A New Playbook 3 (hypno humil coll mast)

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John did very well in practice. He hit all of his receivers right in the sweet spot and only had a few incomplete passes. The quarterback coach and the head coach were all impressed with his performance, and they were confident they would beat Kent.

"Great practice, John," said Alex who was one of his receivers.

"Thanks man. I guess I finally woke up," laughed John.

The locker room was active as always after a practice. Nude and near-nude players were sitting around talking waiting for others to finish their showers. The locker room had that typical locker room smell about it. John walked over to his bench and began removing his clothes. He picked up his soap and put his towel over his shoulder and walked nude into the shower. This was his usual routine. He always did it this way, and he had never had a problem. He went into the shower, and Alex hollered at him.

"There's a shower free down here!"

"Thanks. I have to hurry. I have to turn in an English assignment at 8 o'clock," said John.

He put his towel on the hook outside the shower area and went inside. He made small talk with Alex while he soaped up. All but a few players had finished their showers, so only Alex him and a few other guys were still there. He glanced at Alex who was washing his dick and balls. John felt that tingling in his cock. He was entranced. He had no idea why, but he was turned on by looking at Alex. John was confused. He loved women and had never thought about men before. He was starting to reach for his cock when he realized he was in the middle of the shower at football practice with a leaking hard on. He turned and made a quick move to get out of the shower. Alex looked up at his sudden movement and thought he saw John with a hard-on, but he decided he was seeing things and continued his shower. John trotted out of the shower his hard cock bouncing with each step. He grabbed his towel and wrapped around his waist. He hoped Alex had not seen his dick. He would think he was a fruit. He quickly dressed and went to class.

After class, John headed back to his dorm room. He had a date with Jennifer tonight, and he was going to ride her hard to get himself back to normal. He went to his room, and it was five o'clock. He had two hours to get ready. He walked over to the mirror and decided he needed to shave before he went out tonight. The dorm rooms had a sink and mirror in them. He took out his shaving kit and took off his shirt and shorts so he would not get any shaving cream on them. He lathered up his face and began shaving. In a few minutes he had his face as smooth as a baby's butt.

He started to put his kit away when he felt he had forgot something. He rubbed his hairy chest with his hand and remembered that he had to shave his chest. He had never done this before but for some reason he felt he had to do it. He lathered up his chest and put a new blade on his razor and took slow strokes making sure he removed all of the stubble. He went from his neck all the way down to his the top of his underwear. He wiped himself off with a towel and washed the large amount of hair down the sink. He looked at himself in the mirror and was amazed at the difference. Before the hair covered the contour of his muscles, masking their definition. Now you could see every line and muscle in all its glory.

He rubbed his newly smooth chest, and his cock started to stir again. He glanced at the clock; it was five forty five. Steve would be at work till at least six thirty. He pulled his briefs off and began to stroke his cock and rub his balls. He decided to do a little fantasizing to make it more interesting.

He closed his eyes and started to fantasize about Jennifer. He was sucking on her tits, and she was moaning. It was a really hot fantasy, but then all off a sudden instead of Jennifer, John was sucking on Alex's nipples, and he was moaning. John opened his eyes and quit jerking off. Why the fuck had that happened? He never fantasized about doing things with guys. Only fags and chicks did that.

His cock was still hard so he decided to try again. He closed his eyes and began stroking again. He was eating Jennifer out, and she was moaning and squirming. Again, it was really hot fantasy. John picked up the intensity of his strokes. As he was approaching orgasm, the next thing he knew instead of eating out Jennifer, he was sucking on Alex's cock. Alex was saying things like "You lick that dick, you cocksucker" and "Suck that cock, you fagboy."

Instead of opening his eyes and quitting the fantasy, John realized he was physically turned on by it. His mind was repulsed that he would suck on another man's dick. He was straight and hated queers, but his body and cock needed relief so he continued jacking until he shot his load. John opened his eyes he had cum all over his bare abs. He reached down and scooped it up licking it from his fingers. John was freaked out. He had just fantasized about sucking his best friend's cock and had gotten off on it. To top it off he had ate his own cum again.

John thought to himself, "Man, if I don't get some pussy soon I am gonna go crazy," trying to rationalize what he had just done. He started to put on his briefs when he remembered that he needed to shave his balls. He lathered them up and proceeded to shave them, John felt odd doing this. He had no idea why he was doing it, but he did it anyway. He shaved his balls, and he even shaved his asshole. He took quite a while getting done so he would not nick himself.

When he was finished he stood up and looked in the mirror, and he liked what he saw. Instead of his thick chest hair, there was now bare skin all the way down to his pubes. He even thought that his balls looked bigger without their covering of hair. He put on his briefs and started to get ready for his date. He put on a pair of jeans and was looking for a shirt when Steve came in the room.

"Hey Steve, what's Up?" asked John as he was rummaging through his closet.

"Not much, I just got off at work. We were pretty busy down at the UPS," said Steve.

Steve put down his keys and glanced over at John, who was looking in his closet. John had shaved his chest! He is really acting weird, thought Steve.

"Hey man what did you do to your chest?" asked Steve.

"I-um-I... uhh... shaved it," stuttered John.

"Why on earth did you do that John?"

"I thought it would make my muscles look bigger, and Jennifer doesn't like chest hair," explained John, trying to come up with an excuse for his strange behavior.

"Well, you must be pussy-whipped to do something like that for a chick," laughed Steve.

"You do what you have to keep hitting it," joked John. "I've got a date with Jennifer tonight, so I won't be back till late."

"No problem man. I have to study late, and I could use the quiet," said Steve.

John found a long white shirt and pulled it on over his smooth chest. The fabric felt odd against his newly smooth chest. He put on his socks and was putting on his shoes when the phone rang.

Steve answered it, and John continued to get ready. He heard Steve say okay and saw him hung up the phone.

"That was Jennifer. Her boss called her, and she has to go to work tonight," said Steve.

"Shit, I got fucking dressed up for nothing! Well I am going to go out for a while anyway. No sense in staying here since I got all dressed up." said John.

"Well see you later," said Steve.

John walked out of the dorm and got into his jeep. He thought he would drive down to the strip bar since he couldn't do anything with Jennifer tonight. He drove to the redlight district of town and parked next to the stripclub. He started to go in when he looked across the street to a shop, which sold adult toys and books. He felt an urge to go inside, those shops where always good for a laugh though John.

He went inside. The walls were lined with all sorts of perverse devices. He walked around the store and was looking at some magazines when the salesman came up. He was clad fully in leather and was obviously gay. People like that disgusted John, and he was about to make a comment when the salesman spoke.

"Can I help you find something?"

John started to say no, but instead he said, "Yeah, I need a cockring. A metal one if you have any." John was stunned. He had no idea what a cockring was, but he felt he had to have one.

"Well, we have several. We have gold colored chrome and several others, and they come in several sizes," said the man.

"I want a shiny silver one," replied John. He had no idea where that answer came from.

"What size?" asked the man.

"I don't know; I've never worn one," said John.

"Well, you'll just have to try them on and see which fits best," said the man with a smile. The salesman couldn't wait to help him so he could see the young jock's equipment. "Follow me over here," said the salesman pointing to a portion of the room that was curtained off from the rest of the store.

John walked behind the curtain, and the man went to door and locked it. Then the man went to the display with the cockrings and took out several different silver ones carrying them back behind the curtain.

"I locked the door so we can have some privacy. Don't want anybody coming in and robbing me blind while I am helping you. Here, let me help you," said the man reaching for John's jeans.

"Hey man, I am straight," said John, stepping back.

"Well, if you're straight, then it wouldn't matter if I help you," said the man. He reached forward and grabbed the bottom of John's shirt and quickly pulled it over John's head.

"That shirt was so long, we couldn't see what we were doing down there," said the man. He eyed the young jock's chest and noted its smoothness all the way to the top of his jeans. Next he grabbed the button on John's pants and undid it. Grabbing the zipper, he unzipped John's pants. John was humiliated to have another man remove his clothes like this. He wanted to pound on the fag, but his body and mind would not let him.

"Sit down in that chair," said the man pointing to a chair over in the corner. "By the way what's your name kid?"

"It's John."

"I like that name; it suits you. Now sit down."

John did as he was told, and the man grabbed John's sneakers and pulled each one off. Next came the socks. Then he grabbed the waist of John's loosened jeans and pulled them off over his feet. John was now clad only in his briefs. He knew what was coming next, and he was terrified.

"Stand up John," said the man.

John did as the man said, standing up clad only in his briefs. The cold air of the store made his nipples get hard, further embarrassing him. The salesman leaned in and placed his hand on the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down. He picked up each foot and took off his briefs throwing them over in the corner with the rest of his clothes. John felt like crying. He wanted to put his clothes on and leave, but he felt he had to stay.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" said the man.

"No, I guess not," said John. Strangely, he really felt that way.

"Well, let's size you up," said the man.

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