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Favorite Hypnosis and Mind Control Authors and Stories

My two favorite hypnosis stories of all time: The Spell and The Book


What caught my attention was the remakarble way the story progressed from the first time Jack hypnotizes his roommate to the satisfying twist in the end.

Canadian Cowboy

The Coffee Shop: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
The Coffee Shop series (all 50 parts!) is truly a labor of love. It's nice to see that not every hypno story is just about sex (although there's loads plenty here too!).


The Accidental Gift


Cop Breaker
My Brother's Keeper
Play Ball
Seal of Approval


Owning Eric
Where can I get my hands on one of those tapes?


Something Hypnotically Afoot
Hypno-feet epic
The family that hypnotizes each other, cums together


Like Father, Like Son
Ah, sweet revenge.


Sub-way Trainer
Totally hot from the induction to the suit/tie fetish.


Jake's Study Hall
I'm so happy he decided to expand this story between a basketball player and his tutor.


Prom Night
One of my many favorite stories with Tom LeBlanc.
There's a darker vein in this story that I totally dug.

hypnoboy and IsoGAYCop

Hypno Cop series
Classic hypno story gets expanded.


The Mystery of the Mad Mesmerist
Oh, Chet. <sigh>

Killerwhale Zeus

The Policeman Who Blew Too Much
Can our city's finest prevail over this insidious villain? Stay tuned faithful listeners...

Kyle Leach

The Host
Can I just say that an alien sexual invasion is one of my biggest fantasies ever since I was a teenager?
Student Control
The induction sequences are so hot and descriptive, I can almost imagine the scenes being played out on the big screen.

Louis DePasquale and sunfiregod

Look What Thinking Can Get You and A Happy Accident
Always enjoyed re-reading this one


The Mechanics
Part of the Domination series, this story stands very well on its own.
The Beach
The Office Party


David Gets Done
The Devil and Andy Goode: Part 1 and Part 2
Moving Day


The Health Club
There's something about turning unwitting gymstuds into very willing escorts. Yummy.


Coach Johnson's Cigars
Tantalizing tale of smoking seduction

MTL Bear

Officer Down!!!!
Policeman calendar... hah! I love it!


The Survey
A handsome hunk of a cop doing a birthday strip dance... who wouldn't want that?
The Watch
Firemen get me hot.


When I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins
Of all the Damien stories of ONIX, I picked this one because of the hypnosis and muscle growth mix.


Chip off the Old Block
Although it may have started out as a normal mind control tale, the story developed into something much, much more.


What I Did Last Summer
Man, *I* felt like falling under Stewart's spell.
Power Training
This is the kind of motivation I need.
Flight of Fantasy
I love to fly
The Lube Job
One fun trigger
Morning in the Pool of Nothingness
Slow and seductive, just the way I like it.


College Life
Like the character, I've been waiting on pins and needles in anticipation for the next chapter.


Programmed to Obey
Let's hope that there's more to this story.


Campus Case Study
Slowly but surely: I appreciate the way the author has paced the story taking us through Nick's methodical conversion one step at a time.


Campus Hypnosis
A bit quick but to the point. As one of the first hypnosis stories I ever read, it still sticks to my mind.


Hypnosis, some muscle growth, hot young submissive jocks. What more can we want? (More chapters, that's what!)


Lance Storm and the Slaves of the Hypnotron
A hilarious (and very sexual!) send-up to space adventure stories.
Mr. Mxyzptlk's Super-Slave!
It's hotter to read because it actually happened.


No Saint
I find myself returning to this story more often than I care to admit.
Photo Shoot
I'll never see strobe lights in the same way again.
Jeremy's Story
If I'm not mistaken, this is the first of the "Doc" storylines.
Symbiosis co-authored with Para*Psyte
I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed the slow, gradual, movie-like pacing of this story. I felt like I was watching a homoerotic thriller done by David DeCoteau and absolutely loved how the authors described what it felt like to be under the thrall of the roommate.


Johnny Kicks the Habit
The thought and care that had been put into this story was simply amazing.


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