Business Meetings

This is taken from the early chapters of a Kindle book called Stone Reboot.

It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud.

And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.

But what happens in this story isn’t complicated at all.

“Later mate, and we should have done something about your hair,” hearing the motel room door shut in the distance.

Gil jerked his hand down since it reflexively went up to touch the hair on his head.

Asshole, he thought grinning.

Ian his Irish buddy, coworker, employee is always slamming him about his freaking hair and looking up at the mirror, okay maybe it’s a little too shaggy and could use a trim.

He was leaning his back against a bathroom wall since his legs are still shaking from the explosive orgasm his sadist buddy just gave him.

It started with just a touch up with Ian an expert in what to do since once clean, Gil is somewhat careless about his looks but that doesn't stop his buddy from getting him ready for this afternoon and tonight.

He has some nice hair on his legs and forearms tapering off the higher they go with only a small bush over his groin and a little under his arms, however Ian started shaving his armpits and then running his tongue over each pit supposedly making sure he got everything.

Above the stalk is now merely a shadow of pubes, but even though Gil's totally bare elsewhere his buddy shaved around his dick, nuts, the track heading to his hole and then around his rosebud as well, knowing damn well the razor will make already sensitive skin even more so.

Having Gil placing his arms against the wall and bending forward the Irish stud went to town rimming his sphincter until Gil's moans were practically bouncing off the tile walls of the bathroom and turning him around he stood up to chew on his sensitive nubs running fingers between his legs and tickling his hole keeping him on the edge for God knows how long. Finally the Irishman dropped to his knees, reached up and roughly twisted his bloated nubs as his mouth sank on his throbbing dick and he was exploding in the man's mouth with so much cream it was dribbling all over Ian’s t-shirt before he emptied out.

Still resting against the wall he looked over at the man in the mirror.

Looking back was someone about thirty or maybe a couple years younger thanks to the shaggy almost black hair along with a couple day growth on the chin with Ian shaving his thick neck to keep the look sexy.

At six-one and two hundred and twenty-five pounds Gil’s a big man and considering he doesn’t have an ounce of fat he’s bulging with muscles in all the right places and since he didn't eat regularly the last couple of days that means his already big body is sharply defined with a deep cleft between two slabs of pecs as well as trenches for abdominals.

As big as he is, there’s a couple noticeable features which are his Popeye arms out of proportion to even his big body. A lot of muscle guys’ arms only look okay unless they’re pumped up; yet Gil's look big even when not working out and since he and Ian just came from the gym his biceps were positively huge.

The other noticeable feature is large quarter sized nipples wrapping down around his pec shelf with the fat juicy bullets pointing slightly down. Decades of abuse has turned his erasers into nubs looking like they should have some heavy duty tip rings hanging off but they're so sensitive it makes him crazy having anything on his tits. Besides being bare makes them available to play with.

The Adonis belt swooped in pointing towards his crotch and even though he’s just blown a huge load he’s still hard as a rock.

Low hanging balls hang below a good size dick. Admittedly it’s pretty close to OMG, both in length and thickness. Genetics and all that.

It isn't only the muscles but what else his body has going for it. Besides being huge when he's having sex his dick won't go down and will dumps thick loads of cream no matter how many times he cums, turning his sex partners on to no end.

Spend a few hours fucking his ass and his dick will still be rock hard the whole time probably leaking cream as he gets pounded.

His ass is another part of being built for sex. Before being transformed it was relatively flat having trouble holding shorts up making him crazy. But today it's a hard muscled pair of glutes and slightly bent over with legs spread, a perfectly round and pink rosebud is exposed to tongue, finger or fuck as much as you want and his hole will remain tight through the night. He's even been double fucked as well as fisted and the next dick sinking in his hole will find it tight around their shafts.

All part of the transformed body Fraternity package.

He pushed off the wall and his thick legs held, so he stepped closer to the mirror and coming up and rubbing his chest gasping over his tormented tips since his evil friend chewed on these bad boys for some time.

The only thing on his body so far is a leather armband at the top of his right bicep. Black with orange edges, its code for anything any time and since it's on the right side it means he's the bottom boy.

Normally he’ll start with one on each arm and will top, bottom, master, slave, fuck or be fucked since it's all about getting sex; however he's here in New York to meet someone and definitely will be bottoming for this dude.

A couple more features is a super high libido and once he gets wrapped up in play, the only thing likely to slow him down is when he gets physically tired, just like any other person and since he's had a couple of good nights sleep, he’s ready for whatever happens.

And while his stamina is almost inhuman, he also has a few tricks.

His jizz is incredibly tasty to any man but what's unknown is that it's like a shot of energizing Viagra to anybody who swallows or takes it up their ass, so any sex partner getting a load of his cream will be ready to go another round or two.

He looked at the box sitting on the counter and shaking his head opened it back up, already knowing what’s inside and he couldn't help grinning.

An Ass Lock.

It was left at the registration desk when he checked in, with instructions to be wearing it when they meet.

It has a thick silicone circle acting as a cock ring and slipping it over it fit snugly around the shaft that’s refusing to go down, then there’s the connecting strip that goes snugly between his legs and the tour de force being a large dildo somewhat in the shape of a soft serve ice cream cone, large size, although this one has little nubs and he knows he’s going to pay for those bumps; and slipping it in his ass he squirmed groaning as the nubs scraped against his prostate.

Geezus, he's never going to go down.

Gil can't go to a regular doctor since they look in alarm seeing an enlarged prostate which is true. What they don't understand is it's perfectly healthy, especially with the fact it’s highly sensitive so that means anyone screwing his butt is going to turn him on big time.

The next thing slipped on was a heavily used jock. The waistband is about twice the size of a swimmer jock with a thin material now brutally stretched out trying to hold his throbbing tool in check and he resisted the urge to pull it out and whack one off before leaving.

Gil headed back into the bedroom trying not to groan as the Ass Lock did its thing to his insides.

Laid out on the bed were the rest of his clothes and it will be a funny outfit since the shoes are a pair of Carhartt black leather boots and a suit.

Although it's not just any suit, since it’s a Chu.

Jack Chu’s are extremely expensive, completely custom made suits for men with the price tag to match and considering what he's going to be doing tonight he sure as hell is endangering the costly set of clothes.

However this suit was when he was about fifteen pounds lighter so it's really too small for him and tonight for its final debut, the suit will be perfect.

Even perfectly tailored he has what's euphemistically known as the ‘younger cut’ which means the waistband is a little lower and everything is slightly snugger making it a sexier garb to wear.

But now with the fifteen extra pounds it's gonna be super snug.

Gil took the button-down shirt and started pulling it on. It was a light pewter matching his gray eyes and buttoning it up he looked at the mirror over the dresser and grinned since what normally would be a nicely fitting shirt is too small with the biceps pulling at the seams and the chest just starting to pull on the buttons sharply cutting in on his lower torso.

Thick socks went on next and then he pulled on the charcoal gray slacks and he couldn't help cracking up.

His big legs were emphasized with the straining hardon bulging and he repositioned it to get some of it down his leg but there’s still no hiding the fact not only is he well endowed but a very happy man at the moment and turning to look at the back since it was straining the front, the material around his ass draped like a second skin.

Boots on, he straightened up and with the pant leg down, it isn't quite so obvious he’s not wearing some nice Italian leather shoe although the boots give him about another inch of height to his already tall enough frame.

Next came a Jerry Garcia tie since he sure as hell isn't going to risk one of his silk babies costing a couple hundred bucks and fortunately while the shirt is straining pretty much most of his body, the neck isn't too tight

Last came the jacket and looking in the mirror he couldn't help snorting at the picture in front of him with the first thought being yeah he should've gotten a haircut since he looks like a big muscled college jock. Although the haircut wouldn’t make a huge difference since while in many ways the suit looks exquisitely tailored its still glaringly emphasizing his bulky build.

But then again that's the whole reason for wearing it today.

He met Ben in Fort Lauderdale finding out the dude comes to New York frequently for business. The several times they’ve met has been bumping into each other at a private leather club off the Southwest Highway where anything goes and usually Gil starts out with leather armbands around both arms and will top and bottom his way through the night, however that doesn't work with Ben.

Leather daddy, he definitely likes pounding Gil's hole, but what Ben really likes to do is take a sex pig around to his fellow leather buddies to be used and abused through the night.

Meeting Gil, the man’s been in heaven since here’s a strapping muscle dude ready to do anything and everything except maybe for the super hard-core stuff which isn’t Ben's thing anyway. Discovering Gil can last for hours with many men working him over has him calling up for rematches and it turns out both had business in New York around the same time.

It’s early Thursday afternoon and he’ll be brought into several offices as Ben's pig and offered to the man’s friends culminating in a much nastier evening later.

And this is the price of the transformed body built for sex, since in order to maintain their system he needs mancum and even diehard tops have to figure out what to do. His need for down and dirty nasty group sex has been building up the last month and he knows he can count on his buddy to help take care of that.

So he'll be the pig boy for the next twelve to sixteen hours which doesn’t bother him whatsoever since it's all about sex.

Checking his big body out encased in the way too expensive undersized suit he shook his head and headed out of the room.

It was a hot, humid day in late June and the people on the normally bustling New York streets were doing their best to deal with it by dressing down in lighter wear or if you still have to look professional, bustling a little quicker to the next air conditioned sanctuary. Stepping out of an SUV, the heat and humidity slammed into his body as he looked up at the glass building.

Another nameless square box with a few bland features rising up, as well as here on the ground, all in a futile effort so it won’t be considered a nameless square box, and Gil felt his shirt already starting to stick to his skin by the time he made it the short distance to the lobby where the air conditioning hit him once he made it through the revolving door.

Gil’s name was on the list so he got his little generic sticker that doesn’t adhere to suits very well classifying him as a visitor so everyone is reassured he’s not a thug sneaking in to do them harm.

“The offices of Campbell and Jordan are on the seventeenth floor,” and Gil nodded his head before heading to the elevator bank and turning away he grinned since the nicely muscled Hispanic dude’s eye contact was longer than needed, so he was pretty sure the dude is a fellow traveler.

Are we that much on the down low any more?

Or can we now say, yep the dude’s as queer as they come?

Some older people years ago used to say the guy who’s middle-aged, never married and a limp wrist was ‘musical’ for the euphemism of gayboys and at some point we self identified as ‘friends of Dorothy’ or ‘fellow traveler’, but today’s world has movie stars and guys in sports coming out of the closet, admittedly after their careers are pretty much over. It’s gotten so frequent the world yawns with the only discussion being whether the revelation is ‘like duh’ or ‘no shit, really?’


I left the elevator and seeing the glass doors to the right display the law firm’s name headed over and once through, took the few steps to the reception desk. At the desk was the classic trim queen with dyed hair but conservatively done since this is a law firm, was talking on the phone and finishing the call he looked up “Can I help….?” Looking like he was just poleaxed.

He might have been since Gil realized he was still overheated even out of the warm weather.


Another difference. Pheromones.

We all have them. Bugs and animals use pheromones to attract others of their species so they can propagate and it’s calculated we humans can do the same thing although it’s a pretty limited range, even only on the surface of your skin if you’re ‘transmitting’, maybe in sweat.

I don’t understand how they’re figuring that out since if you’re licking the sweat off a dude’s chest, it’s likely you’re already interested in doing the deed.

But Fraternity dudes can transmit further with maybe it being a little more specific so hungry bottom boys wanting a big shaft will be circling if you happen to be a top with the right equipment.

I’m jokingly referred to as the Prince of Pheromones by my buddies and standing around in a crowded bar, people may get clobbered with what I’m transmitting.

To me, I’m only getting horned up, maybe feeling an internal heat.

A little horny and I supposedly transmit a little distance making people feel …perky.

If I’m amped they tell me it can be like waves of lust slamming into you and bars, bathhouses, gay resorts have been known to click into higher gear when I’m around turning a sedate night out into frenzied orgy.

I recognized the look on the receptionist’s face and thinking of a thermostat I dialed it down and you could see him relaxing a bit.

“I’m here to see Ben Weinstein. He’s visiting one of your lawyers.”

“Mr. Walker?” and I nodded.

“I was told to expect you; Although you’re certainly not what I expected,” with his eyes ranging over my muscled frame.

Oh God.

“They’re still meeting. I’ll let him know you’re here.”

I got the usual ‘do you want something while you’re waiting’ and shaking my head no I moved over to the little seating arrangement nearby with my back to the receptionist.

I crack myself up sometimes. I’m here to be guided by a man who’s going to use and abuse me through the day, but I still don’t know how to handle a dude flirting.

I’m not some submissive muscle boy.

Well I can be, but only so it will lead into hot sex. I can master, slave, top, bottom …its all playing a role to get to the end game …sex. Lots of sex.

Gee have I made my point yet?

Sitting down my Ass Lock shifted, grinding against my prostate and I had to clench my teeth to keep in my moan.

Okay maybe I’m not being honest.

With a former lover I was a consistent top since he was definitely a hard core bottom; which was a shame since my partner was definitely gifted.

However transformed I still top frequently but it’s like my body is built to bottom. Lick my rosebud and I’ll be a whore in heat, scrape my prostate and I can’t think. I crave cum and the idea I’ll be Ben’s muscle whore has me squirming in the chair.

Well that and the damn Ass Lock.

“Gil, good to see you.”

Two men came around the corner, the first was Ben and since this is the first time I’ve seen him in something other then leathers, I probably wouldn’t have recognized the man if we passed on the street.

A little under six feet, he’s the classic burly daddy bear with short salt and pepper hair, closely cropped beard displaying some gray and his suit was doing nothing to hide his thick frame.

You can tell he’s fighting the inevitable since his muscled frame is getting a little rounded. Not fat yet, just obviously needing more gym time to keep the shape.

Behind him was a taller dude who it’s not difficult to imagine in chaps and harness. Salt and pepper hair as well, hard face with strong shaved jaw and big body even if it’s not as burly as Ben.

“This is Paul Jordan,” and shaking hands he scanned my body like a piece of meat, which I guess I am.

“Shall we go to my office?”

We walked down the hallway to a large corner office where the door was shut and noticeably locked behind us.

“Nathan knows not to disturb us; however some people have barged past him. Jacket off boy.”

I looked over at Ben since that’s the protocol and his eyes sparkled, understanding the gesture and with a slight grin he nodded.

My other suits that fit would have slid right off, but it’s tight in the shoulders and arms, so it was a slight struggle as I wrestled the jacket off flexing my torso and getting appreciative stares.

Jordan stepped up grabbing my crotch, “Impressive Ben.”

“Primo. I haven’t had him out in public so I don’t know how he’ll behave but he’s performed well in the pits where we’ve met up.”


“Exceptionally well. I’ll have the boys use him for hours and he takes it all. Even hours later he’s still functioning.”

He was moving around, hands on my big biceps straining the shirt, noting the armband underneath, fingers across a sloping trap, grabbing my ass in back and coming back around and in front his hands came up to squeeze the nipples pushing the shirt front out hearing me grunt.


“Big time. They’re designed to be abused,” which was Ben replying since I don’t know if I’m allowed to speak. The dude was treating me like some horse flesh as he checked out my frame.

“Open your mouth boy,” and opening he spit down my throat.

Normally hot, and the fact we’re standing in an office, all of us in formal gear made it downright illicit, like we’re doing something naughty and it was turning me on big time.

It didn’t hurt the man mauling my chest is a big strapping manstud and he surprised me by closing in for a deep tongue dueling long kiss and I pulled him in to continue making out, hearing the big man whimper before breaking away and getting a light slap on the cheek.

“You’ll pay for your temerity,” since of course a boy isn’t suppose to be hugging but the dude was smiling as well as looking a little dazed.

Well yeah, it was a good kiss.

“Unfortunately I have another meeting so we can’t spend the time I’d like to,” moving back to his huge dark wood desk and sitting on the edge he unzipped his fly fishing out an impressive slab of beef. Fingers were snapped, then pointing down at the floor directly in front of him and after another glance at Ben to get his okay, I kneeled down sucking in his fat tube taking it to the hilt on my first swallow.


“Looks like some college frat jock, but I’m telling you Paul this is a whore extraordinaire.”

I was working up and down his tool, drool coating his cock getting a little bit of pre-cum which tasted pretty good and my need for jizz kicked in sucking harder to get the stud’s mancream down his throat. Pushed off, Jordan straightened up off the desk then slammed his dick back in my mouth and holding the back of my head started to powerfuck my face.

“I’m …not going …to last …much longer.” Warm spooge slammed against the back of my throat, as more shots were fired and I swallowed as quickly as I could since I didn’t want cum dribbling on my clothes and fortunately the load while heavy wasn’t too much and swallowing another round the big stud pulled out, absently giving another light slap on the side of my face and hearing a ‘good boy’ as he turned and began stuffing his big dick back in his suit pants.

Standing up Gil was handed his jacket by Ben.

“I’ll see you at Lupa’s around eight?” Seeing Ben nod then jerk his head toward Gil.

“Make sure he doesn’t look too used by dinnertime,” with the two chuckling and they left the office.

Waiting for the elevator outside the office Ben stood close to Gil.

“You look incredibly hot in the suit stud.”

Gil wiggled an eyebrow, “I can say the same. You clean up pretty nice,” with the daddy bear barking out a laugh.


They moved into the elevator and being the only ones Ben closed in for a killer kiss then pulled away when they stopped three floors down letting others on.

“So what’s on the agenda?”

“We have a couple more places to stop before dinner. Another office then a warehouse.”


“Buddy of mine. Big black dude with a horse dick. When I mentioned I have a muscled pig available he scheduled a supervisors’ meeting later this afternoon, promising a couple of his co-workers will be more than happy to work over some suited stud.


“But we have a stop before that.”


We were on the street and Ben grabbed my arm stopping me and grinning gave a playful slap on the cheek.

“All you need to do boy is know you’re meeting another of my buddies who also happens to be well hung,” and he laughed when I let out a moan.

Ben’s cell phone rang.

“Yeah …….Good …….as many as you want, I’m telling you he can take anything you and your buddies want to do to him. Not too extreme on the abuse, but when it comes to sex, the pig is insatiable ….I might suggest you schedule them later so we get a little playtime first …sounds good …see you at dinner.”

Gil looked over and Ben had an evil smile on his face.

“Looks like you passed muster,” and I raised an eyebrow.

“There’s a very limited member private club called Excess that Paul belongs to and he just let me know he’s reserved a room after dinner. It’s going to be a looooong night for you stud.”

“Are you going to tell me what’s next?”


Gil grinned thinking it wasn’t important anyway.

They were walking through the canyons of high rises populating Manhattan so it must not be far, but the hot, steamy day was making his clothes cling to his frame.

It didn’t help they were already tight and pulling on him, but the walking was also horning him up big time especially since the last dude had been pinching his nipples through the shirt and they’re sensitive as hell, so they were pushing against the fabric.

Worse his dick confined in a well used jock, slightly stiff from sweat, jizz and a little piss was scratching against his sensitive head and his dick was desperately needing to break free.

However the Ass Lock was brutal since they were walking a fast pace and the pulling and tugging on the butt plug in his hole was scraping against his prostate nonstop.

Damn he’s going to blow a load in the middle of Manhattan!

Into another building with the a/c practically punching us in the gut and we went up to Bennett Securities.

“So who are we seeing?” I’m curious what can I say.

“Tony Crawford, an old friend of mine and he looooves muscle pigs.

I looked at Ben for a minute not getting the dude.

He’s like the person at the table who’s enjoying their meal so much that insists everyone tries a sample because it’s so good; and today I’m the entrée.

Standing on the sidelines he’ll either watch or coax his pals to work me harder and there’s been a few times where he’s seen it’s too much and have them ease up or just announce its time to move his pig on to the next group.

In the pit it alternates between abuse where I might get strung up and whipped, clamped, lightly smacked around then it’s time to have the dicks slamming into my holes, men pounding away until they drop their loads and move out so another hard man can take his place.

Ben may decide to step in and have me suck him off, or he might stand next to me brutally twisting on my nubs since like legions of other men he’s fascinated with my bullets. Swollen stubs, not too big, not too small, it’s probably more what they do to me since I’ll writhe and groan as they’re used and abused.


“Mr. Crawford, your visitors.”

“BEN, good to see you!”

Coming from behind another huge desk was a man with a shaved head, big build emphasized by his custom tailored suit and he pulled off his reading glasses to toss them on the desk making his way across the office.

It didn’t take a genius to gauge the trappings of success. If you know suits like I do, he’s probably coming in at ten large, but the office furnished in dark woods and leather is spacious and professionally decorated screaming ‘I’m a big shot’.

The door was closed by a husky young man who brought us to Crawford and he moved up close inspecting me.

“And who’s this?”

“I call him Gil, but you can call him whatever you want Tone.”

A hand came up to rub against one of the lapels on my suit.

“Well this is a surprise. One of the last things I’d expect someone in your position wearing is a Chu.”

Okay so the man knows his suits.

Supposedly the best tailor in Hong Kong, and thanks to the exchange rate a fifteen thousand dollar HK suit means it’d be a LOT more if it was done in New York.

The downside of Chu’s is the dude has one shop and he doesn’t travel. So if you want a Chu, you go to Hong Kong and my former lover was addicted to the formal wear.

“I found it on a Salvation Army rack,” and the man let out a burst of laughter.

“Cute. The way it fits you, it’s yours but you put on what ….twenty pounds since you got it?”

I shrugged, “Fifteen.”

“Aaaah. I heard they come in two cuts. One a little trimmer.”

Man, the dude does know his suits.

“One last question before we get to more important things. Do you have one that fits this magnificent body of yours?”

“Uh, no sir.”

I saw him tilting his head, “Not quite the truth, but we’ll let it go,” as he reached underneath my tie and began unbuttoning my shirt buttons.

I didn’t lie, well not quite. I have a dozen Chu’s in my closet at home. But that would draw too many questions and my shirt was pulled out of my pants and spread, although the top button was still fastened along with my tie around my neck which he flicked over my shoulder to run his hands over my torso.

“Truly impressive Ben, where’d you find him?”

“He visits Ft. Lauderdale on occasion.”

“Not a resident? He’d fit in with the empty headed muscle down there,” and then looking in my eyes, “perhaps not;” with a swollen tit grabbed and roughly pinched getting a grunt.

“One of the worst I’ve met Paul. It’s marvelous the noises he makes.”

“Let’s see then,” and the man leaned down to start sucking on my left tit, then nibbling and it turn into a harder chewing as he gestured for Ben to take the other one getting the expected groans from me; and hearing a chuckling around my chest he went after me rougher.

I may be the toy here, but the idea of standing in a suit in even another office in Manhattan to be casually used is still turning me on big time. Both men are hot studs and like any red blooded gay man I noticed the hefty bulge in our hosts expensive pants when he walked over and things are looking up when still chewing away I felt my belt and pants loosened dropping to the floor.

The chrome domed stud pulled off.

“Let’s see, how shall I do this? Ben…” making a few gestures and tapping my legs I lifted each up as Ben removed my pants from around my ankles.

“Hmm, the jacket too I think.”

Now in tie and shirt hanging open along with socks and leather boots.

I was also wearing my jock which is soaking wet thanks to my leaking tool along with the ass lock shoved deep on my hole.

“Interesting decision Ben,” tapping the Ass Lock.

“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Hmmm, we’ll see,” and once again his hand slipped under the shirt first grabbing and squeezing a hurting bullet earning a grunt then sliding down inspecting the horse flesh and he flicked the jock to the side of my throbbing tool and freed, it quickly filled up.

“Truly remarkable Ben. I’m wondering if I might be making this pig an offer.”

Ben laughed, “You can try, but I’ve found him to be fairly independent;” and I was growling since the man was pulling on the buttplug firmly lodged in my ass and coming out he let it drop and letting it swing between my legs still attached by the cock ring in front.

My ass was both happy it was out and disappointed at the vacancy.

“Mmmmm tasty.”

Looking over the stud was licking his fingers and I must have spurted some juice when the damn thing came out.

“Intriguing so far. Let’s see if he can perform where it counts and pushing my back I bent over a chair and feeling my shirttail pushed higher, the stud rammed a big dick in my hole.

Yeeeessssssss, maybe too rough on entry, but I finally had mandick inside me and my chute was pulsing around his shaft.

Most people feel the tight ring of a sphincter around their dick, then maybe light touching on the sides. I’m told my ass envelopes the entire cock with the tight ring at the end and like a velvet glove around the rest of your pole and he must be liking it since the man was quickly pounding my chute with the sounds of his naked skin slapping against my flesh permeating the room.

Pulled up a little I was still bent slightly so he can fuck my hole, but his hands slid up to my chest and grabbing my eraser’s he tightly held on using that as leverage as he jackhammered away and my eyes closed savoring the heavy duty pounding from the stud.

He slammed in to the hilt holding it there and I could feel his tool swelling as hot cream started filling me up.

Kissing the center of my back, he pulled out and I noticed at some point his jacket was off with a form fitting blue shirt caressing his big body and the pants still on with a good sized piece of meat poking out.

Starting to lower myself to clean his tool, he grabbed my underarms to stop me.

“Not done with you yet boy;” to be manhandled over to the desk and propped against it as the stud first tongued and chewed on my bloated stubs some more then licked his way down to my cock and roughly pulling the thick silicone ring around the base of my rod and nuts off, he tossed the Ass Lock to the floor and I was thinking how the lube slimed buttplug was now lying on an expensive oriental while the stud slurped down my rock hard tool.

I was leaking like crazy and my jizz is like energizing Viagra and it didn’t take too long for the stud to rise up, hands under my knees rolling me on my back as the legs continued higher and once again he shoved his meat in my heated hole making both of us grunt.

Leaning down I saw an expectant look and thinking he’ll spit in my mouth to assert his dominance I opened up but instead he came in for a long deep sensual kiss until pulling off the man growled like he’s disgusted with his actions and proceeded to slam his big dick down my chute. Hearing another low growl there was a hard deep thrust, then another and on the last one he slammed into the hilt and once again cum pumped into my hole.

Gil straightened up and the two men discussed business while he got dressed.

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