A New Playbook 4 (hypno humil coll mast)

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The salesman reached forward and placed his hand around John's cock and balls. The touch of the man's hand sent a chill down John's spine. No man had ever touched him there, and he was humiliated that he liked the way it felt.

The man said, "I think this one will fit." It was a shiny chrome one. He grabbed John's genitals, and pushed the ring into place at the base of John's cock and balls. The ring made his equipment jut out obscenely in front of his muscular body. The man squeezed on John's cock. "I think it looks great on you. How does it feel?"

"It feels fine: not to tight, just right," John answered. He wanted to kill the man for touching him there, but his body responded for him. John's dick quickly sprang to an erection. John's face glowed red.

"I can help you with that problem," said the man looking down at John's engorged penis.

"I said I was straight man," said John sternly.

"Fine, but if you change your mind, come around any time." said the man winking at John.

John felt like puking. He hurriedly put his clothes back on; the cockring made his hard cock very noticeable in his tight jeans. He pulled the bottom of his shirt out to cover his midsection.

"Do you need anything else?" asked the salesman.

"No, that was it," said John.

He paid for the ring and left the store. His mind was going a million different ways at once. He had no idea why he had just done that. He decided he needed to go home and take a nice long rest. He jumped in his jeep and drove back to his dorm.

It was around ten thirty when he got back to the dorm, and Steve was up studying as usual.

"Get any action?" asked Steve.

"No man, I struck out tonight," laughed John flashing an awkward smile. "I am going to get a shower. Did Jennifer call?"

"No man, she didn't. I've been here studying the whole time."

"Well, as soon as I get done showering, I am hitting the hay. I need all the rest I can get before the game this weekend," said John. He went to his closet and got a towel and his other bathroom supplies. He stripped down to his briefs and went to the shower room.

No one else was in the shower so he stripped off his briefs and went on in. The water felt great, and it helped to relieve some of his tension. He soaped himself up and reached down to look and feel of the ring. It made his genitals look huge; he liked the effect. He was also puzzled as to why he would wear something he had never seen or heard of before. He finished up his shower, and after drying himself off, he put on a pair of boxers and went back to his room.

He went in put his stuff up and lay down on his bed. Steve still had his nose buried in his books. As had happened the night before John began to get very hot and uncomfortable again. He felt an overwhelming urge to take off his boxers so he would cool down. He reached down and pulled them off and sat down on the edge of his bed. He felt much better now that he had removed his boxers.

Steve heard John rustling around and glanced over too the mirror on the closet door. The mirror was positioned in a way he could see the entrance to their room, which was quite convenient since he was often studying with his back to the door. When someone came in he could see who it was without raising his head. John's bed was right beside the door, and he could easily be seen in the reflection of the mirror. Steve was shocked by what he saw. John had shaved his balls as well, and he had some kind of metal thing around the base of his genitals that made them jut out from the rest of his body. Steve knew this was a new addition because he had seen him naked only yesterday. John had no idea about the mirror since his desk was on the other side of the room. The two roommates, while close, did not bother each other's personal belongings. Steve looked back down at his books. He was trying to figure out why John was doing these weird things.

John had no idea Steve was watching him. He stretched his arms and lay down on his bed with his back facing Steve. Once again John began to get horny; he soon had an erection. He tried to will it down, but it did not work. He didn't want Steve to see his cockring or his hard cock so he decided to lie down on his side and bring his legs towards his midsection to keep his crotch hidden.

Steve looked in the mirror again and got another surprise. John's had changed positions. In doing so, he had exposed his asshole, and it too was bare. He had shaved his asshole! Only fags would shave their asshole. Maybe the macho quarterback had a secret life, thought Steve. He laughed to himself and decided he had studied enough and got ready for bed. He stripped to his boxers, and he positioned the door of his closet so he could get a good view of John without him knowing it. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes and lay still and silent waiting to see what would happen next.

About thirty minutes later, he heard John moving around. John obviously thought Steve was asleep. He half opened his eyes, and after they had adjusted to the dim light, he could see pretty well. John was now on his back. His cock was hard, and the ring around it was quite obvious. John pulled his knees to his chest as he had the night before and he reached for some lotion from his nightstand. He lubed up his cock and began to jerk off again. He stroked his cock with his right hand as his left rubbed his nipples. John moaned softly. Steve almost broke out laughing when he did this. John quit rubbing his nipples and began rubbing his balls. He let out another soft moan. Then he did something that stunned Steve. He took his left hand and began to rub it around his asshole. He was rubbing his finger all around his smooth hole while he pumped his dick with his left. Only a fag plays with their ass like that when they beat off, thought Steve. John let out another louder moan and arched his back. He unleashed a massive load of spunk all over his chest, and as he had the night before, he reached down and scooped it up eating every last drop. Well now Steve knew for sure John had to be a queer.

John was so embarrassed by what he had done once again. Why on earth was he messing around with his ass like that? At least Steve was asleep so he did not get to see it. He felt relieved after he was finished with his JO session, and he soon fell asleep.

Steve did not like the idea of living with a fag, or a bi, but he had no choice, and if he said anything to John about it, he would probably beat the shit out of him. He just resigned himself to it. They only had two more semesters anyway, and he fell asleep trying to figure out how he had not noticed this since they had lived together for three years.

John woke early the next morning. He had another wet dream during the night. He had dried cum all over his pubes and abdomen. His elbow was also hurting rather badly this morning. The game was only two days away so he decided he should go see the coach.

John put on his clothes and walked to the fieldhouse. He went to the coach's office and explained his elbow problem. The coach told John to go see the Dr. Jamison to see what he thought. He didn't want to risk a serious injury by playing John with a hurt elbow.

John left the coach's office and went down to Dr. Jamison's office in the locker room. He approached the door and knocked. Dr Jamison came to the door and opened it.

"Come in John. The coach called and said you would be coming," said the doctor with a smile. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Well Doc, my elbow is really bothering me again. I think something else is wrong with it," said John.

"Let me look at it," said the doctor. He took John's elbow in hand and pulled on it and looked it over for several minutes.

"Well John, I am afraid you won't be able to play for at least two weeks. You have strained some of the ligaments in your elbow."

"Shit, now what are we going to do about the game?" said John. He was really pissed.

"Your health matters more than the game John. I have some treatments that will help it to heal faster. First I think that your elbow could use a... rubdown." said Dr. Jamison. At the word 'rubdown,' John's face went blank, and the doctor knew his conditioning was still working.

"John, I want you to take all of your clothes off for me," said the doctor.

"Yes sir," said John. He stood up and began removing his clothes as the doctor requested.

"I see you did as I told you, I really like the way the cockring looks on you," said Dr. Jamison.

"John, I want you to jerk off for me while I videotape you."

"Yes sir," said John as he grabbed his grabbed his cock and began to stroke it for the doctor.

The doctor watched as the cocky jock jerked off for him. He knew John would die if he knew what he was doing that was the best part. He watched John masturbate, and then John moaned and shot his load into his left hand and ate the contents.

"John, put on your clothes."

"Yes sir," John licked his hand clean then he put on his clothes. The entire scene had been recorded by the camera.

"John, after you leave here I want you to shave under your arms, and shave off the rest of your pubic hair."

"Yes sir," said John.

"Also, I want you to go to the adult shop again and purchase a dildo and a buttplug that will attach to your cockring. You are to wear the buttplug at all times. I want you to use the dildo on yourself each time you masturbate, is that understood?"

"Yes sir," replied John.

"I also want you to buy some gay videos, and magazines at the store. You will look at the magazines each night before you go to bed, and you will watch the videos at least once a day. You will have no idea why you have purchased these items because in your mind you still like only women. When I count to three you, will wake up and go do as I have told you. One... two... three."

John sprung back to life, and he had no memory of the last twenty minutes. "Well Doc, can you show me the exercises I should do for my arm before I leave?" he asked.

"Sure thing John," said the doctor.

Doctor Jamison was enjoying humiliating the jock. He knew his new instructions would freak John out when he did as he was instructed. The jock would soon know how it felt to be discriminated against even if he had no idea why.

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