn’t hit him like usually, probably because the rumors about Richie being an Überman had already spread in school, maybe the jocks decided it would not be wise to piss a guy that would soon turn into a mountain of muscle, especially after noticing the incredible development on my best friend. I guess that despite all the changes he had suffered, Richie Costa still remained the same wonderful boy who lived close to me, my best friend; the only difference was that his sweet soul inhabited that uncanny fortress of impenetrable muscle; his body suddenly matched the size of his heart…

“Gee is my cooking that bad?” I suddenly snapped out of my thoughts by the newly basso-profundo voice tone on my best friend/lover.

“No… this is actually great…” I said eating some more of the scrambled eggs Richie had poured on my plate, after all he was eating a two dozen portion himself, so it would be only polite to spare a little with his guest. “I was just thinking…it’s been nearly two months since…you know…”

“We kissed for the first time?” Richie responded with a winning smile, I felt my cheeks reddening; although I was trying to refer to the day I found Richie was an Überman, I had never realized that it was also the very same day we reveled our true feelings. At the same time, I knew Richie understood what I really meant, which made me just marveled at the sweetness on his soul, which meant more to me than his uncanny genetics, he also knew that his transitioning period already took his physique into uncanny and unreachable standards, at least for the majority of mankind, because it is simply impossible for anyone other than an Überman to come from 5’7”138 pounds a 6’7 and ¾ inches tall 444 amazing pounds of super strong Überman muscle, still we both knew he was far from being over.

The behemoth teenager chuckled “It has been a wild ride since then, huh?” He asked, leaning on the table, gently lifting my head to meet his handsome features, despite the unbelievable growth, Richie’s features had not just changed; they have evolved, perfected themselves, even before Rich was already a cute boy with several different ethnic origins, resulted from his ascendance, his forefathers probably came from the most different regions of the globe, only to settle in the exotic Brazilian Lands – but now, I just couldn’t understand how come someone who already was gorgeous suddenly became divinely HOT.

Richie’s hair had also grew much longer in no time at all, from his short cut, the hair over my boyfriend’s head simply grew intensely until it actually became a manly mane, at first I didn’t want Richie to cut it. He insisted with me that his hair was growing beyond shoulder length, to the point it was impractical to play soccer, even when tied in pony tail, I responded to this argument by stating that it wasn’t his hair growing too long, in fact his neck muscles had thickened and engorged to the point his deltoids were the same height of his ears. After much arguing I settled down for a midterm, so Rich managed to shorten his hair considerably, keeping those silky and brilliant luscious brown locks in a very practical cut, though they were still long enough to please me; in the end I had to agree that such hairdo gave him the casual, comfortable look, especially when he wore bandannas or headbands to play soccer.

Richie always had great genetic beauty sources, his father was a hunk, and his mother looked incredibly beautiful, nevertheless, somehow after these two months his face inherited the handsomeness of Marcelo, although taking it into unheard new levels, the high cheekbones, the square line of his jaw, his rugged manly Latin features, if before it took him weeks to grow even the most ridiculous, pathetic excuse of mustache, now he has to shave in a daily basis, even so he pretty much had grown a four o’clock shadow by the time he went to bed, and it was truly a challenge to decide which look was better on him, so I just enjoyed his smooth face in the morning and the rough, harsh manly texture of his face during the night period. Similarly, Richie had also always been a very smooth boy, but after his transition began, his body hair started growing thicker and longer as well, he’s been asking me if wouldn’t it be better if he started shaving his body as well, before he turned into a hairy beast, I told him he should do whatever felt more comfortable for him because frankly I don’t think I will ever be able to decide over a baby smooth or a super hairy Über boyfriend

At the same time, Richie actually became much prettier than his own mother, the sweetness of her thick, sensual lips, the same dental structure of her perfect smile had been clearly magnified in the mouth whose lips I daily kissed. His green eyes always seemed very beautiful especially against his tanned complexion, now they became of such intense emerald shade, I could even notice little golden traces around his irises, just like the Amazon Forests; how many times I have wished to lose myself in the depths of this ocean of green…

“Nate…Gee not again…Hello?” Richie gently shook my body to wake me up from another digression about his uncanny massive muscles. “Sorry, Richie…I was just…”

“Drilling all over my table…” Richie’s said between his sweet grin, the perfect white smile looked as refreshing as the sunrise. “Don’t you ever get tired of looking at me?” He asked me in a mix of curiosity and vanity.

“Are you kidding me? People spent hundreds of years looking at David; I’d rather spend the whole eternity just admiring you…” My voice sounded emotional, I didn’t think it could be so overwhelming looking at my Über boyfriend, I didn’t even notice tears rolling down my face.

Richie’s showed his surprise, and then he wrapped those massive arms around me and hugged me as gently as those uncanny muscles could. “Shit… Nate I didn’t mean to offend you…I am sorry…so… so… sorry” The behemoth I secretly called lover nursed me in his giant arms, the mere touch of him sent me into a frantic state of excitement and horniness, my thoughts already being fogged by my urges, still, I managed to regain control for a few seconds.

“I wasn’t crying of sadness, you silly. I… shit…how I can explain this; did you ever get so happy that you simply wanted to cry?”

Nate chuckled “You’re such a pussy, did you know that?” Richie said forcing my head over his giant pectoral shelves, and then he planted a sweet kiss in its back. “I guess I don’t feel like crying when I'm that happy…although I just can’t stand seeing you cry…” It didn’t take long for me to feel his big tears soaking my back.

“You know…for a guy who lifts mini-vans over his head, you’re not as tough as you claim to be…” I tried to tickle Richie, like we used to when kids, he always had a soft spot in his ribs, all I had to do was poking my finger in them, and I would bring Richie down to the ground, convulsing in laughter. However, this time, my finger didn’t probe his ribs, instead I felt just how massively muscular his whole body was, it felt like trying to poke a mountain, that would feel no tickle at all.

I looked back at his face; it was incredible how Richie could remain so sweet even with a clear naughty grin in his lips. “You know…it has also been nearly 24 hours since we fucked!” Richie announced, already cupping and squeezing my butt with one hand, in the way to make me feel really special.

“I can hardly buy that…I went back home after 10 p.m. and you know pretty well how many times you had fucked me, plus, do you want me to believe you didn’t jerk off not even once all night long, not even this morning?” I asked curling my fingers around his thick dark brown chest hair; it really felt soft and comfortable like a nice carpet all over the irregular, massive surface of those huge muscles. The greatest part was the whole effect all that hair gave Richie, he suddenly looked even more muscular and manlier that he already was, if that could be possible, although his face still showed he was still in the prime days of his youth.

I guess it wasn’t the answer Richie wanted to hear, so he just lifted me from the table, carrying me upstairs “So…I'm rounding up, the truth is I missed you, and I want to show you it a couple of times!”


Over his growing days, Richie learned how to walk through his house corridors and staircase without bumping his shoulders and tripping over the “little things on his way”, still, when he was distracted with something else, like insatiable sex drive, his 3’2” shoulder width always resulted in some destruction, for that reason the Costas no longer hung pictures on the walls, for instance, and they are already getting the doorframes expanded for Richie.

“Richie…what if your parents arrive? Didn’t you tell me they had gone groceries shopping?” I asked thrilled by the clandestine part of our sex.

“Don’t worry, they will be out for a long time, I gave them a pretty comprehensive shopping list…” Richie said as he ducked and turned aside to enter his room, and from that moment on, everything actually didn’t matter, because being with Richie was just absolutely overwhelming.

Kissing an Überman is a full body experience, because Richie always worked my whole figure with just one massive hand, groping and hugging different body parts as his anxious, experienced tongue down my throat and savored the taste of my submission towards his magnificent body, I could swear my heartbeat was so loud Richie could actually feel it pounding my heart, anxious for the moment where he would take me as his, claiming my whole to please his enormous manhood.

In the short time we’ve been making love, Richie had learned the best way to conduct my body around his to maximize our pleasure, it actually didn’t hurt being fucked by his nearly 15 inches long cock, although there was some obvious discomfort once the enormous mushroom head pressed against my sphincter, Rich always made took his time to lubricate not only his cock but especially my quivering anus; when he always started rimming my hungry ass, his enormous muscles supporting my body as his eager tongue explored the depths of my delicate soft smooth butt.

Then, still massaging my soon-to-be plowed buttocks my immense lover probed his huge finger, much thicker than most of the cocks in the porn industry, I usually loved that part, because I felt Richie could actually feel how excited and horny I truly was, he spent a long time working on my anus, making sure I was aroused and relaxed enough to accomplish such heroic feat.

At that moment, Richie kissed me tenderly, easily lifting my body as he adjusted his massive endowment; he usually repeated that he loved me above everything, then, he supported my body, making sure the enormous head on his phallus was positioned at the best point to go deep into my butt. All the pain I could possibly feel then, just vanished as he gently blew in my ears, massaging my butt as gravity forced my body down his immense shaft, I screamed out of pure ecstasy, enjoying the enormity of that throbbing cock, I could feel the blood pulsing inside it, the way Richie easily, yet steadily pushed his cock showed how much confidence he had, his hands at my butt lifting my body, gently pressing it against his cock, he hissed and kissed my ears, I wanted to scream out loud, but the intensity of my pleasure only allowed me to whisper, begging for more.

It didn’t take much longer for me to cum, once Richie’s had inserted what he thought to be enough of his monstrous cock, he started lifting my body up and down his shaft, my massive lover didn’t want to stress me, his powerful muscles did all the job while I gasped, immersed into a blissful state while my load erupted. However, I knew we were far from being over – because, Rich needed much more to reach his own orgasm. Usually, I came three or four times before he climax, but his ride was just as intense as mine, probably because his endorphin tolerance also made it longer yet even more instigating to cum, at each moment he was indulging his glorious body, immersed in the inebriant feeling of passionate sex. Even when he finally came, it didn’t mean we were done. Richie only had time to unplug his massive cock from my smaller butt, and sometime he just came inside me, flooding my guts with fresh, juicy cum.

At first, we always took precaution, however, it was soon attested that Übers were immune to all kind of diseases, including STD’s, their organisms simply destroyed any viruses; such information was also very useful because it was becoming really hard to find condoms that fit Richie’s immense cock, so we could start fucking without any preoccupation other than enjoying the best of our time together – and that was exactly what we did; just like any other opportunity we had, Richie would spend over two hours fucking me in all kind of possible ways, in the end, I was both exhausted yet sexually depleted, although my whole body still buzzed from all that intense pleasure. Richie, on the other hand, could just run the marathon or lift enormous weights, but he usually took his time to let me rest atop his monumental muscles, nursing my exhausted body.

I had never experienced anything so comforting, incredibly soothing and relaxing than resting atop Richie, somehow it was only natural for me to drift in my sweet dreams as he gently hugged me, my whole body being lifted by his slow breathing movement. When I suddenly noticed, the whole Saturday morning had gone by, which meant Richie’s parents should be there any minute, and we still had to clean all the mess we had made in the kitchen. I tried to get up at once but the weight of my beloved’s massive arms easily stopped me.

“Shhhhhh…don’t move…it feels so good to be here with you…” Richie said without opening his arms “We should do this more often…” Richie said as he kissed the back of neck.

“Well, if only we just slept instead of fucking so intensely, we can wake up the entire neighborhood…” I giggled, slowly turning to face my immense boyfriend. “And what about your parents? Weren’t they supposed to be back by then?” I asked looking at the clock over the nightstand.

“Don’t worry, when the coast is clear, I’ll just call my dad over his cell…right now he’s just stalling my mother. It was a good thing telling him after all…” Richie pondered as he grinned at me.

“You did WHAT?” I felt the urge to jump of those immense arms, before we could get caught, though Richie held me closer to his chest.

“Calm down, Nate, I…erm…my father accidentally found the box of condoms I bought, and since it is not a secret that Übermen are gay, he just asked me about my sex life, and…I couldn’t lie to him, Nathan, he is my father and he’s been so supportive through this whole thing…” Richie tried to calm me down, however in my head I already imagined the worst possible scenario.

“Okay…so your parents must have guessed you are gay because of your condition, but what about mine? I…wasn’t prepared to come out just yet…” I spoke with head suddenly feeling dizzy.

Rich sat on his new bed – ever since the beginning of his transition, Richie already got 3 different beds, each one bigger than the previous, though this time, the Costas bought a custom made bed made of titanium bars and especially designed for Übermen needs, a very expensive piece of furniture that should at least last longer than the wooden ones.

“I told you he kinda knows about us, I never told him about you, and he didn’t ask it either, he just told me to take precautions and that I could always look for him after help and support…” The Über lover of mine tried to explain me his actions, although I still felt very unsure about the whole situation.

“Richie, your dad didn’t have to be a genius to guess I am your lover, what other close friends do you have? I am always here, not to mention all the times I spend the night over, let’s face it Richie, I spend more time here than in my own house…” I continued blabbing, without even realizing Richie actually looked each time sadder.

“Nate, its okay, my dad won’t tell your parents about us. He… believes there’s no reason for that, after all…” I suddenly didn’t like the sound on his voice, just when I was about to ask him the meaning of his statement, Rich Costa took a deep breath.

“I am sorry…Nate. I am lying to you…my father actually knows we’ve become lovers, he is not freaked out because of that, and he… is just worried…about you…”

“Your dad is worried about me? Why…” I suddenly started connecting the dots.

“The real reason why he took my mother groceries shopping was getting the time to…set things…between us. That was supposed to be a goodbye from all the incredible days we’ve had so far” I suddenly noticed Richie’s eyes were indeed heavy.

“Rich…” I would say something when his big hand gently caressed my cheeks.

“I guess I got carried away, completely overlooking what I had to do…Nate, these couple of months had been the best time of my life, but…but… we both have to face the inevitable. I’ve grown a lot in this time, and I am not stopping growing anytime soon, if ever, so…this…won’t work much longer don’t you agree?”

Frankly, I have imagined that moment a hundred times since Richie kissed me, I had dreamt about such moment, I’ve anticipated the possible answers, and although I truly wished a thousand times that I never had to live that moment, there we were discussing if our relationship had any possible future.

“Rich, I love you…I’ve told you so many times, why can’t you believe it?” I said from the bottom of my heart, trying to convince Richie I was being sincere.

“Oh Nate, you’ve just been impressed by my growing size, I know how my muscles are overwhelming, God not even I can get my hands over this body, but…the truth is that it is not very prudent for us to remain lovers, you pretty much know what is gonna happen.”

“No, Richie, I don’t know what is gonna happen, all I know is that I love you, and you love me too don’t you?” I suddenly had to ask.

“Of course I love you, Nate, but, my father is right, with this fast growth happening to me, things won’t be so practical in the upcoming days, I…would never hurt your on purpose, but…what if…oh Nate you can’t tell how it’s hard to control all this strength, and just the mere thought of…” The behemoth was indeed worried, so I just hugged him tenderly.

“You did a great job today, we have never fucked so intensely, and it wasn’t painful Richie, I just felt it was so great…”

Richie looked at me with sad eyes “I wish I could just say I felt the same way, but…truth is I still needed so much more, Nate. If you didn’t look so exhausted I could just fuck you all over again, and this time you didn’t have the energy to suck me, so I had to jerk off while you were resting…I felt so dirty…so nasty…I just have fucked you and still I wanted more sex…I am afraid one day I won’t be able to respect your fragility Nathan…”

It felt like a punch in my guts, suddenly all those wonderful feelings I thought to be experiencing were just a portrait of my own imagination? Was Richie trying to tell me I couldn’t give you all the things he needed?

I felt my whole body shaking “So…you’re just afraid of breaking me just like you can break any object? Is that what you think of me Richie? I…can’t believe, you were always so caring…so gentle…” I suddenly couldn’t recognize my own boyfriend.

“It’s a biological thing Nathan, after all genetically I am a homo sapiens fortius…” Richie started but I wasn’t in the mood for that stupid classification explanation.

“I don’t care if you are Martian, you know pretty well what we have is special…” I felt my own anger building inside my hurt heart.

“Nate, we can always be best friends, dude you’re like a brother to me, but let’s face it, who knows how much bigger I’ll be in the next month, what to say in one year from today…You’ve seen those testimonials…there must be a reason why Übers don’t date little guys…” Richie’s voice never sounded so arrogant, so obnoxiously unbearable to my ears.

“So, you just dump me and you still want me to be best friends with you? Are you insane?” I asked suddenly feeling very confused.

“Well, if you just accept our differences, and the impossibility for us to be lovers, you pretty much know I really like you, so I’d never want to lose you twice…” There was something about his tone that didn’t sound quite right, I didn’t have much experience in break ups, but what Richie purposed wasn’t quite right.

“So what if I can’t remain friends with you? There’s nothing wrong about me getting pissed for being dumped in such a horrible way, right after being used to give you pleasure…” I spoke suddenly feeling the bitterness of my own words in my mouth.

Richie sighed “I know…but truth is I still need you…but I can’t risk hurting your feelings…”

For one single moment everything sounded so insane that it actually made sense.

“Richie, you are just quoting those stupid Übers over the internet, but I am not buying this whole arrogant attitude from you, I know you better than this superficial crap you’re trying to force on me!” I was yelling at the hulking teenager, and to my own surprise, he was flinching, because my own words were hurting Richie.

“Please, Nate, you have to understand…I can’t risk hurting you…” Once again he repeated the same nonsense argument.

“Well I’d rather you accidentally broke my ribcage while hugging me than hearing all those things you’ve just said…” The tone of my voice suddenly made Rich nervous, suddenly I realized he was suffering just as me.

“Nate, there’s no way we can take this any further, what will you do when I outgrow this house? What will you do when people start hating me and calling me names? I don’t want to drag you in all my misery…it’s enough my parents have to go through it, but you actually have a choice…” The beautiful color of his irises contrasted with the redness of his eyes.

“So I chose you, there’s nothing to consider, how many times they tell me to chose between you and anything else, and I chose you. I don’t want to know if you grow ten times bigger than me, or twenty times bigger than that, you’ll never be too big to fit on my heart, you big stupid, fool!” I had completely lost my control, I was actually punching Richie’s uncannily hard muscles as I tried to make him see my point – there was nothing he could do that would scare me away, I loved him, and that was final.

“Don’t make it harder than it already is, Nate, we both know it would not last forever. What are the odds two guys get together for the rest of their lives?” I know Rich didn’t actually believe in such facts, but somehow he was truly fighting his own feelings.

“Alright…alright…if you really need…we should take a break, I mean…summer vacations are just there anyway…” I didn’t actually believe the words which came out of my mouth, but frankly, neither did Rich, he just stared at me, while I casually dressed my clothes, proceeding to the door.

“Then…I guess…we…” Richie tried to say the words, but I noticed he just couldn’t, so I decided to make Richie taste a bit of his own medicine “Goodbye Rich, see you on Monday at school, buddy…” I said while I walked out of his room

Those were the most horrible 25 seconds of my life, at each new step I feared Richie would just call my bluff, or, even worst, he would cease the opportunity to break up with me, I know I couldn’t look back at him, so I continued walking, going downstairs, the front door of the Costa’s house never seemed so far away.

Suddenly, there was an incredible loud noise, like the entire second floor had fallen down over the ground. The staircase simply turned into a giant mountain of debris, still my currently not boyfriend didn’t bother, he just walked out of the mess, heading towards the front door.

“NATE, I AM SORRY, PLEASE, DON’T GO!” I only had time to turn around when 444 pounds of Überman muscle ran over me, fortunately, Richie grabbed me back in his arms just in time to protect me from the incredible crash produced by his incredible running mass, it suddenly seemed an SUV had passed through the front wall, only in the opposite direction.

When the cloud of dust, splinters and plaster finally settled down, all the neighbors in our the area already surrounded the humongous body of Richie curled like the massive wrecking ball which had just destroyed the front wall of his house, most of the people still screamed and couldn’t understand what had just happened, when Richie opened his massive arms, revealing my own figure as well his humongous frontal naked, the commotion only got worse, by the time Richie’s parents got back from groceries store, the police had already been called, as well as the paramedics and even the firefighters.

To make a long story short, when all the authorities finally realized that nothing more serious had happened involving the “Überman from Aurora Drive”, we both realized that only now the hardest part would come – Marcelo, Susana, mom and dad looked at both us with shocked expressions, at first I thought they would just yell at us for causing such destruction, but then I realized, judging by the look on their faces I knew things wouldn’t be that simple.

“Son, I know you will be upset but try to understand that it will be best for all of us…” Rich’s mom tried to undermine the seriousness of the situation, although I actually preferred the yelling or just being grounded for the rest of my life.

"We are moving back to Brazil” Marcelo spoke firmly to state this decision was indeed final. I wanted to protest, to say they couldn’t decide about our own lives, I wanted to kick and scream until they understand Richie and I were meant to be together.

Then, before I could even start my rebellion, Rich Costa, the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive person in the whole world stood up, his enormous shade eclipsing the much smaller men around him, his muscles bulged and flexed incredibly hard, the veins thickened, pumping blood into those gargantuan muscles. My Richie suddenly towered over his father, his skin was red and glistening with sweat, the veins on his bull sized neck scared me for the first time ever.

“YOU CAN’T TAKE NATE AWAY FROM ME, IF YOU DO THAT I WILL BREAK ALL YOUR FUCKING BONES!!!” The sound of his voice thundered all over the street, people from several blocks away could hear the Überman threatening his own father. Marcelo Costa just stepped back, the words seemed to sweep him from his courage and determination, he fell in the ground, I could see the fear in his eyes, and he tried to crawl away from the menacing figure of his own son, Richie’s mom hugged her son and asked for his to calm down, even my parents tried to stop my beloved from doing such horrible thing, but Richie continued walking towards his own dad.

The huge hand grabbed him by the collar, easily lifting the athletic body from the ground, I could hear my mom screaming, and there was nothing my father could do to stop Rich if he really decided to go ahead in such dark intent.

Only at that horrible moment, I finally realized, inside every Überman there was indeed a powerful beast, one that could momentarily overcome the sweet, kind temper of such loving boy. More than never, Rich needed me.

“RICH…STAND BACK YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT! STAND BACK BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, fortunately the sound of my voice suddenly help Richie to snap out of his rage trance. He just dropped his father and walked back to me, his towering figure looking at my eyes.

“You were right from the beginning Richie, you love me just as much as I love you, but we can’t be together…it just wasn’t meant to be…I understand it now…please don’t hurt anyone, you are not like that, please…” I said so softly, and yet he could hear every single word, because the behemoth suddenly fell on his knees, unleashing an animalistic angry cry.

"I'm sorry, Rich, I am really sorry..." I could finally understand why Übermen said it was impossible to love a tiny guy – it was not because they didn’t actually love regular guys, but a romantic relationship was just impossible.

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