Business Meetings 2

This is taken from the early chapters of a Kindle book called Stone Reboot.

It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud.

And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.

But what happens in PART TWO of this story isn’t complicated at all.

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We took a taxi to the next destination outside of the financial district pulling up to a warehouse and getting out of the cab Ben grabbed Gil’s arm pulling them in to talk in his ear.

“Tyree is an old buddy of mine and the warehouse manager here. Like I told you, he's having a supervisor’s meeting promising each of them will be well hung and while they may not all be gay they're all willing to fill a muscled up white boys hole.”

We walked in seeing some workers milling about but it was getting to the end of the shift and it looks like the warehouse doesn’t operate more than one and the two men headed to the back when a big black dude walked out of a glassed in office forming a wide smile when he looked over at the new arrivals. Shaking Ben’s hand, he glanced over saying ‘sweet,’ otherwise ignoring Gil as the two talked and headed towards the back.

“Can you bullshit your way through talking about leadership or something?” and Gil smiled since years ago we used to do that for his profession.

“I can muddle my way through.”

“Good ‘cause I’m going to put you in front of the room and you start talking. At different points I’ll give you orders and you just follow them; Am I clear?”

“Yes Sir;” and Tyree liked the answer.

He made some gestures to a couple of guys who started following and they headed to the back of the warehouse and down a hallway into what looked like a conference room with an oval table that can sit about eight people and a whiteboard in front with three more good sized black dudes walking in.

“Our guest is gonna give us a talk on leadership and why don’t you take your jacket and tie off since it's warm in the room,” and he nodded slowly take the jacket off, then the tie, unbuttoning the top couple buttons on his dress shirt.

With the jacket off there’s no hiding his muscled body along with the swollen tits abused earlier sticking out of the shirt.

“Let's talk about communication and who's responsible for making sure what’s said is clear. Is it the responsibility of the supervisor or the employee?” Starting off a good conversation and he could see Tyree was surprised at the job he was doing.

About twenty minutes into the talk Tyree broke in.

“Sorry, our air conditioning can’t handle this kind of weather and I can see you’re hot so go ahead and take your shirt off;” and acting like it was the most natural thing in the world he unbuttoned his shirt which was getting sweated up and sliding it off his big body he put it on the chair where his coat was hanging.

“What's that?”

“Just an armband.”

“Why don't you tell him what the orange edges stand for Gil?” With Ben speaking up for the first time.

Gil shrugged, “anything, anytime.” Hearing the guys letting out a ‘whooooaaaa,’ with a couple applauding and rubbing their hands at his remark.

Soon the pants came off with him wearing only socks and his jock strap and going back to the whiteboard to write something he deliberately leaned forward knowing his rosebud was exposed to the room and hearing an ‘oh maaaaan’ and ‘fuuuuck’ from behind.

“I think we've had enough and it's time we moved on to the next part of the meeting;” and Tyree was coming to the front with a huge thick cock dangling out the front of his pants.

“On your knees boy;” and Gil dropped wasting no time sucking in half the huge cock and letting his throat relax to swallow more, hearing the stud groan.

The other three men were soon standing and fishing what Gil could see are huge slabs of meat out of their pants and Tyree grabbed his head of hair to pull him off his cock and turn him to the next available fuckstick that he hungrily swallowed it down.

Two thick rods were close together and he alternated sucking on the giant cocks feeling fingers rubbing the crack of his ass and sliding down into his hole making him moan around the cock he was on, hearing a ‘the bitch likes what you're doing Tyree,’ over some laughter and a ‘he's gonna like this even better’ as two fingers in his chute pulled him up and getting the hint he lifted off his knees not breaking contact with the dick in his mouth.

His ass was still lubricated from the earlier fuck less than an hour ago so the man wasted no time slamming his truly huge baseball bat in Gil’s ass and feeling a slap on his back the man began pounding his hole.

These were big dicked men and gay or not, they wanted to show their buddies they’re real men so the sex was hard with Gil’s thoroughly washed down with man jizz and Tyree slamming his huge tool to the hilt unleashing his own torrent of cum.

Pulling out, his ass was slapped hearing a ‘good boy’ and another big dick wasted no time slamming a fat slab all the way in as the fourth dude bellied up to his face and grabbing his hair began fucking his mouth with the two setting up a rhythm for pounding his holes.

They quickly found out this doesn’t need to be a cum and run thanks to their more than willing toy taking anything they wanted to give and he was laid out on the table with his head over another side as they pounded away. The men soon discovered if they roughly twist his nipples it has him moaning around whatever big shaft is fucking his mouth, turning them on even more so the abuse continued as jizz filled up his body till finally the three supervisors called it a day. Coated in sweat and cum Tyree grabbed a naked Gil to walk further back in the warehouse finding a locker room with a shower but it wasn't quite the end.

Now bereft of the supposedly straight dudes Tyree quickly stripped down showing his big body and Ben disrobed as well with the warehouse manager lying on a bench with his massive cock standing straight up, so he knew what was required. Moving over, they’re slut pig impaled himself on the gigantic slab of manmeat and grabbing his swollen and abuse tits he pulled Gil forward so the two could make out; Which was pretty hot as Ben slid his own good size cock next to his buddies making Gil groan some more and they wasted no time in pounding his overly stretched hole while he continued moaning in sexual bliss. The big man continued roughly pinching his bullets and locking lips until Ben so charged up starting adding his cream to the saturated chute and the man beneath joining in.

A few minutes later Gil was stepping out of the shower to see Ben holding up the Ass Lock.

“This goes in and then we’re off to dinner with Paul Jordan and some of his friends. After that its Club Excess where the word’s been put out a new prized muscle pig will be offered until sunrise and we’ll load you up with all the mandick you can handle stud.”


Ben grinned, “I knew you’d say that. Just know it’s going to be a rough night.”

This is the conclusion of this short story.
You’ll just have to imagine what happened to the stud later that night.