The Favor 3

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The unlikely pair spent the rest of the evening enjoying the delicious food and good conversation. Angus listened to Kurt as he talked about school and other things. Kurt was quite happy that he finally had someone to talk to. All too quickly though, they were finished with dinner and headed back home. Kurt was planning to head home, but Angus ushered him inside. “One thing before you go home,” he said.

They both went inside and Angus headed to the kitchen. “You going to do anything else tonight, or are you headed to sleep when you get home?” he asked as he went to the fridge.

Looking at his phone, Kurt said, “No, it's pretty late and I'll probably watch some tv then head to bed.”

“Good,” Angus said as he grabbed a cup, “Laddie like ya needs his rest.” He grabbed the red jug and poured some into the cup. “Here laddie, drink this, then go home and straight to bed with ye.” Kurt took the cup and raised it to his lips. He smelled strawberries and cherry before he took a sip. It was thicker than the green liquid and tasted more fruity. It was strawberry, cherry, grape and something else he couldn't figure out. He smacked his lips appreciatively as Angus took the cup. “Ok laddie, off to bed with ye.”

Kurt walked over to Angus and reached out for a hug. Angus smiled and pulled him in. Kurt arms couldn't even get his arms halfway around Angus' waist as Angus patted him on the head. Kurt said, “I can't believe how much you're doing for me. I am so happy and grateful. But when you talk to mom tomorrow, please don't tell her about Tyler or me being beat up.”

Angus said, “Don't worry, I won't mention it to her. You're welcome laddie.” He squeezed Kurt a little before ruffling his hair. Kurt smiled and went home. He barely got into the door before he started to feel drowsy, so obeying Angus, he went straight to bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next day, Kurt woke up a few minutes before his alarm was set. He practically jumped out of bed. He thought to himself how he had never had such a peaceful and restful sleep. He was really curious about what was in Angus' drink, but he trusted him and didn't mind as long as it worked.

After the great afternoon he had, Kurt somewhat dreaded going back to school and having to deal with Tyler. But, seeing Tyler in the hall didn't feel him with fear like it did the day before. He used to think Tyler was so big and intimidating, but after meeting his new neighbor, Tyler seemed simply miniscule. So much fear and trepidation seemed to be lifted from his shoulders and mind. It was as if he was seeing Tyler in a new light, and in this new view, Tyler wasn't the huge problem that he was before.

As usual, Tyler spotted Kurt down the hall and started to make his way to pester him. But he could tell something was different. Normally, when Tyler started to get close, Kurt would look down and away and grab his books tighter. Tyler loved the sense of fear he got when he walked by, but today Kurt was standing straight, looking up at Tyler. Tyler walked by and shoved Kurt as usual, but it didn't feel the same. Something had changed and he couldn't put his finger on it. Kurt simply picked himself up and thought to himself, “Soon, that'll never happen again.”

Kurt raced home after school was over. He was overly excited to get started with Angus, but he had to call his mom to check in first. He quickly called up his mom and after a few moments, she picked up.

“Hi honey, you're calling early. Everything ok?” she said.

Kurt looked at the clock and said, “Oh, yeah. Everything's alright. I didn't notice it was earlier than normal. Just got home faster today.”

“Well that's good. Hold on a little dear, I have to finish something real quick.” she replied.

“Ok mom.”

He heard her set down the phone followed by the clicking of her fingers on a keyboard. Then, he heard her start talking. “ Yes honey, I met our new neighbor today and I must say, I've never seen such a fine specimen of a man ever in my life. He looks like he just stepped out of the pages of Paul Bunyan.”

Kurt held his breath as he heard another woman say something and giggle as his mom continued, “Yes, he's a rugged slab of beef. He's got this haircut that makes him look like he's straight from the military, but that red beard and handlebar mustache he's sporting makes him look like he just came from hanging out with Grizzly Adams. And child, you know how I love men that look like men? Well this man makes those guys look like children. He's about 6'5” and my god is he muscular. You remember those kids that came in from the college that time and we thought they were hot? This guy has so much muscle that you could probably put three of them together and make one of him. But he's definitely not one of the pretty boy muscle guys. He probably could pass for a lumberjack. He's got muscles on top of muscles. Even with his clothes on, you could see every bulge and vein he had.”

Her voice lowered to a whisper, “And speaking of bulges, that man has to be part horse. My mouth almost hit the floor when I saw it in those pants. “

There was some more chatting in the background before his mom continued, “Don't worry honey, you're going to see a lot of him in the future. I know I will. He told me about his plan to open a gym in the old Brooks building. That's what really made me like him. He met my son yesterday and already made a good impression on him. He's going to help him stay active and even give him something to do during the summer. You wouldn't believe how much relief I felt when he said that.”

After a couple of comments from the other nurses, she said, “I'll tell you more later. I gotta talk to my son now.” She picked the phone back up and said, “Ok honey, I can talk now.”

Kurt smiled into the phone and said, “So mom, did you get to meet Angus?”

“Yes I did honey, he seems to be a very nice gentleman. How do you like him?” she asked.

“I really like him too mom.”

“I am so glad. I had a nice long talk with him today. He is so polite, he had wine to go with the cookies I brought over and we chatted for a while. He told me about your interest in getting more active. Is that true?”

“Yeah mom, I was so impressed with him and he said he would be glad to help me.”

“Well that is really good. I'm so happy. You know, I was worried about you for a while now.” Kurt made a confused grunt as she continued, “You know, the rates of childhood obesity are going up quite fast lately. And I was worried you would be spending too much time at home playing games since you couldn't do sports because I wasn't able to take you to practices or anything. But if this works out, you'll have someone that can help you a lot more than I can with staying active. And when he told me that you were going to work off his help by doing stuff at his gym during the summer, I told him he was a gift from God. I can't think of a better way for you to spend your summer safely than doing some work, getting active and getting out of the house. But you tell me, what are your thoughts?”

Kurt thought to himself that he never heard about the gym plan, but he said, “Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to be a lot more interesting than sitting in the house all summer.”

“I'm so happy dear. I think this will be a good thing for you.”

“Me too mom.”

“Ok dear, well, I will be buying a bunch of groceries this weekend. Angus and I talked about what you'll be needing to eat from now on and he gave me some cheap suggestions to fill the fridge. Honestly, he gave me a solution to you going through puberty, another thing I was worried about. He even told me he was going to teach you how to cook and grill for yourself. I swear, I wouldn't mind marrying that man if he keeps being as good as he is now.”

They both laughed and finished up their talk. After they were done, Kurt quickly changed into more comfortable clothes before running over to Angus' house. Angus was at the door waiting for him with a huge smile on his face. Even before Kurt was in Angus' yard, he could see all the muscle spilling out of the tank top that he had on.

Angus ushered Kurt into the house and said, “Well laddie, how was yer day?”

“It was interesting. I don't know what was in that red stuff last night, but I've never slept that well before. I was knocked out and woke up on time. It felt great! And you talked with my mom and she seems to be in love with you and your plan.”

“Aye, she's a bonnie lass. Quite smart and pleasant too. When we started talking about you, she really laid on with the questions. Made shit sure I wasn't up to no good. Glad I made a good impression on her.”

“She told me about your future gym. I'm going to be working there?” Kurt asked.

“Yer right about that. By the time that comes along, I'm gonna make sure yer getting workouts in. Plus your mum was saying she was worried about ya getting into trouble. Although I don't think a laddie like you would do anything to worry about if yer left alone. You don't mind spending your summers with a lug like me, right?”

Kurt shook his head and hands vigorously, “No, no, no! I'd love to spend time with you. It sounds awesome. A lot better than staying at home watching tv or playing games.”

“Well then laddie, we can talk about that later. You ready to get started on your way to being huge?”

“Sure thing big man!”

The two of them made their way down into the basement. Angus turned on the lights and Kurt was awed by how bright and clean the area was. There was a rack of dumbbells and a bench on one side of the room, and on the other, a desk with what looked like a very nice chemistry set. Angus walked over to the desk and sat down, pulling out a chair for Kurt. Kurt sat down as Angus pulled out a first aid kit. “Ok, before we start, I'm going to need to get a few blood samples from you,” Angus said as he poured some alcohol in his hands. Kurt looked at him questioningly as he continued, “You remembered that drink you had yesterday, the red and the green? Well, that was made specifically for my body's makeup. If I'm going to make some for you, I have to run some tests. Don't worry it shouldn't take too long or hurt at all.

Kurt nodded his head and extended his hand. After a quick prick on the finger, Angus got some blood and placed a few drops on five pieces of litmus paper. Sticking them into machines on the desk, he expertly cleaned up Kurt's hand and said, “Ok, while that's running, we have to go over a few things.”

Angus got up and went to a fridge in the corner and pulled out a jug that looked like the one Kurt drank from yesterday. Pouring Kurt a cup, he said, “Here's a bit more than yesterday, but you're going to have to get used to it. We have this about ten mins before we work out for full effect. And trust me, you're going to get a lot of effect from it.”

Kurt gladly chugged his mug of Angus continued, “Now, you're going to be growing. And I mean GROWING. But it's important that you understand what I'm about to tell you. Under no circumstances EVER are you to tell anyone that I made a special supplement for you. If anyone asks, you're growing because of heavy exercise and good nutrition. It's technically not a lie because this supplement is a concentrated form of a lot of nutrients and the like.”

Kurt looked up at Angus with a worried look on his face, “Why can't I tell anyone? You're doing a great thing for me.”

Angus replied, “I understand how you feel and appreciate it. But no one can know that I have made this.” He opened a desk drawer and pulled out a magazine. Opening it to a page, he handed it to Kurt and said, “I'm sure you've heard of Mesotech Corp, right?”

Kurt nodded and said, “Yeah, they're one of the biggest vitamin companies around.”

Angus said, “Yeah, and they're heavily involved in the supplement market.” Pointing at the ad in Kurt's hand, he said, “And that one right there is solely my creation. They bought the formula from me for more money than ye can imagine.”

Kurt looked down at the magazine and read the ad. It was a picture of a large bodybuilder holding a red jug in one hand while flexing with the other. The text said it was something that guaranteed growth and muscles and a ton of scientific looking charts and pictures. Kurt said, “You really made this?”

Angus smiled and said, “Yup, and that isn't like most of the stuff out on the market. It really works for people as long as they put in effort in the gym. But this,” he said as he pointed at the jug, “makes that look like it's a sugar pill. This is so far beyond me old formula that if any company had access to it, they would completely rule the market. I'm not exaggerating when I say that people would literally kill for this. And that's why no one can know that I made this.

Kurt solemnly nodded and said, “I can't believe it. You're trusting me with your secret?”

Angus laughed deeply and said, “Of course I am laddie. I can see it in your eyes. You have the hunger. You want to be a huge monster and you know I can help you get there. I know from your mum how you are, and I know that if I tell you something, you'll do it.”

A tear escaped the corner of Kurt's eye as he said, “I am so thankful I met a guy like you.”

Angus ruffled Kurt's hair and said, “No need for the waterworks there laddie. We still got a long way to go before it's all over with. It's a long, long road to hugeness and we gotta get started.”

Angus rose to his full height and chugged down half of the green jug. Then they went to the other side of the room. Angus took off his shoes and Kurt followed suit. Angus sat on the rubber mat and said, “Ok, first thing we gotta do is teach you to stretch. It's really important. Oh, and by the way, you should be feeling the formula working soon. I want you to tell me when you start to feel it.

Angus started to guide Kurt through various stretches, but soon Kurt started to feel a tingling sensation that started in his stomach, but quickly spread to his chest, legs and head. Angus noticed that Kurt was slowing down and said, “Hey laddie, are yer still with me?”

Kurt heard Angus talking, but his voice sounded deeper and slower, as if he was talking underwater. Kurt looked up at Angus and stared. Kurt watched as Angus talked, but Kurt couldn't hear him. What he saw though was Angus swelling. It wasn't anything huge, but Kurt could definitely see Angus' arms and shoulders getting bigger and more vascular as he watched. His biceps seemed to pulse with blood and swelled with power as Kurt watched.

Then Kurt's gaze fell downward a bit and became fixated on Angus' bulge. His jaw dropped as he watched the huge package swell even larger and larger as he stood transfixed. Kurt never saw such a huge bulge on a man before. Kurt wanted to touch and caress the bulge as it got bigger and bigger. He started to reach out before he heard distantly, “Kurt, I need ye to focus. Focus on me words. What's the first rule? Kurt, what is the first rule.”

Kurt broke his gaze on Angus' package and looked up at Angus. “Whatever you say goes?” Kurt responded sleepily.

Angus smiled and said, “That's a good laddie. Now tell me, what are you feeling?”

“I feel tingly. It doesn't hurt, but my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton. And you're getting bigger. Your arms are swelling and your bulge in your shorts is getting huge. Why are you getting bigger?”

Angus smiled and said, “I wasn't sure if you would notice. Yes Kurt, the formula is designed to prep the muscles for growth by increasing blood flow to them, which causes them to swell. It has the side effect of making one really horny. You will understand more when you hit puberty. That's why we have to get you trained in how to focus. If you cum before your workout is done, the formula stops providing the benefits. You don't have to worry about that yet. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. What I need you to do is to focus on me.”

Kurt simply nodded as Angus talked. He knew Angus was being completely honest with him and had nothing but his best interest in mind. “Yes sir,” he said, “whatever you say, goes.”

“That's a good boy,” Angus said. The comment made Kurt smile as he continued, “I want you to close your eyes. Count back from one hundred and between every number, you'll feel the energy focus to where you can control where it goes. Remember, you're a good boy, and what I say goes, right?”

Kurt shut his eyes, and with a huge grin, started to count.

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