Überteen 3

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After that horrible scene, Richie stared me for long awkward minutes; he didn’t have the courage to say anything, although I already knew how horrible he felt inside. Eventually, my father gently talked to the humongous lad, whispering something in his ears – I couldn’t actually hear what his exacts words were, however, they seemed to have a tremendous effect over Richie, for he just stood up and addressed to his still very shocked parents.

“Mom…Dad…I'm sorry…I just need you to know that I love you guys so much, I feel so hideous for doing that thing…I don’t know what happened….” Richie’s words were emotional, yet, his voice was firm, which showed how truly he regretted his previous actions.

“Marcelo, Susana, I know it doesn’t help much, but Richie’s body is going through a vertiginous hormonal discharge, his actions are not entirely excusable by this fact solely, but you are parents, and our job is to understand, to guide and to forgive our children, so they can learn from their own mistakes…” Dad spoke very slowly as he helped my beloved’s parents to face such difficult situation.

The Costas looked at each other, Susana hugged her husband as he rested his head over hers, each one crying silently for several moments, until Richie’s father took a deep breath and offered his hand to his immense son.

“Perdoa teu pai também, filho.” Marcelo asked for his son’s forgiveness, a request which Richie promptly fulfilled, the huge son grabbed his parents in his massive hug and kissed their foreheads repeatedly, his tears resulting from a mixture of happiness, shame and self-disappointment.

“Let’s go home, now…” Dad laid his hand on my shoulder “They really have a lot to talk, and so do we…” Although I really wanted to kiss Richie goodbye, just in case that was the last time we ever seen each other, I understood the best thing to do was letting things settle, we all needed some time to digest the latest events.

Despite the exhaustion all over my body, I couldn’t sleep that night – from the window of my bedroom I could see Richie’s house, since the door had been destroyed, as well most of the front wall, yet, the Costas improvised some plastic to cover the huge gap until the repairmen could fix the damages provoked by their Überman son’s clumsiness. The lights were on in Richie’s room, so they should be probably talking there, I just wished I could hear their conversation, were they really moving back to Brazil?

Although I knew this would be probably the simplest of the possible solutions, the same one which would give us both an opportunity to accept the impossibility of our romance so we finally would move on with our lives, I couldn’t accept the idea of being far from Richie; it all seemed so unreal and so unfair.

“Are you still up, son?” I heard my mother’s voice, acting out of pure reflex; I just laid back on my pillow – “Sorry mom…” That was the answer that I felt she usually wanted to hear, but suddenly, I felt her warm lips kissing my forehead.

“You don’t have any fault in this case, Nathan; you were just caught unprepared…”

I looked at my mother’s face, feeling my spine freezing. “What do you mean by that, mom?”

She nodded her blond head. “You two were just too close when this tragedy happened, it was only natural that you boys got involved, Richie just grew bigger and stronger, and you were dragged along that weird Über transformation…I am happy that you realized that you couldn’t be together…”

I never thought my mother could accept my homosexuality so well, although at the same time, she misunderstood the whole motivation of my act. I wanted to tell right then she couldn’t be more wrong, I’ve loved Richie for a long time, even before he turned Über, I wanted to explain that I’ve only said those things to my precious lover because I wanted him to get mad at me, to focus his anger in someone else than his own father, but I knew she wouldn’t understand it, so I just kissed her cheek and thanked her comprehension; turned off the lamp and decided that I should better have some sleep.

I spent the entire Sunday morning trying to find out what have they decided, but I also knew I couldn’t go there to ask them, if I did so, there was a great chance for me to make things even worse for Richie, so I just decided to watch for any suspicious event on the Costas household.

Unfortunately, nothing happened, there were absolutely no clues, the same black plastic covering the whole in the front wall; but other than that it seemed the house was empty, for one second I feared the Costas decided it would be best if they left under the cloak of the darkness, so their nosy neighbors wouldn’t have any chance to bother them.

I suddenly felt the urge to get there to attest if my sudden theory was correct, so I just rushed outside, but fortunately my father called me from the living room, and I knew he had just read my intents right through my impetuous actions.

“Nate, I know you are just anxious, but trust me, things won’t get any better if you just stick your nose into their lives…” I could finally understand why my mother felt that my father had the annoying habit of being sensibly right most of the time.

I sighed, forced to recognize his arguments made all sense. “Dad, do you think they’re going back to Brazil?” I asked showing in my voice tone how much I cared about Richie, my dad just came closer and hugged me really tight.

“Son, whatever they decide, I am sure you will soon be told. Richie would never leave the country without saying goodbye to you, even if it is a letter or an email, so just give them a rest, because there’s no use in guessing, it’ll make you more anxious…”

So, following my father’s advice, I tried to keep my head busy with reading, playing video games or doing anything to kill all that time, so that horrible Sunday finally passed, although there were still no clues about the Costas, all windows remained shut, and even the inside lights were off, there was no way to find out if they had really left or not. Then, long time after midnight, I heard a familiar sound that filled my heart with hope, it was the Costas car, entering their garage, I couldn’t see who was inside, instead of getting calmer I started figuring a whole sort of different scenarios, maybe Marcello decided to send his family to Brazil while he took care the practical details of their moving, maybe it was Richie who was sent to some kind of boarding school – at each new idea conveyed by my feverish mind, my heart filled with anxiety and angst, even during my sleep, the idea of Richie moving out made me so desperately nervous, that I woke up several times just to peek over my window to see if there was any sign of Richie.

For that reason, I was terribly tired on the following morning; it really broke my heart that I couldn’t pass by Richie’s house to walk together with him to the bus stop, so I just decided it would be better for me to leave earlier, after all Richie was always late in the morning, just to make sure we wouldn’t meet each other, I decided to catch the bus on a different stop.

Surprisingly, when I got to that particular stop, I spotted Richie’s enormous body from the distance, dressed in some clear wash jeans that looked so tight they would just pop out at any moment, Richie also wore a black cut-off T-shirt and massive sneakers, since his arms were so oversized and his vastly muscular back had gotten so incredibly wide, Richie couldn’t actually carry his bag like the rest of us, in fact he just held it on his enormous hand, like it was just a big mug, speaking of his massively wide back, they were currently turned to me, so Richie couldn’t notice my approach, my humongous lad appeared to be really nervous, maybe he wanted the bus to come at once, so he would avoid running into me, although it was just impossible to ignore Rich’s size inside of a relatively small school bus. I could just turn back and try to keep away from him, however my better judgment was easily overwhelmed by my sheer curiosity, so I approached very carefully, ceasing the opportunity that Richie was looking to the other side…

“So are you guys moving back to Brazil?” I asked at once.

Since he was caught off guard, Rich’s entire body flexed, showing me that his immense muscles were indeed bigger. When he looked down at my curious face, Richie seemed paler; maybe I had scared him after all – given his growing size I got used to think on Rich like he was undefeatable.

“Shit, Nate, you…nearly gave me a heart attack!” Richie said as he reached for his massive chest, massaging his impossibly huge pectorals.

“Übers don’t have heart problems, especially at our age, so are you guys going back to Brazil or not?” I asked directly, knowing that I couldn’t let that chance to slip through my fingers.

Richie just nodded his pretty head “Why do you care if we go back to Brazil? You’re the one who said we couldn’t be together…” He replied trying to sound bitter, but it didn’t really match Richie’s sweetness, so I just ignored because I realized he was just trying to avoid the question.

“I said we couldn’t be together, I didn’t say you had to move back to your home country…now are you guys going back to Brazil? Just answer the question will ya?” I said poking his massive abdominal knots. Even after all that happened, I still had the guts to confront Richie like that.

The youthful behemoth just stared at me for an infinite moment, his face was serious, showing all the pain he had felt in the last days, even his precious smile was gone. Then, all of a sudden, a teasing grin rose from his corky lips.

“You should see your face right now, it’s priceless…” Richie said, before he broke into sonorous laughter, which only got me more nervous, I was about to freak out, when I finally realized that Richie could only be laughing for one reason only.

“So…are you telling me that you are not going to Brazil?” I asked once again just to make sure that was the message he wanted to give me.

“Oh…I am still going to Brazil…” Richie responded while he cleaned his laughing tears. “Maybe for summer vacations or the Holidays Season…but I am not moving back there, if that’s what you wanted to know” My humongous beloved replied, suddenly looking right into my eyes with his emerald globes.

“OH THANKS GOD!” I shouted, and then I just jumped up and down of such happiness. I didn’t even notice that in the next minutes I was hugging Richie’s thin waist, leaning my head over his monstrous upper abdomen like I was so used to do whenever I wanted some comfort from him, then his warm giant hand cupped my shoulder.

“You know…for someone who had just dumped me, you seem pretty happy…” Richie commented as he caressed my body. We both knew that moment felt really cozy and marvelous, but then, reality came down as a cold water bucket.

“It’s already too difficult not being able to have you as my boyfriend, but not seeing you at all is just…impossible, Richie…if you really were moving back to Brazil, I…shit I didn’t know what to do…”

Then, Richie took a deep breath and gently broke our embrace “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, Nathan, fortunately, my parents decided that it would be worse moving out during school year, besides, after much talking and reflecting, dad understood that we really love each other, it’s not just something physical, and because it’s not just about you getting horny because of my muscles…we are staying here, but under one condition…”

I sighed “Yeah, we can be friends…but we can’t…let things get out of control again…”

Richie nodded “I don’t know what happened to me, Nate, it’s horrible, my mind was all blurry, then I just felt an unexplainable rage building, if you hadn’t stopped me, I could have…” Richie’s voice sounded heavier, so I just reached his lips and gently covered them.

“Don’t need to worry, Rich, from now on; you’ll have to work on your own to solve your massive erections problem…at least it’ll best if we get this relationship as platonic as possible…” I suggested, although even I didn’t believe it was actually possible, we just had to try it.

Richie smiled as I tried to muffle his lips, the sweetness of his eyes suddenly made me aware that one thing still didn’t change, despite all the horrible things that happened.

“I love you Rich…we can’t be together but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you…” I said very low, taking my time to step back from Richie’s enormous body.

“How can I ever stop loving you, Nathan? I…just wish I wasn’t…”

“You can’t actually decide on this, dude, we just have to face that Übers can’t date little guys like me…I am sure soon you will find a lot of other Über guys that will take care of your massive body…” I tried to smile, but the mere idea of having other guy feasting on the same muscle buffet that I had savored, got me really mad.

“I don’t want another Über, if I can’t have you…” Rich wanted to say something, but then, we heard the school bus approaching, so we’d just assumed a casual position as the smelly old bus parked.

“Good morning, Mr. Jones…” I greeted the skinny old man who had been driving that bus ever since I was in kindergarten, showed him my student pass, just for mere formality, and went to the back of the vehicle where Richie and I were used to sit, since his long massive legs now needed more space. I still haven’t sit down when Richie motioned to come inside the bus, but Mr. Jones suddenly stood up, rising the palm of his hand at him. “I am sorry, Rich, but…you can’t come in, son…”

Rich’s face frowned “But… there’s nothing wrong with my pass Mr. Jones…” Richie gently replied, however judging by the driver’s face, it was a much more serious problem.

“Please, understand Richie, I am just following orders, son, they said that you couldn’t get inside the bus…” Mr. Jones’ expression showed how stupid those orders were.

“WHAT?” I just yelled from the back, quickly coming closer to argument with the bus driver. “Mister Jones, why can’t Richie ride the bus to school? He’s just a student like anyone else…”

“I know, Nate, but…I am just the driver, when I got to school this morning, the Principal called me in his office, several parents were worried about Richie’s behavior so the he promised them Rich would no longer the school bus…” The wrinkled man was really sad about such incredible decision.

“This is just RIDICULOUS! No one can forbid a student to come to school…” I yelled at the driver, even though he clearly had no fault in that case.

“Please, Nate, try to understand my side, if Richie enters the bus, I'm gonna lose my job…” The skinny old man appealed to my human side, but that was precisely the most pissed part of me. “The parents are just worried about the safety of their children…” Jones tried to reason with me, although his argument just made things worse. I looked inside the bus and noticed that all the passengers just acted like that humiliating prohibition didn’t concern them.

“What’s the problem with you guys? Do you really believe Richie can cause any harm to us?” I asked at the kids closer to me, but they just avoided looking at my face, even those guys who had been studying with us for years.

“Chad…you know Rich is not a menace, he’s your friend…” I asked the freckled red haired boy, although it was clear that he wouldn’t listen to my arguments, so I reached for Sally, who had always counted on Richie’s tutoring to pass Math finals.

“Come on Sally, you can tell Richie is not a bad guy, he doesn’t mean to harm us…” I wanted her support, though I only gained her despise instead.

“Übermen are all dangerous, you know he had nearly killed his own father!!!” The shallow brunette voiced her opinion, which was soon echoed by many others; apparently the entire city was aware of the tragic events that happened in Aurora Drive.

“You are a bunch of stupid narrow minded beasts!” I wanted to keep cursing those ignorant fools, however Mister Jones gently asked me to return to my place because we would run late.

“Who cares about running late? I am not going along with these people! You all make me sick!” I vented my rebellion against Mr. Jones as I grabbed my stuff and walked out the vehicle, but Richie just stopped me.

“Nate, it’s me they don’t want in the bus, you can go to school…” His eyes were seriously focused on me, and they looked deeply sad.

“No, Rich, those guys are a bunch of stupid morons, I can’t leave you here alone, we’ll go to school together…” I tried to reason, but it was Richie’s time to be stubborn.

“They won’t forbid another person to ride that bus…” Richie’s hands gently touched my shoulders “Besides, I can use this opportunity to run all the way to the school, I bet I can get there before that old piece of scrap metal, can you please take my bag with you?” I obliged as Rich smiled at me. The bus moved along, but Richie’s long muscular legs soon passed the decaying vehicle.

I entered the bus, looked at Mr. Jones with a mean grin, then at the all the stupid losers inside the bus “Alright you ignorant mob, you all got Richie to be expelled from the bus, but I am not going down so easy, I’ll just keep cursing your stupidity and yelling at your medieval behavior.” I said going back to my place, talking very loud how prejudicial and shallow they were.

I knew that I was being pretty inconvenient, so it didn’t take long until a few guys motioned to force me to shut down, however as they threatened me I just mentioned “Hey dude, it’s okay, beat me away, though once we get at school Richie will ask how did I get this black eye, and I can’t lie to my best friend, you know?”

Immediately, all the bravest guys were quiet, because as Richie as my bodyguard, I knew things were much easier, besides, they had started – no one messed with my Richie.

Just like he had guessed, Richie could easily outrun that yellow old piece of junk that drove us to school, his massive muscles running were simply poetry in movement, each step he took seemed an epic adventure of manly strength and determination, his superior bodily physical condition surpassed the mechanical potency of the old explosion engine, I kept cheering for Richie as he casually jogged down the streets, his undeniably hot prefect muscular bubble butt flexing and relaxing as he jogged with such ease, there was indeed something about Richie’s derriere, it wasn’t just muscular and deliciously strong, it actually seemed like the most succulent fruit, ready to be plunked, cupped and worshipped, his ass was by far the hottest one in the entire school, male or female.

Meanwhile, I just enjoyed the view of my powerful best friend running along our school bus, mostly because all the stupid jerks inside were clearly disturbed by the display of his glorious muscles, the sight of Richie’s unearthed beauty was undeniably incredible even for those stupid spectators, they were cowardly cruel to Rich, and the best way to show how wrong they were was proving that Richie never needed that stupid bus, he was by far better and superior to all of us, cramped inside that old vehicle while Costa paraded his strength and muscularity all the way down to the school.

Once we got to the school, Richie was waiting for me, his muscles glistened softly, his faces were a bit redder; however, considering that he had ran approximately 12 miles to get there, my Brazilian friend just looked fresh and ready to take all the crap those mean little people could do to him – and they weren’t shy about their prejudicial measures, at all.

The first thing we noticed was the change in the looks of the Teachers, they all used to adore Richie before they found he was Über – as soon as the news about his condition spread over school, the teachers and the school staff changed their attitude towards Richie, like they feared for any reaction would mean a “potential menace”, however, up until that Monday, their behavior was never openly prejudicial.

Right as we entered, we noticed the room had been divided by a thick Plexiglas wall, most of the seats were cramped at the left side of the classroom, next to the teacher’s desk meanwhile a few remaining desks were tossed at the right side of the same room. Even before, Mr. Klotz, the Literature Teacher, entered, both Richie and I had a very good idea about the reason of that weird sit disposition.

The middle aged man with a ridiculous blond toupee atop of his bald head seemed very apprehensive when he entered the classroom, joined by no one other but Mr. Smithson, the despicably coward School Headmaster, dressed in his expensive suits, the arrogant principal took his glasses off to clean them in his handkerchief while he explained the new rules.

“Attention, students, attending the orders of the Board of Education, the local police authorities and under previous approval, we are establishing in this school the S.M.U.T. Program –Safety Measures against Überman Threats; starting from today, the Übermen students will have to arrive precisely in time to take their seats at the right side of the classroom, after they had been properly adjusted, interconnection door between the two isles will be locked, and only then the regular students will be allowed to enter the classroom, followed by the teacher, upon class dismissal, the exit order is reversed, the left side will leave at first, followed by the teacher, and only then the staff will remotely open the door from the new Über Surveillance control room.”

The most annoying part of that hateful speech was that the Principal acted like that program was something remotely acceptable. I promptly raised my hand, though Mr. Smithson already could tell I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“Yes, Mr. Briggs?”

“How many Übermen are there in our current student body, sir?”

The Headmaster rolled his eyes “Currently, only Mr. Costa, but we might have this number augmented, there are always the possibility of other pubescent boys to be diagnosed as Übermen, we are just being proactively prudent.”

“Proactively prudent you say? Well, the way I see it, there’s just one single student in our whole school, and you just decided to cage him like he was an animal!” I replied bitterly looking at the ridiculous authority figure in front of me.

“You are entitled to your opinion, Nathan, but I need to take care of the safety and physical integrity of all the students including yours.” Smithson smirked at my face.

“It…is okay, Nate, I… can sit there, it’s not a problem…” Once again Rich was willing to accept such ridiculous measures.

“No, Rich, it’s not okay…this goes against all the things they teach us! What are civil rights good for if we just let them segregating people according to their personal condition…” I pointed my index finger towards the Principal, his right eyebrow twisted of anger.

“You are just being unreasonable, Mr. Briggs, the Plexiglas wall is just a preventive measure, and so the regular students and teachers can be protected from any Übermen menace…” The coward Mr. Klotz affirmed.

“How many times was Richie ever aggressive to you, sir? All this hostility against the only Überman in our school reveals that he is being discriminated for what he is…”

“What he is, Mister Briggs, along with all Übermen, is a menace against the majority of us, who are defenseless against unexplainable rage surges provoked by their hormone flooded bodies, so excuse me if not all of the normal human beings are fondle of the monstrosity of Mr. Costa and his fellow abomination brothers…”

If Richie hasn’t grabbed me, by that time Smithson would have his ass kicked not by an Über but a very angry regular boy. “How dare you say such offensive things? We could sue you for that do you know?” I kept cursing as Richie held me firmly trying to calm my rampant.

“Nate, don’t let them get to you…it is okay, I don’t mind, besides, there’s a lot of extra space on my side of the room…” Richie said as he calmly walked to the right side of the Plexiglas.

“I am sorry, Mister Costa, but you’ll have to put Nate down, as a regular human being he is not authorized to watch classes from this side of the safety wall.

I managed to slip between the arms of my ever protective Überman.

“Oh really? Who is forcing me to leave this area? I believe that might be considered aggression if you just force me to return to the left side of the wall huh?” I said, crossing my arms against my chest.
Smithson just sighed “These measures are for your own safety, and you can’t waive on them, because you are still underage…”

I casually took a sit “Well, then call my father here, I am sure he will support my decision, you said this ridiculous wall is to protect the of the students against possible menaces, well Mister Smithson, sir, I feel that I am much more protected from THIS side of the wall, at least I won’t be surrounded by your hateful narrow minds…”

“You are being disrespectful, young man, I can get you suspended…” The Headmaster finally resourced to threaten me with suspension, but I knew I couldn’t be wrong on that stupid situation.

“Now you are threatening me, Mister Smithson, I was really right when I chose my side on this dispute…” I said opening my books. “So when is this class starting anyway? All the other students are safe from Richie at your side of the transparent wall right? So, just close the door, I trust my friend won’t ever harm me…”

The Headmaster was indeed fuming when he left our classroom, I bet he would phone my parents to get them to the school, however I trusted my father would never assent with such horrible, disgusting program. A weird buzz sound announced that the door was now locked. Sighing of relief, Mr. Klotz started his despicably boring lecture over the work of some important writer, however, I simply couldn’t even stare at his pathetic figure, all the time he acted like someone was pointing a gun at him, like Richie would just start roaring and reach for his fat neck, to rip his little head of his body – the mere idea that someone could fear such a wonderful guy made me sick.

However, Rich just stood there and watched the class like nothing had happened, he even asked a thing or two about Mr. Klotz’ pathetic explanation, and the horrible little man was indeed impressed that the only one following his class was exactly the same one he thought to be an ignorant muscle beast. When the bell rang, Klotz just vanished out of the room, followed by the rest of the students.

“Richie, how come you remain so calm about all this?” I asked, ceasing the calm empty room as we waited for the “surveillance team” to unlock the door to our freedom.

Then, I could actually understand how sensible my beloved Richie truly was; he casually kept his stuff inside his bag and looked at my puzzled face.

“I can understand your rebellion, but I also don’t want to justify their behavior. If I started yelling and attacking the Principal or the Teacher, I would just make things even worse for me and any other Übermen that might come to this school…” Richie was serious, although very sweet at the same time.

“But…are you just let them treat you like an animal? Richie this is a fucking cage!” Given my natural temper, I was used to challenge authority, to make a big deal about anything about which I disagree, to kick and scream until they decided to oblige to my will, so I never would understand Rich’s approach on the whole S.M.U.T. Program, whose abbreviature couldn’t sound more proper.

Rich just smirked “Oh, I'm gonna have a talk with dad, I know he’ll take care of the legal stuff, meanwhile, let’s just let them think they are actually protected behind that little plastic, otherwise they can start building walls or even more drastic measures.”

The buzzer indicated the door was finally open “Great, it only took them all that time, classes are just gonna be crazy here, if you are the first to enter and the last to get out, won’t these measures just mess everything?” I nodded my head as I headed outside the room to follow Richie to the next class, fortunately that semester we had almost all classes together, so I could be there to support Richie and still make all the teachers and the Principal very pissed at the same time.

The school day followed pretty much as the first class, all the rooms were now divided with those ridiculous Plexiglas walls, Richie was required to enter first, then the door was locked so the teacher and the rest of the students as well were finally allowed to come, and the same ridiculous ritual repeated itself on the following classes. During lunch, we also noticed that Richie was no longer allowed to stand in line with the rest of students; his food was actually served by two big bodied fellows carrying stun guns, their uniforms carried name tags for their peculiar position as “Überman Surveillance Officers” – although they looked indeed much smaller than Richie, I suddenly understood those new directives wouldn’t get any lighter, they actually meant that gradually all übers would be segregated from the rest of society.

This time, however, Richie didn’t even let me protest, because he refused to put me through any further problems would the Headmaster, he just paid for his enormous share of food and took a seat strategically isolated from the rest of the cafeteria.

Rich was taking all those hateful measures stoically, until it was time for P.E which had always been his favorite class, all the other boys just waited, unconsciously assuming a similar formation as the new classroom code – Richie and I were in the right side, while they cramped the left one. Coach Sanders took much longer than usual, but eventually he came out of his room, followed Principal Smithson, the Coach just waved his head as he approached his classes.

“Costa, I…” The barrel chested middle aged man dressed in sweatpants and blue polo shirt always had something to say his pupils, but today, however, he just couldn’t speak.

“Yes Coach?” Richie’s adorable green eyes tried to ignore the annoying presence of Principal Smithson.

“Mister Costa, as part of the S.M.U.T. Program all Übermen students will be given their proper Physical Education, but until we find appropriate methods to do so, you are excused from practicing…” Smithson said harshly, the way he looked at me, I could swear he was waiting for me to challenge that decision, but Richie’s hand over my shoulder stopped me from acting so impulsively.

“I…understand it…Coach…” Richie responded in a low tone, only then he remembered of the practical effects of those measures could have over his life “Coach does it also mean…”

“That you are out of the soccer team, because the other schools refused to take part in tournaments facing an Überman in physical dispute.” Smithson explained the reasons why he had Coach Sanders cutting his best player from the team.

I noticed Richie’s chest inflating massively as he inhaled with such anger, up until now he has been very tolerant to all the things they had done to him, but keeping Rich from soccer was something too cruel even for Smithson and his gang.
The enormous green eyes filled with tears, I looked at his massive fist clinching so strongly that the pressure could crush steel bars like they were soft butter.

“Sir…can I…just leave then?” Richie asked very politely even though he was pissed at Smithson.

“Well, I suppose yes, since you no longer can be a member of any extracurricular activity as well, until other Über students come to our school.” Smithson’s satisfaction grin was just the last drop. Richie just ran of the school, still dressed in his ultra tight gym uniform.

“Mark my words, Smithson; you will regret hurting my friend…” I threatened the Principal, then I rushed after my crying Überman, only to find him sobbing at the soccer field, the closest place Richie had from his country in the United States.

There was nothing I could say or do, so I just sat at his side and leaned my head on his enormously muscular arm, however as his tears rolled down his face, I just felt that he needed comfort.

“Richie, you can’t let them get to you, those ridiculous rules will be soon gone, you will see”

The gargantuan lad looked at me “I already imagined they would cut me from the team, they can kick me out of soccer practice, but they can’t make me stop playing, truth is…I don’t know if those rules…if they are unfair at all…”

“Richie, what are you talking about? Of course they are unfair and unjust, they are segregation measures…”

“Yeah, but their main reason is protecting the rest of guys, and I think they are right to do so, I can be an ambulant time bomb ready to explode, so they have to take care of all safety measures against my strength and my anger…You’ve seen what I have done to my father, their fear has a legitimate fundament.
I stood up, gently holding Richie’s face “No Richie, you can’t think it’s your fault, that’s when you justify this stupid behavior, there’s nothing wrong with you, being Über does not defy what you are, it’s just one aspect of your personality…”

“Maybe…but I agree partially with them, my body is something scary, and I just wished I never would turn into one of those monsters…” Richie finally sighed as he stood up.

“Well, I think I’ll go home now, it’s not like I have to wait for the bus, anyway…” Rich nodded his head as he looked at his own bag – “Would you take it with you please?” I felt in the moment he wanted me to take his bag because this would give me a reason to come at his house, so I just nodded and smiled at my enormous friend.

“Normally I’d go with you, but I wouldn’t last 5 minutes running at your side, I guess I’ll just need to bug those stupid guys in the bus once again huh?” I asked trying to make Rich happier.

The Über lad smiled back at me, soon his muscular figure gloriously jogged out of the school, while I stood there looking at Richie’s red backpack – he had left so abruptly that he forgot to close the zippers of the lateral pockets; when I tried to zip them, however, something got in the way, so I just opened the pocket once again, only to find a piece of paper that resembled a business card, only much bigger than anyone I had seen so far.

“Über Youth of America – together we are even stronger” I read the motto, under which there was an address followed by a phone number. I wondered if that was some kind of support group for Übermen, was Richie trying to reach for their help, or was it something they gave him because of his condition and he never felt like searching for their help?

I gotta confess that it all made me very intrigued and excited, I've always wondered if Übers would let a regular guy to take part in this kind of assembly, after all the address was not far from the school, i could just pass by there after classes were done. Besides, I was very curious to meet another Überman, just to see if they all look so marvelous as my Richie.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to me – even if Richie never had the courage to show up at their meetings, whoever those UYA guys were, I was sure they wouldn’t like to know about Hamilton High’s S.M.U.T Program, maybe they could help me how to put an end to all that stupid crap.

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